Shatterline Tier List: PvP & PvE Operators

Our Shatterline Operators Tier List ranks operators according to their skills and playstyle to help you find the best operator.

Shatterline’s operators shake up the experience with certain characters gifted with climbing powers and specific abilities, such as Spy Drone. Each Operator’s move and ability alters how they approach battles and navigate the terrain. Our Shatterline Operators Tier List ranks them according to their skills and playstyle to help you find the best operator and win your battles.

Key Takeaways
  • To date, Shatterline houses just 8 operators, each that come with a unique playstyle and fighting skill set.
  • Operators are classified as the best or the most compromised than others based on their offered playing qualities and how they actually output power when employed.
  • As per our ranking criteria, the best of the 8 Shatterline operators across both PvP and PvE gameplay turn out to be Mongoose, Strix, and Malva.
  • All three of these equip extraordinary special abilities and brawling mechanics in order to help you effortlessly kill flocks of enemies at once.
  • For the PvE Shatterline domain, Kite, Orbit, and Ram are the weakest, while for PvP, it is Kite again and, surprisingly, Pill
  • Our tier list ranks these wackiest of the 8 operators lowest across both PvE and PvP rankings, so you don’t entrust them more than they are capable of.
Shatterline Tier List Operators Ranking Table 
PvP Meta
S-Tier Mongoose, Strix, Orbit
A-Tier Ram, Malva, Brisa
B-Tier Kite, Pill
PvE Meta 
S-Tier Strix, Malva
A-Tier Brisa, Mongoose, Pill
B-Tier Kite, Orbit, Ram

Operators are sometimes even more appropriate for PvE modes because of how they affect team play. As they have a medical drone. Operators like Pill are more suited to team play, whereas Orbits’ aggressive combat style makes him more suitable for PvP. Players can adopt their playing style for each character.

However, based on which game mode you’re playing. You’ll need a different strategy since the PvP modes are highly fast-paced and pit you against the other online players in several objective-based modes. In contrast, Expeditions is a PvE-focused game in which you battle monsters and hostile forces while completing goals in a vast open-world environment.

With that said, let’s quickly compare all the Operators before reviewing the detailed tier list:

MongooseSADominic WongTrooperDemolisherR40 Supersling
StrixSSKyra WhitmoreExoDefenderM2 Tactical SAS
OrbitSBDieter FriedmannTrooperRavagerZ-940 Drachen
RamABMason SmithExoJuggernautBlack Falcon II
MalvaASZoriana KovalSupportHealerG7 Springer
BrisaAAAdriana FerreriraReconAssassinTWD X-treme
KiteBBCiaran GibsonReconTacticianPresarm VX-7
PillBAPeter CollinsSupportReanimatorXM-40, XM-27

PvP Tier List

In contrast to the PvE (Expedition mode) of Shatterline, PvP mode is made for players to fight against other players online and hone their skills.


Shatterline Operator S-Tier

The Shatterline Operators in the S-Tier of our Tier List are the best in the PvP mode currently according to the meta because of their special abilities and gameplay mechanics. Picking these operators is always a good choice as they have good skills and help you kill hordes of enemies with ease.


Dieter FriedmannTrooperRavagerZ-940 Drachen
  • Active Ability(s): Swarm grenade and Spy Drone
  • Passive Ability(s): Expert sapper and Increased regeneration
  • Ultimate Ability(s): Crystalline injection

Orbit doesn’t appear to provide anything eye-catching, yet his PvP skills are unmatched. Even though troopers cannot ascend like Recon characters or stomp down gates similar to those with Exo powers. Their rapid health recovery is a passive that comes in handy during gunfights.

They also defuse explosives more quickly. However, there don’t seem to be any game modes that use bombs in the present version of the game. With the help of the spy drone, which flies about and captures any foes it spots. Orbit succeeds by illuminating them through barriers.

It functions as a diversion for foes so that Orbit may engage in gunfights. He is unopposed and delivers damage to any surrounding enemies as well if it is destroyed. He also carries his swarm grenade. Which bursts as a swarm of homing insects that are difficult to dodge and target any players nearby.

