Illusion Connect Tier List [All Characters Ranked]

Looking for an Illusion Connect tier list? Your quest ends now. Here is how all heroes rank so you can find what best fits your playstyle.

Illusion Connect offers an RTS layout and boasts a roster of great characters. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses, and picking the right one can sometimes be a hassle. Well, not for you, though, as this Illusion Connect tier list will help! 

As with most video games, the chosen characters will highly influence your playstyle. Keeping the significance in mind, we have specially curated this hierarchy that ranks all Illusion Connect heroes from strongest to weakest.

Key Highlights
  • Illusion Connect offers a diverse roster of 50 playable characters.
  • Characters are categorized into seven factions: Spell, Heal, Light, Summon, Attack, Sorcerer, and Guardian.
  • Character effectiveness is the main criteria for ranking.
  • Top-performing characters in Illusion Connect include Phoebe, Annis Dora, Kasumi, Gemmy, Hersey, Nicola, Yuffie, Rikia, Selena, Miyuki, and Anna.
  • Characters like Abby, Rynda, Lily, Yasmine, Mavis, and Nanalie are among the lower-ranked ones.

Tier List Picks

Let’s not waste more time and get into each tier, but first, here is an overview of the Illusion Connect Tier List: 

Illusion Connect Tier List Ranking Table 
Tiers Guardian Sorcerer  Attack Summon Light Spell Heal
S-Tier Selena Nicola, Yuffie, Rikia Kasumi, Gemmy, Hersey Annis Dora Phoebe Miyuki Anna
A-Tier Angela, Kiraya Hachi Shiki, Nina, Beatrice, Rotania Kichou, Rem, Maki, Pan, Gigi,  Chiyo, Ann, Gagaku, Ashwaya,  Eileen, Fenebeth, Vivian, Charlotte,  Seeger Hank, Ming, Meck
B-Tier Grant, Camilie, Barinas, Sakai Fenebeth, Heidi, Chaturaji, Twin Flora Rie, Kanata, Saya, Xinyuan, Kong Sonia, Hersey Amon, Yoki, Agnis Sophie, Ginny Diana, Bonnie, Campanella
C-Tier Sachiko, Domessa, Berial, Annie Chiyo Haruka, Yume,


Muneharu, Carol, Asque

The Enforcer, Senkikumaru, Rubi Ion, Averyl, Cubie, Brooke Sakura Minamoto, Astaroth, Rikia Shane, Diamond
D-Tier Victoria, Bontenmaru, Loro, Shanti, Ludwig Emma, Tiffany, Ai Mizuno Mia, Edward, Ophelia, Penny Frantiva Jane, Kristine, Alice, Ann, Okuni Beatrice,  Jason, Junko Konno, Jasmine
E-Tier Yasmine Mary, Mavis Mei, Lunar, Abby Flora Harto, Rynda Nanalie Polly, Lily

All Illusion Connect Characters Comparison

With that out of the way, let’s now check the comparison between all of these Illusion Connect Characters:

