Neural Cloud Tier List: All Characters Ranked [2023]

Best And Worst Characters In Neural Cloud Tier List

Neural Cloud is a new game with stunning anime graphics and addicting gameplay. It contains 5 character types, named as Medics, Fighters, Snipers, Guardians, and Specialists. Each character type requires a different playstyle to be used effectively. To choose the best character easily, we have created a comprehensive Neural Cloud Tier List for each character type, the same as we did for Best Units in Epic Seven.

Key Takeaways
  • There are more than 60 Characters in Neural Cloud Game. We have selected the Best 44 Characters.
  • Characters are ranked under different categories including Guardian, Fighter, Snipper, Specialist, and Medic
  • SP – Special Characters are powerful but situational. They’re worth having in your collection, even if you only use them occasionally.
  • S Tier – Best Characters, are widely favored and wield significant impact. With their versatility, they can be applied to a range of functions, and their simplicity makes them easy to utilize, even for novices.
  • Tier A – Good Characters, are strong and useful in the end game. They’re slightly more situational than Tier S, but easier to obtain.
  • Tier B – Average Characters, are strong in the early game and can be leveled up. But they become less effective later, so replace them with higher-tier characters when possible.
  • Tier C – Below Average Characters are primarily suitable for beginners and require significant investment to improve their power and usefulness.
  • Each Character is ranked in a Tier based on its characteristics like MaxHP, ATK, Hashrate, and Defence.

Here is the complete classification of Neural Cloud Characters ranked in certain categories from best to worst.

SPYannyVee, SolFlorence
SEvelyn, CroqueAki, FernHubble, Earhart, TwigsSakuya, Angela, Rise, BanxsyNanaka, Persicaria
ABonee, PythonChelsea, BettySimo, Lam, Max, Mai, Dushevnaya, AntoninaGin
BZion, SouchunCentaureissiOctogen, Daiyan, Fresnel, AbigailImhotep, Jessie, De Lacey
CKuro, ChanzhiGroove, KseniaPanakeia, Choco 

Neural Cloud Tier List: Guardians

Neural Cloud Guardians List
Guardians – Neural Cloud


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Yanny is a skilled fighter. She wields an anchor as big as herself, using it to swing around and drag enemies closer in order to attack them. She appears to have lost some of her memories, with vague dreams of a white figure sinking into the sea with an unknown significance.

Yanny’s signature move is her ability to throw her anchor at the start of each fight to drag an enemy into melee range. This tactic allows him to take down enemies that are weaker or more vulnerable quickly. At 4-star level, Yanny can throw the anchor multiple times per battle, increasing her versatility in combat.

Overall, Yanny is a formidable fighter with a unique weapon and ability, making her a valuable asset in battles. However, her lack of memories and the mystery surrounding her dreams suggest that there may be more to her story than meets the eye.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Evelyn is a character who takes her job as a cop seriously, abiding by the rules and protocols, except when she deems it necessary to use excessive force. Her unique preferences and equipment, such as her love for donuts, coffee, and shotguns, make her stand out from her colleagues in the Red Velvet City police department. 

She has a unique preference for donuts and coffee, considering them a fulfilling dinner. She’s also equipped with a mobile barricade and what appears to be a Benelli M4 shotgun, indicating her proficiency with firearms. Her left eye is covered by an eyepatch, but the cause is unknown, although she had both eyes intact while training with Python several years before Project Neural Cloud begins.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence
SGuard 240650 78   113

A very strong unit, that acts as a Starter Mons with a 3-star rarity, giving players access to her ultimate skill right from the start. Her Aegis Shield grants her a shield equivalent to a portion of her maximum health while her active skill taunts all enemies on the field. 

She unveils her giant robot, Dirac, and shows her love for the Mecha genre. Her ultimate tosses her shield into the sky, which transforms into a mech, raining fire on all enemies in the field. 

She is a skilled mechanical engineer, but her field of expertise extends to high-energy reactors and other adjacent areas. She heals herself passively according to her Computing Power stat, and while she is seen chewing on Pocky in most of her artwork, she prefers to stay in her room and work on machinery rather than interact with the outside world.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence
AGuard  1123  29 44       63

Bonee is quite good at tanking the damage from Encapsulate, but this damage might as well be true damage since it isn’t affected by Phys DEF Can bring Reflection to help the backline, but gains in terms of damage are very small.

