Heroes of the Storm Tier List [2023]

In our Heroes of the Storm Tier List, we are going to rank all characters from best to worst and divide them into six different tiers.

Heroes of the Storm features characters from the entire Blizzard Entertainment universe, such as Overwatch, Diablo, and more. At the time of writing, there exist more than 80 characters for players to choose from. Since the number of characters is high, it can be somewhat difficult to choose the right characters. Therefore, we are going to write down a Heroes of the Storm tier list in which we are going to rank all characters from best to worst. This tier list will help you decide whether you should choose a character for your match or not. 

Key Takeaways
  • For Heroes of the Storm, you get more than 80 different characters of the Blizzard Entertainment universe divided across six playing roles, namely Bruiser, Tank, Melee Assassin, Ranged Assassin, Healer, and Support. 
  • Each character is ranked based on their Attack and Health stats and how well enough their abilities are to handle critical situations.
  • The best characters amongst the entire playable roster are Ana, Kael’thas, Mephisto, Xul, and Deathwing. These surpass our ranking criteria like none other, ensuring players the most thrilling Heroes of the Storm experience. 
  • On the other hand, The Butcher, Murky, Probius, Chromie, Cho’gall, and Gazlowe are the most inefficient heroes onboard. Avoid picking these as your playing options to stand a better chance in Heroes of the Storm.

Before we begin, here is a brief look at the character stats and comparison table of Heroes of the Storm:

CharacterHealthResourceUnit RadiusAttack SpeedAttack RangeAttack Damage
Johanna2625.0500 Mana0.750.911.599.0
Diablo2825.0500 Mana1.18750.951.25105.0
Xul2080.0500 Mana0.68751.21.598.0
Deathwing2750.0100 Energy1.250.672.5155.0
Kael’thas1595.0500 Mana0.81251.115.565.0
Mephisto1968.0500 Mana0.751.04.566.0
Ana1598.0500 Mana0.56251.336.530.0
E.T.C2280.0500 Mana1.01.251.599.0
Blaze2900.0500 Mana0.93751.04.555.0
Garrosh2060.0500 Mana0.8750.831.2137.0
Chen2473.0100 Brew0.93751.112.090.0
Imperius2375.0500 Mana0.81250.832.0126.0
Jaina1365.0500 Mana0.6251.05.560.0
Gul’dan1700.0500 Mana0.81251.05.560.0
Tychus1925.0500 Mana0.81254.04.550.0
Cassia1660.0500 Mana0.68751.114.5122.0
Raynor1450.0500 Mana0.81251.256.598.0
Tassadar1650.0500 Mana0.81254.06.514.0
Lunara1430.0500 Mana0.751.115.590.0
Anduin1665.0500 Mana0.6251.05.585.0
Arthas2860.0500 Mana0.81251.02.095.0
Anub'arak2150.0500 Mana1.06251.01.581.0
Muradin2765.0500 Mana0.81251.111.088.0
Leoric2550.0500 Mana0.81250.772.0115.0
Falstad1365.0500 Mana0.81251.435.5105.0
Orphea1525.0500 Mana0.6251.25.588.0
Deckard1780.0500 Mana0.6250.911.563.0
Malfurion1525.0500 Mana1.5250.751.115.5
Alextrasza1698.0500 Mana0.6251.05.573.0
Auriel1700.0475 Energy0.6251.255.564.0
Zarya2292.0100 Energy0.81254.04.520.0
Alarak1950.0500 Mana0.81251.21.5150.0
Stitches3020.0500 Mana1.06250.911.571.0
Dehaka2358.0500 Mana1.
Malthael1962.0500 Mana0.68750.911.582.0
Ragnaros2075.0500 Mana1.00.842.0180.0
Sonya2450.0100 Fury0.751.251.584.0
Rexxar1810.0500 Mana0.8750.875.5134.0
Greymane1876.0500 Mana0.68751.01.25207.2
Li-Ming1270.0500 Mana0.6251.05.563.0
Genji1675.0500 Mana0.68751.04.544.0
Sylvanas1650.0500 Mana0.6251.675.581.0
Stukov1835.0500 Mana0.68750.681.5261.0
Uther1975.0500 Mana0.751.01.075.0
Lucio1442.0500 Mana0.68750.85.523.0
Rehgar1900.0500 Mana0.751.111.5115.0
Kerrigan1764.0500 Mana0.68751.252.0115.0
Mal’Ganis2600.0500 Mana0.8750.911.396.0
Tyrael2517.0500 Mana0.751.251.578.0
Varian2220.0500 Mana0.751.251.2574.0
D. Va2150.0100 Charge1.18754.03.7522.0
Artanis2490.0500 Mana0.81251.01.25111.0
Yrel2678.0500 Mana0.750.771.5155.0
Thrall1896.0500 Mana0.750.911.5173.0
Zagara1550.0500 Mana1.1251.256.683.0
Tracer1330.010 Ammo0.6258.05.023.0
Nazeebo1502.0500 Mana0.68751.115.588.0
Nova1300.0500 Mana0.6251.06.5105.0
Valla1340.0500 Mana0.6251.675.570.0
Zul’jin1875.0500 Mana0.751.255.594.0
Sgt. Hammer1720.0500 Mana1.18751.05.5140.0
Azmodan2464.0500 Mana1.18751.05.585.0
Kel’thuzad1490.0500 Mana0.8751.05.572.0
Tyrande1511.0500 Mana0.6251.336.055.0
Lt. Morales1560.0100 Energy0.751.05.583.0
Kharazim2027.0500 Mana0.6252.01.7565.0
Brightwing1425.0500 Mana0.68751.115.581.0
Whitemane1400.0500 Mana0.6251.05.562.0
Medivh1470.0500 Mana0.8751.115.580.0
Valeera2047.0100 Energy0.6252.01.2579.0
Maiev2021.0500 Mana0.751.111.5145.0
Qhira2000.0500 Mana0.6251.02.25100.0
Zeratul1622.0500 Mana0.751.111.5126.0
Gazlowe2275.010 Scrap0.751.251.25100.0
Probius1260.0600 Mana0.68751.113.033.0
Chromie1390.0500 Mana0.6251.07.082.0
The Butcher2154.0500 Mana0.93751.111.5130.0

