TFT Augment Tier List: All Augments Ranked [Patch 13.4]

Elevate Your Game by Choosing The Top-Performing TFT Augments

In our TFT Augment Tier List, we have listed and explained most of the augments and their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses to help you choose the best option. The sole purpose of this Tier list is to help players stay ahead of their competitors and win more games.

Key Highlights
  • There are more than 290 Augments in Team Fight Tactics. We have selected the Best 100 Augments.
  • Augments are ranked based on factors such as Gold gain, Early Game Advantage, overall utility games, Play Rate, Average place, Chosen in the top 4, and Win Percentage.
  • Best Augments belong to (S & A) Categories. They are very handy when it comes to Gold Gain.
  • S & A-tier heroes have a High Ratio of being Chosen in the Top 4 and the Highest Winning Percentage.  
  • Average Augments belong to (B) Category. They offer limited benefits in terms of Gold Gain and early-game advantages.
  • B-Tier characters also have low playmates and winning percentages as compared to upper-tier augments. 
  • Worst Characters belong to (C & D) Categories. They are not so good in any terms.
  • C-tier heroes are suitable for beginners to understand the game.

Here is the complete classification of all Team Fight Tactics Augments ranked from Top to Bottom.



S-TierDuelist Heart, Sureshot Heart, Hustler, Built Different II, Prankster Crest, Tri Force II, Clear Mind, Cruel Pact, The Golden Egg, Heart Crown, Daredevil, Shiny, Cull the Meek, Renegade Heart, Defender Heart, Anima Squad Crest, Sureshot Crest
A-Tier  Knife’s Edge I, Makeshift Armor I, Exiles I, Cybernetic Uplink I, Battlemage I, Future Sight I, Calculated Loss, Jeweled Lotus, Battlemage II, Stand United II, Three’s Company, Portable Forge, Renegade Crown, Gifted, Eclipse Prime, Corps Formation, Defender Crest, Duelist Crown, Recon Crown, Think Fast, High End Shopping, Sureshot Crown, Woodland Charm, Re-Energize, Ruthless Blades, Impact Velocity
B-TierCybernetic Shell I, Exiles II, Double Trouble I, Exiles II, Cybernetic Uplink II, Makeshift Armor II, Component Grab Bag, Phony Frontline, Radiant Relics, Cursed Crown, Windfall+, Rocket Grab, Channeled Ferromancy, True Twos, Sunfire Board, Metabolic Accelerator, Verdant Veil, High Roller, Level Up!, Safety First, Steadfast Presence, Contempt for the Weak, Unrelenting Force, Sleepy Time, Burning Spirit
C-Tier A.D.M.I.N. Heart, Hacker Heart, Rich Get Richer, Supers Heart, Civilian Crest, Salvage Bin, Band of Thieves II, Cybernetic Uplink III, Binary Airdrop, Item Grab Bag II, Power Overwhelming, Elastic Slingshot, Star Guardian Heart, Spellslinger Crest, Double Bubble, Frontline Fencing, Growth Spurt, Rising Spell Force, Guardian Spirit, Stacks on Stacks, Glacial Prison
D-Tier Heart Heart, Pandora’s Bench, Recombobulator, Ancient Archives I, Underground Heart, Supers Soul, Gadgeteen Soul, Kingslayer, Reflector Shield, Rapid Reporting, Frostburn, Aegis Crest


S Tier augments of TFT Set 8
S Tier Augments

This Tier contains the most powerful Augments, that are consistently considered a sound choice and are commonly employed in the most effective meta compositions.

Duelist Heart

A sound strategy in the game is to begin by implementing a 4-Duelist Opener approach while utilizing the advantages of the free character Fiora. This approach allows for the establishment of a solid foundation early on in the game, thereby setting the stage for further advancement. 

Subsequently, players can focus on progressing towards a 6 or 8 Duelist outcome, utilizing the abilities of the character Zed as the primary win condition. This approach can effectively increase the chances of achieving a decisive victory. 

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win

Sureshot Heart

The Sureshot Heart provides significant value when applied to a 4 Sureshots comp. It enables players to substitute a Sureshot for another high-value unit, providing greater flexibility and adaptability in the game. Furthermore, this strategy remains useful throughout all stages of the game, making it a valuable option to consider

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win


The Hustler augment is a valuable addition, providing a powerful economic advantage. Its ability to allow players to maintain a full bench makes it easier to utilize upgraded units. Additionally, this augment is frequently employed in Level 7 Tier 3 Reroll compositions, as it enables players to save on resources while progressing through levels. 

