Overwatch Tier List: The Best And Worst Heroes In the Game (2022)

All 32 Heroes Ranked, Subjecting them In Various Tiers.

It’s not simple to divide the heroes of Overwatch into a Tier List based on their effectiveness. Each player has their own unique playstyle, and a talented player can use even the most ineffective hero to dominate a match. So this is our article on the Overwatch Tier List. Hopefully, it can help you understand where each hero in the game stands regarding their power ranking.

Here’s a complete summary of Overwatch Tier List Heroes:

Overwatch Tier List Heroes Ranking Table 
S-TierMoira, Orisa, Sigma, Zarya, Doomfist, Baptiste, and Reaper
A-TierPharah, Winston, D.Va, Reinhardt, Echo, Widowmaker, McCree, Sombra, and Junkrat
B-TierZenyatta, Roadhog, Tracer, Genji, Ashe, Hanzo, and Ana
C-TierBrigitte, Wrecking Ball, Lucio, Torbjorn, Soldier: 76, and Mei
D-TierSymmetra, Mercy, and Bastion

We’ve repeatedly seen with Overwatch that players have exhibited exceptional skill using underpowered characters and making them overpowered with their sheer skill. But when you strip away the player from the equation, there is still the question of a hero’s base power and abilities. Not all characters are at the same level regarding their usefulness, and not all opinions on this issue will be the same.

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Overwatch Tier List
The Rankings.

We’re going to start with Rank S to indicate the cream of the crop. Then we’ll work our way down to Rank D to denote the worst of the bunch. The placement of the heroes within the tier does not matter since we do not make this list with the current meta in mind.

Now that the ranking is settled, here is our Overwatch Tier List:

S Tier


Overwatch Tier List

Not only is Doomfist an incredibly mobile character, but he also excels at dealing a large amount of damage through both ranged and melee attacks.

His basic hand cannon does a decent amount of damage at short-range but is mostly ineffective at long-range. But with ‘Seismic Slam,’ he can pull enemies towards him, then follow that up with ‘Rising Uppercut’ to knock them into the air. He can also perform a powerful lunge attack with ‘Rocket Punch,’ that knocks enemies back and deals additional damage if the enemy crashes into a wall.

With his ultimate ‘Meteor Strike,’ he can leap into the air and come crashing down in a devastating area of effect attack. He also stays completely invincible during the execution.

And if all of this wasn’t already enough, he also generates a temporary shield when each of his melee abilities and ultimate attack makes contact with an enemy.


Overwatch Tier List

Now I don’t expect many people to agree that Zarya belongs in Rank S, but I know that players who main this character will agree with my choice. She has been a part of the Overwatch roster since release, and to date, she possesses one of the most useful abilities in the game in terms of crowd control.

Her Particle Cannon has a powerful beam and a lobbed explosive attack, but more importantly, it has the ‘Graviton Surge’ ultimate ability. This launches forward a sphere of energy that pulls in all enemies in a 6-meter radius, while simultaneously dealing damage to them.

While this ability may not be extremely powerful on its own, it provides an opportunity for Zarya’s teammates to get some clean shots at a cluster of trapped enemies. This hero is a team player.

On top of this, Zarya can also deploy barriers that absorb incoming damage and divert it to her own weapon to increase its power.


Overwatch Tier List

This hero is an absolute powerhouse that utilizes a combination of high-damage dealing abilities and shields.

His primary attack is a projectile that is able to bounce off surfaces and explode after a set duration. He also has an ability that allows him to throw a large chunk of debris at enemies. Both of these attacks deal direct and splash damage.

Sigma’s ultimate ‘Gravitic Flux’ is an area of effect attack that launches up all enemies within a 7-meter radius, and then slams them down into the ground. The launch itself deals a moderate amount of damage, but when enemies hit the ground, they lose 50% of their max health.

Additionally, he can deploy a movable barrier, as well as utilize the ‘Kinetic Grasp’ ability that lets him convert incoming projectiles into shields.


