Splatoon 3 Weapons Tier List: All Weapons Ranked

Our Splatoon 3 Weapons Tier List is available to assist you pick the best weapon and splat everyone!

Unsure of which weapon, umbrella, or bucket to prepare for the Splat-fest and Splatoon 3 launch? Our Splatoon 3 Weapons Tier List is available to assist you to select from the available ink-slinging weapons. Returning champions and new squids with questions will be there, thus choosing the appropriate strategy, as well as loadout, will be crucial.

Numerous factors have been taken into account, primarily based on past results and community choices. For the time being, our Splatoon 3 Weapon tier list consists of all the fundamental confirmed weaponry as well as any additional ones we may have seen in trailers, Directs, or the Splatoon Twitter account. Earlier we discussed Splatoon 3 Best Weapons, however, there are lots of weapons, which would need Tier Ranking to categorize.  

Splatoon 3 Weapons Tier List Criteria

Our Tier List contains all of the Splatoon 3 weaponry. Our rating is based on overall performance, which takes into account things like usability, coverage, and how effectively they splat other people.

The S-Tier contains the best weaponry, while the D-Tier has the worst. Let’s begin by getting started with our tier list of the Splatoon 3 weapons. Now without any further wait, let’s start.

Splatoon 3 Weapons Tier List Ranking Table 
Tiers Weapons
S-Tier  Splattershot Jr, Dualie Squelchers, N-Zap ’85, Splattershot, Splat Roller
A-Tier  Dapple Dualies, Splash-O-Matic, Aerospray MG, Splattershot Pro, Splat Dualies, Splatana Wiper, Ink Brush, Tri-Slosher
B-Tier  Glooga Dualies, Dynamo Roller, Slosher, REEF LUX 450, 52 Gal, Sploosh-O-Matic, Range Blaster, E-Liter 4K, Splat Charger, Tri-Stringer, Octobrush, Splat Brella, Tenta Brella
C-Tier    Luna Blaster, Jet Squelcher, 96 Gal, H-3Nozzlenose, Blaster, Undercover Brella, Sloshing Machine, Heavy Splatling, Classic Squiffer
D-Tier  Clash Blaster, Explosher, Hydra Splatling


Splatoon 3 Weapons S-Tier

The S-Tier contains the Splatoon 3 weapons that are the best in terms of team coverage or assistance. These Splatoon 3 Weapons are accessible to all players.

Dualie Squelchers 

Dualie squelchers are one of the best weapons in Splatoon 3 and they can be very beneficial for players in the end game. They have a faster rolling system and the best thing about them is that they’re not locked into place. However, the only con to them is that you will not get a fire increase even after you roll and they have a very low firing rate overall. 

You can easily take down the opponents with a few hits using this weapon. Furthermore, they have an ink capacity of 100% so you will not have to refill your ink supply again and again during the battle. 

N-Zap ’85

The mid-length gray barrel of the N-ZAP ’85 is attached to a gray handle with a white body. Red Inkling text is used to write certain words along the body’s side, and a red trigger is fastened to the handhold.

It fires quickly and needs four shots to splat an enemy. Its name is derived from the 1985 introduction of the NES peripheral known as the classic North American NES Zapper.

Splat Roller

The Splat Roller has a paint roller-like appearance. It features a cylinder-shaped paint surface, and a pipe protrudes from one side. The player may grip the long handle that is connected to the pipe as it circles the painting surface.

The handle was attached to an ink tank. Additionally, the weapon has a medium-range ink thrower. The adversary will be smashed if the player rushes into them when they are in squid shape. The Splat-Roller is a normal roller that distributes more ink from the Carbon Roller. It also has moderate speed better at inking than the Dynamo Roller.

As a result, although it may be employed offensively, it is more suited to turfing opponents than assaulting opponents.


The Splattershot is a simple-to-use weapon for gamers of all skill levels because it has an average overall range, power, and rate of fire. In real life, it resembles kids’ water cannons in appearance. The Splattershot is a common weapon, yet when used properly, it can perform work on par with any other weapon.

It is armed with the dependable Burst Bomb for persistent pressure against several adversaries. It also has a fair firing rate and sufficient damage. Lastly, the Bomb-Rush Special prevents you from moving forward for fear of being entirely covered in ink, or merely covering a lot of ground, and it also gives you a free ink refill.

Splattershot Jr

The Splattershot Jr. is perfect for swiftly coating vast areas with ink because of its broad dispersion of ink while moving and low damage, which uses less ink per shot and allows for more rounds per tank. The Ink Tank appears to be bigger.

