TFT Set 7 Tier List: All Champions Ranked [Nov. 2022]

Here is a tier list of the top champions available in TFT Set 7

TFT is an 8-person FFA drafting tactics game. The player can acquire strong champions, use them, and engage in combat to become the last survivor. It has a lot of characters to choose from, so to help players out, we have created the TFT Set 7 tier list.

On PC, it can only be played as a game mode via the League of Legends client. But a standalone mobile app is available as well. It was initially introduced on June 10, 2019, became accessible on PBE on June 18, and was accessible on all live servers from June 25 to June 28.

There are three different kinds of rounds within the game. Carousel, PvE fights with monsters, and PvP matches with other players’ teams. Items are gained from the Carousel and PvE rounds, while champions can be recruited from the Carousel and the shop.

What Is TFT Set 7 Tier List 

This list of tiers includes every TFT Set 7 characters. Use it to ascertain which are the most effective. All of them are listed in the following TFT tier list according to how strong they are in the game. Each champion has a rank, from S through C, where S is the best and C is the lowest. Therefore, let’s begin.


TFT Set 7 Tier List S-Tier

The Characters in the S-Tier are always a good choice. These characters are the best in the game, and their damage output and attacks won’t let you down.


When Ornn summons an elemental, it charges through the adversary farthest to him, causing magic damage and reducing the enemy’s attack speed by half for two seconds. When the elemental reaches Ornn, he redirects it onto a different adversary distant from him. This delivers magic damage and stuns anyone who is affected.


The biggest group of foes is targeted by Bard‘s magical energy, which stuns them and makes them more vulnerable while they are stunned. If he strikes at least one foe, Bard celebrates by dancing.

A 20% possibility for allies to produce a Doot exists if they make it through player combat. Every time Bard dances, a Doot is produced. For levels 3, 4, and 5, each Doot you get raises your Shop chances by one percent.


Yasuo uses a shield to protect himself while he sprints past his opponent and deals physical damage to adjacent foes. His slash produces double the damage, covers a wider area, and lifts foes every third cast.

If Yasuo hits the last enemy alive, he continuously slashes them until they eventually perish. From game to game, Mirage champions receive a different Trait benefit. Variations include Spellsword, Duelist, Dawnbringer, Executioner, Pirate, Electric Overload, and Warlord.


Allies in his close surroundings are shielded from Basic Attacks by a zone Shen establishes around himself. Shen gets Magic Resist while it’s active.

Warrior attacks have a 33 percent chance of dealing more damage on their upcoming attack.  His synergies provide your squad with an increase in total health. Bruisers receive a double bonus.


The nearby targets are enchanted by Lulu. For 1.5 seconds, teammates who are enchanted have faster attacks. Enchanted foes take more damage when shocked and turn into harmless dragonlings after being stunned. Lulu will enchant herself if there are no more than three troops around.


Soraka obtains 15 mana for each strike when any ally has less than 100% health. She can command a starburst to fall. Each time an ally is struck by a star, they are healed. Depending on their star level, the first Starcaller to use their ability will heal you for 2/4/100.


Talon moves silently while launching a blade ring that physically damages any enemy it strikes. He then lunges toward an adversary and draws the blades once again, causing physical damage to his victim as well as the previous damage.


When Sylas spins his chains, the foes he hits take magic damage and are subject to Mana-Reave, which raises the cost of their subsequent ability by 35%. Sylas shields himself if at least one Mana-Revered adversary is hit by this.


Pyke slashes in an X while diving for the adversary with the lowest Health, causing magic damage to both his target and any other foes he strikes.

Enemies attacked have their healing lowered by 50% for 8 seconds. When Pyke strikes an adversary with a percentage of health remaining or less, he kills them and instantly casts Death From Below again.


Hecarim summons ghostly riders, who rush through their target while stunning any opponents they strike and delivering magic damage.

You can charge swiftly in the direction of their goal anytime they move, thanks to his synergy. Cavaliers get Magic Resist and Armor. Gain double your normal amount for 4 seconds at the beginning of the battle and after each charge.


For four seconds, Xayah’s strikes additionally shoot extra feathers and feathers at up to two or four adversaries close to her target. Her targets leave behind feathers. After this, Xayah recalls her feathers. Each one does physical harm to enemies hit.


In each fight, Neeko impersonates the closest ally champion, replicating all stats except Health, and adds their additional Attack Damage, Attack Speed, and Ability Power to her own. She then acquires a shield with a base damage of 275/400/2000 + 10/20/50 percent of the health of her ally.

When the shield is breached, she changes into Neeko Form and unleashes Pop Blossom, which renders adjacent foes stunned for 1.5 seconds and does magic damage to them. After that, Neeko summons Pop Blossom every 100 Mana.