Overwatch Tier List

A character worth having in any team, Orisa, can deal a large amount of damage while also utilizing a diverse set of defensive abilities.

Her primary weapon is the Fusion Driver, which effectively manages sustained damage at both mid and long-range. Using this does have a penalty, though, as her movement speed is decreased by 30%.

She can deploy a basic ‘Protective Barrier’ to shield herself and her allies from damage. And she can also use the ‘Fortify’ ability to reduce incoming damage to herself temporarily. She also has access to the ‘Halt!’ ability, which can pull in enemies within a 5-meter radius. This is similar to Zarya’s ‘Graviton Surge’ ability but less powerful.

Orisa’s ultimate ability is the ‘Supercharger,’ which deploys a device that boosts every ally’s damage within a 25-meter radius.


Overwatch Tier List

Moira is an effective healer and damage dealer. Her primary weapon is the Biotic Grasp beam, which can either heal her allies or steal health from enemies to heal herself.

Similarly, with her ‘Biotic Orb’ ability, she can send out a floating sphere that can either provide a regeneration effect to her allies or deal damage to the enemy. These effects can also ignore barriers.

With her ‘Fade’ ability, she can briefly turn invisible and also become invincible. This however, comes with the condition that she cannot attack at all.

Her ultimate is ‘Coalescence,’ which is a long-range beam ability that also ignores barriers and both heals allies and damages enemies at the same time.


Overwatch Tier List

No Rank S list can ever be complete without the inclusion of Reaper. This character was one of the first heroes to be introduced for the game, and he’s also one of the best it has to offer.

His Hellfire Shotguns are extremely high damage dealing weapons on their own, but he can also buff them with ‘The Reaping’ ability. This returns 30% of all damage dealt as health.

Reaper can also become invulnerable for a short time to pass through enemies, as well as teleport himself short distances with the ‘Shadow Step’ ability.

The iconic ‘Death Blossom’ ultimate also deals a tremendous amount of damage within an 8-meter radius, as Reaper unloads his shotguns in all directions.


Overwatch Tier List

Many fans agree that mastering Baptiste is relatively tricky due to the character’s high skill ceiling. But after you manage to get the hang of him, he is perhaps the best healer in the game right now.

Baptiste has a relatively weak primary Three-Round-Burst attack, but he more than makes up for it with his area of effect healing abilities; ‘Biotic Launcher’ and ‘Regenerative Burst.’ Because of this, he’s also suited to staying as close to his teammates as possible.

His ultimate ‘Immortality Field’ is a game-changer, as it provides a 5-second burst of invulnerability within a 6.5-meter radius. During this, all allies within the effect of the ability cannot drop below 20% health no matter how much damage they take.

A Tier


Overwatch Tier List

As the newest entry into the Overwatch roster, Echo is steadily proving that she can dish out damage with the best of them.

She possesses two mobility skills called ‘Glide’ and ‘Flight’ that let her hover around the battlefield and easily avoid damage.

Her primary weapon is the Tri-Shot, which fires three projectiles in a triangular pattern at a rate of 3 shots per second. She also has timed Sticky Bombs at her disposal that deal damage within a 2-meter radius.

Focusing on Beam also lets her create a powerful laser that deals a lot of damage by default, but enemies under 50% health take quadruple damage.

Echo’s ultimate is called ‘Duplicate,’ which lets her target an enemy hero and copy all of their abilities. While this is active, that enemy cannot swap their chosen hero either.


Overwatch Tier List

This behemoth has been a fan favorite for a long time and can be seen in almost every match you participate in.

His two main tools are the Rocket Hammer and Barrier Shield, both of which he can use in tandem without pause. The shield has a short cooldown if destroyed; otherwise, there is no regular cooldown for using it.

The ‘Charge’ ability is a powerful attack that can grab enemies in the hero’s path and drag them along. If Reinhardt manages to slam the grabbed foes into a wall, a significant amount of damage is dealt.

‘Earthshatter’ is an ultimate ability in with Reinhardt slams his hammer into the ground, creating a shockwave that deals damage to all enemies within its radius and also knocks them down.


