Pokémon Unite Tier List: All Characters Ranked

Know the Best All-Rounder, Speedster, Attacker, Defender and Supporter Pokémons

Pokémon Unite allows its players to collaborate with trainers worldwide, participate in tactical 5v5 party brawls, and enjoy the intense multiplayer Pokémon experience as quickly as in just 10 mins! You will need our Pokémon Unite tier list, however, to get ready for all this. 

Key Highlights
  • Pokémon Unite has 33 total Pokémons spread across multiple playing roles, namely All Rounder, Attacker, Defender Speedster, and Supporter. 
  • The versatility of performance across separate roles and on-field execution of base stats and abilities remained our top ranking criteria for all Pokémon Unite units.
  • Pokémons that check all the high-ranking marks evolve to be the best of the game and are as follows: Hoopa, Pikachu, Duraludon, Snorlax, Eldegoss, Dragonite, Sylveon, Tsareena, and Lucario
  • Fortunately, Pokémon Unite has only one character that we can call weak compared to the rest of the powerhouses. Charizard it is. The Pokémon’s performance is very feeble, giving opponents an edge from the very start of the combat. 
  • The best Pokémon Unite units will help you quickly triumph in tactical 5-on-5 team brawls, collaborate with global trainers, and thoroughly enjoy the Pokémon multiplayer experience.

The game is currently one of the most played MOBA titles amongst mobile gamers, given its substantial depth and the other cool Pokémon perks that none can resist experiencing. Our Pokémon Unite tier list will categorize top names excelling in the separate areas of play of the game. 

Since the hierarchy is definitely subject to changes, given Pokémon Unite’s constantly changing nature, don’t miss bookmarking this post to keep up in the future. Also, you might want to read some similar content for which we have our Pokemon GO tier list ready. 

You can also sneak into our Pokémon GO Ultra League tier list or Pokémon GO Great League tier list for some Go Battle goodness. Let’s first head on to what you are primarily here for the Pokémon Unite tier list! 

Pokémon Unite Tier List Breakdown 

Pokemon rankings S-C
Pokémon Unite Overall Ranking Explained!

The realms of Pokémon Unite are packed with multiple categories that go as follows: All Rounder, Defender, Attacker, Supporter, and Speedster. Each of them hails its own worthy abilities and stats hence a separate role. 

Considering the division, we will be breaking our tier list first into specific roles, followed by individual rankings so you know which Pokémon will prove to be the best investment in your case. There will, of course, be more highlights about each individual Pokémon too. 

All in all, you will be getting an ultimate stop shop to visit before starting your journey. Anyways just before getting into tiers of specific Pokémon roles, we’ll need you to know how every unit of the entire caste as a whole competes together. Here’s it: 

Tiers Pokémons 
SHoopa, Dragonite, Pikachu, Snorlax, Duraludon, Eldegoss, Sylveon, Lucario, Tsareena
AWigglytuff, Absol, Blastoise, Crustle, Azumarill, Mr. Mime, Gengar, Blissey, Decidueye, Greedent, Machamp, Cramorant, Eldegoss, Alolan Ninteales, Zeraora, Mamoswine, Slowbro, Talonflame, Greninja
BTrevenant, Cinderace, Gardevoir, Venusaur, Garchamp

This Pokémon Unite tier list was an overall ranking meant to show how each Pokémon performs in the games on a general basis despite their specific roles. Be that an Attacker Pokémon or the one who hails an All-Rounder role in the game, we ranked each unit from best to worst into tiers ranging from S-C. 

In case you are wondering how each of these tiers goes, here’s a brief about them all:

  • S-Tier: As with all gaming hierarchies, the S-house of our Pokémon Unite tier list ranks the most sturdy Pokémons of the game who literally hail with no major weaknesses to leave you worrying about. Your opponents will find defeating these beasts near impossible and dread encountering them.
  • A-Tier: The Pokémons ranked here are spectacular in their own might, if not as awesome as the dwellers of the top tier. With them, you will be able to knock down almost every enemy except those you just learned about a tier above. 
  • That said, A-tier fellas have a couple of weaknesses to look out for; however, their upsides are enough to have them still considered the most preferred Pokémon choices of the current meta. Don’t miss having at least one of them by your side, especially if the S-tier Pokémons are too tough to get. 
  • B-Tier: These Pokémons are not the best; in fact, they are just average options at a player’s disposal. B-tier units possess some decent skills and might prove much more dangerous than expected if employed by an experienced or expert hand. 
  • C-Tier: Below average units on our Pokémon Unite tier list but certainly not the worst. In fact, there’s no worst option in the game as far as we think because each one of them can do great only if they are tackled well.

