Illusion Connect Tier List [June 2023]

Looking for an Illusion Connect tier list? Your quest ends now. Here is how all heroes rank so you can find what best fits your playstyle.

Illusion Connect offers an RTS layout and boasts a roster of great characters. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses, and picking the right one can sometimes be a hassle. Well, not for you, though, as this Illusion Connect tier list will help! 

As with most video games, the chosen characters will highly influence your playstyle. Keeping the significance in mind, we have specially curated this hierarchy that ranks all Illusion Connect heroes from strongest to weakest.

Key Highlights
  • This turn-based strategy game Illusion Connect comprises a generous roster of playable characters–up to 50 choices
  • Characters are divided into seven different factions, including Spell, Heal, Light, Summon, Attack, Sorcerer, and Guardian. 
  • No matter the faction, overall effectiveness throughout the entire Illusion Connect content stood out to be our primary ranking criteria. 
  • Illusion Connect characters that truly excel throughout the playable domain include Phoebe, Annis Dora, Kasumi, Gemmy, Hersey, Nicola, Yuffie, Rikia, Selena, Miyuki, and Anna
  • On the split hand are many characters that simply fail to compete similarly. The worst of them are Abby, Rynda, Lily, Yasmine, Mavis, and Nanalie.
  • Though opting for the higher-ranked characters should be your primary strategy for acing Illusion Connect, choosing low-ranked options that match your playstyle might do more good than harm.

Let’s not waste more time and get into each tier, but first, here is an overview of the Illusion Connect Tier List: 

Illusion Connect Tier List Ranking Table 
TiersGuardianSorcerer AttackSummonLightSpellHeal
S-TierSelenaNicola, Yuffie, RikiaKasumi, Gemmy, HerseyAnnis DoraPhoebeMiyukiAnna
A-TierAngela, KirayaHachi Shiki, Nina, Beatrice, RotaniaKichou, Rem, Maki, Pan, Gigi, Chiyo, Ann, Gagaku, Ashwaya, Eileen, Fenebeth, Vivian, Charlotte, SeegerHank, Ming, Meck
B-TierGrant, Camilie, Barinas, SakaiFenebeth, Heidi, Chaturaji, Twin FloraRie, Kanata, Saya, Xinyuan, KongSonia, HerseyAmon, Yoki, AgnisSophie, GinnyDiana, Bonnie, Campanella
C-TierSachiko, Domessa, Berial, AnnieChiyoHaruka, Yume,


Muneharu, Carol, Asque

The Enforcer, Senkikumaru, RubiIon, Averyl, Cubie, BrookeSakura Minamoto, Astaroth, RikiaShane, Diamond
D-TierVictoria, Bontenmaru, Loro, Shanti, LudwigEmma, Tiffany, Ai MizunoMia, Edward, Ophelia, PennyFrantivaJane, Kristine, Alice, Ann, OkuniBeatrice, Jason, Junko Konno, Jasmine
E-TierYasmineMary, MavisMei, Lunar, AbbyFloraHarto, RyndaNanaliePolly, Lily

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Illusion Connect At a Glance 

Quick glance at Illusion Connect
Illusion Connect At a Glance

The Illusion Connect is a real-time turn-based strategy game where players are supposed to position their characters so that intrusion can be prevented cleverly. 

By intrusion, it means enemies reaching the ally bases that are supposed to be stopped by showering as many strategic Combos as possible, ensuring massive damage output. 

Characters in Illusion Connect are also referred to as Radiants. There are up to 50 of them, out of which players are supposed to select just a couple initially. This Radiant will then majorly represent your play throughout the Illusion Connect journey, making the choosing process even more critical. 

Anyways, every Illusion Connect character belongs to a particular faction that each excels in a specific combative quality. The seven character factions in Illusion Connect are:


These Radiants are proficient in the healing sector and can prove highly vital to injured allies during battles. Because the faction wasn’t populated with heroes before, the Illusion Connect makers have recently added some great picks. 


Players who are always after crowd-controlling heroes in a game should definitely look up a Spell character in Illusion Connect. Though not the best at rendering enough damage, characters of the Spell faction know how to deal negative status effects, proving crucial for enemies during fights. 


The most versatile Illusion Connect faction. Players can consider a Light hero with pretty much any type of combination as they provide substantial buffs to teammates, whether combat or invulnerability buffs. That said, Light heroes don’t produce much impact from their end. It’s just their buffs that have got players covered. 


As the name suggests, a Summon hero in Illusion Connect can summon other units into the battlefield. They are relatively challenging to learn but can prove extraordinarily lethal if wielded with the right team. However, that’s only true for PvP modes. In PvE, Summon heroes tend to be a bit useless, coupled with the hefty mastering curve.


If your prime focus is inflicting massive damage to the enemies’ stance, the Attack characters are the ones you should be looking for. These heroes can load their Rage meters ten times faster than other Illusions Connect factions. 

