Thymesia Bosses Tier List: Ranking All Bosses

All of the Thymesia Bosses are placed in different tiers on our Thymesia Bosses Tier List.

In almost all levels of Thymesia, some bosses act as the area’s final challenge. As part of their arsenal, each Boss has a special Plague Weapon, which can be obtained from them during combat and unlocked by eliminating them to earn their Skill Shards. There is no limit to the number of times a boss can be defeated for XP or skill shards. In our Thymesia Bosses Tier List, we have ranked every boss to help you know about each.

Key Highlights
  • Players get only 8 bosses to show their skills against in the realms of Thymesia. 
  • Thymesia Bosses are graded based on how many Skill Shards their falling will earn the player and whether or not their unique Plague Weapon is worth it.
  • A boss’s level of difficulty is also factored in in order to decide who the most demanding option is. 
  • The Thymesia Bosses that stand out as the most challenging include Corvus, Mutated Odur, and Odur. These are worth fighting with due to the perks players get once the Boss has fallen.
  • God of the fools, on the split hand, is one of the weakest Thymesia Bosses. Though it isn’t severely harmful, we suggest you do not take the boss for granted as it does have some offensive skills to compete with you well.

Here’s a summary of Thymesia Bosses Tier List:

Thymesia Bosses Tier List Ranking Table
S-TierMutated Odur, Corvus, and Odur
A-TierVarg and Urd
B-TierHanged Queen, Sound of the Abyss, and God of the fools

Thymesia Bosses Tier List Breakdown

Every primary boss from the main game will be in the Thymesia Bosses Tier list. We’re looking at a total of at least eight bosses.

Just keep in mind that each person will play the game somewhat differently; as a result, the rating is completely arbitrary. It’s possible that the bosses you defeat after a few times are the ones we consider to be the most difficult.

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Thymesia Bosses S-Tier

Thymesia players might have to contend with some of the toughest foes on the S-Tier of our Thymesia Bosses Tier List. They are very aggressive and have several devious techniques that could surprise you as your health bar quickly dwindles. You need a smart strategy and effective tactics to beat these opponents.


The hardest boss in Thymesia is, by far, Odur, who is the game’s initial boss. This is due to several factors, among which is the fact that you face him very early in the game, indicating that you aren’t yet very skilled at it. You may have played for an hour.

Odur isn’t simply challenging because he’s an early boss, but that’s the point. No, Odur is difficult since he has two stages, lightning-quick attacks, a sizable movement pool, and he deals absurdly high damage. Odur is a formula for disaster, especially given the game’s current state of limited healing.

He is by far the hardest boss on our list, and he will probably take the most to defeat. He might be impossible to overcome. One of the toughest first Bosses in any game, Odur is unquestionably the toughest boss on our Thymesia Bosses Tier List.

How To Defeat Odur?

Keep an eye on him at all times; keep him in this loop, and he won’t get a chance to utilize his critical attacks or card throws. He occasionally has a propensity to abruptly begin another combo after breaking out of the loop.

If this occurs, retreat and return to neutral to begin the cycle once more, or you can utilize the Hammer to stun him and force him back in a combination. To enter phase two, execute him after using an equivalent number of Claw and Saber combinations to remove his initial health bar.

Get Odur’s Core, a Forgotten Feather, and an Alchemy Enhancer, which allows you to reset all of your level-ups by depleting the secondary health bar and then Executing Odur to win the battle. In addition, he will give 2500 Memory and drop a few of the Miasma Skill Shards.


The final boss of Thymesia is Corvus, who presents a significant challenge. In essence, Corvus is a composite of Thymesia’s enemies and you. He is among the fastest bosses you will face and has the biggest attack array in the entire game. He also deals a tonne of damage.

The trick is that since you are Corvus, you have already witnessed all of his attacks. His primary attacks are only your attacks; the rest are taken entirely from other foes you have encountered throughout the game. Corvus will take some getting used to, but you’ll dance through this battle with ease once you do.

How To Defeat Corvus?

Sadly, Corvus is not particularly intimidated by combos and regularly breaks out and launches his counterattack after just a few strikes. It may be extremely dangerous to get caught in one of his melee strikes, especially his lengthy Saber combo, so attempt to run away or defend until the combo is through.

It will be your chance to shine if you are skilled at deflecting because you can deal a tonne of damage by dodging all of his saber blows. When you can stand back and abuse the Bow and Javelin Sword, we don’t advise doing all THAT.