That said, the Pokémons of this tier will also need well-planned team combinations with expert handling. Consequently, beginners should not think of allying up with these at all, or there will be a greater chance of losing than a possible triumph. 

And that’s all about it. It is exactly what all tiers in the rest of our Pokémon Unite lists will mean until you know who the champions of each role are. So without further ado, let’s finally get into the specifics: 

Pokémon Unite All Rounders Tier List 

All Rounder Pokemons
Pokémon Unite All-Rounders Tier List

The All-Rounder class in Pokémon Unite houses only the units with a nice balance of endurance and offense potential. Together the bounties make them a reliable combatant to have on board hence earning the name–All-Rounder. Anyhow, here’s how these highly tenacious battlers rank: 

Tiers Pokémons 
SDragonite, Tsareena, Lucario
AMachamp, Aegislash
BGarchomp, Charizard


Dragonite is famous due to its very solid Unite Move that players will notice outputting massive damage to the foes that are hit by it. One can also employ Dragonite’s Dragon Dance move if not impressed by the first. The move will help Dragonite ditch incoming attacks when needed.


Stomp should be a must-have choice if you plan to play Tsareena. It’s the ideal pick for this Pokémon as it possesses the ability to Stun your opponents for perfect crowd control. Tsareena also houses the Queenly Majesty to reduce any status effects that are dished towards it. 


Though most think there’s none better in terms of mobility than the Speedsters, Lucario, the All-Rounder of our Pokémon Unite tier list, proves the opinion wrong. Thanks to its incredible stats combined with solid Extreme Speed-like moves, Lucario, the top-tier unit, packs some awesome speed. 

The ability ultimately enables it to corner opponents into a series of traps flooded with powerful damage attacks. Moreover, players can always use the Bone Rush otherwise as it further makes employing the other movie much easier.


While this Pokémon may not be the best choice for beginners, experts can make much out of Machamp, given how cool it becomes once leveled up. Machamps gain access to a horde of nifty buffs as soon as a player level it up, making the unit one heck of an investment. 

Employers will also be served with Machamp’s powerful basic attack that lets them continuously deal enough damage while it charges up his main attacks. Interesting, isn’t it? But only if you can bear the initial weaknesses.


Somewhat following Machamp’s legacy, Aegislash is not for beginners who don’t look forward to experiencing a hefty learning curve. Though there’s no doubt in how worthy of an all-rounder the Pokémon really is, Aegislash will require one to have enough practice in order to manifest it to its fullest. 

The Pokémon’s attack and moveset mechanics need a great deal of learning, but once you are in it, our Pokémon Unite tier list doesn’t house a better unit than Aegislash. It’s a great offensive force to have by your side in all situations. 


Garchomp also has the same issue found with Machamp and Aegislash, but the meta seems to be working on it. The unit in question now manifests a significantly revamped early game coupled with its already sturdy moveset. 

Nevertheless, you’ll still be getting a much-compromised punch of power in comparison to the beasts you had just come passing by. This, however, in no way makes Garchomp useless. It’s just that Pokémon isn’t the greatest but can definitely deal good damage. 


A nice choice, especially after the recent Pokémon Unite update but still not as viable as perfectionists would want. However, Charizard stands good with the others, given the decent balance of attack and defense on board, if not the best. 

One can evolve it soon in order to unlock interesting moves like the Fire Punch if not for any other purpose. 


This contestant on our Pokémon Unite tier list is a good option if you look forward to experiencing decent one-on-one duels with the foes. However, that’s potentially the only thing you can reap out of Azumarill, as it is definitely not a team Pokémon you might be looking for. 

In team combats, the water mouse Azumarill tends to perform really squishy, especially flattering during the end game (the most vital part in the entire Pokémon Unite!).

