The BEST Eternal Evolution Tier List

To assist you in picking the best character, we have made this Eternal Evolution tier list. Their ranking is abilities and potential based.

You may choose the strongest heroes in the game by using our Eternal Evolution Tier List. Knowing which heroes are the greatest in Eternal Evolution is crucial if you want to advance rapidly, rule the game and its players, and become a strong player. Eternal Evolution has a large roster of heroes, but not all of them are extremely powerful.

Key Highlights
  • The Eternal Evolution game consists of 27 characters spread across six classes–Tank, Assassin, Vanguard, Hunter, Energy, and Support. 
  • Since consistency in performance is the key, Eternal Evolution ranking is based on how efficient the character currently is and does its vulnerability cause any fluctuations with an update in meta. 
  • Best Eternal Evolution characters that will outperform everybody else include Rez, Luke, Bailey Hudson, Crete, Nadilus, and Aniruddha. 
  • Characters that are niche specific and won’t really shine in every aspect of Eternal Evolution are Kar Maw and Bot Mark ll. 
  • Besides consistency and skillset, keep an eye out for matching characters, as the ones that sit well with your style of play will help you advance much better.
The BEST Eternal Evolution Tier List Heroes Ranking Table 
Tiers Heroes
S-Tier Rez, Nadilus, Luke, Crete, Bailey Hudson, and Aniruddha
A-Tier Bohr, Oak, Poluno, Serena, Zander, and Taylor
B-Tier Rakkana, Oisa, Liran, Hyupnos, Hercules, Omar, Khalazza, Sorietta, and Randall
C-Tier Orn, Murphyro, Muka, Langel, and Kuite
D-Tier Kar Maw and Bot Mark ll

Some heroes excel in every aspect of the game and outperform everyone else. It is tough to choose which heroes are ideal for you because they are all unique and diverse. To help you choose the heroes with the most long-term worth, we made the Eternal Evolution Tier List.

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Eternal Evolution Tier List Breakdown

Our Eternal Evolution Tier List is based on the following Tiers

  • S: Overpowered Characters
  • A: Decent Characters
  • B: Average/Slightly Underpowered
  • C: Underpowered Characters
  • D: Worst Characters


Eternal Evolution S-Tier

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The Characters who are in the S-Tier are very overpowered; these characters are the cream of the crop. They outperform everyone in our tier list.


Aniruddha is a character with the support role. The Character is ranked in the S-tier of this Eternal Evolution Tier List because of her abilities and mechanics in the game.

Bailey Hudson

Next up is Bailey Hudson; he is a character with the role of DPS. Bailey Hudson, the Atomic Lightblade. The Terran assassin hero excels at single-target execution and blink attacks!


Meet Crete, the Chaos Bull. Crete can charge towards the area where he wants to eliminate adversaries and ram his weapon into the ground, killing his enemies. He is a Bull Warrior who is capable of holding and taunting foes by himself.


Luke can quickly change the combat scene. His powerful Night Curse has the power to attack the foes and swiftly decimate them indiscriminately. He is an extremely strong Elite Hero from the Wenfyr Faction who not only has a commanding look but also does a lot of damage.

The Lord of Wings will serve as the player’s right hand in all forthcoming fights if the player recruits him. Crows out, slay all!


In the Eternal Evolution Tier List, Nadilus comes next. He excels at severe critical hits and multi-stage focus fire. He would be your best pick if your squad needed ranged support!


Last in the S- Tier comes Rez. He is a character with the Support role, and he utilizes that very nicely.


Eternal Evolution A-Tier

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The Characters who are in the A-Tier are very good. However, these characters face some minor issues In this game.


Taylor possesses a wide range of abilities that can deliver multiple damage ticks. As soon as he uses Soul Journey after the unlocked first talent effect, he fires Fire Spirit Arrow, which also shortens its cooldown from 9 seconds to 4 seconds and increases its damage output.

Taylor can jump out of a fight in the middle of it and into safety, thanks to Soul Journey’s incredible agility. Additionally, it shortens the cooldown of the ability that may quickly change the course of a battle.


Zander is also a DPS hero in Eternal Evolution. He can deal a decent amount of damage which can lead his opponent’s HP to drop quite a bit. That’s what brings him to the A-tier of this Tier List.


Just like Rez, Serena is also a character with a support role. The character’s skill set and playstyle bring it to the A-Tier.


Poluno is a DPS character. This character deals decent damage, and it has a good skill set, making it rank on the A-Tier in our Eternal Evolution Tier List.


Oak is a character with the role of Defender, and defending is done quite well by the character. He can deal damage to opponents, all while defending.


A superior hero from the Silent Forest!
One of the most favored tank heroes is Bohr. The Energy Skill will enhance damage reduction by 2% for every 10% of health lost after additional skill benefits are unlocked. Additionally, the Throw’s stun damage effect becomes an area effect. Bohr possesses strong damage reduction and superior defense.