Here’s a complete summary of the Tier List ranking all the Characters:

Heroes of the Storm Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
TiersTankBruiserRanged Assassin HealerSupportMelee Assassin 
S-Tier Johanna and DiabloXul and DeathwingKael’thas and MephistoAna
A-Tier E.T.C, Blaze, and GarroshGarrosh, Blaze, Chen, and ImperiusJaina, Gul’dan, Tychus, Cassia, Raynor, Tassadar, Fenix, and LunaraAnduin
B-Tier Arthas, Anu’barak, and MuradinLeoricFalstad and OrpheaDeckard, Malfurion, Alextrasza, AurielAbathur and ZaryaAlarak
C-Tier StitchesDehaka, Malthael, Ragnaros, Sonya, and RexxarJunkrat, Greymane, Li-Ming, Genji, and SylvanasStukov, Uther, Lucio, and RehgarKerrigan
D-TierMal’Ganis and TyraelVarian, D.Va, Artanis, Yrel, and ThrallZagara, Tracer, Nazeebo, Nova, Valla, Zul’jin, Sgt. Hammer, Azmodan, and Kel’thuzadTyrande, Lt. Morales, Kharazim, Brightwing, and WhitemaneT.L.V and MedivhValeera, Maiev, Illidan, Qhira, Zeratul, and Samuro
F-Tier Cho’gallGazloweProbius and ChromieThe Butcher and Murky

Heroes Of The Storm Tier List 

The following tier list is based on our personal choice, so you might find the placement of some characters odd. That is totally okay, considering the choice varies from player to player.

S-Tier Heroes 

Heroes of the Storm Tier List
S-Tier Heroes

S-Tier heroes in Heroes of the Storm are some of the best ones to use in the game. Their stats and abilities are better than almost every other character. They can handle critical situations all by themselves without relying on their teammates. 


RoleBruiser Unit Radius1.25
Price15,000 goldAttack Speed0.67
Health2750Attack Range2.5
Resource100 Energy Attack Damage155
AbilitiesAspect of Death, Form Switch, Molten Flame, Incinerate, Lava Burst, Onslaught, Earth Shatter, Cataclysm, Dragonflight, Destroyer, World Breaker

First off in our Heroes of the Storm tier list is Deathwing. He is easily one of the strongest heroes to use in the game. As he’s a Dragon, Deathwing can breathe a strong flame toward its target that does around 168 damage every second. 


RoleTankUnit Radius1.1875
Price2000 goldAttack Speed0.95
Health2825Attack Range1.25
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage105
AbilitiesBlack Soulstone, Shadow Charge, Fire Stomp, Overpower, Apocalypse, Lighting Breath 

Diablo’s Black Soulstone ability lets him heal himself by collecting souls. He gains 10 Souls by killing an enemy hero and 1 Soul by killing an enemy Minion. Each soul grants him 0.3% of his maximum health. Furthermore, Diablo will also get brought back to life if he has 100 Souls in his inventory before getting eliminated. 


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.8125
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed1.11
Health1595Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage65
AbilitiesVerdant Spheres, Flamestrike, Living Bomb, Gravity Lapse, Phoenix, Pyroblast

A Ranged Assassin hero, Kael’thas, features an attack called Flamestrike that can do 345 damage to the targets. Furthermore, he can also use an ability called Verdant Spheres to increase the power of his other abilities. 


RoleTankUnit Radius0.75
Price4000 goldAttack Speed0.91
Health2625Attack Range1.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage99
AbilitiesIron skin, Punish, Condemn, Shield Glare, Falling Sword, Blessed Shield

Johanna is one of the few heroes on our tier list who are so good at defending themselves. She has an ability called Iron Skin through which she can activate her shield which will then absorb anything that you will throw toward her. It will stay active for around 4 seconds, and no one will be able to land an attack on her during this time.


RoleBruiserUnit Radius0.6875
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.2
Health2080Attack Range1.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage95
AbilitiesRaise Skeleton, Spectral Scythe, Cursed Strikes, Bone Prison, Poison Nova, Skeletal Mages, Bone Armor

Xul has a powerful attack called Poison Nova through which he can send out multiple poisonous missiles towards its targets to deal a total of 630 damage. The ability has a cooldown of 90 seconds and is perfect for taking down large groups at once.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.75
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1
Health1968Attack Range4.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage66
AbilitiesLord of Hatred, Skull Missile, Lighting Nova, Shade of Mephisto, Consume Souls, Durance of Hate

Mephisto can fire a skull toward his enemies that does 127 damage upon impact. Furthermore, if an enemy hero gets caught in the attack, their movement speed is reduced by 25% for a total of two seconds.


RoleHealerUnit Radius0.5625
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.33
Health1598Attack Range6.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage30
AbilitiesShrike, Aim Down Sights, Healing Dart, Biotic Grenade, Sleep Dart, Nano Boost, Eye of Horus

The thing which makes Ana one of the best heroes to use in Heroes of the Storm is her healing abilities. She can fire a dart toward her ally, and it will then heal them. Furthermore, she can throw a Grenade that will deal damage to enemies but will heal all allies that get caught up in its explosion.

A-Tier Heroes

Heroes of the Storm Tier List
A-Tier Heroes

A-Tier heroes include the ones who can hold their ground firmly against powerful opponents. They offer some powerful abilities, and their stats are also amazing. 