Pokémon Unite Attackers Tier List 

Attacker Pokemons
Pokémon Unite Attackers Tier List

These are buddies who truly ace in terms of dishing out massive amounts of damage to the enemy’s side. Players need to close their eyes on endurance, however, as it’s the opposite way around for what the Pokémons are actually made to do. Here’s how the attacking battalions of our Pokémon Unite tier list rank:

Tiers Pokémons 
SDuraludon, Sylveon, Pikachu
ADecidueye, Cinderace, Alolan Ninetales
BEspeon, Delphox, Cramorant
CVenusaur, Gardevoir, Greninja 


Pikachu is especially known amongst beginners for how easy it is to maneuver, but we also regard it as the best attacker unit on our Pokémon Unite tier list. Of course, it’s the highest damage rendering potential that the Pokémon has and everyone’s favorite ability–Stun. 

Together the combination makes Pikachu one heck of a nightmare for your opponents unless they manage to pull someone extraordinarily strong for the counter. It is a great Pokémon to invest in for all stages in the realms of Unite, but you will see it especially shine in the crucial final minutes.   


Owing to the category this Pokémon ranks in, Duraludon is one of the most action-packed units, if not the best. For a start, the masterpiece in its arsenal is the Stealth Rock. The item holds the ability to easily take your opponents by surprise and shrink their mobility to almost dead levels.

What’s the biggest plus to the item, however, is the fact that one can employ it quite many times before having to wait for its cooldown. All in all, you know you are getting a good offense-oriented Pokémon with much more reliable moves than any. 


Though Sylveon is an attack-oriented contestant of our Pokémon Unite tier list, it also manifests a decent show of endurance whenever needed. Meaning even if you find the Pokémon lacking in offense (it won’t, though), the gap can be easily made by pulling the bunch of HP-stealing abilities it has. 

You can also keep yourself alive in the midst of intense situations for longer by summoning more speed-boosting items. Believe us, and the extras will make Sylveon even more dangerous.   


Fans of ranged attacks in Pokémon Unite should assemble ASAP! Decidueye is by far the worthiest option for that purpose. However, be ready to compromise on issues related to retreating or setting up a shot. Otherwise, the Pokémon is a good pick, especially if paired with potent moves like the Pokémon Spirit Shackle.


In the beginning, Cinderace won’t seem much of a viable contestant on our Pokémon Unite tier list. But once you get going with the game, learn how to make perfect aims, and start leveling it up, this Pokémon can be your greatest Unite companion of all times. 

That said, the powerful force houses incredible mobility, long-range damage attacks, and the ability to inflict burn effect on its foes. Together the potential will help you knock out all the sturdy figures of the opponent’s team!

Alolan Ninetales

Not long ago, Alolan Ninetales used to be no more than a typical C-D tier Pokémon until the move, Aurora Veil, was finally updated. Now Alolan can stun freeze its foes while they are on their tracks so they can see how brutally the rest of the team occupy their stances. 

The Pokémon will do this in a breeze but make a mind that’s the only thing it can actually do. Therefore decide whether you want to see your enemies watch their misery while stunned or instead work on scoring some real goals.


This Pokémon has also improved on the mercy of recent updates. Leveling up Gardevoir in the early stages of Pokémon Unite matches is far easier now. However, this doesn’t mean you are spared from a hefty learning curve.  

Managing Gardevoir still requires a bit of practice, but once you have surpassed that challenge, the Pokémon will perform some incredibly powerful ranged attacks, enough to break apart the enemy’s groups and cause havoc in their ranks. 


The beastly Cramorant was once known to rule the Pokémon Unite tier list but now has certainly fallen due to the recent updates. For instance, the famous Dive and Air Slash both have loosened their charm. That said, the fallen mighty now houses no extraordinary power in its moveset, but players may still want to employ the Whirlpool and Surf move options. Both are at least good for disabling enemies, if not anything else.


This contestant of our Pokémon Unite tier list Attacker’s category will only prove its best when unleashed with its fullest moveset. Meaning the most you can make out of Greninja is during the later stages of a Pokémon Unite match.  


