Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List [February 2024]

After playing Snowbreak Containment Zone for nearly 40 hours, here is my take on the entire operative roster!

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each character in Snowbreak Containment Zone is 100% helpful for players as they make choices in picking their characters. Knowing which characters belong to the upper echelons helps a player tackle difficult levels and bosses more efficiently. In a game where teamwork and strategy are paramount, a nuanced understanding of character rankings is instrumental for achieving victory and progression. That is why I have ranked all 24 operatives in this Snowbreak Containment Zone tier list guide.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 24 Operatives in the Snowbreak Containment Zone.
  • S-Tier: Unparalleled power, essential for top-tier strategies.
  • A-Tier: Formidable, reliable operatives with strong team contributions.
  • B-Tier: Solid and dependable, offering balanced utility and effectiveness.
  • C-Tier: Decent capabilities, reliable but lacking exceptional impact.
  • D-Tier: Limited impact, situational use, overshadowed by stronger choices.

All Snowbreak Containment Zone Characters Ranked

Here is a complete ranking of all operatives in the Snowbreak Containment Zone based on Rarity, Weapon Specialist, Single Target, Mobbing, Support, Roles, Level 1 Health / Attack / Defence, Level 40 Health / Attack / Defence, and Level 80 Health / Attack / Defence stats.  

NoCharacterTierRarityWeapon SpecialistSingle TargetMobbingSupportRolesLevel 1 Health / Attack / DefenceLevel 40 Health / Attack / DefenceLevel 80 Health / Attack / Defence
1Yao - Winter SolsticeS-Tier5 - StarSniper RifleSB+BDPS, bossing1247/124/418340/820/26418250/1792/577
2Chenxing - Ethereal CloudS-Tier4- StarAssault RifleSAB-DPS, mobbing1320/109/539029/712/36119800/1554/792
3Acacia - KaguyaS-Tier5 - StarPistolCBSsupport, mobbing1496/100/5810258/584/39422500/1259/864
4Fenny - CoronetS-Tier5 - StarShotgunA++A-A-DPS, support1624/100/5911240/580/40524675/1250/888
5Mauxir - Shadow KaS-Tier4- StarSubmachine Gun
6Lyfe - Wild HuntA-Tier5 - StarSubmachine Gun
AAADPS, support1521/103/6110450/613/42022925/1325/921
7Marian - Swift (High Investment)A-Tier5 - StarSniper RifleA+A-B-sub DPS, DPS1361/110/569220/676/38220200/1467/837
8Haru - AbsconditusA-Tier4- StarPistolA-SB+mobbing1346/88/539235/490/36120256/1052/792
9Marian - Queen of PainA-Tier4- StarSniper RifleABCDPS, burst1200/105/428093/662/27917725/1441/610
10Acacia - RedactedB-Tier4- StarPistolCB-A+support, mobbing1307/84/508926/449/34119572/960/746
11Lyfe - WednesdayB-Tier4- StarSubmachine Gun
BBB+DPS, support1344/104/529214/659/35720210/1435/783
12Fritia - Little SunshineB-Tier4- StarAssault RifleC+B-A+support, mobbing1373/95/509440/564/34220712/1219/749
13Yao - Quiet QuitterB-Tier4- StarSniper RifleBB-A-healer, DPS1139/86/477621/467/31416676/999/688
14Chenxing - The ObserverB-Tier4- StarAssault RifleB-BAhealer, mobbing1320/109/539029/712/36119800/1554/792
15Fenny - LionheartB-Tier4- StarShotgunB+B+B-DPS, mobility support1361/114/609348/762/41920507/1668/919
16Siris - The GoldfishB-Tier4- StarShotgunB-C+Bsupport, sub DPS1446/110/54NA21973/1567/817
17Enya - Big SisB-Tier4- StarPistolBB-B+support, DPS, mobbing1335/100/539142/615/36120051/1334/792
18Marian - SwiftB-Tier5 - StarSniper RifleBA-B-DPS1361/110/569220/676/38220200/1467/837
19Cherno - Those TwoB-Tier4- StarSubmachine Gun
C+CAsupport, DPS1700/87/3711985/483/23726355/1035/518
20Fritia - Hush (High Investment)B-Tier5 - StarAssault RifleAB-BDPS, laser beam death ray1599/105/5111048/630/34524250/1363/755
21Mauxir - MeowB-Tier4- StarSubmachine Gun
B+BB+support, DPS1436/88/519931/494/34521800/1061/755
22Fritia - HushC-Tier5 - StarAssault RifleBB-BDPS, laser beam death ray1599/105/5111048/630/34524250/1363/755
23Nita - HandsC-Tier4- StarShotgunCBB-support, CC1478/84/5210263/449/35622536/960/ 780
24Haru - “The Ace”D-Tier4- StarPistolB-C-C+DPS, Bossing1346/88/539235/490/36120256/1052/792