But his crowning work is the crystalline injection, his last creation. When used, it will impale an adversary for an instant death if they are within touching distance. Additionally, it gives you a ton of armor and strengthens your health. So you may utilize it for healing if you find yourself in a tight spot.

The only drawback is that you can’t run whilst the ultimate is engaged. But because you’re utilizing it in the thick of the battle, it doesn’t matter.


Kyra WhitmoreExoDefenderM2 Tactical SAS
  • Active Ability(s): Fire Wave Grenade, Crystalline grenade, and Wall grenade
  • Passive Ability(s): Exo sprint and Exo kick
  • Ultimate Ability(s): M.556 Volcano

Strix, an Exo character, has a significantly quicker run but her gun is holstered when charging. She can blow down specifically designated doors in each area and launch moveable things like boxes and cars much farther.

Her crystalline grenade generates a tiny patch of red shards that slows and hurts any foes caught in the blast. While her wall grenade enables her to instantly build barriers that are the ideal size to fire over. Strix’s ultimate is where she truly shines, although none of these skills nearly merit an S-Tier rating.

The M.556 Volcano is a super fast six-barrel heavy machine gun” with terrifying precision even at a great distance. It decimates adversaries. It is useless to engage a Strix head-on when she has her ultimate active since she may clear the route of all enemies.


Dominic WongTrooperDemolisherR40 Supersling
  • Active Ability(s): Flash Grenade, Smoke Grenade, and Frag Grenade
  • Passive Ability(s): Expert Sapper and Increased Regeneration
  • Ultimate Ability(s): R40 Supersling

Mongoose, the second Trooper beside Orbit, is significantly more offensively oriented. He is the character that comes closest to being a typical soldier when taking into account the quicker health regeneration.

He carries a frag grenade that causes “huge damage in a limited area” and a smoke grenade that does precisely what it says. Very helpful for game types with objectives, but not as useful for team deathmatch. The R40 Supersling would be the key selling point for Mongoose.

You’ve probably seen a 40mm grenade cannon previously in other titles. And it works well here to remove enemies from the goal or fire them into a choking point where enemies are funneling through.

Although there is nothing particularly novel about this. Mongoose has the most well-known gameplay you can find and is therefore quite well-rounded.


Shatterline Operator A-Tier

The Shatterline Operators in the A-Tier of our Tier List provide Excellent gameplay but they’re just a little short compared to the power of the S-Tier operators. All and all these operators do good in PvP because they have good skills and help you eliminate your foes with ease.


Adriana FerreriraReconAssassinTWD X-treme
  • Active Ability(s): Shock Charge, Glass Mine, and Tactical Cloak
  • Passive Ability(s): High Climbing
  • Ultimate Ability(s): Crystalline Rifle

The first Recon operator introduced is Brisa. The single passive ability available is the ability to employ a hook to scale any walls that have flashing arrows. Other players won’t be able to utilize these alternate routes and maneuverability possibilities without lifting a neighboring box or vehicle to pull themselves up.

Your standard ability to appear invisible but not quite is Brisa’s tactical cloak. It would be too strong if she were fully invisible. But as it is, a transparent shine makes her a touch too obvious. She does not, however, have the customary red outline that other foes have.

Her glass mine functions similarly to a bouncing betty when it detects movement. But instead of merely exploding, it traps foes inside crystalline shards. If you’re close by, you can sneak around the corner and execute them off. However, if they respond quickly enough, the glass can be shattered, letting them escape.

It progressively inflicts harm while they’re trapped within. The crystalline rifle, her ultimate weapon, is a powerful sniper that ensures one-hit kills.

The ammunition is what makes it unique since it produces a slight explosion as it moves through the air which will capture foes that are nearly in the center of your reticle but not quite. It makes collateral shots much simpler.


Zoriana KovalSupportHealerG7 Springer
  • Active Ability(s): Medi-Spray, Drone Pinscher, and Medkit
  • Passive Ability(s): Full health revival
  • Ultimate Ability(s): Healing Station

The Shatterline Operator Tier List’s first support operator, Malva. She plays the job of a medic and is listed as the top support operative. Support characters only have one passive ability. But it’s a huge one: Malva can quickly restore full health to any characters she revives.