Although that is so corny, isn’t that half of the fun? If you maintain your distance, Corvus will eventually turn to his bow, but it deals far less damage, so you don’t have to be concerned about getting hit by it.

A well-placed arrow will block him in his tracks and allow you to move back once more. He might also try to utilize his Feather Dash to narrow the gap.

Mutated Odur

The third boss, Mutated Odur, also appears to be among the game’s toughest bosses in our Thymesia Bosses Tier List. The mutated version of Odur is swift, devastating, and has a long striking range.

However, it is his modifications that make Mutated Odur stand out. Because of the peculiar movements of his flesh cloak and tentacles, tracking them can be quite frustrating. Many deaths can occur as you try to learn the technique because no other adversary behaves or battles quite like Mutated Odur.

How To Defeat Mutated Odur?

The only moment you can truly freely punish him is when you stun him with your feather counter. However, his second crucial attack, which he launches from a distance after jumping away, requires VERY precise time to block, so I advise just dodging the projectile.

He also has a powerful attack with a wide area of effect that he delivers after a quick charging/crouching motion. This move has a broad area of effect, but if you sprint in just as he releases it, you can avoid it. Mutated Odur only possesses one health bar; defeating him only once is necessary to win the fight.

You will receive an Alchemy Enhancer, a Forgotten Feather, Mutated Odur’s Core, 6400 Memory Shards, and other rewards for defeating him. Additionally, he will drop some Skill Shards for Mutated Tentacles.

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Thymesia Bosses A-Tier

Compared to Thymesia Bosses in the S-Tier, A-Tier counterparts are more balanced. Even though these units also specialize in doing heavy damage to the target, most players can still beat them due to their glaring weaknesses.


The polar opposite of Varg is Urd. Urd is little and swift instead of big and slow. She is, without a doubt, the swiftest boss in Thymesia. However, her quickness betrays her because she rarely varies her attacks, and it takes a lot of practice to block them.

Before you defeat Urd, she’ll probably eliminate you a few times, but that’s just because she moves so quickly. Though getting your timings wrong will result in death, killing her and comprehending how is still theoretically possible. She is the greatest threat there is.

How To Defeat Urd?

The Plague Wounds and The Predator’s Claw are both crucial in this situation because we need her injuries to linger for a while so that we can use Predator’s Claw when it is fully charged, which is by far the most effective way to claw damage.

This will save the Plague Weapon and the Javelin Sword. Her Critical attack, which is her final move to watch out for, is a strong forward sword thrust presaged by the distinctive green flash.

The good news is that when utilized against a Critical strike, the fully upgraded bow has the same characteristic as the Feather Dart, so you can spam the bow as quickly as you see it approaching to counter for significant damage.

Urd always starts the second stage with the Ultimate, which activates each of his swords in the field at once and causes a huge explosion. Urd has two HP bars. When you see a red flash, run away from any location where there are no swords to avoid being hit by the explosion.

You will receive a Javelin Sword Skill Shard, a Forgotten Core, 9200 Memory Shards, and a Forgotten Feather for defeating Urd.


Varg is battled for the first time in the intro in a match that you are supposed to lose. Of course, he reappears later, and the complexity of this encounter is only about average. You must figure out a means to defeat Varg, a giant boy with an even bigger sword, using only a meager saber and a little dagger.

Fortunately, Varg is not much of a problem because he moves so slowly. Despite the variety of his attacks, they are all obvious from a mile. Simply time your deflects to occur at regular intervals and counter when you can. very conventional

How To Defeat Varg?

Providing you remain close to him, Varg’s slow close-range attacks—the horizontal sweep, overhead swing, or forward thrust—are always his first choice. The opportunity for success is rather large, and each of them can be easily prevented by just advancing past him before impact.

Make sure to wait for the second attack to launch before continuing your Saber combo because he usually always connects one of these strikes into another. Before he takes another attack, you can typically get 4-6 hits in, but be prepared to dodge at any time in case he chooses to change the pattern.

Varg will always begin phase two using his Ultimate, which entails a roar followed by a charge and an attempt to seize. Unfortunately, the range of this strike is VERY limited, so move as far from Varg as you can, then wait for the animation to finish before attacking again using the same tactics.

To eliminate him before you run out of potions, you must avoid and punish him repeatedly, but once you figure out the pattern, it is rather straightforward.