He poses a significant danger to the opponent on the battlefield since, unlike other tank heroes, he bases his capacity to deliver damage on the boost of his attack power.


Eternal Evolution D-Tier

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After A-tier, there is the B-Tier; the Characters in the B-tier are average performers. They are a bit underpowered and lose to the higher-ranking characters.


Hercules is a defender in Eternal Evolution, but he loses to the characters listed above, making him rank on B-Tier on our Tier List. When Hercules activates his initial skill, any squad members connected to his energy skill will deal 100% of their damage to Hercules, and the group will also receive a shield with 2% of their health.

Hercules’s good defensive numbers and strong protective abilities enable his comrades to deal damage, even in challenging battle situations reliably. Several methods, including restricted, advanced, basic recruitments, and their shops, can be used to obtain the hero.


Hyupnos is a character with a support role. He is not the best at attacks, and his skill set is not the best, which makes him rank at B-Tier.


Liran is also a character with the support role. He doesn’t have higher damage output like some of the characters in the S/A Tier, making him rank in B-Tier.


Oisa is accessible in the exchange stores and Basic and Advanced recruitments. Oisa’s Energy Skill will stun the primary adversary when she unlocks the subsequent skill effects, and “Light Impact” will knock them down.


Rakkana is a DPS character with an alright skill set and good damage but has slight shortcomings making him rank at B-tier.


Randall is also a DPS character with slightly underpowered skills and abilities.


Sorietta does well against single targets even if he cannot inflict Thunder Rage’s equivalent amount of damage across several ticks. His energy skill will also reset the cooldown on Dragon Roar once the next talent effect has been unlocked.

Enemies struck by psionic spheres in the Dragon Roar region will get disoriented for 2 seconds. Sorietta damage output is good, yet it also possesses strong defenses.


Khalazza is a DPS character in Eternal Evolution who deals good damage but has slightly lower stats than other heroes, which gets him in the B-Tier of this Tier List.


A war machine covered in a vivid red mecha shell, the elite hero from the Colossus Regiment has a cool look and high damage potential. In your mission to conquer the hostile planet, Omar is a crucial hero. If you wish to obtain Omar, visit the respected Exchange Shops in Basic Recruitment or Advanced Recruitment.



The Characters in the C-Tier of our Eternal Evolution Tier List are underpowered. It’s tough trying to win with these characters. They are alright if you are new to the game and you begin with these but as soon as you get the chance, swap them out.


Kuite’s Energy Skill’s shield can erupt and hurt adjacent foes if he unlocks his subsequent skill effects, and other abilities also have a “stun” effect. Kuite’s defense serves as the basis for his whole damage boost.

Kuite may charge towards the enemy’s back row during combat, endangering the team’s primary damage dealers and provoking retaliation, opening the door for his allies.


The Energy Skill will stun foes if you earn subsequent skill effects, while the “Energy Collision” will taunt any enemies it touches. Langel is an expert at subduing opponents in combat and can establish conditions that allow your damage dealers to operate freely.


Muka is a DPS character who lacks in a lot of aspects in eternal evolution, which makes him rank in C-tier in this tier list.


Murphyro is a good AOE Damage hero, although his attack strength is still a little lacking. However, all three of his damage-dealing talents do area damage, and if the skill is unlocked, his energy skills will have increased area damage capacity.

The same as other suggested heroes, Murphyro may be acquired through Basic Recruitment, Advanced Recruitment, and its respected Exchange Shops.


If you wish to get the Steel Giant, visit the respected Exchange Shops and in Basic Recruitment or Advanced Recruitment. A Colossus Regiment elite hero as well.



The characters in the D-Tier are the worst in Eternal Evolution. As a result, they were assigned to the Eternal Evolution C-Tier of our Tier List.

Bot Mark ll

The energy skill of Bot Mark ll deals 7 ticks of damage and increases damage dealt with weaker foes. The Energy Skill does not automatically strike targets, and as a result, bullets cannot pass through foes, preventing Bot Mark ll from precisely killing the opponent. His passive ability, Fire Control Radar, may lock on foes with decreased defense from any distance.

Kar Maw

A champion of the Gate of the Embodied Spirit who thrives on scorching hot lava and can transform it into potent flame energy.
Kar Maw will unleash two fireballs with his Energy Skill after gaining access to his ability, and they will bounce off of foes. Additionally, his skill has an igniting effect that does extra damage every second.

Tier List Criteria

After spending a lot of time playing the game ourselves, we have created the perfect tier list. We tested heroes in the best environment possible to obtain the greatest rating possible. To do this, we used a premium account and employed high-end testing methods.

Every tier list, as we all know, is up for debate, and our Tier List is no different. Remember that while the Eternal Evolution Tier List’s main goal is to shed light on the game’s top heroes, the meta and each hero’s level might shift with each update.

You should experiment on your own with each hero to see which ones suit you, the scenario you’re in in the game, and your advancement the best. Observe the strategies that other players are employing as well. In the comments box below, let us know which characters you like most.

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