Allies can return to the fight more quickly as long as there aren’t opponents lurking nearby who will murder you and you are just resurrected comrade in an instant.

Reviving frequently isn’t worth it due to the short respawn intervals in most PvP scenarios. And the transition to leave the revive requires a few more seconds than is required. Malva’s healing grenades are called medkits, which she may throw on the ground for any friends to rush over and use.

Her fighting robot, the pinscher, assaults any surrounding foes; it doesn’t deal much damage. But it can occasionally finish off those who are already down. It is similar to Orbit’s surveillance drone.

The major advantage here is her healing station ultimate. Which creates a huge space for teammates to stand within and heal. Additionally, anybody within receives a 20% reduction in incoming damage.

It may be a huge benefit in goal modes when you’re working as a team and talking with everyone. Especially in Escort where you don’t want to veer too far off the path. However, if you and your teammates are not working together, they won’t be aware of your use of it, and it may frequently be wasted.


Mason SmithExoJuggernautBlack Falcon II
  • Active Ability(s): Explosive Axe, Gravity strike, and Throwing Axe
  • Passive Ability(s): Exo sprint and Exo kick
  • Ultimate Ability(s): Hyperdash

On the surface, Ram appears to be the most entertaining to play. The Exo operator appears to be ideally suited to slamming doors with his exosuit and is depicted in-game as an “armored juggernaut.”

While it’s quite thrilling to one-hit kill foes with his throwing axe hitting fast-moving adversaries from any type of distance is not an easy feat. Ram’s second skill, gravity strike, is entertaining to use as you chase foes into the distance but is quite tricky to use.

You must be at the ideal distance, which is about equivalent to the effective shotgun blast range, for it to be successful. Too near and it won’t register, and too far and it won’t reach them. Ram’s ultimate ability, Hyperdash, is effectively a jetpack that enables him to glide through the air and make a terrible impact anywhere he lands.

It’s a ton of fun to utilize, notably if you get it perfect. But you likely won’t be ready to use Hyperdash to its fullest since if you have been flying for too long, adversaries will grab you out of the air.

Furthermore, it’s far too simple to snag yourself on the hit-boxes of the cars or barriers that you want to avoid but that instead impede your progress and cause you to halt.


Shatterline Operator B-Tier

The B-Tier Shatterline Operators do quite average in the PvP mode compared to the Operators in the S and A-Tier. These Operators are not bad but they can be outplayed by the operators in the higher ranks. If you do choose to play with these Operators, make sure you have a strategy so you master the mechanics.


Peter CollinsSupportReanimatorXM-40, XM-27
  • Active Ability(s): Quantum Nullifier, Stasis Field, and Med Drone
  • Passive Ability(s): Full health Revival
  • Ultimate Ability(s): Crystalline Shotgun

In our B-tier we have is Pill, another Support operator. The full health regeneration feature is still helpful, and instead of having medkits to drop, Pill has a medical drone that will find a fallen friend and restore them. You don’t need to toss it precisely; just let it go and let it do what it wants.

However, while Pill’s stasis field stops opponents dead in PvE, actual players may still move awkwardly and fire back while under the effects of stasis. Because it’s automatic yet still only has a shotgun’s restricted range, his ultimate is also amongst the weakest Shatterline weapons. Malva has a larger potential while working with others because of his additional healing skills. But Pill has a slightly higher ceiling if the run-and-gun playstyle fits you.


Ciaran GibsonReconTacticianPresarm VX-7
  • Active Ability(s): Twin Proxy Mine, Remote Mine, and Wall Grenade
  • Passive Ability(s): High Climbing
  • Ultimate Ability(s): Crystalline Revolver

Kite is at the bottom of the tier list because whatever this British man in a balaclava has to give is unimpressive. His finest benefit, which Brisa also possesses, is the capacity to scale taller walls. His little wall grenade, a scaled-down variation of Strix’s ability, serves as the opening salvo.

He can be helpful in an emergency, however cutting off avenues and routes in goal modes is far more practical. The main component of a remote mine is C4. It should be dropped and manually set off after that.

It necessitates constant attention to detect the presence of enemies, which promotes a significantly slower pace of play. His ultimate weapon is the crystalline handgun, which has a one-hit death rate and leaves a trail of lethal energy in its wake.