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win

Built Different II

Built Different II is a highly efficient augment. It offers a substantial amount of statistics while allowing players to compete against other Gold Augments. To fully capitalize on the potential of Built Different II augment, players should prioritize utilizing upgraded and duplicate units. 

By doing so, players can maximize the buff provided by the augment. This strategy is particularly effective when used in combination with multiple Ace units, such as Miss Fortune and Samira. By placing both units in the composition, the Ace trait will be disabled, and they will receive the benefits of Built Different II.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win

Prankster Crest

The Prankster Trait is currently very famous due to the prevalence of Zoe and Ekko in the meta. Furthermore, it can be highly effective when paired with Jinx in the front line, as the target dummies created by Jinx will draw the enemy’s attention away from the Pranksters, allowing them to move to safety safely.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
3.1k      3.1k       4.32     52.5%    13.1%

Tri Force II

The Tri Force II is particularly effective in Tier 3 Reroll compositions, especially when combined with Brawlers with Jax, Threats, or Kaisa units. Mostly this combination provides a strong foundation for Reroll compositions and can help players to achieve their objectives and reach a higher level.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
          796         796        3.88      62.3%      16.1%

Clear Mind

Great Economy Augment facilitates the rapid progression to levels 7 and 8, by providing strong economic support.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
        3.1k        3.1k         3.92     59.7%     21.1%

Cruel Pact

Very useful as it provides a significant boost in power during the early stages of the game by leveraging the level advantage. It is particularly effective in fast-paced game environments. Furthermore, it is frequently used in rerolling Tier 3 units later on, as it helps to progress quickly through Level 7, as most of the players are stuck there for a long time.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    1.3k      1.3k     3.95      61.5%       19.0%

The Golden Egg

The Golden Egg should only be considered a win-more strategy, as it is meant to ensure a decisive victory by providing a significant buff once it hatches. It is a powerful tool that can be used to turn the tide of the game in the player’s favor and should be used strategically to secure a win.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    3.0k    3.0k     4.01    56.1%     24.2%

Heart Crown

The Emblem is placed on Zoe with Blue Buff to increase AP for the team. Zzrot item complements the strategy by helping Heart comps face strong frontlines and gain more time to execute their strategy.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
      1.2k     1.2k       4.04      58.4%     15.1%


A powerful team-wide attack speed steroid that offers great synergy when combined with a successful Heist in underground plays. Despite not being explicitly stated, it is essential to field the character Samira to benefit from the buff fully. 

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    6.1k    6.1k   4.17   56.3%   16.0%


An exceptional tool that can be leveraged to farm large amounts of gold and items throughout Stage 4, significantly accelerating the player’s power. Its ability to provide a steady stream of resources can give players a significant advantage in the game and should be used strategically.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    1.6k    1.6k    4.17   54.2%   21.3%

Cull the Meek

It provides a decent level of utility for Brawler’s composition and is typically used to play Renekton until the end of the game. Additionally, it can be effectively employed in 6 LaserCorps or LaserCorps Reroll compositions, providing a valuable addition to the team.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    4.0k    4.0k    4.56    49.1%    8.84%

Renegade Heart

It allows players to play with one less Renegade, making it simpler to achieve the full effect on the main carry, while also including another high-value unit. Mainly its composition with Viego is currently very strong and can even be considered as a win condition with 6 Renegades

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  3.9k    3.9k    4.51   50.1%   14.8%

Defender Heart

Active Defense (AD) compositions have gained widespread popularity among players. When utilized in conjunction with the free Rell, players can effectively establish a 4 Defender opener, thereby ensuring a strong early-game performance.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  3.8k   3.8k   4.30    53.8%   14.7%

Anima Squad Crest

It is advantageous to locate an early 5 and 7 Anima Squad composition. The Emblem strategy proves effective on champions such as Alistar, Ekko, Fiddlesticks, and Urgot. However, it is important to note that even with the incorporation of the Emblem strategy, players should transition to a 5 Anima Squad composition in the late game.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    6.7k   6.7k   4.23   54.2%   16.5%

Sureshot Crest

The Sureshot Crest is a valuable augment that allows players to establish an early 4 Sureshot composition without the need for Aphelios. Furthermore, this strategy enables players to substitute Senna in the late game.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  7.9k    7.9k    4.30    53.4%    12.8%


A Tier augments of TFT Set 8
A Tier Augments

Although less powerful than S-Tier augments but still very strong and useful in most situations. These are still very recommended.