The Splat-Bombs and the Bubbler provide a powerful attacking option and a solid defensive option, respectively, to assist offset the reduced damage output. The Splattershot Jr. is the perfect support weapon when the Bubbler can also defend close teammates.

While it is the first weapon used, it is quite beneficial in many circumstances.


Splatoon 3 Weapons A-Tier

The A-Tier Weapons have exceptional power and a variety of ink-splattering powers.

Splat Dualies

When shot, the Splat Dualies spray ink from each of the player’s hands. Each gun has a targeting reticle that allows for a separate gun aim. This weapon has an original roll mechanism. A little ink cone is left behind as the player rolls fast in the direction selected by pressing Jump while firing.

After executing this move, the player is squatting. Before players need to stand up again, rolls can be linked together twice. Each Dualies reticle unifies into a reticle while the user is stooping, enabling quicker and more precise firing.

Dapple Dualies

Unlike the Splat Dualies, the Dapple Dualies feature faster dodge rolls, but their lower range and roll distance lessen their efficacy in confined spaces.

The Splat Dualies and the Dualie Squelchers require four shots to splat an adversary, but the Dapple Dualies can splat enemies in three shots. The weapon’s fire rate is 20% quicker than usual in the post-roll condition, and also its accuracy is increased as well.

Aerospray MG

The Aerospray MG has a modest range but fires very quickly, allowing the operator to quickly cover a sizable area with ink. Due to its low damage, this weapon isn’t recommended for usage in ranked battles if you are playing in a Splat zone. Additionally, it has a small range, thus it will dispatch nearby enemies quickly.

Along with the Seeker and Inkzooka, it is in a set. The first Aerospray to be made, the Aerospray MG, is an excellent weapon for covering a lot of territory in turf fights and dealing with elusive players.


The Shooter weapon Splash-o-Matic has an astounding rate of fire and precision. The Splattershot Jr. and the Custom Splattershot Jr. have the same firing range and rate. The sole distinction is that it is more accurate and delivers less damage. The Splash-o-Matic’s firing rate makes it ideal for dispersing ink.

Due to its tiny tip, it also boasts exceptional precision in contrast to its rival, the Sploosh-o-Matic. To deal with enemies who are far away, it is advisable to employ suction bombs because it has poor range and damage.

Splattershot Pro

The Splattershot Pro is an improvement over the Splattershot and is a versatile weapon with good range and power, making it simple to use for players of all skill levels and giving it a little more offensive firepower.


The Tri-Slosher is a three-sectioned, green bucket-like weapon. Its aperture is divided into three portions, which is the main aspect in which it varies from the typical Slosher.

Due to this, the paint from it spreads out into three distinct, weaker sloshes that cover a larger area than the typical Slosher. Similar to the Slosher, it loads pages rather quickly.

Ink Brush

The Inkbrush is a weapon of the roller type that may be used to push ink along the ground. It can be employed as a combat weapon that disperses ink in the direction of the player, similar to the Splat Roller. The Inkbrush moves the fastest and leaves the smallest trace of any weapon in its category.

The rapid rolling speed may be used to sprint away from or up close to an adversary. It deals the least amount of damage in its class; it takes four flicks to splat a foe. The player can throw the inkbrush 50 times before the ink tank has to be refilled because it only uses 2% of its capacity every flick.

Splatana Wiper

The “blade” of the Splatana Wiper, which resembles a long yellow foam and a badminton racket’s hilt, is similar to that of a vehicle windshield wiper.  Holding the ZR button will charge it to produce a more potent slash, which may swiftly splat enemies at close range. Pressing ZR permits fast ink-firing slashes.


Splatoon 3 Weapons B-Tier

The B-Tier Splatoon 3 Weapons may be used to splat ink competently and are effective on their own. Although they aren’t as potent as A-Tier Weapons, they may be used by many players and offer adequate coverage and utility.

Dynamo Roller

The Dynamo Roller is a massive weapon that can cover land and spew a greater quantity of ink at medium range than other rollers can. This roller moves more slowly and further than the others. It also does greater harm. Kensa Dynamo Roller and Gold Dynamo Roller are more variations.

Glooga Dualies

The potency of the Glooga Dualies, a dualie-style weapon, rises right away after a dodge-roll. They struck targets three times while shooting properly. It only takes two strikes to splat an enemy after completing a dodge roll, and the bullets will also fly farther.

The player can shoot 62 bullets before having to reload since each shot uses 1.6% ink of the ink tank’s total capacity. The player can roll twelve times on the dodge roll, which uses 8% ink from the ink tank.


