Royale High Halo Tier list: Best Characters In 2023

Our Royale High Halo Tier list takes into account the real value and expected values of all halos released since 2017 and ranks accordingly.

Royale High is a popular game built on the Roblox. It has earned a prominent name since its launch in 2017. The game has numerous characters, mainly the Winx Club, and fans play this exciting game. The community is vast, and they cooperate in carrying the game, but sometimes, you need a little more guidance on the elements in the game. Halos are one of those elements; for that extra guidance, we have made the Royale High Halo Tier List.

Key Highlights
  • Royale High Halo has more than 30 Halos made playable after 2017.
  • Royale High Halos are ranked based on their value in the game, determined through Design and Rarity. 
  • The most cherished Halo since 2017 is the versatile and easily craftable Valentine’s 2020 and the rarest and shiniest Halloween 2019 Halo. 
  • Halos considered the least valuable of the game include Spring 2020, Winter 2020, and Mermaid 2020. 
  • The easier the Halo gets, the less rare and worthy it is; therefore, choose wisely.
Royale High Halo Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
Tiers Characters 
S-Tier Valentines 2020 and Halloween 2019
A-Tier Mermaid 2019, Glimmering Light Halo 2018, Winter 2019, Autumn 2019, and Spring Halo 2022
B-Tier Lucky 2021, Valentines 2019, Corrupt 2018, Easter 2019, and Valentines 2021
C-Tier Halloween 2018, Winter 2021, Halloween 2020, Lucky 2020, Halloween 2021, Winter Crystal Halo 2018, Mermaid 2021, and Spring 2021
D-TierMermaid 2020, Winter 2020, Lucky 2019, and Spring 2020

Stats for best characters in the game:

HaloTierAvailability TimeCreated ByCustomizable?Obtained FromAverage Value (Diamonds)Tradable?
Halloween 2019SThe Halloween 2019 Eventcallmehbob and SukimekiNoFountain2,600,000 – 2,650,00Yes
Valentines 2020SFebruary 2020callmehbob (Design), and ReddieTheTeddy and ihopsy1 (Additional Meshes)NoFountain2,500,000Yes
Autumn 2019ANovember 2019callmehbob (Design) and bighead5852, and 2008emymay (Free Assets)NoFountain1,850,000 – 1,900,000Yes
Winter 2019AChristmas December 2019 – January 2020Christmas December 2019 – January 2020NoFountain1,500,000 – 1,550,000Yes
Glimmering Light Halo 2018ASeptember 2018 – November 2018callmehbobYesFountaincallmehbobYes
Mermaid 2019A2nd May 2019 – 12th October 2019.Sukimeki and callmehbobNoFountain1,500,000 – 1,550,000Yes
Spring Halo 2022A2nd February 2022 – 29th May 2022PureSweetener, ixchoco (concept), Vioncii (assistance), and Calinpj04 (assistance).YesFountain1,600,000Yes
Valentines 2021B12th February 2021 – 4th March 2021JamJooJoo and Ixchoco (concept)YesFountain3,000,000Yes
Easter 2019BEaster April 2019callmehbobNoFountain1,000,000-1,100,000Yes
Corrupt 2018BSeptember – November 2018callmehbobNoFountain1,100,000-1,200,000Yes
Valentines 2019B2019’s FebruarycallmehbobNoFountain900,000-950,000Yes
Lucky 2021B4th March 2021 – 4th April 2021amgiex (concept), ReddieTheTeddy (assistance), and Harht (modeled)YesFountain (Divinia Park)850,000Yes
Halloween 2021C3rd October 2021 – 30th November 2021JamJooJoo and Ixchoco (concept)YesFountain2,100,00 – 2,150,000Yes
Lucky 2020CMarch and April St. Patrick’s 2020BeeismYesFountain850,000Yes
Halloween 2020C12th October 2020 – 30th November 2020JamJooJooYesFountain1,450,000-1,500,000Yes
Winter 2021C30th November 2021 – 2nd February 2022Ixchoco and VionciiYesFountain850,000-900,000Yes
Halloween 2018COctober 2018callmehbobNoFountain700,000-750,000Yes
Spring 2021C4th April 2021 – 20th June 2021ReddieTheTeddy (modeled)YesFountain (Divinia Park)700,000-750,000Yes
Mermaid 2021C21st June 2021 – 3rd October 2021ReddieTheTeddy (modeled) ixchoco (concept)YesFountain900,000-950,000Yes
Winter Crystal Halo 2018CChristmas December 2018callmehbob and Sukimeki.NoFountain650,000Yes
Lucky 2019DSt. Patricks March 2019callmehbobNoFountain600,000Yes
Spring 2020D30th April 2020 – 9th July 2020N/ANoFountain500,000Yes
Winter 2020D1st December 2020 – 12th February 2021JamJooJooYesFountain700,000Yes
Mermaid 2020DJuly 9, 2020 – October 12th, 2020ReddieTheTeddyYesFountain700,000-750,000Yes

