Priconne Tier List: BEST Units Ranked [2023]

Complete Character Guide for New and Veteran Princess Connect Re: Dive Players

Role-playing games have always been a center of attention for gamers, and so is the GOAT–Princess Connect Re: Dive. The gacha video game offers zealous turn-based combat complemented by one of the cutest (deadliest!) character gangs. Our up-to-date Priconne tier list will help you deal with it well. Our tier list will make the journey easier for you. For starters, we have dissected the entire Princess Connect Re: Dive cast into groups based on their roles. Each role will manifest its own tier ranking ranging from the top tier, S, to the last, D. 

Key Highlights
  • Princess Connect Re: Dive (Priconne) houses up to 70 playable units divided into four critical roles based on their moveset–Offense, Defense, Support, and Middle. 
  • Each Priconne unit is carefully put into ranking tiers based on its effectiveness in turn-based combat and the various real-time mechanics and playing modes on offer. 
  • Talking about the best characters in Princess Connect Re: Dive, Jun, and Akino excel in the offense domains, while Miyako, Akino, and Shizuru are masters of defense. 
  • Rino, Hatsune, Misato, Kokkoro, and Saren are also highlight characters in Priconne since they are exceptional Support and Middle category options. 
  • Though opting for the high-ranked characters should be your go-to winning strategy, carefully consider each option’s skills and personal details before choosing your final Princess Connect Re: Dive team.

Here’s a complete summary of Princess Connect (Priconne) Tier List Characters:

Princess Connect (Priconne) Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
TiersOffense UnitsMiddle UnitsDefense UnitsSupport Units
S-Tier Jun, AkinoKokkoro, SarenMiyako, Akino, ShizuruRino, Hatsune, Misato
A-Tier Tsumugi, Kaori, Shizuru, Makoto, Ayane, Tamaki, DjeetaAnna, Akari, Ninon, Mitsuki, Rin, MonikaJun, Kuka, Nozomi, Pecorine, DjeetaShiori, Yuki, Kyoka, Io, Maho, Suzuna
B-Tier Rei, Hiyori, Eriko, NozomiYukari, Illya, Shinobu, MifuyuLima, MakotoKaryl, Aoi, Yui, Misaki
C-Tier Misogi, Kurumi, MiyakoYori, MimiEriko, Rei, Tamaki, Kurumi, MisogiArisa, Chika
D-Tier Lima, Kuka, Tomo, MatsuriMahiruKaori, HiyoriSuzume

Players are expected to build battling teams that help them make their way to the end. However, with multiple playing modes and real-time mechanics heavily influencing each character’s effectiveness, choosing the right companion ain’t that easy. This is where our tier list will help you dominate the game. 

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Princess Connect Re: Tier Lists 

Priconne Ranked
Princess Connect Re: Dive All Tier Lists Explained!

With more than fifty playable units to pick from, the Princess Connect Re: Dive RPG has a rich roster for its users. Based on each character’s strength and general effectiveness. Remember that since Priconne has various play modes, different in-game units show their potential better in different modes and roles. 

As the head of the battle team, players should be very cautious while strategizing their teams. As said earlier, there are separate Princess Connect Re: Dive tier lists for each position that a team will require filling up.

This way, team building will become very straightforward for you, ranking character for us. Nevertheless, each tier list has five tiers that are as follows: 

S-Tier: The best of the best, S-tier units of our Priconne tier list fit perfectly with most team compositions and meta settings. These versatile picks are incredibly overpowered in the current conditions, making hailing the best choice to invest in. 

If you are after something exceptionally useful in Princess Connect Re: Dive, the S-Tier units should be your number one priority.

A-Tier: Units ranked here are generally worth considering but fail to manifest as versatile skill pool as the S-tier dwellers. They make up an excellent investment to every type of team and should be a player’s number one priority if finding an S-tier unit seems impossible. 

B-Tier: The B-tier inhabitants aren’t the best in Priconne but fare well situationally. For instance, you’ll see them performing like beasts in specific game modes while lacking in others. 

