Saint Seiya Legend of Justice Tier List [June 2023]

Gather a team of the most solid heroes to serve your foes the right way!

With a classic storyline, intense battle arena, eye-catching art, and a rip-roaring quest to rescue the goddess Athena, are you prepared for all that? If yes, then so is our Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list! 

Key Highlights
  • The Saint Seiya Legend of Justice consists of a 52-character roster available for players. 
  • The ranking of heroes in Saint Seiya Legend of Justice is based on their viability across different in-game situations. The potential to offer Team Support was also considered before distinguishing a hero from the rest. 
  • While Shaka, Athena, Evil Saga, Argethi, Aioros, and Doko is currently the most viable heroes of the Saint Seiya Legend of Justice, keep an eye out for options like Graveyard Axeman, Sanctuary Archer, Graveyard Spirit, and Sanctuary Warrior
  • The best heroes are ranked higher than the worst options for a reason, so you must act accordingly if winning is in your plans.

Saint Seiya Legend of Justice Tier List

Saint Seiya Legend of Justice Ranking Table 
Tiers Characters 
S-Tier Shaka, Athena, Evil Saga, Argethi, Aioros, Doko
A-Tier Moses, Misty, Camus, Mu, Miro, Aioria, Aldebaran, Dante, Ptolemy 
B-Tier Aphrodite, Shura, Sirius, Shaina, Ios, Babel, Mephisto, Capella, Argol, Asterian, Crow, Jamian, Dios, Shaina, Sygnus
C-Tier Shiry, Ban, Siya, Shun, Black Andromeda, Ikki, Hyoga, Black Dragon, Jab, Nachi, Black Pegasus, Ichi, Geki, Black Phoenix 
D-Tier Hound, Graveyard Warrior, Sanctuary Priest, Grand Guard, Graveyard Axeman, Sanctuary Archer, Graveyard Spirit, Sanctuary Warrior
Rankings Saint Seiya Legend
Saint Seiya Legend of Justice Tier List Tier Rankings

From the high-tiered Gold Knights to the bottoms of the barrel Bronze Knights, Saint Seiya Legend of Justice puts up to 50 heroes on offer. This, for sure, is a heavenly variety for players who can enjoy a rich opportunity of recruiting the cream of the crop, but it might get overwhelming at the same time. 

Our Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list somewhat decodes the dilemma by providing a quick rundown of all the in-game heroes. Here they are, classified into four distinct tiers based on descending degree of viability: 


Following the standard tier list criteria, the Saint Seiya Legend of Justice characters placed here are absolutely heavenly options for all kinds of players, the best of the bests. The beloved heroes of S-tier are so insanely powerful that they can not only drag themselves to success but also the entire team as effortlessly as ever. 

That said, players don’t have to worry about providing the S-tier buddies with even the slightest assistance, as they are the mightiest in whatever they do. Our team highly recommends shooting for these, whether you are just starting Saint Seiya Legend of Justice or rerolling. 

  • Shaka
  • Athena
  • Evil Saga
  • Argethi
  • Aioros 
  • Doko


We’ll not say these are the top options on the Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list, but they are very close to becoming one. Even without an excellent overall rating, players will usually see the A-tier heroes outnumber almost every mighty boss out there. 

That said, these units boast one of the best strengths, abilities and skills in the cast who’ll perform well in any team. However, if you are up for experiencing the A-tier fellas to their fullest, combine them very strategically with only the mightiest heroes. 

  • Moses
  • Misty
  • Camus
  • Mu
  • Miro
  • Aioria
  • Aldebaran
  • Dante
  • Ptolemy 


This class is for all the above-average characters of the Saint Seiya Legend of Justice horde. The B-tier units of our tier list are considered pretty close to being middle-of-the-road options–neither too bad nor too good. 

Though these buddies are good at supporting the rest of the formation, we’ll recommend (rookies especially) to swap them out at the earliest chance. Veteran mobile RPG might still be able to reap a lot from these: 

  • Aphrodite
  • Shura
  • Sirius
  • Shaina
  • Ios
  • Babel
  • Mephisto
  • Capella
  • Argol
  • Asterian
  • Crow 
  • Jamian
  • Dios
  • Shaina
  • Sygnus


These fellas don’t seem to adhere very well with the current meta and are at most availed as trade fodders only. This is partly due to their failing stats, lackluster performance against critical foes or, in some cases, inability to synergize well with the rest of the team. 

