JoJo All Star Battle Tier List [September 2023]

To assist you find the best character, we've ranked all the characters in our Jojo All-Star Battle Tier List.

The roster of selectable combatants in All-Star Battle is vast. You’ll naturally want to discover which characters perform the best with such a vast cast. To assist with that, we’ve ranked all the All-Star Battle R characters in our Jojo All-Star Battle Tier List.

Key Highlights
  • You get 50 character choices to select your best-fit JoJo All-Star Battle companion from. 
  • Out of the 50 options, Dio Brando, Diavolo, Guido Mista, Narancia Ghirga, and Bruno Buccellati evolve to be the most extraordinary characters of JoJo All-Star Battle. 
  • These characters rank the best as they simply ace the race of achieving overall effectiveness and reliability across all in-game modes and battles. 
  • The top highlights of the JoJo All-Star Battle tier list also possess the most optimum combo potential, superb mechanics, and viable combos. 

  • Compared to the All-Star characters, Iggy, Kosaku Kawajiri, Rohan Kishibe, Muhammad Avdol, and Shigekiyo Yangu are pretty weak. 
  • Since you are asked to invest a much shorter time in mastering lower-ranked heroes, take a chance with them to see if they match your style. 
  • A JoJo All-Star character that matches your playing habits will perform better than a high-ranked unit that doesn’t.

Characters of all eight installments of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, including Phantom Blood and JoJolion, are featured in this fantastic roster of fighters, which is sure to please any JoJo fan. Look over the options, select one, and prepare for a battle of the Stands, Spin, Hamon, and more.

Fifty characters in all, representing the eight episodes of the anime series, are included in All-Star Battle. These include figures like Shigekiyo Yangu, Funny Valentine, Jotaro Kujo, DIO, Giorno Giovanna, F.F., and Jonathan Joestar.

JoJo All Star Battle Tier List Table 
Tiers Characters 
S-Tier Dio Brando, Bruno Buccellati, Diavolo, Narancia Ghirga, Guido Mista
A-Tier Old Joseph Joestar, Polnareff, Gyro Zepelli, Okuyasu Nijimura, Jotaro Kujo, Pannacotta Fugo, Narciso Anasui, Giorno Giovana, Yoshikage Kira, DIO, Ikuro Hashizaka
B-Tier Joseph Joestar, Johnny Joestar, Lisa Lisa, Hol Horse, Jolyne Cujoh, Will A. Zeppeli, Kars, Wammu, Esidisi, Akira Otoishi
C-Tier Enrico Pucci, Josuke Higashikata, Ermes Costello, Vanilla Ice, Koichi Hirose, Caesar Zepelli, Noriaki Kakyoin, Funny Valentine
D-Tier Iggy, Rohan Kishibe, Kosaku Kawajiri, Muhammad Avdol, Shigekiyo Yangu

In this JoJo All-Star Battle Tier List, we’ll rank all the characters according to their combo potential, mechanics, combos, and reliability into tiers from S-D, where the Characters in S-Tier are the cream of the crop, meaning they are the best and in the D-Tier we have characters who fail to perform when compared to the other characters.

NOTE: In order to assist you further, we have listed down the online player stats of these characters.

Check out these complete stats for all characters in JoJo All-Star Battle: 

CharacterTierScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S
Guido MistaS33.
Narancia GhirgaS18.010.00.712.04.04.0
Bruno BuccellatiS68.034.02.412.010.012.0
Dio BrandoS157.073.05.1630.024.019.0
Jotaro KujoA269.0122.08.6356.035.031.0
Okuyasu NijimuraA63.028.01.9815.05.08.0
Gyro ZepelliA54.026.01.849.010.07.0
Old Joseph JoestarA71.037.02.629.06.012.0
Yoshikage KiraA77.044.03.1113.07.024.0
Giorno GiovanaA66.034.02.412.08.014.0
Narciso AnasuiA23.013.00.923.04.06.0
Pannacotta FugoA45.
Jolyne CujohB179.085.06.0133.028.024.0
Hol HorseB45.025.01.776.08.011.0
Lisa LisaB62.035.02.487.013.015.0
Johnny JoestarB53.024.01.710.09.05.0
Joseph JoestarB240.0107.07.5748.037.022.0
Akira OtoishiB16.08.00.574.00.04.0
Will A. ZeppeliB42.020.01.416.010.04.0
Josuke Higashikata (JoJolion)C84.042.02.9713.016.013.0
Vanilla IceC33.
Ermes CostelloC23.014.00.991.07.06.0
Enrico PucciC49.023.01.638.010.05.0
Funny ValentineC75.038.02.6911.015.012.0
Noriaki KakyoinC49.021.01.499.010.02.0
Caesar ZepelliC79.038.02.6914.013.011.0
Shigekiyo YanguD3.
Muhammad AvdolD54.026.01.8410.08.08.0
Kosaku KawajiriD64.
Rohan KishibeD27.


