Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List: Best Weapons Ranked

Our Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List guide details all the available weapons in the game based on the overall performance & learning curve.

There are so many different weapon options available in Nioh 2 that you might find it hard to choose the right one. Our Nioh 2 weapons tier list reviews all eleven of the different kinds of weapons found in the game and ranks them accordingly.

Key Highlights
  • Precise but mighty, the Nioh 2 game features an armor collection of just 11 unlockable weapons, each that is mighty on its own and very distinct. 
  • The ranking of Nioh 2 Weapons is based on how well they seem to perform in the current meta, players’ familiarity with it, the convenience of use, and the overall quality offered. 
  • Since damage potential relies solely on rarity, it also became a significant factor while ranking Nioh 2 Weapons. 
  • The absolute best Nioh 2 Weapons include the very popular Odachi and SwitchGlaive. They prove to be a great performer in every situation and possess a pretty easy-to-pass learning curve.
  • Nioh 2 Weapons that act opposite, however, are the Splitstaff and Axe & Hammer. Players are recommended to stay away from these choices. They are hard to employ and not worth the investment.

Here’s a complete summarized table of the Nioh 2 Weapon Tier List:

Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List Ranking Table
S-TierOdachi and SwitchGlaive
A-TierSword, Kusarigama, Hatchets, and Fists
B-TierSpear, Dual Sword, and Tonfas
C-TierSplitstaff and Axe & Hammer

Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List Breakdown

Familiarity is a property that is possessed by every Weapon in the game. The higher the quality of the weapon, the greater the familiarity that may be achieved with the weapon.

It will become obvious to the players, as they gain familiarity with the weapons, that both the simplicity of usage and the challenge of perfecting each weapon will differ. Certain weapons will at least initially appear to be simple to use, allowing you to rip past adversaries with ease before you reach higher levels of play.

Additionally, as the familiarity with the weapon improves over time, the weapon’s power and perks will enhance up to a maximum level. Because of this, it is repeatedly utilizing one weapon might result in more power than using an alternative, even if the former has a lesser level.

Damage numbers really aren’t provided since they vary depending on the rarity and level of an item, which makes it impossible to compare different items effectively. Both Break and Block are included in the list since neither their rarity nor their level affects their effectiveness.


nioh 2 weapons tier list ranking
Nioh 2 S-Tier Weapons List

All the weapons we have listed in the S-rank of Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List are the absolute best in the game. These weapons have an amazing learning curve, and you will get the hang of these armaments quite easily. Also, using these weapons will allow you to dominate foes, and all the weapon stances give you the freedom to approach various situations easily.


This firearm has a one-of-a-kind function that allows the user to switch between three different stances: blade, edge, and retribution. By making use of the weapon, you will be able to link assaults coming from one posture to attacks emanating from another stance. 

It provides many possibilities to fluctuate your offensive system, and it also enables you to transform specific strikes that ordinarily recover sluggishly or are otherwise just a mono hit into attacks that deal more damage per second. Some examples of these types of attacks include Just Reprisal, Tranquil Edge, and the High Stance Strong Attack. 

It is an extremely sturdy and adaptable weapon with most of the capabilities that one wishes for and very few obvious flaws in its design. The ease with which different strikes may interact with one another also allows for much room for player creativity.

Because of the one-of-a-kind Switch Stance Skills that come along with this weapon, you will be able to string together strikes from a variety of stances in a way that is not possible with other types of weapons, resulting in longer aggressive rushes. Additionally, it is equipped with weapons that can strike from many distances.

The switchblade is, without a doubt, one of the best weapons in Nioh 2. The weapon’s functionality is centered on its ability to convert into three distinct weapon forms, determined by the user’s posture. Each transition contributes to the power of the stance in some way. 

Maintaining a low posture is beneficial for both evading and withdrawing. The mid stance has the ability to stun as well as block, while the high stance causes more damage. It is possible to change stances in the middle of a combination. That is one of the many features that contribute to the incredible adaptability of the weapon type.

