Rogue Legacy 2 Tier List: All Classes Ranked [2023]

Rogue Legacy 2 will welcome you with a decent collection of classes. Our Rogue Legacy 2 tier list tells which is built better than others!

With various fascinating quests, fun puzzles, competent adversaries, and more, Rogue Legacy 2 is indeed one of a kind role-playing game. The game’s rollercoaster of excitement swells as players go deeper, but especially when Rogue Legacy 2 begins to open up its characters horde divided cleverly into classes. Our Rogue Legacy 2-tier list will break down this mechanism, so you don’t have to. 

Key Highlights
  • The 15-classes Rogue Legacy 2 collection goes as Astromancer, Bard, Boxer, Duelist, Gunslinger, Dragon Lancer, Mage, Chef, Knight, Barbarian Pirate, Ronin, Assassin, Ranger, and Valkyrie. 
  • Each class is ranked based on overall viability on the field and chances of winning without having to invest a lot of time. Beginners’ access is also a detrimental factor.
  • The best of all Rogue Legacy 2 15 classes are Pirate, Ranger, and Boxer, while Knight and Bard are the weakest onboard choices. 
  • For experiencing a blast in Rogue Legacy 2, choose only the strongest classes or the ones you genuinely know how to maneuver around.
Rogue Legacy 2 Tier List Class Ranking Table 
S-TierBoxer, Ranger, and Pirate
A-TierAstromancer, Mage, Duelist, Gunslinger, Barbarian, and Valkyrie
B-TierDragon Lancer, Ronin, Chef, and Assassin
C-TierBard and Knight

Still, we will dissect all Rogue Legacy 2 classes into tiers based on which wins the race of being the most viable for players. So let’s go:

Rogue Legacy 2 Tier List

ROgue Legacy 2 classes ranked
Rogue Legacy 2 Class Tier List Explained!

The thrilling meta of Rogue Legacy 2 features a total of fifteen unique classes: Astromancer, Assassin, Bard, Barbarian Boxer, Chef, Duelist, Dragon Lancer, Gunslinger, Mage, Knight, Pirate, Ronin, Ranger,, and Valkyrie. They rank as follows: 

Check out these complete stats of the classes: 

ClassTierWeaponHealthMax MPMax HPWpn. DamageMana on HitPassiveAbilities
PirateSCannon: Dash attack always skill crit100%125.0Vitality * 10 + 150Swing: Strength * 1.75 , Cannon: Strength * 2.310.0Cheap Shot: +10% weapon crit damage, +10% Spell crit damagePirate Ship
RangerSWar Bow: Hold to aim85%125.0Vitality * 8.5 + 150Strength * 2.2510.0Hunter: +10% Strength, +10% DexterityIvy Canopy
BoxerSBoxing Gloves: Hold +attack to rapidly punch100%125.0Vitality * 10 + 150Strength * 0.35 * (1 + Combo * 0.02)3.0Deft: let him pass through enemies which are not attackingKnockout Punch
BarbarianALabrys: Ground attacks regenerate Mana100%125.0Vitality * 10 + 150Ground: Strength * 2.5 + 2.5 * Dexterity * Skill crit Scaling15.0Tough: +20% VitalityWinter’s Shout
GunslingerAKinetic Revolver: Press USE to reload70%150.0Vitality * 7 + 150Bullet: Strength * 0.4 + Intelligence * 3.33.0Suave: Weapon deal +15% intelligence damageMakeshift Explosion
DuelistASaber: An air strike combo into ground attacks85%125.0Vitality * 8.5 + 150Strength * 1.810.0Show off: Allow player to be charge when using any talentCombat Roll
MageAWand of Blasting: Apply Magic break70%200.0Vitality * 7 + 150Strength * 0.515.0Siphon: Allow weapon to absorb Mana from enemies when used to attackRandom Utility Spell
AstromancerACelestial Scepter: Creates a Black Hole60%200.0Vitality * 6 + 150Initial: Strength * 0.6 , Over time: Strength * 0.2Wpn. Initial: 5 , Wpn. Over time: 2Grand Vision: +20% IntelligenceComet Form
ValkyrieAFauchard: Aim your attack up/down85%150.0Vitality * 8.5 + 150Strength * 1.610.0Battleborn: +5% Magic crit damage, +10% Magic crit damageDeflect
AssassinBDual Blades: Reduce last attack cooldown 2x70%125.0Vitality * 7 + 150Strength * 0.55.0Eagle Eye: +10% Super crit chanceObscura
ChefBFrying Pan: Strike mid-sized projectile to reflect them for gaining charge70%200.0Vitality * 7 + 150Strength * 1.515.0Artisan: Weapon applies burnStew
RoninBKatana: hit with the edge to kill enemies60%150.0Vitality * 6 + 150Strength * 210.0Lone Traveler: +20% StrengthImmortal Kotetsu
Dragon LancerBCharge Lance: Charge for Playing joust100%125.0Vitality * 10 + 150Strength * 210.0Armored: +20% ArmorBastion
KnightCGreat Sword: Can attack while moving100%150.0Vitality * 10 + 100Strength * 210.0Veteran: +5% Weapon crit damageShield Block
BardCLute: Spin knock notes to detonate them85%150.0Vitality * 8.5 + 150Strength * 0.252.0Performer: Spin kicks stack while dancing upto 5 timesCrescendo