Snowbreak Containment Zone S-Tier List
CharacterRarityWeapon SpecialistSingle TargetMobbingSupportRolesLevel 1 Health / Attack / DefenceLevel 40 Health / Attack / DefenceLevel 80 Health / Attack / Defence
Yao - Winter Solstice5 - StarSniper RifleSB+BDPS, bossing1247/124/418340/820/26418250/1792/577
Chenxing - Ethereal Cloud4- StarAssault RifleSAB-DPS, mobbing1320/109/539029/712/36119800/1554/792
Acacia - Kaguya5 - StarPistolCBSsupport, mobbing1496/100/5810258/584/39422500/1259/864
Fenny - Coronet5 - StarShotgunA++A-A-DPS, support1624/100/5911240/580/40524675/1250/888
Mauxir - Shadow Ka4- StarSubmachine Gun

According to my experience, the S-Tier is the ranking where the super-strong operatives live. Yao is the bossing expert, rocking with Space Cowboy for crazy damage. Her Scorching Sun Awakening and Searing Resurrection give mega damage and reduce incoming harm by 20%.

On the other hand, Acacia-Kaguya debuffs enemies with dart projectiles while Chenxing mobs like a pro, especially with Mauxir. Coronet excels in close-range DPS with unlimited Optimal Conditions. If you want to take my word for it, these characters are the cream of the crop, essential for your team in a situation.


Snowbreak Containment Zone A-Tier List
CharacterRarityWeapon SpecialistSingle TargetMobbingSupportRolesLevel 1 Health / Attack / DefenceLevel 40 Health / Attack / DefenceLevel 80 Health / Attack / Defence
Lyfe - Wild Hunt5 - StarSubmachine Gun
AAADPS, support1521/103/6110450/613/42022925/1325/921
Marian - Swift (High Investment)5 - StarSniper RifleA+A-B-sub DPS, DPS1361/110/569220/676/38220200/1467/837
Haru - Absconditus4- StarPistolA-SB+mobbing1346/88/539235/490/36120256/1052/792
Marian - Queen of Pain4- StarSniper RifleABCDPS, burst1200/105/428093/662/27917725/1441/610

In the A-Tier of Snowbreak Containment Zone, I have listed great operatives but not the best. Lyfe supports well, and Haru mobs enemies effectively. Marian’s DPS is good but not top-notch. All in all, these operatives, regardless of not being the top choices, are still the best in the game! Still, if you play with these, you will realize that they are strong but not the absolute best.

While not dominating the meta like their S-Tier counterparts, A-Tier operatives remain solid choices that bring consistency, versatility, and effectiveness to the table.