Unfortunately, C-tier units aren’t too easy to skip, and you’ll still have to get past them in your initial Saint Seiya Legend of Justice time. For that, we have highlighted some of the best C-tier picks in our next section, but it’s still recommended to replace them with a higher-tier unit as soon as you can.

  • Shiry
  • Ban
  • Siya
  • Shun
  • Black Andromeda 
  • Ikki
  • Hyoga
  • Black Dragon 
  • Jab 
  • Nachi
  • Black Pegasus
  • Ichi
  • Geki
  • Black Phoenix 


While experienced players might still make something out of the C-tier units, those who are ranked here aren’t fit for even that. The D-tier characters on our Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list can not perform enough to get you past any battles. 

  • Hound
  • Graveyard Warrior
  • Sanctuary Priest
  • Grand Guard
  • Graveyard Axeman
  • Sanctuary Archer
  • Graveyard Spirit
  • Sanctuary Warrior

Best Heroes of The Saint Seiya Legend of Justice

Best of saint Seiya Legend of Justice
Best Heroes of The Saint Seiya Legend of Justice Tier List

In the quick Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list above, we already listed all the in-game characters based on their general effectiveness. Players can pick out whichever they like while, of course, prioritizing the high tiers over the lower ones. 

Nonetheless, we believe some heroes stand out and deserve an even deeper dig. In this section, we will be putting forth a detailed overview of the top Saint Seiya Legend of Justice heroes, as well as discussing their perks and drawbacks. 

Needless to say, these selections are highly influenced by populace opinion and a bit of our personal thought too. However, we utmost care about our readers and hence have induced each unit’s actual performance the most we could. 

Also, remember that the section won’t necessarily greet you with only the S-tier contestants. We have tried inducing the best of bests no matter their ranking, so be prepared for that. Anyways the best heroes in the Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list are: 



Most of you might have seen Shaka topping almost every Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list on the internet. Believe us; it is for good reasons. If we say the game mechanics have combined every best shield, damage, and debuffs into Shaka, then we certainly won’t be wrong. 

For a start, Shaka has incredible active skills in his arsenal that inflicts great damage to its enemies, coupled with a bunch of random debuffs to disable their powers. Following what power gets numbed, Shaka then renders a couple of different effects. 

The effects include stopping cosmo generation, lowering enemies’ ATK and shunning them from using active skills, so the rest of the team stays safe while the opponent becomes even vulnerable to critical hits.

Conclusively, Shaka is all about attacking as well as making way for others to attack. What more do players want when only one unit can do just about everything? 

Evil Saga


Thanks to its ability to render solid direct hits, Evil Saga is more offense-oriented than any other unit on our Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list. The Golden Knight also possesses the skills to teleport all on-field teammates for almost 12 seconds to the Dimension of Exile. 

Meanwhile, Evil Saga itself will stay immune to all types of debuffs. And that’s not it, as the skill extends to selected enemies who will receive damage per second effect. Isn’t that super cool and the perfect escape skill for Evil Saga and the ally team? 

Anyways, there’s so much more to Saga’s kit as the unit can employ his active skills much earlier than the rest, thanks to the rapid Cosmo generating ability during the initial seconds of every battle. 



This robust game character is dedicated to inflicting powerful direct damage on the opponent team. What makes Aioros super cool, though, is his nifty passive skills that swell his attack speed on a loss of every 25% in battles. 

Not amused yet? Aioros also offers instant access to his active skills as the unit can gain up to 8% Cosmo generated by any ally during combat. Saint Seiya Legend of Justice players who are after strategic characters will love to have the smarty Aioros on board. 



Though tank characters usually fill up the top rank in RPGs, Argethi of the Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list is a rather surprising exception. However, that doesn’t mean he is not one of the best. Argethi ranks in the S-tier of our hierarchy and is definitely due to solid reasons. 

That said, one can call it the best in-game tanks for their team. In fact, Argethi is really a worthy option as his skills offer players some decent damage and CC while the incredible defensive stats does the rest of the job. 