The Omni Mage build with the switchplate weapon is a solid choice for gamers who wish to concentrate on buffs and debuffs to outthink their opponents. The build utilizes the switchglaive as its weapon of choice.

You should put most of your effort into raising your Magic stat for the build because it will provide you accessibility to the whole arsenal of offensive and defensive spells and abilities. Switchglaive by far, is the best weapon in our Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List.

You also need to make sure that you are wearing the Omnyo Mage armor set, as well as any additional accessories that provide an emphasis on Omnyo magic. Last but not least, you will need to acquire as many elemental damage enhancements as reasonably practical to get the most benefit from the build.

The Switchglaive is a single weapon that performs the functions of three different weapons, a feature that, especially early on in the game, may be a bit difficult to master. Fortunately, it also increases with magic, giving those of us magic users a significant edge.

When you switch postures, it transforms from a sword into a spear and then into a scythe. Because everyone functions uniquely, it is the most versatile weapon in the armory. Players are not required to prioritize certain types of foes, making it a relatively straightforward challenge to master.

By virtue of the Switch Stance Skills that are built into the Switchglaive, players are granted the ability to connect several strikes while standing in a variety of stances.

In contrast to video games like Monster Hunter, wherein players are required to concentrate on a single form simultaneously, the Switchglaive’s lightning-fast nature enables players to be more carefree and spontaneous with their combinations.


The Odachi is undeniably a weapon that virtually every player is capable of mastering and using to their advantage. Odachis are the weapon for individuals who value variety since they do not include strange gimmicks and have balanced stats.

It does not even require a modification in approach to the game; rather, minor posture tweaks may significantly impact how the weapon is used.

Maintaining a low posture while confronting foes who move quickly and are immune to strikes that do a lot of damage is useful, but adopting a high stance is more effective when engaging a single foe.

Big damage is the word of the game, and the Odachi always performs wonderfully; it is a simple strategy that only requires minor tweaks while it is being executed in combat.

Regardless of the fact that it is a sluggish weapon, gamers who are able to control this enormous blade successfully may guarantee that the Odachi not only provides a significant level of damage but that it can even smash past the most difficult opponent defenses.

Because of its dual stance possibility, players are able to employ the Odachi to sequence both powerful and rapid strikes, making it a highly lethal alternative when used against more powerful opponents.

In Nioh 2, Odachis serve as fast and decisive best Weapons and have unique stats associated with them. The weapon is designed to be used in combination with the Odachi Skills tree of abilities. The Odachi weapon type develops exceptionally well with Strength, although it also has some scalability from both Stamina and Heart.

There are two distinct forms of scalability for Odachi. The blades that have a more profound curve to them have a more balanced distribution of heart and stamina scalability than those with a more flat sword-like look.

The Odachi has a number of strengths, including the ability to pressurize and block its opponents. You may pick up your high break high stance assaults with swift or forceful strikes from other postures, as well as possessing an innate guard-breaking talent in Chasing Waves.

It is in addition to the fact that you can attack with mid-stance attacks despite their bouncing. It is important to highlight its Flash Attack since it is the one that does the greatest damage in terms of Ki and particularly Breaks out of all of them.

Odachi weapons also have very strong defensive choices. The Bolting Boar is a one-of-a-kind counterattack that can be used against almost any foe, even the vast majority of Yokai. The infallibility granted by Swallow’s Wing is comparable to that of Swallow’s Wing II for the sword, but it does not need Dexterity to be equipped.

Undaunted reduces the amount of Ki lost while blocking, and you may abort the drawn-out recovery process by ducking when you let go of the attack or by pounding your Ki if you use a Blessed Weapon or Ultimate Strength.

Cuckoo’s Call is a strike that can be blocked automatically, its range can be increased to make timing simpler, and it can be performed while blocking. A lot of damage. Both Moonlit Snow and Moonlit Snow Redux are among the current talents that make the most impact and have the greatest DPS in Nioh 2.