Knife’s Edge I 

The Knife’s Edge I is a powerful augment that enhances a champion’s performance, particularly when used with Camille as a carry, and also in Duelist compositions, giving the team an advantage in battle. Being a TFT player if you want to enhance your gameplay then it is a must.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
      3.2k   3.2k  4.52   50.2%    9.11%

Exiles I 

Very popular when used with Reroll and Brawler comps.  Enhances a high-health pool of champions resulting in a stronger and more resilient team.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  3.6k    3.6k    4.25    54.6%    13.7%

Makeshift Armor I

It is ideal when incorporated into Brawler-based team compositions. It allows for the redistribution of items to other members of the team while still providing a significant boost to champions such as Jax and Sejuani, resulting in an overall stronger and more balanced team.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    10k   10k    4.45   51.5%    10.8%

Cybernetic Uplink I 

The Cybernetic Uplink I is an exceptional choice for Star Guardian team compositions, as the increased mana gain provided by the item synergizes well with the team’s inherent trait, resulting in more sustained and powerful abilities. Additionally, its mana gain properties make it a versatile and valuable augment for almost any team composition, providing a significant boost to the combat capabilities of any champion.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    1.5k     1.5k     4.42    51.5%     13.4%

Future Sight I 

It grants the holder the ability to see the next item on their build path, providing a significant advantage in terms of itemization and countering opponents’ strategies. Furthermore, its synergies with the Zephyr item along with recent buffs, provide bonus attack speed, making it an even more valuable asset for teams looking to gain an edge in battle.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    4.0k    4.0k     4.37   52.8%   13.0%

Calculated Loss 

A highly valued economy augment, particularly in Super Reroll compositions, as it allows players to take advantage of early game shop odds, resulting in more efficient gold management and a stronger economy. With its ability to increase gold income, this can help players to invest more effectively in their team’s development.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    2.0k   2.0k    4.34   52.3%     14.5%

Jeweled Lotus 

It is popularly utilized in AP-based team compositions. However, its utility extends beyond that; it can also be an effective choice for physical comps, particularly in Set 8, where every physical spell requires a critical spell strike. 

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    38k    38k   4.41    52.2%  14.2%

Battlemage II 

A highly used augment currently, as many team compositions such as Brawlers or Ox Force, which are heavily focused on melee champions, greatly benefit from its bonus Armor and AP. This augment allows for increased durability and damage output for melee-centric teams

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    13k     13k    4.35    53.1%    14.1%

Three’s Company 

It is recently buffed in the current set, providing four Tier 3 units instead of three. Choosing this augment in the early game is highly beneficial, as it grants a substantial amount of gold, enabling the development of a robust economy and ultimately providing a strategic edge in the long term, even if the units themselves are not utilized.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  9.9k    9.9k    4.25     54.2%     13.2%

Portable Forge 

It helps players to upgrade their items, particularly Ornn items, which are currently performing quite well. Its interaction with Star Guardians and all of the front-line options provides a significant boost to the team’s performance in combat. 

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  51k    51k    4.31     53.4%     13.8%

Renegade Crown 

It grants the holder a 40% increase in damage through the Renegade Emblem. Additionally, it replaces a lower-tier unit, which makes it a great choice for team compositions. 

The Bloodthirster item is also a solid choice, particularly when paired with the Camille Reroll composition, as it enhances the champion’s damage output and survivability. 

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  1.9k     1.9k   4.49    49.7%  23.8%


It allows for duplication of key items, such as Locket in Duelist compositions, or for achieving a chase trait by obtaining additional Emblem units. However, it should be used carefully as the traits are reduced after the elimination of each Emblem unit.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    2.0k   2.0k   4.31  53.7%   10.9%

Corps Formation 

It is a widely favored augment in Sureshot compositions, mostly when paired with Senna or Samira Carry. Its ability to combine with any Senna champion makes it helpful to increase the overall firepower of the team.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  10k   10k   4.38   52.6%   10.9k

Defender Crest

It allows players to benefit from the 4 and 6 Defender traits in both early and mid-game. It is often incorporated in team compositions that feature the Draven Reroll, as the increased durability provided by the trait synergizes well with the champion’s great damage output.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  6.1k    6.1k   4.49    50.0%   12.1%