JoJo All Star Battle S-Tier

The best of the best fighters are in the S-Tier of our JoJo All-Star Battle Tier List. In practically every match-up, these JoJo characters consistently deliver exceptional performances. You may easily dominate the competition if you invest the time to master their tricks and combinations.

Guido Mista

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Mista is a well-rounded character that can exert pressure from a variety of angles. Despite being a “Stand” character, Mista lacks an S-ON or S-OFF. Instead, specific characteristics for his gunshots are added using the Style button, along with ricochet sites for the bullets to hit.

By doing this, he can pressure, zone, and produce okizeme efficiently. Eventually, he can also transform combo possibilities into significant damage. Mista has six rounds left to use while doing this before he needs to reload.

Narancia Ghirga

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

The best way to play Narancia is from mid-range, which gives him ample space to react to practically everything the adversary does and turn it into combinations. His primary mode is S-ON, which gives him access to several quick, safe, far-reaching projectile normals that can stop any physical assault that isn’t indestructible.

He may then turn the parry into combos from there. Narancia’s diminutive stature makes him incredibly elusive, and decreased scaling in S-OFF allows him to produce more powerful combinations.


ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Diavolo is a figure that prides himself on ruthlessly penalizing his adversaries. He not only has a fantastic arsenal of normals to expose defensive opponents, but he also has a stunning arsenal of defensive alternatives to neutralize their offense and control the flow of the game.

The greatest regular attacks and a 30% meter-less combo are available in Diavolo’s primary mode, S-OFF. Diavolo becomes a grappler with command throw as well as the anti-air throw as new means to terrify the opponent thanks to S-ON, which has no cohesiveness with S-OFF.

Bruno Buccellati

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Bruno is a fighter who executes attacks with odd angles to either expose the opponent or rack up a lot of counterpunches. He has no main mode; instead, he switches between S-OFF and S-ON as necessary. He emphasizes movement and pokes in S-OFF.

With the zipper slide, he may fly across the arena in any direction—away from or toward the adversary. He may cancel out this technique into a teleport, prioritized kick, or throw, depending on whatever LMH slide he executed.

A zipper arm is launched by 236A that emerges at various angles both on the ground and in midair. His finest poke/counter-hit move is that one.

Dio Brando

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Dio is a character that overwhelms opponents and causes them to falter under strain by using his great speed and super jumping. Dio’s style is vampire, allowing him to finish combinations with blood-sucking attacks that let him drain a portion of the opponent’s meter, health, or a combination of both.

He doesn’t have a Stand; therefore, he always has accessibility to his whole moveset. His super-jump is the actual pillar of his playstyle. On a hit, block, or even whiff, almost all of his moves, including specials, can be canceled into it. It not only protects him but also recreates a disastrous mix-up.


JoJo All Star Battle A-Tier

The bulk of the most formidable fighters from All-Star Battle is found in A-Tier, albeit being significantly overshadowed by the small number of S-Tier competitors. You won’t make a mistake choosing any of these JoJo characters since they all function exceptionally effectively and with amazing dependability.

Jotaro Kujo

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

The purpose of Jotaro is to make use of his robust, prioritized normals. His stance, in particular, has a huge presence, and pokes that involve him frequently have unexpected range. He is equipped to turn the chance into at least a modest combo if he can clip the opponent.

He may then execute a deadly time-stop reset combination if he has sufficient meter. Jotaro’s strategy hinges both on S-OFF and S-ON. Close-range and mid-range specials require S-ON, whereas close-range and mid-range specials require S-OFF.

Okuyasu Nijimura

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Okuyasu is skilled at applying pressure to the opposition and making costly errors. He may frame trap opponents with his 623H and 236A attacks, and he can Stand Rush to make things safer or profit from a reset.

