King Arthur Legends Rise Tier List: All Characters Ranked

Discover the ultimate King Arthur Legends Rise Tier List where we rank all the characters from the best to the worst.

Welcome to King Arthur Legends Rise Tier List. This is an exciting game set in medieval times and filled with thrilling quests and dangerous monsters. It would be best if you chose a good character before starting your journey to save Camelot, and this is where our tier list comes in handy. 

I have tried to make things easier for you by making this tier list. This list ranks all the characters from best (S Tier) to worst (D Tier). By focusing on the top tier characters (S and A), you can make your journey easy and worthwhile, ensuring a good experience in this epic adventure, the B Tier characters can be okay, but the C and D Tier characters are not worth it.

Key Takeaways
  • This tier list highlights the best characters and the worst characters in King Arthur Legends Rise to help you make an informed decision.
  • By choosing the characters of the S and A Tiers, you can expect a smooth adventure, while the characters below them are not promising a smooth journey.
  • The D Titer characters are the weakest and will not yield satisfying results.
  • In the end, it is a strategic choice, and my valuable insights can only guide you; they are not concrete, and everyone is not expected to agree with them.

All King Arthur Legends Rise Characters Ranked

Here is an overview of all the characters from King Arthur Legends Rise along with Character Types.

LotChaos Elemental Control
AlanChaos Elemental Offensive
AnguishForest Affinity Rare Offensive
MorganMoonlight Offensive
GillienMoonlight Offensive
TristanMoonlight Offensive
RalphSea Elemental Defensive
BedivereSun Elemental Offensive
HectorSun Elemental Offensive
KaySun Elemental Offensive

King Arthur Legends Rise Tier List Breakdown

The tier list is broken down into 4 Tiers. The S, A, B, C, and the D Tier. The characters of King Arthur Legends Rise are ranked in these tiers; the S Tier has the best characters from King Arthur Legends Rise, while the D Tier has the worst characters. Here is their breakdown at a glance.

SArthur, Guinevere, Gawain, Claudas, Bedivere
AMorgan, Ralph, Lot, Merlin, Sigrun, Gillien, Baudwin, Anguish, Frederic, Tarzhaden
BTristan, Clarisin, Lancelot, Kay, Bors, Ban, Sarah, Gareth
CNicholas, Accolon, Isolde, Argus, Amelia
DAlan, Clementine, Hector, Uriens, Jack, Corman

S Tier

S Tier Characters King Arthur Legends Rise Tier List
S Tier Characters

These are the best characters in the King Arthur Legends. They should ideally be prioritized in your time in King Arthur Legends Rise. Unlock them and then strengthen them as you go further into the game, as they can make your journey a piece of cake. They are the cream of the crop and are head and shoulders above the rest.


Merline is a legendary sorcerer. He is capable of unleashing good attacks and is a solid character. During battles, you get a percentage of health before battling if your anguish power is upgraded to god tier. You don’t even need a healer if Merlin is used well.

  • With Merlin on your side, you get reduced damage by 10% in all battles.
  • He is very good in PVP situations, perhaps the best PVP in King Arthur Legends Rise.
  • Good vigor recharge and a great ability to revive the allies.

Merlin is probably the best character for many players. I can’t stress how good he is during an intense PVP situation, and that makes him a standout. A true force to be reckoned with.


She was one of the best characters during the open beta test of King Arthur Legends Rise, and since then, she is dominating the game. Thus she secured her spot on the esteemed S tier of the tier list. 

Guinevere excels in both offense and defense, making her one of the strongest characters in the game. She is the best when it comes to debuffs and has a protective barrier that will boost the attacks of the allies but also will protect them. She is a top choice as she is one of the top 3 leaders.

  • Noble Strike is her ability that removes almost 70% of enemy buffs.
  • Princess’s Whim is her ability that deals with significant damage and has a success ratio of 70%.
  • Her protective shield increases the attack gauge of all allies by 30%, and in addition to that, it merely takes 30% of her Max HP.


A legendary hero is listed as an offensive type. The best DPS character in King Arthur Legends Rise. The reason behind it is that he has a solid AOE and debuff infliction. Combine them all, and you have a premier DPS character. During day time, he is the best character in King Arthur Legends Rise and an offensive character you ought to choose.

