Grand Summoners Tier List: Best Characters [2022]

Grand Summoners features a wide variety of character roster that are divided further into unique playstyles. Each unit is designed to fulfill a certain role, including the attacker, support, healer, defender, sub-attacker, breaker, sub-breaker, and a blend of attacker and healer. It is up to players how they play out their cards and utilize the units in the game. However, our Grand Summoners tier list breaks down how we think each unit in the game currently performs.

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Grand Summoners Tier List
S-Tier Units

All the Grand Summoners units we have listed in our S-rank of Grand Summoners tier list are simply the best ones in the game. If you want to turn the tide in a challenging situation, you must use these units for advantage. Regardless of unit class, you will find the best attackers, healers, defenders, and support class units in our S-tier. So, it matters not if you want to play offensively or defensively; with the units mentioned below in your team, you will hardly see defeat. Also, these units deal a significant amount of damage than other ones in the game.

Grand Summoners UnitsUnits Class
Batiste, Agent of Darkness Kane, Shuri, Swordsman Berwick, Luahn, Kisaragi, Riviera, Ruthless Demon Divine Celia, Samurai Rimuru, Rem (Re:Zero), Dancing Scythe Reaper Veronica, Orvell, Kimono Milim, Vox, JunoAttacker
Liza, Asirpa, Santa Rimuru, Rimuru, Fen, Empress of Spirit World Sonije, Hatsune Miku, Rosetta, Melty, Arcana, Hart, MakoSupport
Dragon Lord Gerald, Ancient Dragon Priestess Favelle, Thetis, Azure Flash Filia, Naofumi Iwatani, Blazing Divine Guardian Sanstone,Defender
Norn, Black Cat Detective Liese, Twilight Commander Forte, Emilia, Spy of Darkness Fen, Sakura Miku, Rem, Sakura Itto-Ryu Mira, God of Dragon Knights Weaver, Kurama, Yusuke Urameshi, Holy Knight Goddess Feena, Ashe, Berwick, Cestina, Asakura YohSub-Attacker


Tier List Grand Summoners
A-Tier Units

The units we have listed in our A-rank Grand Summoners list are the second-best choice of players in the game. If you don’t have units from S-tier, then you should rely on these. Also, you will find reliable breaker class units in A-tier that can get the job done in situations where an attacker or defender may not offer much value. The A-tier also has excellent sub-attacker units that are not only great at attacking but also defending as well.

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Grand Summoners UnitsUnits Class
Bullet Hell Roy, Peerless Pyreblade Gran Brave, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, Angelas, Ganan, Inferno God Ifrit, Tamae, Garou Illusory Twin Blades Melia, Grad, Hiei, Milim, Aesis, Alvina, Benevolent Annihilator Marzex, Saitama, Saichi Sugimoto, Santa Shion, Harbinger of Armageddon Marzex, Aluze, Goblin Slayer, Fallen Creator Kayas, Ragsherum, Ginzo, Hades Knight Emperor RegulusAttacker
Divine Fox Painter Sumire, Blazing Flame Empress Lione, Beatrice, Kyoyama Anna, Shadie,Support
Elusive Cannon Princess CourtneySupport Breaker
Virtuous Torch Vermilia, Intelligent Divine Governor Parlot,Healer
Eagle, Hero of Darkness Zeorg, Ram, Celia, Rits,Defender
Radak, Santa Milim, Benimaru, High Elf Archer, Amane, Flame Spirit Empress Lian, Chloe, Bakoo, Victoire, Sealed Terrible Tyrant Lygor, Millenia, Mizuki, Nies, Solace Virtuosa Rits, Serah, Hime, Lozze, Diaz, Hellish Blizzard, Saar, Raphtalia Soul Destruction God ZenonSub-Attacker
Black Dragon Knight Wargul, Younger Toguro, Tallis, Fosly, Terrible Tornado, Duke, Glacier Princess Tami-nyan, Shining Divine Warrior Platina,Breaker


Tier List ranking units
B-Tier Units

The units we have mentioned in our B-rank Grand Summoners tier list are not as reliable and effective as A-tier ones. However, they are far better than you can find units from C-tier. In short, the playable characters and dynamic classes that are part of the B-tier stand in the middle ground. When it comes to attacking, healing, defending, do not expect too much from B-tier units, and at the same time, don’t expect the worst outcome as well. If utilized correctly, you’d be surprised to see B-tier units outperforming some of the characters from A-tier.

