Flash Party Tier List: Ranking All Characters [2024]

Every character from Flash Party is ranked according to their worth in our Flash Party tier list. The characters are ranked from S to D tier.

Flash Party has around 13 unique characters which you can use in the game. The game doesn’t have a huge roster, but you still might think about which character is the best. Picking a character bringing 13 characters might not be difficult, but there’s less possibility of you picking a meta-character. That is why we have drafted a Flash Party tier list so you can choose the best characters in the game. 

In this tier list, we will be ranking each character from S-D Tier, but we won’t be discussing each character in detail as it won’t be worth it. We will discuss the pros and cons of each character which will allow you to choose the best one. This will help you to dominate the game and have fun.  So, let’s get started right away. 

Note: Flash Party’s latest update was released on March 29, 2023. It was a major update where many new contents were added, and many bugs were fixed too. This tier list is based on the latest patch.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 13 characters in Flash Party.
  • Chilli is the most broken character in the game as she explodes everything.
  • Kamiki Yuri is the fastest character in the game.
  • Chilli, Kamiki Yuri, and Tina are the meta-characters of Flash Party.
  • Sophia and M-5 are the best non-meta-characters in the game.
  • Alice and Sandy are the worst characters in the game.
  • Sandy takes the throne for being the worst character. 

Flash Party Tier List 

Chilli, Kamiki Yuri, TinaS
Sophia, Mr. 5A
Sivi, Heracles, MagicianB
Mikko, Macalon, S-17, CupidC
Alice, SandyD

S Tier

S Tier Characters

S Tier characters are the best ones available in the game. The characters that are in S Tier are the meta characters that can be used for fun while you dominate others. However, these characters are not easy to you use, so you would need to spend some mastering them. When you are done mastering them, you will have a fun experience playing with these characters.

SChilli, Kamiki Yuri, Tina


Chilli is the most broken character in the game, as many players find it hard to deal with her as an enemy. She is a cute little character who is a complete menace. So, don’t fall for her looks.


  • Her moves are hard to deal with as she has a small hitbox.
  • Chilli can run across the field while laying traps.
  • Chili is extremely fun to play as her character design is cute, but she brings destruction.


  • The character is not easy to use.
  • More than ordinary practice is necessary to use Chilli effectively.

Kamiki Yuri

Kimiki Yuri is an extremely fast character that moves and performs attacks like the wind. She is the perfect choice for those who like to play fast characters.


  • Her move set allows her to face any kind of situation head-on.
  • Yuri’s Nertural Special can cover range attacks.
  • Yuri can collect Animus, which allows her to move even faster.
  • When she collects Animus, her attacks are also increased.
  • You can do more combos with her if you collect more Animus.


  • If an enemy picks up Yuri’s Animus, they will be able to heal 2% of their HP.


Tina is the second faster character in Party Legends. Tina is not the most broken character, but she is pretty useful. 


  • Pretty fast and agile.
  • Tina can do quick attacks and has a great set of recoveries.
  • Tina’s attacks have high knockback, and she has some good combos.
  • You can get her pretty easily by just collecting 15 Start Points.


  • Yuri is more fun to play than Tina.
  • The damage output is not that much high.

A Tier

A Tier Characters

A-Tier characters are the best characters after the S-tier ones. These characters don’t have much difference from S Tier characters, but still, even a little difference can be proved fatal in the game. If you like any character from A-tier, then feel free to use them if you are confident that you can win against S-tier characters.

ASophia, Mr. 5


Sophie has a unique character design that all players might not like. Still, she is pretty fun to play with.


  • Her attack speed is pretty impressive, and the damage is good too.
  • Sophia’s combos are very fast.
  • Sophia’s attacks have a pretty decent knockback.


  • Her attack pattern is easy to dodge.
  • She can be boring to play with.


Mr.5, also known as Mr.Wilson, teaches mathematics in Metropolis. In actuality, he is a secret agent who uses gadgets like blasters and more.


  • Mr.5 can fire his blaster from long range.
  • Holding the grip will increase the damage and speed of his shots.
  • Wilson can explode the opponents by using Omega Blast.


  • He is hard to use in close combat.
  • A similar attack pattern can be boring.