S Tier

The Supreme Tier
S-Tier Royale High Halo

The Halos in this tier list are the most valuable in the game and thus have a higher ranking in our tier list. A few players own them, but it is not the only deciding factor of them being here. The halos are designed beautifully, giving your character a distinct look. So far, so good. Our S-tier list only has two worthy contenders: the halo from the Halloween event in 2019 and the Valentine’s event in 2020.

Halloween 2019

Availability TimeThe Halloween 2019 EventObtained FromFountain
Created Bycallmehbob and SukimekiAverage Value (Diamonds)2,600,000 – 2,650,00

It is the rarest halo in the game; it was added on the 12th of October 2019. It was only available in the Halloween event 2019, and after that, it was not seen. It was the beginning of the fountain story system, which changed how the game was played. One of the first accessories to accompany this new system makes it a rare accessory.

The badge you received if you conquered the Halloween event of 2019 was called the Whispering Spirits badge, and only 871 players around the globe have it. When you enable this halo, a kawaii ghost will be displayed on top of your character’s head. The accessory glows in purple, and diamonds shine all over your character’s head.

Valentines 2020

Availability TimeFebruary 2020Obtained FromFountain
Created Bycallmehbob (Design), and ReddieTheTeddy and ihopsy1 (Additional Meshes)Average Value (Diamonds)2,500,000

It was added on February 14th, 2020, globally. A total of 2,020 users who participated in that event could unlock this unique halo for themselves. The heart flow for your badge could be displayed by you if you opened this halo.

The price of this halo is 6,000,000 Diamonds, and it has retained its value since then and is rarer than the 2021 halo from the Valentine’s event. This halo is viral because of the way it has been crafted. The halo fits well on the top of your character’s head with a pink shade overall and pink flowers with a cluster of beautiful hearts, creating a petal-like shape.

A Tier

The Second Best Tier in Royale High Halo
A-Tier Royale High Halo

In our A-rank Royale High Halo Tier List, you will find four of the best halos, which are rare. The rarity also grants them a high prestige in the Royal High Halo community.

Autumn 2019

Availability TimeNovember 2019Obtained FromFountain
Created Bycallmehbob (Design) and bighead5852, and 2008emymay (Free Assets)Average Value (Diamonds)1,850,000 – 1,900,000

The Autumn Halo in 2019 is a rare accessory that was made available to players in November of 2019. The players who were successful in winning the event, known as the Autumn Halo 2019 event, would receive this halo alongside the badge called “A Season to behold Nature’s Palette.” A total of 1,331 users have this rare halo, and they display it with pride.

The price of this halo in a trade can be equivalent to 5,500,000 Diamonds. It is rare because people give the autumn events more weightage, and they win those halos while a few players obtain these rare Autumn gems. In 2023, their high demand is expected to trigger a price increase, which could make them jump from our A-tier to the S-tier list.