Unfortunately, it does not have a Ki damage capability that does a sudden burst of damage when it hits adversaries, and the weapon itself is generally sluggish. Additionally, its skill tree does not provide any melee damage.


nioh 2 weapons tier list best armaments
Nioh 2 A-Tier Weapons List

The armaments we have listed in the A-rank of Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List are excellent when it comes to controlling and dealing damage per hit. These weapons are not the absolute best like the S-tier ones. Still, if you pick these during your playthrough, you will hardly have a hard time in figuring our how to use these best and approach various in-game situations.


Hatchet’s close-range melee strikes do have accessibility that is only slightly greater than that of the Fists, and yet it has so many throwing strategies that have a scope that is superior to that of almost any other weapon in Nioh 2.

Hatchets have a faster recovery rate and deal more injury than the Splitstaff and Kusarigama attacks, which have a longer range. In addition to having a short range, the health and Ki damage dealt by its strikes at close quarters are far below normal in comparison to those dealt by other armaments.

This is particularly true given that it does not have a suitable powerful attack string. It translates to a weapon that can launch a meaningful assault from any distance, giving you the option to consistently deliver damage even when you are avoiding your opponent’s attacks.

As an offhand weapon, you obtain instant access to both of the Hatchet’s sheathed alternatives, transforming any weapon into powerful mobility equipment. Additionally, you receive access to the Hatchet’s one-of-a-kind Flash Attack, which also enables you to continue with the entire rest of the Hatchet’s mid-stance quick strike sequence after the strike has been completed.

The vast majority of weapons in Nioh 2 may be placed into one of many categories, which makes it simple to make alterations to them. The use of a hatchet is dependent on the user possessing a certain set of talents rather than any one category.

Because of this, any player who is just starting out will have a very difficult time progressing until they have gained a substantial amount of expertise. Hatchets have unique playstyle and feel and that is why we consider it another excellent armament in our Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List.

They provide little damage, have one limited range, and suffer in the ki department as well, which makes using them an uncomfortable situation until a certain style is shaped. When tossed at enemies, they are capable of doing significant damage even at considerable distances, which presents a challenging new dynamic in which the player must have excellent aim to be successful.

In general, hatchet players are difficult to come by, but those who do use them are quite knowledgeable about them.

Despite their outward look, Hatchets share a greater number of parallels with the Kusarigama and the Axe than they do with the Dual Sword. Although Hatchets possess a speed that is comparable to that of Dual Swords, they are not as effective in close combat and excel in the middle to long ranges of the battlefield instead. Because of the intriguing feature, Hatchet is an excellent choice for long-ranged combat.


In its most basic form, kusarigama consist of a metal ball and a sickle that are linked together by a chain. It seems to reason that Nioh 2 would benefit from the use of unique weapon loadouts like this. Depending on their posture, Kusarigama have the ability to switch through strikes that have a large reach and ones that have a limited range and swing quickly.

The abilities that may be learned for the Kusarigama benefit from the fact to give users the ability to draw their foes closer and perform some really lightning-fast assaults. Because of the incredible speed that the sort of weapon is proficient of, it is able to deliver status ailments on foes swiftly.

The talent is useful to ninja builds since it grows well with Agility, which increases a character’s Ninjitsu. Additionally, Ninjitsu is strengthened by its ability.

The Kusarigama is the best-ranged weapon in Nioh 2, and they are responsible for a number of hostile situations in which to fight. Even while they are effective at keeping adversaries at bay, you still need to be careful when using them since they offer quite large openings for enemies to parry you.

It’s also fairly simple to slip into the temptation of swinging violently, which isn’t helped by the fact that there are some really interesting visuals. Those who become proficient with the weapon will discover that its powers extend significantly beyond the range, doing significant damage when it is near and maintaining a strong grappling game ever after doing so.

Although the fact that it is one of the primary weapons in the Nioh 2 game, its use in battle is not as usual as that of other sorts of weaponry. When using the Kusarigama in Nioh 2, players will find that their enjoyment of applying Ninjutsu Skills is enhanced since it precisely increases with their Agility.

On the contrary, if you are searching for a strong build to handle the abundant endgame DLC in Nioh 2, you may use the kusarigama as your weapon and concentrate on increasing your Agility, Magic, and Endurance stats. It will allow you to take advantage of the game’s unique combat system.

