Splatoon 3 Bosses Tier List: Ranking All Bosses

Players should be relieved because the Splatoon 3 Bosses Tier List will make it easier for the Splatoon 3 Bosses to be defeated.

With new foes, bosses, and a ton of customizability, Splatoon 3, the latest game in the franchise, is packing the heat and leaving a lasting impression on gamers. These foes are challenging— there’s a reason they’re the main Splatoon 3 bosses. However, players should be relieved because the Splatoon 3 Bosses Tier List will make it easier for them to be defeated.

Key Highlights
  • Keeping the storyline short yet impactful, Splatoon 3 comes with just 5 bosses to test its players. 
  • Each Boss in Splatoon 3 is ranked based on the level of difficulty it splats as well as how rewarding its defeat will be for any performing character. 
  • Splatoon 3 Bosses that you should be most scared of include Frye and Dj Octavio. They are aggressive in terms of ink-splashing and tough to resist. 
  • The Big Man is the only Splatoon 3 Boss that you shouldn’t worry a lot about. He is the weakest compared to the other big beasts due to a compromised, easy-to-tackle ink-action.

The Splatoon 3 Bosses Tier List also provides tips on how to survive each of the bosses mentioned below easily.

Splatoon 3 Bosses Tier List Ranking Table 
S-Tier Frye, Dj Octavio
A-Tier Mr. Grizz, Shiver
B-Tier Big Man


Splatoon 3 Bosses S-Tier

Some of the most lethal Splatoon 3 Bosses are included in the S-Tier of the Bosses Tier List. They splat ink everywhere and are incredibly aggressive.

As your HP quickly decreases, one of their cunning ink strikes can catch you by surprise. You need a cunning strategy and effective dodging techniques to beat these Splatoon 3 Bosses and avoid getting covered in ink.

Dj Octavio

DJ Octavio resembles a complete octopus, unlike most Octarians, who resemble severed octopus tentacles. He has darker patches around the eyes, and his tentacles are a drab red-violet color. He seems to be furious all the time. His eyes droop down even more when he is upset, seeming like he is enraged.

He has an octopus-shaped symbol on the front of his enormous, gold kabuto-style helmet, and one of his tentacles, usually crossed on either side of him, has a massive, green scar in the shape of an X.

How To Defeat Dj Octavio?

Players will need to blast back this metal threat as it flies in your direction. Be cautious to avoid DJ’s drill punch and fire your ink at his fists. Players will have ample time to splash it up and submit it back before the drill punch sinks into the earth.

A quick look at all the Moves DJ Octavio uses:

Rocket PunchDJ Octavio will fire a rocket in the shape of a fist which will target you. Fortunately, it is quite slow in speed.
Drill PunchSame as Rocket Punch but in the form of a drill and is much faster to land on your platform.
Shockwave SlapDJ Octavio will slam his palm on your platform which will generate shockwaves when it lands.
Ink VacThis is a counter which will suck up all the ink fired at him and if collected enough, will fire a ball of ink at you.

Octavio will tumble out of his turntable after taking a few punches, allowing players to strike the boss with a few hits. Then he’ll go off again in his metallic armor and begin using an “ink vac.” Players must watch out, so he doesn’t absorb all of their ink. Look active, and you’ll have to accomplish this as he throws bombs in their way!

DJ will also deliver a few punches to confuse any players who might be paying attention. Continue doing this until you have Octavio fuming.

His upcoming assaults will cause shockwaves. Players will need to hop over the shockwaves that Octavio’s fists will cause when they land. Before you can eliminate Octavio, he will tumble out of the metallic armor three times.


Frye has a dark brown complexion and is an Inkling. She has bright gold eyes with cross-shaped, orange pupils. On top of that, she has eyelashes. The tips of her toes and fingertips have vivid purple color.

Two yellow tentacles that have a lock along the left side, next to her left eye, make up her hair. Further down on her right side, there is a little lock.

She is sporting an orange hat. Frye has trapezoidal, golden eyebrows. Her long, pointy ears are pierced three times on the left side with eel teeth earrings.

How To Defeat Frye?

Gamers will have splatter to ink several eels that Frye has released. Players will have ample time to ink up a side of the cube and land a few strikes each time she rests. She will spin a dreidel and fire eels left to right as she spins at players in her enormous cube.

A quick look at all the Moves Frye uses:

Hundred -Eel VisionFrye will spawn her minions (Eels) that will fire ink bullets at you.
Moray WhirlpoolA series of giant eels will form a whirlpool that slowly gets bigger in radius.
Eel DownpourSmall circles will appear on the ground indicating where eels will drop from the sky.
Moray TransformationA big swarm of eels will move together and target you as you move.

She will go onto her second dancing phase when you strike her twice. Eels will flutter along by her side as she spins. One by one, you will have to attack and eliminate them. Enter the last stage by climbing up one more time.

The border of the ring will be surrounded by all eels that have ever existed. Players in Splatoon 3 must blast ink at Frye’s horde until they are all eliminated.


Splatoon 3 Bosses A-Tier

Splatoon 3 Bosses in the A-Tier are more comparable to one another than the ones in the S-Tier. These bosses are also known for splatting large amounts of ink and inflicting severe damage on the player.

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Shiver is a pale-skinned Octoling with thin, light-red lips, red eyes that have light-red pupils shaped like an infinity sign, two lashes that lack the mask-type black mark most Octolings have, red makeup underneath her eyes, and red-tinted fingers.

She shares the same fangs and ears as other Octolings, with blue-purple tentacles having darker tips that flip at the ends to cover the left eye and triangular eyebrows that match. Her ears are pierced three times with shark tooth earrings.

How To Defeat Shiver?