It is a stringer type of weapon that you can purchase as soon as you reach level 10 in Ammo Knights. The maximum amount of damage it can do is 135 and per shot, it can deal 30 damage with no charge. Test range lines for the weapon are 3.5. Furthermore, it is best for Turf Wars and Splat Zones. 

52 Gal

The Splash Wall and the Killer Wail are in a set with the.52 Gal. It has a severe punch because each shot uses 1.2% ink of the ink tank’s capacity, allowing 83 bullets to be fired. You must aim carefully because of the sluggish rate of fire if you want to strike opponents.


Due to its rapid-fire shots, the Sploosh-o-Matic is comparable to the Splash-o-Matic. Although it has less range and precision, its assault strength more than makes up for it. It is part of a set with the Splashdown as the Special Weapon and the Curling Bomb as the Sub Weapon.

Because of the funnel effect, which is shared by weapons such as Aerospray MG and the Splattershot Jr., the Sploosh-o-Matic is excellent at covering ink. Contrary to those weapons, this one deals decent damage, making it simpler to manage opponents, however, it does use ink up faster.

Range Blaster

Identical to the Blaster, the Range Blaster has a larger range and a slower rate of fire. It has the Ink-strike as the Special Weapon and the Splash Wall as the Sub Weapon.

It is a scaled-back version of what you’d get if you combined a blaster with a charger. The Range Blaster costs a short-range power to be able to assault opponents that are farther away.


The Slosher shoots out a vast quantity of ink all at once from a bucket-like container that moves in an arc. Ink may be hurled over barriers to splat opponents since it moves in an arc. The Slosher can splat enemies with two shots and deals significant damage.

They are outfitted with the dependable Burst Bomb to apply pressure consistently against several foes and the Ink-strike to help your comrades.

Splat Charger

The Splat Charger has to be charged, unlike other weapons. The link can go further and cause more harm the higher it is charged. Ink is also produced as a thick line as opposed to a glob.

Similar to other chargers, the Splat Charger has an ink tank in the rear end and a long barrel, with the grip and trigger located at the barrel’s tail end ahead of the ink tank. As the player’s ink changes, so do the ink tank.

E-Liter 4K

An extended metallic nozzle with a plastic connection, a black sight that serves as the barrel, and a metallic ink container on the back make up the foundation of the E-liter 4K.

The handle is made of plastic. Splatoon 3 has blue plastic components, a seven-segment display on the handle, a spring on the barrel that changes color to reflect the user’s ink, and a tube linking the grip to the ink tank.


One of the two brush weapons is the Octobrush, while the other is the Inkbrush. It performs similarly to the aforementioned weapon but takes a little longer to operate and covers a larger area whenever ink is launched.

A brush with thicker bristles that is heavier. It uses a large amount of ink yet has good mobility and a broader ink trail. Tossing out big globs of ink requires swinging it.

Splat Brella

The use of the Splat Brella is similar to that of a shotgun. It writes quite thinly when you use it, but as you write further, it writes broader. Despite having a large projectile spread, the weapon can only be useful at close ranges. To protect oneself from frontal strikes, the user can deploy the umbrella.

The player can use the umbrella as a moving shield to get past an enemy’s defenses if they hold it open for more than two seconds and it distinguishes from the weapon and flies forward, leaving an ink trail as a result.

Tenta Brella

Brella weapons include the Tenta Brella. The Brella is substantially larger when it is opened than the Splat Brella, making it more robust and leaving a bigger ink trail when it’s unleashed. It has a huge broad width and is more like a camping tent than an umbrella. The Squid Beakon is its sub, and the Bubble Blower is its specialty.


The Tri-Stringer operates similarly to a charger. It can shoot charged bullets that temporarily freeze before bursting in three directions at once.



Our list of Splatoon 3 weapons’ tiers includes weapons in the C-Tier, which have average coverage capabilities and average levels of team dependability. Despite being less flexible than greater tiers, they can still overcome them with the right strategies.

Luna Blaster

The Luna Blaster, like other blasters, releases an explosive round that allows it to destroy enemies concealed behind barriers or around corners. Splatting an opponent requires either one direct strike or two indirect strikes, however owing to the weapon’s slow rate of fire, hitting the target directly requires careful and accurate aim.

However, the Luna Blaster possesses the greatest blast size and the fastest firing rate but the smallest range of all the blasters that may splat opponents in one direct blow.

Jet Squelcher

Among all of the Shooters, the Jet Squelcher has the greatest amount of range. The Jet Squelcher can snipe, but its damage and fire rate are below average. Even though the player is a shooter, shooting slows down their movement speed much like a charger but deals relatively little damage.

