Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List: Best Weapons Ranked

Our Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List guide details all the available weapons in the game based on the overall performance & learning curve.

There are so many different weapon options available in Nioh 2 that you might find it hard to choose the right one. Our Nioh 2 weapons tier list reviews all eleven of the different kinds of weapons found in the game and ranks them accordingly.

Key Highlights
  • Nioh 2 game features a precise armor collection with 11 distinct weapons.
  • Weapon ranking based on current meta performance, player familiarity, convenience, and overall quality.
  • Damage potential linked to rarity is a significant ranking factor.
  • Best weapons: Odachi and SwitchGlaive – versatile and easy to learn.
  • Avoid: Splitstaff and Axe & Hammer – difficult to use and not worth the investment.

Here’s a complete summarized table of the Nioh 2 Weapon Tier List:

Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List Ranking Table
Tiers Weapons 
S-Tier Odachi and SwitchGlaive
A-Tier Sword, Kusarigama, Hatchets, and Fists
B-Tier Spear, Dual Sword, and Tonfas
C-Tier Splitstaff and Axe & Hammer


nioh 2 weapons tier list ranking
Nioh 2 S-Tier Weapons List

All the weapons we have listed in the S-rank of Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List are the absolute best in the game. These weapons have an amazing learning curve, and you will get the hang of these armaments quite easily. Also, using these weapons will allow you to dominate foes, and all the weapon stances give you the freedom to approach various situations easily.


This firearm has a one-of-a-kind function that allows the user to switch between three different stances: blade, edge, and retribution. By making use of the weapon, you will be able to link assaults coming from one posture to attacks emanating from another stance. 

It is an extremely sturdy and adaptable weapon with most of the capabilities that one wishes for and very few obvious flaws in its design. The ease with which different strikes may interact with one another also allows for much room for player creativity.


The Odachi is undeniably a weapon that virtually every player is capable of mastering and using to their advantage. Odachis are the weapon for individuals who value variety since they do not include strange gimmicks and have balanced stats.

Regardless of the fact that it is a sluggish weapon, gamers who are able to control this enormous blade successfully may guarantee that the Odachi not only provides a significant level of damage but that it can even smash past the most difficult opponent defenses.


nioh 2 weapons tier list best armaments
Nioh 2 A-Tier Weapons List

The armaments we have listed in the A-rank of Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List are excellent when it comes to controlling and dealing damage per hit. These weapons are not the absolute best like the S-tier ones. Still, if you pick these during your playthrough, you will hardly have a hard time in figuring our how to use these best and approach various in-game situations.


Hatchet’s close-range melee strikes do have accessibility that is only slightly greater than that of the Fists, and yet it has so many throwing strategies that have a scope that is superior to that of almost any other weapon in Nioh 2.

As an offhand weapon, you obtain instant access to both of the Hatchet’s sheathed alternatives, transforming any weapon into powerful mobility equipment. Additionally, you receive access to the Hatchet’s one-of-a-kind Flash Attack, which also enables you to continue with the entire rest of the Hatchet’s mid-stance quick strike sequence after the strike has been completed.


In its most basic form, kusarigama consist of a metal ball and a sickle that are linked together by a chain. It seems to reason that Nioh 2 would benefit from the use of unique weapon loadouts like this. Depending on their posture, Kusarigama have the ability to switch through strikes that have a large reach and ones that have a limited range and swing quickly.

The Kusarigama is the best-ranged weapon in Nioh 2, and they are responsible for a number of hostile situations in which to fight. Even while they are effective at keeping adversaries at bay, you still need to be careful when using them since they offer quite large openings for enemies to parry you.


The weapon symbol on the weapon card indicates that there are two different kinds of swords in Nioh 2. The main distinction is that a more profoundly curved sword image scales more evenly with both Strength and Skill than the straightened blade, which has a little greater scalability with Skill at the expense of a significantly reduced scaling with Strength.

Swords, in classic all-arounder form, lack the greatest forms of those abilities beyond its burst damage possibilities, such as the Severing Spin, which in itself is typically weaker than Whirlwind. It lacks attacks with high burst Ki damage like Reaper or attacks with heavy damage per second like Water Sword. 


The Tonfa and the Fists both perform the same functions. Rather than causing a large amount of damage with each strike, Fists are excellent at diminishing the ki of their opponents in order to make them more vulnerable to finishers.

