Master Duel Tier list: Ranking All 105 Characters

Master All Decks To Enhance Your Success Rate Against All Players

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel tier list includes several decks, and competitive players continuously tweak their Decks to enhance their success percentage as much as possible and raise the likelihood that their Deck flows smoothly. That is why we have curated this tier list & ranked the entire roster of the game.

Key Takeaways
  • There is a total of 105 Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel.
  • Players in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel continuously tweaks their Decks to enhance their success percentage as much as possible and raise the likelihood that their Deck flows smoothly.
  • A-Tier Decks are utilized in the upper echelons of Ranked Duels most frequently and define the meta.
  • Spright is a deck that gives low-level monsters more strength and allows them to Special Summon themselves from the hand if you control another Level 2 monster.
  • Branded Despia is the most reliable Deck in the game right now and has the capacity to carry on combinations when the opponent least expects it.
  • Drytron Decks are a powerful Ritual-based Deck as they have completely altered the game.
  • Tri-Brigade is still one of the top engines for Beast, Beast-Warrior, and Winged Beast, making them the ideal archetype to pair with Zoodiac.
  • The ultimate antidote to dragons, Buster Blader Decks focuses on transforming the opponent’s monsters become dragons, making it the ultimate dragon-slaying ideal.
  • Dinomorphia has a unique ability to manage the field while still doing enormous damage in the late game, making it a high-risk, high-reward Control Deck.
  • With the aid of the “Therion” Engine, the ABC archetype is able to commit to its Extra Deck ace, ABC-Dragon Buster, with more regularity.
  • A Six Samurai Deck might seem like a Control Deck when it has a complete board.
  • A-to-Z decks are debatably the finest Union Monster archetype in the game. They focus on Contact Fusion and transforming important monsters into Equip Spells.
  • The Cupid Pitch Turbo Deck is a variation on a highly popular engine that uses Crystron Halqifibrax and Mecha Phantom Beast Auroradon to bring out a number of Synchro and Link monsters with extremely potent effects.
  • Low-stat monsters that concentrate on certain Normal Monsters as important cards in the Deck are a well-known trait of Ojama.

Important: Because this is a free-to-play game, you cannot immediately unlock all of the in-game cards. Developing a smart prioritization system will help you gain real strength as you acquire the best cards before focusing on the weaker ones.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Tier List Decks Ranking Table

A-TierSpright, Spright Runick, Runick, Labrynth, Branded Despia, Floowandereeze, Drytron, Eldlich Control, Tri-Brigade Zoodiac, Sky Strikers, Plunder Patroll, Adamancipator, Salamangreat, Marincess, Dragon Link, Mathmech.
B-TierBuster Blader, Umi Control, Endymion, Virtual World, Vaylantz, The Weather, Scareclaw, Beetrooper, Dinomorphia, Pendulum Magicians, Lyrilusc Tri-Brigade, Invoked Shaddoll, Predaplant, Dragonmaid, True Draco, Dinosaurs, Phantom Knights, Prank-Kids, Traptrix, Spyral, Code Talker, Yang Zing, Despia, P.U.N.K, Idknights OTK, Exosisters, Lunalight, Hero-DPE/Sycthe, Thunder Dragons, Evil Twin, Darklord, Madolche, @Ignister, Therion ABC, Libromance
C-TierHERO, Rikka, Blue-Eyes, Blackwings, Burning Abyss, Ancient Gear, Rokket, Raidraptors, Six Samurais, Paleozoic, Infinitrack, Tellar, Water Xyz, Frogs, Galaxy-Eyes, A-to-Z, Rose Dragon, Witchcrafter, Ultra Athletes, Gren Maju, D/D/D, Infernoble Knight, The Winged Dragon of Ra, Zefra, Ghostrick
Rogue-TierDinosaur Bishbaalkin FTK, Nekroz, Melffy, Toon, Infernity, Black Luster Soldier, Gimmick Puppet, Utopia, Railway Train, Dark Magician, Cyber Dragons, Red-Eyes, Fluffals, Junk, Cubic, Gravekeepers, Monarchs, Exodia, Noble Knights, Numeron, Aroma, Phantasm Spiral, Solfachord, Vampire, Evil Eye, Agent, Cupid Pitch Turbo, Harpies

A-Tier List Decks

These Decks are utilized in the upper echelons of Ranked Duels most frequently and define the meta. When your Rank rises, you may anticipate seeing these Decks more frequently, especially in high Platinum. You can quickly climb the ladder with the aid of the decks on this tier.


Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeThunder Master
Spell TypeDark
  • An archetype of a Thunder Monster with Fire and Dark Characteristics is Spright.
  • They specialize in using terms like Level, Rank, and Link that are tied to the number “2”.
  • Spright is a deck that gives low-level monsters more strength and allows them to Special Summon themselves from the hand if you control another Level 2 monster.
  • In the correct circumstances, its combinations can play through a variety of hand traps, and the ensuing end field is quite hard to break in the current meta.

Spright Runick

Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeThunder Master
Spell TypeDefensive
  • One of Spright’s better iterations of this format is Spright Runick. Since they both solely employ Level/Rank/Link-2 Monsters, these two archetypes complement one another.
  • This deck combines the Sprights’ strong control abilities with its abundance of Level 2 monsters with the Runick archetype’s deck-banishing control.
  • Even though the Deck is unlikely to strike, it wears out the opposition by depleting its resources and minimizing their effects while taking control of the field.


Deck List41 Cards
Spell TypeControl
  • The Runick archetype is distinct in that Spell Cards predominate rather than Monster Cards as its primary building blocks.
  • Runick Decks use a wide range of Quick-Play Spells to cause as much disruption as they can.
  • After one is successfully resolved, it continues to banish cards from the top of the opponent’s Deck until all of them have been removed.
  • The win condition of its Spell Cards is restricted to Decking Out the adversary and skipping the Battle Phase.


Deck ListCards
ArchetypeLovely Labrynth of the Silver Castle
Spell TypeHeavy Spell Attack
  • Because they rely on trap cards as their victory condition, Labrynth decks have a sluggish start.
  • This Deck may quickly snowball into a Control Deck after a few turns of gathering the trap cards, being able to Special Summon with ease, and recycling Normal Trap Cards that take monsters off the field.
  • The ace monster of the archetype, Beautiful Labrynth of the Silver Castle, serves as the primary Boss Monster for this deck recipe.