She has a powerful passive ability called “HP Shield,” which provides her with an HP Shield at the start of a battle that equals 200% of her Hashrate. Additionally, when healed, she gains an extra HP Shield that equals 10% of the healing received.

Her active ability is called “Implanted Armor,” which provides a 150% Hashrate HP Shield to the ally unit with the lowest HP percentage. This shield boosts the ally’s Physical/Operand DEF by 200 and increases their healing received by 20% over the next five seconds. When used on herself, the effect of this ability is doubled.

Her ultimate ability is called “Medullary Transfusion.” This ability consumes her HP Shield and grants all other ally units a Shield that equals 10% of her Max HP plus a 20% HP Shield value. This is a useful ability for keeping the team alive during tough battles.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

He has a variety of traits and abilities that make him a formidable fighter. His auto skill, Ronson Flames, engulfs his axe in flames, which reduces the attack range of enemies he hits to just two tiles. Python’s passive, Systema Strike, debuffs the Physical and Operand Defense of enemies he attacks while increasing his own defensive stats. 

In his backstory, detailed in Operation Quench, Python served as a military instructor, training both human soldiers and T-Dolls. Despite his harsh mannerisms, he has a soft side, as shown in his desire to keep other dolls safe and help mentally immature dolls. 

His ultimate skill, Snake Eater, allows him to throw a smoke grenade at an ally, making them untargetable by enemies and increasing their damage output.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence
BGuard  1230  32  46     55

Zion is a unique character in the game with a Critical Status Buff that gives her a powerful shield that becomes stronger as she takes more damage. Additionally, she has a distinctive speech pattern due to an accident that occurred during her last expedition, making her speak in Hulk Speak. 

Zion’s ultimate ability, Ruin’s Transposition, grants her Super Armor and an HP Shield equivalent to 30% of her Max HP. She creates an alkene force field around herself in a 2-tile range for 6 seconds. Non-Derivative Damage received by all other ally units within the field is transferred to Zion instead. 

When the skill ends, True Damage is dealt to all enemies on the field equivalent to 10% of the damage absorbed. True Damage ignores physical or calc defense and does not activate thorns, lifesteal, or other damage-related effects, nor does it trigger function and skill-related damage conditions. 

Unfortunately, it cannot be repaired without negatively affecting her overall neuronal. Despite this, her entry to Project Neural Cloud gives hope that she may finally be able to fix her speech. Lastly, she wields a spade as her weapon of choice, making her stand out from other characters.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence
BGuard   1601  43   64     68

Souchun is a gentle and helpful character, who wields a miniaturized terrarium as a shield and uses Vine Tentacles to stop enemy attacks. Though she is socially functional, she is also a bit shy on sensitive topics, possibly related to her feelings for Professor. Her passive ability, Mending of the Verdant, increase her maximum HP and heals her after every three normal attacks. She can trigger this effect up to 10 times, and every 30 extra HP gained boosts her Operand DEF.

Her active ability, Malachite Constraint, summons vines that bind enemies within one tile and deal damage to them while disarming them for three seconds. Suchen also heals herself by 0.5% of her Max HP multiplied by the number of bound enemies. Her ultimate ability, Bramble Prison, deals critical damage to enemies by knocking them airborne and trapping them in thorns for four seconds. This ability deals Operand Damage equal to 100% of her Hashrate.

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Neural Cloud Tier List: Fighter

Neural Cloud Fighters List
Fighters – Neural Cloud


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Vee is a standout Long-Range Fighter. What sets her apart from other Fighters is her impressive attack range that is on par with that of Snipers. This means that Vee can take out enemies from a distance, without putting herself in harm’s way.

But it’s not just her fighting prowess that makes Vee a fan favorite. Her character design also earns her the title of Ms. Fanservice. Her clothing prominently features a revealing cleavage that catches the eye. Additionally, her ultimate move features an animation that focuses on this same area, albeit briefly. It’s worth noting that this aspect of her design has been censored in both the Chinese and Global versions of the game.