Character NameTierRarityFactionAttackDefenseHPSpeed
MiyukiS TierSSRSpell24,1656,81094,909335.0
NicolaS TierSSRSorcerer25,5166,81072,880295.0
AnnaS TierSSRHeal30,3566,810127,115335.0
KasumiS TierSSRAttack31,0135,58971,858295.0
YuffieS TierSSRSorcerer24,2456,81068,774295.0
PhoebeS TierSSRLight23,0846,810102,064295.0
Annis DoraS TierSSRSummon22,2006,81088,800295.0
GemmyS TierSSRAttack31,0135,58971,858295.0
HerseyS TierSSRAttack28,3905,58964,920295.0
SelenaS TierSSRGuardian16,2208,031121,472295.0
RikiaS TierSRSorcerer15,9435,31864,292150.0
NinaA TierRSorcerer19,4296,12055,203295.0
Hachi ShikiA TierSSRSorcerer26,8076,81076,145295.0
ChiyoA TierSRSummon14,9445,31843,981250.0
EileenA TierSSRLight20,5556,81092,660335.0
KichouA TierSSRAttack26,9755,58961,172295.0
HankA TierSSRHeal23,8206,210103,320280.0
AngelaA TierSSRGuardian19,2338,031136,167295.0
FenebethA TierSSRSorcerer26,8076,81076,145335.0
KirayaA TierSSRGuardian16,2308,031121,520295.0
MingA TierSSRHeal27,7456,810117,732295.0
VivianA TierSSRLight25,6136,810110,507295.0
RemA TierSSRAttack22,0495,09749,619280.0
BeatriceA TierSRSpell18,7975,31873,812250.0
PanA TierSRAttack20,9614,36447,529250.0
MakiA TierSSRAttack25,5345,58961,383335.0
GagakuA TierSSRSummon22,2006,81088,800335.0
CharlotteA TierSSRLight23,0846,810102,064295.0
AnnA TierSRSummon16,3915,31865,907250.0
MeckA TierSSRHeal20,3606,21089,861280.0
GigiA TierSRAttack17,6254,36439,601250.0
RotaniaA TierSSRSorcerer32,0696,81090,649295.0
AshwayaA TierSSRSummon24,6326,81096,980335.0
SeegerA TierSSRSpell30,6556,810116,753295.0
GrantB TierSSRGuardian15,2138,031116,071295.0
FenebethB TierSSRSorcerer26,8076,81076,145335.0
RieB TierRSorcerer15,2094,59343,741220.0
CamilleB TierSSRGuardian19,3967,323132,936280.0
DianaB TierSSRHeal25,0716,810108,422335.0
HeidiB TierSSRSorcerer25,5376,21072,424280.0
AmonB TierSRLight15,9725,31872,000250.0
SoniaB TierSSRSummon24,6246,21095,480280.0
KanataB TierSSRAttack22,0495,09749,619280.0
ChaturajiB TierSSRSorcerer27,8146,21079,310280.0
BarinasB TierSSRGuardian16,6087,323118,998280.0
EmiliaB TierSSRHealer25,2436,210107,115280.0
Twin FloraB TierSPSorcerer20,2676,81058,200335.0
YokiB TierSSRLight21,0046,21092,864280.0
XinyuanB TierSSRAttack24,5435,09755,671280.0
SayaB TierRAttack19,6615,06444,298295.0
SakaiB TierSSRGuardian17,1998,031126,050295.0
AgnisB TierSSRLight22,2586,21096,190280.0
BonnieB TierSSRHeal23,8206,210103,320280.0
HerseyB TierSSRAttack28,3905,58964,920295.0
KongB TierSSRAttack24,5435,09755,671280.0
GinnyB TierSSRSpell22,0106,21086,432280.0
SophieB TierSSRSpell22,0106,21086,432280.0
CampanellaB TierSSRHeal25,2436,210107,115280.0
SachikoC TierSRGuardian8,7156,27277,312250.0
HarukaC TierSSRAttack21,6885,58948,876295.0
The EnforcersC TierSSRSummon24,6246,21095,480280.0
ChiyoC TierSRSorcerer14,9445,31843,981250.0
YumeC TierSSRAttack27,1615,09761,725280.0
DomessaC TierSSRGuardian13,0918,031106,389335.0
ShaneC TierSSRHeal22,8236,21098,689280.0
IonC TierSSRLight21,9346,81097,488295.0
Sakura MinamotoC TierSSRSpell22,0106,21086,432280.0
BerialC TierSSRGuardian17,5017,323123,882280.0
GrayeC TierSRAttack15,4934,36435,324250.0
SenkikumaruC TierSSRSummon25,8306,21099,300280.0
AnnieC TierSRGuardian10,1716,27282,669250.0
AverylC TierSSRLight15,5676,21074,543280.0
AstarothC TierSSRSpell20,5196,81082,742335.0
CubieC TierSSRLight18,0266,81084,228295.0
MuneharuC TierSSRAttack22,0495,09749,619280.0
RubiC TierSSRSummon16,4526,81070,670295.0
CarolC TierRAttack14,0353,76931,666220.0
DiamondC TierSRHeal21,5595,31891,484250.0
RikiaC TierSRSpell15,9435,31864,292250.0
BrookeC TierSSRLight24,4636,810105,720335.0
AsqueC TierSSRAttack25,8305,09759,080280.0
EmmaD TierSRSorcerer20,8315,31859,166250.0
MiaD TierRAttack16,2233,76936,470220.0
JaneD TierSSRLight17,6586,21080,839280.0
VictoriaD TierRGuardian13,6887,214104,206295.0
EdwardD TierSSRAttack27,1615,09761,725280.0
JasonD TierSSRHeal30,3566,810127,115335.0
FrantivaD TierSSRSummon19,7686,81080,620295.0
BontenmaruD TierRGuardian10,8605,41781,365220.0
Ai MizunoD TierSSRSorcerer24,3906,21069,290280.0
TiffanyD TierSRSorcerer18,8395,31853,438250.0
AliceD TierRLight11,4474,59354,830220.0
KristineD TierSSRLight22,2586,21096,190280.0
LoroD TierRGuardian8,0195,41768,003220.0
AnnD TierSRSummon16,3915,31865,907250.0
OpheliaD TierSSRAttack24,5435,09755,671280.0
Junko KonnoD TierSSRHeal21,3896,21094,528280.0
BeatriceD TierSRSpell18,7975,31873,812250.0
ShantiD TierRGuardian6,5975,41763,292220.0
PennyD TierRAttack18,0601,76940,928220.0
OkuniD TierSSRLight21,0046,21092,864280.0
LudwigD TierSRGuardian8,7156,27277,312250.0
JasmineD TierSRHeal16,2775,31873,867250.0
MeiE TierSRAttack18,8304,36442,358250.0
MaryE TierRSorcerer11,7584,59335,292220.0
HartoE TierSRLight19,0095,31882,149250.0
YasmineE TierSSRGuardian13,8457,323105,604280.0
NanalieE TierRSpell12,2144,59351,061220.0
MavisE TierSSRSorcerer24,2456,81068,774295.0
FloraE TierSRSummon14,5015,31859,550250.0
LunarE TierSSRAttack24,2335,58954,518295.0
RyndaE TierSSRLight19,9586,21088,702280.0
PollyE TierRHeal16,7934,59372,619220.0
AbbyE TierSSRAttack26,9755,58961,172295.0
LilyE TierSRHeal14,9515,31869,599250.0

Tier-S Characters 

Stier of illusionC
Illusion Connect Tier-S

The S-Tier characters are considered the most viable in Illusion Connect. They can easily outnumber the fiercest of enemies in competitive encounters. 

