Saints Row Skills Tier List: All Skills Ranked

All of the Skills will be ranked in our Saints Row Skills Tier List.

Throughout your playthrough of Saints Row, you may personalize your mobster in several ways. Combat skills, which you’ll acquire via leveling up, are one of the main ways you’ll do this. All of them will be ranked in our Saints Row Skills Tier List based on how they alter your playstyle.

Key Highlights
  • Since Saints Row Combat Skills are an integral part of personalizing in-game monsters, the developer offers a set of 19 of them. 
  • Each Saints Row Combat Skill is fit to serve different purposes; Offense, Defense, and Support, and is divided into two significant categories–Active and Passive. 
  • Each Saint Row Skill is ranked based on how easy its unlock mechanism is, the overall effectiveness for the price a player pays, and of course, versatility. 
  • Amongst Active Combat Skills, Pineapple Express, Quantum Aperture, Overscope, Transfusion, and Intercession are the best. 
  • Since Passive skills don’t really offer damage and weaponry, they are in no way near as best as the Active Saints Row Skill. Still, the top ones amongst them are Flow Upgrade 3, Flow Upgrade 2, and Health Upgrade 3. 
  • As far as the weakest is concerned, the Passive Health Upgrade 1 and the Active Smokescreen are equal. Both offer an overall low potency and very compromised combat stats.
Saints Row Skills Tier List Ranking Table
TiersType ActiveType Passive 
S-TierPineapple Express, Overscope, Quantum Aperture, Intercession, and Transfusion
A-TierTough Mother, Proximity Mine, D4th Blossom, Quick Draw, Impulse Trap, and Frag OutFlow Upgrade 3, Health Upgrade 3, and Flow Upgrade 2
B-TierBerserkerFlow Upgrade 1 and Health Upgrade 2
C-TierSmokescreenHealth Upgrade 1

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In our Saints Row Skills Tier List, we’ll rate every skill in the game, explain what it does, and make some suggestions so you may create the finest boss possible. Every time your character levels up in Saints Row, a brand-new skill ability is unlocked in the game’s skill tree.

Saints Row has a maximum level cap of 20, and because you begin at level 1, you may level up an overall of 19 times. With each level gain, a new passive or active skill is unlocked.

Similar to the Saints Row Perks, you may access the Skills menu at any time during the game by using the app on your character’s in-game smartphone. Once you enter the Skills menu, you may assign up to 4 distinct skill abilities to your character at once.

Saints Row (reboot) introduced a new feature known as skills. They are linked to the game’s Flow concept. Your Flow Points are gained by participating in a fight, and Flow is a points-based feature that lets you apply your skills in battle.

More Flow Points are required to utilize better talents. Saints Row offers a wide range of skills that let players alter their playstyle and tackle tasks in a variety of ways.

The “Pineapple Express,” which enables you to grab an adversary, fling them away, and drop an explosive down their trousers, is the first Skill you gain at level 2.

All Skills Types in Saints Row

There are two types of skills in Saints Row 2, known as Active and Passive Skills. You don’t need to equip passive abilities for them to improve your stats; especially, passive skills increase HP, and Flow (the resource you’ll need to execute skills) will increase those metrics.

Active skills will grant you strong fighting abilities and weaponry, but you can only have four active skills equipped at once. While not engaged in battle, by visiting the skills app on your phone, you can change your active skills to another one.

Additionally, as a reward for completing a task, you’ll obtain at least one skill. While attempting to finish the Eurekabator Venture, you’ll get the skill known as Quantum Aperture Venture.

Saints Row Skills Tier List Breakdown

Each Saints Row skill is listed in this tier list. Use it to determine which advantages are the most useful. The utility and bonuses of each skill are rated in the following Saints Row Skill tier list.

The Saints Row skills Tier List is divided into the four categories below:

  • S-Tier: The top skills with the biggest advantages currently in the game.
  • A-Tier: Exceptional and great skills that are helpful to you at all times.
  • B-Tier: Solid skills that balance your squad even if you lack the best players.
  • C-Tier: Saints Row skills to shun.


Saints Row Skills S-Tier

The S-Tier on the Saints Row Skills Tier List possesses the game’s best fighting abilities.


  • Type: Active 
  • Effect: While transfusion is active, you can damage your foes to heal both yourself and your friends.


  • Type: Active
  • Effect: By utilizing intercession, you can gain the aid of some Saints in your battle.

Quantum Aperture

  • Type: Active
  • Effect: You can make a window that allows you to see and fire through walls by utilizing Quantum Aperture. Moreover, it increases damage.


  • Type: Active
  • Effect: Use Overscope to draw a deadly sniper rifle. Headshots explode when you hit them, harming foes around.

Pineapple Express

  • Type: Active
  • Effect: You can grab an adversary, then put a grenade inside their pants by utilizing Pineapple Express and hurl them.


Saints Row Skills A-Tier

The Saints Row Skills’ A-Tier Tier Lists include skills that are more powerful compared to others and are a terrific choice.