Duelist Crown 

Considered a very useful augment for Duelist-based compositions. It allows for a fast 4 Duelist opener and enables players to cut weak Duelists in the late game while still maintaining the trait. Additionally, the Edge of Night item is particularly effective for the champion Zed, further enhancing the team’s performance.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    2.7k  2.7k   4.02   61.1%   9.52%

Recon Crown 

It helps players to take advantage of the Recon Emblem, particularly when paired with champions such as Belveth or Velkoz. It is often incorporated into team compositions that feature the Kaisa Reroll to improve the team’s performance by revealing invisible units.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  1.1k   1.1k   4.14   57.4%  13.1%

Think Fast 

When used in combination with an early-game plan, it allows players to 3-star their core units, giving them an edge in battle. It is also a good option for players who focus on upgrading their entire board to stabilize themselves for the upcoming game stages.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  1.0k  1.0k   4.25   55.7%   12.8%

High End Shopping 

It is a valuable augment to consider due to the current game meta that emphasizes Tier 4 and Tier 5 units. It helps players to find early Fiddlesticks and Urgot, which can provide a significant advantage in battle. 

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    3.3k  3.3k   4.29    52.7%     17.19%

Sureshot Crown 

It allows the use of Infinity Edge, a popular item for Sureshot compositions. Permits players to achieve a 4 Sureshot composition later on without having to find Aphelios, making it an effective choice for AD-based compositions. Additionally, it enables players to cut Senna in the late game for a more valuable unit, providing a strategic advantage in battle.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  1.8k   1.8k   4.30    54.1%   11.2%

Woodland Charm 

Woodland Charm is a highly effective option during Stage 2 and Reroll compositions.  It allows the duplication of 3 Star units in later stages of the game to help players make a winning streak.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  3.2k  3.2k   4.32  52.9%   13.1%


The Re-Energize augment is preferred in compositions that feature Taliyah and Star Guardians. It has the ability to execute two consecutive Taliyah/Syndra ultimatums that present a formidable challenge for opponents resulting in a significant increase in power in the late game.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  7.6k   7.6k   4.37   51.5%   16.5%

Ruthless Blades 

It is particularly effective in conjunction with Infinity Edge, Jeweled Gauntlet, and Jeweled Lotus. Normally it is employed in compositions featuring Draven or Mecha Ace, taking advantage of the increased critical strike chance provided by the augment.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  11k   11k   4.39   51.6%   16.8%

Impact Velocity 

A powerful utility option that can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of compositions. Also, with the addition of a Shojin or Blue Buff, Aurelion can harness the augment’s massive crowd control capabilities, providing a decisive advantage in battles.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  1.8k   1.8k   4.38   51.9%    14.7%


B Tier augments of TFT Set 8
B Tier Augments

While still considered good options, these Augments may offer weaker effects or have specific conditions for optimal effectiveness.

Cybernetic Shell I 

Cybernetic Shell I is a versatile combat option; however, it is relatively weaker than previous versions. It is challenging to implement if item distribution is not effectively favorable.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  1.4k   1.4k   4.65  47.1%11.9%

Exiles II 

The Exiles II augment is a highly sought-after option, particularly when used in conjunction with reroll compositions and Brawlers, as it effectively leverages the high health pool offered by these units.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  7.9k   7.9k  4.27    54.2%  13.4%

Double Trouble I 

A viable choice when paired with reroll compositions featuring Camille or Kaisa, as the availability of open unit slots allows for the inclusion of 2-star units.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  9.2k  9.2k  4.28   54.3%   13.2%

Cybernetic Uplink II 

It is highly effective in compositions featuring Star Guardians, given their innate trait that increases mana gain. Additionally, it is considered a decent combat augment, as the mana gain it provides is beneficial for most compositions.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  6.9k    6.9k   4.39   51.8%   13.5%

Makeshift Armor II 

This augment is most advantageous when a strategy of prioritizing backline items is employed and several upgraded Brawlers, Mascots, or Defenders are utilized as the front line. By placing tank items on a single, powerful frontline like Ekko, the remaining units still benefit from the augment even in the late game.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  10k   10k    4.45    51.5%    10.8%

Component Grab Bag 

It is particularly effective in Stage 3, providing a significant power spike as a combat augment. It is a popular choice when utilizing two carriers in a composition, as the additional components allow for a more efficient itemization of both units.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  42k   42k   4.43    51.3%   12.1%