236A, a tool that is unblockable and has a vacuum effect, is the focal point of Okuyasu’s gameplay. It is employed to frighten or open up the adversary. The 214A is noteworthy as well; although lacking invincibility, it is one of the game’s swiftest anti-airs.

Gyro Zepelli

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Gyro is a complex character that must manage the resource of his missiles. He can toss two steel balls. If he tosses one, he cannot use it again until it has been returned. A move may call for one or both balls. He can utilize a horse because he is a mounted character.

He gains a new moveset in addition to a significant movement improvement as a result. Gyro is unable to throw or be thrown while mounted. The gyro can obtain Golden Rotation, which improves his horse’s movements, by charging his “spin” meter (22H).


ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Characters like Polnareff rely on their potent neutral games to restrain their adversaries and thwart their ambitions. He uses the chance to penalize them with destructive, meter-efficient combinations once he has a sense of how they will respond.

His dominant focus is S-ON, which has a command overhead and access to rapid normals with absurdly long range. These regulars are perfect for punishment and exclusion. S-OFF offers some good normals in addition to some intriguing but contextual moves. A missile, a diving kick, and an odd zoning rekka are among them.

Old Joseph Joestar

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Old Joseph Joestar is a highly strong individual that can handle a variety of circumstances. He can typically employ an OTG pickup technique to raise the opponent alongside him after a strong knockdown by going S-ON.

When this takes place, Joseph has two options: either leave the enemy standing or spend a meter on a powerful combo. It provides Joseph with frame advantage and a complimentary S-ON mix-up, both of which can trigger the same OTG move.

He is a special mix of a Stand and a Hamon, able to create a meter with 22S but without the ability to utilize Stand Rush. Although both modes have their uses, S-ON seems to be where his strategy comes into focus.


ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

The goal of DIO’s strategy is to toss or use S-ON 214M to drive the opponent against the wall and push them onto back wall mixups. He may access very destructive wall combinations if he has the opponent exposed. His primary mode is S-ON, a terrifying mix-up machine.

The quick overhead Air 236A propels the opposition for a combination. Combining it with low points and throws makes the back wall a frightening location to combat DIO. His S-ON normals also each have a specific role in preventing the opponent from breaching the wall.

Yoshikage Kira

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Yoshikage Kira is a rushdown character who prioritizes getting a hit with his effective leaping normals, combo-ing into a sweep and performing unblockable coin okizeme

He may then go S-ON for significant damage or score some great combinations back further into a cross-up or coin. His primary mode, S-OFF, allows him to access his cash, while S-ON is where significant damage is generated.

Giorno Giovana

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Giorno is essentially a disaster waiting to happen as he waits to construct three bars. He can then combo into HHA, ensuring that his GHA will change into the Gold Experience Requiem. After changing, Giorno acquires new abilities that help him win the game.

For instance, 22AA disables the opponent’s ability to counterattack while also serving as a combo starter and combo breaker. Giorno’s amazingly high meter recovery from virtually all of his techniques helps with this. He lacks a primary mode and instead uses S-OFF for neutral and S-ON for pressure and combinations.

Narciso Anasui

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Anasui is an eccentric character with a limited selection of peculiar regular attacks and special attacks that may be employed in a variety of ways and at various times to confuse the opposition. His command throws, which have a strong range, are quick, and may start combinations, are noteworthy.

When the opponent becomes tired of them, Anasui might start experimenting with creating free combinations. His S-OFF and S-ON modes, which offer various mixup tools plus command throw to break the opponent up, serve as his major modes.

Pannacotta Fugo

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Generally speaking, Fugo is a respectable character with some odd but helpful normals and sluggish specials. He may also poison his opponent to do some more free damage, which is a special ability.

His objectives are to either: 1) quickly achieve 2 bars of the meter and perform his GHA or 2) perform 214AAA to transform if he has only around 20% health.

The majority of Fugo’s unique abilities receive a boost during transformation. With a few exceptions, speed is often in S-OFF, or damage is in S-ON. What matters most is that his poison’s effect has been greatly intensified. As a result, combo damage is significantly increased, and Fugo now has the most chip damage.

Ikuro Hashizaka 

Ikuro possesses a special style known as Baoh Armed Phenomenon. He will occasionally go into a slow-healing fury that intensifies when his health is depleted. Ikuro may instantly apply super armor to all of his special attacks by pressing the Style button.

