Eversoul Tier List: Best Characters Ranked [2023]

Blow your opponents out of the water by discovering the best characters in Eversoul

Eversoul is a new Gacha-based RPG game that has just been launched in Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.  The game tasks you to form your optimal Soul Squad using beautiful souls from six different factions. Every soul in the game can be used differently depending on their unique abilities.  This game features a guild system and offers PvE and PvP modes. 

Like almost every other Gacha-based game out there, not every character is created equal. That is why we have come up with the Eversoul Tier List, which would help you get familiar with every character in the game and decide which ones are worth fighting for.

Key Takeaways
  • Eversoul has 32 characters consisting of defenders, supporters, casters, warriors, strikers, and rangers.
  • The game is fairly new, so players who start early will get ahead.
  • Jiho and Talia are the strongest supporters in Eversoul, as their shielding abilities are top-notch. 
  • Naiah and Vivienne are the best casters in the game.
  • Due to their amazing skills, Adrianne and Petra are the best defenders in Eversoul.
  • Jacqueline and Haru have outstanding DPS, hence the best strikers in the game. 
  • Miriam should be your top pick if you want to play with a ranger
  • The greatest warrior in the game is Dora

Summary Table of Rankings:

TierCharacter Names
SJiho, Catherine, Talia, Vivienne, Naiah, Mephistopeles, Adrianne
APetra, Claire, Prim, Miriam, Haru, Jacqueline, Dora, Aira, Linzy
BClara, Erusha, Jade, Rebecca, Nicole
CSeeha, Ayame, Violette, Cherrie, Renee, Mica
DNini, Flynn

S Tier

The S-tier units in the Eversoul tier list are the strongest characters in the game. Their skills are the most powerful ones this game has ever seen, and their specialties are unique. Having these units in your corner is an asset and will definitely help you win any match you come across.

The best units in the game
S Tier


  • Type: Human
  • Class: Supporter 
  • Main: Increases speed for a short period of time, and recovers the HP of the ally with the lowest HP. It can also cast a damage barrier for a short period of time if the ally is unable to recover HP.  
  • Ultimate: Silences the surrounding by playing music and recovers the allies’ HP.
  • Passive: Enemies are unable to avoid Jiho’s normal attacks. Also, it slows down targets. 
  • Jiho is one the best supporters in the game and has the ability to provide multiple sorts of buffers. Jiho is capable of giving out the strongest shield and healing powers to the team. She also has debuffing abilities. 


  • Type: Human
  • Class: Supporter 
  • Main: She gives out a shield to allies in close proximity. 
  • Ultimate: Protects allies by giving out a stronger shield and also recovers the HP of all the allies. 
  • Passive: Massive recovery of all allies with low HP. 
  • Catherine is arguably the strongest support unit in the game. Her skills consist of one of the strongest shields in the game and massive recovering power. 


  • Type: Fairy 
  • Class: Supporter 
  • Main: Removes a debuff and restores allies’ HP by a small percentage. 
  • Ultimate: Restores HP for herself and inflicts a large amount of damage to enemies. 
  • Passive: Increases DEF and ATK of all of her allies. 
  • Talia is an incredible shield that also inflicts damage. She also is a great debuffer. 


  • Type: Fairy 
  • Class: Caster 
  • Main: Increases critical damage and deals damage worth 180% of ATK. 
  • Ultimate: deals incredible damage, amounting to 260% of ATk, to the nearest enemy and around the enemy. She also has the ability to deal additional damage. 
  • Passive: Increases her own recovery by a significant amount and overflows Mana. 
  • Vivienne is an amazing caster which has strong buffing abilities.


  • Type: Fairy 
  • Class: Caster 
  • Main: She has a 50% chance to put an enemy to sleep for 4 seconds. It also deals incredible damage. 
  • Ultimate: Deals astounding damage and also puts enemies in an eternal dream. 
  • Passive: Enemies inflicted with her normal attack seven times are put to sleep for a few seconds, and her attacks make her enemies drowsy.
  • Naiah is one of the most powerful casters in the game. She has the ability to put her enemies to sleep and lock them in an eternal dreamy state. 


