Steelrising Weapons Tier List: All Weapons Ranked

This Steelrising Weapons Tier List is a complete ranking of the BEST and WORST weapons in this latest addition to the Soulslike RPG genre.

Steelrising is the latest addition to an ever-growing genre of “Soulslike” games. Just like the name implies, the Soulslike genre is a collection of games inspired by the extremely difficult and mechanically intensive Dark Souls Franchise.

Key Takeaways
  • The Soulslike genre-powered Steelrising packs for its players a total of 9 weapons to avenge all bosses. 
  • Ranking of Steelrising weapons closely depends on each playing option’s uniqueness and what class it belongs to. 
  • Of the entire weapon collection, the options that hail to be the most worthy of all players’ attention include Nemesis Claws, Fire Chain, and the Charleville 1789 Shield Musket. 
  • Each one of them is truly spectacular in knocking down enemy groups or for playing with just for fun. 
  • The Twin Sword option–Labrys Francisca and the Hephaestus Batons are weak in comparison and hence rank lowest in the Steelrising Weapons tier list. 
  • Don’t rely too much on the two low-ranking weapons, as they possess hardly anything worthwhile unless they are essential for unlocking a top-tier weapon. 

Here are our rankings:

Steelrising Weapons Tier List Ranking Table 
S-Tier Nemesis Claws, Fire Chain, Charleville 1789 Shield Musket
A-Tier Falchion And Sabre, Wheel Of Vengeance
B-Tier Frosted Fans, Volley Mallet
C-Tier Labrys And Francisca, Hephaestus Batons

Stats of all the weapons in Steelriing: 

WeaponPhysicalImpactImmobilizationInfusion DamageElement Damage
Nemesis Claws44.040.032.0N/AN/A
Fire Chain60.
Charleville 1789 Shield Musket60.040.0N/AN/A60.0
Falchion And Sabre53.065.031.0N/ANA
Wheel Of Vengeance80.0104.030.0N/ANA
Frosted Fans47.
Volley Mallet76.0106.030.0N/ANA
Labrys And Francisca60.074.031.0N/ANA
Hephaestus Batons42.


The top tier of Steelrising Weapons Tier List
The ultimate weapons in Steelrising.

These weapons are the best of the best, each in their own unique way and class. These 3 should be the weapons of choice if you are looking to find the best weapons. They excel at almost everything whether it be defeating bosses, killing enemy groups, or just having fun.

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Nemesis Claws

The Nemesis Claws are considered to be THE best weapon in the game due to their great damage output and limitless agility. On top of this, they also have a great defensive ability called counterattack. They overpower your opponents through a series of endless blows dealing enormous damage while also keeping them immobilized.

Furthermore, if the enemy tries to retaliate you can just use a counterattack to save yourself and turn their attack on themselves. This protects you from damage and allows you to keep the endless barrage going.

The Nemesis claws are a perfect combination of Damage, Mobility, and Defense. Additionally, they are the perfect choice for people that appreciate quick-paced battles.

How to unlock Nemesis Claws: The Nemesis Claws can be found in the Lantern area of Saint-Cloud. Use the log to get to the Lantern Area after defeating the first mini-boss of the game, Unstable Lancer. You can find the Nemesis Claws along with a Compass (used as a quest location guide) inside a chest at the base of a wooden tower structure.

Charleville 1789 Shield Musket

The Charleville 1789 Shield Musket is a ranged weapon with one of the most powerful elemental attacks in the game. Additionally, the game features three types of elemental attacks: Fire, Frost, and Lightning. And “Frost” is by far the best of the three, especially when it comes to boss fights.

This frost musket applies frost with each hit and can freeze your enemies with only a few hits. This creates an opening for you to do enormous damage to the frozen opponent with your second weapon. Moreover, the “Shield” in “Charleville 1789 Shield Musket” is not just for show.

The Charleville 1789 Shield Musket’s unique ability creates a frost shield that protects the player from enemy damage. Moreover, it also damages any enemies in its vicinity, making it a great AOE attack as well.