Espeon is a masterpiece if players utilize the two of its jewel moves simultaneously– Psyshock and Psybean. The move can proficiently stun Espeon’s opponents and cause substantial amounts of damage, respectively. 

To make the most of them, try targeting only the foes with full health left and attack with a perfect aim. Also, it is recommended to keep Espeon always accompanied by good healing Pokémon as most of these character’s moves make it vulnerable to lethal attacks.


Not a generally effective character Delphox is, but definitely, worth your attention in case you can crack how it works. With the very special fast charging move Unite Move on board and the capacity to dish out some of the biggest attacks from huge distances, Delphox is a super strong unit in technical hands. 

For a start, you need to be very careful in leveling the Pokémon as it requires some of the quick and continuous ones to really shine. Secondly, one shouldn’t be under too much pressure to be influenced by the enemy. The more you are pinned down to something, the more difficult it will be to manage Delphox.


Thanks to the descent combination of Petal Dance and Giga Drain, Venusaur hails as a nice attacker on our Pokémon Unite tier list. The trick, however, is to keep it leveled up, which automatically makes it a less viable character for most players— beginners especially. If you are up for that, we recommend you start leveling Venusaur in the early Pokémon Unite game already before it becomes uncontrollable.

Pokémon Unite Defenders Tier List 

Defenders Pokemons
Pokémon Unite Defenders Tier List

The Defenders of the Pokémon Unite tier list are opposites of the Attackers. They have amazing endurance onboard but just enough or sometimes no capacity to render an attack. Defenders are specially built to guard the ally party against as many incoming attacks as possible while also resisting the foes from advancement. Here’s how they rank: 

Tiers Pokémons 
SSnorlax, Blastoise
AMamoswine, Crustle, Greedent, Slowbro


Here comes the buddy who’d been dominating our rest of the Pokémon tier lists as well. Snorlax is an awesome unit of the realm. Though there’s a bit of a learning curve that you’ll have to consider beforehand, the struggle is worth the two main perks all players will be getting: Block and Yawn. 

Both of the moves are just amazing if you look forward to pushing back your opponents as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Nevertheless, owing to its role, Snorlax has got a pretty high stat for Endurance to ensure it stays safe while using all its moves.


Only players who know how to make their way to the 7th level quickly should opt for Blastoise. If not, get ready to get stuck in between with a rather weak version of the Blastoise, who will hardly seem viable before Level 7. 

Once there, all the sorrows will wipe off in an instant, given Blastoise’s Rapid Spin and Surf. Both the moves will enable employing players to take a solid charge of the crowd, that too, as easily as ever.


From stunning foes to freezing them, this Pokémon Unite hero revolves its potential around rendering powerful and strategic status effects. We know it would have probably made you excited about blocking your opponent team’s goals but keep in mind that Momoswine is not like a piece of cake as it may look. 

There’s very little damage capacity on offer for all the users, ultimately making the status effect capability somewhat of a filler. Nevertheless, you can always team up with Mamoswine to balance off the capacity, especially if you just can’t afford to avail nice status effect infliction skills. 


Crustle is one of those Pokémons that really gave us a tough time, given their versatility in terms of roles. Yes, Crustle is a Defender plus Attacker who excels in both fields but with a slight edge in endurance; however, to earn its spot in the list of Defenders finally. 

The Pokémon will very effectively push back incoming aggro while also dealing a ton of damage, especially when it gets hands on a one-to-one duel. On the downside, however, Crustle manifests severely low mobility hence always being at the mercy of clever foes.


This option in our Pokémon Unite tier list also comes with a hefty learning curve like many others before, hence making you stop and think before picking it. That said, Greedent is indeed a worthy part of the roster despite its complex handling mechanics. It can hail as one of the best defenders of the list if players surpass first Greedent’s mastering journey and then find a balance between Berry Belly Flop, Stuff Cheeks, and Belch.


Though Slowbro has the quite potent Telekinesis and the Surf move that can literally force the enemies to retreat at their earliest, the Pokémon still has something lacking. Slowbro will still not be able to take the favorite’s spot in most players’ hearts due to its very slow speed. Players will have to constantly keep an eye on Slowbro while also ensuring that potent allies group it in order to enjoy the fullest of this unit. 