The build gives you a lot of leeway in regards to acquiring various buffs and weapon capabilities, and it also gives you the ability to find the right balance between your close-quarters combat skills and your long-range assault capability.

You will be able to keep a secure distance away from your foes while still being vulnerable to their long attacks if one of the primary focuses of the build is on lowering the damage done by your projectiles. This may be accomplished by activating certain abilities and certain weapon sets.


The weapon symbol on the weapon card indicates that there are two different kinds of swords in Nioh 2. The main distinction is that a more profoundly curved sword image scales more evenly with both Strength and Skill than the straightened blade, which has a little greater scalability with Skill at the expense of a significantly reduced scaling with Strength.

It’s difficult to think of a type of fantasy game that doesn’t include a sword in some way. It’s also difficult to see a game taking place during the Warring States Period that doesn’t have katanas. It is a solid weapon that falls somewhere in the middle of the pack in all aspects of Nioh 2.

Still, it does feature many talents that give you access to the Iai Quickdraw move, which is a flashy strike that may do a significant amount of damage in a single moment.

In addition to being an excellent choice for roleplaying as Zenitsu, this sword comes with a mid-game ability that enables the player to connect Iai Quickdraw combos with blocks.

In Nioh 2, the Sword or Katana is the default weapon choice for each new player. It is for good as the Sword has solid stats across the board and can be utilized effectively in a variety of different styles of play.

Because of it, the battle may go in a number of various directions, which is beneficial not only for novices but also for those who want to become experts with the weapon. Sword is your usual blade and it is the standard go-to weapon in our Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List to slash enemies in to half.

Even when used proactively, it may be useful since it plays into the sword’s style, which is heavily focused on dodging and maintaining distance. When players have figured out how to close the distance between themselves and the adversary quickly, it really should come easy to deliver swift and strong attacks.

The Sword is not only regarded as the most flexible striking blade in Nioh 2, but it also comes equipped with a variety of different tools, in addition to having the most active Skills accessible for melee weapon loadouts. Because of this, players now have exposure to assaults that may be directed at a particular target, many targets, or a whole region.

Players have the option of doing damage in single hits or in bursts, although doing so puts them in danger of getting too near to their opponents.

Swords, in classic all-arounder form, lack the greatest forms of those abilities beyond its burst damage possibilities, such as the Severing Spin, which in itself is typically weaker than Whirlwind. It lacks attacks with high burst Ki damage like Reaper or attacks with heavy damage per second like Water Sword. 

The requirement to obtain the weaponry skills that link the weapon collectively limits it the most in the early game, and it contains the most Boss Skills that are concealed out of any weapon, some of which are really useful. 

The bulk of the combat damage it deals comes from difficult-to-use sneak attack damage from Shadow Strike or the Mystic Art Sword of Meditation, making it the skills path with the lowest number of readily usable melee damage.

Ultimately, it is a weapon that has an extremely high utility rating that offers the greatest alternatives and opportunities for the player to portray themselves during gaming.


The Tonfa and the Fists both perform the same functions. Rather than causing a large amount of damage with each strike, Fists are excellent at diminishing the ki of their opponents in order to make them more vulnerable to finishers.

On the other hand, Fists take combinations to an all-new level. This kind of play is encouraged by the Unbroken talent, which increases damage according to the number of active abilities that are performed successively and, at the same time, permits forward motion throughout a ki pulse.

It’s a significant amount of fun to use Fists, despite the fact that you need a lot of expertise to do so since you may unleash a torrent of assaults to cripple your opponents.

The clawed form of the fist weapon delivers 25% more damage than the standard model, while the normal version gives 25% more Ki damage. Both variants of the fist weapon are available. I can say that they are rather adaptable in regards to the alternatives you have; however, it will vary upon which of the two people choose.

Fist weapons, similar to hatchets, need the user to get somewhat near to the enemy in order to be effective. They have the weakest reach of all the many sorts of weapons in Nioh 2, so if you do not, however, bother the range between you and your target, it could be a good option for you.