That said, the niche-specific heroes will prove to be extremely solid when combined with the right allies. All you have to do is play to their advantage. If you are starting, B-tier Priconne characters can be worth investing in.

C-Tier: C-Tier units are even more niche specific than those ranked in B. As such, they aren’t generally great for the current Princess Connect Re: Dive meta, but they can still be employed. Their stat allocation is weaker, too, ultimately rendering them unfit for most situations unless you invest heavily into them.

D-Tier: Characters ranked here rarely prove helpful in any setting or mode. The D-tier fellas either end up messing due to their weak stat allocations, or their skills aren’t as optimal, even when handled by the beat of Priconne players. 

That said, it’s probably best to keep your distance from these characters. Those who are just starting and can not find anyone from the top tiers can still prefer these. 

PvP & PvE

PvP and PvE Priconne ranking
Princess Connect Re: Dive Overall Tier List For PvP and PvE Meta

Before we get into position-specific Priconne tier lists, here’s a general one based on PvE and PvP conditions both. In this list, placements of the Princess Connect Re: Dive characters depend on their overall in-field effectiveness and utilities onboard. 

Tier Princess Connect Re: Dive Characters
SRino, Hatsune, Monika, Djeeta, Akino, Anna
AEriko, Rin, Maho, Saren, Shiori, Kokkoro, Misato, Jun, Ninon, Shizuru, Suzuna, Kurumi,  Ayane, Tsumugi, Io, Makoto
BNozomi, Miyako, Mimi, Mitsuki, Illya, Shinobu, Rei, Kuka, Misaki, Yori, Karyl, Kaori
CAkari, Chika, Yuki, Hiyori, Tamaki, Mifuyu, Lima
DMatsuri, Mahiru, Misogi, Suzume, Yukari, Aoi, Tomo

Offense Units List

The characters ranked below are offense strategists of the game. They are proficient in inflicting damage to your foes and quickly outnumber them before it happens the other way around.  The offense characters are known for their wide range of reactive capabilities that could knock down bosses in no time. 

Though all the characters ranked below are powerful because of their job, each excels at different skills. Therefore, be vigilant when picking yourself a companion, as the attacker’s role will prove the most detrimental in Princess Connect Re: Dive. 

Tier Princess Connect Re: Dive Offense Characters
SJun, Akino
ATsumugi, Kaori, Shizuru, Makoto, Ayane, Tamaki, Djeeta
BRei, Hiyori, Eriko, Nozomi
CMisogi, Kurumi, Miyako
DLima, Kuka, Tomo, Matsuri

Defense Characters List 

Defense characters are the buddies who will safeguard you and the allies from incoming damage. Making attacks doesn’t matter much at this stage, but they should have enough strength to absorb damage effectively or at least half enemy advancement. All the Defensive units of the Princess Connect Re: Dive tier list are ranked as per their defensive capabilities.

Tier Princess Connect Re: Dive Defence Characters
SMiyako, Akino, Shizuru
AJun, Kuka, Nozomi, Pecorine, Djeeta
BLima, Makoto
CEriko, Rei, Tamaki, Kurumi, Misogi
DKaori, Hiyori

Middle Characters List

The Middle characters of the Priconne tier list will be the first ones you’ll probably look up to when your Offence unit goes down. As their name suggests, these characters are responsible for performing a versatile role that offers offense as well as defensive abilities. They have a good mix of abilities hence allowing them to act in several valuable ways. 

Tier Princess Connect Re: Dive Middle Characters
SKokkoro, Saren
AAnna, Akari, Ninon, Mitsuki, Rin, Monika
BYukari, Illya, Shinobu, Mifuyu
CYori, Mimi

Support Units List 

Though not the frontliners of the party, the Support characters of any game are highly essential backups that a team must have. In Princess Connect Re: Dive, Support characters help fellows by protecting them or granting them useful buffs during the battle. 