The Pokémon in discussion is all about taking damage, and that’s it. While this is way too daring, in our opinion, and will ultimately keep the entire team well-protected, there’s really nothing more to Trevenant. 

Even if there is, Trevenant is just too busy absorbing the incoming aggro that it usually tends to lack dishing out by itself. Meaning players will either have to risk abandoning their other Pokémons while Trevenant is busily respawning, or it’s the other way around.   

Pokémon Unite Speedsters Tier List 

Speedster Pokemons
Pokémon Unite Speedsters Tier List

As the name suggests, these Pokémon Unite tier list units pack awesome mobility as well as offense as an extra perk. In short, you will be getting some speedy attack machines for your team on picking a speedster. 

They take pride in rushing down to the opponent’s stances and back again, making multiple attacks to knock down as many targets as possible. The Speedsters might get hit on their way, but that’s ok until they are able to land significant damage in return. 

Also, the massive speed onboard won’t let that happen so often; hence don’t fret. Anyways, here’s how to rank from the best to worst: 

Tiers Pokémons 
ATalonflame, Absol 
BGengar, Zeraora


This Pokémon Unite tier list’s units carry special moves like Fly and Brave Bird to make the most of the airfield of the game. Players will be allowed to cover a long distance in a matter of seconds as Talonflame flies you through while also inflicting enemies with enough damage. 

What’s more? The character can easily protect as well as heal itself through its very strategic and clever timed Aerial Ace.


With awesome moves like Sucker Punch and Psycho Cut, Absol, the king of critical landing hits, deals pretty significant amounts of damage in an instant. The defense capacity is slow, however, and we’d recommend you corner your targets as early as possible before protecting Absol becomes a menace for yourself. 


Remember Blastoise from our Pokémon Unite Defenders tier list? Gengar the Speedster is more or less the same; hence needs to be pushed to Level 7 at all costs so it starts performing in what it’s good at. Level 7 will ultimately open Hex for Gengar, and believe us, that’s one heck of an item you need in this game. 

From unlocking Hex and onwards, everything will seem much better as players will now be able to take control of the entire Unite map. One can also employ Gengar’s awesome healing mechanism now to help the other mates in staying alive longer.


Not just Hex like Gengar has, Zeroara has an entire pool of selections when it comes to power moves. The downside, however, is that almost every delight from the pool is not as sweet as one might expect. Each one has a relatively long cooldown period than any move we discussed before. 

Though being a Speedster, Zeraora’s lackluster cooldown will always keep players vulnerable to attacks whenever they miss hitting a target. This means they’ll ultimately have to flee from battles more often. Therefore choose only if you are ready to face such chaos.

Pokémon Unite Supporters Tier List 

Supporter Pokemons
Pokémon Unite Supporters Tier List

Though hardly enough in terms of attacking, endurance, or even speed, Supporters are a must-have part of any video game’s team, given their healing potential. Pokémon Unite is no different where too players will need Supporters so that any of their back vital teammates don’t end up leaving a little too early. 

A perfect Supporter unit of our Pokémon Unite tier list will have the potency to heal teammates while also knowing a bit about how to attack in intense situations. Supporters will usually dish out status effects for that purpose. Here’s how Support Pokémons of this game rank: 

Tiers Pokémons 
SEldegoss, Hoopa
AWigglytuff, Blissey
BMr. Mime


Hoopa bestows unique support to its employer, the primary of it being a map traverser. With Hoopa onboard, players can traverse the map of Pokémon Unite far more quickly than anyone else.

Moves like Hyperspace Hole and Ring Unbound are Hoopa-provided great perks too that not only render good damage to the enemy groups but build effective warp spots for the ally team. These spots might look usual, but they prove very helpful when your team needs to escape from a tight situation. 


This unit of our Supporters Pokémon Unite tier list knows how to summon robust shields as well as heal its allies. Perfect Supporter choice, isn’t it? Don’t get excited just yet, as the once mighty Eldegoss is one of those unlucky Pokémons that are hit really hard by the new updates. 

Players of the Pokémon Unite won’t be able to pull a lot out of Eldegoss as they used to once upon a time; however, it’s still worth having as a decent supporter, if not the best. 


