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Every time there’s a new game in town, aspiring players are granted a fresh opportunity to churn the most viable team of characters to blaze through challenges. In a similar style, Heroes of Crown has set foot in the idle role-playing game, and hence here’s an up-to-date Heroes of Crown tier list along that. 

Key Highlights
  • Heroes of Crown offers 58 unlockable characters across five classes (Ranger, Priest, Mage, Warrior, Assassin) and three elements (Fire, Water, Forest).
  • Character rankings are based on real-time effectiveness and synergy with combat situations and allies.
  • Notable characters include Viya (Celestial Spear), Merilyn (Lord of Time), Pearl (Baby Shark), Marloc (Blazing Heart), Nerishta (Dragon Princess), and Don (Master Dragon).
  • Weaker characters like Mad Inventor Toto, Wandering Knight, Wild Huntress, Halberd of Exile, Doomsayer Lance, and Molten Fury are better for beginners but pose risks in an idle RPG.
  • It’s recommended to stick with generally overpowered characters.

We’ve summed up our Heros of Crown Tier List Ranking Units:

Heroes of Crown Tier List Units Ranking Table 
Tiers Units
S-Tier Viya – Celestial Spear, Merilyn – Lord of Time, Pearl – Baby Shark, Marloc – Blazing Heart, Nerishta – Dragon Princess, Don – Master Dragon, Constantia – Tempest Dragon, Sera – Shield of Partha, Elementalist Grail, Seductress Lilith, Malicious Puppet Andrew, Full of Destruction Morrian, Super Twins Bella & Ella, Monkey King Sun WuKong, Adjudicator Anubis, Blade of Shadows Arlune, Sinister Dragoon Brunnhilde, Valkyrie Arvette, and Sword Master Sylvie
A-Tier Wendy – Rose Princess, Eternal Flame, Genkuro – Oni-Mak Ronin, Atargatis – Daughter of the Sea, Terrastoya – Howling Wind, Conny – Might of Partha, Eurus – Endless Storm, Kin – Flower Frenzy, Tang – Master Dragon, Nelly Ishtar – Fire Dragon, Seraphine – Sea Guardian, Blessed Guardian Garde, Scarlet Velvet Mousse, Underworld Strider Sardimund, and Armored Mech Omega
B-Tier Sark – Deep Sea Fury, Alicia – Daughter of Flame, Elovi – Huntress, Dana – Frost Spirit, Siren – Sea Witch, Himmelia – Lord of Artemis, Baldur – Night Owl, Revenant Knight Alex, Luminescent Light, Smiling Miracle Pocah, Fruit Candy, and Astral Guardian
C-Tier Augustus – Archivist, Alpha – Savage Beast, Lada – Pirate King, Laigna – Elf Prince, Aigre – Devil Devourer, Beauvue – Axe Berserker, Avrora – Iron Fist, Ariel – Ancient Warlock, Gawain – Ice Guard, Dorothy – Water Sage, Baldur – Blade of Storms, Daughter of Nature, Blade of Storms Saru, Devotee of Truth, Emperor of Light, Mournful Hunter Barton, Mad Inventor Toto, Doomsayer Lance, Wandering Knight, Halberd of Exile, Wild Huntress, and Molten Fury


Tier S Heroes of Crown
Heroes of Crown S-Tier

These are the ones who deserve your top priority when choosing your companions in the Heroes of Crown. The S-tier characters will very proficiently carry the entire team on their backs. 

Heroes of Crown Characters Class Element 
Viya – Celestial Spear Ranger  Water
Merilyn – Lord of Time Priest Forest
Pearl – Baby Shark Mage Water 
Marloc – Blazing Heart Warrior Fire 
Nerishta – Dragon Princess Assassin Fire 
Don – Master Dragon Warrior  Forest 
Constantia – Tempest Dragon Mage Forest 
Sera – Shield of Partha Warrior  Water 

More From S-Tier: 

  • Elementalist Grail 
  • Seductress Lilith 
  • Malicious Puppet Andrew
  • Full of Destruction Morrian
  • Super Twins Bella & Ella
  • Monkey King Sun WuKong
  • Adjudicator Anubis 
  • Blade of Shadows Arlune
  • Sinister Dragoon Br U nnhilde 
  • Valkyrie Arvette 
  • Sword Master Sylvie

Though many of these characters are the most tricky to unlock in Heroes of Crown, we will still urge you to keep all your focus on them only.

Viya – Celestial Spear

Viya manifests awesome AoE damage-rendering skills, along with the ability to debuff opponents while inflicting additional damage on each move. All this makes Viya a potent option as the best DPS character of Heroes of Crown.

Pearl – Baby Shark 

If you are after some unit that inflicts its foes with the possible damage early on while offering the highest ATK, Pearl is the one for you. She is the best Mage one can send against powerful opponents, given her well-balanced AoE-oriented move pool as well as the awesome capacity to deal with slowing debuffs to enemies.

