Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Class Tier List: BEST Classes

Our Tiny Tina's Wonderland class tier list categorizes all classes into various tiers depending on their strengths and weaknesses.

Like all other Borderland games, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has a variety of classes for players to choose from and create some of the best class combinations as well. None of these classes are awful, and each has its strengths and weaknesses that you can utilize to create overpowered or best builds. With such excellent options available, players often wonder which class is the best to learn and which one has the challenging learning curve. So, in this Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands classes tier list, we have ranked all classes and categorized them into various tiers depending on their strengths and weaknesses.

Key Highlights
  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Class collection lists six options in the base game and one extra DLC. 
  • Ranking of the Base Game Classes is based on ease of use, overall damage potential, and build complexity. 
  • The most self-sufficient Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Classes are Graveborn, Spellshot, and Spore warden. They possess fantastic damage potential and are more or less flawless. 
  • The Brr-Zerker and Clawbringer are amongst the weaker classes of the game, but one can still pull up a good offense if built right. 
  • Though no class is the worst, choosing a more efficient option will help you ace Tiny Tina Wonderland much more quicker.
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Class Tier List Ranking Table 
S-Tier Spellshot and Spore warden
A-Tier Stabbomancer and Graveborn
B-Tier Clawbringer and Brr-Zerker

S-Tier Classes

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands class Tier list

These classes are the best in Tiny Tina Wonderlands – when it comes to inflicting massive damage, They have lesser flaws, and these classes are more or less self-sufficient. If you are a rookie player choosing these classes will not disappoint you.

Spore warden

The spore warden is an excellent class if you prefer ranged attacks depending on your playstyle. It is often considered one of the best classes for beginners because of its easy playstyle and the lower cooldown on abilities. Moreover, this class can make your character self-sufficient, especially if you do not co-op with friends. The playstyle of this combat is easier for new players because this is an excellent class for a companion build, and your companion alone can inflict a lot of damage while you stay on the sidelines.


  • A great companion that can aid you during combat.
  • The action skill “Barrage” can inflict massive damage with its 7 arrows.
  • The action skill “Blizzard” can sweep away the enemies.
  • Low cooldowns in action skills.
  • The mushroom companion can revive your character if it falls in battle.


  • You would have to unlock the spore cloud skill of your companion to make this class more viable.
  • Weaker damage during the early game until you unlock more skills.
  • Depends on your companion a lot


The Spellshot is a mage class that focuses on casting spells to deal magical damage. This class has tremendous damage-dealing capabilities and a unique playstyle that utilizes spells. The skill tree has various options that can increase your spell damage. Moreover, you can also inflict significant damage with your guns with the magic bullets. The excellent spell damage potential makes it an S-Tier class in our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands class tier list.


  • Dedicated class to inflict spell damage.
  • Can inflict magical damage with gunshots.
  • Players can use polymorph to transform their characters into sheep to damage them effortlessly.
  • Spellweaving enhances spell damage greatly.


  • The action skills are weaker compared to many other classes.
  • Might need to pair up with a tank class for more durability.

A-Tier Classes

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands best class

While not as great as the S-Tier, these classes are not to be underestimated. They pack immense power inside them and are a fantastic choice depending on your playstyle.


The Graveborn is an excellent spellcasting class that can inflict large amounts of dark magic damage. Graveborn is suitable with almost every other class in the game and would work well if you pair the classes. The skill tree would allow you to make a fantastic companion build while increasing your dark magic damage. The tremendous damage potential makes it an A-Tier class in our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands class tier list.


  • Can inflict a significant amount of dark magic damage.
  • Excellent companion to aid you in combat by dealing damage.
  • The action skills can inflict a tremendous amount of dark damage.


  • Action skills deplete hp.
  • Character needs to be high leveled for better utilization of hp; moreover, better gear is also required.


The Stabbomancer is an excellent class to pick if you want to inflict a lot of critical attacks. The tremendous damaging potential can allow you to take down many bosses effortlessly. Moreover, this class gets great damage buff due to passive skills early in the game. The Stabbomancers show no mercy with their furious attacks in combat.


  • Stabbomancers can inflict a lot of furious critical attacks
  • The “Ghost Blade” action skill can allow you crowd control and inflict massive melee damage
  • The “From the Shadows” action skill can make you invisible, allowing you to deal damage efficiently.


  • Ghost Blade does not work well against targets standing far apart from each other.
  • The critical hits in “From The Shadows” skill inflicts less damage.

B-Tier Classes

 Tiny Tina's Wonderlands class Tier list

While not bad, these classes are not for rookies as some efforts need to be put into the builds of these classes to make them more viable, so these classes are ranked in B-Tier in our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands classes tier list. These classes are recommended for veteran players who are well familiar with the game’s mechanics.


Brr-Zerker is a cryo melee class or a gun user in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, so you can inflict a lot of cryo damage if you upgrade the skill tree. When the enemies are affected by frost, they get slowed down and damaged over time. Moreover, Brr-Zerkers can also completely freeze a target, making them immobile. So, this class might be helpful during combat, especially for beginners, as you can attack efficiently while the enemies are slowed down or Frozen.


  • Lots of cryo damage can also slow or freeze down an opponent.
  • Action skill “Dreadwind” can inflict continuous melee damage.
  • Feral surge can one-shot your opponent when their hp is below a specific percentage.
  • Can inflict tremendous damage when enraged.


  • Feral Surge is more effective for melee damage, posing challenges with ranged attacks.
  • Missing an attack with Feral Surge results in a long cooldown.
  • It’s recommended to pair Feral Surge with another class, as it excels as a tank or support class.


The Clawbringer is an excellent melee class that can inflict fire and lightning damage on your opponents; with their hammers, they can crush and destroy many enemies. Though their skill tree can be complicated and seem daunting to many new players, this class, however, can be one of the best for veteran players who are well familiar with the game mechanics.


  • Can inflict both fire and lightning damage.
  • Both action skills can inflict tremendous damage with the hammer.
  • Wyvern companion can inflict significant fire damage to the nearby enemies.


  • Skill tree comprises of various abilities, so it might be technical and harder for newer players to upgrade their skill tree.
  • Longer cooldown for action skills

This was all about our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands class Tier list; none of the classes are bad if they are built right. What is your favorite class? Who are you going to choose? Let us know in the comments below!

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Class Tier list Criteria

To create this Tier list, the action skills, abilities, and damage potential of various characters were taken into account to categorize them into multiple Tiers. Classes that are easier to use and can inflict significant damage are ranked higher than classes that require complicated builds. 

How Did We Rank Each Class?

The ranking of all Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands classes into respective tiers as we listed above is derived from so many hours of our gameplay and testing each classes’ potential in the field. 

Why Trust Us?

At Exputer, we strive to create as unbiased Tier lists as possible depending on the facts and figures. Still, Tier lists are subjective, and our opinion might differ from yours.

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