RoleTankUnit Radius0.875
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed0.83
Health2060Attack Range1.2
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage137
AbilitiesArmor Up, Groundbreaker, Bloodthirst, Wrecking Ball, Warlord’s challenge, Decimate, Into the Frey

Garrosh’s Bloodthirst attack does 156 damage to a single target but also ends up increasing his own health as well to some extent. Furthermore, he can also silence all heroes that are around him.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.8125
Price2,000 goldAttack Speed1.25
Health1450Attack Range6.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage98
AbilitiesGive ‘Em Some Pepper, Penetrating Round, Inspire, Adrenaline Rush, Hyperion, Raynor’s Raider

Raynor is one of those heroes who never return from a fight, no matter the situation. He is also capable of assisting his allies as he can increase the Attack Speed and Movement Speed of his allied Minions and Mercenaries by 30% and 10% respectively.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.6875
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.11
Health1660Attack Range4.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage122
AbilitiesAvoidance, Lightning Fury, Blinding Light, Fend, Ball Lightning, Valkyrie 

Cassia has an ability called Ball Lightning. It allows her to throw a lightning ball toward her targeted hero, which will then bounce six times between nearby enemies. With each hit, the ball will deal 180 damage. This ability is perfect when you want to quickly create a group of enemies.


RoleTankUnit Radius0.9375
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.00
Health2900Attack Range4.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage55
AbilitiesPyromania, Flame Stream, Oil Spill, Jet Propulsion, Bunker Drop, Bunker-Flamethrower, Combustion

Blaze offers mobility better than most heroes in Heroes of the Storm. His Oil spill ability can send out a wave of oil that slows down every enemy that walks over it. Furthermore, he can use another ability to set this oil on fire, something that will do damage to the stuck enemies as well.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.8125
Price4,000 goldAttack Speed4.00
Health1925Attack Range4.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage50
AbilitiesMinigun, Overkill, Frag Grenade, Run and Gun, Commandeer Odin, Commandeer Odin-Annihilate, Commandeer Odin-Ragnarok Missile, Drakken Laser Drill

Tychus’ Commandeer Odin attack fires a set of cannons in a straight line and does damage to everything in the path. These types of attacks are useful for creating a path quickly. Tychus can also perform a quick dash towards his desired location.


RoleHealerUnit Radius0.625
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.00
Health1665Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage85
AbilitiesLeap of Faith, Flash Heal, Divine Star, Chastise, Holy Word: Salvation, Lightbomb 

Anduin is yet another character on our tier list capable of defining himself well. He can also assist his fellow Heroes as one of his abilities, Flash heal, allows him to heal them.


RoleBruiserUnit Radius0.9375
Price4,000 goldAttack Speed1.11
Health2473Attack Range2
Resource100 BrewAttack Damage90
AbilitiesFortifying Brew, Flying Kick, Keg Smash, Stagger, Wandering Keg, Storm, Earth, Fire

Although Chen is not a Dragon, he can still breathe a powerful flame toward his target by using Keg Smash, which deals 85 damage upon impact. One of his abilities, called Stagger prevents him from taking any damage for a total of three seconds.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.8125
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed1
Health1700Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage60
AbilitiesLife Tap, Fel Flame, Drain Life, Corruption, Horrify, Rain of Destruction

Just like Chen, Gul’dan can also send out a wave of flame that does a lot of damage to multiple enemies. This attack is useful against a large group of enemies. Furthermore, Gul’dan is also capable of making meteors rain down over a specific area.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.625
Price4,000 goldAttack Speed1
Health1365Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage60
AbilitiesFrostbite, Frostbolt, Blizzard, Cone of Cold, Ring id Frost, Summon Water Elemental, Improved Ice Block

When it comes to slowing enemies down, there isn’t anyone who does the job better than Jaina. She has a single target attack called Frostbolt that does 184 damage and inflicts the Chill effect. She can also rain down spears made out of ice that damage and inflict Chill on all enemies that get caught inside the attack.


RoleTankUnit Radius1.00
Price2000 goldAttack Speed1.25
Health2280Attack Range1.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage99
AbilitiesRockstar, Powerslide, Face Melt, Guitar Solo, Mosh Pit, Stage Dive

E.T.C can hold his ground firmly against powerful opponents, and even when things get rough, he can heal himself by using an ability called Guitar Solo. Through this, he gains 66 health every four seconds. In combat, E.T.C is also capable of stunning his targets.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.75
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed1.11
Health1430Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage90
AbilitiesNature’s Toxin, Noxious Blossom, Crippling Spores, Wisp, Relocate Wisp, Thornwood Vine, Leaping Strike, Dryad’s Swiftness 

The most interesting thing about Lunara is that her Passive Ability, called Nature’s Toxin, inflicts poison on the targets through all Basic Attacks and damaging abilities. The affected targets then receive around 100 damage in a span of 3 seconds.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius1.0625
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed0.74
Health1140Attack Range5.0
ResourceNoneAttack Damage83
AbilitiesShield Capacitor, Plasma Cutter, Weapon Mode: Repeater Cannon, Phase Bomb, Warp, Purification Slavo, Planet Cracker

The final hero in the A-Tier category of our Heroes of the Storm tier list is Fenix, a Ranged Assassin capable of launching a laser beam toward its targets. Fenix also has a powerful shield that regenerates on its own if the Hero does not receive any damage for 5 seconds.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.8125
Price4,000 goldAttack Speed4.00
Health1650Attack Range6.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage14
AbilitiesResonance Beam, Shock Ray, Psionic Storm, Force Wall, Archon, Black Hole

Just like Tychus, Tassadar also has an attack that targets enemies in a straight line. However, along with dealing damage, Tassadar’s attack also slows down the movement of the targets by 30% for two seconds. This provides him and his allies enough time to perform another attack on them.


RoleBruiserUnit Radius0.8125
Price10,000 gold Attack Speed0.83
Health2375Attack Range2.0
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage126
AbilitiesValorous Brand, Celestial Charge, Solarion’s Fire, Molten Armor, Angelic Armaments, Wrath of the Angiris

Imperius can do 110 damage to multiple targets through his Solarion’s Fire attack and also slows down their movement by 40%. He can also summon a ring of multiple swords that work as a shield and absorb 850 damage.

B-Tier Heroes 

Heroes of the Storm Tier List
B-Tier Heroes

Heroes belonging to the B-Tier category offer decent stats and abilities. They aren’t as strong as the heroes mentioned in the above two tiers, but they won’t let you down in combat. 