One of the aspects of the fists that I find most appealing is the ease with which it is possible to chain together a great number of impressive combinations. My best Beyond Infinity ability is the one that enables you to deliver an absurd number of strikes that also, in turn, equates to outrageous damage over the course of a specific length of time.

Unfortunately, in order to execute the combination in the correct manner, some degree of proficiency is necessary, owing to the importance of time.

The Limitless ability, on the other hand, enables you to do a significant amount of damage with only one strike. The catch is that it takes a considerable amount of time to wind up; hence it is recommended that it be employed against defeated foes whose ki has already been drained.

A further advantage of the fist weapons would be that they gain proficiency with the Unbroken talent. This ability, which enhances your damage anytime you combine an active skill with another active skill or an active skill with a regular attack, is one of the selling points of the fist weapons.

Of course, there are instances when you don’t care about boosts or status ailments, and you simply want a build that will do an absurd amount of damage. If that’s the situation, the best method to construct anything would be to use your fists simply.

For the specific build, you will need to put a significant amount of effort into increasing your Strength stat and don the Hayabusha armor set, which will increase both your vitality and your strike effectiveness.

In addition to this, you will need to acquire the Limitless talent, which also enables you to concentrate the whole of your ki power into a single massive and devastating strike. If you like looking at large numbers, it is the construct you should choose since it is capable of doing thousands upon thousands of damage.


nioh 2 weapons tier list - best CQC blades
Nioh 2 B-Tier Weapons List

The armaments that you will find in our Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List B-ranking are a little underwhelming. Don’t get us wrong, and these weapons can turn out very useful in some situations. However, they require a level of expertise that demands lots of hours into practicing and mastering the movesets of these weapons.

So, in short, the B-tier weapons are very situational, and they may or may not give you favorable outcomes should you fight an enemy one to one, engage with a crowd, or battle a boss.


The tonfas are a rather uncommon kind of weapon. They are masters at stringing together lengthy, ki-sucking combinations that quickly paralyze opponents. They can quickly and consistently reduce opponent ki with the push skill in the early game.

Although it’s hard to overcome the repetition that the other weapons instill, the Demon Dance talents allow individuals to swerve on a ki pulse, which is amazing if used strategically.

The Tonfas have a fantastic appearance, but they immediately pose some difficulties. The range is difficult to get accustomed to, particularly for aggressive players that depend on close-quarters combat to do any significant damage.

In addition, it requires a much lengthier to kill adversaries than other weapons, which forces most players to choose a different weapon to complete the task. These are excellent strategically and deplete the ki of the foes at a startling pace; gamers ought to be ready to modify their way of playing to accommodate them.

The Tonfa is faster than the majority of swords or weapons in Nioh 2 in terms of strike speed, and it also gives novices a lot of choices for weakening an opponent’s Ki. Additionally, while blocking strikes, the Tonfa might provide players the ability to regenerate Ki.

While having a variety of stance choices, the Tonfa’s Mid Stance is most likely the safest one to utilize since it prioritizes strike speed and has an easy-to-understand moveset. Tonfas have a unique playstyle, and even though they feel underwhelming, this weapon is excellent in our Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List for draining the ki of enemies. 

For players who wish to utilize their Ninjutsu more frequently while not making it their primary emphasis, the Tonfa’s eye for fast assaults makes it an excellent option for a combat weapon.

Some of the top-tier and favorite in my list of the best Nioh 2 weapons are the tonfa, whom I relied on all over the game. They are agile timber arm braces that are fast to tear an enemy’s stamina apart while forming a flowing combination and offering a great blocking position.

The main character may use them in tandem to slash at an opponent for significant damage by charging an attack while standing in a high posture. Tonfas are the best for high stamina-consuming or demanding builds.

When it comes to inflicting significant Ki damage, Tonfas are among the game’s top performers. Its attack speed is also rather swift, and it boasts a staggering number of combinations.

The tonfas are a wise alternative if you do not really care about approaching your adversary close quarters rather than using the twin blades.