However, because it is not a hitscan gun, you must take into consideration where your target will be if you are firing at them from a distance. 

PvE Tier List

Now that you are aware of what each operator in Shatterline is capable of, how do they perform in PvE? Utilizing diverse skills is essential in the Expeditions mode since AI foes constantly shoot directly at you and behave like a horde.



The Shatterline Operators in our Tier List’s S-Tier are the finest in PvE right now due to their unique skills and gameplay elements. Choosing these operators is usually a smart move because they are skilled and can help you easily take out large groups of AI and Bosses.


Malva stands out as the finest of the best in this category since expeditions can become extremely difficult if the infection level increases excessively or if your squad is not functioning as a whole.

A strong healer is a must, thus whoever is playing Malva has to be dispensing medkits everywhere while strategically positioning her mending station where people most need it.


Strix is a great offensive character for PvE because she is skilled at coping with large enemy groups. She can easily slow down approaching enemies with her grenade and the crystalline grenade.

Her minigun mows down groups of even stronger adversaries like there’s no tomorrow, making it the ultimate weapon for this situation. Strix is helpful on that front as well because there are a lot of concealed supply drops in PvE that must be smashed down by any Exo operator.



The A-Tier Shatterline Operators in our Tier List offer excellent gameplay and aid in the speedy killing of many monsters. All of these operators perform well in PvE since they are skilled and enable you to easily defeat your AI foes and the monsters.


Although Pill may not be very helpful in PvP, he excels in PvE. When the going gets tough, his medical drone can heal any fallen comrades without Pill needing to personally revive them. And the shotgun ultimate is superior since foes will rush at you and come closer to you.

His stasis field explosives are also considerably more effective in this situation because foes seem to be locked in place, stopping them in their tracks.


Mongoose is the most straightforward character, thus, he is equally strong in this situation. His smoke grenade serves as protection for you to avoid any adversaries you’re trying to defeat, while his frag clears out groups of foes, and his grenade cannon is even more useful at just sending out absurd damage to massive numbers of foes or elites.


Although Brisa’s ultimate sniper rifle packs a punch and is more effective against adversaries who are closely clustered together, it isn’t the most beneficial weapon in PvE due to its slowness and awkwardness.

However, because her tactical cloak effectively renders AI enemies invisible, you may utilize it to either sneak behind your team or flee from a perilous scenario. If you notice attackers rushing at you and want to slow them down, the glass minefield is also fantastic.

Also, certain bonus treasures may be found in locations that are only accessible to Recon characters, so that skill comes in useful.



In comparison to Operators in the S and A-Tier, B-Tier Shatterline Operators perform around averagely in PvE mode. The Operators here are not awful, and they can assist you in taking out some monsters.


Ram is much the same in PvP and here. Throwing axes are considerably more effective against opponent heads since AI foes move much more predictably. However, gravity strikes still suffer from the same connection problem.

Hyperdash can be employed for far better theatrics or multi-kills because PvE is a lot better area to find large groups of adversaries. The exo-kick is an additional benefit for greater treasure, similar to Strix.


Although Orbit is undoubtedly the finest PvP character, he is significantly less helpful in PvE. That’s one skill lost because AI foes don’t tend to conceal or play strategically, rendering his spy drone entirely useless.

In comparison to something straightforward like the frag grenade. His swarm projectile will get you kills, but it’s a touch sluggish. Since you should ideally be shooting adversaries before they approach the spikes. The crystalline infusion is significantly more helpful for death prevention than for killing.


Kite is once again at the bottom, and for the same fundamental factors as in PvP. While his mine is simpler to gain kills with it as you toss it into a huge group and explode it. There’s no reason you can’t accomplish it with the frag grenades.

His tiny wall grenade is also considerably less effective than Strix’s. Because foes will frequently be struck by the leftover crystalline effect, the crystalline handgun is at least marginally beneficial. But it’s not worthwhile choosing him for it.

With our Shatterline Operator Tier List, you now have complete knowledge of the finest characters to play. Let us know if you’ve got any queries or suggestions about Shatterline in the comments area below.

Information Credit: PCGamesN

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