RoleTankUnit Radius0.8125
Price4,000 goldAttack Speed1.11
Health2765Attack Range1
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage88
AbilitiesSecond Wind, Storm Bolt, Thunder Clap, Dwarf Toss, Avatar, Haymaker

Muradin can use his hammer to attack a single enemy and deal 110 damage to them. Furthermore, by using an ability called Second Wind, Muradin can also heal himself. However, this only works if the hero hasn’t taken any damage for four seconds.


RoleTankUnit Radius1.0625
Price4,000 goldAttack Speed1
Health2150Attack Range1.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage81
AbilitiesScarab Host, Impale, Harden Carapace, Burrow Charge, Locust Swarm, Cocoon 

Anu’barak can summon a Beetle by using an ability called Scarab Host. The Beetle will attack all nearby enemies and its attacks will deal around 20 damage. Anu’barak can also enhance his shield through Harden Carapace.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.625
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.2
Health1525Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage88
AbilitiesOverflowing Chaos, Shadow Waltz, Chomp, Dread, Eternal Feast, Crushing Jaws

Orpeha’s attacks can deal a decent amount of damage and she’s also good at zone control too. Her Chomp attack does 305 damage to enemies that are in front of her, while her Shadow Waltz ability targets all the enemies in a straight line.


RoleTankUnit Radius0.8125
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed1
Health2860Attack Range2
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage95
AbilitiesFrostmourne Hungers, Beath Coil, Howling Blast, Frozen Tempest, Army of the Dead, Summon Sindragosa

Arthas offers some of the best crowd-control abilities in Heroes of the Storm. He can also summon six Ghouls that will attack every enemy in their sight. The Ghouls will last for 15 seconds. However, you can also kill them yourself to gain 267 health.


RoleHealerUnit Radius0.625
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed0.91
Health1780Attack Range1.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage63
AbilitiesFortitude of the Faithful, Healing Potion, Horadric Cube, Scroll of Sealing, Stay Awhile and Listen, Lorenado

Deckard is yet another hero whose abilities focus on healing himself and his teammates. By using an ability called Healing Potion, Deckard can throw a Healing Potion on the ground. The first friendly Hero who touches the potion will receive 285 health.


RoleBruiser Unit Radius0.8125
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed0.77
Health2550Attack Range2
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage115
AbilitiesUndying, Wrath of the Bone King, Skeletal Swing, Ghastly Swing, Drain Hope, Drain Essence, Wraith Walk, Entomb, Match of the Black King

Leoric has an attack called Skeletal Swing through which he can deal 150 damage to his targets by using his mace. Furthermore, the attack also ends up slowing the opponent’s movement by 40%. The effect lasts for around 2.5 seconds.


RoleHealerUnit Radius1525
Price2,000 goldAttack Speed0.75
Health1525Attack Range1.11
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage5.5
AbilitiesInnervate, Regrowth, Moonfire, Entangling Roots, Tranquility, Twilight Dream

Malfurion is also one of those heroes in our Heroes of the Storm tier list that focus on helping their teammates. For instance, one of his abilities lets him heal his allied hero for 20 seconds, while another ability focuses on granting them Mana for 5 seconds.


RoleMelee Assassin Unit Radius0.8125
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed1.2
Health1950Attack Range1.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage150
AbilitiesSadism, Discord Strike, Telekinesis, Lightning Surge, Deadly Charge, Counter-Strike

Alarak is one of those heroes who can handle critical situations without relying on their teammates. His most popular attack is Discord Strike, which deals 165 damage to multiple enemies and puts the silence effect on them as well. The effect lasts for 1.5 seconds.


RoleHealerUnit Radius0.625
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.00
Health1698Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage73
AbilitiesDragonqueen, Gift if Life, Breath of Life, Abundance, Preservation, Flame Buffet, Wing Buffet, Life-Binder, Cleansing Flame

Alextrasza has multiple abilities that let her assist her teammates by healing them. Her most amazing ability is the Gift of Life, through which she can heal her teammate by sacrificing 15% of her own health. Alextrasza can target multiple enemies in combat by shooting a fireball toward them.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.8125
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed1.43
Health1365Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage105
AbilitiesTailwind, Hammerang, Lighting Rod, Barrel Roll, Hunterland Blast, Mighty Gust, Flight

Falstad can slow the movement of his enemies by 25% by attacking them with his Hammer. He can also increase his own Movement Speed by 15% through an ability called Tailwind, but this will work only if the hero hasn’t taken any damage during the previous six seconds.


RoleHealerUnit Radius0.625
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.25
Health1700Attack Range5.5
Resource475 Energy Attack Damage64
AbilitiesBestow Hope, Sacred Sweep, Ray of Heaven, Detainment Strike, Crystal Aegis, Resurrect

Auriel’s Sacred Sweep attack does 40 damage to all target enemies, while the ones present at the center of the targeted area receive an extra 160 damage. Auriel’s Passive Ability also lets her store the damage she does to her enemies as energy.


RoleSupport Unit Radius0.75
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.43
Health685Attack Range1
ResourceNoneAttack Damage26
AbilitiesLocust Strain, Symbiote, Symbiote-Stab, Spike Burst, Carapace, Ultimate Evolution, Evolve Monstrosity, Deep Tunnel

Abathur is someone who can summon a Locust that will attack every nearby enemy. The Locust does 46 damage with each attack and does some extra damage to enemy structures. Abathur also has a single target attack through which he can fire a spike towards his enemy to drain 119 of their health.


RoleSupport Unit Radius0.8125
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed4.00
Health2292Attack Range4.5
Resource100 Energy Attack Damage20
AbilitiesEnergy, Partile Grenade, Personal Barrier, Shield Ally, Graviton Surge, Expulsion Zone-

Zarya can target multiple enemies at once by launching a grenade toward them that does 75 damage to all enemies that get caught up in the explosion. Furthermore, she can place a shield around herself that is capable of absorbing 560 damage.

C-Tier Heroes 

Heroes of the Storm Tier List
C-Tier Heroes

C-Tier heroes in our Heroes of the Storm tier list are neither too strong nor too weak. They reside somewhere in the middle. They aren’t someone who will become a burden on their teammates, but you shouldn’t expect a lot from them as well. 