You must remember that tonfas primarily depend on reducing an enemy’s ki. Consequently, you won’t even notice any significant health damage to your victim immediately away. Every Tonfa build essentially concentrates on reducing an enemy’s Ki so that they can then perform their combinations and do more damage.

Dual Swords

The Dual Swords weapon in Nioh 2 is ideal for individuals who like charging in and doing a huge amount of damage since it has many combinations that may leave any foe on the weak side. Individuals who use the twin swords for a little period of time will acclimate to them without any difficulty.

Having two swords is an alternative if one isn’t sufficient. Despite not being as adaptable as the Sword, this weapon class promotes ripostes further by increasing power on consecutive mix-ups only with Heavenly Flow talent.

The diversity of combinations that the Dual Swords can do, which become particularly lethal in high stance, is its strongest feature. The one and only aspect to watch out for is over-exuberance in the assault, which can be easily prevented by exercising a little discipline and exposing significant holes in the enemy’s defense.

Dual Swords, possibly one of the most adaptable weapons in Nioh 2, prioritizes CQC with adversaries. It doesn’t have the reach to cope with foes in the distance, but it possesses more than enough capabilities to narrow the distance. Dual Swords is a game of speed, and you should only use it if you are fond of this playstyle in Nioh 2.

Use dual swords as your go-to weapon in Nioh 2, and concentrate on your Skill, Heart, and Dexterity stats for a strong early-game setup. With the build, you may play defensively and fast; you’ll charge into striking adversaries, then duck away to deflect their hits.

You may increase your Ki energy, which also directs your abilities, by improving your Heart stat. You can strike and evade more reliably if you have enough Ki. The Water Sword skill, however, when acquired, lets you hit foes more consecutively, and that is why the build got its name.

The ability is also ideal for the speed-focused playstyle users and should only make the build if they like the fast CQC playstyle. Including its high stance active abilities, it may make some effective area of effect strikes as well. In addition to encouraging persistent strikes, Dual Swords also promotes a respite from the choppy fighting seen in Dark Souls games by increasing damage for continuing a torrent of blows.

Similar to hatchets in many ways, dual swords are maybe a bit even worse after users can’t toss these. In usage, they have a little cramped feeling, yet in low and mid stance, they are very agile and nimble. Useful for cutting and dicing, although there are better alternatives.

Using dual swords is a thrilling experience. Gamers can string a broad range of combinations to smash your foes and do immense damage in close quarters. You may use this weapon class to link your combinations without even any breaks with plenty of experience and persistence.

Aside from them, dual swords gain accessibility to the Sign of the Cross, a talent with one of the greatest power outputs in Nioh 2. The drawback is that it doesn’t have much range, and you’ll need to approach your enemy rather closely. Not to add that it can’t penalize adversaries that repeatedly spam their blocks and doesn’t do much Ki damage.


The behavior of the Spear is precisely what one would anticipate it to be. It is a relatively rapid weapon, but it might be difficult to use when dealing with several foes at once. Nevertheless, due to the fact that it is a sharp object that is attached to the end of a long stick, it has the most range of any of the Nioh 2 weapons. 

Users with this ability may torment their foes from a distance where they are reasonably secure. Utilizing its active powers is one way to make up for the fact that it is less effective while dealing with several foes at once. It is important to remember that its strikes need a considerable amount of stamina, so plan accordingly.

It is best to use the spear to remain a safe distance from Yokai while still using it to stab foes from a distance. It requires a lot of stamina, which is to be expected, but it also incorporates some fluid gymnastics, which makes battle seem like a ballet no matter what posture you use.

The spear is yet another form of weapon that is suitable for beginners since it enables the user to poke their opponents while maintaining a safe distance from them. As long as you attack your target before it comes near to you, the game’s point-and-stab feature ensures you won’t have to worry too much about taking damage as long as you play it correctly.

In addition, as you go through the game and unlock additional talents, you will acquire access to some incredibly potent abilities that are likely to do a significant amount of damage. Both Piercing Rain and Spearfall are excellent instances of this.