There isn’t a spell exclusive to Zoe. She will cast spells during battle as if they were her own since she is a Spell Thief, taking them from other realities.


Twitch launches an explosive flask in the direction of his target, delivering physical damage and weakening the armor of any opponents struck.

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TFT Set 7 Tier List A-Tier

Characters in the TFT Set 7 A-Tier List are greater than others and a great pick for taking on various foes on your path.


Qiyana sprints to the ideal spot to slash at foes with her blade, causing magic damage while disarming foes hit. Lightning hits the battlefield eight seconds later. Opponents are startled for 2 seconds while also receiving true damage equal to a percentage of their maximum health. Champions of the Tempest receive Attack Speed.


Sejuani tosses her mace broad, dealing magic damage to all foes in a cone (6 percent maximum Health). She strikes rapidly once again, doing more damage to her target and the adversary standing behind it while stunning them.


When Sona uses her ultimate chord, the foes in a row in front of her take magic damage and are stunned. You can also hurl a firecracker which causes magic damage toward a random enemy after doing damage with an ability.


Ashe unleashes a barrage of arrows that delay the enemy’s attack speed by 25% for a brief period and deliver magic damage to each target.


For the remainder of the battle, Shyvana takes the appearance of a dragon and switches her power to Flame Breath.

The greatest group of foes are then attacked with a dive-bomb that does magic damage and stuns them for 1.5 seconds before she becomes un-targetable. With the flame breath, Shyvana exhales flames in a cone, doing magic damage equal to a percentage of the enemy’s maximum Health.

Ao Shin

14 lightning strikes are unleashed by Ao Shin in a volley toward random foes. Each blow deals magic damage and depletes the target’s mana. Dragons provide their marked characteristic a +3 but take up two team spots. They also get an extra 700 Health.


Illaoi smashes her idol into the earth, creating three lash-like tentacles that attack foes in a cone with magic damage. For five seconds, Illaoi takes the armor, and magic resistance from every opponent hit. Three Astral units and an Astral orb are promised in every fifth shop. Your group receives added Ability Power.

Shi Oh Yu

Shi Oh Yu enters the Jade stance, which grants her resistance to crowd control, damage reduction, and the ability to add special effects to her subsequent 3 attacks, which deal X damage.

The first attack stuns the victim for 1.25 seconds and deals X physical damage. A second attack causes X true damage. Attack 3 breaks the stance, causing X physical damage and knocks all adversaries up for one second to all of them in a line.


Corki fires a volley of missiles at his target, physically damaging the first adversary struck. The Big bomb is the last projectile, and it also causes physical damage to the surrounding area. A cannon blast that bursts for physical damage all around the victim is fired every fifth assault.


Swain changes into his dragon form, replacing his abilities with greater fireballs and his strikes with fireballs that inflict magic damage. With the greater fireball, the following fireball from Swain bursts around his target and causes 50% more damage.


Within three hexes, Sy’fen rushes the farthest adversary, causing physical damage while passing through adversaries to bring them down. Sy’fen bites an adversary after charging, causing physical damage while disregarding half of the target’s armor.


Tristana prioritizes the nearest enemies without a charge when she shoots up to three explosive charges. After a second, charges explode, delivering physical damage to opponents nearby and additional magic damage toward the target.

Trainers give 1 Snax each round to Nomsy, increasing his lifespan and ability power. Every 25 Snax, Nomsy’s star level grows!

Lee Sin

When Lee Sin kicks his victim, they are stunned and knocked back. Magical damage is dealt to the target and any opponents they impact.


Nami fires a wave at her target, giving low Health targets priority as it bounces to other enemies. Allies hit heal while enemies receive magic from harming.

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TFT Set 7 Tier List B-Tier

Characters in the B-tier are ordinary fighters who are neither too great nor too awful.


Gnar changes into his Mega Form, leaping at his target and briefly knocking down all adversaries in his immediate vicinity. Additionally, Gnar gets armor and attack damage. Transforming increases your health to its maximum and heals you for that much.


Anivia surrounds her victim with a prismatic storm that does magic damage over three seconds. Enemies in the storm suffered a 40% reduction in magic resistance.


Idas reduces incoming damage for two seconds by hardening her scales. Then, with a roar, she heals herself and offers her friends a 50-second shield. While it is in place, the shield increases attack speed by 30%.


Karma unleashes a powerful energy burst at her target, inflicting magic damage in a limited circle surrounding the first opponent struck.


The first opponent impacted by Varus’ cosmic tendril does physical damage and stuns them as it travels toward his target. Then, three adjacent adversaries are also affected by the spread of the tendrils, which deals magic damage to them and temporarily stuns them.


