Idle Awakening Tier List: Tank, Mage & Support

Reach the top by using these characters.

There are many anime characters in Idle Awakening, and all of them are unique in their own universe, but the power scaling isn’t quite the same in this game. So, to create the best team with epic characters, we have organized this Idle Awakening tier list where every character in-game will be ranked in accordance with their abilities. The characters will be ranked from S-D, so let’s get into the tier list right away.

Key Takeaways
  • There are almost 80 characters in Idle Awakening, and they are ranked in this Tier List.
  • Saitama is the strongest Warrior in the game as he is the One Punch Man, so using him as a fighter is ideal, but other characters in S-Tier are also great
  • Kakarot, Diablo, and Beerus can also be used as a Warrior, so you can use any based on your preference.
  • Master Roshi is the worst Warrior, as he is not even worth talking about.
  • Tsunade is an excellent Support as she is easy to use, and most people would be familiar with her.
  • Usagi is the worst support in the game, as this character is practically useless
  • Titan is the worst Tank. Only the name is fearful as this character won’t be any help to you.
S Saitama, Mikasa, Levi, Ichigo, Kirito, Akame, Asuna, Kenshiro, Kratos, Black, Ishtar, Artoria, Jeanne d'Arc, Sesshomaru, Kakarot, Beerus, Hades, Diablo
Rei, Miku, Rem, Illya, Tsunade, Belldandy, Madoka, Athena, Homura
Angemon, Angewomon, Esdeath, Shana, Marisa, Tanjiro, Hien, Kakashi, Gilgamesh, Mikoto, Kurumi, Anizooalgown, Meliodas, Gai Kuroki
Maple, Jotaro, Ezra, Akuma, Valkyrie, Arthas
ANijer, Ikki, Hercules, Kaneki
Lambda, Zenyatta
Killua, Tsuna, Hinata, Ace, Ikaros, Shinsuke, Sebastian
Tegar, Edward, Kamui, AmakusaShirou
B Alex, Monkey King, Susanoo
Kuma, Shanks
DMaster Roshi

Idle Awakening Tier List For Warrior

The characters from the warrior class deal the most damage, and without them, the frontlines would seem empty. Warriors are the powerhouse of the team, so in our tier list, we will be discussing the best among the S tier as there are many, so it will be helpful for players to choose a warrior for their team.

SSaitama, Mikasa, Levi, Ichigo, Kirito, Akame, Asuna, Kenshiro, Kratos, Black, Ishtar, Artoria, Jeanne d'Arc, Sesshomaru, Kakarot, Beerus, Hades, Diablo
ANijer, Ikki, Hercules, Kaneki
BAlex, Monkey King, Susanoo
DMaster Roshi 


S-Tier Characters

S-Tier characters that will be discussed in this Idle Awakening tier list are the best warriors you can play with. The characters will be difficult to obtain, but if you have them, there’s no need to even look at other tier characters.


  • Saitama is the protagonist of the famous anime One Punch Man.
  • As Saitama is a broken character in the anime, he is broken in the game too. So, using him as a warrior might be the best option for the players, but they are open to more options, so let’s check out the rest.


  • As Levi is an Ackerman, fighting is in his veins, and he slashes the titans like nobody. Not even the Beast Titan was able to stop him; in fact, Levi turned into a beast (human but beast) and defeated him in seconds.
  • His instincts are sharper than his swords, and the legendary captain Erwin respects him. Using Levi is a great option in the game, as he deals massive damage and is cool. 


  • Ichigo is the protagonist of Bleach, one of the oldest and most popular anime. In the anime, he is a unique character as he is half Quincy and half Grim Reaper (Shinigami).
  • In the game, Ichigo is a great choice as a warrior as he might be the hero to deal massive damage to the front line. If you like Bleach, you should read our Bleach Brave Souls Tier List.


  • Kirito is the protagonist of Sword Art Online. He was chosen to be one of the thousand beta testers for the closed beta of Sword Art Online, and it turned his life upside down.
  • Kirito is a great option in the game, but players might have a hard time deciding between him and Levi. Both characters are great and do their job, so pick whichever you like more.