Branded Despia

Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeThe Newborn Dragon
Spell TypePhysical
  • One of the most reliable Decks in the game right now, Branded Despia has the capacity to carry on combinations when the opponent least expects it.
  • With debilitating effects, a ton of hand traps, and potent Fusion Monsters on the field, this deck’s playstyle of full-on control prevents the opponent from proceeding with the game as usual.
  • Its Extra Deck possibilities are quite effective and adaptable, allowing you to utilize them at your discretion. That is among the greatest illustrations of how offensive and defense can coexist in Master Duel.


Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeControl
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel, the control deck Floowandereeze is used. Do not be fooled by the abundance of weak, low-level monsters.
  • Floowandereeze Decks are distinctive in that they focus on using Normal Summons to complete their combos.
  • Their effects enable them to chain Normal Summons throughout the opponent’s turn while also weakening their field.


Deck List45 Cards
ArchetypeDrytron Fairy
Spell TypeOffensive
  • As Drytron Decks are a powerful Ritual-based Deck, they have completely altered the game.
  • In addition to having additional effects that activate when a monster is summoned, they are unusual in that they use ATK numbers rather than Levels when Ritual Summoning a monster.
  • Your objective is to stack Drytron effects like ritual summons and retrieve spells. Use the synergy between the Drytron and Benten to significantly enhance your hand and GY resources. They strongly argue for being among the game’s top Ritual archetypes.

Eldlich Control

Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeEldlich Control
Spell TypeDefensive
  • One of the top Decks in the early days of Master Duel was undoubtedly Eldlich the Golden Lord.
  • Decks centered around this Level 10 Zombie monster can still compete with many of the newer Decks in the current meta.
  • The opponent is prevented from using their deck to its maximum potential by this Deck’s straightforward plan. Eldlich decks enjoy one-on-one combat.
  • When paired with floodgate effects like Skill Drain and Evenly Matched, they become difficult to defeat once they have a replica of themselves in the graveyard.

Tri-Brigade Zoodiac

Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeMonster-based
  • Tri-Brigade is still one of the top engines for Beast, Beast-Warrior, and Winged Beast, making them the ideal archetype to pair with Zoodiac, one of the finest Xyz-based archetypes in the game.
  • This Deck best demonstrates the interdependence of the Beast, Beast-Warrior, and Winged Beast monster types. In some scenarios and hands, you may even switch between combos inside the same turn.

Sky Strikers

Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeSky Striker Ace
Spell TypePhysical
  • The ultimate toolbox deck, Sky Strikers may have few monsters, but they more than makeup for it with a huge variety of essential Spell Cards that encourage regular usage of Spells.
  • With secondary effects triggering in “Sky Striker” Spell Cards when there are 3 or more of them in the GY, they only become stronger the more spells there are in the Graveyard.
  • The deck is simple to learn allowing you to become comfortable with various game situations, but it has a high skill cap and is incredibly powerful in the hands of an experienced duelist.

Plunder Patroll

Deck List41 Cards
Spell TypeDefensive
  • Dueling against Plunder Patroll Decks may be unconventional because of their feeling of surprise, which can cause them to win the game before their opponent even knows it.
  • Using the characteristics of the opponent’s monsters, a special control deck may Special Summon its Extra Deck monsters at no cost.
  • After they have been outfitted with other Plunder Patroll cards, their effects can be turned into Quick Effects.


Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeAdamancipator Analyzer
Spell TypeCombo-based
  • The archetype of Adamancipator is combo-based. Cards in Adamancipator Decks thrive in recycling themselves, making it simpler to summon the most powerful monsters.
  • Taking cards out of the Main Deck is its key gimmick. This makes it possible for you to constantly get resources for your Synchro, Xyz, and Link Summons.
  • This Deck also frequently uses excavation effects, which makes preparation simpler if you plan.


Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeFire
  • Salamangreat is a Cyberse Type Monster with a Fire Attribute that focuses on Link Summon.
  • Battles and having cards in the graveyard are both beneficial for Salamangreat Decks.
  • They revolve around a distinct playstyle in which effects are gained whenever a card summons another copy of itself. They can also think about a wide range of options on the Extra Deck.
  • Salamangreat is well known for its distinctive summoning technique, known as Reincarnation Link Summon, which is activated by the effect of Salamangreat Sanctuary.
  • When summoned in this method, Salamangreat Link Monsters will reach the height of their power.


Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeLink Regulation
Spell TypePhysical
  • Marincess prioritizes Link Summoning and works its way up the Link Rankings until it reaches the Marincess Wonder Heart, which is RANK-4.
  • It also has the unusual ability to transform Link Monsters into monsters, which may be very useful for increasing a monster’s ATK or for Special Summoning them when necessary.

Dragon Link

Deck List43 Cards
Spell TypeCombo-based
  • Powerful combo decks like Dragon Link are designed to go first and create disruptions.
  • Yet because it has easy access to the Borrelsword Dragon, it is also more than capable of OTK going second.
  • The Rokket archetype and a few other essential cards that support the approach are the core components of the engine that Dragon Link Decks deploy.
  • They may be used on any deck that has a lot of monsters of the dragon type, giving this deck a lot of flexibility. Once established, the field of this Deck is hard to breach.


Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeMonster-based
  • Mathmech Decks are some of the most synergistic Cyberse monsters in the game since they can fill the field with monsters before switching to using the Extra Deck.
  • Depending on the scenario, you may change your playstyle from being a Control Deck that halts the opponent’s movements to be able to win the game with an OTK-capable combination.
  • They can play both offensively and defensively as a result, which is a desirable quality for an Aggro Deck like Mathmech.

B-Tier List Decks

This tier’s decks can be just as powerful and reliable as those in the one above it. In the hands of any talented and committed players, they can defeat any other Deck. They lack a certain mechanic or tactic, though, that would enable them to advance to the next level.

Buster Blader

Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeThe Destruction Swordsmaster
Spell TypePhysical
  • The ultimate antidote to dragons, Buster Blader Decks focuses on transforming the opponent’s monsters become dragons, making it the ultimate dragon-slaying ideal.
  • When it occurs, the boss monster’s piercing combat damage makes it nearly unstoppable.
  • A little creature that bears Buster Blader’s sword serves as his archetypal ally, and both of these monsters are Tuners that may be played from Buster Blader’s additional deck.