Overall, Vee is a formidable fighter with a design that is sure to catch the attention of many players. 


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence
SPFighter15375862   45

Adventurer Archaeologist Sol is a formidable character, possessing combat capabilities on par with military dolls. In Chapter 6, players learn that Sol’s Berserk Button is triggered by indoor environments, but despite being a Dumb Muscle who values combat over science, Sol is a Nice Girl who prioritizes the well-being of her comrades.

Her Alsvior sword is a Flaming Sword that inflicts stacks of burning damage on enemies, and her Parrying Bullets passive skill reduces damage taken by parrying ranged attacks. Sol’s phobia of the supernatural can sometimes get in the way of her duties as an adventurer, but her mix of combat prowess and positive personality makes her a valuable asset to any team.

Sol’s ultimate ability, Blazing Blade of Leo, deals Operand Damage equal to 200% Hashrate to all enemies within range and deals additional True Damage equal to 50% Hashrate if the enemy has a stack of Burn. With these abilities, players will find Sol to be a force to be reckoned with in combat.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence
SFighter19678267    53

Aki is an excellent warrior but only when he isn’t slacking off training. He is often a butt-monkey in the story, and his ideal samurai image is undermined in some incidents. Aki is part of the Bodyguard SP model line, which is marketed to rich clients for private security. His passive grants additional critical damage and raises the critical chance of non-crit attacks until it produces one. 

He appears to be fond of teddy bears and enjoys idol shows. Aki’s ultimate is either the best room clearer or a piddly single-target nuke that’s overshadowed by other Ultimates, especially if it doesn’t critically hit.                                                                                                  

Scarlet Moon’s passive grants a 20% increase in Crit Damage, and for every Normal Attack that doesn’t crit, the Crit Damage is increased by 10%. The effect expires when a Normal Attack deals with a Critical Hit.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence
SFighter13804473     53

Fern’s research dolls were reinforced for combat after a ruin site’s destruction, which she was a part of. Fern uses a mattock, which she had 42Lab upgrade to the level of military weapons, and can summon a skeletal pterodactyl to assist in combat.

Her active skill, Solnhofen’s Hunt, summons a Fossil Dragon to throw the current target into an empty tile near the farthest enemy, dealing Operand Damage equal to 50% Hashrate to the target and nearby enemy units within 1 tile, and stunning them for 0.8 seconds.

Her ultimate skill, Ancestral Shriek, summons a giant Fossil Dragon, knocking back all enemies on the battlefield to the far right, dealing Operand Damage equal to 100% Hashrate to affected enemies, and stunning them for 2.67 seconds.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence
AFighter11134443    37

Chelsea is a firefighter and uses a water jet cutter for her basic attacks, with a fire hose for her Spin Attack active skill, which hits all nearby enemies and reduces their armor. Her passive, High-Pressure Cutter, adds extra physical damage to her Normal Attacks on enemies behind her target.

Her Super Hydraulic Pump active skill deals physical damage and knocks back or stuns surrounding enemies, while her ultimate skill, Supercooled Nitrogen, inflicts critical physical damage and Frozen status on all enemy units, reducing their movement and attack speed for 5 seconds.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence
AFighter15375959       58

Betty’s personality is heavily influenced by cats. She has a call-forward to a character from Girls’ Frontline named IDW, who is well-known within that game’s community. Her catchphrase is “da Nya!” which is a common cat-like expression in Japanese. 

Additionally, her basic attack is called Betty’s Fluffy Punch, and her ultimate, Chatte Finale, has her clawing at her enemies while yelling “Betty Punch!” Overall, this character’s design and abilities are consistent with her feline theme.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence
BFighter21117874       67

Centaureissi is a combat maid who uses a vacuum cleaner as her weapon. She fights by throwing knives, with her Auto Skill and Ultimate involving dozens of throwing knives. She is named after the German word 36, reflecting her model designation and weapon of choice. 

