Grimlight Tier List: Ranking & Comparing All Heroes

We constructed a Tier List for the newly released mobile game, Grimlight, ranking ALL the heroes from best to worst.

Our Grimlight Tier List ranks all Grimlight Heroes in tiers from best to worst. The tiers range from S Tier, the best, to C Tier, which means “Not viable” or “Useless at the moment”. This tier list was made through proper research and hands-on experience. Moreover, If you like tier lists like these, you will love our Counterside Global and Dislyte tier lists.

Key Highlights
  • Grimlight features an entire playable cast of up to 46 characters that the game attributes as “Heroes.” Each hero is categorized into distinct classes and elements.
  • Besides their skills and base stats, all characters are ranked based on how competitive they perform in the world of Phantasia and outnumber all the Dreamless.
  • Adaptability and the amount of upgradability on offer are also vital ranking signs in Grimlight. 
  • Having that considered, Dracula, Madhatter, Red, and Cowardly Lion are the most viable characters in Grimlight at the moment. 
  • Grimlight heroes that seem useless for the current meta include Hook, Odile, Beast, The Huntsman, Puss, and Rapunzel. 
  • The best Grimlight Heroes should be the preferred main pick, no matter the situation, as they are truly versatile.

Here’s a complete summary of the Grimlight Tier List ranking Heroes:

Grimlight Tier List Heroes Ranking Table 

Tiers Heroes 
S-Tier  Big Bad Wolf, Red Knight, Alice, Queen Of Hearts, Dracula, Madhatter, Red, and Cowardly Lion
A-Tier  Esme, Briar Rose, Winter Queen, Dorothy, Kaguya, Cheshire Cat, Caterpillar, White Knight, Odette, and Goldilocks
B-Tier  Saffi, Geppetto, Aurora, Tamamo No Mai, Snow White, Robin, White Rabbit, Ginger, Otohime, and Vita
C-Tier  Belle, Hansel, Gretel, Cinderella, Hook, Puss, Odile, The Huntsman, Beast, and Rapunzel

All Grimlight Heroes Comparison

SQueen Of Hearts1030.050.025.0
SRed Knight1430.032.030.0
AWinter Queen924.040.023.0
ABriar Rose1400.032.034.0
AWhite Knight1325.029.036.0
ACheshire Cat770.043.015.0
BSnow White1687.036.042.0
BTamamo No Mai900.045.023.0
BWhite Rabbit560.030.010.0
CThe Huntsman356.028.06.0


S Tier
S Tier

As is obvious, these Heroes are the best of the best. They excel in everything, and no other Heroes are as good as them in what they provide. Their base stats are very good, and their skills deal devastating blows. Furthermore, the amount of upgradability these heroes possess is far greater than any others. The following Heroes should be your preferred main pick in every situation.

Moreover, even if the enemy has the ability to counter these Heroes. Their adaptability is more than enough for you to have at least some time to think about how to deflect these attacks on your Heroes’ weaknesses. 

Additionally, the top 3 on this tier are 5-star heroes, and their Elements, Class, Stats, and Skills have been stated.

Element & Class Deploy Cost Heroes Skills & Passives Traits & Notes
Dark [Warrior] 5 Dracula 300% dmg, knockback; 3-hit dmg & res reduction ATK boost after kill, life steal
Fire [Mage] 5 Queen Of Hearts Fireball waves; 4-hit dmg & stun Area dmg, ATK boost for fire allies
Fire [Warrior] 4 Alice, Red True dmg, instant kill below 20% hp; elemental area dmg Evasion, fire unit ATK boost; “burn” status, buffs fire heroes
Fire [Tank] 4 Red Knight Area dmg; dispel attacks Reduces enemy physical defense
Nature [Tank/Debuffer] 5 Big Bad Wolf Debuffs enemies; significant self-healing Self-sustain
Nature [Warrior] 4 Cowardly Lion Area physical dmg Significant self-healing
Water [Mage] 4 Madhatter Silences enemies; dispels Buffs allies and himself


A Tier - Grimlight Tier List
A Tier

These Heroes are the best and most viable in the current, launch meta. They have good base stats and great skills that utilize them sufficiently. Almost all of them work well in different scenarios; moreover, they can even hold their own in unfavorable positions as well. A tier Heroes should be your preferred pick, apart from those up in the S tier.