Umi Control

Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeA Legendary Ocean
Spell TypeDefensive
  • The Field Spell Card Umi or its upgrade, A Legendary Ocean, is the center of Umi Control.
  • The name of this deck comes from the use of both new and ancient cards that are related to Umi.
  • Once A Legendary Ocean enters the field, the majority of the power of this deck will be released since it makes all of your monsters fully effective.
  • Moreover, this decreases the level of any Water Attribute monsters in your hand, making it simpler to summon Ocean Dragon Lord – Kairyu-Shin.


Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeMythical Beast 
Spell TypeExtender
  • Spell Counters, which are accumulated each time you use a Spell Card or activate a Pendulum Monster as a Pendulum Scale, are presently used best and most frequently by Endymion Decks.
  • Spell Counters can be used in a variety of ways, such as to hinder an opponent, eliminate certain cards, or gain an edge in a card game or combat.
  • With its Pendulum Effect, Servant of Endymion may Special Summon a face-up Pendulum Monster from the Extra Deck as well as a monster that is more powerful than it from the Deck, making it a classic combination starter and extender.

Virtual World

Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeVirtual World Hime
Spell TypeAggro
  • An archetype called Virtual World benefits from cards in the graveyard and from possessing cards that have been banished.
  • Both Xyz and Synchro Monsters are used in Virtual World, which has the ability to flood the field with strong monsters.
  • Virtual World Kyubi – Shenshen deserves special attention since it has an inherent Macro Cosmos effect that banishes any card sent to the Graveyard.
  • As each Special Summon from hand ability is a difficult once-per-turn effect, you should avoid drawing more than one replica.


Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeAggro
  • Vaylantz archetype is one of the most distinctive Pendulum-based archetypes in the game.
  • As monsters transfer between Pendulum Zones and Main Monster Zones, this particular Pendulum Deck benefits.
  • This deck, which is all or nothing, depends on its combination to summon the boss monsters required to fulfill its win condition.
  • Those who are interested in this Deck should know that it contains a special warning about being careful about where cards are put during a Duel.

The Weather

Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeContinuous Spell Attack
  • The Weather shifts its Continuous Spells and Traps between Card Zones to give its Main Deck Monsters extra effects.
  • These Main Deck Monsters purposely banish themselves from the field and then reappear there during the next Standby Phase.
  • This Deck is equally effective at beatdown and control because of the Quick Effects in their effects, which make them evasive to targeted or destructive effects.


Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeControl
  • An intriguing combination of cards known as the Scareclaw archetype serves as both a beatdown deck and a floodgate control effect.
  • Due to Scareclaw Tri-ability Heart’s forcing all other monsters in the Main Monster Zones into Defensive Position, a Scareclaw Deck is centered around this monster.
  • Because each monster from the archetype gives the Link Monster an extra effect, the Main Deck monsters make use of this. Aggro and control playstyles are balanced in this deck’s offerings.


Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeControl
  • The control-focused Beetrooper archetype offers you access to a variety of C cards that you may utilize to counter your adversary.
  • Beetrooper Decks focus on swarming the field and gradually gaining access to the more powerful Link Monsters that act as the Deck’s ace.
  • Several Main Deck Monsters have abilities that can Special Summon more Beetrooper monsters.
  • Huge Beetrooper Invincible Atlas’s ace will be immune to card destruction and targeted effects as soon as it is brought out.


Deck List45 Cards
Spell TypeDark
  • Every player of a Dinomorphia Deck will understand what it’s like to continuously choose the path of victory because many of the deck’s trap cards require the player to spend half of their Life Points to trigger their effects.
  • Its unique ability to manage the field while still doing enormous damage in the late game makes it a high-risk, high-reward Control Deck.

Pendulum Magicians

Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeMythical Beast
Spell TypeSynchro
  • Every Extra Deck monster type is used in the deck Pendulum Magicians.
  • The Spellcaster-type monsters used by Pendulum Magicians are named after specific monsters that represent the Extra Deck Monster card type.
  • With the aid of Pendulum Summoning, they may combine into a variety of boss monsters, either through beatdown with its plethora of Extra Deck Monsters or through an OTK strategy utilizing effect damage.

Lyrilusc Tri-Brigade

Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeFusion
  • Because of its plenty of choices, including dragging out the game or going straight for an OTK, this Deck maintains its status as a top-tier Deck despite having a small number of spell cards.
  • They utilize Link and Xyz Monsters, and once they are all on the field, they have one of the most difficult card combinations to remove.

Invoked Shaddoll

Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeControl
  • Invoked Shaddoll decks are extremely effective decks that make the most of the interactions between the three engines, Shaddoll, Invocation, and Dogmatika.
  • The versatility of the Invoked Engine, the fusion skills of Shaddoll, and the extra deck-punishing power of Dogmatika are this deck’s three main advantages.
  • With a strong opening board, this Deck can easily put big monsters and floodgates on the field.


Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeFusion
  • Predaplant typically employs Predator Counters to increase the power of the monsters in the archetype, which have the potential to destroy or even steal cards.
  • It is an expert in Fusion Summoning monsters that are not only powerful in combat but also capable of causing disturbances, taking over the battlefield, and even using the monsters of the opposition as Tribute or Fusion Material.
  • They also employ a Token system with Predator Counters, which, depending on the effects that were engaged, further weaken the opponent’s beasts.


Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeParlor Dragonmaid
Spell TypeControl
  • After Dragonmaid has their cards set up, they may quickly spread the game.
  • Although it features strong Fusion Monsters as a Beatdown Deck, it also includes effects that activate as soon as the Battle Phase begins and the ability to recycle cards from the Graveyard.
  • With Dragonmaid Decks, the goal is to utterly outnumber your adversary by repeatedly resurrecting your Monster Cards.

True Draco

Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeAggro
  • True Draco is sometimes referred to as an Anti-Meta Deck since it was created to benefit from the current Meta’s fondness for Extra Deck monsters and a slower tempo of play.
  • In reaction to the opponent’s boards, it plays both an efficient midrange and control approach.
  • The major strategy of the deck is to Tribute Summon the True Draco Monsters by tributing Continuous Spells and Traps, which eliminates the need to pay any tribute fodder monsters and renders Maxx “C” ineffective against this deck.


Deck List42 Cards
Spell TypeAggro
  • Though their assistance is underappreciated, dinosaur decks may compete with well-liked meta decks because of their unexpected resilience and potent monsters like Ultimate Conductor Tyranno.
  • Dinosaurs have a few specialized archetypes that can be combined and paired, and they can even be a solid engine for a few Decks.