S-Tier Classes


WeaponCannon: Dash attack always skill crit
Max MP125
Max HPVitality * 10 + 150
Wpn. DamageSwing: Strength * 1.75 , Cannon: Strength * 2.3
Mana on Hit10
PassiveCheap Shot: +10% weapon crit damage, +10% Spell crit damage
AbilitiesPirate Ship

Though Pirate needs immense effort to master, it certainly is the best one in the horde hence earning a spot in the Rogue Legacy 2 S-tier list. The class’s charm is mainly because it is the most viable when it comes to high damage rendering. 


WeaponWar Bow: Hold to aim
Max MP125
Max HPVitality * 8.5 + 150
Wpn. DamageStrength * 2.25
Mana on Hit10
PassiveHunter: +10% Strength, +10% Dexterity 
AbilitiesIvy Canopy

A slightly easier class than the one we discussed before but with weaker health. What earns Ranger a place in the top-most tier of the Rogue Legacy 2 tier list is its flexibility. Despite being an archer who only wields a bow and arrow, Ranger helps render good critical damage. In fact, it even houses burst damage capacity! 


WeaponBoxing Gloves: Hold +attack to rapidly punch
Max MP125
Max HPVitality * 10 + 150
Wpn. DamageStrength * 0.35 * (1 + Combo * 0.02)
Mana on Hit3
PassiveDeft: let him pass through enemies which are not attacking
AbilitiesKnockout Punch

The Boxer class uses its gloved fists to do justice to the opponents. As the name suggests, the class’s primary attack on offer is a highly agile burst of punches that, in turn, renders substantial damage while also collecting combo status effects. The status effect will help increase your damage for some time and may even stack up to 30 minutes. 

A-Tier Classes


WeaponLabrys: Ground attacks regenerate Mana
Max MP125
Max HPVitality * 10 + 150
Wpn. DamageGround: Strength * 2.5 + 2.5 * Dexterity * Skill crit Scaling
Mana on Hit15
PassiveTough: +20% Vitality 
AbilitiesWinter’s Shout

To begin the Rogue Legacy 2 A-tier list, we have the DPS-oriented Barbarian class for you. Barbarian is an extreme powerhouse for players that can inflict critical damage and give off many melee ground attacks. They also possess the skill of healing on every hit, therefore, being the best go-to choices for Rogue Legacy 2 beginners especially. 


WeaponKinetic Revolver: Press USE to reload 
Max MP150
Max HPVitality * 7 + 150
Wpn. DamageBullet: Strength * 0.4 + Intelligence * 3.3
Mana on Hit3
PassiveSuave: Weapon deal +15% intelligence damage
AbilitiesMakeshift Explosion 

Gunslinger is one of the newest Rogue Legacy 2 classes put to a player’s disposal. It gives an excellent cowboy-style first impression visually and how its mechanics work. Surprisingly, the class supports ranged playstyles despite carrying just a revolver which is precisely what makes it unique. 