Thanks to them, Argethi is simply awesome at surviving the most fatal of bosses. Also, the unit has an interesting inverse mechanic of HP and damage rendering. The more Argethi loses health, the more damage he can deal! 

All in all, your foes will invite their own death upon coming after Argethi as he becomes the deadliest when weakened to his least degree.



This is another great Tank of our Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list, who’ll provide massive survivability coupled with heavenly support for the rest of the team. What’s of most surprise in Doko’s case, however, is his HP regeneration. 

Doko can regenerate significant amounts of health and up to 30% of Max HP almost instantly whenever left with a low threshold. Players who like the idea of having a tough-to-kill hero with a perfect defensive kit and decent team aid capacity should definitely trade for Doko. 



Couldn’t you lay your hands on an S-tier tank yet? No problem until Saint Seiya Legend of Justice has got for you this mighty A-tier option. Moses’s kit is pretty straightforward and houses abilities to shield himself and the ally, dealing substantial damage and shrinking the damage from incoming enemy attacks. 

The coolest part of Moses’s arsenal, however, is how effortlessly he can debuff all CC effects, passively purifying not only himself but the entire ally team for up to 8 seconds, eliminating all CC effects.



Athena the Goddess is the only hero of her kind and somewhat the supreme unit according to the storyline (even above the Golden Knights). However, she’s still not the most powerful character hence making for her A-tier rank in most Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier lists. 

Nevertheless, Goddess Athena is an extraordinary support character. With a fairly straightforward kit, she particularly specializes in shielding and healing her allies. Occasionally you will see Athena rendering some CC and damage too! 

Furthermore, this A-tier buddy has great passive skills onboard. Whenever summoned on the field, Athena can swell the recharge effects and healing of all allies in an instant. 



This is another must-have character for players who really believe in having solid support by the side of their mighty offense-oriented heroes. Misty is one heck of a support class buddy who’ll offer as much aid as possible while also playing some role in attacking. 

The character’s most aid effects also seem to manifest the same hybrid as they help in scaling off her ATK stat, ultimately hailing Misty as a worthy offense protector+healer. For a start, Misty puts forth a potent direct heal ATK-scaling skill that summons solid shields matching the healed amount. 

Misty also erects similar shields for healing purposes whose height, unlike before, corresponds to her ATK percentage. Last but not least, employers of Misty will especially like her self-shielding capacity, which equals 300% of her ATK whenever hit by a heavy damaging attack. 



This Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list hero brilliantly combines shields with heels and debuffs, hailing as one of the best defense-oriented support units. For a start, players employing Mu can take the ability to view from their foes for a brief while, causing them to miss their critical attacks. 

Moreover, Mu allows a passive decrease in damage taken by him as well as the entire ally team. The skill is further complemented by Mu’s ability to heal an ally of most vulnerable health significantly. 

What’s more? Mu has an awesome enemy debuffing capacity via which he can get the enemies rid of up to two buffs, consequently shunning them for a brief while.  



This unit is that back-rank life savior who’ll deal for the team some massively ranged DPS so fatal bosses don’t dare charge too fast. With ranged, Camus has the capacity to render not light but tons of damage.

Alongside DPS, Camus’ employers are especially drawn to his clever crowd control practices. For instance, Camus is simply superb in preventing his foes from generating Cosmo or moving slightly even, thanks to his Frozen status effect. 

Though this effect lasts for a couple of seconds only, Camus perfectly combines it with another awesome skill that traps the enemy in a frozen coffin. This way, one can keep the most deadly targets out of the battle for some time while also rendering them continuous damage.



We will be honest: Aioria isn’t as worthy of an overall best character as you’d expect. However, give Aioria the best-fit conditions and see him acing battles like no one else! 

This unreliability but hidden potency is exactly what forced us to consider Aioria one of the best Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list units. For a start, this powerful Warrior can give himself a whopping 15% increase in attack speed, that too, for at most 5 times. 

Furthermore, Aioria comes with a Lightning Bolt ability to manifest the most solid survivability than any other in Saint Seiya Legend of Justice. It inflicts damage to up to three bosses and offers Aioria healing equal to 30% of the dealt damage. 