Merilyn – Lord of Time

Intense gacha mechanisms have always relied on powerful healers, as do the battles in Heroes of Crown. The best healer unit you can get here is Merilyn, without any doubt. She’ll surprisingly heal not only herself but the entire team as well while also being able to bring them back to life.

Sera – Shield of Partha

Sera is known for her action of summoning the very impactful water elemental. The attack basically freezes anyone that it hits while initiating a solid shield to defend Sera from incoming hits. Sera also houses multiple self-healing abilities, shrinking incoming attacks, and swelling her HP. 

Constantia – Tempest Dragon

In its style, this unit can call a tempest to do justice to the enemies. The tempest majorly targets foes occupying the back rows, slowing their damage-rendering capacity while also inflicting Bleed debuff. 


Tier A Heroes of Crown
Heroes of Crown A-Tier

Though not equally overpowered, A-tier Heroes of Crown characters are pretty robust in their own right. Nevertheless, proficient RPG players with perfect team building and clever strategy might even pull S-class-style performance out of these. 

Heroes of Crown Characters Class Element 
Wendy – Rose Princess Assassin  Forest 
Eternal Flame Julius Fire
Genkuro – Oni-Mak Ronin Ranger Fire 
Atargatis – Daughter of the Sea Priest  Water 
Terrastoya – Howling Wind   Ranger Water 
Conny – Might of Partha  Assassin  Water 
Eurus – Endless Storm  Mage Forest 
Kin – Flower Frenzy  Ranger Fire 
Tang – Master Dragon Warrior Forest
Nelly Ishtar – Fire Dragon Assassin  Fire 
Seraphine – Sea Guardian Warrior  Water 

More From A-Tier: 

  • Blessed Guardian Garde
  • Scarlet Velvet Mousse
  • Underworld Strider Sardimund  
  • Armored Mech Omega

Here are the best picks of A-tier that we think are easy to learn and master in the game.

Tang – Master Dragon

End your search if you are looking for an amazing tank unit in this tier list. Tang is an absolute magician when it comes to buffing himself with sufficient shields that repel enemies. 

Nelly Ishtar – Fire Dragon

This unit houses the specialty of dealing with Burning debuffs while also inflicting massive damage to her foes that are hit by the said status effect. Nelly Ishtar is also particularly effective against Warrior class enemies who somehow tend to receive much greater damage from Nelly’s side than the rest, ultimately making her a perfect tank buster. 

Seraphine – Sea Guardian 

Seraphine is another must-have tank in a winning Heroes of Crown team with the proficiency to deal tons of damage in a single go. Nevertheless, players will not be able to yield any shielding abilities for allies from within Seraphine.


Tier b Heroes of Crown
Heroes of Crown B-Tier

Average picks that offer decent performance; however it’s recommended to replace them with an S or A-tier option as soon as you manage to lay your hands on one. 

Heroes of Crown Characters Class Element 
Sark – Deep Sea Fury Ranger  Water
Alicia – Daughter of Flame Mage Fire 
Elovi – Huntress Ranger  Forest 
Dana – Frost Spirit  Mage  Water 
Siren – Sea Witch Mage  Water 
Himmelia – Lord of Artemis Ranger  Forest 
Baldur – Night Owl Warrior  Forest 

More From B-Tier: 

  • Revenant Knight Alex 
  • Luminescent Light
  • Smiling Miracle Pocah
  • Fruit Candy 
  • Astral Guardian

Nevertheless, B-tier units will still help you through multiple challenges at the start. Also, following units are better picks if you want to focus on the best characters in the B-tier.

Elovi – Huntress

Given that Elovi deals with weakened opponents in just the style they deserve to be crushed in, she proves to be a great nuker. Use an S-tier Heroes of Crown tier list character to bring powerful foes to their knees and leave the rest on Elovi and her capability to inflict massive damage.

Alicia – Daughter of Flame

Alicia is made available to Heroes of Crown players from the very beginning. Though belonging to the average group of characters, most players would want to avail Alicia and her move set for longer than one expects. The character has got enough AoE damage, rendering potential and board, and the ability to buff herself while also regaining a decent amount of Rage on every enemy’s defeat. 

Sark – Deep Sea Fury

Sark the Ranger will excel in potency as you dive deeper into Heroes of Crown with him. Thanks to his first skill, the powerful Ranger knows how to increase the damage inflicted on enemies. The first skill can help Sark amplify attacks up to three times till it reaches an additional 30% impact damage.


Tier c Heroes of Crown
Heroes of Crown C-Tier

Avoid members of this tier as much as you can. We don’t mean to attribute characters of the C-tier utterly useless; instead, they are just not that worthy in front of those ranked above. It is because they either own subpar skills, crappy stats, or a combination of both but may still help starters earn some ground. 

