Fruit Warriors Fruit Tier List [2024]

We have ranked all the unique fruits in our Fruit Warriors Fruit Tier List so players can choose the best and dominate the lobby.

Fruit Warriors is a Roblox game based on One Piece. In this game, players can collect devil fruits which gives them special powers. There are around 11 devil fruits in the game, which can be used for combat, exploration, and much more. That being said, players might be wondering which fruit is the best in the game. That is why we have decided to organize a Fruit Warriors Fruit Tier list for the players. We will be ranking all the devil fruits available in the game from S-D Tier. So, let’s get started without wasting any time.

The latest update of Fruit Warriors added new fruits and codes for players so they could get some free rewards.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 11 fruits currently in the game.
  • Light is the best fruit in the game which has multiple pros for the players.
  • Light is perhaps the only fruit with no cons in the game.
  • Magma and Quake come right after Light, as they deal some massive damage.
  • In A-Tier, Rumble is the best fruit due to its combos and knockback.
  • Diamond is the best defensive fruit in the game, but it doesn’t have many offensive abilities.
  • B and C Tier fruits are enjoyable, but they don’t do much damage.
  • Invisible and Kilo are pretty much useless, but Invisible takes the crown for being the worst fruit.

Fruit Warriors Fruit Tier List



S Tier Fruits
SLight, Magma, Quake

S-Tier will consist of the best devil fruits available in the game. So, players should use the fruits discussed in this tier. Of course, players can feel free to use any fruit depending on their perception, but it is ideal to select from S-Tier.


Light is undoubtedly the best devil fruit in the game. Kizaru from anime had this devil fruit that let him move at the speed of light and deal some massive damage.


  • Deals massive amounts of damage to the opponents.
  • Let players hit multiple opponents at once.
  • Light is extremely effective against those who move a lot.
  • It can be upgraded to become more powerful.


  • Light is devil fruit with no cons. That is why it is the best devil fruit in the game.


Magma is the second-best devil fruit in the game. Akainu, one of the most hated characters and a Marine Fleet Admiral, used this devil fruit in One Piece. 


  • Deals Massive amounts of damage to the opponents.
  • The blast radius of Magma is pretty good.
  • Opponents can be defeated quickly.


  • Magma does not inflict burn status on the enemies.


The Quake fruit made it into the S-Tier because of its massive damage. Whitebeard in the anime had this devil fruit, but the current user of this devil fruit is Marshall D. Teach.


  • The range is extremely wide.
  • The damage output is impressive.
  • It can be extremely fun to play.


  • White, the damage is high the moves are very slow.


A Tier Fruits
ARumble, Flame

The fruits discussed in A-Tier are also great, and players can definitely use them. However, there would be a slight difference in the damage, but that should not be an issue if the player has some skills.  


Rumble Fruit is for players who like good damage and quick gameplay. In One Piece, Enel ate this devil fruit which allowed him to become one with the lighting, giving him the ultimate power.


  • The damage is satisfying to watch.
  • The combos are pretty good.
  • Almost every move made by this fruit has a knockback.


  • The range is an issue as most moves are close-ranged.
  • There are no mobility moves.


The Flame Devil fruit is the only devil fruit in our A Tier of Fruit Warriors Fruit Tier List. In One Piece, Ace had this devil fruit, but Akainu killed him. As a result, no one had this devil fruit until Sabo ate it.


  • Deals good damage to the opponents.
  • The range is good, which helps players to hit multiple targets, just like the light.
  • Flame is also good against opponents who move a lot.


  • Does not inflict a burning status on the opponents.


B Tier Fruits
BDiamond, Smoke

B Tier devil fruits are not bad, but they are not that good, either. With the devil fruits in the B-tier, players are bound to get bored quickly, so they should use the fruits from the above tier. However, if any player finds fruits from this tier interesting, they can feel free to use them.


Diamond is a fruit made for players who like a defensive playstyle. This devil fruit belongs to Diamond Jozu, one of the former commanders of the renowned late Whitebeard in One Piece.


  • Protect players from any harm by creating a shield.
  • Best defensive devil fruit.


  • Damage output is considerably low.
  • Does not have many attacks.


Smoke is for players who like fast gameplay without any interruption. Smoker, one of the famous Navy Commanders in One Piece, has this devil fruit. 


  • Let’s player turn invisible and move quickly.
  • Helps to strike the opponents when they don’t suspect it.


  • The damage output is low compared to higher-tier devil fruits.
  • Not a good devil fruit for all-out attacks.


C Tier Fruits
CBomb, Chop, Kilo

C-Tier fruits are not completely useless, as they can sometimes be fun to play, but that’s it. Players would get bored easily as the fruits in the C-Tier of Fruits Warriors Fruit Tier List are not that good.


Bomb is a downgraded version of Magma in the game. In One Piece, Gem, who was at Baroque Works known as Mr., has this devil fruit. It allowed him to explode any part of his body at will.


  • It can help players to hit multiple targets at once.


  • Bomb fruit’s damage output is very lower.
  • Have considerably less range which can be annoying and leave players open to attacks.


The Chop fruit is for players who like close combat fights. In the anime, Buggy has this devil fruit that lets him split his own body into small pieces.


  • Chop fruit has some decent damage.
  • It can be fun to use in close combat.
  • Makes the user immune to any sword damage.


  • The range is extremely limited.


Kilo fruit can be pretty fun to use, so players should only use it when they want to have fun. In the anime, Miss Valentine has this fruit that lets her change the weight of her body from 1-10,000 KG without changing the size of her body.


  • Let the user jump higher.
  • Good fruit to move around and have fun.


  • Dosen’t deal much damage, so it is pretty much useless in combat.


D Tier Fruits

The fruit in D-tier is absolutely useless. Players shouldn’t even use of using it as it gives the same abilities as the Smoke fruit gives but is extremely limited. So, it is ideal to use fruits from the higher tier.


Invisible fruit is the downgraded version of the Smoke fruit. In One Piece, Absalon had this devil fruit until Blackbeard pirates killed him, and then Shiryu ate that devil fruit.  


  • Let’s user be invisible.


  • Does not have good damage.
  • It doesn’t do anything except for making the user invisible.

Fruit Warriors Fruit Tier List Ranking Criteria

We have ranked every fruit available in Fruit Warriors from S-D Tier. The ranking is justified by our experience in the game and by the abilities of the fruits. There isn’t any personal preference as the game is very niched, so only the devil fruits that are worthy are in the higher tiers.

That is almost everything a Fruit Warriors player would like to know about the fruits in the game. Now, the players should be able to use the best devil fruits in the game. That being said, we hope, players will be able to enjoy the game more with the help of this tier list. Of course, players can choose any fruit based on their preference, too, as the main goal is to enjoy the game. Also, players can follow this subreddit to talk to the Fruit Warriors community.

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