Saints Row Weapon Tier List [January. 2023]

All weapons are graded in the following Saints Row Weapon tier list according to their damage output and effectiveness.

You may use a wide variety of weaponry in Saints Row, including pistols, rocket launchers, melee baseball bats, and more. According to their strength and effectiveness, we’ll rank all the weapons in our Saints Row Weapon Tier List.

Key Highlights
  • The Saints Row Weapon category consists of a total of 25 available weapon pieces divided across distinct types, namely pistols, LMGs, SMGs, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and melee weapons. 
  • The base criteria used for ranking all Saints Row Weapons mainly focus on attack power, damage output, and overall effectiveness and durability on the field. 
  • Out of the 25, RPG Launcher, AT Rocket Launcher, Idol Star Launcher, MDI-68 Focus Rifle, and TOGO-13 Sniper Rifle stand out as the most solid choice for both beginners and experts. 
  • Saints Row Weapons that newbies should avoid go as MDI-39M Sixguns, Dustlander Crossbow, MDI-12 Stun Baton, Machete, Crowbar, and Pickaxe. Experienced players can still try a shot with these, while beginners can use them as a secondary choice. 
  • It is recommended to employ only the best weapons as they pair well with the other Saints Row equipment, ensuring players an easy success for their efforts.
Saints Row Weapons Tier List Ranking Table 
S-TierRPG Launcher, Idol Star Launcher, AT Rocket Launcher, MDI-68 Focus Rifle, TOGO-13 Sniper Rifle, Police Shotgun, AS3 Ultimax, 585 Safari Express Rifle, K-8 Krukov AR, AR-55 Burst Rifle, and Dustlander Shotgun
A-TierHandcannon .44, Machine Pistol, Idol Lite, Sawed-Off Shotgun, KA-1 Kobra, MDI-50 Tac, Stagecoach shotgun, Sledgehammer, Ax, Dustlander Sword, Bone Crusher, and TEK Z-10
B-TierSmelterville Slugger, ElectroStun P1200, Dustlander Revolver, MDI-39M Sixguns, MDI-12 Stun Baton, Dustlander Crossbow, Crowbar, Machete, and Pickaxe

Seven different kinds of weaponry are available in Saints Row, and we suggest trying out a few of them to discover which ones work best for you. Your loadout will be heavily influenced by your particular preferences and playstyle.

Let’s examine every weapon in the game, including the pistols, melee weapons, LMGs, assault rifles, SMGs, sniper rifles, and more from Saints Row.

Saints Row Weapon Tier List Breakdown

This Tier List includes all Saints Row weapons. Use it to identify the most effective weapons. All weapons are graded in the following Saints Row Weapon tier list according to how effective and durable they are in the game.

Each weapon has a rank, from S to B, where S-tier has the best weapons, and B-Tier has the above-average ones. Therefore, let’s begin.


Saints Row Weapons S-Tier

The Saints Row Weapon Tier list’s S-Tier weapons are the best in terms of attack power and damage output.

TOGO-13 Sniper Rifle

Players that want to kill from a distance will find the TOGO-13 Sniper Rifle useful. The Bonus Round trademark ability increases the damage of headshots made with the weapon and replenishes your supply of ammunition. By using the sniper rifle to kill 20 adversaries who are operating vehicles, you may unlock it.

MDI-68 Focus Rifle

While fighting Marshall, the player will get quite tired of avoiding these weapons, but they may utilize the MDI-68 to inflict injury on Marshall. Five Marshall Specialists must be taken out with the rifle to access the distinctive move Repulsor Beam, which forces adversaries back.

AT Rocket Launcher

A multi-rocket weapon called the AT Rocket Launcher was created especially for heavier vehicles like helicopters and tanks. You may direct the rockets by using the reticle to aim with the Guiding Eye signature ability. By killing 20 hostile Marshall vehicles, you can unlock it.

Idol Star Launcher

The Idol Star Launcher fires the distinctive grenades of the Idol at a rapid rate and with only marginal damage. The Flashgasm bombs from the signature ability create three miniature fireworks that detonate and deliver additional damage in a zone. You must use the Launcher to destroy 30 idols to unlock Flashgasm.

RPG Launcher

Anyone who has seen an action film will be familiar with the traditional RPG Launcher, which can be used to annihilate big groups of adversaries or vehicles.