Phony Frontline 

It enhances the strength of both Target Dummies with each stage and can even be augmented further with options like Double Trouble. It currently exhibits strong synergy with Admin-based strategies that rely on ally death.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  22k  22k  4.48     49.9%   12.2%

Radiant Relics 

A powerful combat option, particularly when paired with the Radiant Thief Gloves, which have been shown to perform exceptionally well. Other effective choices include items such as Zeke, Hurricane, Warmog, and Sunfire, as they align well with current meta compositions. However, it should be noted that the overall performance of AP-based Radiant items is generally weaker.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    11k  11k   4.41   51.5%   11.9%

Cursed Crown 

This Augment possesses an exceptional level of potential when employed by a skilled player; however, many players may find it challenging to utilize its capabilities fully. The increased damage taken by the player poses a significant risk, thus, it is essential to ensure that a strong board is consistently played and efforts are made to gain a level advantage over opponents to overcome the increased risk.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    2.2k  2.2k   4.72      45.9%  14.5%


This augment is considered the least effective among the Windfall versions, as it is typically not advantageous to select an economy to augment during Stage 3, as the majority of the gold gathering and interest threshold building typically occurs in Stage 2.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  2.0k  2.0k   4.42    51.3%   12.4%

Rocket Grab 

The Rocket Grab augment is highly effective when utilized in conjunction with Zephyr and also performs well when employed with multiple Blitzcranks, as they can hook different targets, providing an element of surprise for opponents.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  3.2k     3.2k   4.67   46.5%   9.80%

Channeled Ferromancy 

It is not commonly employed with Rell, as the unit is not widely used. It is occasionally paired with reroll compositions featuring Yuumi or Kaisa but is rarely seen in other compositions. However, the team-wide resistance it provides is quite powerful.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  6.3k   6.3k    4.47    50.5%   12.1%

True Twos 

It is often used to start with a powerful board and aim for a winning streak. With favorable outcomes, rerolling could be considered, but it is more typical to focus on leveling up and capitalizing on the power spike. 

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  9.0k  9.0k  4.40  51.7%  11.4%

Sunfire Board 

A viable option when seeking to incorporate anti-heal properties and a moderate increase in combat power to your board. However, its value is greatly diminished if a Sunfire, Morello, or Aurelion Sol is already present in your composition.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
20k 20k  4.43   51.5%  12.3%

Metabolic Accelerator 

This is a beneficial choice when experiencing a losing streak and particularly when utilized in combination with Underground. It enables a more aggressive approach to the Heist, as the augmented gold gain reduces the pressure to spend gold for survival in upcoming battles.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  7.4   7.4  4.46   50.9%  11.2%

Verdant Veil 

This augment is most effective when chosen in Stage 4, as this is when more units that can take advantage of the buff are typically placed and when the need to deal with crowd-control units like Sejuani is at its highest.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  2.7k  2.7k  4.40  51.3%  13.4%

High Roller 

It has been found to be highly effective when employed with a strategic understanding of the units it should be used on. It is particularly beneficial when utilized in combination with Draven, as it allows for the swift acquisition of 3-star Wukong and Draven. Additionally, it is frequently chosen for its ability to generate a high number of Tier 3 Threats when used at Level 4.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  10k  10k   4.71   46.2%   9.35%

Level Up! 

Another valuable augment in TFT Augment Tier List. This is particularly powerful when offered in Stage 3, as it allows for a strong economy and has not yet been used to push for levels. It enables the fielding of a significantly larger number of units. With a favorable opening, it is possible to reach a rapid Level 9 and even Level 10, which increases the odds of obtaining Legendary units.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  12k  12k   4.46   49.4%   16.1%

Safety First 

This is considered a dependable choice that can be integrated into a variety of compositions. It possesses an implicit synergy with augments such as Celestial Blessing, Exiles, and any other options that provide shields to the team, making it a versatile and useful option in many scenarios.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  4.7k   4.7k   4.43   50.8%    13.6%

Steadfast Presence 

This augment can be employed as a win streak tft augment, allowing for a more aggressive approach to leveling up in order to field more units that can benefit from the bonus shield it provides.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    3.5k   3.5k  4.41    51.7%          11.4%

Contempt for the Weak 

Contempt for the Weak is one of the most widely selected options for Duelists in Stage 4. This augment facilitates the early acquisition of a 2-star Zed while simultaneously providing the team with a significant attack speed and movement speed boost.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  12k  12k   4.39  53.6%    7.32%