RoleHealerUnit Radius0.6875
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed0.8
Health1442Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage23
AbilitiesPush Off, Soundwave, Crossfade, Amp it Up, Sound Barrier, High Five, Wall Ride

First, we have Lucio, who can help her teammates through two music tracks. The first one heals her and her teammates for 15 health per second. And through the second one, she can increase the movement speed by 10%.


RoleBruiser Unit Radius0.875
Price4,000 goldAttack Speed0.87
Health1810Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage134
AbilitiesMisha, Focus!, Spirit Swoop, Misha, Charge!, Mend Pet, Bestial Wrath, Unlessh the Bears

Rexxar offers good crowd-control abilities, but you can’t expect much from them. However, he can still slow his enemies’ movement by 30% through an ability called Spirit Swoop. Rexxar can also control his bear, Misha, and order it to attack specific enemies.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.625
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed1.67
Health1650Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage81
AbilitiesBlack Arrows, Banshee’s Curse, Withering Fire, Shadow Dagger, Haunting Wave, Wailing Arrow

Most of Sylvanas’ attacks focus on shooting an arrow toward its target. One of his attacks, called Withering Fire, let shim shoot an arrow toward his enemy up to 5 times. Each arrow does 39 damage. This ability is useful when your target is right in front of you. Otherwise, you might miss your shot.


RoleHealerUnit Radius0.75
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed1.11
Health1900Attack Range1.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage115
AbilitiesPurge, Chain Heal, Lightning Shield, Earthbind, Totem, Ancestral Healing, Bloodlust, Ghost Wolf, Chain Heal

Rehgar has one of the unique abilities in Heroes of the Storm. Unlike heroes who use a Mount to reach a destination quickly, Rehgar transforms into a Ghost Wolf himself. In this form, he has 20% more Movement Speed than in his regular form. His attacks also deal more damage in his Ghost Wolf form.


RoleHealerUnit Radius0.75
Price4,000 goldAttack Speed1
Health1975Attack Range1
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage75
AbilitiesDevotion, Eternal Vanguard, Holy Light, Flash of Light, Holy Radiance, Hammer of Justice, Divine Shield, Divine Storm 

Uther has two abilities called Holy Light and Flash of Light. The first allows him to heal his teammate for 362 health, while the second lets him heal them for 242 health. In addition, his attack, called Hammer of Justice, can Stun his enemy for 1 second.


RoleBruiser Unit Radius0.75
Price4,000 goldAttack Speed1.25
Health2450Attack Range1.5
Resource100 FuryAttack Damage84
AbilitiesFury, Ancient Spear, Seismic Slam, Whirlwind, Leap, Wrath of the Berserker 

Sonya has a single target attack called Ancient Spear that lets her deal damage from a safe distance. It allows her to throw a spear toward her enemy that does 173 damage. Furthermore, it also inflicts stun upon the target.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.6875
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.00
Health1675Attack Range4.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage44
AbilitiesCyber Agility, Shuriken, Deflect, Swift Strike, Dragonblade, X-Strike

Genji offers good mobility, and his attacks also deal a good amount of damage. As he’s a Ninja, Genji can throw a set of three shurikens toward his target, each dealing 65 damage.


RoleMelee Assassin Unit Radius0.6875
Price4,000 goldAttack Speed1.25
Health1764Attack Range2
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage115
AbilitiesAssimilation, Ravage, Impaling Blades, Primal Grasp, Maelstrom, Summon Ultraliskp0pp00

Kerrigan can stun her enemies through an attack called Impaling Blades, which also deals 165 damage to all the targets. She can also pull her desired targets towards herself and then create an explosion in the area to deal 195 damage to all enemies.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.625
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed1.00
Health1270Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage63
AbilitiesCritical Mass, Magic Missile, Arcane Orb, Teleport, Disintegrate, Wave of Force

Li-Ming has attacks that help her take down enemies far away. For instance, one of her attacks, called Magic Missiles, lets her fire three missiles toward her desired location. Each missile deals 147 damage to anyone who gets hit by them.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.6875
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed1
Health1876Attack Range1.25
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage207.2
AbilitiesCurse of the Worgen, Gilnean Cocktail, Razor Swipe, Inner Beast, Darkflight, Disengage, Go for the Throat, Cursed Bullet

Greymane is one of those heroes who can become a killing machine in combat. He does this by using an ability called Inner Beast, which increases his attack speed by 50% for three seconds. If in the right hands, Greymane can take down a group of enemies quickly, thanks to this ability.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.6875
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.00
Health1425Attack Range5.5
ResourceNoneAttack Damage120
AbilitiesTotal Mayhem, Detonate Mine, Frag Launcher, Concussion Mine, Steel Trap, RIP-Tire, RIP-Tire-Jump, RIP-Tire-Detonate RIP-Tire, Rocket Ride

Junkrat offers good crowd-control abilities. Most of his abilities focus on exploding his targets. He even dies with a bang as one of his abilities called Total Mayhem lets him drop 5 grenades before dying that deal 250 damage to all nearby enemies. Therefore, if you ever take down a Junkrat, move away from him as quickly as possible.


RoleBruiserUnit Radius1.0
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed0.84
Health2075Attack Range2.0
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage180
AbilitiesMolten Core, Empower Sulfuras, Molten Core-Molten Swing, Living Meteor, Molten Core- Meteor Shower, Blast Wave, Explosive Rune, Sulfuras Smash, Lava Wave

Ragnaros uses a massive hammer to attack his enemies. His Molten Swing attack allows him to swing his Hammer at multiple enemies, which does 161 damage. However, the attack will do 25% more damage if he’s facing Minions and Mercenaries.


RoleHealerUnit Radius0.6875
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed0.68
Health1835Attack Range1.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage261
AbilitiesBio-kill Switch, Healing Pathogen, Weighted Pustule, Lurking Arm, Flailing Swipe, Massive Shove

Stukov is yet another hero who offers good crowd-control abilities. He can extend his arm towards his target and then push them until they are hit with a terrain. The attack does 190 damage and inflicts stun on the target as well.