Not yet touched by Aioria? Well, he also has for players like you a team-wide attack boasting capability. Aioria will swell her and every ally’s attacks by 10% whenever an opponent falls, gradually making the entire party more powerful than ever.



As most of you might have already guessed after hearing that Miro is of the Assassin type, this character is all about inflicting deadly burst damage. Miro keeps his aim usually toward high-value bosses in order to eliminate all the deadly sources in the beginning already. 

Thanks to his active skill, Miro can hit an enemy up to 6 times, giving it hardly any time to breathe before falling forever. As far as stubborn enemies are concerned, they’ll too be getting up to 550% damage to weaken them enough so they can’t retaliate. 

What’s the coolest Miro action, however, is that each attack will stack one “Scarlet Needle” on the target that, whenever it reaches a count of 15, will outrightly kill the enemy in a second. 

Miro couples this death mark attack with his trap-type damage that will stop the target from taking any action, so in the meanwhile, he could place as many Needles as possible. Seeing your enemies slowly accelerate toward their demise is definitely worth watching. 



This buddy is known for the spectacular show of poison effects that he manifests. Players can weaken their foes in an instant using Aphrodite’s poison status effects, which though they aren’t as great in terms of raw damage, will immediately drain the enemies’ HP. 

Aphrodite can also be good in terms of survivability no matter how fierce the opponent is, as he can constantly regain his HP matching up to 45% of the poison damage. 



Shura is a sturdy Warrior knight on our Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list who takes pride in his blow damage attacks. Enemies will be greeted by a series of such attacks, leaving them bleeding as well as disturbing their defenses. 

Do you remember Aioria? Well, Shura is somewhat of a similar knight who will get even stronger as players progress through the combat. Though not as whooping as in Aioria’s case, Shura enjoys a decent 1.5% attack and speed boost, that too, up to 15 times. 

Nevertheless, this not only makes Shura powerful with passing time but also bundles greatly with his passive and active actions to become a real cause of pain for even the deadliest of enemies.



If you couldn’t get your hands on a top S-tier buddy and are now looking for a decent all-rounder, Sirius might be a feasible choice. He again belongs to the Warrior class of Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list, which couples extraordinary attack capacity with a solid defense.

The hero works by accumulating a significant amount of Cosmo and then directing it towards his foes, which stuns them for a while. Players who have already boarded a bunch of offense-oriented fellas to their party should definitely summon Sirius, as he will passively swell all teammates’ attack speed by a whopping 25%.  



This is an Assassin-type unit on our Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list. Employ Shina as cleverly as you can and see her unleash one of the most devastating action pools in the game. For a start, Shina has got an awesome active skills.  

It can dish out consecutive blows to random foes, rendering up to 130% damage. If directed to one target only, Shina can inflict up to seven of these hits, leaving the enemy almost dead for sure! 

Moreover, Shina’s, another active gem, can also inflict similar blows to random foes, but this time of solid single-target type. She can even summon a barrier that can bounce damage matching her ATK stat’s 300%. 

What’s more? Shina tops her overall damage output with her 10% sturdier crits compared to the rest of the heroes, plus a  passive that, with every attack dealt, swells it even. On this point, we must also mention that employing players will have to compromise with the random nature of Shina’s attacks. 

Consequently, it is recommended to keep Shina in the team only for the big meat that’s left at the end of the combat. This way, neither will her randomness bite you, nor you miss the chance of availing her cool actions! 



Don’t want to keep your top warriors busy chasing the weakened units? No problem, as Dios in your team can wipe that dust off by himself! Dios and his skills will hunt down the almost fallen foes, greeting them with extra effects the lower their HP is.

The reason why we are advising Dios as a finisher is that he is just as random as Shina. This means though you won’t be getting the skill of attacking the aimed target, Dios is one heck of an endgame character on our Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list.  

Dios also equips the cool Victory Tab mechanic that will mark his every enemy with an Award of Victory skill. A 3-second countdown then initiates. If an enemy dies within the countdown, players will get to enjoy Dios’s Victory Tab effect. 

The Victory Tab effect can restore for 6 seconds Dios’s 5% max HP, enabling him to become a very robust combater until the player assures him assists and kills. 