Unrelenting Force 

This augments for Vi, a two-star champion, is often underappreciated. When applied to Vi, this augment grants her increased resilience and the ability to maintain a winning streak. Additionally, due to her inherent compatibility with the Aegis item, Vi can be easily integrated into a variety of team compositions, making the “Unrelenting Force” augment highly flexible.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  6.0k  6.0k  4.53   49.2%  14.1%

Sleepy Time 

This is a commonly-selected option for players utilizing Gadgeteen and Heart compositions. This augment allows for a faster progression to a two-star Zoe and also provides valuable crowd control (CC) for the team. It should be noted that there is currently a known issue with this augment that allows it to bypass CC immunity.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  7.1k    7.1k   4.50   50.4%  11.0%

Burning Spirit 

This is a popular choice for players utilizing Zoe compositions. This augment is particularly effective in the early game, as it allows for a strong opening with Gadgeteen and enables Annie to serve as the primary tank for the team.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  15k   15k  4.64   47.5%  10.2%


C Tier augments of TFT Set 8
C Tier Augments

These Augments are considered weaker and are typically associated with less effective meta compositions or require specific setups for optimal performance.

A.D.M.I.N. Heart

This is an option for champions with the Admin trait, such as Camille or Brawlers. It can be useful when the Admin trait is known and can be effectively utilized; however, selecting this tft augment before the outcome of the game is uncertain and may be considered a risky move.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    5.1k   5.1k   4.89   42.0%    11.6%

Hacker Heart 

A popular choice for players utilizing Zoe and Zed compositions. It can be integrated in the team comps to gain more advantages and increases Omnivamp or allows for a replacement of Leblanc with a more valuable unit. 

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  3.0k   3.0k    4.64   48.9%    9.50%

Rich Get Richer 

It can be used to optimize gold accumulation by maintaining a gold total of 70 or leveling up the champion more aggressively for an early-game advantage.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  21k  21k   4.49   49.6%        14.4%

Supers Heart 

It enables players to roll a different unit with the Supers trait, particularly effective in Stage 3, but it does not provide any economy or combat advantage, which may be a drawback when using a Reroll strategy.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    2.5k   2.5k  4.99   42.5%    9.72%

Civilian Crest 

It is a powerful option for Aphelios or Velkoz compositions, as it allows for the efficient utilization of the three Civilian units for increased mana gain. However, it should be noted that it is a highly conditional augment, making it less versatile than it might seem.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  11k  11k   4.65    47.1%   10.4%

Salvage Bin 

A useful option for players looking to make a tempo play, as it allows players to use all of their items without penalty. However, it is currently experiencing issues with a bug that causes items to disappear.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  25k   25k   4.74    45.7%    9.92%

Band of Thieves II 

This is more effective in later stages of the game, specifically stages 3 and 4, when players have strong backline units that can take advantage of the power of Thief Gloves. Due to the recent change that swapped Dodge for a critical strike, Thief Gloves are less appealing for frontline units.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
      5.7k     5.7k    4.63     48.2%   8.45%

Cybernetic Uplink III 

This augment is an effective option for players using Star Guardian compositions, as the increased mana gain from their trait synergizes well with the augment. However, it should be noted that the effect may feel somewhat low, particularly after the nerf, and it might not be as appealing as other prismatic Augments.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  1.7k   1.7k    4.60  48.8%    10.3%

Binary Airdrop 

This is particularly effective in Stage 3 when players have a sufficient number of items to make use of the augment, and they have the ability to strategize and distribute the items effectively. It’s best used when players haven’t put all of their items on a single carry or tank yet. It offers a lot of flexibility and can be a game-changer if used correctly.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    3.2k   3.2k   4.56    48.4%  10.3%

Item Grab Bag II

Highly flexible and can be a powerful tool for players looking to make a tempo play in. It provides an item advantage, and the acquisition of two Reforgers helps to mitigate the effects of bad RNG. However, it should be noted that other prismatic augmentations tend to offer a specific item, which may limit the overall impact of this augment.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  9.4k   9.4k   4.72    45.9%   8.89%

Power Overwhelming 

It is considered to be weaker when compared to other Syndra augmentations. However, it can still be an effective option when used in combination with Urgots, which can take advantage of the bonus stats provided by this augment.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    1.1k   1.1k   4.97    41.3%   5.72%