With incredible abilities to disable its foes, adequate providence of healing support, and some awesome capacity to boast damage, Blissey is the greatest support ally one can get. It also performs decently in terms of granting and absorbing debuffs, so you know you are served well in that aspect too. 

As far as the downside of Blissey is concerned, employers of the Pokémon must keep it stuck with the rest of the allies. Keeping Blissey ground along the team will keep it both alive for longer, given its scarce defending skills. 


Players sticking with Wigglytuff can Stun their foes as well as put them to deep sleep, immobilizing the opponents’ ranks as much as possible. This Means Wigglypuff will clear the path of its teammates (get most of the job done) so they can efficiently finish it without getting attacked in return. 

Mr. Mime

Last but not least, here comes the wall-building master who will separate the opponent like no other, leaving them in absolute confusion. The wall it creates will also help to push back lethal enemies, hence protecting the ally team as a whole.

Anyways the only downside to Mr. Mime that has earned it the lowest spot in our Pokémon Unite tier list is the learning curve. Though it might be frustrating at times, the character is indeed worth undergoing that, given the huge support potential on board.

Best Pokémon In Pokémon Unite For Great League  

If your favorite mod to play in Pokémon Unite is the great league, it is important that you have some of the best characters in our tier list for August 2022 for Great League PvP mode. 

Following are some of the best characters in Pokémon Unite if you are playing the great league. 


The second most recent edition of Pokémon Unite released in June has already made its mark as one of the best characters in the game. Azumarill does really well especially when it comes to one-on-one encounters. Being a medium-ranged and close-ranged attacker, he is a nice option for Great League where you will face the enemies head-on. 

Galarian Stunfisk 

The Pokémon belongs to one of the highest tiers in our list of Pokémon Unite in terms of abilities and skills. However, the great league is where his abilities shine the most. You can find him in the Dusty Bowl and he is one of the Pokémon you can catch during the Dynamax adventures. The reason why he performs great in PvP mode is due to his solid defensive stats. 


The lovely Pokémon has a great potential to perform exceptionally well in the Great League PvP mode of Pokémon Unite. He has a great defense and a lot of HP to help you survive in the PvP mode.


So that’s all about the Pokémon Unite tier list we wanted to put forth for you. Our team tried as much as we could to make the hierarchy useful for you, for which we divided it into five different categories based on an individual unit’s in-game role.

Though we are quite sure that the team has made a good emphasis on the best Pokémons, there will still be a few units that you need to prioritize, keeping your personal preference in mind. Maybe those might prove great for you, unlike the majority’s opinion (the ranking above is based solely on populace opinion). 

All in all, no matter what the tier is, S or C, don’t forget to go with your heart and give your favorite buddies a try; they surely deserve that. Good luck enjoying Pokémon Unite! 

Pokémon Unite Tier List Criteria 

For every latest hierarchy that we present to our readers here at eXputer, our team goes through tons of data to collect ample research before finally airing the content. Our Pokémon Unite tier list is no different, where you can sit back assured of credibility. 

Clearly, ranking the entire character cast wasn’t possible without experiencing the Pokémon Unite realm and the current meta ourselves. Therefore, our team’s mobile phones became hosts for the game for a week. 

A variety of team compositions were put to the test, synced with all types of strategies to finally come up with the most definitive Pokémon Unite tier list. That said, only our experience wouldn’t have completed the work, so we decided to induce the popular views that circulate in the gamer community. 

Our team collaborated with the best Pokémon players to know what options they prefer to dominate as smoothly as one dream. High-ranking gamers also remained under our radar till we made our Pokémon Unite tier list as accurate and fair as it could be. 

Still, we totally support the mavericks of the community who might not agree with one or two of our rankings. It’s always perfectly fine to go with what one’s gut says, despite it not matching the popular view. 

Having said that, the proficiency of the employing players also matters a lot because an expert can pull almost an S-tier style performance even from an average Pokémon. In contrast, rookies will have to rely on the best picks only (unless they are extraordinarily smart!).

Anyways, don’t hesitate to share your view on our Pokémon Unite tier list if you don’t find any part of the ranking right. We, at eXputer, appreciate constructive feedback but not criticism. 

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