RoleTankUnit Radius1.0625
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed0.91
Health3020Attack Range1.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage71
AbilitiesShambling Horror, Vile Gas, Hook, Slam, Devour, Putrid Blade, Gorge, Helping Hand

Stitches belong to the class of heroes who have some of the highest health in Heroes of the Storm. This is something that lets him stay longer on the battlefield. In combat, he can use an attack called Devour that does 114 damage to enemy heroes and 319 damage to others.


RoleBruiser Unit Radius0.6875
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed0.91
Health1962Attack Range1.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage82
AbilitiesReaper’s Mark, Soul Rip, Wraith Strike, Death Shroud, Tormented Souls, Last Rites

Malthael can apply the Reaper’s Mark to his enemies through most of his abilities. For instance, his Death Shroud ability sends out a wave of dark mist that puts the Reaper’s Mark on every enemy caught inside the mist.


RoleBruiser Unit Radius1.0
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.25
Health2358Attack Range1.00
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage95
AbilitiesEssence Collection, Drag, Dark Swarm, Burrow, Isolation, Adaptation, Brishstalker

Dehaka is one of the heroes who can easily break the defense of their targets. He has an attack called Drag through which he can attack his target with his tongue. Dhaka can also heal himself through one of his abilities.

D-Tier Heroes 

Heroes of the Storm Tier List
D-Tier Heroes

D-Tier heroes are some of the weakest characters in Heroes of the Storm. Their abilities are not that powerful and they can’t handle critical situations. 


RoleBruiser Unit Radius0.75
Price4,000 goldAttack Speed0.91
Health1896Attack Range1.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage173
AbilitiesFrostwolf Resilience, Chain Lightning, Feral Spirit, Windfury, Sundering, Earthquake 

Thrall is yet another hero in our Heros of The Storm tier list who offers amazing crowd control. His Chain Lightning attack allows him to call down a powerful lightning strike on his target, which then bounces three times to nearby enemies as well dealing 81 damage with each hit.


RoleHealerUnit Radius0.625
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.0
Health1400Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage62
AbilitiesZeal, Desperate Plea, Inquisition, Searinh Lash, Scarlet Aegis, Divine Reckoning, Clemency

Whitemane can assist his ally heroes by granting them 300 health and 40 armor using Scarlet Aegis. This ability can prove to be useful when you’re entire team is pushed into the corner by the enemy team.


RoleBruiser Unit Radius0.75
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed0.77
Health2678Attack Range1.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage155
AbilitiesDivine Purpose, Vindication, Righteous Hammer, Avenging Wrath, Ardent Defender, Sacred Ground

Yrel’s Vindication ability allows her to deal 42 damage to her nearby enemies while healing herself at the same time. When fully charged, this ability can deal 140 damage to all enemies and can heal her for 320.


RoleMelee Assassin Unit Radius0.75
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.11
Health1622Attack Range1.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage126
AbilitiesPermanent Cloak, Cleave, Singularity Spike, Blink, Might of the Nerazim, Void Prison, Vorpal Blade

Zeratul offers high burst damage and his mobility is amazing as well. His Blink ability lets him teleport to his desired location in an instant, but it has a cooldown of 10 seconds. Therefore, you should only use this ability when you either want to reach your target quickly or want to escape quickly from a critical situation.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.75
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.25
Health1875Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage94
AbilitiesBerserker, Grievous Throw, Twin Cleave, Regeneration, Taz‘dingo!, guillotine, Amano Rage

Next, we have Zul’jin, a hero who is capable of increasing the damage of his Basic Attacks by 25% through an ability called Berseker. This ability can help him take down powerful opponents quickly. In combat, however, he mostly throws his axes towards his targets to eliminate them.


RoleMelee Assassin Unit Radius0.625
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.0
Health2000Attack Range2.25
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage100
AbilitiesGrappling Hook, Garnage, Blood Rage, Revolving Sweep, unrelenting Strikes, Final Strike

Qhira has a Grappling Hook that allows her to reach different locations quickly. She can fire it toward any obstacle and it will get attached to it. If she fires the Grappling Hook toward an enemy hero, she can launch herself towards them only to kick them for 108 damage.


RoleMelee Assassin Unit Radius0.625
Price4,000 goldAttack Speed1.82
Health1725Attack Range1.2
ResourceNoneAttack Damage78
AbilitiesBetrayer’s Thirst, Dive, Sweeping Strike, Evasion, Metamorphosis, The Hunt

Illidan is one of those heroes in our Heroes of the Storm tier list who don’t rely a lot on Mana. His Passive Ability, called Betrayer’s Thirst, heals him every time he performs a Basic Attack on his target. It also reduces the cooldown of his abilities by 1 second.


RoleMelee Assassin Unit Radius0.75
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.11
Health2021Attack Range1.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage145
AbilitiesVault of the Wardens, Fan of Knives, Umbral Bind, Spirit of Vengeance, Containment Disc, Warden’s Cage

Maiev has an ability called Warden’s Cage that summons 8 Warden Avatars around her. These avatars work as her protectors and last for five seconds. If an enemy Hero comes in contact with one of the avatars, they are knocked towards the center.


RoleTankUnit Radius0.875
Price10,000 gold Attack Speed0.91
Health2600Attack Range1.3
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage96
AbilitiesVampiric Touch, Fe! Claws, Necrotic Embrace, Night Rush, Carrion Swarm, Dark Conversion 

Mal’Ganis has a good amount of health to offer and he’s also good at crowd control. In combat, he can perform a powerful slash towards multiple enemies that does 66 damage. He can perform this slash three times, with the third one inflicting Stun on all targeted enemies.


RoleHealerUnit Radius0.6875
Price7,000Attack Speed1.11
Health1425Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage81
AbilitiesSoothing Mist, Arcane Flare, Polymorph, Pixie Dust, Blink Heal, Emerald Wind, Phase Shift 

Brightwing’s Passive Ability is called Soothing Mist and it allows him to assist his allied heroes by healing them for 115. He can also use an ability called Blink Heal through which he can teleport himself to his allied hero and heal them in the process.