Overwatch Tier List

D.Va is a fast and powerful tank that can zip around the battlefield and inflict a large amount of damage in a short amount of time.

Her Fusion Cannons can deal continuous damage over time without ever having to reload. Her mech can also unleash Micro Missiles’ barrage that dead significant direct and splash damage to her enemies.

She can deploy a forward-facing shield that blocks incoming projectiles and also use jet boosters to increase her speed to fly around the map. The boosters can also deal a small amount of damage by ramming into enemies.

The ‘Self-Destruct’ ultimately lets D.Va eject from her mech while launching it forward to explode in a 20-meter radius and deal with massive damage.


Overwatch Tier List

Winston is a high-health and mobile tank that specializes in dealing with sustained damage over time. He is always useful in a team.

The Tesla cannon weapon fires a continuous shock attack that deals a significant amount of damage, but that’s about all it does. There’s nothing all that flashy about it, but it quickly gets the job done.

He can also use his ‘Jump Pack’ ability to leap long distances, damaging enemies and also staggering them when he lands. The ‘Barrier Projector’ ability also lets him deploy a 5-meter dome that protects him and his allies.

His ultimate ‘Primal Rage’ boosts his health significantly. It also increases his melee damage and allows him to use the ‘Jump Pack’ ability much more frequently.


Overwatch Tier List

As another highly mobile hero, Pharah gets to control the skies during any match. She comes equipped with Hover Jets that let her fly around and take shots at enemies from the most unexpected vantage points.

Her primary weapon is the Rocket Launcher, with fires slow but powerful projectiles that deal a tremendous amount of damage. Direct hits are incredibly damaging, but the explosion damage sustained is also pretty decent.

She also comes equipped with a ‘Concussive Blast’ ability that lets her fire a wrist-mounted rocket that knocks enemies back. It’s great for pushing foes off ledges or creating space.

Her ultimate ability is ‘Barrage.’ It lets her unleash a salvo of rockets that can be used to wipe multiple enemies at the same time.


Overwatch Tier List

With a focus on using explosives, this hero excels at dealing a significant amount of damage in short bursts. He is a bit awkward to control, though.

Junkrat’s primary weapon is the Frag Launcher, which launches bouncing grenades in an arc. They deal a lot of damage directly, but then they also deal splash damage in the immediate area of impact.

He can also toss a Concussion Mine, which can be remotely detonated to send either himself or others flying through the air. If it’s hard to get enemies to stand still long enough to nail them with some explosives, he can also deploy the ‘Steel Trap’ ability to incapacitate his foes.

His ultimate ability is the ‘RIP-Tire.’ This lets him send forth a motorized tire bomb. He can control the path of this bomb and detonate it whenever he wants.


Overwatch Tier List

This hero is suited for disruption tactics, where the main goal is to bring down enemy defenses and open them up to attacks. And Sombra does this via her ‘Hack’ ability, which prevents enemies from using their abilities.

Her main weapon is the fully-automatic Machine Pistol, which can be used for brutal effects at short-range.

She can also use ‘Stealth’ to get around a map undetected and locate below 50% health targets with her ‘Opportunist’ ability. This combination incentivizes utilizing a lot of ambushes.

Sombra’s ultimate is called ‘EMP,’ an area of effect attack that instantly takes down all shields within a 15-meter radius.


Overwatch Tier List

Another well-known hero, McCree, has been the go-to character for many players who prefer a more traditional shooter experience.

His weapon of choice is the Peacekeeper Revolver, which is an extremely accurate mid-range gun. He can either fire off shots one by one or unload the entire cylinder at the same time. He also has access to a combat roll that lets him reload Peacekeeper instantly.

A Flashbang is also a part of his arsenal, which can stun enemies within a 3-meter radius.

McCree’s ultimate is called Deadeye, which allows Peacekeeper to every enemy in his sight and shoot them all simultaneously.