One of the aspects of the fists that I find most appealing is the ease with which it is possible to chain together a great number of impressive combinations. My best Beyond Infinity ability is the one that enables you to deliver an absurd number of strikes that also, in turn, equates to outrageous damage over the course of a specific length of time.


nioh 2 weapons tier list - best CQC blades
Nioh 2 B-Tier Weapons List

The armaments that you will find in our Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List B-ranking are a little underwhelming. Don’t get us wrong, and these weapons can turn out very useful in some situations. However, they require a level of expertise that demands lots of hours into practicing and mastering the movesets of these weapons.

So, in short, the B-tier weapons are very situational, and they may or may not give you favorable outcomes should you fight an enemy one to one, engage with a crowd, or battle a boss.


The tonfas are a rather uncommon kind of weapon. They are masters at stringing together lengthy, ki-sucking combinations that quickly paralyze opponents. They can quickly and consistently reduce opponent ki with the push skill in the early game.

The Tonfa is faster than the majority of swords or weapons in Nioh 2 in terms of strike speed, and it also gives novices a lot of choices for weakening an opponent’s Ki. Additionally, while blocking strikes, the Tonfa might provide players the ability to regenerate Ki.

Dual Swords

The Dual Swords weapon in Nioh 2 is ideal for individuals who like charging in and doing a huge amount of damage since it has many combinations that may leave any foe on the weak side. Individuals who use the twin swords for a little period of time will acclimate to them without any difficulty.

Dual Swords, possibly one of the most adaptable weapons in Nioh 2, prioritizes CQC with adversaries. It doesn’t have the reach to cope with foes in the distance, but it possesses more than enough capabilities to narrow the distance. Dual Swords is a game of speed, and you should only use it if you are fond of this playstyle in Nioh 2.


The behavior of the Spear is precisely what one would anticipate it to be. It is a relatively rapid weapon, but it might be difficult to use when dealing with several foes at once. Nevertheless, due to the fact that it is a sharp object that is attached to the end of a long stick, it has the most range of any of the Nioh 2 weapons. 

The spear is yet another form of weapon that is suitable for beginners since it enables the user to poke their opponents while maintaining a safe distance from them. As long as you attack your target before it comes near to you, the game’s point-and-stab feature ensures you won’t have to worry too much about taking damage as long as you play it correctly.


nioh 2 weapons tier list - low end armaments
Nioh 2 C-Tier Weapons List

The C-ranking Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List armaments are underwhelming, and they have a difficult learning curve as well. Players who have had the experience of the first Nioh game must have grasped the overall combat and how to approach various situations cleverly.

This selected group of players may make the most out of these weapons, but for the most part, all the C-tier weapons really feel underwhelming.

Axe & Hammer

Although axes and hammers maintain the very same skill tree, the way their stats are calculated is unique for each weapon. Hammers, in comparison to axes, inflict a lower amount of damage on the user’s health but a higher amount on their ki. In addition, their scaling is different from that of some of the greatest weapons in Nioh 2.

Axes and Hammers have a heavy concentration on providing increased fixed damage and Ki damage in addition to time granting players rewards in the form of damage reduction and resilience. This is in spite of the fact that the two weapons are very slow.


A Splitstaff is essentially two nunchucks that have been bonded together to form a larger stick and is employed for combat. It has an extended reach and strikes that are ki-draining, which means that controlling one’s ki is a significant element of its development. It is similar to the spear.

The fact that it can be disassembled into its component parts, therefore, sets it different from the Spear in a significant way. Because of its property, skills that make use of it further increase the Splitstaff’s range while simultaneously increasing its attack speed, making it an excellent tool for inflicting status ailments.

Tier List Criteria

We at eXputer have consistently been curating tier lists ranging from first-person shooter games to TPS, story-driven, indie titles, and more. Nioh 2 weapons tier list is no different, and our strategy has remained the same for this one too. 

We first play the game and then experience every single weapon before putting them into the list, as you must have read here above. After that, we collect the general perspectives of other players from the forums and analyze why a certain weapon is best or worst. After that, we combine our knowledge with the collective experience from the web and device the tier lists.

Any ranking that you think is not fair for the Nioh 2 weapons can be discussed in the comments section. We appreciate the constructive criticism if backed by some logic. That being said, this tier list ranking and its discussion is open for further discussion and closed for negative criticism.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List. Which is your favorite weapon in the game so far, and why? For us, it is switchglaive and tonfas. Share your thoughts with us and let us know more about it in the comments box below.

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