Saints Row Perks Tier List: BEST Perks Ranked

In our Saints Row Perks Tier List, we rank all of the available perks in the game by their boosts.

In Saints Row, it’s simple to transform your Boss into a strong character, especially when you have Perks equipped. There are many improvements to obtain in Santo Lleso; therefore, here is a Saints Row Perks Tier list of every Perk you may unlock.

Key Highlights
  • A total of 22 Perks are featured in Saints Row to help you equip the Saint Row Heroes roster with a few more options.
  • All these perks are ranked based on the offered balance and benefits across all situations in the Saint Row mechanism. 
  • Saint Row Perks that are the best in terms of versatility include Ride Eternal, Surgical Strike, Rampage, and Saving Throw. Winning is only possible with them on board, as they offer the optimum balance required to win the current Saint Row meta.
  • Flow Gambit, Death Race, and Full Contact, however, perform the opposite. They don’t prove as beneficial as the best Saint Row Perks hence ranking lower than the rest.
Saints Row Perks Tier List Ranking Table 
S-TierRide Eternal, Rampage, Surgical Strike, and Saving Throw
A-TierFast Learner, Close Call, In the Flow, Scavenger, On the Down Low, Trampoline, Shock Tactics, Dual Wield, Dead Eye, Fire Resistant, Tactical Training, and Speed Demon
B-TierSneak Attack, Shiny & Chrome, Gunslinger, Loot Grab, and Nihil Obstat
C-TierDeath Race, Flow Gambit, and Full Contact

Players have always had access to incredible power in the Saints Row series. Players have a variety of Perks to pick from in the Saints Row remake, including crazy weaponry and skills. In Saints Row, perks are a gameplay mechanic which replaces the upgrades from previous Saints Row games with a new, greater dynamic system.

One minor slot is unlocked after finishing First F-ing Day, and the remaining four slots may be purchased with cash. There are a total of five slots that can be assigned perks. The Minor, Major, and Elite are the three different sorts of perks.

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How To Unlock Perks In Saints Row

Challenges must be completed to unlock the Perks in Saints Row. The Jack of All Trades achievement can also be unlocked by collecting every perk. You need to complete the following steps in order to view your “Challenges”:

  1. The virtual phone should be opened.
  2. Scroll to the “Missions” app.
  3. Go to the “Challenges” tab in the “Mission” app after selecting it.

Each of the initial 21 Perks only needs one Challenge. After that, it becomes harder, and you must complete more Challenges to get the following set of Perks.

Not every Challenge has to be completed. To access all Perks, just two-thirds of these Challenges must be completed. This lets you bypass one-third of these challenges and choose the ones that are the most straightforward for you.

No matter whichever Challenges you accomplish, each one contributes toward obtaining the following Perk. By raising your character level, you can access new challenges. Players can check their rewards in the “Perks” app on their phones and check their challenges in the “Missions” app.

Neither of the challenges can be missed, and after completing the tale and all districts to 100%, it is easy to farm the ones that are tied to certain enemy or ally categories. You may call every rival gang via the “Contacts” app once you’ve completed the Venture “KAKTS Radio.”

Regardless of whether all the districts have been fully completed, this allows you to farm all opponent kinds indefinitely. After the tale, allies remain able to be contacted through the “Contacts” app.

Saints Row Tier List Breakdown

This tier list includes every Saints Row perk. Use it to ascertain which benefits are most effective. The following Saints Row Perks tier list evaluates each perk’s usefulness and boosts.

The four following tiers make up the Saints Row Perks Tier List:

  • S-Tier:  The best perks with the most benefits in the game at the moment.
  • A-Tier: Outstanding and excellent perks that are beneficial to you in all circumstances.
  • B-Tier: Reasonable perks that help balance your team even if you don’t have the greatest players.
  • C-Tier: Saints Row Perks to stay away from.


Saints Row Weapon S-Tier

The Saints Row Perk Tier List’s S-Tier has the best boosts and attack perks.

Saving Throw

When your HP is almost gone, you gain two extra health bars.

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 17

Surgical Strike

Surgical Strike After completing up to five precise kills, temporary damage boost.

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 22


Rampage is a variant of Surgical Strike that offers more sustained damage in exchange for less skill usage and higher burst damage.

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 40

Ride Eternal

This perk almost immortalizes automobiles, especially if they have undergone several upgrades.