Elastic Slingshot 

A useful tool in transporting more threats into the enemy’s backline and providing a strong start against opponents who clump their units together. This tft augment can grant an advantage in the early game and help to take down the enemy’s backline quickly.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  2.1k   2.1k   4.70   44.9%   11.0%

Star Guardian Heart 

It allows Star Guardians to have a good chase trait. However, Star Guardians tend to be weak in the early game since their power revolves around later units like Taliyah and Syndra. It may not be as impactful in the early game as other comps, but it can be very strong in the late game.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  2.5k   2.5k   4.75   45.7%  8.29%

Spellslinger Crest 

It is commonly used in comps that revolve around Taliyah and aim to reach a total of 6 Spellslingers to maximize their AP and ensure that the enemy backline is eliminated. It can be very effective in increasing the damage output of the comp and can be the key to winning the game.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  11k   11k   4.62   48.1%  8.71%

Double Bubble 

This is not as popular as other Zoe augmentations, as the second bubble has no synergy with Heart or Luden’s, making it less appealing. However, it can still be decent augment for a three-star Zoe, as it increases the damage output.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  4.3k  4.3k  4.54   49.0%  11.6%

Frontline Fencing 

It can be used in combination with 4 Duelist Super Reroll to play Fiora as a carry, but it is not commonly used, and it may not be the most effective way to play. It’s useful in specific situations, but usually, it’s not something that players should actively aim for.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
    3.2k  3.2k   4.79   45.8%   5.31%

Growth Spurt 

It’s commonly used in combination with a large rolldown in stages 3-1 to help achieve a 3-star Galio and Lulu. To make the most of this augment, it’s recommended to focus on mana items like Blue Buff and Shojin to increase Lulu’s casting potential. 

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  2.0k  2.0k  4.89   43.1%  7.07%

Rising Spell Force 

A powerful option for Ezreal when used in combination with the Reroll strategy. However, due to the high demand for Vi as a frontline champion, it may be harder to find a stable frontline for Ezreal. It’s a great opening tft augment if the player has started with Tear or found an early Underground, but it may not be as effective without a stable frontline.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  8.4k  8.4k  4.89   42.4%   10.7%

Guardian Spirit 

A very supportive option that can be used in most Super Reroll compositions. To maximize its potential, it’s recommended to have 3-star units, as they will have a higher HP pool and will heal for a higher amount. This is particularly effective in combination with Wukong/Draven Reroll, as it increases the survivability of the units. 

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  4.4k  4.4k  4.91   42%  10.2%

Stacks on Stacks 

It is a good option for Nasus, if the player manages to farm a high amount of stacks starting from Stage 2. Rapidfire Cannon or Scoped Weapons can help Nasus to stay out of trouble and farm his AD for the late game. 

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  2.3k  2.3k   5.04     39.8%  8.45%

Glacial Prison

The main benefit of this augment is that it prevents Sejuani’s ability from hitting her own board if an enemy Ekko is present. This makes it a great choice if many players are running Aegis, as it can prevent misplays and increase the chances of winning the game.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  5.6k   5.6k  4.83   43.8%   9.53%


D Tier augments of TFT Set 8
D Tier Augments

It contains the worst ones in the TFT Augment Tier List. They are not recommended, as they present a high level of risk or are based on weaker traits.

Heart Heart 

It is a popular option among players that use the Heart Emblem. However, it should be noted that since the Heart trait provides a buff based on the Heart units casting, this tft augment doesn’t synergize well with the trait, as it only moves the player to the next tier. It may not be the most effective option for players that use the Heart emblem, and other augmentations may be more beneficial.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
4.6k  4.6k  5.01  40.0%  8.22%

Pandora’s Bench 

The use of Pandora’s Bench in Supers/Tier 1 rerolls, while potentially offering the opportunity to acquire powerful units, is a high-risk strategy due to its reliance on random chance. The potential to significantly hinder one’s economy in pursuit of upgraded units without resulting in a corresponding increase in power must be carefully considered before implementing this augment.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  21k  21k  4.86  42.5%  11.9%


The Recombobulator is a powerful augment, however, its outcome is dependent on random chance. It is crucial to remember that by rearranging units on the bench and board before utilizing this augment, the chances of achieving a favorable outcome can be greatly improved.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  4.5k  4.5k  4.87  43.1%  11.3%

Ancient Archives I 

The Ancient Archives I is a high-risk tft augment, as the result of the emblem obtained can be unusable. It is important to have a good understanding of the different emblems available, as the emblem obtained is random unless there are at least 6 active or inactive traits on the left side of the board. 