Sgt. Hammer

RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius1.1875
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed1
Health1720Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage140
AbilitiesSiege Mode, Spider Mines, Concussive Blast, Neosteel Plating, Napalm Strike, Blunt Force Gun, Siege Thrusters

Sgt. Hammer can increase the damage and range of her basic attacks by 20% and 100%, respectively by using an ability called Siege Mode. She can also knock back a group of enemies by using a Concussive Blast attack.


RoleBruiser Unit Radius0.8125
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed1
Health2490Attack Range1.25
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage111
AbilitiesShield Overload, Blade Dash, Twin Blades , Phase Prism, Suppression Pulse, Purifier Beam 

Artanis’ Shield Overload ability prevents him from getting eliminated quickly as it grants him a powerful shield for 5 seconds after his heal falls below 75%. He can use this time to either make a quick escape or wait for a teammate to come and save him.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius1.1875
Price2,000 goldAttack Speed1
Health2464Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage85
AbilitiesDemon Lieutenant, Globe of Annihilation, Summon Demon Warrior, All Shall Burn, Demonic Invasion, Tide of Sin

Azmodan is yet another hero in our Heroes of the Storm tier list who has a large amount of health. He can summon a Demon Warrior from the pits of hell who will attack everything in his path. The Demon Warrior lasts for 10 seconds and does 35 damage with each attack.


RoleBruiserUnit Radius1.1875
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed4.00
Health2150Attack Range3.75
Resource100 Charge Attack Damage22
AbilitiesMech Mode, Fusion Cannons, Boosters, Defense Matrix, Self-destruct, Bunny Hop, Micro Missiles, Mechanized Walker, Pilot Mode, Torpedo Dash, Call Mech

By using an ability called Defense Matrix, D.Va can trap enemy heroes inside a defensive field. Once caught inside it, the attacks performed by enemy heroes will deal 50% less damage than usual. This is perfect for times when you’re taking on a group of enemies all by yourself.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.875
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.0
Health1490Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage72
AbilitiesMaster of the Cold Dark, Death and Decay, Frost Nova, Chains of Kel’Thuzad, Frost Blast, Shadow Fissure, Glacial Spike

Kel’thuzad is capable of creating a nova around his enemies that will explode after 1 second and deal 180 damage to every enemy that gets caught in the explosion. Furthermore, it will also slow down their movement by 35%.


RoleBruiserUnit Radius0.75
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.25
Health2220Attack Range1.25
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage74
AbilitiesHeroic Strike, Lion’s Fang, Parry, Charge, Taunt, Colossus Smash, Twin Blades of Fury

Using Heroic Strike, Varian can deal 125 extra spell damage to his enemies through his Basic Attacks. Furthermore, he can also target multiple enemies at once by sending out a powerful shockwave toward them.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius1.125
Price4,000 goldAttack Speed1.25
Health1550Attack Range6.6
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage83
AbilitiesCreep Tumor, Baneling Barrage, Hunter Killer, Infested Drop, Devouring Maw, Nydus Network

Zagara can summon and send out a Hyrdralisk toward her enemy. The Hydralisk will deal a total of 568 damage within eight seconds. After that, it will disappear. This ability is useful when there isn’t any teammate near your area and you need some backup.


RoleHealerUnit Radius0.625
Price7,000 gold Attack Speed2
Health2027Attack Range1.75
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage65
AbilitiesPick your Trait, Radiant Dash, Breath of Heaven, Deadly Reach, Seven-Sided Strike, Divine Palm

Kharazim can prove to be useful to his nearby allied heroes as he can use an ability called Breath of Heaven to grant them 285 health and increased movement speed. He can also increase the Attack Speed and Range of his basic attacks by 100% for two seconds.


RoleMelee Assassin Unit Radius0.625
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed2.00
Health2047Attack Range1.25
Resource100 Energy Attack Damage79
AbilitiesVanish, Sinister Strike, Ambush, Blade Furry, Cheap Shot, Eviscerate, Garrote, Smoke Bomb, Cloak of Shadows

Valeera has a single-target attack that allows her to deal 130 damage while reducing her target’s armor by 10 as well. Furthermore, she can target multiple enemies that are around her by using an attack called Blade Furry. It does 130 damage and also grants Valeera 1 Combo Point with each hit that lands upon an enemy Hero.

Lt. Morales

RoleHealerUnit Radius0.75
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed1
Health1560Attack Range5.5
Resource100 Energy Attack Damage83
AbilitiesCaduceus Reactor, Healing Beam, Redirect Healing Beam, Safeguard, Displacement Grenade, Stim Drone, Medivac Dropship

Lt.Morales’ abilities focus on healing her teammates and providing them with armor. She can use Healing Beam to grant her teammate 172 per second and use another ability called Safeguard to provide them with 35 armor.


RoleSupport Unit Radius0.875
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.11
Health1470Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage80
AbilitiesRaven Form, Arcane Rift, Force of Will, Portal, Poly Bomb, Ley Line Seal, 

Next, we have Medivh. He has one of the best crowd control abilities in Heroes of the Storm. He is one of the few heroes who can quickly help their teammates teleport from one place to another. By using an ability called Portal, Medivh can create multiple portals that last for 6 seconds. Both Medivh and his allies can use the portals freely.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.625
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed8.0
Health1330Attack Range5.0
Resource10 AmmoAttack Damage23
AbilitiesReload, Blink, Melee, Recall, Pulse Bomb

Tracer’s Basic Attacks are amazing considering they are quick. She is also one of the heroes who are capable of removing negative status effects from themselves quickly.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.6875
Price4,000 goldAttack Speed1.11
Health1502Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage88
AbilitiesVoodoo Ritual, Corpse Spiders, Zombie Wall, Plague of Toads, Gargantuan, Gargantuan Stomp, Ravenous Spirit

Nazeebo has some unique abilities to offer. One of them allows her to send out three toads toward her targets that explode upon contact. Each one deals around 119 damage. Furthermore, she can also summon a group of zombies through one of her abilities.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.625
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed1
Health1300Attack Range6.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage105
AbilitiesPermanent Cloak, Snipe, Pinning Shot, Holo Decoy, Triple Tap, Precision Strike, Ghost Protocol

Nova’s Permanent Cloak ability is one of the most useful abilities in Heroes of the Storm. It allows her to disappear for 3 seconds, something that can prove to be useful in a lot of situations. However, if she gets attacked or uses any attacks/abilities while in stealth, then the effect becomes invalid.