  • Triple Strike ability reduces the defense of the enemy for 3 turns, making them vulnerable, and it deals good physical damage.
  • Fire Snake’s Fang is another ability that has a 100% chance of inflicting sun debuff for two turns and hits all the enemies. Perhaps two of the strongest moves in King Arthur Legends Rise.
  • Another ability, the Heat Release, hits all enemies and deals physical damage. If the enemy is under the bleed debuff, then their attack gauge is reset to zero.

Being the best DPS character makes him special and maybe calling him the best character of the King Arthur Legends Rise Tier List will not be a bad opinion.


Another offensive character from king Arthur Legends Rise. A powerful Chaos elemental hero, she is a notorious character who loves wars. She is really good at single-targeted attacks and causes debuffs that can confuse the opponents for 2 turns. Her AOE is very good, and her attack speeds are exceptional. She specializes in dealing with damage, and her attacks are very rare and influenced by chaos elemental.

  • The Soaring Blade is a basic ability, yet it reduces the attack gauge of the enemy by 20%.
  • Jump Shot is another ability that is one of the best, as it causes confusion debuff for 2 turns and has a success rate of 90%.
  • Rain of Arrows is the best AOE-targeted ability that reduces the action gauge of all enemies by 20%.


Bediver is a Sun elemental offensive character. The fight style of Bedivere is very unique and the best in King Arthur Legends. High damage multipliers and his enigmatic figure make him one of the most sophisticated characters in King Arthur Legends Rise. 

  • Heart Strike is an offensive move that has a chance of landing a critical hit buff for 2 turns, and can increase damage inflicted by Bedivere to the enemies.
  • Twilight Haze has a success ratio of 45% and can decrease enemy defense buffs for 3 turns which can make them vulnerable.
  • Red Fangs, a 100% chance of inflicting a bleed debuff, and with someone like Gawain alongside you, this can help you make the attack gauge of the enemies reset to zero.

Their offensive capabilities, combined with his very unique buffs, make him a character worth investing in. He can devastate enemies with his attacks. He is powerful, yes, but his inclusion in this tier is also because of the depth of his character.

A Tier

A Tier Characters
A Tier Characters

A Tier character of our King Arthur Legends Rise Tier List can fill the gap if you lack characters from the S Tier. Well, they are not quite the best characters in King Arthur Legends and are second fiddle to the S TIer characters, but they possess considerable strengths. They are reliable and can be utilized as they are having their unique abilities. 



A rare sea elemental hero who is the defensive type in King Arthur Legends Rise. He is an evil character known for his heinous crimes through his henchmen. From this, you would have taken a guess that how he is defensive by nature and has one of the best debuffs.

  • His ability, the Violent Whirlwind, delivers a well-targeted physical attack and damages enemies. It has a success rate of 70% and can decrease defense debuff of enemies for 3 turns. 
  • The AOE attacks of his are good, and it allows allies to Battle Buff and elevates their attacks.
  • Telltale Savagery is not a good move, in my opinion, and it makes him come short of the S Tier as it heavily relies on the debuffs inflicted on the enemy.

A good character, who I wished had a better move than the Telltale Savagery as I would have loved to see him on the S Tier.


A legendary Chaos elemental hero. He is the control type and has a great set of unique abilities. He has good character depth and is out for revenge for his brother’s death.

  • Suppressive Blow neutralizes the enemy buffs and has a 50% chance of landing.
  • Frosty Wind’s Blessing is an AOE-targeted buffing ability that grants all allies an increase in accuracy and safeguards you for 3 turns from debuffs.
  • This move called the Frost Strike, unleashes a single-targeted physical damage attack and inflicts the oblivion-debuff for 2 turns that nullify enemy buffs.

He has exceptional crowd control and team-buffing abilities that make him a formidable character in King Arthur Legends and a force to be reckoned with. 


A legendary sorcerer, Sigrun is very good at single-targeted attacks. He is good at breaking the defense of opponents, and his special ability is very good in certain situations, but overall, it is not that good.

  • Resistance increases by 20% in the Nest of Ysjalhaig.
  • A good leader can boost your team.
  • A decent enough character, not the best nor the worst. But worth your time if you use him well.