How to unlock Charleville 1789 Shield Musket: The Charleville 1789 Shield Musket is quite easy to find in Saint-Cloud. It can be unlocked by opening the chest after defeating the first mini-boss, Unstable Lancer.

Fire Chain

The Fire Chain is a medium-range weapon that is great at dealing with AOE elemental damage and clearing waves of enemies. While the “Fire” status effect may not be as effective as Frost when it comes to Enemy Bosses, clearing hordes of enemies is where it shines.

The Fire Chain deals a great deal of damage while also keeping the player relatively safe at a distance. Additionally, if the damage is not enough to finish off your opponents, the unique ability called “Invocation of Fire” will come in handy.

It sets your chain on fire inflicting fire damage with each hit and burning the enemies. Furthermore, most enemies cannot survive the combination of good base damage along with burn damage every second. This makes the Fire Chain a great overall that excels in every field.

How to unlock Fire Chain: The Fire Chain is in Les Invalides, Gross Caillou near a church and through the graveyard. It can be found in a chest near the main entrance of the Church after exiting the Graveyard and going left


A Tier
These are the “good” weapons in Steelrising.

While they may not be the best, the weapons here in the A-Tier of our Steelrising Weapons Tier List are great in their way. They can offer much to your gameplay and combat experience. Additionally, they may prove to be even more fun than top-tier weapons for some people.

Wheel Of Vengeance

The Wheel Of Vengeance is a very strong short-range melee weapon somewhat similar to the Nemesis Claws but unlocked later in the game. This similarity especially shines when you consider that The Wheel Of Vengeance also offers a strong counterattack ability much like the Claws.

However, this is where their similarities end. While the Wheel of Vengeance may be close range, it is nowhere near as fast as the Nemesis Claws. In contrast to the claws, it is a very slow weapon that deals massive damage. Even the counterattack ability is a gigantic shield slam that deals AOE physical and Burn damage to enemies. It also knocks them back in the process.

Furthermore, the most important thing about the Wheel Of Vengeance is to carefully time your attacks. As it is very slow, it can be cumbersome to land a hit. Yet it is definitely worth the effort because once you land an attack, it deals massive damage and obliterates entire enemy groups.

How to unlock The Wheel Of Vengeance: The Wheel Of Vengeance is located in the Factory port area of Les Invalides near De Vaucanson’s Workshop. When at the river you need to climb the hanging platforms and reach a bridge way. Then Kill the enemy there and head inside the Tower, you can find the Wheel Of Vengeance in a chest at the bottom of this Tower.

Falchion And Sabre

Falchion And Sabre are a twin-sword type weapons that offer fast-paced damage. They can hit multiple enemies at the same time. They provide amazing mobility and deal great damage while also keeping the enemies immobilized.

Additionally, the twin sabers also possess the ability to perform a tornado-like attack that spins you around dealing AOE damage to all enemies. This is especially helpful when clearing hordes of enemies.

How to unlock Falchion and Sabre: You can find the Falchion and Sabre in the Saint Cloud’s Forest area from the First Vestal. Follow the path until you reach a well, then go left and down the hill. You will soon find a small barn, the Falchion and Sabre can be found inside a chest in that barn.


B Tier
These Steelrising weapons are mediocre.

The weapons in the B-Tier of our Steelrising weapons tier list are the ones that fall in the middle. They are neither too bad nor too great, just existing in the middle as a mediocre weapon. However, this does not mean that they are completely useless. They can be fun and powerful at times.

But everything that these can perform, a top-tier weapon can do it in a much better way. There is really no big reason to use these except if you like how they work or if they look cool to you.

Volley Mallet

The Volley Mallet is an enormous Mallet equipped with guns on its head. This gigantic weapon is extremely powerful but very slow. Moreover, it scales very well with power and is great for a strength build. However, it does not have much more to offer except its special ability “Volley of Gunfire”.

Volley of Gunfire uses the guns equipped on the top of the Volley Mallet. It does a large AOE attack dealing loads of immobilization damage.

How to unlock Volley Mallet: You can find the Volley Mallet in La Cite. Grapple to the big building behind the boss arena of “The Bishop Of The Cite“. Open the chest in that building and the Volley Mallet is inside.