Her passive skill causes her normal attacks to deal damage to the target and all enemies within 1 tile, stunning them for 0.8 seconds, while her active skill controls the target for 3.47 seconds and launches 6 consecutive strikes, dealing damage to the target and all surrounding enemies within 1 tile. Her ultimate skill, Maid’s Triumph, involves her throwing 20 knives in the selected direction, dealing damage to the first enemy hit.

Neural Cloud Tier List: Sniper

Neural Cloud Snippers List
Snippers – Neural Cloud


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Hubble is a versatile astronomer who excels both in her research and writing. Though she may appear to be a bit of a daydreamer, she has a no-nonsense side and will stand up to those who abuse her kindness. 

Her unique abilities in battle include throwing miniature planets as her basic attack, conjuring a black hole with her ultimate that stuns enemies and clumps them together, and dealing area damage with her passive Empyrean Alignment. 

Her Grand Starfall active skill does heavy damage to the enemy with the greatest ATK and splash damage to nearby enemies, while her ultimate skill, Stellar Annihilation, summons a black hole that deals massive Operand Damage and stuns enemies for two seconds.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Amelia Earhart, an E-Pilot named after the famous aviator, is an expert in aviation who can pilot different types of aircraft with minimal retraining and navigate without GPS. Her Avenger’s Roar passive grants her a boost in attack speed and faster charge time for her Auto Skill after landing a critical hit. 

Earhart’s Death’s Dive active skill has her board her attack plane to inflict extra Operand Damage to her targets while gaining super armor. Her ultimate, Neptune’s Onslaught, unleashes a massive area-of-effect attack that deals with Operand Damage and the the increases critical hit chance for each enemy hit.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Chanzi, formerly known as Twigs, is a character with a kit focused on rapidly firing sewing needles called “Flechettes”. Her attacks apply stacks of “Embroidery” which detonate for physical damage. Despite her skills, she is gullible and often falls victim to fraud. 

Her “Opulent Brocade” actively splits normal attacks into 3 shots, penetrating targets and detonating all Needlework marks at the end of its duration. Her “Magnificent Embroidery” ultimately fires needles in a selected direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies in range, and can extend the duration of “Quilting” if used while active.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence
ASniper6454941    20

Simo Hayha is named after a famous figure, who was used as a test subject for a combat suppression program called Gladiator. As part of the Gaul line, Simo is a specialist in recon and stealth. Her passive skill grants him the Stealth buff after every 5 normal attacks, making him untargetable, and he dashes to a nearby tile. 

The Ultimate Skill, Wintery Stillness, provides the Stealth buff and regenerating health to his entire party for a few seconds, allowing them some time to recover. Another skill, Crossbow Sequence has him firing 6 arrows dealing physical damage to enemy units. Simo’s unique skillset makes him a valuable asset for any team in the game.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Lam is equipped with a gigantic blaster cannon that is bigger than the machine gun she uses in the game. Her attack speed is capped at 100, and any excess attack speed is converted into critical chance instead. Her Ultimate Skill, Vector Bayonet, fires a large laser beam that deals heavy Operand damage to any enemies in its path. 

Lam’s Focused Disintegrator Skill deals damage to the enemy with the greatest HP percentage, and the damage dealt increases for every 1% HP the target has remaining. Lastly, her Vector Tunneling Ultimate Skill fires the Vector Cannon in the chosen direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies in its path.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Max is a hardworking combat doll who is easily provoked and has an obsession with electromagnets, which is reflected in her combat abilities. Her Normal Attacks inflict Electrocute on the target and another enemy within range, and her Super Piezopolymer ability summons a ball of lightning that deals Operand Damage to enemies in the area, with a chance to stun them. 

Her Ultimate Skill, Polarized Electric Field, releases an Electric Field that stuns enemies and inflicts True Damage on all enemies along the way. Despite her quirks, Max is extremely dedicated to her work and willingly joins dangerous experiments, which have resulted in multiple repairs.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Octogen is designed without any hardware or software limiters, intended to be used in military applications. Her primary method of attack is chucking explosives, as she is a demolition expert, and his name comes from a military-grade explosive called HMX. 