One of the spear’s drawbacks, though, is that it does not have very effective area-of-effect (AOE) or crowd control abilities; yet, when used against a single target, you can definitely depend on it to deliver a significant amount of damage.

You will be able to take a significant amount of damage when playing Nioh 2 with a spear build. Your primary weapon should be a spear, and your primary stat should be Constitution. It’ll also increase the amount of damage you do since the effectiveness of spears is strongly associated to the Constitution stat, in addition to Magic and Heart.

You should also make sure to equip the Tornado talent, which not only causes a shockwave but also enables you to add to it, including some fast strikes that do additional damage.

Last but not least, you should modify your armor such that it grants you a boost in life and resistance to the various types of damage you could take. It will allow you to withstand better any harm you might sustain.

The Spear is an excellent weapon for a player who is just starting out in the game since it allows them to maintain their distance while still inflicting consistent damage. It doesn’t take too much time to get accustomed to, and the fundamentals are straightforward. None ought to have any trouble with the outdated point and stab method.

It is only going to grow stronger as the player learns more experience, as they will be able to zone out foes and do significant damage without exposing themselves to danger the majority of the time.

The spear, at its heart, has the finest statistics in regards to range and damage, enabling players to deliver substantial damage against foes while maintaining a safe distance from them. Players may leverage its range to their advantage by causing their opponents, who are defenseless against strikes at medium to long ranges, to get confused.


nioh 2 weapons tier list - low end armaments
Nioh 2 C-Tier Weapons List

The C-ranking Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List armaments are underwhelming, and they have a difficult learning curve as well. Players who have had the experience of the first Nioh game must have grasped the overall combat and how to approach various situations cleverly.

This selected group of players may make the most out of these weapons, but for the most part, all the C-tier weapons really feel underwhelming.

Axe & Hammer

Although axes and hammers maintain the very same skill tree, the way their stats are calculated is unique for each weapon. Hammers, in comparison to axes, inflict a lower amount of damage on the user’s health but a higher amount on their ki. In addition, their scaling is different from that of some of the greatest weapons in Nioh 2.

When fighting with large groups of enemies, the Axe weapon variety is an excellent choice for an attacking approach. It is challenging to play a defensive role since strikes are sluggish, cumbersome, and use a significant amount of ki. While Axe and Hammer are not the absolute best in our Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List, you can still crowd control easily.

Having said that, the vast majority of its strikes have the ability to hit several foes; this includes strikes that only target a particular foe since the movements often involve a wind-up reach that has the possibility of hitting foes.

These weapons, much like the Odachi, have powers that allow them to exchange mobility for other benefits. Mobility may be exchanged here for defense or raw damage, depending on your preference.

When used in the middle stance, the axe’s broad swinging motion makes it particularly effective at striking several foes in one go. When used in the high stance, however, the weapon’s upward jumping charged strike makes it particularly lethal when used in close quarters.

The Axe and Hammer combination is an excellent choice for constructing meaty setups. Both the ax and the hammer are designed to provide a significant amount of damage with only one blow of the weapon. If you are willing to put up with the weapon’s very sluggish strike speed, it is going to prove to be your most effective option for doing significant damage.

Aside from it, though, the category of weapons gives us access to the Rage talent, which is a boon that increases your combat power by a factor of fifty percent for a specific amount of time.

The issue with attacking with an ax and hammer has been that it takes a fair amount of time to do it. You can get around this, though, if you choose to use a more defensive build that involves wearing protective gear. It will allow you to withstand any hit that is dealt to you while still doing significant damage to the enemy.

It is important to keep in mind that each swing exposes you to assaults from the other team, in addition to the fact that each swing requires a significant amount of Ki. The only thing that keeps it from being my least preferred weapon in Nioh 2 is the really helpful Rage bonus it grants.

If the goal is to land blows that do significant damage without having to make an excessive number of swings, then the Axe and the Hammer are the ideal weapons to use. Problems arise while attempting to hit a target that attacks, which takes a significant amount of time to carry out and consumes a significant amount of ki in the process.