Tier-A Characters 

Atier of illusionC
Illusion Connect Tier-A

This is the second most viable character group in Illusion Connect, who are best in terms of performance but possess slight drawbacks. Ultimately the same drawbacks hinder their way to the top tier; they are pretty powerful and process far better stats than the characters that rank in tiers B-E.  

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Tier-B Characters 

Dtier of illusionB
Illusion Connect Tier-B

The characters ranked below are also pretty powerful but not like the ones we just discussed. They will outnumber most opponents but not if someone from the S or A tier. Nevertheless, sound strategy and tier-B characters’ incredible power might still make this possible. 

Tier-C Characters 

Ctier of illusionC
Illusion Connect Tier-C

Tier-C characters put up a good to average overall show thanks to their marginally better stats than those who rank even lower on our Illusion Connect tier list. They have a medium chance of being defeated by a character from tiers S-A but might outperform if maneuvered well. 

However, maneuvering means investing in highly strategic battle plans that are not child’s play. The Tier-C characters are not the first choice a beginner should go for. 

Tier-D Characters 

Dtier of illusionC
Illusion Connect Tier-D

These characters can be easily outnumbered, given their average powers and low stats. However, a player might still manage to knock down some after bearing a lot of difficulties. Only pick the D-tier characters when you have no support from the top tiers. 

Tier-E Characters 

Dtier of illusionE
Illusion Connect Tier-E

Characters of Illusion Connect, with the lowest stats, are ranked in this tier. Players with tier-E characters in their team stand the lowest chances of defeating any opponent. That said, these characters should be avoided as much as possible.  

Illusion Connect Best Characters 

Best units of Illusion connect
Best Characters of Illusion Connect

Discussed below are some of the best characters that deserve your attention. Though we already ranked every character of Illusion Connect’s cast, an even deeper insight into the best ones will help you make a wiser decision. The best characters on the Illusion Connect tier list are: 

  1. Miyuki
    • Role: Control Mage
    • Unique Ability: Reduces opponent’s Rage
    • Popularity: Massive due to robust control abilities.
  2. Angela
    • Role: Damage Dealer
    • Unique Ability: Never-ending DMG Res Rate
    • Significance: Enhanced by unique Awakening effect and UR weapon.
  3. Anna
    • Role: Healer/Buffer
    • Unique Ability: Excellent healing and buffing skills
    • Staple Character: Remains top healer despite new additions.
  4. Kasumi
    • Role: Damage Dealer
    • Unique Ability: Deals mind-blowing damage, knocks down entire columns of foes.
  5. Nikola
    • Role: Versatile Fighter
    • Unique Ability: Narrows down enemy’s DMG Res Rate, suitable for PvE meta.
  6. Phoebe
    • Role: Damage Dealer
    • Unique Ability: Inflicts AoE damage, grants invincibility to deployable units.
  7. Gagaku
    • Role: Summoner
    • Unique Ability: Automatically attacks enemy with lowest HP, powerful Awakening effect.
  8. Kiraya
    • Role: Tank
    • Unique Ability: Summons robust shielding effect for allies, inflicts high attack damage.
  9. Selena
    • Role: Damage Dealer/Support
    • Unique Ability: Consistent damage, buffs Block rate and restores HP.
  10. Seeger
    • Role: Damage Dealer
    • Unique Ability: Alternative to Miyuki, with impactful skills and fantastic design.
  11. Maki
    • Role: Damage Dealer
    • Unique Ability: Inflicts high damage directly to opponent’s leader, outstanding damage potential.
  12. Vivian
    • Role: Damage Dealer/Summoner
    • Unique Ability: Reduces summoning cost of next ally, deals high damage with Celestial Lore.
  13. Yuffie
    • Role: Damage Dealer/Support
    • Unique Ability: Provides solid AoE attacks, boosts AoE damage of team with Reincarnation passive.

Illusion Connect Tier List Criteria 

Illusion Connect is a complex, but fun turn-based strategy game, and so is creating its tier list. The primary criteria our team adopted to tackle the Illusion Connect tier list was comparing the usefulness of units at maximum rank and how smoothly they synergize in different situations.

For instance, the powerhouse Miyuki and the massive damage dealer Kasumi can sit well with all types of team combinations while being the most viable characters simultaneously. We tried ranking such characters as highest in our hierarchy as possible. 

Our only focus while curating the list was to inform newbies the correct way into the game and how they should decode the factions-characters system. Through the ranking process, eXputer collaborated with professional Illusion Connect players to help grade the characters.   

Also, our team strongly believes in forwarding information while being as neutral as possible and the tier list is no different. How do you prefer entering the game’s battlefield, and what are your top character choices? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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