Additionally, the passive skill enhances every third normal attack to deal additional operand damage, and her active skill, Demolitions Pageant, drops 5 bombs that explode on contact with an enemy or after 5 seconds to deal operand damage to all enemies within a 1-tile radius. Finally the ultimate, Curtain Call, deals massive operand damage to all enemies within the selected tile, but it comes at the cost of 100% of Octogen’s current health, incapacitating him.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Daiyan has sparked renewed interest in traditional Chinese music. She is also skilled in playing other traditional instruments and designing her own performance attire. Her analytical and observant nature has helped her deduce important information, and she is a supportive colleague to her teammates. 

Despite her gentle demeanor, Daiyan can be strict when it comes to food, scolding those who disrespect it. She is known for her sisterly nature, caring for those around her, and even searching for her own sister. Daiyan’s seriousness about music and art is highly respected by those around her, and she is seen as a cool big sister and a loyal friend to all.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Fresnel is a combatant who uses her expertise in optics to wield various lasers in battle. Her name is derived from Augustin-Jean Fresnel, a famous physicist known for his contributions to optics and light. 

Fresnel’s passive ability allows her to teleport to a random tile if hit by melee attacks and reduces damage taken by 25% while removing all debuffs. She also enters Stealth for 2 seconds. When using her active ability, Pulse Laser, Fresnel fires a ricocheting laser beam that deals 60% Hashrate Operand Damage to enemies in its path and inflicts 1 stack of Burn to the target. 

Her ultimate ability, Supercritical Flash, focuses a ray of light that deals 70% Hashrate Operand Damage per second to enemies in a selected area. Targets with Burn receive additional True Damage equal to 20% Hashrate for 3 seconds.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Kuro is a skilled streamer who uses her drone to live stream and travel, and even attacks with it in battle. Despite being banned for having a meltdown on-stream, she leverages the freedom of being an independent streamer to fight against her own fanbase, which makes her even more popular. 

Her main weapon is an assault rifle with a keyboard, and her game plan involves spamming a stream of weaponized chat comments against a single target. Kuro idolizes Nanaka, despite her “toxic gamer” behavior, and has a passive that creates additional “Danmaku” and an active skill that channels an attack for 3 seconds. Her ultimate skill throws a grenade, creating a “Minefield” that deals additional Operand Damage to enemies in the area.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Chanzi, formerly known as Twigs, is a famous character. Her kit is focused on firing sewing needles, called flechettes, rapidly to apply stacks of “Embroidery” on her targets, which can then be detonated for physical damage.

Chanzi is portrayed as a Genius Ditz due to her fallibility and gullibility, likely influenced by her mentors. In addition to using sewing needles as her primary weapon, she offers Aki a padded jacket to wear during battle, which ends up being unhelpful. 

Her abilities include “Floral Adornment” passive, which deals physical damage to targets, “Opulent Brocade” active, which causes normal attacks to split into three shots and deal physical damage to all enemies in their path, and “Magnificent Embroidery” ultimate, which fires needles to deal physical damage to all enemies in range and extend the duration of “Quilting” when used while it’s activated.

Neural Cloud Tier List: Specialist

Neural Cloud Specialist List
Specialist – Neural Cloud


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Sakuya is a gardener with deadly shears. Her skills are designed to take down tough enemies and bosses with her Bleed debuff, which causes her foes to lose health over time. Her Shear Menace skill utilizes her favorite tool, gardening shears, while her passive, Wilting Flowers, marks the target for a 10% chance to inflict Bleed for five seconds. 

The Remnant Leaves skill deals physical damage and inflicts Bleed on nearby enemies within two tiles, and records enemies with full stacks of Bleed to be reactivated later.

Finally, her Thousand Snowy Leaves ultimate deals physical damage to all enemies in a selected direction and randomly inflicts 1-9 stacks of Bleed. With Sakuya’s Bleed scaling with the victim’s max HP, she is an expert at wearing down even the toughest of enemies.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Angela sounds like a very caring and devoted member of the Oasis, particularly towards her students and younger dolls. Her unique abilities such as Cooldown Manipulation and Passive make her a useful addition to any battle team. 