Phantom Knights

Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeThe Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche
Spell TypeGraveyard
  • The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche and Xyz Summons are the main cards in the reactive deck Phantom Knights, which aims to control the board.
  • The activation of different effects from the cards in this deck depends on the graveyard.
  • For simple XYZ plays, Phantom Knights perform a lot of Special Summons. They may even be splashed in other Decks.
  • They also benefit from having some of the finest Trap Card Supports among archetypes.


Deck List39 Cards
ArchetypeAccesscode Talker
Spell TypeAggro
  • Prank-Kids specializes in Fusion Summons and Link Summons since they are simple to learn and lucrative to master.
  • This Deck features several one-card combos.
  • The stats and effects of the boss monsters are astounding given how simple it is to summon them.


Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeControl
  • An example of a plant and insect-type monster is the Traptrix.
  • The level 4 Attack and Defense stats of all Main Deck Traptrix Monsters add up to 2800 points.
  • In addition to being resistant to its own effects, Traptrix is notorious for restoring the “Trap Hole” archetype of Trap Cards to competitive playability.
  • Its “Hole” Trap Cards—monsters with the ability to Set Trap Cards, prevent the negation of Normal “Hole” Trap Cards, or even activate their effects directly without the need to set “Hole” Trap Cards—are the main focus of the game’s gameplay.


Deck List43 Cards
Spell TypeControl
  • The SPYRAL deck is intriguing since it focuses on discovering the opponent’s upcoming draws.
  • Many of the effects of monsters depend on correctly guessing the top card of the opponent’s deck, and they have a variety of cards at their disposal to assist them.

Code Talker

Deck List44 Cards
ArchetypeCode Talker
Spell TypeFusion
  • The first archetype to establish the norm for setting up Link Monster summons was the Code Talker, who constantly used combinations to Special Summon the necessary resources.
  • Code Talkers, the first Link archetype to appear in the card game, are effective because they can repeatedly Special Summon monsters to Link Monsters with high Link Ratings.
  • This Aggro deck may quickly get out of control due to iconic boss monsters like Accesscode Talker and Firewall Darkfluid.

Yang Zing

Deck List43 Cards
Spell TypeSynchro
  • Yang Zings may be a driving force for other Decks, but the archetype also functions well on its own.
  • This deck combines two archetypes that, for the most part, have the same typing and makes use of both of their advantages.
  • With floating effects that allow Main Deck monsters to replace themselves by Special Summoning a new monster should they be killed, it has a persistent presence on the field.
  • One of the rare Decks that can perform a Synchro Summon during an opponent’s turn is this one.


Deck List45 Cards
Spell TypeFusion
  • Despia uses highly particular Fusion Spells that are a component of the Branded Engine.
  • As retaliation, Despia employs some monsters as Fusion Material can consistently provide you an advantage.
  • Also, they may be employed during the opponent’s turn to further pressure them into moving quickly before the advantage gets out of hand.


Deck List41 Cards
ArchetypePsychic Type
Spell TypeControl
  • The play style of P.U.N.K. and win con go hand in hand. Having it’s Boss Monster, Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Incredible Dragon, complete the battle for you on the field is its winning con.
  • The P.U.N.K. archetype must use Life Points in order to utilize their abilities in order to get an edge and advance toward their greatest boss monster.
  • Together with Continuous Spells and Traps offering the monsters greater defense, they also employ Fusion Monsters as additional powerhouses in this Deck.
  • There are quite a few monsters with Levels that are comparable to one another, providing choices for Xyz plays as well.

Igknights OTK

Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeThe Igknights
Spell TypePhysical
  • When the Igknight archetype’s ability to search cards was combined with a tactic to win the game by inflicting deadly burn damage, it gained competitive status.
  • It does 8000 damage in one turn by utilizing three incredibly potent Fusion monsters, a pair of Synchro and Link monsters, and Cyber-Stein as a combo extender.


Deck List41 Cards
Spell TypeAggro
  • In Special Summons, Exosisters tinker about a bit, swarming just enough to send their important boss Xyz monsters out onto the field as soon as possible.
  • The Exosisters have a unique balance between swarming the area to maintain presence and manipulating the creatures to summon the boss monsters, who have potent effects.
  • The hitch is that any monsters that were Special Summoned in the Graveyard are vulnerable to the boss monsters, who are exceedingly strong.


Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeLunalight Leo Dancer
Spell TypeFusion
  • The combo-heavy archetype Lunalight relies heavily on various Card Effects to search, recycle cards from the GY, and serve as Fusion Cards.
  • Lunalight has a rather straightforward strategy that relies on Fusion Summoning their boss monsters, all of whom are extremely potent monster attackers.
  • Most of the Lunalight Fusion monsters have the ability to attack numerous times throughout a round.


Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeAggro
  • The new Destiny HERO, Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer, is fully used in a variation of a HERO Deck with a strong and reliable combination that can, if necessary, be splashed into other Decks.
  • The foundation of this deck is a one-card combo that prevents your adversary from using their extra deck.
  • This Deck places a high priority on putting the named Fusion Monster on the field as quickly as possible and using Artifact Scythe to prevent the opponent from Special Summoning during their turn.

Thunder Dragons

Deck List41 Cards
ArchetypeThe Thunder type
Spell TypeDark
  • The majority of the Thunder Dragon archetype’s Light and Dark Attribute Thunder-type Monsters are centered on Fusion Summoning.
  • The Thunder Dragons are a Fusion-based Deck that focuses on employing Graveyard, Banish, and Discard effects that offer card advantage and reliable field presence.
  • Without the requirement for polymerization or effects that severely hinder the adversary from using their methods, the Fusion Monsters can be summoned.

Evil Twin

Deck List42 Cards
ArchetypeLive Twin Ki-sikil
Spell TypeControl
  • A deck called Evil Twin makes use of both the Evil Twin and Live Twin archetypes.
  • They do this by calling upon their opposite numbers as Quick Effects that may be used during either player’s turn.
  • A combo-style deck called Evil Twin seeks to end the combat as quickly as possible by activating its boss monsters.
  • As most of their combinations begin with a single card, the Deck can contain a variety of synergistic archetypes as well as disruptions like hand traps.


Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeDarklord Nasten
Spell TypePhysical
  • By sending monsters to the graveyard and then Special Summoning them back onto the field to initiate effects, Darklord frequently makes use of the graveyard.
  • A Darklord Deck has a lot of draw power with supporting cards since it uses the graveyard and has a DARK-heavy affinity.
  • It also has the ability to commit to an OTK when constructed properly.
  • Until an engine is added to the deck, Pure Darklord doesn’t have any unique combinations other than one or two.
  • Our first objective should be to summon a High-Level Darklord with enough Darklord Spells or Traps to trouble the opponent and win the upper hand in cards.


Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeStaple Madolche
Spell TypeControl
  • Madolche Decks are very difficult to deck out since they feature a lot of methods to reuse cards, such as spells and traps.
  • They may be sent to the hand or the deck when an adversary destroys them.
  • Moreover, Madolche Decks may work effectively with a wide variety of archetypes, which can substantially alter the playstyle.
  • A Madolche Deck may function as either a Control Deck that can continuously recycle its cards or a Deck that can surprise the opponent with OTK efforts, depending on how it is constructed.


Deck ListCards
ArchetypeCyberse Type
Spell TypeFusion
  • Cyberse-type monsters with a variety of attributes, mostly concentrating on Link Summoning, make up the @Ignister archetype.
  • Running a @Ignister Deck requires knowledge of all Special Summoning techniques, each of which has a unique set of abilities.
  • In order to flood the field with its recognizable monsters, who are all armed with potent effects that regulate the field, it links Special Summons together.
  • All of this builds to Link summoning The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister, the game’s sole LINK-6 monster.

Therion ABC

Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeAggro
  • With the aid of the “Therion” Engine, the ABC archetype is able to commit to its Extra Deck ace, ABC-Dragon Buster, with more regularity.
  • This Deck, the best Union archetype in the entirety of the game, depends on having resources in the GY banished to summon the titual Fusion monster.
  • Therion “King” Regulus may Special Summon itself with great might. It starts to link up with the ABC archetype at this point.


Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeAggro
  • Libromancer is a Ritual-based Deck with a very offensive core strategy that involves performing Ritual Summons one after another and obtaining extra effects by using monsters in the field as fodder.
  • It can sustain itself using its unique searchers and can change direction into monsters from the Extra Deck, particularly Xyz and Link Monsters.
  • The archetype’s twist is its unique Spell Card, Libromancer First Appearance.

C-Tier List Decks

This tier of decks is prone to underrating. Favorite Decks of the audience may wind up here, but they lack the power and reliability of Decks at higher levels. When used by dedicated players, these Decks may be a threat in duels and have the tools necessary to defeat better Decks.


Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeEvil HERO
Spell TypeAggro
  • A HERO Deck condenses all of the benefits of its sub-archetypes into a single coherent Deck, employing just 40 cards.
  • Fusion summoning is its biggest asset.
  • With Masked HERO monsters, Quick-Effect choices as well as conventional Fusion Monsters have incredibly potent effects.


Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeFusion
  • Rikka Decks are one of the rare archetypes with a Kaiju-like effect that uses the opponent’s monsters as tributes and relies on level manipulation to bring its main monsters out into the field.
  • Once they do, the Deck transforms into a false Control Deck due to its abundance of interruptions from spells, traps, and monster effects.
  • The primary goal of this Rikka Archetype Deck is to successfully lock your opponent out of their Extra Deck utilizing the Artifact Scythe Engine while summoning Monsters swiftly for Synchro Summons.
  • This gives you time to further develop your board and effectively OTK them on your subsequent turn.


Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeBlue-Eyes White Dragon
Spell TypeBeatdown
  • One of Yu-Gi-Oh! The most famous and recognized card is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
  • Once upon a time, it even succeeded in taking home the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship.
  • There are still some powerful cards in it, particularly in the Extra Deck, and it has some spectacular combinations that may put crucial cards on the field.
  • In the whole game, this dragon has the greatest stats of any Normal Monster.
  • Also, because it is a Level 8 monster and a Dragon-type monster, two of the most widely used monster kinds, it may be used in Rank 8 Xyz Monster plays, one of the simpler Ranks.


Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeControl
  • The Blackwings archetype started as a Synchro-heavy deck that depended on chaining summon after summon into stronger, level-up Blackwings Synchro monsters.
  • Onimaru the Divine Thunder and other boss monsters are known to be summoned by Blackwings’ propensity to swarm the field and chain Synchro Summons.
  • They also provide possibilities to use with Xyz Monsters and specific hand traps. With this Deck, a skilled player can perform an OTK.

Burning Abyss

Deck List42 Cards
ArchetypeBurning Abyss
Spell TypeControl
  • In Master Duel, Burning Abyss continues to be reliable and capable of competing with the best of the greatest.
  • The Extra Deck offers a wide range of choices, and the Main Deck is not to be outdone either with many floating effects.
  • As early as Turn 1, expect an Extra Deck Monster to be active on the field.

Ancient Gear

Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeAncient Gear
Spell TypeAggro
  • All Ancient Gear monsters have the same property, which prevents the activation of spells and traps whenever they make an attack.
  • Their ability to Special Summon certain monsters directly from the Deck is also pretty impressive, and their Extra Deck monsters are formidable in and of themselves.
  • The Deck contains surprisingly simple ways to summon important monsters, either from the Main Deck or Extra Deck, even though the Deck is not a combination.


Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypePhysical
  • Targeted effects are used by Rokket, especially if they originate from “Borrel” monsters.
  • They also value having a variety of alternatives in the Extra Deck for summoning, like how simple it is to summon from a certain archetype, which is an important part of the effective Rokket-based strategy known as Dragon Links.


Deck List37 Cards
Spell TypeAggro
  • By summoning monsters one after another, Raidraptors are renowned for their capacity to overrun the battlefield.
  • The ability to “Rank Up” an Xyz Monster into a stronger Xyz Monster is one of their special features, and Raidraptors have numerous Xyz Monsters with high Ranks to get an advantage over the competition.
  • It’s important to know that the effects may be employed at any time as long as it’s still the turn they were summoned since they can be activated on the turn they are Normal or Special Summoned.

Six Samurais

Deck ListCards
ArchetypeSix Samurai United
Spell TypeSynchro
  • One of the finest Synchro archetypes is Six Samurais.
  • They are effective in the early game because they may flood the field with stronger Extra Deck monsters, including Synchro, Xyz, and Link monsters.
  • A Six Samurai Deck might seem like a Control Deck when it has a complete board.
  • It wouldn’t take much for the Six Samurai monsters to take over the entire field if they used their effects sequentially.


Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypePaleo Frog
Spell TypeMonster-based
  • The majority of the cards in Paleozoic Decks are Normal Trap Cards, which may later be Special Summoned into Monsters.
  • Disruption after disruption slows down the game’s speed, and Rank 2 monsters have Extra Deck possibilities.
  • Using the combined strength of the Paleozoic and Frog engines, this deck’s major strength lies in its capacity to recycle cards into and out of the GY for use as material.


Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeXyz Beatdown
Spell TypeAggro
  • Infinitrack is a very aggressive Beatdown Deck that uses EARTH Machine Monsters to maximize card advantage before eradicating opposition with exceptionally high ATK monsters.
  • Also, they have choices in the Extra Deck that increase their firepower and control.


Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeFusion
  • Tellar monsters have Constellar and Stellarknight archetypes.
  • They swarm the field to provide presence and card advantage, focusing on Level 4 and Rank 4 monsters.
  • They may also Xyz Summon more advanced Xyz Monsters if they meet specific conditions.

Water Xyz

Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeWater-based
  • It’s interesting how many Level 4 WATER monsters tend to have effects that are naturally advantageous to generic WATER monsters, as well as card support that grants card advantage.
  • You can enhance this deck with several archetypes, like Sharks and Mermail, and results in a decent Xyz Monster-based Deck.


Deck List43 Cards
Spell TypeControl
  • Frog Decks are deadly due to their capacity to control the field and the speed of the game once they have their key monsters revealed, despite having low-Leveled and low-ranked monsters.
  • For instance, Toadally Awesome deserves special recognition for terrifying even the best Decks with its effect negation.


Deck List42 Cards
Spell TypeMonster-based
  • With Rank 8 being a popular Rank to have for Xyz Decks generally, Galaxy-Eyes Decks have a surprising amount of ease in putting Level 8 monsters out on the field.
  • They combine raw strength with flexible alternatives.
  • The ideal conditions allow Galaxy-Eyes to commit to an OTK attempt without much resistance.


Deck List43 Cards
ArchetypeUnion Monster
Spell TypeAggro
  • A-to-Z decks are debatably the finest Union Monster archetype in the game.
  • They focus on Contact Fusion and transforming important monsters into Equip Spells so you may save them for a future Fusion Summon.
  • They can also add several additional Extra Deck Monsters, such as Link and Xyz Monsters, to their Extra Deck, which can increase their attacking power or lengthen the summoning combo.
  • They also have a few unconventional assistance cards.

Rose Dragon

Deck List41 Cards
Spell TypeDragon-type
  • Rose Dragons are an unusual hybrid of Plant-type and Dragon-type monsters that you can best employ for Synchro Summoning since Synchro Monsters will get extra effects from the materials used to summon them.
  • It also features Rose Garden, a weakening Field Spell, and Black Rose Dragon, one of the greatest monsters for clearing the field.


Deck List42 Cards
Spell TypeControl
  • Witchcrafter is an uncommon type of Deck that you can use without an Extra Deck and relies heavily on Spell Cards to maintain card advantage and control of the field.
  • In order to retain control, it also possesses the remarkable ability to regularly replenish Spell Cards from the GY to the hand.

Ultra Athletes

Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeUltra Athlete
Spell TypeAggro
  • The summoning technique used by Ultra Athlete Decks, which involves sending a separate Ultra Athlete monster from the field back to the hand, has a distinctive play style.
  • This deck gives players field control while still having the ability to flood the field with powerful monsters, frequently without the need to draw from the Extra Deck.

Gren Maju

Deck List41 Cards
ArchetypeGren Maju’s ATK
Spell TypeFusion
  • The monster Gren Maju da Eiza is the centerpiece of this Deck. removing as many cards from the game as you can, increasing Gren Maju’s ATK absurdly.
  • Banished Cards from both players influence Gren Maju’s ATK, making banish effects essential to this deck.


Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeD/D/D Oblivion
Spell TypeAggro
  • The aggressive D/D/D deck challenges the player’s command of the various Extra Deck Special Summon techniques.
  • The lengthier the combination can chain, the more summons you can make.
  • A strong board might arise from a strong opening hand if you don’t have the right countermeasures, such as negating Effects and having at least two monsters with high ATK.
  • It helps players become familiar with every Extra Deck summoning technique in the game.
  • When configured properly, the board is challenging to clear away owing to several negative effects.

Infernoble Knight

Deck List42 Cards
ArchetypeNoble Knights
Spell TypeOffensive
  • Infernoble Knights closely connect to the “Noble Knights” archetype, which mostly uses Xyz Monsters.
  • However, Infernoble Knights prefer to employ Synchro Monsters from their Extra Deck.
  • They continue to emphasize the use of Equip Spells for both defense and offense.

The Winged Dragon Of Ra

Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeThe Winged Dragon of Ra
Spell TypeControl
  • The Winged Dragon of Ra is somewhat sluggish in comparison to the more meta-defining decks.
  • Instead of flooding the field, they manage it by employing effects that assist clear it.
  • They may even occasionally turn their opponent’s own monsters against them as tribute fodder.
  • Ra appears in each of its three different guisesthe traditional look, Sphere Mode, and Immortal Phoenix version
  • The focus of the Deck is on these three cards’ abilities and getting them out onto the field as quickly as possible to wreak havoc and exert control.


Deck List41 Cards
Spell TypeSynchro
  • A Zefra Deck focuses on Pendulum Summoning, but it also employs other summoning techniques when appropriate for the archetypes mentioned in illustrative cards, like Rituals with Nekroz and Synchros with Yang Zing.
  • There is a sense of surprise about what kind of Zefra Deck this can give by the large range of archetypes this Deck can support.


Deck List43 Cards
ArchetypeXyz Ghostric
Spell TypePhysical 
  • Monsters from Levels 1 to 4 and the associated Xyz Monster saw frequently in Ghostrick Decks.
  • They frequently utilize flip effects as well as effects that make monsters assume the Defensive Posture while facing the ground.
  • This deck prolongs play while gradually accumulating power and an advantage, but it may also actively participate in stall, mill, and burn effects.

Rogue-Tier List Decks

Rogue Decks aren’t always awful, but you won’t see them much since the higher-tiered Decks are too strong to ignore. You shouldn’t undervalue Decks in this tier, but they do have the potential to disrupt other Duels. Keep your guard up when facing the mentioned Decks.