The RPG warhead’s payload triples thanks to the trademark ability Big Bang, resulting in larger explosions and increased damage. You must use an RPG to take down five enemy aerial vehicles to unlock Big Bang.

AR-55 Burst Rifle

Players have the option of using the more precise burst firing mode with the AR-55 Burst Rifle. With the modified.50 receiver, the Beowulf Recover signature ability deals greater damage to moving objects and vehicles. By killing five people while using the gun’s last magazine, you can unlock it.

K-8 Krukov AR

Although the Krukov has a longer magazine and a shorter stock than the Burt Rifle, they are comparable. The cooldown of your takedown lessens as your killstreak lengthens, and it is known as Johnny Fuse. You must use your last magazine to kill ten adversaries to activate Johnny Fuse.

.585 Safari Express Rifle

Although it takes some time to reload, the Safari Express Rifle has a huge caliber and might be used to halt a charging animal. The muzzle blast’s force is increased by your trademark ability Shock & Ouch, which also does damage to nearby foes. It can be unlocked by using the Safari Express Rifle to get 10 long-range abilities.

AS3 Ultimax

A big battle shotgun having a drum magazine that holds tonnes of rounds is called the AS3 Ultimax. By obtaining 10 triple eliminations with the shotgun, you may acquire the trademark ability Full Battle Ratte, which makes the weapon completely automatic.

Police Shotgun

A police shotgun with a tweaked choke to lessen pellet dispersal is the source of inspiration for the Police shotgun. The distinguishing quality of Sharpened barbed darts called Flechetter Shells penetrate targets and produce further bleeding injury. By completing 10 double fatalities with the Police Shotgun, you can unlock it.

Dustlander Shotgun

The user may utilize the Dustlander Shotgun to blast their opponents away with foam pellets in close-quarters Dustland battles. It doesn’t have a special talent.


Saints Row Weapons A-Tier

The A-Tier of the Tier Lists includes weapons that are greater effective than others and a great option for taking on a wide range of enemies.

KA-1 Kobra

The KA-1 Kobra is a typical handgun in the Glock style that deals typical damage to foes. With a complete reload, the trademark skill, Aim High, grants headshots using one of the final few bullets in the magazine. It features a few distinct graphic modifications, including the Star God Blaster sci-fi one.

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Sawed-Off Shotgun

The Sawed-Off is a weapon to be reckoned with at close-range thanks to its half-shotgun and double recoil. The player may launch incendiary shells that will ignite their target with their trademark skill, Dragonbreath Shells. Using the shotgun, players need to kill 30 idols to unlock Dragonbreath.

Idol Lite

The Idol Lite, which has a neon paint scheme and an expanded magazine that speeds up reloading, is the Collective’s take on the normal Kobra. After completing 20 headshot kills, the Trigger Happy signature, which transforms the weapon into a full-auto machine pistol, may be obtained.

Machine Pistol

The Machine Pistol is a typical SMG that may be utilized in a variety of circumstances, making it ideal for people who like to travel as lightly as possible. Getting 20 Idol double-kills unlocks the trademark ability Splattergun, which causes bullets to do modest splash damage at the point of contact.

Handcannon .44

The Handcannon is a one-handed cannon pistol that provides tremendous damage in return for recoil or fire rate. It is precisely what its name suggests.

Magnum Rounds, the character’s hallmark move, deals moderate AoE damage and knocks the victim back. To get Magnum Rounds, you must destroy the tires of 24 adversary Panteros cars.

Dustlander Sword

The Dustlander Sword, which is rumored to be among the best in the Dustland, can easily sever your adversaries. It may also be used to cover meals that you might want to store for later. By slaying 30 Dustlanders with this weapon, you may unlock the trademark ability Bleeding Edge, which does triple bleeding damage.


Each time you strike an adversary with the ax’s signature move, Bloodsucker, you earn a tiny bit of health. By using standard attacks to defeat 15 adversaries from behind, you may unlock it.


The sledgehammer is the slowest-moving combat weapon, yet it does the greatest damage. Swing Away, a deadly heavy assault that sends the adversary flying, is its distinguishing feature. To obtain this skill, you must use heavy assaults to defeat five experts. It may be made into the Bone-Crusher weapon with a visual mod.