It’s interesting to note that despite being an artificial being, she was able to experience emotions such as envy and a desire for her own childhood, indicating a level of self-awareness and growth beyond her programming. Overall, Angela seems like a valuable and multi-talented member of the Oasis.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Rise (MG36) possesses a unique set of abilities that make her a valuable asset in any battle. Her Dossier ability targets weaker enemies with low HP, inflicting the Dossier debuff that causes them to take 10% more damage per stack. Outsider’s Concord enhances the unit that deals the final blow to an enemy with 5% of their ATK and Hashrate until the end of the battle. 

Hawkins Archive’s active ability targets enemies with decreasing HP percentages, inflicting stacks of Exclusive Files that increase all damage taken by 5% for 6 seconds.

Finally, her Befogged Stakling ultimate ability allows her to focus fire on a selected target for 4 seconds, enhancing all ally units with 15% of the target’s ATK and Hashrate until the end of battle if the target falls. Overall, Hawkins is a versatile and strategic character with powerful abilities that can turn the tide of any battle.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Banxsy’s Way of the Streets passively inflicts Graffiti marks on targets, reducing their Hit Rate and Dodge Rate by 10%. The mark doesn’t stack. The Ungoverned Skater active skill searches for an unmarked enemy unit and approaches them, turning the tile beneath them and the immediate neighboring tiles into Stained Tiles for 5 seconds. 

The skill deals with Physical Damage equal to 200% ATK in that area and inflicts Graffiti marks on enemies that pass over or stay on the Stained Tiles during this time. After the target-seeking ends, the Carnival starts, lasting for 2 seconds.

The Subverting Artistry ultimate skill detonates all Graffiti Marks on the battlefield, dealing Physical Damage equal to 100% ATK and inflicting Tagged that lasts for 7 seconds, reducing the Hit Rate and Dodge Rate by 40%.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Mai has weather-based skills that allow her to create storms and tornadoes on the battlefield. She is also heavier than other dolls, which prevents her from being blown away during adverse weather conditions. The Raging Turbulence boosts the attack speed of ally units directly ahead and behind her by 10% at the start of the battle. 

Her Sweeping Storm actively creates a tornado that lasts for 5 seconds, dealing Operand Damage equal to 20% Hashrate per second and inflicting blindness on nearby enemies. The Cascading Windbloom ultimate channels for 4 seconds, summoning a storm on 7 selected tiles, dealing Operand Damage equal to 35% Hashrate every 0.4 seconds, and inflicting blindness while decreasing enemy skill charge by 2 seconds.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Dushevnaya, despite her childlike appearance, is a caring and responsible doll designed to take care of others. Her Heroic backstory tells how she formed a bond with an old lady in a nursing home only for her to leave to find her family, breaking Dushevnaya’s heart. The Passive ability, Innocuous Melody, transforms her Normal Attacks to affect all nearby units, granting Inspiration to allies and applying Cacophony to enemies. 

The Active skill, Carefree Cavalcade, activates her Passive skill’s effect on all units for 3.8 seconds. Her Ultimate skill, Immaculate Gift, grants Sublimation to a selected ally unit or inflicts Weak-Minded on a selected enemy unit. Sublimation increases Hashrate by 30%, while Weak-Minded reduces Operand DEF by 20%.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Antonina, is a Network Security Specialist. She is an expert in breaching networks. Her unique Trojan debuff reduces an enemy’s attack speed, stuns them, and re-infects other enemies if the original host dies. She also has the ability to temporarily upload her consciousness into various devices. 

Despite her unhelpful attitude and ruthless advice, she is always willing to help others, sometimes out of her way. In gameplay, her passive skill Data Corrosion inflicts Trojan stacks on enemies, with Chain Infection dealing Operand Damage and applying Trojan stacks to all enemies. Full-Scale Invasion is her ultimate skill, stunning all enemies for three seconds and inflicting four Trojan stacks.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Abigail is a supporting character in the game with unique abilities. Her passive skill, Emergency Drill, provides allies with Physical Damage Reduction, while her active skill, Canine Enthusiasm, grants “Agitation” to all ally units, increasing their Crit Rate and Crit Damage. 

