Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Tier List [All Characters Ranked]

Learn the ranking of all characters and pick them in various situations accordingly.

In Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope, choosing the right character is the key to victory. With six characters being unlocked by default and the other three becoming available as you progress through the game, choosing the right ones can be difficult. For this reason, we have decided to create a Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Tier list, in which we are going to rank down all characters. 

Key Highlights
  • Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope players are welcomed by a total of 9 characters that unlock on different occasions–six at the start of the game and three later. 
  • Ranking of each Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope character is based on their power and reliability measured across different instances throughout the game. 
  • Bowser, Mario, and Edge are currently the best characters of the meta, given the multitude of attack ranges and extra features they got. 
  • On the other hand, Princess Peach is the weakest of the horde. With absolutely nothing special onboard, this Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope character can not take you out of critical situations. 

It is important to remember that the following tier list is based on our personal choice. You might find some characters not belonging to a certain tier, and that’s okay. This is because the choice varies from player to player. 

Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
S-TierEdge (Medium-Range/ Single-Target/ Multi-Hit Blade), Mario (Medium-Range/ Multi-Targeting/ Multi-Hit), Bowser (Long-Range/ Single-Target/ Area of Effect-Sphere)
A-TierLuigi (Long-Range/ Single-Target/ Distance Power-Up), Rabbid Peach 

(Medium-Range/ Single-Target/ Multi-Hit), Rabbid Luigi (Short-Range/ Multi-Target/ Ricochet Drop-Off)

B-TierRabbid Mario (Short-Range/ Multi-Target/ Area of Effect-Cone), Rabbid Rosalina (Short-Range/ Single-Target/ Multi-Hit)
C-TierPrincess Peach (Medium-Range/ Single-Target/ Area of Effect-Cone)

With that out of the way, let’s now quickly go through some of the details of these Characters:

TierCharacterPrimary AbilitySecondary Ability
S-TierEdgeFlying AttackStormblade
S-TierMarioGalactic Dual SlingerHero Sight
S-TierBowserBowzookaRabbid Mechakoopas
A-TierLuigiSharpshooterSteely Stare
A-TierRabbid PeachGalactic Triple RollHeal
A-TierRabbid LuigiDisruptorDamage Reduction
B-TierRabbid MarioThe DukesCounter Blow
B-TierRabbid RosalinaKaboomerEnnui
C-TierPrincess PeachBroom BellaTeam Barrier


S-Tier characters are the most powerful characters in the game. You can rely on these characters in every situation. 


The first character we would like to mention on our list is Edge. Without a doubt, she is better than every other character. She’s strong, fearless, and can help get the job done. 

Edge isn’t a character who is unlocked by default. Instead, she becomes available when you fight the Giant Wildclaw boss, who is the first main boss you encounter in the game. Therefore, you will gain access to her pretty early in the game. However, even though she gets unlocked quickly, Edge is the kind of character who can prove to be useful in the mid and late-game as well.

Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Tier List
Edge – Image Credits [Exputer]
Edge’s primary attack, Flying Attack, is what makes her a powerful character. This attack can be used to target enemies from a great distance. When used, Edge throws her blade toward her targets, which then comes back to her like a boomerang. The best part? It deals damage to enemies while returning as well. 

For close range, Edge relies on an ability called Stormblade, which damages anyone within a radius of 7m. The range of this attack can be further increased through the skill tree, and you can take it all the way up to 11m. 

Overall, Edge is an excellent character who deserves the top spot in our tier list. 


Mario is an excellent character who performs well in both close and mid-range scenarios. If you want someone in your team to fight against a large group of enemies, Mario is the one you should pick. 

You don’t have to worry about making any effort to unlock Mario, as he is unlocked by default. He has an attack called Galactic Dual Slinger. This primary attack allows Mario to send out projectiles toward his target. You get the luxury to either fire both projectiles on a single enemy or send them out separately to deal damage to two enemies. It is totally up to you. Each projectile can deal 55 to 65 damage so that you can take down regular enemies in a single attack. 