Axes and Hammers have a heavy concentration on providing increased fixed damage and Ki damage in addition to time granting players rewards in the form of damage reduction and resilience. This is in spite of the fact that the two weapons are very slow.

Axes and Hammers, in addition to having a bonus that increases their damage, have a plethora of high-damage abilities in their Skill Tree, which encourages players to spread chaos and devastation.

It has the greatest Break stat amongst weapons in Nioh 2, which means that it can quickly rip down opposing shields, all while rendering it exceedingly difficult to stun the player. In addition, it can readily shred down enemy armor.

Because of its sluggish style, players are indeed forced into animation loops, which force players to engage in assaults and leave them vulnerable to severe penalties.

When players ignore the threat of a counterattack, higher-damage alternatives with axes and hammers need a bit more build-up time. This leaves them vulnerable to attacks with other weapons. The distance between attacks also has an effect on its damage, which is problematic given that the weapon itself has a limited range of motion.


A Splitstaff is essentially two nunchucks that have been bonded together to form a larger stick and is employed for combat. It has an extended reach and strikes that are ki-draining, which means that controlling one’s ki is a significant element of its development. It is similar to the spear.

The fact that it can be disassembled into its component parts, therefore, sets it different from the Spear in a significant way. Because of its property, skills that make use of it further increase the Splitstaff’s range while simultaneously increasing its attack speed, making it an excellent tool for inflicting status ailments.

Another sort of weapon that includes a mechanism that is unique to it is the splitstaff, which enables the user to hold down the button that is normally used to strike in order both to boost the weapon’s total damage and expand its range or both.

There is an increase in the amount of Ki that must be used, but in exchange, the user has access to a greater selection of choices, some of which are unavailable with other kinds of weapons.

The splitstaff is one of my current favorites since it gives you a broad range of alternatives to choose from when it comes to building it. On the other hand, if you want a build that annihilates monsters in a matter of seconds, then the Dragon Dance talent that this item has is undoubtedly the one you should choose.

The Splitstaff provides gamers with the distinct benefit of being able to alter the characteristics of strikes via the use of its Fluid Form. It enables players to improve the effectiveness of their combinations on the run and in response to any set of circumstances.

As a result, the Splitstaff offers a great deal of versatility, the application of which is determined more by the ingenuity of the player than by anything else.

The Fluid Form has a number of effects, such as expanding range or boosting damage, but they come at the expense of Ki and require longer sequences. The Splitstaff does not have a large number of active abilities because of the dynamic nature of its strikes; rather, it relies on the execution of strikes.

Players have a variety of alternatives to choose from when it pertains to how they wish to complete their sequences and interactions that may assist their style of play the best. Considering how versatile the Splitstaff could be when it relates to a weapon, players have a plethora of choices.

Last but not least, since the splitstaff is classified as a striking weapon, its Ki damage is increased, making it one of the weapons that do the most Ki damage overall. This comes at the expense of the weapon is, in general, one that deals a low amount of damage per second, with the exception of Dragon Dance and holds High Stance Quick Attacks.

Additionally, the weapon lacks really high damage, single-hitting attack, with the exception of Roar Power, which is a rare Boss Talent from the first Downloadable content and is unable to access until the player has completed Nioh 2 once.

Tier List Criteria

We at eXputer have consistently been curating tier lists ranging from first-person shooter games to TPS, story-driven, indie titles, and more. Nioh 2 weapons tier list is no different, and our strategy has remained the same for this one too. 

We first play the game and then experience every single weapon before putting them into the list, as you must have read here above. After that, we collect the general perspectives of other players from the forums and analyze why a certain weapon is best or worst. After that, we combine our knowledge with the collective experience from the web and device the tier lists.

Any ranking that you think is not fair for the Nioh 2 weapons can be discussed in the comments section. We appreciate the constructive criticism if backed by some logic. That being said, this tier list ranking and its discussion is open for further discussion and closed for negative criticism.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List. Which is your favorite weapon in the game so far, and why? For us, it is switchglaive and tonfas. Share your thoughts with us and let us know more about it in the comments box below.

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