  • Kratos is the protagonist of one of the best video game series, God of War, based on Greek Mythology.
  • In the game, he is one of the best warriors, as players can use him on the front with ease.


  • Kakarot, also known as Goku, is the protagonist of the Dragon Ball Series. Everyone would have heard of his name once in their life as the anime is extremely famous.
  • Kakarot has a never giving up attitude, which helps him to overcome any obstacle. In the latest series, he needed the help of the God of Destruction, Beerus, and one of the Angels, Whis, to become more powerful.


  • Beerus is also a character from the Dragon ball Series, and he is the God of Destruction of the Universe seven.
  • With just a blink of an eye, Beerus can wipe out the entire planet, and making him angry would bring chaos.


  • Many players might not be aware of this character, but those who are aware know how badass he is.
  • Diablo is a character from That Time I Was Reincarnated As a Slime, and he is one of the Primordial Demons feared in the world.


A-Tier Characters

A-Tier characters are also good but not as good as the S-Tier characters. If you don’t have many S-tier characters, then you can use these characters.


  • After becoming a ghoul, Kaneki suffered way more than a person can handle, and due to that, he became one of the most badass characters.
  • His cool personality allowed him to reach the A-Tier of our well-organized tier list. Of course, he’s a great warrior in the game, but the S-Tier ones are always better.


B-Tier Characters

You won’t get many A and S-Tier characters even in the mid-game, so B-Tier characters will be your best choice.


  • Susanoo no Mikoto, the younger brother of the sun Goddess Amaterasu is a Storm God in Japanese Mythology.
  • It is advised to not use him as he is a B-Tier Warrior, and there are many better Warriors available.


C-Tier Characters

C-Tier characters will be available to you at the beginning of the game, but it is better to replace them as soon as possible with the higher tier characters to play effectively.


  • Yoruichi Shihoiin is a character from Bleach who was the captain of the 2nd division of the Gotie 13 and the commander of Ommitsukido.
  • Her introduction in Bleach is unique, and she’s the best friend of Urahara.
  • She is a great character in Bleach, but in the game, it is better to use Ichigo instead of her as he deals massive damage.



D-Tier characters are the worse, and it is advised not to use them at all as it will only be a waste of your time.

Master Roshi

  • Master Roshi is a 300-year-old pervert from Dragon Ball Series who can be a badass at some points, but overall, he is just an average character, and it is not worth even considering using him in the game. 

Idle Awakening Tier List for Support

Support characters stay away from the front lines and provide support to the other classes from the back lines. They can’t deal much damage to the opponents as their main goal is to support the allies.

SRei, Miku, Rem, Illya, Tsunade, Belldandy, Madoka, Homura
ALambda, Athena
B Zenyatta
CLina, Angel


S-Tier Characters


  • Rei Ayanami is a character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion. She was transferred to Shinji’s school. Shinji is the protagonist of the anime.
  • In the game, she is one of the best support, so you can consider using her. There are other great options too so if you don’t like her you can choose others.


  • Rem is one of the most loved characters from Re: Zero, and she falls in love with the main character.
  • In the anime, she is a maid of Margrave Rosswal L Mathers, a mysterious person. She is a great support character in the game (she’s really cute too).


  • Illya is young, but she is a pretty good sorceress.
  • Using her in the game is a great choice as she is one of the best healers in S-Tier.


  • Tsunade is a character from Naruto, and she is known as the World’s Strongest Kunoichi.
  • Tsunade is a support hero, but she can also deal a good amount of damage to the front and midlines, so she is a great choice to use as a support.


  • Belldandy is one of the three Goddesses from the Oh My Goddess Series. Kouske Fujima created her to reside with Keiichi Morisato on Earth, and she serves as his love interest.
  • She is a great support in the game as she does her job as a support.


A-Tier Characters


  • Athena is one of the Twelve Olympians, and she is known as the goddess of war and the patron god of the city of Athens.
  • She is the daughter of Zeus, and in Idle Awakening, she can be used as a great support.




  • Zenyatta is a character from one of the JoJo Bizzare Adventures: Stardust Crusaders.
  • In the game, he is not the best support, but he can do his job. Still, there are many better characters than him.