For rushdown and safety, he can cancel standard jumps into a super leap. Ikuro is noted for having terrible defense and superb offense.

His main weakness is the additional “Baoh Stun” that is incorporated to block stun. Ikuro is compelled to block for a longer period if he does. Some punishable moves become safe as a result, and safe moves become frame traps.


JoJo All Star Battle B-Tier

The JoJo characters in the B-Tier of the JoJo All-Star Battle Tier List come close to greatness yet still possess strong move sets. Even while they might not prevail in every fight, they can always be considered a danger.

Jolyne Cujoh

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Jolyne is an extremely swift figure that can quickly change directions and go from the ground to the air and back again. With this, she may stay safe and use low, mid, and low mix-ups to overwhelm the opponent completely.

She can utilize these movement options as well as several strong techniques for pressure as well as keep-out in her primary mode, S-ON.

Hol Horse

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Hol is a reasonably simple character with a set of effective, simple-to-use moves that are ripe for abuse. Despite being considered a “Stand” character, he has neither S-ON nor S-OFF and is always able to use all of his available techniques.

His primary method of assault is repeatedly firing his gun to wear out the opposition and do plenty of damage. The Style button may be used to boost his gunshots, and he can spam very high-priority bullets by stopping the animation while firing. The 236S, in particular, is a remote-controlled bullet with set-up, trap, anti-air, and combo capabilities.

Lisa Lisa

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

The key to Lisa’s playstyle is her ability to put pressure on the opposition by getting in their face. She can deliver tremendous damage before the enemy can adequately respond by stringing together multiple mixups.

She may then combine several rekka techniques using different inputs, finishing with one of the three possible finishers.

Johnny Joestar

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Johnny is a distinctive fighter for two reasons: He can’t run or leap while mounted, and his moveset is intended to adapt and expand over time via performing supers.

Unless he’s trying to gather up corpse parts, he’ll want to be riding the horse as frequently as possible. His projectiles get super armor with two parts, his total damage is increased with one part, and meter gain is increased with three parts.

Joseph Joestar

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Joseph’s move-set is a smooth swiss army knife for any circumstance. As a consequence, depending on the player, he may be utilized in a variety of ways. He is equipped with just about everything he requires to rush down, zone, or poke and lure the opponent into opening up.

As a Hamon fighter, He always has access to all moves. Additionally, Joseph has a peculiar feature whereby performing counter specials boosts the Scarf Level, which in turn enhances the amount of EX damage.

Akira Otoishi

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Akira is uncommon in that he must consistently replenish his electrical meter to utilize his stand. He loses accessibility to his specialties and is unable to utilize S-ON in any way if his power runs out. Otoishi may quickly replenish his meter by performing his HHA or GHA, or he can recharge it with S-OFF 22S.

He generates a second, overlapping “overcharged” meter if charged any farther. His damage is increased when his meter is recharged, and his special attacks get additional abilities like crumples.

In this stage, Akira is dangerous to approach since he causes a lot of harm. Akira may benefit from both S-ON and S-OFF since he possesses powerful tools in both states.


ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Esidisi is most effective when used at mid-range, allowing him to leap in with JM or use quick, long-range strikes to dominate the neutral effectively. Particularly the 5M and 2M normals are excellent pokes that may be confirmed into short combinations.

From then, Esidisi has two options: either sit tight for the enemy to lose patience and attack or gradually prepare the opponent physically and emotionally for a mix-up. Both will eventually result in a huge combination.


ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Wamuu is a character from Mode that switches between acting like a meticulous wall and a complete mix-up machine. He spends the majority of his time employing lengthy, powerful pokes to securely block opponents’ advances, putting them in position for 623A and HHA delicious counter-hit anti-airs.

He possesses extremely effective attacking weapons, yet they are fully reversible. The majority of the time, 421A is entirely punished on the block, and even the smallest error in Normal mode 1 or 2 may render Wamuu utterly defenseless while wasting a good amount of meters.


ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Kars rushes the enemy down and combines as many short combinations as he can using his great speed and effective leaping skills. 214A, a jumping kick that launches the foe across the display for a wall bounce, is his primary move in this stage.

