Higan Eruthyll Tier List [Patch]

Elevate your game to the next level with our Higan Eruthyll Tier List!

Our tier list for Higan: Eruthyll provides a reference for determining the best characters based on factors like skills, abilities, performance in PvE/PvP, rarity, and availability. Our rankings consider each character’s stats, skills, and rarity, based on the latest version ( for accuracy. Moreover, use our tier list to strategically plan gameplay and make informed decisions when building teams.

Key Takeaways
  • Our Higan: Eruthyll tier list is based on the latest version (
  • The Higan: Eruthyll features a total of 29 characters available in the game so far.
  • The S-Tier characters are the most powerful and versatile in the game, moreover, excelling in all aspects such as attack, defense, and utility, and can easily carry a team to victory.
  • A-Tier characters are also strong but may have some limitations in terms of abilities or roles in the team.
  • The characters in B-Tier are good but may not be as universal or as strong as those in higher tiers, although they are still useful in certain situations.

Higan Eruthyll Characters

CharacterRarityClass TypeAttack TypeElementClass

Higan Eruthyll Tier List Summary

S-TierEluya, Gyldan, Media, Liv, Rooco
A-TierArmand, Kueen, Follett, Asa
B-TierMommel, Isa, Ume


S-Tier WHY S-Tier?
Eluya Eluya is an Assassin characterized by her high damage output and the ability to inflict debuffs on enemies, enhancing their vulnerability. While powerful, she has limited availability and requires strategic debuff management.
Gyldan Gyldan serves as a formidable Guardian, excelling in tanking and protecting allies. With her taunting abilities and damage absorption, she is a reliable frontline defender, although she lacks offensive prowess and has limited availability.
Media Media is a versatile Caster known for her long-ranged magical attacks and AP generation abilities. While she offers potent damage potential, she is fragile and requires careful positioning and resource management. Availability is also limited.
Liv Liv stands out as a unique Adiutrix, specializing in freezing abilities and True Damage. Despite her powerful attacks, she requires careful stack management and timing of skills, coupled with limited availability.
Rooco Rooco serves as a reliable healer with supportive abilities and ultimate energy recharge capabilities. While she lacks offensive prowess, her healing powers and ultimate energy recharge make her a valuable asset, though her availability is limited.


Character WHY A-Tier?
Armand A robust Guardian tank with energy and physical damage mitigation. Offers high burst damage but has limited availability for new players.
Kueen Versatile Assassin with a chance to counterattack and high burst damage potential. Can switch between ranged and melee attacks, requiring careful positioning.
Follett Potent Caster with a unique passive ability boosting skill damage and ult energy over time. Provides sustained damage output and powerful AOE skills, needing strategic management.
Asa Supportive Adiutrix offering healing and armor-reduction abilities. Provides bonus healing effects and AD/AP boosts but lacks offensive capabilities.


Character Pros Cons
Mommel – Passive ability grants bonus HP, enhancing durability. – Buffs from burst ability can provide powerful effects. – Active ability, Shark Punch 2, effective against multiple enemies. – Random buffs may not always provide desired effects. – Low chances of obtaining high bonus buffs. – Basic attack limits damage to one enemy at a time.
ISA – Passive ability reduces enemies’ attack speed, reducing their damage output. – Active ability, Ice Thorn, effective against multiple enemies. – Low chance (20%) of applying permafrost debuff. – Lower summon chance with relatively lower stats. – Basic attack limits damage to one enemy at a time.
UME – Passive ability grants bonus HP and restores ult energy after casting skills. – Ultimate ability, Charge, is an AOE damaging skill. – Ult energy restoration limited to skill casting. – Basic attack limits damage to one enemy at a time. – Lower summon chance

Ranking Criteria 

In the Higan Eruthyll tier list, we have ranked the characters based on their stats, skills, and rarity. Our comprehensive list covers all the essential factors that affect a character’s overall strength, including their performance in PvE/PvP, rarity, skills, abilities, and availability. Furthermore, the characters’ roles and limitations are also considered while ranking them.

  • Performance in PvE/PvP: Refers to how well a character performs in player versus environment (PvE) or player versus player (PvP) content.
  • Rarity: Refers to the rarity level or star rating of a character in the game.
  • Skills: Refers to the abilities or attacks that a character can use during battles.
  • Abilities: Refers to the passive or innate abilities that a character possesses.
  • Availability: Refers to how easily a character can be obtained or acquired in the game.

Moreover, the ranking of characters from the S to B tier will help you determine the most powerful characters and the ones that are less effective in battle. Overall, our tier list ranking system provides a useful tool for evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of different characters, allowing players to choose the best ones for their team and strategy.

Ending Remarks

In conclusion, the latest version of Higan Eruthyll (Version features 29 characters with unique abilities and strengths. This comprehensive Higan EruthyllTier List ranks the top 12 characters from S to B tier based on their stats, skills, and rarity.

Moreover, the S-Tier characters, including Eluya, Gyldan, Media, Liv, and Rooco, are the most powerful and versatile in the game. The characters in the B-Tier are considered to be good and average, but they are not recommended for battles.

The criteria for ranking characters include their leadership skills, damage output, performance in PvE/PvP, buffs, and debuffs, among others. However, with this tier list, players can easily identify the strongest characters and plan their strategies accordingly to dominate the NetherWorld with the ultimate character lineup.

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