  • Type: Human
  • Class: Caster 
  • Main: Deals great amounts of damage to the nearest enemy who’s nearest to a 2-meter straight line. If the enemy is in an analysis state, additional damage can be dealt with. 
  • Ultimate: Deals astounding damage to enemies in a 4-meter radius, and additional damage is dealt if the enemy is in an analysis state. 
  • Passive: She observes enemies and analyzes their patterns to increase the chances for them to be inflicted by Crits. 
  • Mephistopeles is a powerful caster, who can inflict huge amounts of damage, and even more so if the enemy is in an analysis state. She possesses great debuffing capabilities as well. 


  • Type: Angel
  • Class: Defender
  • Main: She revives the HP of allies who are within range by 100% ATK. 
  • Ultimate: Inflicts damage worth 300% to the enemy possessing the highest ATK. 
  • Passive: As more enemies surround her, Adrianne gets more powerful. 
  • Adrianne is hands-down the strongest defender in the game. She has unique abilities and is an asset to every team she is part of. 

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A Tier

A-tier characters, although not the best, are often great for your team and will definitely give you an upper hand in most battles. They rank second on our Eversoul tier list. Their abilities outperform nearly all other units and are a must if you want to climb the Arena leaderboard, defeat epic bosses, or if you just want to go on dungeon runs for complete PvP and PvE experience.

Eversoul A TIer
A Tier


  • Type: Undead
  • Class: Defender
  • Main: Can absorb surrounding energy to recover HP; the exact amount she can recover is 12% of the max HP of each enemy within a 3-meter radius.
  • Ultimate: This activates Petra’s evil eyes. This deals 10% damage of her max HP to all surrounding enemies and removes up to two buff effects. Other than this, Petra also recovers HP equal to the damage dealt. 
  • Passive: In the case that there are no allies in a 2.5-meter radius of Petra, the Lonely Grave Keeper special buff is activated. This increases her DEF by 60%. If there is an ally in that range, the special buff will increase ATK by 30%.
  • Petra is an outstanding debuffer and shielder; even if she is not the best out there,, she has earned her position on the team.


  • Type: Human
  • Class: Defender
  • Main: Sacred Power is granted to her sword and shield. It also increases Claire’s ATK and DEF by 20% for a total of 14 seconds. If Claire is under the effect of Revelation of Light, her buff disappears, and she recovers 14% of her HP.
  • Ultimate: Deals damage equal to 250% of her ATK plus 250% of DEF to the nearest enemy and 2.5 meters around them.  In addition, it also stuns the enemy for 2 seconds.
  • Passive: If Claire ever gets hit, a shield is formed which absorbs damage equal to 15% of HP for a total of 8 seconds. Other than this, her Revelation of Light buff is also activated. 
  • Claire likes to be in control and this character of hers forms various abilities: stunning, sleeping, knockback, silence, etc. So if you need a great defender in your team, Claire is an exceptional choice.


  • Type: Undead
  • Class: Supporter
  • Main: Prim draws a lucky card, which restores HP equal to 260% of the ATK for all allies and removes two debuff effects.
  • Ultimate: A giant rabbit doll appears and stomps the enemy, dealing damage equal to 320% of ATK in a 3-meter radius to the nearest enemy and those around it. In addition to this, it also stuns the enemy for 3 seconds.
  • Passive: Magic mesmerizes the enemies and hinders their attacks. While on the battlefield, Prim also acts as a good luck charm as she reduces the chance of her allies getting hit by critical hits by 20%.
  • Prim is a powerful supporter; with her on the team, your allies will definitely have the upper hand as she can provide special buffs to increase ATK, speed, and DEF.


  • Type: Fairy
  • Class: Ranger
  • Main: Miriam uses all her Magic Bullet buffs to attack the nearest enemy, and each one of these bullets deals damage equal to 90% ATK.
  • Ultimate: Deals damage equivalent to 320% of ATK to the closest enemy in a straight 3m wide region and gets 2 “Magic Bullet” special buffs.
  • Passive: For 10 seconds, tactical loading boosts ATK by 26% and grants three “Magic Bullet” special buffs.
  • Far from the best, Miriram is a useful ranger that also has debuffing abilities. This can hinder opponents’ DEF.


  • Type: Beast
  • Class: Striker
  • Main: Dashes quickly toward the nearest target, dealing 300% of ATK damage, and stuns it for three seconds.
  • Ultimate: Haru wields a single dagger and charges with it to attack the closest enemy dealing damage equal to 370% of their ATK. She can deal twice as much if there isn’t any enemy within 3 meters of the target.
  • Passive: When beasts band together, they grow stronger. When there are at least two allies within 3m of Haru, she gains a special buff that increases the ATK of all allies by 24%.
  • Haru is an absolute monster when used against bosses as she is an anti-healer and a striker, which complement each other greatly. Her popularity amongst the players speaks for itself. 