Snowbreak Containment Zone B-Tier List
CharacterRarityWeapon SpecialistSingle TargetMobbingSupportRolesLevel 1 Health / Attack / DefenceLevel 40 Health / Attack / DefenceLevel 80 Health / Attack / Defence
Acacia - Redacted4- StarPistolCB-A+support, mobbing1307/84/508926/449/34119572/960/746
Lyfe - Wednesday4- StarSubmachine Gun
BBB+DPS, support1344/104/529214/659/35720210/1435/783
Fritia - Little Sunshine4- StarAssault RifleC+B-A+support, mobbing1373/95/509440/564/34220712/1219/749
Yao - Quiet Quitter4- StarSniper RifleBB-A-healer, DPS1139/86/477621/467/31416676/999/688
Chenxing - The Observer4- StarAssault RifleB-BAhealer, mobbing1320/109/539029/712/36119800/1554/792
Fenny - Lionheart4- StarShotgunB+B+B-DPS, mobility support1361/114/609348/762/41920507/1668/919
Siris - The Goldfish4- StarShotgunB-C+Bsupport, sub DPS1446/110/54NA21973/1567/817
Enya - Big Sis4- StarPistolBB-B+support, DPS, mobbing1335/100/539142/615/36120051/1334/792
Marian - Swift5 - StarSniper RifleBA-B-DPS1361/110/569220/676/38220200/1467/837
Cherno - Those Two4- StarSubmachine Gun
C+CAsupport, DPS1700/87/3711985/483/23726355/1035/518
Fritia - Hush (High Investment)5 - StarAssault RifleAB-BDPS, laser beam death ray1599/105/5111048/630/34524250/1363/755
Mauxir - Meow4- StarSubmachine Gun
B+BB+support, DPS1436/88/519931/494/34521800/1061/755

My many hours of experience in Snowbreak Containment Zone have resulted in the curation of B-tier operatives, who are solid performers. Fritia and Fenny bring reliable support and mobbing. Siris’s DPS is good but not the best. Enya has unique support, and Cherno is uncertain. These characters or operatives are dependable but if you have better characters available, I will recommend you pick those instead of the B-tier ones!

B-tier characters may lack the overwhelming impact seen in higher tiers, but their consistent contributions and balanced skill sets make them reliable choices for a diverse range of scenarios.


Snowbreak Containment Zone C-Tier List
CharacterRarityWeapon SpecialistSingle TargetMobbingSupportRolesLevel 1 Health / Attack / DefenceLevel 40 Health / Attack / DefenceLevel 80 Health / Attack / Defence
Fritia - Hush5 - StarAssault RifleBB-BDPS, laser beam death ray1599/105/5111048/630/34524250/1363/755
Nita - Hands4- StarShotgunCBB-support, CC1478/84/5210263/449/35622536/960/ 780

What I have found from my experience is that within the C-Tier, the characters demonstrate decent capabilities, providing moderate support and functionality. While their contributions are reliable, they may lack the exceptional impact observed in higher tiers.

However, to my surprise, I found that these operatives find their place in scenarios where versatility is valued over sheer power, offering a reasonable balance between utility and performance. While not the strongest choices, I strongly believe that C-tier operatives remain dependable assets in certain team compositions.


Snowbreak Containment Zone D-Tier List
CharacterRarityWeapon SpecialistSingle TargetMobbingSupportRolesLevel 1 Health / Attack / DefenceLevel 40 Health / Attack / DefenceLevel 80 Health / Attack / Defence
Haru - “The Ace”4- StarPistolB-C-C+DPS, Bossing1346/88/539235/490/36120256/1052/792

In the D-Tier, I have listed just a single operative whose impact is notably limited within the team dynamic. I do not recommend you use this character in any way or form during your gameplay, and even a C-tier operative will give you a better outcome than this D-tier operative in the game!

Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List Criteria

After getting hands-on experience for countless hours, I have carefully curated all operatives in the game based on the following stats:

  • Rarity
  • Weapon Specialist
  • Single Target
  • Mobbing
  • Support
  • Roles
  • Level 1 Health / Attack / Defence
  • Level 40 Health / Attack / Defence
  • Level 80 Health / Attack / Defence

This brings me to the end of the Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List, where I have ranked every single operative to the best of my knowledge and the character stats/roles in the game! If you believe this tier list was helpful to you, then I highly recommend you also check out the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Tier List, Eversoul Tier List, Brave Nine Tier ListBDO Tier List, and TFT Tier List.


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