B Tier

B Tier Characters

B Tier characters are not good or bad. These characters are just used for fun or if you are up for a challenge. While the characters in B-Tier might not be suitable for S and A-tier characters, they can still be pretty fun to play with. Still, it is better to choose a character from S or A-Tier.

BSivi, Heracles, Magician


Sivi is a cool boy who gives off anime character vibes, but not many like him. Overall he is a good character to play with.


  • His attack animations are pretty fun to watch.
  • His attacks have a good amount of knockback.
  • Sivi’s combos are pretty cool.


  • Sivi’s attack does not deal much damage.
  • He is not fast enough.


Heracles is a short character whose play style is kind of unique. He is not one of the best characters, but some players might not have fun playing with him, which is why he is in the B tier of this Flash Party tier list.


  • Heracles can use a mid-range attack which can be used to his advantage.
  • Heracles is short, so he can be annoying to deal with.


  • When Heracles uses his mid-range attack, the opponent can take advantage and deal damage to him. 
  • He can be useless against many characters.


He was reared as a slum dweller and eventually developed into the Magician. The magician uses their pranks and magic acts to provide joy and amusement to both children and adults.


  • His playstyle is unique.
  • He uses cool combos. to destroy his enemies


  • Magician can struggle against some other heroes. 
  • Magician is not that much fun to play.  

C Tier


C Tier characters are not the worst characters in the Flash Party Tier List we have drafted, but they are not helpful too. They can be just used for fun, but they might not be able to do well against upper-tier characters.

CMikko, Macalon, S-17, Cupid


Mikko is a very unique type of character as this character’s design is just straight up like a smiley gorilla. 


  • Mikko can be extremely annoying for opponents.
  • You just need to hit the opponents with an attack, and the combos will be implemented.


  • Mikko is boring to play with.
  • The moves seem repetitive.
  • There are many characters who can defeat Mikko.


A hungry dinosaur named Macalon uses its claws and flames to mangle and scorches its prey. To unlock Macalon, players need to collect 500 Star points.


  • Macaron can fly, which makes this character a little annoying to deal with.


  • Macalon’s big design makes it an easy target.
  • On plunge, Machalon will fall, which gives opponents an opening.
  • The character is pretty boring to play with.  


S-17, as the name suggests, is a robot. She carries a shield that balances both defense and offense. This character can be obtained by opening chests.


  • She can hit opponents with her shield, which has a major knockback.
  • S-17 can throw her shield, which damages the opponent and brings them closer to her.
  • She is a fun-to-play character.


  • There are many characters who can overpower her.
  • S-17 is a little slow, which makes her an easy target.


Cupid is a mischievous God of Love whose character design is kind of unique. You can unlock her by collecting 300 Star points.


  • She is a fast character with a bunch of combos.
  • Her combos are pretty satisfying.
  • Due to her small character design, she is an annoying character to deal with.


  • She can be hard to play with.
  •  There are a few other characters who are more fun to play.

D Tier

D Tier Characters

D Tier characters are undoubtedly the worst characters in the game. These characters do not have good combos, which deal some damage, and they don’t even have a fun-to-play playstyle. So, you should always select a character from the S-A tier. You can also select from B but try not to choose from D Tier this flash party tier list

DAlice, Sandy


Alice is a sleepy girl who can be unlocked very easily. You can get her by just logging in to the game for 3 days.


  • She has an extensive defensive range.
  • Alice’s attacks have a huge knockback.


  • Alice is perhaps the most boring to play with.
  • Alice’s combos and attacks look the same.


Sandy is a Kung Fu master who uses some deadly combos against opponents. Sandy can be unlocked by opening chests.


  • Sandy can send a lot of barrages of kicks.
  • Sandy can focus all of his energy on his palms before striking the opponent with great vigor.


  • Most of the other characters can overpower Sandy.

Flash Party Tier List Ranking Criteria

The characters of Flash Party are all ranked from S-D tiers. We have ranked them based on their abilities, gameplay, combos, and character design. Players should keep in mind that the tier list might contain some personal preferences as we have played the game ourselves to create a tier list. But, of course, the characters are ranked in accordance with their worth. 

You can choose whatever characters you want to play with because the main reason you play the game should be to have fun. If you want to dominate the lobby while having fun, then you should follow our tier list. That is almost everything you would need to know in order to win most of the matches. Moreover, you should follow this subreddit to talk to the community.

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