  • Type: Undead
  • Class: Striker
  • Main: Causes an explosion by slamming the earth, which deals damage equal to 240% of ATK in a 1.8-meter wide and 6-meter long area in front of a nearby enemy. The enemy takes 60% bleeding damage every 2 seconds for a total of 6 seconds.
  • Ultimate: Attacks the battlefield by penetrating the atmosphere. Moves in the direction of the enemy with the lowest HP, then deals 220% damage to all foes. The damage done to the targeted enemy is doubled.
  • Passive: Transforms the heat produced during attacks into energy for defense. The Residual Heat buff lasts for 5 seconds. While this buff is activated, normal attacks create a protective shield that absorbs 100% of ATK damage, lasting which lasts 12 seconds.
  • An overall solid unit, Jacqueline is good in boss battles as well as PvEs. She is also a prized striker who specializes in assassinations and can deal damage over time. In short, Jacqueline will not disappoint.


  • Type: Human
  • Class: Warrior
  • Main: Gathers all her might into a punch that deals 220% of ATK damage to the nearest enemy. Additionally, the punch deals 160% of the ATK and stuns the enemy for 2 seconds when Dora’s HP is less than 50%. 
  • Ultimate: A gigantic Dora tramples the nearest enemy and all enemies in a 2.5-meter radius around the main target, dealing 260% of ATK and stunning them for 2 seconds. In the case that Dora’s HP is less than 30%, she deals additional damage equal to 160% of ATK.
  • Passive: All of Dora’s ATK ignore 25% of the enemy’s DEF. When Dora’s HP is 50% or less, her DEF is increased by 80%, and her Crit Rate is increased by 30%, while received healing is decreased by 50%.,
  • Dora is an overpowered unit in early PvEs, and her warrior spirit complements her offensive abilities that can deal incredible damage.


  • Type: Beast
  • Class: Warrior
  • Main: Deals damage equal to 180% of Aira’s ATK to the nearest enemy, stunning it for 2 seconds. When Aira’s HP is 50% or higher, she does the target additional damage equal to 25% of her maximum HP, and if her HP is 50% or less, she heals herself by 25%.
  • Ultimate: Delivers a powerful blow that deals the closest target and enemies within 3 meters of the target damage equal to 240% of Aira’s ATK. It also recovers her HP by 25% and deals additional damage equivalent to 25% of her maximum HP.
  • Passive: A special debuff is used to weaken the enemy that reduces the nearest enemy’s DEF, physical resistance, and magical resistance by 18% for 10 seconds.
  • Is a great addition to the team and overpowered against bosses. She is one of the best mana reducers and strikers. Her blows are strong and mighty. As such, she will be a great addition to any team. 


  • Type: Human
  • Class: Warrior
  • Main: Targets the enemy with the highest ATK and deals 250% of ATK damage. If the Daze buff is enabled and is at ten stacks or higher, additional damage equal to 100% ATK is dealt with.
  • Ultimate: Attacks the opponent with the highest ATK and uses a combination of sword and gun attacks to deal damage equal to 320% of ATK. The enemy is stunned for 4 seconds if the “Daze” special buff has ten stacks or more and delivers additional damage equal to 100% of ATK.
  • Passive: Blinds the victim of Linzy’s Thirst for Revenge, causing it to attack Linzy for 4 seconds while decreasing its accuracy rate by 20. While she receives two stacks of the “Daze” special boost, which raises Crit damage by 4% each time Linzy avoids an attack from the enemy.
  • A warrior that is also a great all-round unit, Linzy is an assassin who deals incredible damage and can also act as a taunter. Putting her on the team will put you at an advantage until you can find a better replacement.

B Tier

The characters in this unit have a decent ranking in the Eversoul tier list. B-tier characters are often overlooked when there are better options, and for a good reason. Their abilities are not special and can easily be removed from the team. They usually bring no big advantage to the team, though a few of them may possess niche powers.