Heroes of Crown Characters Class Element 
Augustus – Archivist Mage  Forest 
Alpha – Savage Beast  Warrior  Forest 
Lada – Pirate King  Warrior Water 
Laigna – Elf Prince Ranger Forest 
Aigre – Devil Devourer Mage Fire
Beauvue – Axe Berserker Warrior Fire
Avrora – Iron Fist Warrior Fire 
Ariel – Ancient Warlock  Mage Fire 
Gawain – Ice Guard  Warrior Water
Dorothy – Water Sage  Priest Water
Baldur – Blade of Storms Warrior Forest
Daughter of Nature  Priest Forest

More From C-Tier: 

  • Blade of Storms Saru
  • Devotee of Truth 
  • Emperor of Light 
  • Mournful Hunter Barton
  • Mad Inventor Toto
  • Doomsayer Lance 
  • Wandering Knight 
  • Halberd of Exile
  • Wild Huntress
  • Molten Fury 

We have listed the units belonging to C-tier that are still better than most we have listed here. So consider these if you have them with you.

Augustus – Archivist

Though his first skill is a bit lackluster, Augustus can provide a robust DMG buff to allies whenever it’s used. Nevertheless, it can affect any ally that hits it hence restricting you from choosing any specific target. The character’s normal attacks are also quiet as they bestow a 30% possibility of limiting the attacks made by your target.

Laigna – Elf Prince

Laigna provides players with a decent C-tier option given his fine ability to render Bleed and Poison status effects. However, the character is sometimes a little unreliable as he only comes with limited chances of using these debuffs with each hit. Such worst can be your case that Laigna fails to deal no damage in the entire battle. Nevertheless, he is still a good last resort (forget the unreliability part). 

Lada – Pirate King 

A tanky Warrior class unit of the C-tier that somehow manages to be better than the rest of his kind, thanks to his ability to reduce incoming damage. Lada can also summon a few shields for himself. Otherwise, when it comes to damage rendering, Lada is pretty mediocre. 

So that marks the end of our Heroes of Crown tier list. Hopefully, that would have given you a decent head start on what character to choose. Though gaming hierarchies always highlight the best characters initially, lower-tier options should still be tried. 

Sometimes a C-tier character can prove to be a much more compatible choice for players with unique play styles than an S-tier one. That said, take the ranking with a pinch of salt, and we hope you get to your ideal Heroes of Crown companion ASAP!

Heroes of Crown Character Comparison

To make things a little more easier and convenient for you, we have curated a simple table that holds some important information about each character in the game:

Character NameTierClassElement
Viya – Celestial SpearS TierRangerWater
Merilyn – Lord of TimeS TierPriestForest
Pearl – Baby SharkS TierMageWater
Marloc – Blazing HeartS TierWarriorFire
Nerishta – Dragon PrincessS TierAssassinFire
Don – Master DragonS TierWarriorForest
Constantia – Tempest DragonS TierMageForest
Sera – Shield of ParthaS TierWarriorWater
Wendy – Rose PrincessA TierAssassinForest
Eternal FlameA TierJuliusFire
Genkuro – Oni-Mak RoninA TierRangerFire
Atargatis – Daughter of the SeaA TierPriestWater
Terrastoya – Howling WindA TierRangerWater
Conny – Might of ParthaA TierAssassinWater
Eurus – Endless StormA TierMageForest
Kin – Flower FrenzyA TierRangerFire
Tang – Master DragonA TierWarriorForest
Nelly Ishtar – Fire DragonA TierAssassinFire
Seraphine – Sea GuardianA TierWarriorWater
Sark – Deep Sea FuryB TierRangerWater
Alicia – Daughter of FlameB TierMageFire
Elovi – HuntressB TierRangerForest
Dana – Frost SpiritB TierMageWater
Siren – Sea WitchB TierMageWater
Himmelia – Lord of ArtemisB TierRangerForest
Baldur – Night OwlB TierWarriorForest
Augustus – ArchivistC TierMageForest
Alpha – Savage BeastC TierWarriorForest
Lada – Pirate KingC TierWarriorWater
Laigna – Elf PrinceC TierRangerForest
Aigre – Devil DevourerC TierMageFire
Beauvue – Axe BerserkerC TierWarriorFire
Avrora – Iron FistC TierWarriorFire
Ariel – Ancient WarlockC TierMageFire
Gawain – Ice GuardC TierWarriorWater
Dorothy – Water SageC TierPriestWater
Baldur – Blade of StormsC TierWarriorForest
Daughter of NatureC TierPriestForest

Heroes of Crown Tier List Criteria 

Heroes of Crown houses a complicated but fun character cast, and so was the chore of bringing forth this tier list. The main standard eXputer followed was weighing each unit and its usefulness with the rest. 

How easily does each option synergize with the situation, and the ally team was also given importance to finally rank the passing units as highest in this up-to-date Heroes of Crown tier list as possible. 

The team’s only intent while creating the hierarchy was to help new Heroes of Crown players know the correct way into the game’s battles and how they should decode the character roster. We also joined hands with various long-time players to rank the available options. 

Anyways, we will be more than happy to know what you think about our ranking. Let us know what your favorite characters in the comment box below are! 

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