Are you craving to see some awesome Cosmo generation disruption in the enemy’s ranks? Mephisto is the best fit for that and will truly prove to be a decent option for PvP encounters. He can dish out some fair damage and even earn solid DEF and ATK buffs. 

As far as Cosmo-related skills are concerned, Mephisto will either fully burn the foe’s Cosmo or directly soak it away, pushing them to such a verge where summoning powerful skills will become almost impossible. 

Mephisto is also known for his skills, via which he can regain a significant amount of his own health every time someone from the opponent party falls. This way, Mephisto owners know they are always at an advantage rather than in a vulnerable state. 



This is a Bronze Knight on our Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list who’s known to be a potent defense powerhouse. The biggest perk of having Shiryu onboard, however, is how perfectly he outputs from the start already or whenever players first unlock it.

Shiryu has the ability to boast his defenses so much so that he stays unaffected by most of the incoming CC effects even. This is further complemented by his passive qualities, via which Shiryu can maximize his HP to sustain for long. 

Nevertheless, employing players should not forget that despite being a tank, Shiryu manifests almost no spectacular show of damage rendering, and neither has any support skills. 



Have you just started playing Saint Seiya Legend of Justice and are unable to find any top-ranking character? Don’t fret, as Ikki will serve you till you find a better option! That said, this is one of the strongest starting options for winning teams. 

Players can employ a bunch of duplicates of Ikki, making it easier for them to push him to 5 stars in the beginning already. The character specializes in inflicting AoE hits and deals Burning status effects on its targets, harming them in almost continuous turns. 

Ikki also possesses the skill to spot enemies with the least HP and then greet them with massive blows. What makes the skill unique, however, is that it refreshes its cooldown with every defeat rendered. 

This way, players are constantly motivated while also enjoying extra damage potential. Nevertheless, Ikki doesn’t just stop as yet since he takes survivability to the next level by automatically reviving himself once every battle. 



Despite the titular name, Saint Seiya is not the number one hero on our tier list but certainly not the least. He is a Pegasus-type knight of the game who, with his powerful Meteor Punch action, specializes in rendering rapid, sturdy hits to the enemy hordes. 

Couple Seiya with other decent damage dealers to output a combined extra effect. Hyoga might be the best fit in that case since he perfectly matches skills with Seiya to become one robust offense version.

However, that means occupying two valuable slots in your party; hence only consider the two if you are ready for that. If not, go for other stronger contestants of the Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list, and you’ll easily achieve similar interaction.



Since we just mentioned Hyoga, it would be disrespectful not to include him in our best heroes sections. Though not very extraordinary, veteran players can still reap a lot from Hyoga, given his freezing effect specialties. 

Hyoga doesn’t start any action before incapacitating his enemies, followed by dealing decent damage. Pair him up with Seiya to make the most of this quality, or else Hyoga falls severely low in terms of versatility. 

Because occupying two ranks might feel heavy, we recommend keeping the pair as long as you couldn’t find a worthy option and then replacing it.

And with that, we reach the conclusion of our definitive Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list and detailed character insights. We hope the rankings above will allow you to find the sturdiest fighting team for your journey.  

Though eXputer always appreciates players who try whatever in-game unit seems most suitable no matter the ranking, S-tier ones are, of course, the recommended options. 

Comparison Table

Saint Seiya Legend of Justice Characters Comparison:

Evil Saga420583544257218

Our Criteria 

We put forth the above Saint Seiya Legend of Justice hierarchy after giving our utmost effort and time to experience the game ourselves. Our team also believes in relating to the popular opinion as much as possible hence skimmed through tons of online material to complete the task. 

Every hero of Saint Seiya Legend of Justice was weighed in depth to provide our readers with the most credible information possible. Just like eXputer has always been doing so, our team also collaborated with expert gamers to know their view as to induce more authoritativeness.  

Nevertheless, we still tried out best not to heavily influence the rankings with popular preference only. Instead, the actual effectiveness of each hero was deemed as the most critical determining factor all, so we don’t let down the unique players of the community. 

That said, we hope our Saint Seiya Legend of Justice tier list will prove to be a decent starting reference to your favorite game. We welcome you to discuss any concern or feedback in the comment box down below but refrain from negative criticism. 

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