Mario – Image Credits [Exputer]
You don’t have to worry about enemies trying to sneak up on you when playing with Mario. This is because Mario has a secondary ability called Hero Sight, thanks to which he will shoot any enemy that is moving inside a 21m radius. The attack is so powerful that it can instantly send a target to their grave. 

Overall, Mario is an excellent character who can be paired with Edge if you’re trying to create an aggressive team. We also suggest using Mario and Edge while defeating the Midnite boss. Both of these are excellent DPS characters, and they can help you push the enemy into the corner.


Just like Edge, Bowser is also a character you will unlock while progressing through the game. In fact, he is the third and final character you unlock in the game, with the second one being Rabbid Rosalina. 

If you are a fan of blowing things up, you will instantly fall in love with Bowser. This is because his abilities focus on creating chaos and nothing else. First, we have his Bowzooka primary ability. As you might have guessed from its name already, it allows Bowser to fire a projectile that explodes on impact. The projectile deals damage to anyone caught inside the explosion’s radius. 

Bowser – Image Credits [Exputer]
Coming down to his secondary ability, it’s called Rabbid Mechakoopas. This ability allows Bowser to summon three Rabbid Mechakoopas. These minions are not to be messed with, as they will first set their sight on their target, walk towards it, and explode on contact. The explosion deals a great amount of damage and also targets nearby enemies.

Overall, Bowser is an excellent character meant for those who like to destroy everything in their path. Whether you are facing a powerful boss or a large crowd of enemies, this character can help you do wonders. You can make his attacks even more powerful when you pair Bowser with Sparks such as Starburst. This is because Starburst can increase the amount of damage your attacks deal by 40%. 


A-Tier characters might not be as good as S-Tier characters, but they are still extremely powerful and can do wonders if in the right hands. 


The first character in the A-Tier category of our tier list is Luigi. He can serve as the team’s sniper as he’s an expert shooter. In fact, the range of his primary attack at its base level is the longest among all other attacks present in the game.

Let’s start with his primary ability, Sharpshooter. By using this ability, he can quickly take down targets that are at the corner of the map. The range of this attack is 31m, and no other character can target enemies at such a great distance. But hold on, there is another plus point about this ability. 

Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Tier List
Luigi – Image Credits [Exputer]
While Sharpshooter deals a great amount of damage with each attack, it further increases with the distance of the enemy. The farther the target is, the more damage it will deal. All of this makes Sharpshooter one of the best abilities in the entire game. 

Luigi’s secondary ability is similar to Mario’s Hero Sight. It is called Steely Stare, and by using it, he can one-shot targets that are within a radius of 31m. This is 10m more than the range offered by Mario’s secondary ability.  

Overall, Luigi is one of the best characters to use in the game. He would have been an S-Tier character if he had a different secondary ability. 

Rabbid Peach

In Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope, your main priority is keeping all your characters alive. As you progress further through the game, you start adding more teammates to your party. While you can use healing items, you will eventually run out of them at some point. This is where Rabbid Peach comes in.

First, let’s take a look at her primary ability, the Galactic Triple Roll. By using this, she can fire a total of three projectiles, which can deal around 90 damage in total. The projectiles can be only used to target a single enemy, so you can not send these projectiles in different directions, unlike Mario.

Rabbid Peach
Rabbid Peach – Image Credits [Exputer]
However, her primary ability isn’t what makes her an A-Tier character; it’s her secondary ability. This one is called Heal, and as you might have guessed from its name already, it allows Rabbid Peach to heal herself and her teammates that are within a radius of 13m. She can heal them for a total of 20% HP, which is a lot. 

Rabbid Peach can be paired with characters such as Edge and Mario. These two characters can be used to stay at the front to deal all the damage, and you can use Rabbid Peach to heal them whenever their health falls below a certain percentage. Furthermore, even though she is a healer, Rabbid Peach can take care of herself in combat as well if left alone. 

Overall, Rabbid Peach is a great character who can keep your team healthy.

Rabbid Luigi

Earlier in our guide, we discussed how Luigi is the best character when it comes to ranged attacks. Rabbid Luigi, on the other hand, performs well in close-range scenarios. 