Overwatch Tier List

There is no better sharpshooter hero in Overwatch than Widowmaker, and a skilled player can use her to utterly wreck shop.

Her primary weapon is the Widow’s Kiss, which can be used in fully automatic and sniper mode. Aiming down sights turns the weapon into a sniper rifle, but it takes a second to charge up to full power.

She also has a Grappling Hook at her disposal that can be used to climb up to higher surfaces and propel her horizontally. The ‘Venom Mine’ ability lets her deploy a proximity explosive that lets out poison gas if an enemy comes close to it.

Widowmaker’s ultimate is the ‘Infra-Sight’ ability, which lets her and her allies spot all of the opposing team through walls.

B Tier


Overwatch Tier List

While Ashe may be a powerful hero, it can take a lot of time and effort to master her abilities.

Her primary weapon is The Viper, which is a semi-automatic rifle. It can be fired from the hip for quick shots or with the sights aimed down for slower but accurate shots.

She also has access to the ‘Coach Gun’ ability, where she fires off a shotgun to damage enemies at short-range but also knocks herself back a couple of meters. Additionally, she can toss Dynamite, which burns enemies and deals damage over time.

Ashe’s ultimate is called ‘B.O.B..’ While using this, she summons forth her robotic sidekick, who then knocks foes into the air and provides covering fire.


Overwatch Tier List

Once upon a time, Genji would have been in Rank A or even Rank S, but over time many newer heroes have been added that can give him a run for his money.

This hero focuses on using speed and his ability to climb walls and double jump alongside lightning-quick attacks. The most basic of these attacks is the Shuriken, 3 of which can either be thrown in quick succession or all together in a widespread.

He can also use his katana to deflect incoming projectiles and dash forward quickly to damage enemies with the ‘Swift Strike’ ability.

Genji’s ultimate attack is ‘Dragonblade,’ which lets him deliver instant killing blows to any foes in sight for 6 seconds.


Overwatch Tier List

This is another one of those heroes that has incredible potential to deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time. But it takes a lot of time and effort to learn how to use her properly.

Tracer’s abilities are focused on using the ‘Blink’ ability to rapidly propel herself forward, then rewinding time with the ‘Recall’ ability.

Using these in tandem with her rapid-fire Pulse Pistols lets her jump behind the opposing team’s lines, quickly attack enemies, and then pull herself out of danger.

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Her ultimate is called ‘Pulse Bomb,’ and it lets her toss an explosive that deals significant damage within a 5-meter radius. She can use the ‘Recall’ ability together with her ultimate to arm a bomb and then back out of the blast range quickly.


Overwatch Tier List

In a one-on-one scenario, Roadhog can be a force to be reckoned with, but that’s not what most matches of Overwatch turn out being. He’s mostly a big target to shoot at these days.

His main weapon is the Scrap Gun, which can be used as either a mid-range shotgun or an explosive projectile launcher. He also has a Chain Hook that lets him ensnare enemies and pull them towards himself.

The ‘Take a Breather’ ability lets him restore a significant amount of his health over a few seconds. However, this process can be interrupted if he gets attacked.

Roadhog’s ultimate is ‘Whole Hog.’ This allows him to rapidly fire his Scrap Gun non-stop over a few brief moments.


Overwatch Tier List

Zenyatta is a hero that focuses on buffing his allies and debuffing his enemies. He is also a competent healer, so he is always useful regardless of the situation.

His main weapons are the Orbs of Destruction, which he can launch at enemies from quite a distance. He can either send these out individually or charge up an attack to send out six altogether.

The ‘Orb of Harmony’ ability lets Zenyatta buff an ally so that they are healed continuously as long as they are within his line of sight. On the opposite end, ‘Orb of Discord’ lets him mark an enemy so that they take more damage as long as they are also within his line of sight.

This hero’s ultimate ability, ‘Transcendence,’ lets him become invulnerable for a few seconds. During this, he heals himself and any nearby allies. Unfortunately, he cannot use any other abilities while this is active.