Dinosaur Bishbaalkin FTK

Deck List41 Cards
Spell TypePhysical
  • Dino Bishbaalkin FTK is a challenging yet enjoyable deck. These Dinosaurs prepare to retake control of the land because of an array of lines of play that produce a quick game with only one round.
  • With as many tokens as possible summoned and used to complete the first-turn kill combination, Dinosaur Bishbaalkin FTK revolves around the game’s title monster, Phantasmal Lord Ultimitl Bishbaalkin.
  • Transverser will exchange Bishbaalkin’s position with the opponent’s monster after Bishbaalkin reaches 8000 Attack points.
  • Then Machu Mech will utilize its effect to massively burn down your opponent.


Deck List42 Cards
Spell TypeControl
  • While Ritual Summoning, Nekroz was once the most dreaded Ritual-based archetype in the game because of how well he controlled resources.
  • It has incredibly adaptable Ritual Spell Cards and may prevent the opponent from utilizing their Extra Deck. It also consistently gives players a card advantage.
  • Owing to its several searchers, Nekroz of Clausolas and Nekroz of Brionac, while being a shadow of its former existence, Nekroz is nonetheless ludicrously consistent.


Deck List43 Cards
Spell TypeFusion
  • Although not have access to its stronger Xyz Monsters during the N/R Rarity Festival, the Melffy archetype can still stand alone and be a highly potent Deck, especially when coupled with the potent Tri-Birgade engine.
  • A Melffy Deck has a lot of disruptive cards, and it coupled with more Xyz Materials, the more disruptive its Xyz Monsters become.
  • Although there are many different interruptions and trap cards available, grinding decks like Melffy Decks will struggle to build up against a more aggressive deck.


Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypePegasus’ Toon
Spell TypeAggro
  • With an improved version of the named Spell Card, a Toon Deck does feature some strong cards and plenty of defense.
  • Unfortunately, Toon World itself is this Deck’s weak spot; as soon as this card or any other card with its name leaves the field, it may wipe out all Toon monsters in instant.
  • This Toon Deck is full of monsters who give an almost invincible appearance by the new Spell Card Toon Kingdom.
  • Use these creatures to attack your opponent directly to swiftly reduce their Life Points to zero.


Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeDark
  • With its distinctive gameplay, Infernity rewards a player for holding no cards, even if they have cards that support this tactic.
  • If the player gets handless, The Deck’s monsters acquire benefits, and it even recommends utilizing every card in your hand as quickly as you can to keep it.

Black Luster Soldier

Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeBlack Luster Soldier
Spell TypeFusion
  • The Black Luster Soldier deck is not the most powerful. Their FTKS and OTKs are not well-known.
  • You may get a Monster Card that is immune to card effects and gains 1500 ATK for each monster your opponent controls by using one of your Black Luster Soldier cards to link summon Black Luster Soldier – Soldier of Chaos.
  • In other words, the more battles and time spent on the field, the stronger and more intimidating it gets.

Gimmick Puppet

Deck List41 Cards
ArchetypeGimmick Puppet
Spell TypePhysical
  • Gimmick Puppets emphasizes Rank 8 Xyz Monsters with pressure tolerance.
  • The majority of their effects profit on the presence of powerful monsters by the opponent, either by eliminating them with Gimmick Puppet effects or by snatching triumphs owing to an Instant Win condition to satisfy.


Deck List43 Cards
ArchetypeXyz OTK based
Spell TypeSynchro
  • Utopia is a powerful Xyz base Deck in and of itself, with several methods to activate higher-Ranked Xyz monsters.
  • It is possible for Utopia to perform many OTKs with “Double or Nothing,” but given the number of hand traps that might counter the tactic, it would be better to stick to dominating field presence.

Railway Train

Deck List42 Cards
ArchetypeRailway Train
Spell TypeDefensive
  • Monsters at Level 10 and Rank 10 ought to have incredible firepower based on their stats.
  • Several Railway Train Decks even encourage OTK attempts in an effort to overwhelm the opponent and swiftly claim victory in a duel.

Dark Magician

Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeMagician’s Robe
Spell TypeFusion
  • A Dark Magician Deck includes a wide range of support cards and you may it blend with other archetypes to go in different ways.
  • Getting the Level 7 Normal Monster in question onto the field as soon as possible, or at the very least being there, is a crucial tactic.
  • A few monsters that can Special Summon them from the GY or Deck, like Magicians’ Souls, Magician’s Robe, and Apprentice Illusion Magician, are helpful.

Cyber Dragons

Deck List43 Cards
Spell TypeAggro
  • A strong Aggro deck containing one of Cyber Dragon Infinity’s top Xyz Boss Monsters, optional Fusion Monsters with potent attack effects, and simple combos.
  • It may defeat meta decks on a good day, but combinations can become one-dimensional and simple to read.


Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeAggro
  • With several variations on how to use the Warriors archetype, Red-Eyes always could compete with the best.
  • The emphasis of this Red-Eyes deck is speed. specifically, calling forth powerful monsters one after another to swiftly overwhelm your adversary.
  • It still has some identity issues, though, and Master Duel’s Dark Dragon ban dealt serious damage to its tier viability.
  • You may special summon the Red-Eyes Black Dragon using the Black Dragon’s Chick as tribute if you have both a Black Dragon’s Chick and a Red-Eyes Black Dragon in your hand.


Deck List43 Cards
Spell TypeFire
  • Playing the fluffals archetype is enjoyable. These are adorable tiny critters, but when partnered with their Edge Imp brothers, they can fuse into frightfur monsters with powerful abilities that make it simple to defeat your foe.
  • Due to their incredibly potent boss monsters, Fluffals can be a strong contender for inclusion in Fusion-based decks.
  • Shortly after you utilize this deck in a Fusion Summon, the Main Deck monsters have means of finding and recycling “Polymerization.”


Deck List42 Cards
ArchetypeBeat Down
Spell TypeSynchro
  • With its Synchro Monsters, a Junk Deck often has a lot of alternatives to weigh, with the majority of them possessing abilities to help them in combat.
  • They could be the source of strength for the Stardust Synchro Monster archetype, for instance.