  • Lina Inverse is the main protagonist of the anime series, Slayers. Despite being young, she is an extremely powerful sorceress traveling the world to enjoy the thrill of adventuring and finding treasure.
  • In the game, she is a great support, but again, she falls in the A-Tier of our tier list, so of course, there will be better options than her.




  • Usagi is the main protagonist of Sailor Moon, and she is the strongest character in the anime as she has special powers.
  • Usagi deeply cares about others, and she can be a crybaby sometimes. Moreover, she never turns delicious food which makes sense.
  • In anime, she is the powerhouse, but in the game, she is a support and definitely one of the best ones.

Idle Awakening Tier List For Mage

Mage is an essential part of the team as they do their job from the backlines and let the frontline heroes shine. Of course, a Mage shines in its own way, as it can do massive damage while being out of sight. So, to make a better team, you will have to select a good Mage. 

SAngemon, Angewomon, Esdeath, Shana, Marisa, Tanjiro, Hien, Kakashi, Gilgamesh, Mikoto, Kurumi, Anizooalgown, Meliodas, Gai Kuroki
AKillua, Tsuna, Hinata, Ace, Ikaros, Shinsuke, Sebastian


S-Tier Characters


  • Ainz Ool Gown is the main protagonist of the Overlord Series. He was formerly known as Momonga, and he is the Overlord of the Great Tom of Nazarik and the creator of Pandora’s Actor.
  • Ainz Ool Gown falls in the S-tier of this Tier List for Mage, not because he is an Overpowered character from the anime but because he is an excellent mage and definitely one of the best.


  • Meliodas, also known as Dragon Sin of Wrath, is the main protagonist of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Meliods and Elizabeth being cursed are one of the saddest things in the anime, but they managed to break the curse. That being said, he is a great mage in the game, and playing with him is fun.


  • Kakashi Hatake is one of the most popular characters in Naruto, but he doesn’t live up to the hype.
  • In the game, he is a great Mage and falls in the S-Tier, so if you like him, you can surely use him.


  • Gilgamesh is an arrogant character from Fate Series who is insanely overpowered. He was summoned as an Archer by Tokiomi Tohsaka in the fourth Holy Grail War.
  • He is a very useful mage in the game which is why he made it into the S-Tier of Idle Awakening Tier List for Mage.


  • Tanjiro is the main protagonist of Demon Slayer, the anime known for its animation. He is a Kanoe-ranked demon slayer, and his main goal is turning Nezuko back into a human.
  • In the game, he serves his purpose as the mage, so you have got so many good choices. The best way to choose your favorite one or any that goes along with your team.


  • Angemon is a light vaccine type, champion-level Digimon that uses eight memory.
  • He is the strongest Digimon and digivolves from Patamon, Kudamon, and Lucemon. Moreover, he can digivolve to Garudamon, MagnaAngemon.
  • In the game, he is easy to use and is a great mage.


  • Esdeath is a character from Akame Ga Kill, and she is the secondary antagonist of the anime. She is a high-ranking general, one of the most potent Teigu users in the world, and the commander of the Jaegers.
  • She is also the most dangerous warrior in the Empire. Esdeath killed millions of people, and she was feared.
  • She is a great mage in the game and surely one of the best, which is why she falls in the S-Tier of Tier List for Mage.


  • Kurumi Tokisaki is a character from the anime Date A Live. She is the third spirit to appear in the series, and by far, she is the worst spirit due to her brutal actions.
  • In Date A Live, she is the first spirit to appear as an Antagonist as she kills over 10,000 people. To Shido, Kurumi is a girl with astonishing beauty, but she is evil.
  • She is one of the best mages in the game, so if you like her, you can use her.


A-Tier Characters


  • Killua Zoldyc is one of the main characters in Hunter X Hunter. He seems to be a cute little boy but is a trained assassin who can kill within a blink of an eye.
  • Killua is fun to use in the game, but he is an A-tier character. So, you can use him if you don’t have an S-tier.


  • Ace is a character from the best anime, One Piece. He is the self-proclaimed older brother of Luffy and Sabo, the protagonist of the series.
  • He is a good mage, but there are several other great options in S-Tier.