Overwatch Tier List

A highly accurate sniper, Ana can use her Biotic Rifle to inflict ongoing damage to enemies while also healing her allies. There is no switching between ammo types; the effects of the shots depending on who they hit.

She can also use her ‘Sleep Dart’ ability to put enemies to sleep and use the ‘Biotic Grenade’ to heal allies within a small area of effect. Foes caught within the range of the grenade are not able to be healed for a short while.

Her ultimate ‘Nano Boost’ can be fired at an ally to heal them, boost their damage, and also allow them to take less damage for a short while.


Overwatch Tier List

A veteran Hanzo main should never be taken lightly, lest they catch you unawares.

This hero’s main weapon is the Storm Bow, and all of his attacks and abilities revolve around this one instrument. The most basic attack is a simple arrow, which increases in damage the longer you charge it.

Next are Sonic Arrows, which are sonar tracking devices that detect enemies within a 9-meter radius. Both Hanzo and his allies can see a foe revealed by a Sonic Arrow. Finally, the ‘Storm Arrows’ ability lets you fire off fully charged arrows instantly. You don’t have to wait for them to charge up to full power, but they also inflict slightly less damage than usual.

Hanzo’s ultimate ability is ‘Dragonstrike.’ It lets him unleash a Spirit Dragon that passes through walls and damages anything in its path.

C Tier

Soldier: 76

Overwatch Tier List
Soldier: 76.

While Soldier: 76 is an excellent character to teach new players about the basics of Overwatch, he can still be utilized by veteran players to devastating effect.

His main weapon is the Heavy Pulse Rifle, which more or less functions as a basic assault rifle. However, it is able to fire out Helix Rockets that deal a lot of damage to anyone caught in their path.

He can also use the ‘Biotic Field’ ability, where he plants a device on the ground that heals him and any allies within its area of effect. It only lasts for 5 seconds.

Soldier: 76’s ultimate is the ‘Tactical Visor,’ which allows him to auto-lock onto enemies within his line of sight. Holding down the attack button when this is active automatically deals damage to any hostiles.


Overwatch Tier List

This engineer hero wasn’t always as competent as he is these days, thanks to some much-needed updates from the developers.

As his primary weapon, Torbjorn uses the Rivet Gun. This can fire a singular shot at long-range, but it also has a secondary short-range fire mode that is more inaccurate but has a greater spread.

His defining skill is the ‘Deploy Turret’ ability, which allows him to spawn a turret. This weapon seeks out and attacks targets automatically, while Torbjorn can use his Forge Hammer to repair it.

Torbjorn’s ultimate ability is called ‘Molten Core.’ It allows him to create pools of molten lava that deal a tremendous amount of sustained damage.


Overwatch Tier List

Lucio is a support class hero who is more suited to buffing his teammates than engaging in direct combat. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t handle himself in a fight.

He uses the Sonic Amplifier to attack enemies with 4 round bursts, and his damage output is relatively decent, to be fair. He can also unleash a Soundwave that slightly damages any surrounding enemies and also pushes them away.

With the ‘Crossfade’ ability, Lucio is always playing one of two different songs. One of these heals himself and nearby allies, while the other increases movement speed. With the ‘Amp It Up’ ability, he increases the volume of his speakers and, as a result, enhances the effects of the songs.

Lucio’s ultimate is ‘Sound Barrier.’ It creates temporary shields for him and all allies within a 30-meter radius.

Wrecking Ball

Overwatch Tier List
Wrecking Ball.

A tricky hero to learn, no doubt, Wrecking Ball fills a role similar to that of D.Va. Both are tanks, with a focus on rapidly dealing damage and an emphasis on mobility. They both even have mechs of their own.

The Quad Cannons are mid-range weapons that shred enemies apart when within the optimal range. Combine these with the ‘Grappling Hook’ and ‘Roll’ abilities, and this hero becomes an optimal candidate for flanking the enemy team.

He also has access to personal shields that get stronger as more enemies are nearby, as well as a powerful Piledriver attack that lets him slam down into the ground and launch enemies upwards.