Winter 2019

Availability TimeChristmas December 2019 – January 2020Obtained FromFountain
Created ByBeeismAverage Value (Diamonds)1,500,000 – 1,550,000

On December 11, 2019, this halo accessory was added to the catalog of other halos. It was part of 2019’s Christmas, even in the Royale High. In this event, a Christmas town was created by Beeuism to replace the earth realm of the game in halo tier list royale high.

The winner of this event was able to unlock the Winter Halo of 2019, and also they unlocked the badge known as the Icy Blast. A total of 1,706 users have this halo unlocked. The halo is very beautiful and has crystals of ice around it with a royal white look. The halo is tradable, but we will not suggest that, as the price is expected to increase in 2023 for this halo. Its current price is around 5,000,000 diamonds.

Glimmering Light Halo 2018

Availability TimeSeptember 2018 – November 2018Obtained FromFountain
Created BycallmehbobAverage Value (Diamonds)1,850,000-1,900,000

This is also known as the light halo in short and was added on the 14th of September 2018. It was available till the end of November and was one of the first two halos in the game alongside the corrupt halo. The global players who had won the Glimmering Light Halo event in these two months could unlock it. They also got the Glorious Light badge, and till now, only 8,083 players have this prestigious halo.

Glimmering Light Halo is rare and tradable, with a price tag of 4,000,000 diamonds. This halo sees a lot of fluctuation in price, but because it was one of the first halos added to the game, we decided to put it in our A-tier instead of the B-tier of the Royale High Halo Tier List.

As the name suggests, it illuminates the dark and gives you a nice look. It has a yellow angelic ring and pinkish illumination. The halo is outdated because it is very old, but its value is because of its legendary status in the game for kicking off the concept of halos in the Royale High.

Mermaid 2019

Availability Time2nd May 2019 – 12th October 2019.Obtained FromFountain
Created BySukimeki and callmehbobAverage Value (Diamonds)1,450,000-1,500,000

On the second of may of 2019, Mermaid was added to the game. It is a rare accessory to carry and was rewarded to players winning the Mermaid Halo in 2019, and they also received the Secret Waterfall badge after unlocking the Mermaid Halo.

It is owned by 4,711 users, and the price of this halo is 4,200,000 diamonds. More mermaid halos have been added to the game after 2019, but none of them have the aura of the mermaid halo of 2019. It is one of the prime reasons for this halo ranking in our A-rank of Royale High Halo Tier List.

Mermaid Halo is special because it is made from the sea stars and seashells that are thought to be crafted with the help of Poseidon in the royale realms. Even today, it is being traded for a handsome amount, as you can observe here.

Spring Halo 2022

Availability Time2nd February 2022 – 29th May 2022Obtained FromFountain 
Created ByPureSweetener, ixchoco (concept), Vioncii (assistance), and Calinpj04 (assistance)Average Value (Diamonds)1,600,000

The Halo has its unique place in Royale High Halo fans’ hearts since it’s the only Halo released for the Spring season instead of specific halos for Easter, Valentines, etc. Due to its stunning looks, the rare type of accessory is still in high demand. 

You can customize it with multiple unique patterns and colors, namely Wings and Lilies, Bluebells, Peonies, Inside of Lilies, hearts, and Vines. Players who were able to directly win the Spring 2022 Halo (up to 20,373) received the badge “Dewdrop Fantasy.”


Average Characters Ranked in Royale High Halo
B-Tier Royale High Halo

The B-Tier List consists of the halos that are yet to gain the same level of importance as the top-tier halos. The reason behind them is that they haven’t had a good design, or they are still not that old to be considered valuable. Overall this tier category has halos that you must own and is relatively easy to get because if in the future the demand dynamic changes and they see a surge in the value, you will be kicking yourself. We do forecast the corrupt halo to jump a tier because of its historical importance and the undervaluing of the halo by the community.