Given their role, Support characters ain’t packed with much strength hence don’t forget to encircle them with enough protectors. Anyways they are good at what they are assigned to do; hence make sure you consider only that when picking a Support character.  

Tier Princess Connect Re: Dive Support Characters
SRino, Hatsune, Misato
AShiori, Yuki, Kyoka, Io, Maho, Suzuna
BKaryl, Aoi, Yui, Misaki
CArisa, Chika

Priconne Tier List Best Characters  

Best of Priconne
Priconne Tier List Best Characters

With the main Princess Connect Re: Dive tier list done and dusted, it’s time for you to know how to maneuver the best picks of the game. We will be discussing all the skills, personal details, and some valuable strategies for using each Priconne tier list’s best character mentioned down below: 


Neneka is an absolute must-character for all types of teams which is exactly why you saw her in the S-tier of our Priconne tier list. The powerhouse manifests a high overall damage, rendering potential with a remarkable ability to debuff enemies. 

Her Union Burst is especially significant, allowing players to call a Clone of Neneka while also creating fields that grant Magic Attack buffs and TP Regeneration. This also helps stun the target, so don’t forget to wield it accordingly. 

Though she’s highly versatile, given all her capabilities and power of giving off single-target and AoE attacks, players must keep an eye on Neneka’s low defense. Her Map placement isn’t feasible either, as it weakens the character against incoming AoEs. 

Not to mention that nearly everything in Neneka’s skillset is pretty magic oriented; therefore, make sure your overall build suits that.


Labyrista, AKA Akira Mosakuji, houses special skills that help swell her damage rendering while also providing buffs to Crit Rate and Physical Attack. This happens especially due to the powerful Object Creation UB onboard, which helps Labyrista enter Seven Crowns Privilege Mode so she can change her attack pattern. 

The unit can prove a solid support character for your Princess Connect Re: Dive’s team, but keep in mind that she’s focused mainly on increasing an ally’s attack capacity. Otherwise, players can always combine ally buffs with enemy debuffs to inflict the opponent with substantial damage. 

Labyrista’s only drawback witnessed until now is the severe lack of healing skills and almost no TO recovery onboard. Consequently, employers should ensure they have enough healers to complement Labyrista’s skills.


Shizuru is known for her high Defence skills onboard as well as her ability to put up an excellent damage show thanks to the Sacred Punish Union Burst. The UB also creates solid Physical Attack repelling barriers, dealing damage to frontline opponents, and regenerating HP to keep Shizuru and the allies safe. 

Suppose you are looking forward to employing a character with an extraordinary single-target heal+defence skill set that quickly pulls vulnerable teammates out of tight spots. In that case, Shizuru is the one for you. However, remember that she often proves weak against magic-type attackers, so only place her in suitable conditions. 


Long-time players of Princess Connect Re: Dive have been waiting for a while now for Miumi to become a worthy character. And guess what? The makers haven’t ditched them. Miumi, with its exceptional pool of attack-oriented skills, has finally made it to the S-tier of the Priconne tier list. 

She can render devastating attacks on the team’s frontline enemies while confusing the rest with her constantly shifting attack patterns. Miumi enables frequent changes to her attacking via her ability to employ a Greatsword until TP is depleted. 

The unit’s Skill 1 also lets her stun foes for a minimum of 1.5 seconds, giving the rest of the team a break from the opponent’s aggro. Amid all the sweet bites, don’t forget that you still need to overcome Miumi’s bad map placement, as she usually likes performing from behind the allies. The characters also hail a pretty scarce base defense. 


Akino is a Tank unit of Princess Connect Re: Dive but equips compromised defense capabilities in contrast to what’s usually expected from tank builds. To cope up with the issues, players are recommended to maximize Akino’s skills of healing so it can absorb more significant damage if not repel it. 

For this, you can employ its high HP or Healing Jewel Skill 2 but beware of its hefty regeneration rate. Players can also make the most of Akino in Piccone by using its Physical Damage rendering potential as much as possible. 