Abigail’s ultimate, Mark of the Hunt, marks an enemy for six seconds, and if the ally unit deals non-Derivative Critical Damage, Abigail’s Hound attacks the target, dealing additional Derivative Operand Damage equivalent to 150% of Abigail’s Hashrate.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Groove is a character with the passive ability known as Carnival Preparations. This speeds up their auto skill recharge time by 0.8 seconds when an ally unit dodges an attack. Groove also has an active skill called “Dazzling Night Disco,” which grants “Night Fever” to all ally units, increasing their dodge rate by 20% and attack speed by 10 for three seconds after dodging, up to four stacks. Lastly, Groove’s ultimate skill, “Clamorous Finale,” fires sound waves in selected directions three times, dealing 150% Operand Damage to all enemies hit and displacing them in random directions.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Ksenia, a waitress, is obsessed with gaining income and admires money as it troubled her clients the most. Her skills in the game allow her to boost the Hashrate of an allied unit ahead of her by 10% at the start of the battle. 

Additionally, she can grant an HP shield equal to 250% Hashrate and Satiation to her ally unit for 3 seconds. Satiation increases the physical DEF by 15%. In her Ultimate, Ksenia can provide an HP shield equal to 600% Hashrate and Swift Strike to an allied unit of choice for 8 seconds. Swift Strike increases the attack speed by 40%.

Neural Cloud Tier List: Medic

Neural Cloud Medic List
Medic – Neural Cloud


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Florence is a talented nurse who possesses a unique set of skills in the game. She has an ultimate that chops off a large chunk of her enemy’s health, granting them a massive attack and lifesteal boost. Her passive charm person ability temporarily convinces an enemy to attack their allies, while also increasing their attack speed. 

Despite her quirky personality, Florence is a gifted medical professional who teaches medical students beyond the standard curriculum. In a recent Entropy outbreak, Florence suggested using terminally infected comrades as experimental subjects to find treatments but made sure to mitigate any potential danger. 

Her Angelic Allure passive charms the current target and boosts their attack speed during charm, while her Special Care active heals the ally unit with the lowest HP percentage and grants them nursing stacks. Her ultimate, Forbidden Concoction Medicine, grants an ally unit Trepidation for 7 seconds, which increases their attack and Hashrate by 60% and life steal effect by 10%, at the cost of 60% of their current HP.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Nanaka is often disliked by her human peers in the entertainment industry. Despite being able to achieve feats beyond human idols, she chooses to practice like a human due to her devotion to art and her audience. Nanaka’s original body malfunctioned on the eve of her debut, and she was forced to use a backup body that was surprisingly welcomed by the audience, and she is now stuck within reality.

Nanaka’s ultimate ability, “Dancing Starlight,” creates a field where all ally units within cannot die for 5 seconds and then heals all ally units in the area for 400% of her Hashrate. She is a nice and plucky girl who is grateful to anyone who helps her and insists on signing the names of all her staff on her work.

Despite suffering from the jealousy of her peers and her identity crisis, she remains cheerful and has a bright future ahead. Nanaka holds the expectation that her fans will look past her changeable body to see the soul beneath.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Persicaria is a Doll model personally designed by her creator Dr. Persica. She is loyal to the Professor and has affection for him beyond friendship, but is unable to express it clearly. Persicaria is a foil to her human mistress, being socially functional, hardworking, and well-dressed. She cares deeply for the Oasis and acts as the vice leader in the Professor’s absence. 

Her active skill launches a healing wave that can chain to a different ally up to three times. The passive ability allows an ally unit to retain 1 HP instead of dying, and they are healed by 270% of her Hashrate.

Ultimate ability heals a selected ally unit and then further heals them by 300% of her Hashrate per second over four seconds. Despite her capabilities, Persicaria often thinks she has not done enough and is a failure when compared to her mistress or the Professor. She is a caring and gentle person who is also insecure about her ability to lead.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Gin is an AS-B doll designed to serve drinks and engage in conversation, but his emotional modules were downgraded due to cost constraints. Gin’s past experiences with unappreciative customers have made him resentful and willing to resort to violence, which he denies. Upgrading his rarity allows Gin’s healing abilities to grant offensive and defensive buffs. 