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Grand Summoners UnitsUnits Class
Ryuko Matoi, Master of Dragons Louvet, Corsair, the Frozen Empress, Est, Dark Winged Swordsman Raki, Sword Ruler Luda, Fatewyrm Dargeon, Ninja Machina Jack, Kazuma Kuwabara, Shining Winged Emperor Daki, Emperor of Gods Freed, Leone, Dualblaze Master Orgah, Filo, Child of Creation Alulu, Cygnet, Grohl, Clyde, the Crimson Sword God, Kane, Mira, Conflagrative Annihilator SoleilAttacker
Pheles, Wings of Mercy, Sealed Fox Princess Zeela, Gracious Warrior Zoroas, Twingavel Empress Catilou, EDEN, Ice Queen Selia, Woodland Deity Ashe Toto, Nier, Sorceress of Space-time Alma, Master of the Six Demons Mixie, Raging Annihilator Leon, Flaring Custodian Feld,Support
Phantasmic Creator Tree Valhalla, ValentiaHealer
Blessed Escutcheon Duran, Lord of Black Art Onfuan,Defender
Destruction Machine Goddess Lapleh, Virago, Magnificent Star Archer Mamori, Saku, Maximum Force Zecht, Cathemilla, Melia, Number 2, Arosdea, Piercing Paragon Salyssa, Shiki, Hades Giant Guardian Badoul, Ruby Ninja Empress HonokaSub-Attacker
Phantom Operative Jill, Satsuki Kiryuin, Garlan the Earth Breaker, Arth,Breaker


C-rank units gacha game

The fall in attack, defense, and other attributes are clearly evident when you play with C-rank units of the Grand Summoners Characters list. They are underwhelming and not reliable as you’d expect them to be. For starters, we listed only one defender in C-tier because this unit is the perfect fit for this tier. Luminous God Knight Gaia is a little too much for a D-tier and isn’t reliable enough to defend other teammates; hence we did not put it into B-tier. Overall, playing with the C-tier units will make you realize how underpowered or easy-to-defeat you are, and it’d be better to invest time in getting units from higher tiers.

Grand Summoners UnitsUnits Class
Boros, Death Sickle Queen Lily, Toshizo Hijikata, Holy Dragoness Rhodia, Aquarias Empress Yomi, Emerald Blademaster Vogue, Edram, Vitz,Attacker
Luminous God Knight GaiaDefender
Master of Swords Nogia, Dahlia, Strife, Elmessio, Quon,Sub-Attacker
Heavenly Executioner Zechsia, Spear Spirit Empress Daisy, Silent Divine PalamiciaBreaker


Grand Summoners Tier List
D-Tier Units

There are not many units we found during our playtime in the game that are highly unreliable. However, the ones we have listed in our D-rank clearly fit the description of this tier and are some of the least used units by players as well. All the attackers, healers, support, and sub-attackers that we have listed here are below average, and their efficiency is pretty low as well. Even if you pair these units with high-tier ones, the outcomes will hardly be favorable. If you have these units available to play, we will highly recommend not investing more time into these units.

Grand Summoners UnitsUnits Class
Great Wolf Assassin Sly, Zeorg, Riana, Olgeth,Attacker
Dragon Guardian Empress Nerim,Healer
Empyreal Beast ElfallaSupport
Maiden Princess End, Forbidden Knowledge Keit, Haden Flower Empress Pola, GenosSub-Attacker
Divinity Destroyer Vaid, Evil Demon Empress Coco, Rasaou, Roy, Herck, Radiant Spear God ReyonBreaker


F-rank Units gacha game
F-Tier Units

If you happen to have the units mentioned in our F-rank of Grand Summoners Characters list, then it’d be wise not to play with these at all. They have the worst base stats when it comes to attacking, healing, defending, and more. Furthermore, pairing them with high-tier units will also not yield bright outcomes as they have little to no use. However, if you still want to utilize these units properly in the game then we think they’d suit better while fighting enemies that are underpowered or under-leveled. Let’s face it, not all units in the game are useful, and the F-tier ones are certainly not one of the most picked or played ones.

Grand Summoners UnitsUnits Class
Inferno Guardian Goddess Anna, Mizyna, Abaddon, Blazing Axe Empress Rishley, Keiones,Attacker
Iris, RhiotisSupport
Zoldes, Inferno Emperor Ragna, VoghanBreaker

Grand Summoners Tier List Criteria

The ranking of all Grand Summoners units in our list is based entirely on our experience with the game and we also collected the selection preferences of players from the web.

Why Trust Us

We have poured in countless hours while playing Grand Summoners. We understand that it is never an easy task when it comes to creating a tier list because the ranking of characters or units is always a subjective matter. It can be biased heavily or neutral up to a certain extent. However, we have tried our best to steer clear of bias and come up with a ranking that blends our experience and players’ preference we found out on the web.

That is why the tier list we have curated, and the ranking hierarchy we have set may or may not reflect what you had in mind when playing the game. That being established, our tier list is welcome to constructive criticism and unwelcome towards spontaneous outbursts or hate because of how we ranked the units.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the Grand Summoners tier list. Which has been your favorite attacker, healer, and support unit so far? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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