It’s possible to do it air-to-air, and it gives him plenty of time to make his next mistake. His other techniques, which include different slashes and teleports, are situational and rarely used because of their recovery.

Will A. Zeppeli

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Will is a decent character with nearly one of each attack type. He can efficiently control not only the neutral but also the positions of both players, thanks to his wide range of tools. Will has a good bunch of normals that he can prod and use as openings.

Will can always deactivate his ground-normals into the super jump, which he also has. He always has the availability to his whole moveset because he is a Hamon character.

Together, these elements make him a reliable persona in all situations. Will can move in a variety of unusual ways as well. He may 4S air-block in situ or 6S glide ahead while in the air.



Something is keeping the characters in C-Tier from ranking among the best All-Star Battle characters, whether it be a lack of power, a lack of combo potential, or unreliable mechanics. However, a diligent player may develop these characters into a threat even though they could struggle against characters of higher ranks.

Koichi Hirose 

The combination of Koichi’s diminutive stature and long-reaching normal and special attacks is one of his key advantages. Due to his small stature, he is better able to avoid several combinations and setups or is even immune to them. Koichi has the opportunity to punish and confirm into a combination when his opponent whiffs.

Koichi also possesses the extraordinary skill of creating a gravity impact off of specific actions. While gravitated, enemies are unable to utilize specials, supers, or dashes and must crouch instead of standing. He is a Stand fighter, and because of his lengthy and potent normals, his primary mode is S-OFF.

Josuke Higashikata (JoJolion)

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

As a neutrally oriented character, Josuke largely depends on the strength and security of his basic normals to provide pressure on his adversary. His primary mode is S-OFF, in which he can employ his long-ranged and challenging to punish normals for keeping good pressure at mid-range.

He can poke his opponents while keeping his approach thanks to the wide spectrum of moves like 5M, 2L, and 2H. Josuke also features an array of powerful aerials, functioning as both powerful air-to-air tools and good jump-ins.

Vanilla Ice

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

The main component of Vanilla Ice’s linear game strategy revolves around his extremely potent BnB combo. His subsequent S-OFF normals are geared at either establishing openings or prolonging the combo, and all of his aerials may be combo into it.

Ice can approach near to opponents with no difficulty because he is a reasonably agile character, and all of his normals are very large. After getting in, JH has excellent cross-up ability, and all of his aerials have a very slow initiation, enabling terrifying mid/low mixups.

Additionally, 214A may be connected to his bloodsuck to restore health, and any special can be used as a reliable anti-air or combo extender.

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Ermes Costello

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Ermes is a close-quarters combatant whose strategy is based on her special ability to decorate herself with stickers. Her standing normals are improved by any stickers connected to her arms, while her crouching and leaping normals are improved by stickers connected to her legs.

Her primary form is S-OFF, in which she has access to a wide range of secure mid-range pokes, especially 2L, to wear out her foe. She may substantially benefit from adding more stickers because they increase the related rewards for each poke and make the normals even safer.

In addition, jM is a superb cross-up tool, 3H strikes OTG opponents, strengthening her already great Oki choices and providing a crucial component to her gameplan, and 623A is a potent unstoppable anti-air.

Josuke Higashikata

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

As a neutrally oriented character, Josuke largely depends on the strength and security of his basic normals to provide pressure on his adversary. His primary mode is S-OFF, which he can use his long-ranged and challenging to punish normals to keep good pressure at mid-range.

He can poke his opponents while keeping his approach thanks to the wide spectrum of moves like 5M, 2L, and 2H. Josuke also has a variety of fantastic aerials that are both effective air-to-air weapons and superior jump-ins.

Enrico Pucci

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Pucci is a fighter with the unique ability to combo into HHA to take the opponent’s specials or utilize his command throw. Once he has accomplished this, he may utilize his strong regular attacks and superb ballistic to burrow up and make the opponent collapse.

Pucci’s main form is S-OFF, which allows him to use his projectile, do amazing pokes, and recite syllables (22H) to change into C-Moon. He can then change into his ultimate, most lethal form with 3 bars.

He spins and tosses a disc in his major move, 236A, which he uses in all three of his forms. As he spins, the disc solidifies, frequently leading to CH swaps versus hurried opponents.

Funny Valentine

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Valentine is an extremely analytical character; therefore, it takes skill to ‘trick’ the enemy into giving up extra damage, both on offense and defense, by using his strange moveset. His primary mode is S-ON, which features a wide range of normals and specials, including potent anti-airs, to poke and harass with.