A good character that you can certainly choose, but not someone really extraordinary. Sigrun is good in PvP situations, while in PvE situations, he comes up a little short.


Gillien has a standard gameplay style. Her primary focus is on targeting single enemies with precise attacks, which makes her one of the best damage dealers in this tier.

  • Good character for the story mode.
  • Lackluster in PvE and PvP situations.
  • Good strategic turn meter reduction that allows her to control the flow of battle and disrupt the enemy turns.

Gillien is very good for the story mode and boosts the overall survivability of your team with her natural vigor recharge by 5%. In PvP and PvE situations, she is not very good, and this is the reason she is part of the A tier and not the upper tier.


Baudwin stands out because of his devasting S2 attack. It can stack and hit twice, reducing the enemy’s damage output. This increases your control in the battle. If you have a good strategy for him and invested time in him, then he is a good enough character.

  • A 10% effect resist bonus empowers the entire team to resist debilitating debuffs.
  • The dual-Stacking S2 attack provides you with good tactical depth.
  • A reliable and powerful character who might be a good choice for many.

His dual stacking ability and tactical versatility make him a very good character, and I would have put him in the A Tier, but his performance is not matching with the characters from that tier as he is not as good in PvP and PvE situations.


He is the captain of the Welsh militia. A legendary rarity moonlight hero who has some amazing abilities. His single-targeted damaging ability is very good, and overall, he has a formidable offense.

  • Soaring Blade, his basic ability, has a 100% chance to decrease speed debuffs for 2 turns.
  • He is good at increased attack speed buffs, and his ability Shadow Turn aids him in that.
  • He decreases the attack speed of enemies with his Blade of Bleeding ability.

Debilitating debuffs, versatile buffs, and his array of protective buffs make him one of the best characters of the A Tier. But his defense could have been better.


A rare rarity hero that is good in boss-killing fights in the Forest affinity. He has good powers and is a strong candidate for the S Tier, but he is part of the A Tier because of certain reasons that I will discuss.

  • 15% attack speed increases the agility of your team.
  • Can be the best character for the forest affinity
  • Good at deception and worth investing your time and efforts in.

He has limited utility outside the forest affinity. His high base stats are not scalable as compared to characters in the S tier, and thus, he is part of this A Tier.


Fredric is a character that is good at healing and has good AoE damage and debuff expertise.

  • Increases the ACC in all battles by 20%, good leadership skills.
  • Fredric’s S2 ability makes him a good healing source.
  • If you take him to S3, then he has a good damage debuff.

He is a good character, and in S3, he becomes really good. If you invest in him and take him to S3, it is a good thing, but I would suggest not doing so. As the character is good and balanced, but this time and effort elsewhere will yields more reward.


She is raised as Arthur’s sister. A rare sun elemental hero who is classified as an offensive type. An efficient attacker and has some good abilities like debuff infliction. However, she could only make it to the B Tier.

  • Her move Dark Attack is a multi-hit single-targeted attack that strikes the enemies a total of 5 times.
  • Brutal Suqall, an AOE targeted attack, has only a mere 10% chance of applying the disturbed recovery debuff for just 1 turn.
  • The last move, Douuble Blades’ Dance, has a 30% chance of success but inflicts 2 stacks of the bleed debuff.

She is very useful in certain situations but lacks the overall impact and versatility of the top-tier characters, and thus she didn’t make it to the S Tier.


Hector is an uncommon Moonlight elemental hero. He believes in virtue and raised Arthur as a baby when Merlin brought him to Hector.

  • The Shield Suppression is Hector’s good move and strikes the enemy twice.
  • Chill debuff from his move, Bitter Cold Battlefield, is very basic and not good enough.
  • Shrewd Command grants you a shield that is good enough but not something extraordinary.

He is an A-Tier character as he is weak. His defensive capabilities and the shield buff have some utility, but overall, he has a limited impact, but still good enough for the A Tier.