Stagecoach shotgun

The Stagecoach Shotgun is the most damaging shotgun you may use to defend your caravans against robbers. The shot character may ragdoll and be knocked backward by the special move Buffalo Shot.

MDI-50 Tac

This shotgun, which was taken from the Marshalls, has a respectable firing rate and average damage. Supercharger’s trademark ability has a chance to electrify and stun the victim at random. Eliminating a Gatling Gunner will open it.

TEK Z-10

The Tek Z-10 is a typical firearm patterned on the SMG that became well-known via various films and television programs.

Each reload for the special ability Shocker Rounds will alternate between the effects of fire, lightning, and bleeding. You must complete 20 Marshall double-kills with the firearm to unlock Shocker Rounds.

Bone Crusher

Use this big bone club to smash foes right up close. Swing Awaytrademark !’s move is a powerful heavy blow that throws opponents back. You must defeat Thirty Marshall troops with the Bone Crusher to activate its special ability.



Some decent weapons are found in The Saints Row’s B-Tier; however, there are some restraints. In multiplayer video games, several of them perform well when utilized as a secondary weapon.

MDI-12 Stun Baton

As you zap them at close range, your adversaries will undoubtedly find your stun-batons frightening. The player’s signature move is known as Electrotherapy, which restores health after strong melee blows. In Santo Lleso, you must kill 30 Marshall soldiers to unlock the skill.

MDI-39M Sixguns

The MDI-39m Six-guns is a hand-gun and rocket launcher that fires auto-targeting micro-missiles at your foes. Eliminating 30 Marshalls with your Sixguns unlocks the distinctive skill Rocket Rebound, which causes the rockets to bounce to other opponents after striking their targets.

Dustlander Revolver

Foam darts can damage more than they appear, as anybody who has experienced them will attest. You may be confident that you will defeat your adversaries by the guidelines outlined in the Dustland Handbook by using the Dustlander Revolver. It lacks a distinctive skill and any cosmetic modifications.

ElectroStun P1200

You may render NPCs unconscious by passing 8,000 volts of energy through their bodies if they go too close. When the player’s trademark move, Shocktacular, hits an enemy, an AoE stun assault is launched. You may unlock Shocktacular by tasing 30 different opponents.

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Smelterville Slugger

The Smelterville Slugger will do severe harm to anyone unlucky enough to approach you, which would make Neegan envious. Swing Away is its distinguishing talent! and you must use powerful strikes to eliminate 25 Specialists. It features an aesthetic modification that transforms it into a walking aid for wounded persons.


Play the part of a furious prospector and do a huge amount of damage to your rivals with this rusty pickaxe. By killing The Specialists with standard strikes, you can acquire Bloodsucker.

A signature ability that grants players a tiny amount of health whenever they hit an adversary. Another aesthetic upgrade for the Pickaxe transforms it into the sturdy sword Saintsblade.


The machete will be useful for slicing through everything in your path, whether you’re in the forest or the heart of Santo Lleso.

You may unlock the Machete’s trademark ability, Bleeding Edge, which deals triple bleeding damage, by using it to kill 30 Panteros. After completing the main plot, you may acquire a variety of graphic customizations.


Two things a crowbar is excellent for are producing leverage and acting as a weapon when you have few other choices. You may stun foes for longer and gain the distinctive Bashmaster skill by stunning 250 Idols. It features a variant that resembles a vintage police baton.

Dustlander Crossbow

Foam darts may be fired from the Dustlander Crossbow at a little greater range with decent damage but with a slower rate of reloading. It doesn’t have a special talent.

How We Made This Tier List

For the Saints Row Weapon Tier List, each weapon in the game was evaluated. Despite their might, some weapons are challenging to learn. Weapon Damage, Weapon Speed, and Player Attacks must all work together to be effective with the least amount of additional work.

To ensure that you are alert of the top Saints Row weaponry accessible in our Tier List, we went above and beyond. Since they will benefit you more, the S and A Tiers should be kept in place. But in the end, it’s up to you to choose which weapon to use.

Our team of gaming nerds worked with us to establish which Saints Row weaponry is the greatest for the meta to provide you with the most updated and correct data. They enjoy picking up new games to try out.

Given that tier lists are inherently subjective, your choices may or may not accord with our rating of the Saints Row weapons. Do you think otherwise than we do? If so, feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

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