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Valentines 2021

Availability Time12th February 2021 – 4th March 2021Obtained FromFountain
Created ByJamJooJoo and Ixchoco (concept) Average Value (Diamonds)3,000,000

This was released on the 12th of February 2021 as part of the Valentine 2021 event in the game. The event took place in Divinia Park, and you can walk to the divine park using the teleportation scepter. The players who managed to do that and won the event were able to unlock this halo. 

This halo is also important because the development of the game has a very legendary story that broke a previous all-time trend of the game on Twitter. The lead developer and creator of the game, “call me bob” was asleep, and the fans used hashtags on the popular social media app to wake her up from her sleep to deliver the event for the ever-demanding fanbase of Royale High.

Easter 2019

Availability TimeEaster April 2019Obtained FromFountain 
Created BycallmehbobAverage Value (Diamonds)1,000,000-1,100,000

This Halo was added to the game on the first of April 2019, there were a lot of rumors about this being an April fool joke in the community, but it turned out to be no joke. It was available for the Easter event in 2019. In this event, the players were involved in an egg hunt, and those successful in this got this Halo as a result.

It has high regard because, among the players, it is believed that the eggs in the halo were painted by the Easter Bunny himself, which has boosted its value over the three years of its release. It is currently owned by 2341 users, and the price of diamonds for this halo is 3,300,000.

Corrupt 2018

Availability TimeSeptember – November 2018Obtained FromFountain 
Created BycallmehbobAverage Value (Diamonds)1,100,000-1,200,000

It was added to the game in September of 2019 and was available till November of that year, and it is also called the Dark Halo. It is a very mysterious halo and was awarded to the players who won the corrupt Halo challenge. The total number of users having this Halo is 7,957, and it is priced at 2,550,000 Diamonds.

Valentines 2019

Availability Time2019’s February Obtained FromFountain
Created BycallmehbobAverage Value (Diamonds)900,000-950,000

During the valentines event of 2019, this halo was introduced alongside other accessories. During this event, wings were the most popular accessory, but this Halo still had a great demand. This event lasted for the whole month of February. 

The winners of this event received this halo alongside the heart-shaped badge, and there are a total of 14500 users having this halo. It looks very similar to the previous valentines halo and has a pink glow, with pink roses and heart-shaped petals around it.

Lucky 2021

Royale High Halo Tier list
Amigex’s concept art
Availability Time4th March 2021 – 4th  April 2021Obtained FromFountain (Divinia Park)
Created Byamgiex (concept), ReddieTheTeddy (assistance), and Harht (modeled)Average Value (Diamonds)850,000

It was added to the game on 4th March 2021 and was available for a month in the Divinia Park Fountain. It is a recent Halo, but it has its charm because it can be customized. It was part of the St. Patrick’s Day event of 2021 and was made by the genius Harht while the concept of this halo was very new and came from amgiex. 

Before this, the customizable halos were not a thing, and the code of the game had to be altered for this. The winners of the St. Patrick’s Day event were awarded rain and rainbow badges alongside this halo. A total of 8,183 players have this halo in their closets.

The halo comes in two different versions. Version 1 has no patterns while having the covers, chains, and sun as an effect around it, while variant two has a beautiful pattern with cloud around it as an effect.


Underrated Low Tier Gems
C-Tier Royale High Halo

The C Tier Halos are not as valuable as those in the tiers above; however, that doesn’t mean they are completely useless. The reason is that they are not owned by many players or don’t carry the same aura as the halos of the S, A, and B-Tiers of our Royale High Halo Tier list. We don’t expect them to see a surge in their value, but it is okay to own them to have a good collection of halos from every tier; skipping them if you have enough diamonds for halos of the upper tiers will not be a bad idea as well.

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Halloween 2021

Availability Time3rd October 2021 – 30th November 2021Obtained FromFountain 
Created ByJamJooJoo and Ixchoco (concept)Average Value (Diamonds)2,100,00 – 2,150,000

Halloween 2021 is one of the most underrated halos in the game, and we were unsure of its placement in our tier list. Finally, we believe it belongs to our C-tier, and the main reason was over 13,000 players holding this and stoping its value from increasing.