Eversoul B Tier
B Tier


  • Type: Undead
  • Class: Caster
  • Main: Projects concentrated chakra, which deals damage equal to 220% of ATK to the nearest enemy, shocks the enemy, and deals 60% of damage for 12 seconds.
  • Ultimate: Uses Vajra to launch an attack. The closest enemy will get damage equal to 260% ATK in a 4-meter by 6-meter area, and 70% shock damage will be inflicted for 12 seconds.
  • Passive: Turns the electricity that is flowing through the target into chakra by absorbing it. If a target is already stunned by her basic attack, she will gain 1000 mana back.
  • Erusha, as a caster, performs well against bosses, but that is not the case in PvEs, where she is average at best. Her specialties lie in stunning opponents and doing damage over time. A good unit, but there are better ones out there to replace her.


  • Type: Beast
  • Class: Supporter
  • Main: Allies are healed by nature’s healing power. Allies’ HP is continuously restored at a rate of 45% of their ATK every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
  • Ultimate: Fights briefly and then takes a break to rest. Recovers all friends’ HP by 60% of their ATK and adds a 10-second effect that heals by 60% of ATK.
  • Passive: Just Clara‘s presence on the battlefield increases the DEF of all allies by 20%.
  • A good support unit, having her on your team will help your units perform better. Though her healing ability is not great, she is still a useful substitute until a better unit is obtained.


  • Type: Human
  • Class: Caster
  • Main: Speeds up the jewel to deal damage equal to 260% of ATK to the closest enemy. It also has a 30% chance of dealing additional damage, which is equal to 160% of ATK.
  • Ultimate: Fires a beam of light from Jade’s secret vault that converts all opponents into gold, doing 270% of ATK in damage to them and stunning them for two seconds. The additional effect activation for all skills used by allies is then raised by 50% for the following 12 seconds.
  • Passive: Her good fortune has an impact on both her immediate environment and herself. All allies receive a special buff when Jade enters combat that raises the activation rate of all skill’s additional effects by 20%.
  • Jade is a good all-round character. Her casting ability is superb when she is on the offense and can deal serious damage. Other than this her buffing and stunning abilities earn her a place in any good team. 


  • Type: Undead
  • Class: Ranger
  • Main: Shoots a jet of pressurized sap that inflicts 180% of ATK damage to all enemies in a 1.8-meter by 8-meter area to the closest enemy, poisoning them and dealing 60% of damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds. Other than this, the target’s healing received is also decreased by 50% while poisoned.
  • Ultimate: Poisons nearby opponents, dealing 75% damage every two seconds for 12 seconds while dealing 220% ATK damage to them in a 1.8-meter by 8-meter area. While poisoned, the target’s healing received is reduced by 75%.
  • Passive: Increases the depth of an enemy’s wounds. While Rebecca is present on the battlefield, opponents’ DoT is increased by 35%.
  • Rebecca does well all things considered and performs even better when paired with Beasts, but she is utterly underqualified when she comes across boss battles.


  • Type: Fairy
  • Class: Ranger
  • Main: Shoots Madori, dealing damage to the closest opponent and enemies within 2.5 meters equal to 100% ATK. If the target is already affected by the “Feather Brand”, it deals extra damage which is equal to ATK.
  • Ultimate: Together, Nicole and Madori produce the perfect attack. Deals damage equal to 220% of ATK around the nearest enemy in a 10m wide and 8m long area. If the target is affected by the “Feather Brand”, it deals extra damage equal to 100% ATK.
  • Passive: Nicole’s accuracy is increased by 50 and all her attacks will ignore 30% of the targets DEF.
  • Nicole offers nothing special to a team as there are other units who are better than her as a Ranger.

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C Tier

The units in this tier have abilities that are abysmal at best. They are not very strong and have many underlying weaknesses. If you have these troops, you should consider replacing them with units that belong to the tiers above this one. They rank just above the worst units in the Eversoul tier list. 

Eversoul C Tier
C Tier


  • Type: Beast
  • Class: Supporter 
  • Main: Continuously heals while on the battlefield, and restores HP of close-range allies by 150% ATK. 
  • Ultimate: Seeha can recover a significant amount of HP for the allies, and as long as Mica is on the battlefield, she recovers HP worth 40% ATK periodically. 
  • Passive: Her skills get more powerful when MIca is on the battlefield.
  • Mica has subpar supporting capabilities. Her worth is tied to Mica being on the battlefield, otherwise, she is not that useful. 


  • Type: Demon
  • Class: Caster
  • Main: Deals decent damage to enemies, which are in a specific radius. Also deals damage periodically. 
  • Ultimate: Ayame’s ultimate skill is similar to her main skill, but a lot more powerful. 
  • Passive: The enemy with the highest ATK is targeted. That enemy is then charmed for 6 seconds. 
  • Ayame is not a powerful caster, but she can still add some value to the team. She is relatively better than the characters in her tier. She does not have many underlying weaknesses, but her power is very limited. 