Given that you can virtually equal their range, the Jet Squelcher works best for knocking down opposing charges. To prevent the opposing charger from inking you before you splat them, the Splash Wall needs to be set up first. Use the special gauge to aim at charges as well after it is full.

96 Gal

The.96 Gal has a larger nozzle but a similar look to the.52 Gal. The weapon makes up for its slow firing rate and slow movement speed by providing a normal range and significant damage.

The player must take care to avoid getting splattered by its rapid ink consumption. Its special weapon is the Echolocator, and its sub-weapon is the Sprinkler.

H-3 Nozzlenose

The semiautomatic H-3 Nozzlenose has higher power than its L-3 sibling. Heavy is denoted by the letter H. Although it can’t fire as quickly as the L-3, you may use the Echolocator to target enemies and make each shot count! Suction Bombs may also be used as a strong defense, therefore this combination is ideal for well-rounded fighters.


The Blaster is a primary blaster weapon that fires unique ink bullets that, at a certain distance, explode like fireworks. These bursts may do damage across a large area, making them ideal for revealing enemies who are concealed.

It is a one-splat, although it fires quite slowly. When an unlucky opponent is within range and takes a direct blow, The Blaster can instantly splat them.

If the blast strikes both times, even if it misses in a direct hit, it has a small explosive zone that makes it fatal in two shots and even allows it to examine behind corners without placing itself through danger. Unfortunately, it has a limited effective range.

Sloshing Machine

The Sloshing Machine is a Slosher, hence its name, that resembles a washing machine. Similar to a washing machine, it includes a rotating drum that spins the ink quickly to produce a projectile with a larger range than typical Sloshers.

Classic Squiffer

The Point Sensor, Bubbler/Ink Armor, and the Classic Squiffer are sold as a set. This kind of weapon is called a charger. It has a shorter range and significantly lower attack power than a Splat Charger, but it charges faster.

Heavy Splatling

Charge up the Heavy Splatling first. Like Charger weapons, it features a charging reticle that can fill up to twice as fast as long as the shoot button is down. Whenever the button is pushed, a flurry of powerful ink projectiles with a considerable distance is fired.

As the Heavy Splatling shoots, the charges on the reticle dissipate, resulting in a barrage that lasts for the same duration as the charge. Given that it takes four to six bullets to splat an opponent, its damage is equivalent to that of the Jet Squelcher.

Undercover Brella

The Undercover Brella deals fairly good damage; it only takes three bullets from close range to knock the target unconscious. The weapon’s ability to let the user use the Brella as a shield while attacking is fantastic since it gives the user the ability to both attack and protects. The Brella’s shield component, nevertheless, cannot be launched against foes.

When shattered, the Brella recharges quite quickly, occasionally almost instantly. This weapon is excellent for both attacking and defensive gamers who are a little hesitant to get splattered.



The D-Tier Splatoon 3 Weapons have significant flaws yet can still function in specific situations. They are only permitted to work in a particular sort of team. They will put your Splatoon 3 squad at a disadvantage if you have them on it.

Clash Blaster

The Clash Blaster has a pencil sharpener-like appearance. Numerous crayons are fastened to the sides of it. Although the Clash Blaster shoots at a close range and a fast rate of speed, it requires two direct impacts to knock an opponent out.

Additionally, splatting an opponent just requires four bullets from the explosion. The pattern resembles crayons in its usage of materials. The Clash Blaster operates as a weapon that relies on pressure.

The Clash Blaster shoots more quickly than other blasters, which need a direct impact for fast splats, enhancing coverage, mobility, and damage output.

The ability to surround enemies and render them vulnerable for quicker splats makes its Splat Bomb sub-weapon an excellent addition to conventional fire. Additional pressure may be applied using the Sting Ray, which also fills the player’s Tank.


The ink torpedoes that the Explosher fires explode when they establish contact with an Inkling or any surface. The weapon is advised to be used at the back during engagements because of its extended range and low fire rate.

Hydra Splatling

The Hydra Splatling has three barrels, which resemble a three-headed monster known as a hydra, which is the reason for its name. It has an extended range, a long charge period, and a long firing time. It may be utilized to defeat opposing Chargers due to its tremendous range and mobility.


This concludes the Splatoon 3 Tier List rating of all weapons. Your selections may or may not agree with our rating of the Splatoon 3 weapons.

Do you hold different opinions than ours on the Splatoon 3 weapons? If so, kindly express your thoughts about the weapons in the comments.

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