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Wrecking Ball’s ultimate is called ‘Minefield.’ It lets him deploy many proximity mines that explode on impact with an enemy.


Overwatch Tier List

This hero is a mix between a tank and a support character, focusing on the tank part of the union.

Her weapon is the Rocket Flail, which can deal damage to multiple enemies at the same time. It can also use a long-range attack called the ‘Whip Shot’ to deal damage to a foe while also knocking them away from Brigitte.

By default, attacks with the Rocket Flail automatically start slightly healing allies within a 20-meter radius of Brigitte. But she can also use the ‘Repair Pack’ ability to heal any injured teammates manually.

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Brigitte’s ultimate ability is called ‘Rally.’ It increases her personal movement shield and armor, while nearby allies only gain an increase to their armor.


Overwatch Tier List

Now Mei is a tricky hero because while she is decisive in her regard, using her effectively requires a well-functioning team.

Her main weapon is the Endothermic Blaster, which can be used to spray enemies with frost until they completely freeze solid. It also has a secondary fire mode where it launches highly accurate icicle projectiles.

If Mei has taken some damage, she can encase herself in ice with the ‘Cryo-Freeze’ ability. This makes her invulnerable for a short while, during which she can heal a bit. She can also use the ‘Ice Wall’ ability to create an enormous ice wall that can completely block passageways and stop enemies dead in their tracks.

Her ultimate is called ‘Blizzard,’ and as the name suggests, it creates a snowstorm within a 10-meter radius. Enemies caught within this slowly take damage over time and can even become frozen.

D Tier


Overwatch Tier List

Once upon a time, Bastion used to be the scourge of the battlefield. But over time, its popularity and effectiveness have waned. It’s still a reasonably competent hero, but this particular skillset doesn’t work with many different team combinations these days.

In Recon mode, It has access to a mid-range SMG that fires in short bursts. This mode plays more or less like a traditional shooter. In Sentry mode, Bastion turns into a powerful turret that can unload 30 rounds per second with its chain gun. Both of these configurations can be switched between freely.

The hero can also heal itself quickly with the ‘Self-Repair’ skill, but it cannot use any weapons or abilities while doing so.

Bastion’s ultimate is called the ‘Configuration: Tank.’ During this, it can move around quickly and use the new cannon weapon to deal massive damage to enemies.


Overwatch Tier List

It’s not that Mercy is a bad healer. It’s simply that, over time many other more capable healers have been added to the game. Compared to them, this hero is a bit one-note these days.

While she does have a firearm known as the Caduceus Blaster, it’s not very effective in combat. It is only reserved for situations where the hero has no other options available to them. Mercy cannot heal herself, but she does automatically regenerate health overtime when out of combat.

Her primary tool is the Caduceus Staff. This allows her to lock-on to an ally and provides them with constant healing. It also increases their damage output by 30%. The ‘Resurrect’ ability also lets this hero revive a dead teammate and bring them back to full health.

Mercy’s ultimate ability, ‘Valkyrie’ greatly enhances all of her other abilities, allowing her to use them rapidly throughout its duration.


Overwatch Tier List

This hero has been worked on a lot since the release of Overwatch, but unfortunately, she still does not match up to many of her peers. It takes a highly skilled player to be effective as Symmetra.

Her Photon Projector has two fire modes. The first one emits a beam that attaches to an enemy and deals damage over time. The second mode fires an explosive projectile that deals direct and splashes damage on impact.

She can also place up to three Sentry Turrets on the battlefield. Each of these automatically seek out targets and attack them. Her ‘Teleporter’ ability lets her deploy two different pads that she and her allies can use to travel between the two locations instantly.

Symmetra’s ultimate is the ‘Photon Barrier.’ This is a massive energy shield that prevents ranged attacks. It’s also the most significant barrier of this type in the entire game.

Final Overwatch Tier List

Overwatch Tier List

This has been our Overwatch Tier List. Not everyone will agree with the placements on this list, and that’s okay. It was made with personal preferences in mind, which are going to be unique for every player.

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