Shiver swims all around the ring’s perimeter while being joined by her shark friend and firing missiles at players. Avoid them, but also take precautions, as she will fly all across the ring after jumping out of the water. Keep an eye out for her assaults from underneath as well.

A quick look at all the Moves Shiver uses:

Slash AttackThe shark present in the water will attack you with a single slash of water.
Rush AttackSame as the slash attack but the shark itself will rush towards you with a bigger AoE.
Attack through the platformThe shark with his fin will go underneath the platform and there will be an indication with a blue circle before he attacks.
ShockwaveThe shark will create tornadoes and move along them and on his second move he will fire a shockwave.

Shiver will become marooned within the ring if you’ve inflicted enough damage. Players will need to capitalize on her poor circumstance and shoot nonstop.

Her next attack will be her tornado, sending her shark flying in various directions around the arena. As they move from tornado to tornado, they will prepare for their next assault. Players will be struck by Shiver’s powerful water blast, which will cause fatal damage.

She will return to the center of the ring after players have hit her enough. Repeat these steps until she is beaten.

Mr. Grizz

Grizzco is owned by Mr. Grizz. He is in charge of instructing, guiding, and managing his staff. He welcomes the player upon arrival in Salmon Run and provides them with two lessons detailing how to fight each Boss Salmonid before they may play the mode online.

Mr. Grizz will notice that the player is a novice and forbid them from playing Salmon Run if they arrive before Level 4 because they’ll be a “burden.”

Mr. Grizz gives the player tips on how to handle every situation that arises in-game, as well as occasionally his uncommon firearms, the Grizzco Blaster, Brella, Charger, and Slosher. He also congrats the player at the end of each round and assesses how well (or poorly) the player performed.

Mr. Grizz is the main adversary in the “Return of the Mammalians” campaign in Splatoon 3, where he constructs a massive rocket to cover the globe with Fuzzy Ooze. He does not appear until the very end of the story when he is shown as a large bear with flashing white eyes as well as a face devoid of emotion.

How To Defeat Mr.Grizz?

This oversized furry ball may appear cute, but he is quite dangerous. As Mr. Grizz rockets into space, players will pursue him and press up against him. As you move closer to Mr. Grizz, get all the eggs because they will enable you to get up close.

A quick look at all the Moves Mr.Grizz uses:

Mr.Grizz MinionsWhile making your way to the boss, Mr.Grizz will spawn his minions to slow you down.
Missile BombMr.Grizz will fire missiles at you which can be shot down or avoided behind obstacles.
Throwing SlashesA series of 5 slashes will be fired on you which will have gaps between them.
Slamming Arms To The GroundWhen Mr.Grizz’s body is vulnerable, he will widely open his arms indicating him slamming his arms onto the ground.
Rocket RollingWhen Mr.Grizz’s core gets destroyed twice, the rocket ship will start moving sideways.
LaserThere will be waves beforehand indicating that a large laser beam will be projected.
Triple InkstrikeMr.Grizz will throw bombs at you three times whose AoE can be detected by a blue zone.

Sharp missiles from Mr. Grizz will be fired, covering the entirety of the rocket. As they rush for you in a flying motion, get ready to squeeze in between them. His weak regions are on his belly, so focus on those areas. A popup advising players to hurl a little fry at the region will show when you are shooting these areas.

Although it will do some harm, this won’t yet result in his death. As this bear becomes angrier and angrier, players will need to repeat the process. Players will have to cross perilous terrain to capture Mr. Grizz as he moves all around the rocket a couple more times.

Players have to control the Octobot King in the next phase of this boss fight. To block missiles coming your way, players will need to “suck in the fuzzball” while leaping on and off of the Octobot King. We advise you to target his weak points! Continue doing this until Mr. Grizz has been defeated.



Splatoon 3 bosses at the B-Tier are not that overwhelming. Although they still possess practical ink-splashing abilities, more experienced Splatoon 3 players can destroy them.

Even novice players may very easily beat B-Tier monsters in Splatoon 3. These bosses supposedly have little ink action and are relatively easy to defeat.

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Big Man

Possessing grayish white on the wings, face, stomach, and tail, Big Man is a manta ray that is typically dark gray. His wings also have a splat design. He has an anthropomorphic appearance because he appears to be balancing on the cephalic fins as a set of legs and feet.

He has huge eyes with crescent-shaped pupils, a cat-like lips, similar to Judd’s, but he seems to be smiling. Big Man shines during a splatfest. Additionally, he appears to be wearing what looks like a bone painted in red with thread between his mouth and eyes, where a manta ray’s eyeballs would be in real life.

How To Defeat Big Man?

Under the ring, harm is dealt by this enormous manta ray. As Big Man slides and slides below, players will be required to splat their ink at him. Players must continue performing the same action sequence as Big Man will divide into tiny copies when you shoot him.

A quick look at all the Moves Big Man uses:

Splat BombsBig Man will occasionally throw bombs near you which will splat and damage you.
Ink CanonOnce you get away from Big Man, he will target you and shoot you with an Ink canon which can be shot down.
Shadow ExplosionJust like Big Man’s splat bombs, he will sometimes explode near you and cause damage,
Rushing AttackThe Big man will have an animation of him changing up before he rushes in your direction.

Gamers will have to use all of their might against Big Man once he soars above the ring. Profit from his weakness. Platforms and missiles are raised in the next phase.

When Big Man finally emerges from the earth for one final time after dodging these rockets and continuing to fire him, you may finish off this challenging Splatoon 3 Boss.

Our rating for the Splatoon 3 Bosses Tier List is now complete. What order would you give Splatoon 3’s bosses? Post your comments with your ideas.

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