WeaponSaber: An air strike combo into ground attacks
Max MP125
Max HPVitality * 8.5 + 150
Wpn. DamageStrength * 1.8
Mana on Hit10
PassiveShow off: Allow player to be charge when using any talent
AbilitiesCombat Roll 

Being a tanky Rogue Legacy 2 class with a similar power punch and just minor weaknesses, Duelist is an excellent alternative to Barbarian. Though you will not be able to reap the same amount of damage per attack and maybe health out of a Duelist relative to the Barbarian, the class is extraordinary in terms of the speed and maneuverability of its strikes. 


WeaponWand of Blasting: Apply Magic break
Max MP200
Max HPVitality * 7 + 150
Wpn. DamageStrength * 0.5
Mana on Hit15
PassiveSiphon: Allow weapon to absorb Mana from enemies when used to attack
AbilitiesRandom Utility Spell

If you are used to how the Mage character mechanics work in most role playing games, we are thrilled to let you know that Rogue Legacy 2 puts forth a massive difference. Unlike most RPG games, Mage in Rogue Legacy 2 already packs mind-blowing power since the very start of the game. 


WeaponCelestial Scepter: Creates a Black Hole
Max MP200
Max HPVitality * 6 + 150
Wpn. DamageInitial: Strength * 0.6 , Over time: Strength * 0.2
Mana on HitWpn. Initial: 5 , Wpn. Over time: 2
PassiveGrand Vision: +20% Intelligence 
AbilitiesComet Form

Next on our Rogue Legacy 2 A-tier list is Astromancer. Though it’s a comparatively fresher addition to the array of classes in Rogue Legacy 2, Astromancer continues to use the Celestial Sceptre. But there’s nothing harmful in that either, as the Celestial Sceptre wielded by Astromancer does more good than bad. 


WeaponFauchard: Aim your attack up/down
Max MP150
Max HPVitality * 8.5 + 150
Wpn. DamageStrength * 1.6
Mana on Hit10
PassiveBattleborn: +5% Magic crit damage, +10% Magic crit damage

This class is a good all-rounder with a massive MP pool on board. It equips a powerful spear weapon that can attack in any direction, efficiently rendering charged hits without the player having to make a lot of effort. Those concerned, especially about their ability to attack, should consider Valkyrie. 

B-Tier Classes


WeaponDual Blades: Reduce last attack cooldown 2x
Max MP125
Max HPVitality * 7 + 150
Wpn. DamageStrength * 0.5
Mana on Hit5
PassiveEagle Eye: +10% Super crit chance 

The Assassins possess Dual Blades as weapons, an excellent mana rating maxing to 125, and a very scarce HP base. At each press of a button, the Assassin’s weapons shoot a three-hit combo attack, with the last one always being a crit that stacks up 20 mana and shrinks Talent’s cooldown timer.

All in all, the Assassin class, though interesting, lacks the capability of rendering consistent damage to foes and is less equipped with survivability gears.


WeaponFrying Pan: Strike mid-sized projectile to reflect them for gaining charge
Max MP200
Max HPVitality * 7 + 150
Wpn. DamageStrength * 1.5
Mana on Hit15
PassiveArtisan: Weapon applies burn

Chef is a decent Rogue Legacy 2 class to keep along your journey; however, it’s supposed to be wielded in the right hands only. Yes, you guessed it right. Chef has a bit of a learning curve to get used to before you can unleash its fullest strength. Also, Chef doesn’t have much to offer to protect players from a miserable start, so bear that in mind before choosing it. 


WeaponKatana: hit with the edge to kill enemies 
Max MP150
Max HPVitality * 6 + 150
Wpn. DamageStrength * 2
Mana on Hit10
PassiveLone Traveler: +20% Strength 
AbilitiesImmortal Kotetsu

The Ronin is a samurai-type class in Rogue Legacy 2 that does house decent abilities for beginners as well as long-time Rogue players to take benefit from; they aren’t very extraordinary. Ronin uses a solid Katana which most players assume it’s not a ranged weapon, but the reality is the opposite. 

A strike made via a Ronin’s katana is pretty viable range-wise, therefore easily qualifying as a mid-range weapon if not long. The weapon’s regular vertical and horizontal slashes do a great job of knocking enemies down. 