To end the fight and receive your prizes, which include some Giant Sword Skill Shards, a Forgotten Feather, Varg’s Core, and roughly 7600 Memory Shards, drain his second health bar and assassinate him once more.



These bosses are not extremely reckless or harmful. Although they still possess good offensive abilities, more seasoned players could easily beat them. Even inexperienced players may almost instantly beat B-Tier Thymesia bosses. These bosses are described as being fairly easy to beat and lacking in noteworthy action.

God of the fools

Another gimmick boss, although this one is more substantial. God Of The Fools is killed in one strike, but getting that strike takes climbing a complex wood structure. Of course, the monster and his numerous, strong minions were attacking you the entire time.

It all comes down to resource management and getting past some really difficult foes without wasting too much health. Of course, the boss is a piece of cake, but getting through the level is no stroll in the park.

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How To Defeat God of the Fools?

To ascend the ladder unhindered, you’ll likely need first to aggro all of the monsters and then distract them off it. To make the confrontation easier, removing the poison sac here wouldn’t be a bad idea, although it is unnecessary.

You may just dash straight through the last part once more (Miasma should have finished its cooldown by now), climb the last ladder, then dash through the top stage (don’t worry, you can’t fall the gaps in the bridges) and to the end. When asked, use the assault button to destroy God instantly.

Approximately 4,000 Memory Shards, an Alchemy Enhancer, a Forgotten Feather, some Fools’ Punch Skill Shards, and a Fool’s God’s Core are your rewards for slaying God of the Fools.

Sound of the Abyss

The Sound Of The Abyss can also be located at the Royal Garde. Even though it’s a gimmick battle that might quickly kill you, it’s still not as relaxed as the other options.

Even if you decide to withstand every hit, The Sound Of The Abyss only has three attacks with enormous delays, allowing you to finish it out in a few minutes. The infuriated instant-kill assault it unleashes just before it dies is the only thing you need to be looking for.

How To Defeat Sound of the Abyss?

To enter phase two, lower his first health bar and press the Sound button. This section is scripted. The Sound will attempt its crystal rain attack once more, but at this moment, it will also bang its head on the rock to surprise you.

You can move out to the sides to escape them, but be careful of the enormous stones that fall from the cliff on both ends around halfway through this section. If you manage to escape this string of assaults, the Sound will ultimately bash its head against the cliff, making its mouth gaping open.

To end the combat, approach the gaping mouth and press the Execute button. You will get 5800 Memory Shards, Vile Blood Shield Skill Shards, a Forgotten Feather, and the Sound of the Abyss Core as compensation for slaying the Sound of the Abyss.

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Hanged Queen

The Hanged Queen, Thymesia’s second required boss battle, is surprisingly the easiest among the five in our Thymesia Bosses Tier List. The hardest aspect is seeing what she does because of her enormous size. And what else? Once you get the hang of it, The Hanged Queen is a little pushover.

She only has a few moves and makes sluggish strikes, and you can quickly stop her from healing by striking her using your sword. She could kill you on the first try, but it’s improbable that she will succeed on your second try.

How To Defeat The Hanged Queen?

The Queen will leap away and collect blood after suffering some harm. She will either launch a blood projectile, which you may dodge with a sidestep, or she will use her healing power to regain a part of her white health. You get an opportunity to employ our potent new tool, the Whip, as quickly as she leaps away.

If you use the Whip’s special power to strike your enemy with the tip, you will be drawn toward them. It could take a few attempts to find the perfect distance, but once you do, you can utilize the Whip to stop her ranged attacks as well as quickly bridge the gap and continue striking her.

Bottom Line

Before those that are more easily defeated and lack spectacular maneuvers, those with the most iconic embodiments of action and movement are ranked. All of the bosses in our Thymesia Bosses tier list were graded based on how difficult they are and how intense of a Thymesia experience they provide.

Our team did significant web research to compare all of the bosses who dwell in Thymesia. We didn’t start organizing them into levels until after that. To include each of the bosses and provide as much information about them as we could, we also considered input from veteran Thymesia players who had finished the game.

Our crew comprises seasoned gamers and newcomers, and we’re all keen to inform our readers of the most recent developments in the gaming world. We do that by actively participating in the game, and Thymesia is no different.

The least degree of partiality was used in creating this Thymesia Bosses tier ranking. After much time was spent on it, you were offered the most trustworthy information.

Tier lists have always been a question of taste, and this is still true today. To continue the discussion about the Thymesia bosses, we welcome you to post a comment.

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