As a result, players frequently see them casting their unique skills and abilities. All these strengths combined are exactly why Attack heroes occupy the top ranks of each tier in our Illusion Connect tier list. 


Before the Attack and Light faction heroes gained popularity due to their rather energetic strengths, Sorcerer lost its charm. However, the faction still stores for you more than a few solid heroes that are worthy of your attention. That said, a Sorcerer can prove to be one heck of an Illusion Connect character in certain situations due to its powerful spells.  


Guardians can become virtually immortal for some time, therefore, being a solid frontline choice for any Illusion Connect team. These heroes can pair well with those belonging to another faction, especially from the Light faction. In certain fights, Illusion Connect can prove to be absolute game-changers.

That was all we have to say regarding factions in the Illusion Connect tier list. Because the overall potency of a character heavily relies on the specific situation it’s dealing with, discussing factions was very important. Now let’s rank them all! 

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Tier-S Characters 

Stier of illusionC
Illusion Connect Tier-S

The S-Tier characters are considered the most viable in Illusion Connect. They can easily outnumber the fiercest of enemies in competitive encounters. 

Illusion Connect Character Faction 
Annis DoraSummon
Selena Guardian 

Tier-A Characters 

Atier of illusionC
Illusion Connect Tier-A

This is the second most viable character group in Illusion Connect, who are best in terms of performance but possess slight drawbacks. Ultimately the same drawbacks hinder their way to the top tier; they are pretty powerful and process far better stats than the characters that rank in tiers B-E.  

Illusion Connect Character Faction 
Hachi ShikiSorcerer

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Tier-B Characters 

Dtier of illusionB
Illusion Connect Tier-B

The characters ranked below are also pretty powerful but not like the ones we just discussed. They will outnumber most opponents but not if someone from the S or A tier. Nevertheless, sound strategy and tier-B characters’ incredible power might still make this possible. 

Illusion Connect Character Faction 
Twin FloraSorcerer

Tier-C Characters 

Ctier of illusionC
Illusion Connect Tier-C

Tier-C characters put up a good to average overall show thanks to their marginally better stats than those who rank even lower on our Illusion Connect tier list. They have a medium chance of being defeated by a character from tiers S-A but might outperform if maneuvered well. 

However, maneuvering means investing in highly strategic battle plans that are not child’s play. The Tier-C characters are not the first choice a beginner should go for. 

Illusion Connect Character Faction 
The EnforcersSummon
Sakura MinamotoSpell

Tier-D Characters 

Dtier of illusionC
Illusion Connect Tier-D

These characters can be easily outnumbered, given their average powers and low stats. However, a player might still manage to knock down some after bearing a lot of difficulties. Only pick the D-tier characters when you have no support from the top tiers. 

Illusion Connect Character Faction 
Ai MizunoSorcerer 
Junko KonnoHeal

Tier-E Characters 

Dtier of illusionE
Illusion Connect Tier-E

Characters of Illusion Connect, with the lowest stats, are ranked in this tier. Players with tier-E characters in their team stand the lowest chances of defeating any opponent. That said, these characters should be avoided as much as possible.  

Illusion Connect Character Faction 

Illusion Connect Best Characters 

Best units of Illusion connect
Best Characters of Illusion Connect

Discussed below are some of the best characters that deserve your attention. Though we already ranked every character of Illusion Connect’s cast, an even deeper insight into the best ones will help you make a wiser decision. The best characters on the Illusion Connect tier list are: 


Miyuki is a must-have hero in Illusion Connect, who, with her super robust control mage, has gained massive popularity. She reduces your opponent’s Rage by manifesting a remarkable synergy of her regular attacks and skills. 

Also, Miyuki doesn’t compromise in rendering maximum damage, making everyone’s top priority choice in Illusion Connect, especially in PvP battles.    Though Miyuki’s Awakening effects won’t make much difference in the amount of reduced Rage, it can buff the damage at least while also swelling the character’s tackiness. 


Angela didn’t feel very powerful until she was hit by her unique Awakening effect and the new UR weapon dedicatedly made to serve her play style. The two qualities, combined with Angela’s perfect skin and her never-ending DMG Res Rate together, make her a must-have beast for your team.

Though the character is not very tanky, her ability to resurrect allies every time she appears gets pretty annoying sometimes, so beware of that. You can turn this in your favor by using either Jason or the Spirit Healer to revive Angela so she can bring back one more. 


Anna is simply the best healer in Illusion Connect and has been the staple character across PvP and PvE for the longest time. She has remained at the top even though new healers haven’t yet stopped joining the game’s cast. Furthermore, Anna has got excellent buffing skills. 


Kasumi is a real power character of the Illusion Connect tier list, which deals mind-blowing damage that shocks both the enemies and the player. His attack will knock down an entire column of foes at once, taking out tanks and leaders of the opponent’s side too.  