Dragon Lancer

WeaponCharge Lance: Charge for Playing joust
Max MP125
Max HPVitality * 10 + 150
Wpn. DamageStrength * 2
Mana on Hit10
PassiveArmored: +20% Armor 

The Dragon Lancer is a beefy class of the Rogue Legacy 2 whose lances go high in the sky like a rocket inflicting damage in every direction. Once an enemy is hit, the rocket-like lance wipes away every protective charm that they may have hence making them vulnerable to further attacks.  

C-Tier Classes 


WeaponGreat Sword: Can attack while moving
Max MP150
Max HPVitality * 10 + 100
Wpn. DamageStrength * 2
Mana on Hit10
PassiveVeteran: +5% Weapon crit damage
AbilitiesShield Block

Knight will provide you a very common set of weapons to start with, hardly a great sword to slash a couple of enemies back and forth. Though players get balanced defense and damage, what really makes the class worth considering is the substantial amount of mana and health onboard.

Knights are also highly manageable to employ throughout Rogue Legacy 2 hence making them a good pick for beginners. 


WeaponLute: Spin knock notes to detonate them
Max MP150
Max HPVitality * 8.5 + 150
Wpn. DamageStrength * 0.25
Mana on Hit2
PassivePerformer: Spin kicks stack while dancing upto 5 times

You will get Lute as the weapon of choice with Bard that sends strong musical notes flying towards the enemies, crushing them on the spot. Nevertheless, the crushing isn’t very impactful and requires time to acquire some Skill Crit damage. On the split hand, Bard’s Talent, Crescendo does offer far significant damage.

Changes Due To Recent Update

Last Update: V1.2.0

Here are all the important recent changes in Rogue Legacy that you should be aware of.

  • Blasting Wand (Redesigned):
    • The wand’s projectile range has been increased by approximately 33%.
    • The size of the projectile has been increased by 50%.
    • The projectile now explodes upon hitting the first enemy, providing better crowd control and allowing the Mage more space to cast spells.
    • The duration of the Charged Status Effect has been extended from 3 to 5 seconds.
    • The damage from the explosion has been slightly decreased.
    • The explosion indicator has been removed to declutter the user interface.
  • Shield (Tweak):
    • Relics that reset or break on hit will now reset if the player blocks with the Shield unless it is a perfect block.
  • Frying Pan (Buff):
    • The duration of the Charged Status Effect has been raised from 3 to 5 seconds.
    • The damage has been increased from 150% to 165%.
    • The mana regeneration per hit has been increased from 15 Mana to 20.
  • Stew (Buff):
    • The healing effect has been increased from 200% to 225%.
    • The mana regeneration has been raised from 100 to 150.
  • Crow Storm (Redesign):
    • The ability now grants Flight.
    • The range has been significantly reduced.
    • The knockback effect has been removed.
    • The damage has been reduced from 110% to 85%.
    • The ability will now always fire a minimum of 2 crows, effectively doubling the damage against single targets. However, due to the movement arc pattern, its effectiveness against basic enemies is diminished, while remaining effective against bosses.
    • Crow Storm now adjusts its rate of fire when the player has the Heavy Stone Bargain, instead of triggering a cooldown like the Pistol.

Rogue Legacy 2 Tier List Criteria 

After serving quite a bit of hard work experiencing the game ourselves, here’s the Rogue Legacy 2 tier ranking that we think best defines how classes battle against one another in the game.

The ranking was solely based on how effective a class’s output is in the field, how easy it is to access and what challenges a beginner will face. 

Why Trust Us

We at eXputer have been producing hierarchies for a long time now with one aim: to help newcomers and long-time gamers unleash every nook and corner of excitement from their favorite games and thrash their way to victory! While doing so, we ensure our team provides the most reliable and up-to-date information possible without the least amount of bias. 

For the Rogue Legacy 2 tier list, we discussed every class in a way that makes the decision process for you easier. For reliability, our team not only surfed through various trusted sources on the internet but also collaborated with hard-core gamers to induce more authority. 

In the end, we rest the final choice of class upon you to decide upon as, at last, everything narrows down to one’s personal preference. No matter what you choose, have a blast experiencing the Rogue legacy realms! 

  • Updated: 20th March 2023.
  • Added: Character Stats.
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