As the name suggests, it was given to the people who won the Halloween 2021 event, and JamJooJoo created the design, and he has done a phenomenal job. It has everything in terms of design, candles that give a perfect October look, and a nice chandelier of the bygone era has been given homage here.

Lucky 2020

Availability TimeMarch and April St. Patrick’s 2020Obtained FromFountain 
Created ByBeeismAverage Value (Diamonds)850,000
Customizable?Yes Tradable?Yes

This was part of the Saint Patrick’s Event of 2020 in the game, and it was introduced on March 19 of, 2020. It was up for grabs till the conclusion of the Easter event in 2020, which resulted in many players claiming it very easily. 7,648 users own it, and the calm after the storm badge was given to those winning this event. Like other halos, it was also obtained from the fountain.

Even though it can be customized, having a poor design means its value is not high. It comes in two colors, and the difference between them is how the main ring has a difference. The item can be colored, and the glow can be altered. 

Despite the customizability of the halo and being the first halo in the game to be colored, this has to be one of the bottom tier designs in the game and is on the C Tier because of the fact that Beeism introduced it as the first recolorable halo.

Halloween 2020

Royale High Halo Tier list
The 2020 Halloween Halo
Availability Time12th October 2020 – 30th November 2020Obtained FromFountain 
Created ByJamJooJooAverage Value (Diamonds)1,450,000-1,500,000

Haloween 2020 was added on the 12th of October 2020 as part of the Halloween event. In this event, the autumn tower saw a return from the last year’s Halloween event, disappointing many fans as there was a lack of creativity, and the maze that saw a little modification from last year conveyed a bad message about the developers, and many felt they had become lethargic. 

The full moon badge was given to the winner of the Halloween event alongside the Halloween Halo 2020. There are a total of 12,413 players having t his halo because of how easy it was to win the event, and the lack of challenge meant that this halo has a low value.

Winter 2021

Availability Time30th November 2021 – 2nd February 2022Obtained FromFountain 
Created ByIxchoco and VionciiAverage Value (Diamonds)850,000-900,000

It was added to the game on the last day of November in 2021. It was part of the Christmas event of 2021, and it saw the return of the snowglobe summit from the Christmas of 2020. 

Royale High Halo Tier list
Basic Design

The Winter Halo has a very basic design, and loads of effort were not placed into this. It is often used as a giveaway by twitch streamers to gain followers. The 2021 Christmas event was so jammed-packed with other accessories that this one lost its value amongst all the other halos in the game. Many players own this halo, and the basic design of this one means that we won’t see it go high in value any time soon.

Halloween 2018

Availability TimeOctober 2018Obtained FromFountain 
Created By callmehbob Average Value (Diamonds)700,000-750,000

This halo was part of the Halloween event of 2018 in the Royal High game and was introduced on the first day of October that year. The players contested in the Halloween event to grab hold of this halo. The event had a very spooky makeover with many landmarks turned into a scary setting, but like any other halo, to unlock this halo, you needed to go to the fountain.

You would be given the Eerie Fog badge if you won this event and 8,855 people in the game currently have this badge alongside the Halloween 2018 Halo. The current value of this halo is very undervalued, and not many players are interested in this; the reason behind it is that, like the other Halloween Halos, this doesn’t look that good, and the spiders in the spider webs make this halo is not designed well.

Spring 2021

Availability Time4th April 2021 – 20th June 2021Obtained FromFountain (Divinia Park)
Created By ReddieTheTeddy (modeled)Average Value (Diamonds)700,000-750,000
Customizable?Yes Tradable?Yes

The Easter even in 2021 was the time when the Spring 2021 halo was introduced into the game. The halo was designed by ReddieTheTeddy, who has made many great models for the game using the blender software, but this halo of hers was not received well, and according to us, the way Reddie has designed the mushroom crown in the game doesn’t showcase even half of her abilities.