  • Hinata Hyuga is a character from the Naruto Series. She is one of the main supporting characters of the show as she marries the protagonist, Naruto.
  • They both have two children, Boruto and Himawari.
  • In-game, there are characters better than her, but she is fun to play.


  • Sebastian is a character from Black Butler, and his personality is pretty interesting. He is the butler of the Phantomhive household, and his primary job is to guard Ciel Phantomhive due to a contract.
  • He is skilled in almost everything and makes no errors in doing anything. He is simply one hell of a butler.
  • In-game using him is quite fun, but again, you will find many good alternatives in S-Tier.

B Tier

B-Tier Characters


  • Maka Albarn is the main protagonist of Soul Eater. She uses Sycthe as a weapon and is a student at the Death Weapon Mesiter Academy.
  • Maka’s primary goal is to make soul Sould into her Death Scythe and become a better meister like her mother.
  • If you don’t have any S or A-Tier characters, then you can use Maka, as she is a pretty good Mage.

C Tier

C-Tier Characters


  • Liujue Nangong is a character from The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife.
  • The character is pretty interesting, and his design is amazing too, but he is a good character in-game, so if you don’t have any character from A, S, or B-Tier, you should get them as soon as possible.

Idle Awakening Tier List For Tank

Just like any other class, Tanks are also essential in a fight as they protect your other classes and can deal some amount of damage to the opponents. So, to play effectively, it is ideal to choose a better tank(of course, better other class heroes, too), which is why we have created this Tier List for you.

SMaple, Jotaro, Ezra, Akuma, Valkyrie, Arthas
ATegar, Edward, Kamui, AmakusaShirou
BKuma, Shanks

S Tier

S-Tier Characters


  • Jotaro Kujo is the main protagonist of one of the series from Jojo Bizzare Adventure.
  • In the game, he can stun enemies and inflict debuffs on himself and his allies.


  • Maple, also known as The Invincible Maple is the main protagonist of BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense
  • She has endless supplies of secret skills and weapons, and that is why she is invincible.
  • In the game, she made it into the S-Tier of our Tier List for Tank because of her abilities. Jotaro might be a better option, but you can choose whichever you like. 


  • Ezra Scarlet is a character from Fairy Tail, and she is an S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail Guild, which is pretty ironic as she is an S-Tier Tank in the Tier List.
  • She is a great help in the game, so if you like, you can use her without having second thoughts.


  • Arthas Menethil is an undead villain of the warcraft series who was known as Lich King. He is kinda similar to Ainz Ool Gown, who is also undead, so using Arthas in the game would be fun.
  • He is a really interesting character, so those who know him from him might use him in the game.

A Tier

A-Tier Characters


  • Kamui is a character from the funniest anime Gintama, but he is one of the most dangerous people in the series despite being 18 years old.
  • It doesn’t make sense for him to be a tank in Idle Awakening, but there are so many characters like that in the game, so it’s not surprising. The character in B-Tier might shock you to your core.

B Tier

B-Tier Characters


  • There are many tanks better than him, so using him might not be worth it. However, he can be helpful in the early phases.
  • Despite that, he is feared by the Pirates and even the Navy. So, it makes you question what Shanks is doing in the B-Tier of the tier List.


  • Another character, another shock. Kuma isn’t the strongest, but he surely is one of the strongest characters in One Piece as he was feared as Kuma the Tyrant.
  • So, using him is also useless but not as useless as the character in D-Tier




  • Titan is a character from Attack of Titans, and the anime consists of thousands of titans.
  • That being said, don’t even think of using them, as they are just useless.


All characters are ranked in our well-organized Idle Awakening Tier List, and we have explained the origins of the best characters so players can have a better understanding of the characters. Anime watchers wouldn’t have any trouble understanding the characters, but non-anime watchers don’t have to worry, as this tier list contains everything you need to know.

All characters are ranked from S-D Tier in their own category, so create your ultimate team and dominate the Idle Awakening World. Moreover, if you are up for some fun, in this subreddit, you can find some funny memes regarding the game.


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