Element & Class Deploy Cost Heroes Skills & Passives Traits & Notes
Dark [Assassin] 4 Kaguya, Cheshire Cat Leaps and deals true dmg & stuns; Speed buff & snipe stuns +3% ATK per dark hero; Increases attack speed
Light [Sage] 4 Dorothy Shields allies; Heal 4 allies +5% res per wave to all allies
Water [Mage] 4 Winter Queen, Odette AOE dmg & freezes; Silence enemies Frost effect; Increases self-evasion
Nature [Tank] 4 Briar Rose AOE dmg & slows; Reflects dmg Self-heal and significant self-sustain
Fire [Ranged] 4 Esme Damage & “Burn” effect; Buffs ally’s attack Buffs fire allies’ attacks
Nature [Ranged] 4 Goldilocks Knockbacks enemies; Reduces enemy phys defense Increased attack speed
Light [Tank] 4 White Knight Defense shield; Grants additional shield Reduces enemy’s attack damage
Nature [Healer]] 4 Caterpillar Increases magic defense of allies Resilience; Buffs teammates

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B Tier
B Tier

These Heroes are viable in some ways and can be good under certain conditions. However, they are not currently the top pick. That is the reason they are in the middle tier of this tier and not at the top tiers.

Element & Class Deploy Cost Heroes Skills & Passives Traits & Notes
Light [Guardian] 5 Snow White 300% magic dmg, atk reduction; Allies’ hp shield Resurrects once per battle
Water [Mage] 4 Tamamo No Mai Large AOE dmg, silence, mres reduction; Attacks reduce mres AOE dmg; +5% atk for water allies
Light [Mage] 4 Aurora Deals dmg & removes buffs; Removes buffs with dmg +5% magic resist for all allies
Dark [Mage] 5 Geppetto Summons minions; Minions attack enemies Buffs summoners
Water [Support] 4 Saffi, White Rabbit Freeze enemies; Boost energy gain & cooldown reduction Frost synergy; Attack speed boost for low HP ally
Nature [Healer] 4 Vita, Ginger Damage, knockback; Summoning & healing Nature ally synergy; Buffs allies
Water [Healer] 4 Otohime Basic skill; Ordinary passive Buffs allies
Nature [Ranged] 4 Robin “Steals” attack speed; Deals additional dmg to rebuffed enemies Additional damage to rebuffed enemies

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C Tier
C Tier

These Heroes are not very good at launch and lack in pretty much every aspect of the game. Moreover, their stats are lower than others, and their Skills and Passives are not very useful. They should be avoided at the moment until they receive some buffs. Due to these facts, they have been placed at the bottom tier of our list.

Element & Class Deploy Cost Heroes Skills & Passives Traits & Notes
Fire [Ranger] 4 Hook 150% dmg 4x, stun; Attack weakest enemy +20% crit dmg; +5% atk for ranger allies
Water [Ranger] 3 Cinderella Casts 12 lances; Deals dmg in area, knockback 25% shield start; +5 energy for allies every 3s
Fire [Mage] 4 Gretel Buffs own attacks Buffs herself and Hansel
Water [Assassin] 4 Hansel Dispel enemies; Buffed by Gretel Synergy with Gretel
Nature [Healer] 4 Belle Heals allies; Cleanses debuffs on heal Poor synergy with Beast
Light [Healer] 4 Rapunzel Cleanses debuffs Buffs allies, no notable passive
Nature [Warrior] 4 Beast, Puss Self buffs; High attack rate Low uptime for self buffs; No major buffs
Nature [Ranged] 4 The Huntsman Buffs own attacks No synergy
Dark [Support] 4 Odile AOE attacks, silences; Reduces enemy attack speed Limited healing compared to dedicated healers

Grimlight Tier List Criteria

We hope our Grimlight tier list has provided you with knowledge and insight to help you select the best heroes according to your playstyle. The best heroes are obviously at the top of the tier list, in the S tier. However, the heroes in the A tier also prove useful more often than not, so it is not in your best interests to ignore any of the Heroes without considering them first.

Moreover, the best teams are made through a combination of different heroes, so take your time in selecting your team. Also, check out the stats and skills provided for each Hero to mix and match your heroes to make powerful team comps. And additionally, this can also make you discover good synergies between your heroes.

Furthermore, each of the Heroes in this tier list has been ranked in their deserving rank after comparing them to every other hero and testing their efficiency and usefulness in every way possible. The Heroes in the S tier provide everything from Skills, Passives, and Traits to Overall good stats and synergies. At the same time, the Heroes in the C tier don’t provide much at all.

We hope you are satisfied with our tier list of all the Grimlight heroes. However, there is always some difference in opinions when it comes to tier lists. So we urge you to leave any suggestions as comments down below. Now that you have made it to the end, we assume you enjoyed this tier list; if you want more, check out some other tier lists like Honkai Impact and Mobile Legends Adventure.

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