  • Type: Undead
  • Class: Caster
  • Main: Violette can inflict damage on the enemy by intensifying disastrous effects. She also deals damage to the nearest enemy. Additional damage is also dealt, as many times as DoT effects are cast. 
  • Ultimate: She can restore her own HP by a massive amount, and also removes debuffs. She also deals damage as she did in her main skill, just more intensely. 
  • Passive: She has the ability to absorb disasters, and when her targets are under the DoT effect, her ATK multiplies 3/2 times the number of effects applied, with the limit being 50 stacks. 
  • Violette is a good dispeller. She has decent debuffs and deals damage over time. She can add value to your team, but not as much as the casters in the tiers above her.


  • Type: Human
  • Class: Ranger
  • Main: Cherrie can deal damage through flames, and deals additional damage as time goes on. 
  • Ultimate: She inflicts a good amount of damage on the enemies in a specific area by burning them.  Burning inflicts more damage over time.
  • Passive: She inflicts damage on the enemies by firing burning bullets, which inflict damage over time.
  • Cherrie deals damage by using techniques that surround the fire. This enables her to deal damage over time as well. though the damage itself is not much. 


  • Type: Fairy
  • Class: Striker
  • Main: Knocks the enemy down and inflicts damage worth 250% ATK. She can also deal additional damage if her buff is active. (Gear up) 
  • Ultimate: Deals a good amount of damage and pushes the enemy away. Making use of her buff, “Gear u” again, she is able to inflict extra damage if it is active. 
  • Passive: She can increase her ATK and evasion if a buff that boosts her speed is active. 
  • You can probably find better strikers than Renee, but she can make herself useful if she is played effectively.


  • Type: Beast 
  • Class: Striker
  • Main: Deals a significant amount of damage by playing a guitar sound. She can also deal extra damage if Seeha is on the battlefield. 
  • Ultimate: Mica can deal a good amount of damage to all of her enemies, and even more so if Seeha is on the battlefield. 
  • Passive: Mica’s skills get boosted if Seeha is on the battlefield. 
  • Mica is an a-okay striker and only proves valuable if Seeha is also on the battlefield.

D Tier

Units placed in this tier are the worst in the Eversoul tier list. They are substandard and must be replaced immediately, as soon as you can find better units. Their abilities are poor and must be leveled up considerably to be of much use. However, newbies can use them to learn and gain experience.

The worst units in the game
D Tier


  • Type: Undead
  • Class: Caster
  • Main:  Inflicts damage of 160% of ATK in a 2.5-meter by 6.5-meter long area in front of the closest target. It also deals freezing or burning damage equal to 55% ATK every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
  • Ultimate: Throws an incredible number of sealing charms that deal damage equal to 270% of ATK to the nearest enemy and to all opponents in a 2.5-meter area around it. In addition to this, the victim is silenced for 10 seconds.
  • Passive: A special buff is activated through her mana-gathering amulet. This restores Mana by 220 every 2 seconds until the battle is over.
  • Nini is an average caster, and although her Discus Ability does well against bosses, she is not that advantageous when it comes to PvEs.


  • Type: Beast
  • Class: Ranger
  • Main: Flynn‘s attacks get an explosion that causes opponents within 2.5 meters to sustain additional damage for 10 seconds at the same rate as the normal attacks. Her speed is also increased by 40% for 12 seconds.
  • Ultimate: An enraged Flynn fires a rocket that deals 330% of attack damage to the nearest enemy and other enemies within 2.5 meters of the target. This also stuns the target for 2 seconds.
  • Passive: If there are no allies or enemies within 3 meters of Flynn, her ATK increases by 26%, and her slow basic attacks do 100% damage. Despite Flynn’s normal attack being sluggish her mana recovery is 70% faster.
  • Again an average caster, none of her abilities stand out. Though she is good for newbies, she must be replaced immediately when a better unit is found.


Eversoul is the newest and hottest game on the block. The sooner you start playing it, the bigger of an advantage you will have against other players. It features amazing characters, with unique abilities. We hope our Eversoul tier list helped you in getting stronger in the game. We hope the Eversoul tier list we created will help you dominate the competition.  If you are a fan of dragon ball games, check out Dragon Ball Legends Tier List: Best Characters Ranked.

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