Nevertheless, it comes in four colors and has different effects. Some have patterns while others don’t, and a total of 10,767 users hold this, which means it is not as rare, and its value will only increase if more players join this year than the previous one. The main indication of a halo’s value is the users; if generally, it exceeds 10,000 users, then it is not that valuable; with that and a poor design, Spring 2021 halo is part of our Royale High Halo Tier list’s C-tier.

Mermaid 2021

Availability Time21st June 2021 – 3rd October 2021Obtained FromFountain 
Created By ReddieTheTeddy (modeled) ixchoco (concept)Average Value (Diamonds)900,000-950,000

It was added in mid-June 2021, modeled by ReddieTheTEddy bear, who brought the concept of Lxchoco into the virtual reality of the Royale High game. This was not perceived well because of the ugly design of the crown and the lazy finishing and the lack of any important details. The ruby that hangs from the crown was not a good touch, and overall a total of 15,243 players have this halo which exceeds the 10,000 limits we defined earlier.

It comes with the Lost Treasure badge and has four different variants. The first variant is yellow in color with a base crown and patterns, the second one is white in color, with a halo base and pearl strings, and a pattern exists with this one as well. The third color has jewels and plant decor and has a greyish color with patterns, while the last variant has a light red color with frill details coming with a pattern.

Winter Crystal Halo 2018

Availability TimeChristmas December 2018Obtained FromFountain
Created By callmehbob and Sukimeki.Average Value (Diamonds)     650,000

The Last halo of the C-tier is the winter crystal halo, released on the 2nd December 2018. It was available for the first Christmas event of 2018, and it comes with soft snow bade; a total of 19,276 players own this on. The design of this halo is very beautiful.

It gives a royal cold feel, and the icy blue color with beautiful snowflakes has made this a gorgeous-looking halo, but the main issue is that almost 20,000 players own this halo resulting in its value going down. Nevertheless, this is my favorite halo on the C-Tier and well worth it if you are into aesthetics and don’t care much about the value. I was surprised to see that such a beautiful halo is priced so low, but then I looked at the number of players having this halo, and then it was justified.


Halos to Avoid
D-Tier Royale High Halo

These are the least valuable halos in the game, and it is mainly because of their designs and obviously how easy they are to get. The number of players having these halos is also more than the halos in the other tiers, bringing its value and rarity down, and these are the main reasons why they are not owned by many players or don’t carry the same value as the top-tier halos in our Royale High Halo Tier list. There are a total number of 23 halos available to all players, and the only reason to have halos of the D-tier is to have all 23 in your collection; beyond that, we don’t think they are worth spending diamonds. 

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Lucky 2019

Availability TimeSt. Patricks March 2019 Obtained FromFountain
Created By callmehbobAverage Value (Diamonds)    600,000

A total of 12,894 users holding Lucky 2019 tells you that it is not a valuable halo. We will be repeating for you in case you skipped it earlier, the halos that more than 10,000 users own generally are not so valuable and don’t have a high value; besides this reason, this Lucky 2019 halo was widely criticized for its subpar design, and in our opinion, it looks more like melted ice cream that a soft cloud halo and you won’t like flaunting it much.

It was introduced on 4th March 2019 as part of the famous St. Patricks 2019 event in the game, and those winning this could obtain it from the fountain and earn the badge after it rains, which is also very subpar and looks like something from a pre-Nintendo era game. 

Spring 2020 

Availability Time30th April 2020 – 9th July 2020Obtained FromFountain
Created ByN/AAverage Value (Diamonds)500,000

On April 30th, 2020, this was added to the game and was obtainable from the fountain. With no event backing it up and the ease with which so many players unlocked it, this is held by 20,770 users in the game, which means it has a terrible value and is not worth it.