Impulse Trap

  • Type: Active
  • Effect: Send out an anti-gravity gadget to pull foes into the air so you can shoot them there.

Quick Draw

  • Type: Active
  • Effect: Take out a strong revolver and pull the trigger to eliminate up to four adversaries instantly.

Flow Upgrade 3

  • Type: Passive
  • Effect: Increase the Maximum Flow Permanently.

D4th Blossom

  • Type: Active
  • Effect: Spin around and start shooting everywhere.

Proximity Mine

  • Type: Active
  • Effect: Set up a proximity mine that will go off when an enemy is nearby. Shortly after installation, damage rises continuously.

Tough Mother

  • Type: Active
  • Effect: Get a short health boost to take enemy damage and ward off staggers.

Frag Out

  • Type: Active
  • Effect: Send out a deadly anti-personnel grenade.

Health Upgrade 3

  • Type: Passive
  • Effect: Increase the Maximum Health Permanently.

Flow Upgrade 2

  • Type: Passive
  • Effect: Increase the Maximum Flow Permanently.



Several of the best skills are present in the B-Tier of the Saints Row Skills tier list; however, they come with some restrictions.

Health Upgrade 2

  • Type: Passive
  • Effect: Increase the Maximum Health Permanently.


  • Type: Active
  • Effect: Your physical attacks do extra damage; the Berserker Skill is active.

Flow Upgrade 1

  • Type: Passive
  • Effect: Increase the Maximum Flow Permanently.



Given their low capability and poor combat abilities, these skills are listed lower on the Saints Row skills tier list.

Health Upgrade 1

  • Type: Passive
  • Effect: Increase the Maximum Health Permanently.


  • Type: Active
  • Effect: To mislead your adversaries, drop a smoke grenade at your feet.

Best Saints Row Skills 

Saints Row has a broad range of skills, from absurd goofs to beneficial enhancements. Below are the six that have given us the greatest enjoyment, even if each skill is useful in its way:

Pineapple Express

The first talent you learn is Pineapple Express, which allows you to throw grenades in the direction of your choice after stuffing them down the trousers of any adversary. Not only is this a lot of fun, but it’s also quite helpful.

Pineapple Express may be used to immediately deliver a ton of damage huge nearly any adversary, even armored ones. If you hurl the soon-to-explode opponent at their buddies or cars, it’s also a wonderful technique to clear away crowds rapidly.

Frag Out

You just get a grenade in Frag Out to throw at whatever you choose. This might sound dull (and it is when other talents allow you to smuggle grenades down someone’s trousers), but it tends to make blowing up trucks or big groups incredibly simple. It is extremely useful when you don’t have an RPG or rocket launcher early in the game.


With the use of the healing skill Transfusion, you may assault foes and drain their health. This is an excellent technique to maintain your life before you have significantly improved your health, and since it also heals your teammates, it’s perfect for cooperative play.


Simply said, Overscope provides you with a powerful sniper that you may use to engage foes from a distance. Even though you could merely add a sniper to your weapon loadout, using Overscope gives you greater versatility as a Boss.

It permits you to swap out your sniper for another weapon (such as the jet-powered Thrust-buster explosives) without giving up your ability to participate in long-range combat. Additionally, Overscope headshots cause your target to explode, which is amazing for obvious reasons.


You can request the assistance of Saint NPCs through Intercession. This is fantastic for a few reasons. First and foremost, these Saints will take shots for you and shoot your foes. Second, during protracted combat, you can summon several Saints simultaneously, giving you a large cast of characters at your disposal.

Quantum Aperture

You may build a large wall with the Quantum Aperture talent, which enhances bullet damage and allows you to see and shoot past walls. For any interactions that could be causing you difficulties, using Quantum Aperture is just like switching to easy mode.

Regardless of where the enemy is hidden, shelter behind a car, put up a wall, and quickly dispatch them all with a few rounds.

Don’t feel like engaging in a brawl on the street? Open a window behind the structure where the evil men are hiding out, and then shoot them all. It’s a fantastic tool that will enable speedy resolution of combat situations and save your life.

Tier List Criteria

Every Saints Row skill has been tested for this Saints Row Skills Tier List. Despite their strength, certain skills are difficult to pick up. A skill’s fighting potential and skill effects should cooperate to improve the utilization without any added effort.

We here at eXputer pushed boundaries and went the extra mile to ensure you are well informed about the best Saints Row Skills that are available in our Tier List. The S or the A-Tiers should be stuck with since they are the best and will benefit you the most. But in the end, it’s ultimately up to you to decide which Skill to employ.

To deliver you the most accurate and precise data, our crew of video game enthusiasts carried out research to discover which Saints Row Skills are the best currently.

Your selections on the skills may or may not agree with this evaluation of the Saints Row Skills because tier lists are fundamentally subjective. Do you have a different perspective on skills than we do? If so, please feel free to comment below with your thoughts on the skills.

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