Eroica Tier List: All Characters Ranked & Compared

Use our Eroica Tier List to defeat your opponents with accuracy and technique.

Eroica is an exciting mobile adventure game that combines the world of anime and superheroes. Players take on the role of Sei, a hero who has recently awoken from a deep slumber and finds himself in the magical world of Arkham. In this world, humans and animals live side by side, and players must solve the mystery of their past. That is why you must know the overall ranking of each character so that you decide which one is best or average in the game, and our Eroica tier list answers that. 

Key Highlights
  • Eroica offers over 60 beautifully crafted characters for you to choose from as a player.
  • Orslaha is a fast-moving melee attacker with incredible burst damage, while Melavi is a powerful magic user with a wide range of spells.
  • Patry Dress Mintz Wraith is a magical tank that can take a lot of damage and provide cover for allies.
  • Muto is an all-rounder with strong physical and magical damage. However, Kipkirui is a powerful crowd controller.
  • Emuwald is the worst-performing as it has low self-sustaining power.

Eroica Tier List

This tier list ranking of Eroica characters is an invaluable tool for players who want to make the most of their gaming experience. All heroes are classified into five tiers based on a careful evaluation of their overall abilities, skills, and stats. Players must evaluate each hero individually according to their unique stats and abilities to rank them accurately.

S-TierOrslaha, Melavi, Muto, Patry Dress Mintz Wraith, Kipukirui, Sei
A-TierGaffs, Guts, Mintz, Marion, Helena, Nero, Xenia, New Year's Hope Luna, Sweet Patissier Milena, Party Dress Mintz
B-TierFlorence, Stella, Destar, Soarce, Letinia, Luna, Freyja
C-TierLenn, Milena, Cursebay, Lisa, Felicia
D-TierVerol, Chloe, Emuwald, Cascarson, Ekaterina, Sumi, Nene

Comparison Table

Check out the stats for all characters featured in this tier list: 

CharactersTierRoleClassAttack Type
Patry Dress Mintz WraithSATKSamuraiPhysical
New Year’s Hope LunaAHealerClericMagic
Sweet Patissier MilenaAHealerChefHybrid
Party Dress MintzAAttackerSamuraiPhysical
Stella and DestarBAttackerKnightPhysical
Milena CAttackerMageMagic
FeliciaCDebuff, AttackBerserkerPhysical
Ekaterina and SumiDAttackerNinjaPhysical


To conclude, Eroica is a unique and engaging game that has grown in popularity as a means to experience the excitement of an RPG without committing to a full-fledged RPG. The game offers a wide variety of characters to pick from, allowing players to assemble a team of powerful warriors to face any obstacle the game throws at them. The tier list ranking of Eroica characters is a vital resource for players looking to maximize their gameplay experience.

The rankings give players a full picture of each hero’s strengths and limitations, allowing them to make informed decisions about team composition and strategy. With this knowledge, adventurers can explore Arkham and uncover the secrets of Sei’s past with confidence. Eroica is a must-play for anime and superhero fans who love an immersive gaming experience.


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