RoleMelee Assassin Unit Radius0.6875
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.67
Health1725Attack Range2.0
ResourceNoneAttack Damage102
AbilitiesImage Transmission, Mirror Image, Critical Strike, Wind Walk, Bladestorm, Illusion Master

Samuro can convert his Basic Attacks into a confirmed critical strike by using an ability called Critical Strike. However, he must perform a Basic Attack within eight seconds for it to become a critical strike.


RoleSupport Unit Radius1
Price10,000Attack Speed1
Health1482Attack Range1.20
ResourceNoneAttack Damage54
AbilitiesViking Hoard, Select Olaf, Select Baleog, Select Erik, Select all Vikings, Longboat Raid!, Play Again!, Go Go Go!

Since the T.L.V. are a group of three heroes, their abilities differ from each other. For instance, Olaf can slow the movement of his enemies, Erik can increase his own movement speed, and Baleog can make his Basic Attacks deal some extra splash damage. The best part is that you can either control these three heroes as a group or separately.


RoleTankUnit Radius0.75
Price4,000 goldAttack Speed1.25
Health2517Attack Range1.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage78
AbilitiesArchangel’s Wrath, El’druin Might, Righteousness, Smite, Judgement Sanctification 

Tyrael has an ability called Archangel’s Wrath, which is easily one of the most useful abilities in Heroes of the Storm. If Tyrael gets close to getting eliminated, his movement speed gets increased by 20%, something that allows him to get far away from his opponent. And if he gets eliminated, he explodes and damages all nearby enemies. Therefore, he won’t go down without a show.


RoleHealerUnit Radius0.625
Price4,000 goldAttack Speed1.33
Health1511Attack Range6
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage55
AbilitiesHunter’s Mark, Light of Elune, Sentinel, Lunar Flare, Shadowstalk, Starfall

Tyrande has a healing ability called Light of Elune that targets an individual allied hero and heals them for 270 health. She is also the only hero who can grant Stealth to all her friendly heroes for 10 seconds.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.625
Price2,000 goldAttack Speed1.67
Health1340Attack Range5.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage70
AbilitiesHatred, Hungering Arrow, Multishot, Vault, Strafe, Rain of Vengeance 

Valla can shoot an arrow toward a single enemy that will deal 140 damage. After successfully hitting the target, the arrow will then hit two more enemies and deal 80 damage with each hit. She also has an attack that targets multiple enemies at once and deals 165 damage with each hit.

F-Tier Heroes

Heroes of the Storm Tier List
F-Tier Heroes

These are the worst characters to use in Heroes of the Storm. You should avoid choosing them at all costs. 


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.625
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed1.0
Health1390Attack Range7
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage82
AbilitiesTimewalker, Detonate Time Trap, Sand Blast, Dragon’s Breath, Time Trap, Slowing Sands, Temporal Loop

Chromie can slow down the movement of her enemies by 40% per second by sending a sand vortex toward them. She can also launch fire a missile toward a single enemy that does 305 damage upon impact.

The Butcher

RoleMelee Assassin Unit Radius0.9375
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed1.11
Health2154Attack Range1.5
Resource500 ManaAttack Damage130
AbilitiesFresh Meat, Hamstring, Butcher’s Brand, Ruthless Onslaught, Furnace Blast, Lamb of the Slaughter 

The Butcher has an ability that allows him to slow the movement of his enemies by 50% while dealing 110 damage to them. However, his biggest downside is that he is vulnerable to crowd control and burst damage.


RoleTank, Ranged Assassin Unit Radius1.25
Price10,000 goldAttack Speed0.91
Health2950Attack Range2
ResourceNoneAttack Damage130
AbilitiesOrge Hide, Surging Fist, Consuming Blade, Rune Bomb, Hammer of Twilight, Upheaval

Cho’gall is a two-headed hero that is meant to be controlled by two players. However, while this may sound cool and all, it isn’t that amazing. This is because finding someone who can control the other head is sometimes difficult. 


RoleBruiser Unit Radius0.75
Price2,000 goldAttack Speed1.25
Health2275Attack Range1.25
Resource10 ScrapAttack Damage100
AbilitiesReduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rock-It! Turret, Death Lazor, Xplodium Charge, Robo-Goblin, Grav-O-Bomb 3000, Focus Turrets 

Gazlowe can attack his enemies by setting up a turret in the middle of nowhere. The turret will remain on the surface for 15 seconds and will deal 38 damage with each hit.


RoleMelee Assassin Unit Radius0.625
Price7,000 goldAttack Speed1.25
Health730Attack Range1.2
ResourceNoneAttack Damage60
AbilitiesSpawn Egg, Slime, Pufferfish, Safety Bubble, March of the Murlocs, Octo-Grab

Murky has one of the lowest health in Heroes of the Storm. Furthermore, his attacks aren’t that useful in combat and you’ll only become a burden on your teammates if you use him.


RoleRanged Assassin Unit Radius0.6875
Price10,000Attack Speed1.11
Health1260Attack Range3.0
Resource600 ManaAttack Damage33
AbilitiesWarp in Pylon, Disruption Pulse, Warp Rift, Photon Cannon, Rylon Overcharge, Null Gate, Worker Rush 

The final character we would like to mention on our tier list is Probius. Just like Murky, Probius can also be taken down easily and he isn’t the kind of hero who can take care of himself in combat. Therefore, there isn’t any reason for you to choose him.


Who is the most powerful character in Heroes of the Storm?

Deathwing and Diablo are some of the most powerful characters in Heroes of the Storm.

Who is the weakest character in Heroes of the Storm?

Probius and Murky are some of the weakest characters to use in Heroes of the Storm.

This was all regarding our Heroes of the Storm tier list. We hope that it will help you select the right characters in the game. Before you leave, make sure to check out our Alchemist Code tier list and Mortal Kombat 11 tier list as well. 

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