The design of the halo is abysmal, and it only comes in one variant, so you can’t change its colors to make it look presentable. The cherry blossoms and the butterflies are so poorly designed that one can just avoid this halo altogether despite getting it for peanuts, but for the collection and the prestige of holding all 23 halos, one can go through the pain of holding this halo in their collection.

Winter 2020

Availability Time1st December 2020 – 12th February 2021Obtained FromFountain
Created ByJamJooJooAverage Value (Diamonds)    700,000

It was added in December 2020 and was part of the Christmas event that year. It is one of the halos that 17,960 players own; thus, you automatically know that its value is low, as well as the halo is very poorly made, and the criticism on it was immense. It has a very underwhelming appeal in the players’ minds, and thus it deserves a spot in the lowest tier of our Royale High Halo Tier list.

Mermaid 2020

Availability TimeJuly 9, 2020 – October 12th, 2020Obtained FromFountain
Created By ReddieTheTeddyAverage Value (Diamonds)700,000-750,000

Mermaid 2020 was added in July’20 and has had quite an odd date of addition, the 9th of July. It has a good design, but its value will not soar anytime soon because of 16,266 players holding this halo.

Important Things You Should Know

Halos are accessories for your character in Royal High and are very hard to obtain. These are given to you mostly by luck and your progression in the game. You need to be aware of the event map in the game near Divinia Park, and qualifying for these events can be done by completing the stories.

All about Halos

There are contests held in the game that also rewards you Halos; look for the contest in the game and try to take part in them to be able to land these valuable accessories. 

They can also be won by watching the popular streamers on twitch of the game. They will give you puppy points in their giveaways, and then you can use them to unlock the Halos.

The Halos post-2020 Halloween are given to players as you obtain halos from the fountains, there is another method of trading, where you will trade the halos you obtain from the fountain or if you have special halos like the Angel Halo, that is only available during the Christmas period. Still, you will not get badges via that method. 

Trading was a new gameplay feature added in march of 2020, it is not available to every player, and only players at level 75 or above can use this to trade halos. It is available in the intergalactic trading hub, and you can only enter this hub if you have level 75 or above. The trading also depends on your location, and if you are from a country where trading is banned in video games, then you have no way to unlock this vital feature.

Glimmering Alien Halo

Before we conclude our Royale High Halo Tier List, you need to know about Glimmering Alien halo. It is an item that casual players don’t have access to, and three accounts only own it. It was added to the game on the 14th of November 2019, and the scripter of the game Ice7 added it, and he rewarded it to himself, a Roblox Youtuber TheRealCyberNova and Purrlife

Royale High Halo Tier list
Stay Away From Misinformation – You can not unlock this item.

Royale High Halo Tier list Criteria

Our ranking of the halos in the Royale High game is entirely based on our research and time. There are factors such as the difference in perception and the evaluation criteria of individuals; thus, it is not a given that our opinion on this will align with yours. Our aim is to give you a well-informed opinion after putting in a lot of time in this game.

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Ranking Based On Experience And Research

The halos in the game were not easy to rank because they have been added to the game every month. Some of the halos in the game were designed to almost perfection, but they don’t have a high value in the eyes of those playing the game. While some poorly designed halos have been perceived very positively by the community.

It was thus not easy, but the most concrete way to judge the value of the halo was by looking at the number of players holding the halo. As a general rule of thumb, we decided that more players having a halo will lower its value. This is also the case with anything you own. Thus we used this as a rarity factor and decided that the halos owned by more than 10,000 players will not be considered that valuable and formed an inverse relationship between the number of players and the value of the halos.

Why Trust Us

We have put hours into the most famous Roblox games, and Royale High Halo is one of them. We had a dedicated team of players who have been playing this game since its inception, and it includes the long-term fans of the Winx Club and new players who are just diving into the beautiful world of Roblox.

That is all you need to know about the Royale High Halo Tier List, and I hope you found value from the tier list we curated. We are open to your input in the comment section below. That being said, the overall ranking of the tier list is based upon our research and time in the game; we are always welcome for discussion on this but closed for criticism. 

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