Deck List41 Cards
ArchetypeDark and Light
Spell TypeOffensive
  • A monster archetype known as Cubic has a variety of traits, chiefly Dark and Light.
  • If knocking your opponent down is insufficient, it excels at overwhelming them with a high-attack monster that is immune to monster effects and also burns their Life Points.
  • A Cubic Deck is rigid in terms of tech cards, but when used properly, it can summon some very potent Extra Deck monsters and deal a lot of Effect Damage.
  • When one of these monsters declares an attack, it immediately reduces the opponent’s Life Points by half.


Deck List43 Cards
Spell TypeControl
  • Being one of the first “Anti-Meta” tactics, a Gravekeepers Deck may astound players by being able to stay up with the meta in its own manner.
  • Necrovalley, a powerful Field Spell that traps cards in the Graveyard and prevents them from leaving while Gravekeeper monsters may get around this constraint, is the centerpiece of their deck.
  • Run Gravekeepers monsters, which are all impact monsters that offer advantageous effects, if you want to ensure that you can maintain control of the field while this Deck’s crucial Field Spell is active on the field.


Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeDomain Monarch
Spell TypeAggro
  • Monarchs are an aggressively strong Archetype since they have the capacity to wipe out an opponent’s resources just by being on the field.
  • This card represents a bygone era in which Special Summoning and Tribute Summoning were equally laborious.
  • The archetype can be sluggish because the Deck frequently does not contain Extra Decks, and you do need regular fodder to effectively execute Tribute Summoning, but it still has a strong impact in Master Duel as soon as one is Tribute Summon.


Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypePhysical
  • Having all five components of Exodia in hand is the only way to win in Exodia decks.
  • There is always a little element of chance that involves reaching that victory condition and drawing all five cards.
  • You must tread cautiously because several cards have the power to negate this tactic by itself.

Noble Knights

Deck List45 Cards
ArchetypeWarrior type
Spell TypeMonster based 
  • Noble Knights, one of the more distinctive Warrior archetypes, equips its monsters with a variety of Equip Spell Cards.
  • Although offering different sorts of protection when attached to a Noble Knight monster, their effects can range from boosted attack to recycling effects when destroyed and sent to the Graveyard.


Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypePure OTK based
Spell TypeSynchro
  • None are as unexpected in terms of power to relative Rank as the Numeron Xyz monsters.
  • You can summon four Xyz Monsters with a certain combination, and if you attack repeatedly, you can end up with a monster with 16000 ATK.
  • The opportunity to summon the game’s sole monster with a 100,000 ATK cap poses an additional risk.


Deck List45 Cards
ArchetypePlant based
Spell TypeControl
  • This Deck, a Plant-based archetype, uses the ability to gain Life Points to keep the field under control.
  • The more time that passes in a duel, the more likely it is that the opponent will clean away the Aroma Deck’s Spells and Traps, which are its mainstay.

Phantasm Spiral

Deck List44 Cards
ArchetypePhantasm Spiral
Spell TypeControl
  • In rare instances, the main monster in Phantasm Spiral Decks is a Normal Monster.
  • The interruptions it causes make it challenging to deploy Effect Monsters, and the addition of the adaptable Umi field spell makes the Deck even more potent.
  • Moreover, The Deck has an Instant Victory feature that they may use to humiliate their rivals.


Deck List41 Cards
Spell TypeAggro
  • Because of the Pendulum Effects that the majority of the monsters in this archetype share, Solfachord Pendulum Summons are challenging to counter.
  • Depending on the set of pendulum scales, it can trigger other effects, some of which assist in adjusting the pendulum scales.
  • The Deck also appreciates the Extra Deck’s flexible interpretation, which lets you decide which cards to deploy as assistance.


Deck List43 Cards
Spell TypePhysical
  • A Vampire Deck concentrates on manipulating resources, such as milling the opponent’s Deck, spending and gaining Life Points, and even seizing control of the opponent’s creatures.
  • This Zombie archetype wonderfully captures the notion of being a vampire.

Evil Eye

Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeControl
  • Evil Eye of Selene, a titular Equip Spell, is the centerpiece of the Deck’s power.
  • When you equip Evil Eye monsters, their effects become Fast Effects, and receive a few additional bonuses.
  • Extra cards are also recognized as the Evil Eye of Selene in case the primary card is blocked.


Deck List43 Cards
ArchetypeAgent Archetype
Spell TypeSynchro
  • The Agent Deck has a few cards that have been in Yu-Gi-Oh for a very long time.
  • And with a few tweaks with other Fairy-type monsters and archetypes, may provide access to Synchro Summons and Link Summons to swiftly summon a strong board.

Cupid Pitch Turbo

Deck List40 Cards
ArchetypeCupid Pitch Turbo
Spell TypeSynchro
  • The Cupid Pitch Turbo Deck is a variation on a highly popular engine that uses Crystron Halqifibrax and Mecha Phantom Beast Auroradon to bring out a number of Synchro and Link monsters with extremely potent effects.
  • A field full of boss beasts may be yours if the combination persists long enough.
  • Its ability to increase or decrease its level as a Synchro Tuner has a big impact on the game, and this card’s function allows you to anticipate its string of combos.


Deck List40 Cards
Spell TypeControl
  • One of the first archetypes in Yu-Gi-Oh! history, harpies have developed into an extremely aggressive archetype.
  • The main goal of the Harpie archetype is to interrupt your opponent’s playstyle by breaking the momentum.
  • You can also interrupt by returning their monsters to their hand or even by destroying their spells or traps.
  • Indeed, it’s one of the more grating archetypes to combat. They may abruptly swarm the field and cause a variety of disturbances from the most unlikely places.
  • Moreover, they work constructively with other Winged Beast monsters in some capacity.

Ojama-Tier List Decks

Decks in this tier will struggle to pull off an upset unless specific circumstances come into play that make achieving victory conditions simpler. One may think of Ojama Tier as the scrap heap. Any Deck can succeed on a good day with a strong beginning hand. But at this tier, you will have an uphill struggle.


Deck List42 Cards
Spell TypeFusion-based
  • Low-stat monsters that concentrate on certain Normal Monsters as important cards in the Deck are a well-known trait of Ojama.
  • Their key weapon is their Fusion Monsters, which keep the opposition from employing several Monster Zones and thereby subdue them.


The key to victory in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is choosing the best Decks from the enormous selection offered. You might not be familiar with all of the Decks and how to use them best because there are so many of them. This Master Duel Tier List ranks various Decks according to their distinct strengths and abilities to streamline the selection process.

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