However, Gin’s kit is focused solely on healing and he deals no damage, except through the Substance Reversal Function Set. Gin’s favorite drink is gin, which he sees as a symbol of endless possibility. Gin’s passive skill heals the ally with the lowest HP percentage, boosting their DEF. His active skill boosts allies’ Crit Rate with Normal Attacks, and his ultimate ability heals all allies and is more effective on units with a DEF Boost.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Imhotep is a skilled doll with the ability to understand animals. She is also friendly and kind to both people and animals. The passive skill allows her Normal Attacks to deal additional Operand Damage that heals the ally unit closest to the target by 100% of the additional damage dealt. 

An active skill, Hunter’s Wings, deals with Operand Damage to the target and heals all ally units within 1 tile of the target and Imhotep herself. Her ultimate ability, Plume of Slumber, make an ally unit fall into a “Deep Sleep” for 8 seconds. While in the “Deep Sleep” state, the unit recovers 12.5% of its Max HP per second and gains a 20% increase in ATK, Hashrate, and Crit Rate for 5 seconds after waking up. You can learn more here on Neural community.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Jessie (M1897) is a 1-star Medic character in Neural Cloud with a “Cleaning Service” passive, which increases the debuff resistance and healing received by ally units within one tile. Her active skill, “Exhaustive Disinfection,” grants an “Antibacterial Layer” to allies that immunizes them against debuffs, removes pre-existing debuffs, and heals them for 60% of her Hashrate. 

The Antibacterial Layer also provides healing for 8% of the ally’s HP lost after three seconds. Her ultimate skill, “Weekend Clean-Up,” removes all debuffs from allies and heals them for 300% of her Hashrate.

De Lacey

TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

De Lacey is a kind-hearted personality who values every life she comes across. She always tries to save them and comfort them if they are beyond saving. Her tail serves as a tool to repair other dolls, and she uses it to attack enemies as well. She always tries to save others, no matter how dangerous it is. 

She wishes to create an ideal world where humans and dolls respect each other. Her Recovery Substitution passive enhances the attack or hash rate of her tethered ally unit and heals them every two seconds.

Destructor Chain actively increases the healing effect of Recovery Substitution and deals operand damage to all enemies in contact with the primary tether.  Cardinal Splendor ultimately ejects cables from her tail and releases energy pulses to deal operand damage to enemies and grant an HP shield to ally units.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Panakeia is a technical pacifist who wields a pair of injection guns. Despite her aversion to conflict, she is skilled in combat and inflicts “Tablet,” a debuff that reduces physical damage by 2% and can stack up to 4 times. She has a 30% chance to heal nearby ally units when attacking enemies with “Tablet.” 

Her Sadistic Choice ability forces her to make difficult decisions during rescue missions, and her Volatile Dosage ability inflicts “Tablet” on enemies. The Dubious Treatment ability heals the ally unit with the lowest HP percentage and deals damage to a random enemy unit. Medicinal Mania ultimately increases the healing effect of her abilities and upgrades Dosage.


TierClassMax HPATKHashrateDefence

Choco is a hyperactive and mischievous member of the PastryChef SP doll model, who heals her party with various forms of confections. Although her colleagues have mixed feelings towards her, they find her to be a cutie due to her sweet personality. Despite being trapped in Magrasea, she dreams of opening her own patisserie in real life. 

Her power-up food skillset revolves around healing and buffing her party with her confections, with her passive skill, Choco Energy, allowing her to heal herself and all allies with her Chocolate Energy.

Her other skills include Lucky Gingerbread Man, which grants the ally unit with the lowest HP percentage with boosted physical damage reduction, ATK, and healing, and Heart Warming Cookie, which provides Gingerbread Cookies Protection to all allies, boosting their ATK and Hashrate and reducing direct damage taken by over 20% Max HP to 1.


In Neural Cloud, the key to success lies in selecting the ideal characters from the vast collection available. With the game still being relatively new, players may not be familiar with all the characters and their optimal usage.

To simplify the selection process, we have created this Neural Cloud Tier List to rank characters based on their unique strengths and abilities. With new characters frequently added to the game, this list is regularly updated to ensure players can choose the best character for each role. Keep an eye on the updates and play like a pro.


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