His primary ability is called Discruptor, thanks to which he can target three enemies in a single attack. When used, Rabbid Luigi throws a disc toward his target, which then bounces off to two more targets. The thing which we love about this ability is that the amount of damage it deals with increases with each hit. Therefore, it deals the most amount of damage to the third enemy.

Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Tier List
Rabbid Luigi – Image Credits [Exputer]
Rabbid Luigi’s secondary ability is also pretty amazing, as it can reduce the amount of damage your enemies deal by 50%. However, it only affects those enemies within a radius of 17m. This ability can be useful in situations where you are surrounded by multiple enemies and have nowhere to go. Thanks to it, you can make them weak and ruin their turns.

Overall, Rabbid Luigi is a great character who deserves a spot in the A-Tier category of our tier list. His abilities are pretty useful and can help you out during tough situations. 


B-Tier characters in our Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope tier list are neither too strong nor too weak. They are somewhat in the middle. However, it’s better to choose characters from the above-mentioned tiers instead of these. 

Rabbid Mario

Rabbid Mario is yet another character on our list who performs well in close-range combat. 

Rabbid Mario’s primary attack is called The Dukes. This ability lets him fire a wave toward his enemy. He can send out a total of three waves, with each dealing a decent amount of damage.

Rabbid Mario
Rabbid Mario – Image Credits [Exputer]
Next, we have Rabbid Mario’s secondary ability called Counter Blow. As its name suggests, Rabbid Mario will counter the attacks of his enemies with an attack that deals 100%. However, he can only counter weapon-based attacks. 

Overall, Rabbid Mario is a decent character, but not good as the ones mentioned in the above-mentioned tiers. The range of his Dukes attack is extremely short because why you can only use him during fights where enemies are getting close to you. Other than that, he can’t do much. 

Rabbid Rosalina

Rabbid Rosalina is the second character you will unlock in the game. She will join your team as a party member as soon as your fight with Midnite starts at the end of level 2. 

Rabbid Rosalina isn’t a bad character, but you can’t expect her to do wonders. First, we have her primary ability called Kaboomer, which allows her to fire a total of 12 projectiles toward her target. These projectiles can deal 24 to 30 damage each. The biggest downside of this ability is that even though it fires a dozen projectiles, it can be used to target a single enemy only. 

Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Tier List
Rabbid Rosalina – Image Credits [Exputer]
On the other hand, her secondary ability is called Ennui, and she can freeze any target within a radius of 14m. Now, while this sounds amazing and all, it is a situational ability. For instance, the ability can be useful when fighting against a powerful boss, but it does not have many uses outside of that. 

Overall, there are better options available instead of Rabbid Rosalina. If her Kaboomer attack could target multiple enemies, then she would have been at least a B-Tier character. But in her current state, she can’t do much. 

C- Tier 

C-Tier characters are the weakest characters in the entire game, and you should avoid choosing them at all costs. 

Princess Peach

Coming down to the worst character to use in the game, Princess Peach. No matter what happens, don’t choose this character, as many better options are available. There aren’t any special things this character can do, and you can’t trust her in critical situations.

In combat, Princess Peach can use an attack called Broom Bella, which deals around 90 to 110 damage. However, the farther the targets are, the less damage the attack will deal. Her secondary ability is called Team Barrier, thanks to which she can create a barrier. This barrier protects Princess Peach and her teammates from incoming attacks. 

Princess Peach
Princess Peach – Image Credits [Exputer]
If you compare the abilities of Princess Peach with other characters, you’ll be able to tell that she isn’t worth picking over others. When it comes to protecting teammates, Rabbid Peach’s healing ability is enough to keep them alive. You don’t often need a protective barrier, as you can find cover during most fights. 

Overall, you need to avoid picking Princess Peach, as she is only going to slow you down. 

This was our Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope tier list. We hope that it will help you choose the right characters. When the developers add new characters to the game, we’ll make sure to update the list. At the moment, there are three expansions planned for it. 

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