It will help keep the power units of the opponent’s side away. For instance, for the huge ones attacking from the front, Akino’s Union Burst might be the best choice. UB also deploys a solid barrier to bounce off most of the incoming attacks, therefore, hailing as an all-rounder skill. 

Proud Slash and Flame Soul are excellent skill choices that will inflict medium to high Physical Damage to frontline enemies while also granting slight buffs.


Rino manifests a good combination of AoE and single-target skills, making her a strong option for filling the backline role. Her skills, along with the Union Burst onboard, not only deals Physical Attack but also help buff Physical Critical Rate up to 3.5 times in order to swell damage rendering even more.

However, you need to be very careful about Rino’s lackluster defense and the fact that she is overly dependent on Crit Damage. Couple Rino with similar buff enabling units of Princess Connect Re: Dive who can overcome her gaps to help her ace every ground. 


Handling Luna can prove to be a bit tricky sometimes, given that you actually have to make her hurt someone in order to maximize the damage output. However, you can overcome the gap if you couple Luna with the right healers and high HP units of Princess Connect Re: Dive. 

This way, you will be able to not only boast damage at the cost of ally HP but can also regenerate a lot of ally TP. Nevertheless, her skill set includes the very potent Phantom Howl UB, Soul Conversion, Undying Resentment, and Will you be my friends? Ex. 


Hatsune is the beast of our Priconne tier

list designed primarily for players fond of using magic as their only weapon against lethal foes. The unit also packs various skills that inflict effective Stun damage to enemies while reducing their Magic Defense for some time. 

Hatsune is by far the best unit of Princess Connect Re: Dive when it comes to disrupting enemy attack patterns by stunning. Given all this, you may want to avail Hatsune against robust Physical Attackers of the magic niche. Pair the unit with a powerful frontline tank ally and see how the glass cannon works finely.  

Allying her up is necessary to overcome Hatsune’s relatively weak defense against non-magic attacks, so make sure you don’t miss the part. 


If you are looking for a worthy addition to your Princess Connect Re: Dive team, who is spectacular in rendering massive group damage, Saren is the top choice. The unit has viable healing potential and can regenerate ally TP via skill 2, making her a great midliner. 

Nevertheless, Saren’s Physical and Magic Attack is potent, too, which changes depending on the HP. The less the HP, the more the buff Saren will be offering. It is true for Saren’s Sword of Phoenix Union Burst as well as her Skill 1. However, the unit’s only downside is her negligible single-target damage relative to AoE damage. 

Wrap Up

Cute, aren’t they? That’s what most players think about the character horde offered by Princess Connect Re: Dive but not until they finally reach the team-building process. Hopefully, our Princess Connect tier list must have provided you with some idea of the units you should primarily focus on. 

That said, it was our take on the Priconne tier list. If you would like to know the TFT Set 7 tier list or Naraka Bladepoint tier list, we have an ultimate hierarchy composed of that too for your consideration. 


We came up with this tier list following the same procedure that eXputer’s been using to create all its tier lists from the beginning. The team began by investing a lot of effort in scrapping the most reliable pieces of information from authorized sources on the web. 

It was followed by in-depth research about what long-time as well rookie players are up to in order to make their way into the latest Princess Connect Re: Dive meta. Meanwhile, we also kept a close eye on the constantly shifting in-game rankings and continued relying on our own tests.

Not to mention that amid all of it, we were supported by Priconne’s professional gamers who, with their wealth of experience, we’re constantly inputting their opinion about what it takes to make a perfect Princess Connect Re: Dive party. Players can take advantage of this tier list to understand the relative performance of different characters in the game, consequently allowing them to reach effective decisions quickly. 

Since every user tends to manifest a unique playing style, it’s okay if some of you don’t agree with any part of our hierarchy. Nevertheless, we guarantee most of our Priconne tier list is based on popular opinion. We are always trying to keep it that way, given our always accessible comment boxes open for healthy discussions but closed for criticism. 

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