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 30


Saints Row Weapon A-Tier

The A-Tier of the Saints Row Perks Tier Lists includes Perks that are stronger than others and a great option for battling a range of enemies.

On the Down Low

Every action results in less renown. 
  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 4


Collect additional rounds as you pick more ammunition. 
  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 7

In the Flow

Never lose momentum unless you’re using skill.

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 2

Close Call

Near Miss Vehicle obtains an additional boost.  

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 3

Fast Learner

As you level up, you get more XP.

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 13

Fire Resistant

Whenever a fire weapon is used around you, you take less fire damage.

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 8

Dead Eye

After firing headshot, the reload time becomes quicker.

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 9

Dual Wield

Shoot foes while using both hands to hold an SMG.

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 19

Shock Tactics

When using melee combat to assault an enemy, tase them with the Shock Tactics Perk.

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 12


You can gain more altitude while using the sky-suit.

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 15

Speed Demon

Increased driving time while utilizing the Wingsuit Speed Demon Boost to gain altitude.

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 18

Tactical Training

Crouch more quickly while employing precise aim.

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 0



The Saints Row Perks tier list’s B-Tier has some of the best perks, but some limitations come with them.

Nihil Obstat

NPC Saints deal greater damage.

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 14

Loot Grab

Automatically brings money and ammunition your way from the ground.

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 11


Hipshot, more precisely.

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 5

Shiny & Chrome

When side-swapping automobiles, damage grew.

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 16

Sneak Attack

Attacks from behind that are will do greater damage.

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 6



These Perks are ranked lower on the Saints Row Perks tier list due to their limited potential and weak boost capabilities. You can choose them if they suit your playing style, albeit it isn’t advised.

Full Contact

On foes, the kick cooldown is decreased.
  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 10

Flow Gambit

Damage must be given up to increase Flow while striking opponents.

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 24 

Death Race

When you’re about to die, you’ll move more quickly.

  • Challenges Needed To Unlock Perk: 1

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Best Saints Row Perks

The three categories of perks—Minor, Major, and Elite—provide a basic indication of the relative potency of each. The number of items you may equip at once also reflects this.

You can always have two Minor perks and two Major perks equipped, but only one Elite perk. Below we have listed the Best Perks to use in Saints Row.

Minor Perks

  • Dead Eye: For guns with a sluggish default reload speed, this allows you to reload more quickly following a headshot kill. It complements the majority of combat-related bonuses.
  • Close Call: Once unlocked, you should be nitrous boosting all of your vehicles, and this perk makes it possible for you to do so more frequently. All it requires is a little reckless driving.
  • In the Flow: Flow is utilized for all talents and required for a few perks, so having it around when you’re not in combat is beneficial.

Major Perks

  • On the Down Low: Notoriety can grow swiftly, particularly at higher difficulties. By limiting the amount of attention gained when producing widespread mayhem, this perk assists in reducing this.
  • Dual Wield: In this perk, SMGs are more than welcome because they sometimes seem a bit frail. Additionally, the slow but high-damage handguns go nicely with this trait.
  • Dead Eye: After several headshots kill, you can effectively immediately kill a standard adversary because of this skill’s considerable takedown decrease.

Elite Perks

  • Surgical Strike: Surgical Strike is one of the first Elite perks to become available and is another headshot perk. You can swiftly do a significant amount of damage if you string together headshot kills.
  • Rampage: Rampage is a variant of Surgical Strike that offers more sustained damage in exchange for less skill usage and higher burst damage.
  • Ride Eternal: This perk almost immortalizes automobiles, especially if they have undergone several upgrades.

Tier List Conclusion

For this Saints Row Perks Tier List, every Saints Row perk has been put through testing. Despite their might, some perks are challenging to achieve. Perk Effects and Perk Boosts should all work together to maximize effectiveness with the least amount of additional work.

To guarantee you are informed of the top Saints Row Perks accessible in our Tier List, we went above and beyond. Since they will benefit you more, the S-Tier and the A-Tiers should be maintained as they are the finest. In the end, it’s down to you to choose which perk to use.

Our group of gaming geeks researched with us to evaluate which Saints Row Perks are the ideal for the meta to provide you with the most updated and precise data.

As tier lists are inherently subjective, your choices on the perks may or may not coincide with this ranking of the Saints Row Perks. Do you think differently about Perks than we do? If so, feel free to share your opinions on the Perks in the comments section below.

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