Olaf desires a glorious death, receiving attack damage each time he passes away. He hits his opponent, doing 35% damage and granting 6 seconds of increased attack speed.

The Attack Speed is increased if he has less health than a specific amount. Scalescorn champions provide extra magic damage and are less vulnerable to attacks from adversaries with more than 1700 health if you don’t have a dragon in your team.


Jinx calls forth a row of traps aimed at her victim. After a brief interval, traps go off, stunning any opponents they strike and causing magic damage. For each empty trap, Jinx receives mana.


Volibear gets more health as he rages. Every third strike for the remainder of the battle deals additional magic damage to the target and up to four other opponents.


The adversary with the greatest health is stunned and dealt magic damage by an egg that Heimerdinger throws at them. Mages have modified overall Ability Power and two casts.


The adversary at a distance is caught by Thresh, who pulls them closer to himself while inflicting magic damage. Guardians may protect themselves and their nearest buddy once every battle while at 50% health. The armor is also stacked!

Aurelion Sol

Under a chosen foe, Aurelion Sol conjures an unstable black hole. After two seconds, it explodes, causing magic damage to any nearby opponents and temporarily raising their damage-taking capacity by 20%. Within 20 seconds of the fight, black holes are bigger and cause 50% more damage.

Nunu & Wullump

Willump is prodded by Nunu to bite his prey, causing magic damage. Willump’s bite deals an extra 50% damage and turns into true damage if the opponent has less hp than he did before the bite.


Diana creates a barrier around herself and places orbs there. When one of these orbs strikes an adversary, it explodes and does magic damage. Her shield regenerates when the last ball bursts.


Skarner increases Attack Speed while maintaining his shield for 8 seconds. Three Astral units and an Astral orb are promised in every fifth shop. Your group receives added Ability Power.


An arcane orb that Ryze throws at his victim does magic damage. His max Mana and the number of orbs he can toss both grow with each cast.



The C-Tier Cookies don’t do well at all. They are the weakest and the worst characters in TFT Set 7. They lose to the higher-ranking characters.


Attacks from Daeja cause an increase in magic damage and lower the enemy’s Magic Resist by 5. Three barrages are launched by Daeja’s assaults. Daeja launches a wind blast that does magic damage in the direction of the greatest group of opponents.


For the remainder of the battle, Nidalee changes into Cougar Form, which grants her increased mobility and attack speeds while lowering her Attack Radius to 1. Every third stroke she makes while being in cougar form swipes her victim, doing 225 percent more physical damage.


Ezreal aims and launches an energy bolt at the target. The initial opponent hit does 70 magical damage and gives Ezreal a 10% increase to attack speed that can stack up to five times.


Lillia attacks a small circle surrounding her target, causing additional magic damage to the adversary in the blast’s center as well as magic damage to all other foes impacted.


For four seconds, Leona surrounds herself with a shield that deflects all incoming damage.

Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench puts up a five-second shield. During this time, the following three enemy assaults he takes cause magical damage to the opponent.


Every other punch that Sett throws causes 150 percent more physical damage, and he acquires Armor and Magic Resist.


The basic attacks of Yone alternate between adding extra magic and physical damage.


Vladimir heals himself while inflicting magic damage on the target.


Taric bestows a shield rune on himself and his closest friend that boosts defense for four seconds.


For four seconds, Braum raises a shield in the direction of the biggest cluster of foes, which mitigates damage coming from that area.


Elise changes into a spider for the duration of the battle, losing one attack range and casting Venomous Bite in place of her previous skill. with the venomous bite, Elise delivers extra magic damage with her subsequent strike. If she succeeds in killing her victim, she ascends and loses targetability before descending to the adversary with the lowest health, and she casts Venomous Bite once more.


Kayn cuts a path through his target with his scythe, delivering opponents an additional 25% magic damage on top of their normal physical damage.


Senna hurls a black mist in the direction of the adversary who is closest to her, hitting the first foe and inflicting damage on a short area. The first opponent hit receives extra magic damage as well.


Aatrox physically harms his target while healing himself.

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Tier List Criteria

We put a lot of time and attention into developing the TFT Set 7 tier list so that it could truly assist both new and seasoned players in opening up previously unknown areas of the game. Our crew considered every occasion-based possibility as well as the overall result of the game when rating.

Additionally, veteran players with powerful accounts were asked to share the rating of each champion honestly and (as much as possible) objectively. Nevertheless, we hope that the tier list has been sufficient for you to enjoy the game fully. Which champions are your top picks? Comment below with your thoughts, and let us know.

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