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  11k  11k  5.00  41.3%  8.81%

Underground Heart 

The Underground Heart augment can prove to be a valuable opening strategy, particularly when an early Sona is obtained. With 5 Undergrounds, it allows for a larger Heist, potentially leading to a Samira-Aphelios Sureshot Carry composition to close out the game.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
12k  12k   5.03  39.02%  14.1%

Supers Soul 

Supers Soul is a decent option when seeking to replace a lower-tier Super unit such as Gangplank in a Camille reroll. It is more effective when chosen in later stages as it does not provide significant value in Stage 2.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  412   412  5.00  41.0%  8.98%

Gadgeteen Soul 

The Gadgeteen Soul augment can be useful if an early Zoe is obtained, as the additional item can provide a power spike. However, requiring a specific Tier 3 unit makes this augment highly risky, as the benefits of 5 Gadgeteens tend to be short-lived.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  743  743  4.76   43.6%  6.86%


The Kingslayer augment is highly effective when paired with early Warmogs and if a 3-star Sylas is obtained in Stage 3-1 roll down. However, if Sylas is not found as a 3-star unit or not equipped with strong items, the augment is underwhelming.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  2.3k  2.3k  4.32  53.0%  14.9%

Reflector Shield 

Only useful if an early 2-star Annie with strong frontline items is obtained, allowing for early game win streaks. It is not an effective option in the late game unless a 3-star Annie is found.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  7.8k  7.8k  5.12  38.4%  5.63%

Rapid Reporting 

Rapid Reporting may appear to be useful augment, however, in practice the second Janna ultimate does not offer as significant a benefit as other Tier 5 Hero Augments.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
  612  612  5.25  35.8%  5.39%


Frostburn, while it may have seen a decline in popularity, remains a formidable augment when paired with High Roller and a fast 3-star Velkoz. It is particularly effective against Recons and Sureshots compositions.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
2.1k  2.1k  5.28  34.9%  6.36%

Aegis Crest

Aegis Crest is a valuable defensive trait. However, the current limitation of it only appearing in Stage 2 makes it a less ideal choice as an opener, as there are typically not many strong AP units present at that stage of the game.

GamesPlay rateAvg. placeTop 4Win
4.9k  4.9k  4.90  42.0%  9.94%

Changes Due To Latest Patch Notes

Last Updated: Version 13.4

Here are some of the new updates in TFT Augment after the release of the new patch All the characters go through different nerfs and buffs for better performance. These updates are as follows:

  • After the new updates, the Gold received by Ancient Archives has been increased to four rather than two. This will ensure fair gameplay.
  • The health of Big Different has always been a problem. So the developers have increased the health gain of Big Different from 225/300/375/450 to 250/350/450/550.
  • The Armor of Cybernetic Shell has increased from 40 to 50 which will keep him safe from the enemies.
  • The restored mana of Cybernetic Uplink has been buffed from 3 to 3.5.
  • Attack damage is the best weapon of Knife’s Edge. After the updates, the attack damage has been buffed with a good increase to 55 percent.

How To Get Maximum Benefit From TFT Augment Tier List?

In order to get the most out of this Tier List you should understand the different Tier Categories. We suggest that if you are a beginner, then first understand the most important factors in the choice of TFT Augments like gold gain, early game advantage, overall utility, and other stats like total games played, win ratio, average place, play rate, and percentage of being picked up in the top 4.

Compare augments wisely within or against other Tier Lists to understand which tft augment has more power that matches your game scenario. Check their abilities and limitations side by side to get the most relevant and powerful augment as per your gaming requirement. 

The best approach is first to compare the number of games played, average position, and win ratio. An augment that has good stats in this sense is surely a nice pick although other factors will also contribute.

Why Trust Us

Augments are special items in Teamfight Tactics Set 8 (Monsters Attack) that grant extra power or bonuses to a unit when applied. Players can obtain an augment by combining two of the same lower-tier items together. They are mostly used to enhance a unit’s performance or to give a comp an extra edge. 

We have put countless hours into the popular TFT Set 8 (Monsters Attack). Our dedicated team of players, comprising both long-term fans of the TFT and new players, has compiled a comprehensive TFT Augment Tier List after hours of gameplay and research. 

We have provided a balanced and unbiased ranking, but it may not align with every player’s personal preferences. I hope that this Tier List serves as a valuable resource for players looking to optimize their gameplay in TFT.

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