Frosted Fans

Frosted Fans also use the element of Frost just like the “Charleville 1789 Shield Musket”. While Frost is the strongest element in Steelrising, it is better when used by a ranged weapon like the Musket. Additionally, only Alchemists use the Frosted Fans as they scale off Alchemy and Agility.

It does not deal a great amount of damage initially but it can scale up to be a somewhat useful weapon. Moreover, the special move called “Invocation of Ice” infuses the fans with Frost. This allows the player to deal massive Frost damage to the enemies.

How to unlock Frosted Fans: The Frosted Fans are one of the weapons that be bought from the Boutique in Versailles. It is unlocked after you progress far into the story.


The bottom tier of Steelrising Weapons Tier List
Currently the worst weapons.

The C-tier weapons are the worst of the bunch, they do not excel at anything. They are pretty useless with the only justifiable reason being if you are using them for some specific reason such as unlocking a top-tier weapon or defeating a unique boss that is weak against them (which is highly unlikely)

Hephaestus Batons

The Hephaestus Batons are the default weapon for the Alchemy build. Consequently, their power scales with Alchemy. You can perform fast combos with them while using an Alchemy-based build. However, they are not very great at much else.

Moreover, their Special move throws flame projectiles at enemies. Additionally, it also infuses the Batons themselves with flame causing them to deal fire damage for a little while.

How to unlock Hephaestus Batons: You can find The Hephaestus Batons in La Cite near the “Unstable Butcher” boss arena. There is an open window that the player can reach by traversing some platforms. The Hephaestus Batons are found inside a chest across that window.

Labrys And Francisca

The Labrys And Francisca are a twin-sword similar to “Falchion And Sabre”. However, they are worse in every way when compared to the Falchion And Sabre. There is no justifiable reason to use them. Therefore, we do not recommend using Labrys And Francisca.

How to unlock Labrys And Francisca: You can find Labrys And Francisca in Versailles. There is a chest in front of the building in Petit Trianon where we talk to the queen.

Steelrising Weapons Tier List Criteria

Much like all the games that stem from the Soulslike genre, almost every aspect of Steelrising revolves around its weapons. This Steelrising Weapons Tier List was made by keeping this one major fact in mind, to accurately provide you with all the information necessary regarding the best weapons in Steelrising.

Steelrising is the most recent release from the French developers, “Spiders”. It features a large collection of thematically relevant weaponry for the player to obtain such as “The Charleville Musket” used in the French revolution.

We made sure to rank each weapon according to their skills and power level, as well as their scaling. Additionally, we also tried giving credit where credit is due, by admiring the French historical references. Moreover, by commending the mechanics and unique designs of some ornaments.

This Steelrising weapons tier list was curated by consulting expert opinions on any necessary topics. Moreover, it was carefully made by doing the proper research on each of the weapon’s strengths and weaknesses to determine the best and worst.

About The Game

This Soulslike genre, which we keep mentioning, has been around ever since the very first Dark Souls game was released in 2011. However, the latest FromSoftware game “Elden Ring” has completely revolutionized the landscape with its astronomical success. So it should not be a surprise that everyone wants a piece of this Soulslike cake.

Furthermore, with dozens of Souls-type games on the market and many more on their way, it’s quite difficult to stand out in this crowd. Steelrising tries its luck by keeping the original Action RPG aspects such as combat and gameplay but putting the player in a unique setting during the French Revolution filled with “Automats” or simply “Haywire Robots”.

Additionally, we would like to add that Steelrising seems similar to the upcoming title named “Lies of P” which also features the player in an Action RPG fighting humanoid robots. If you are like us, and somewhat excited for Lies of P, Steelrising would be a great choice to keep you occupied in the meantime.

Steelrising does a great job at emulating the Soulslike gameplay and provides a difficult but nostalgic combat experience with a linear story. Moreover, the weapons in Steelrising are quite satisfying, each one provides a unique set of combos and abilities.

While similar to Dark Souls, Steelrising weapons are more comparable to the weapons featured in “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice”. The protagonist even possesses a hook that lets you traverse and explore the high ground in Steelrising’s unforgiving level designs, much like in Sekiro. 

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