It also serves as his primary point of combo damage. The weakest of the two, S-OFF, uses a variety of flag techniques to generate “illusionary okizeme,” forcing the opponent to make inferences about what will happen next rather than relying on their senses.

Each piece of a body that Valentine may pick up strengthens his protection. He receives Love Train when he collects all three, which enhances all of his S-ON special abilities and renders him projectile-immune.

Noriaki Kakyoin

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

The ‘zoning’ persona Kakyoin prevails by exerting steady pressure from all angles. That is to say, and he must consistently make the opposing player defend against and avoid low-damage strikes until they either commit an error or give in to pressure.

Kakyoin doesn’t have a “primary mode” between S-OFF and S-ON; instead, it alternates between the two to act appropriately in each circumstance. S-ON for close range and mid-range, and S-OFF for long range.

His primary special, Emerald Splash (236A), is available in a broad range of combinations at various angles, some of which have homing characteristics.

Caesar Zepelli

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Caesar Zepelli is a character that succeeds by linking as many mistakes as possible after waking up. It indicates that his primary objective is to maintain in mid-range unless his enemy makes a mistake, at which point he will start working. He always has accessibility to his entire moveset because he is a Hamon character.

His meter may also be charged. Caesar is among the super-jump fighters who offer a simple method of pressure and safety. His primary specialty is the 214A, which he uses to control both neutral and okizeme (lasers). Placing laser turrets discourages the enemy from chasing Caesar down and removes their choices.



While not entirely unplayable, the characters in the D-Tier are weaker than most of the roster. You could have a favorite player here, and there’s no reason you can’t enjoy yourself with them, but you’re probably going to struggle with the competitive aspect of things.

Shigekiyo Yangu

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Shigekiyo is a character from “Stand,”; however, he is constantly in S-ON. Instead, you may add additional Harvest to your swarm by calling them with the Style button. He will need to incorporate S presses into combos and block strings to be a continual danger because each special depletes a portion of your swarm.

Additionally, he can adjust his swarm between offensive and defensive modes, which alters the special moves he may do. In all modes, his normals remain the same. His primary special, DEF 214A, produces a barrier that can withstand several hits. After that, 6A can be used to launch a projectile.

Muhammad Avdol

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Safety and pressure are two of Avdol’s strongest traits as a balanced character. Avdol can pressure and even startle the opponent when his assaults are blocked since his techniques contain strong frame data. Avdol also possesses several techniques that are intended for delayed strikes.

These are advantageous for okizeme, in addition to enabling continuous chains of frame traps intended to annoy the opponent. Despite being a Stand fighter, he lacks a primary mode. To take advantage of any circumstance, you’ll need to be able to use both S-OFF and S-ON.

Kosaku Kawajiri

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Kosaku makes the opponent hesitate to strike by using his strong normals, counter HHA, and big, unblockable projectiles. He uses his missiles to produce enormous okizeme mix-ups after landing a strong knockdown.

While he has strong normals in both S-OFF and S-ON, S-ON is his preferred mode since he can Stand-Rush his missiles.

Rohan Kishibe

ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Rohan’s capacity to refuel his meter frequently supports his game plan. Knowing this, he may continuously attack the foe with obnoxious, top-priority tools. While doing this, he feels secure in knowing that he can quickly rebuild the meter after using it for safety.

Since he can only perform combinations in S-ON, that mode is his primary mode. He can harass with frequent 2Ls while incorporating throws or the high-priority, ambiguous jump attacks into S-ON since his 2L has no resistance.


ScoreTotal PlayersPercentage Played1S2S3S

Iggy’s little stature is his best quality. In addition to frequently failing against him, ordinary throws do not affect him at all. It might make fighting Iggy quite challenging for those who are unfamiliar with him.

Especially if they are unfamiliar with certain Iggy combinations, Iggy possesses a reverse run and the uncommon ability to also air dash to aid in his evasiveness.


That completes the Tier List ranking of every character in JoJo All-Star Battle. Because tier lists are essentially arbitrary, your choices might or might not accord with our evaluation of the JoJo All-Star Battle characters.

Do you feel differently about the JoJo All-Star Battle characters than we do? If so, please do share your opinions on the characters in the comments section below.

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