The character also has the Expert Forger ability, which helps her become invincible while shielding herself from incoming attacks. Another game-changer is Kasumi’s unique skill, the Deadly Curse. It helps Kasumi swell her critical chance by 55-60% and inflict damage equal to 256%  of her attack damage stat.  


Thanks to Nicola’s extremely versatile kit and the unique Awakening effect, she can make a viable part of any team in Illusion Connect. The character is known for constantly narrowing down the enemy’s DMG Res Rate, therefore, being suitable for PvE meta in particular. Nicola might be the perfect fit for players looking for a character with sustain, damage, and utility. 


Phoebe is one of the best picks of the Light Illusion Connect faction. The character inflicts AoE damage and houses an unusual Passive in his load out that can make at most three deployable Illusion Connect units invincible for some time.

What’s more? Phoebe’s other passive can resurrect herself after getting hit by fatal damage. This means the character will last way longer than expected from any other game unit. 


Gagaku is known to help players deal with substantial damage. Because it happens only when foxes die, most players often leave the Gagaku character unconsidered. 

Nevertheless, she is a very powerful Summoner of our Illusion Connect tier list, which identifies the enemy with the lowest HP and automatically launches an attack.  The character also owns a fantastic Awakening effect that will let any ally summon inflict passive damage once an enemy is knocked down.


Are you after some tank character in Illusion Connect? Well, then Kiraya might be the best option for you. Combine Kiraya with powerful Healing and Light faction allies, and she will take down your foes in no time. Kiraya also summons a robust shielding effect for her allies which, if timed together with the special ability Fury, will inflict up to 162% of attack damage.


Selena deals pretty consistent damage per attack. She is also proficient in buffing Block rate and restoring a lot of her’s and the Leader’s lost HP. It mainly happens due to the Awakening effect on board that also swells the DMG rate. 

All in all, this Illusion Connect character is the tank most players will love to have, as Selena tends to perform very well in most scenarios. Couple her up with a Healer character to increase their healing capacity and cheat death! 


With similar impact-inflicting skills in the battle, Seeger is a perfect alternative to Miyuki (the best character on the Illusion Connect tier list). With damage, Seeger’s ins and outs are the best onboard too. Her design is also fantastic. All in all, most players will love having Seeger, especially for combats taking place in the saint arena.


Maki character is incredible in terms of damage but what makes her stand out is refinance the Reformer ability. Maki can inflict up to 220% of the damage on attack directly into the leader’s face (the opponent’s leader, of course).

It is further complemented by Maki’s other significant damage-rendering skills that cause massive pain to the adversary in its own way. For instance, one again deals an extra 100% attack damage to the leader. However, the team must have mean line-up energy of 14 or less to make this possible. 


Though Vivian offers a lot of damage a typical Illusion Connect player might expect, her summoning skills make her the best character. That said, Vivian helps reduce the summoning cost of the next ally by 6, the most any character offers in Illusion Connect. She uses her Celestial Lore ability to deal a whopping 380% damage to enemies. What makes Vivian an even better candidate is her speed and defense.


Yuffie will help you shower solid AoE attacks on the foes while strengthening other AoE-oriented team allies. The best Sorcerer’s passive ability, called Reincarnation, is spectacular too. Reincarnation will help swell the AoE damage of all Yuffie’s teammates by a whopping 16.5%. Massive boast, isn’t it? 

As far as Yuffie’s own damage is concerned, the character uses Abyss to inflict up to 210% of attack damage to her foes, paired with an additional 15% to those with more than 14 energy stats. 

So that’s all about it – our Illusion characters tier list ends here. Due to the fluctuating nature of the game’s meta, the hierarchy above might undergo regular updates, so don’t forget to check back later. Nevertheless, heroes that dwell in the top tier (S-A) are the ones most players consider; therefore, you should also be looking for them. 

Moreover, don’t miss the faction mechanism, too, as a proper fraction will most influence your performance in special quests. Anyways if your playstyle is unique and you crave more spice in your game, you can even invest in a B-D tier character of your choice. 

Illusion Connect Tier List Criteria 

Illusion Connect is a complex, but fun turn-based strategy game, and so is creating its tier list. The primary criteria our team adopted to tackle the Illusion Connect tier list was comparing the usefulness of units at maximum rank and how smoothly they synergize in different situations.

For instance, the powerhouse Miyuki and the massive damage dealer Kasumi can sit well with all types of team combinations while being the most viable characters simultaneously. We tried ranking such characters as highest in our hierarchy as possible. 

Our only focus while curating the list was to inform newbies the correct way into the game and how they should decode the factions-characters system. Through the ranking process, eXputer collaborated with professional Illusion Connect players to help grade the characters.   

Also, our team strongly believes in forwarding information while being as neutral as possible and the Illusion Connect tier list is no different. How do you prefer entering the game’s battlefield, and what are your top character choices? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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