B Tier

B Tier Characters King Arthur Legends Rise Tier List
B Tier Characters

When you are new to the game, then these characters are good, as having a shot at the A and S Tier characters at that stage of King Arthur Legends Rise is not easy. They are reliable and don’t have the outstanding abilities of the upper-tier characters, but utilizing them in the early stages of the game is a necessity. So pick the best ones during this stage instead of the weak characters from the tiers below of the King Arthur Legends Rise Tier List.


He is a good leader and has a good 15% increase in the HP of your allies, but he is not as good as I expected him to be. He is good in AoE situations, and for story mode, he is solid, but in the PvP arena, he is not someone I would advise you to pick in the long run.


Bors is an average character with a  somewhat good counterattacking ability that scales Max HP damage. There are no leadership skills, of bors. Good enough for the start of King Arthur Legends Rise.


Another average character that has a good speed stat and attack speed. Unlike Bors, he is good with his critical strikes, which have a success ratio of 20%.


Some might think she should be part of the S and A tiers, but I find her overrated. Yes, she has a good debuff removal and power AoE, but that alone doesn’t warrant her a place in the S or A tiers.


Gareth does excel in self-buffing and stuns with a good freezing ability, but he lacks leadership skills and has no special moves that I would call good.


Good critical strikes, but overreliance on it makes him one-dimensional. He is average in both the PvE and PvP modes, and I think there are better options like Bedivere.


Again overlies one specific targeted attack that inflicts good damage but over time and can be slow. He is very good in PvE and PvP situations, but his one dimensionless has made us put him in the B Tier.


Excles in health recovery and AoE healing. She removes debuffs, and her S3 is very good for an average character. Good leadership skills for a character of the B Tier.

C Tier

C Tier Characters
C Tier Characters

I would consider these characters less favorable. They are among the weakest characters in the game, but still, they have specific uses and do excel in some modes of King Arthur Legends. It is important to pick them if you don’t have a good alternative, and some of these outperform the upper-tier characters in very specific situations.


Too much reliance on max HP, and even damage is based on that. The scaling of Uriens is easy but not worth it, as there are better characters.


She is good at transferring and stealing debuffs, but it is hard to use her right. Many fail, and she is very specifically used for certain scenarios.


A solid support character with good healing and damage removal abilities but a very below-average character in other departments.


He is weak for a character that looks very strong, and with updates, I expect him to improve, but in the current state, the best I can do is to put him in the C Tier, but he heals the block Frost Bear well.

D Tier

D Tier Characters King Arthur Legends Rise Tier List
D Tier Characters 

The weakest characters from King Arthur Legends Rise reside in this tier of the King Arthur Legends Rise Tier List. Eschew using them, and they are very unbalanced. Across the majority of the game modes, they are bad, and investing in them and putting your keys in their baskets will cost you big time.


An uncommon Chaos elemental hero, he is classified as an offensive type in the game. He is the loyal servant of Queen Claudas and has a very basic character building.

  • Arrow Shot is his ability that executes a basic single targeted physical damage.
  • Scattering arrow is another ability of Alan which is very basic and applies a defense down debuff for 2 turns.
  • The explosive shot is another ability that is very bad and has a success ratio of 20% only.

He can give damage to multiple foes at once. Other than that, he is not good enough, and it is best to avoid using him.


Tarzhaden is a rare character, and that is about it. He is not worth the time and effort and a character I would advise you to avoid like a plague.


Nicholas is a rare character, and that is about it. He is not worth the time and effort. I would advise you not to pick him up and waste your time.


He can remove abnormal status effects, but it is not working due to bugs in King Arthur Legends. After the bug is fixed, I might put him in the upper tiers, but for now, he will reside in the D Tier.


Good against larger groups, but in PvE situations and in PvP situations, Cormac’s rarity damage and explosive AoE moves are worth nothing.


Nicholas is a rare character, and that is about it. He is not worth the time and effort. I would advise you not to pick him up and waste your time. She is good in the story mode, though, not a solid enough reason to pick her.

I hope that King Arthur Legends Rise Tier List will help you in your adventure to save Camelot. The characters are ranked after taking into consideration many factors, and I am confident that if you take help from this tier list, you will be able to triumph in the game by choosing the best characters.

Feel free to comment on this tier list in the comments section below, the nature of the tier list is subjective, and my words are not 100% true as the experience of people in King Arthur Legends Rise may differ from ours.


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