Tower of Fantasy Tier List [June 2023]

Our Tower Of Fantasy Character Tier List Ranks All Characters In Tiers To Help You Out.

We’ve ranked all of the available Simulacra in our Tower of Fantasy Tier List according to the strength of the weapons they unlock and the usefulness of those weapons throughout the game. Its advantage is that you can equip a lower-ranked SR character with an S-rank SSR weapon. It lets you plow through the game without a thought or care if you truly adore the character you created using the character creation screen or if you adore the appearance and demeanor of a lower-ranked SR character.

Key Highlights
  • Tower of Fantasy consists of a 14-character horde or ‘Simulacras’ as they are called in the game. 
  • Since characters and weapons bond closely in Tower of Fantasy, we have ranked characters based on how compelling of a weapon each option offers. 
  • The highlight characters of the Tower of Fantasy game are King (Scythe of the Crow), Huma (Molten Shield V2), and Samir (Dual EM Stars). 
  • The worst-performing Tower of Fantasy Simulacra is, fortunately, just one– the Ryusen Toshin (Saki Fuwa). The character’s stats are the most underwhelming in the entire list, which makes winning almost impossible, no matter how experienced a player is. 
  • Choosing the best Tower of Fantasy character will not only ensure an effortless and reliable playing contest but also ensure that you pull up a winning game out of a subpar weapon.

First of all, here is a quick glance at the stat comparison of the Characters and their weapons in Tower of Fantasy:

CharactersElementShatterChargeAttackResist HP
Scythe of the Crow – KingFlame12.
Molten Shield V2 – HumaFlame10.
Dual EM Stars – SamirVolt6.010.718.014.01165.0
Guren Blade – ClaudiaPhysical7.512.014.05.01010.0
Balmung – FriggFrost8.
Absolute Zero – CocoritterFrost4.012.515.07.01165.0
Rosy Edge – MerylFrost12.
Icewind Arrow – TsubasaFrost4.011.518.014.01165.0
Blazing Revolver – Cobalt-BFlame12.510.016.011.01010.0
Thunderblades – CrowVolt6.
Negating Cube – ZeroFlame5.
Venus – NemesisVolt6.
Chakram of the Seas – ShiroPhysical10.
Staff of Scars – PepperVolt4.
Nightingale’s Feather – Bai LingPhysical6.
Thunderous Halberd – EchoVolt11.07.0N/A11.01130.0
Ryusen Toshin – Saki FuwaFrost13.98.0N/A9.01165.0
The Terminator – HildaFrost10.
Pummeler – EneFrost10.

Here’s a summary of the Tower of Fantasy Tier List ranking characters:

Tower of Fantasy Tier List Characters Ranking Table
S-TierScythe of the Crow (King), Molten Shield V2 (Huma), and Dual EM Stars (Samir)
A-TierGuren Blade – Claudia, Balmung – Frigg, Absolute Zero – Cocoritter, Rosy Edge – Meryl, and Icewind Arrow – Tsubasa
B-TierBlazing Revolver – Cobalt-B, Thunderblades – Crow, Negating Cube – Zero, Venus – Nemesis, and Chakram of the Seas – Shiro
C-TierRyusen Toshin – Saki Fuwa


Tower of Fantasy Characters S-Tier

The strongest playable characters are included in the S tier of our Tower of Fantasy Character Tier List. The strongest Simulacra in this category will be quite helpful to you throughout a battle.

Samir (Dual EM Stars)

DPSVolt 610.718141165Dual fire, Bullet rain, Energy burst, Phandom kick

Samir may come out as laid-back and free-spirited, but even among the most elite Executors, she is the best gunslinger in the country. She has a wild side and likes to pull practical jokes and tricks on other people.

Samir is known for her damaging aerial and ground attacks, making her one of the best characters in our 2023 tier list for Tower Of Fantasy. She wields an extremely powerful weapon, and when the weapon is fully charged, it can Paralyze and Electrify enemies. Additionally, it can nullify all the buffs so the target cannot receive any buff for the next 6 seconds. 

She can deal damage of about 144% with a critical chance of 14. For her basic attack, she can fire a combo while in the air, dealing damage to the enemies below her. Moreover, as of our current evaluation of Samir, her attacks seem pretty easy to master, and she is a beginner-friendly character in Tower Of Fantasy. 

King (Scythe of the Crow)

DPSFlame12.5512.561165Normal attack, Rising scythe, Asunder, Sneak attack

King is a no-nonsense brawler who is noted for being straight-talking, arrogant, and always ready to use force when necessary. Although he consistently wins battles, he rarely has any money to his name, yet he is tough and dedicated when on a task.

For his weapon, he maneuvers a scythe called the Scythe Of Crow. His weapon is Fire Type, and when it is fully charged, it can deal damage from fire for about 8 seconds. Additionally, the ATK per second is about 58%, so your enemy takes a lot of time to recover from King’s attacks. Also, all of the targets will receive about 50% efficacy when it comes to healing. 

King starts at an HP of 1165. At a 6-star rank, the damage dealt will increase by 10%, and the attack can stack up to three times. The basic attacks of King in Tower Of Fantasy make him one of the best characters for beginners in our tier list. 


Tower of Fantasy Characters A-Tier

The Simulacra described below are frequently worth considering, even if they don’t have as many skill specializations as the S Tier Simulacra. They are great investments for all kinds of teams, thus if getting an S Tier Simulacra appears challenging, a player should make them their primary goal.

Tsubasa (Icewind Arrow)

DPSFrost411.518141165QuickDraw, Arrow rain, Air volley, Charged arrow

Tsubasa was once employed by Hykros, served as a Hyena officer, and is currently a member of the Descendants of Aida. She is a chatty, opportunistic person who is extremely intelligent beyond her years. She keeps her finger on the pulse to make sure she is always “where it buzzes.”

One of the best-ranged characters in our tier list is Tsubasa in Tower Of Fantasy. Her attacks are Ice Type, so you can expect Stun and Freeze debuffs from her. When her weapons are fully charged, she can Freeze the enemy target for about 2 seconds. Furthermore, she can deal with the Frostbite effect on her enemy which will last for about 6 seconds.

In case the target manages to break the Ice Shell, it will cause them additional damage of about 151% ATK. Her debuffs are the strongest in the game, proved by the fact that her target’s Weapon Charge will also reduce by about 50% when Frostbitten. 

Meryl (Rosy Edge)

Defense Frost1241571165Heavy cleave, Aerial strike, Rising slash, Sneak attack, Moonset slash, Whirlwind 

Meryl, the senior Hykros executioner, excels at even the most hazardous assignments thanks to her exceptional combat abilities. Although she tries to keep her emotions hidden and maintains a distance from everyone, she might come off as a little cold.

Meryl also deals in the Ice Type attacks. Thus, she can Stun and Freeze her enemies. When on One Star rank the Shutter Effect will increase by 15%. Furthermore, when you manage to Shatter the enemy’s shield while using Meryl, you will restore about 10% of HP.  

When reaching the Three Star rank you will obtain a Health Ice Shield. It has a 10% Health Value and it can last for about 10 seconds. When fully maximized, the Health Value of Ice Shield will go up to 20% and it will last up to 10 seconds. 

Coco Ritter (Absolute Zero)

Support Frost412.51571165Focused assault, Moonfall, Normal attack, Soaring barrage

Cocoritter is a nice and innocent young woman who specializes in taking good care of her comrades with the aid of her healing powers. She loves the snow and penguins dearly (and who could blame her? They’re very cute.

Coco Ritter is a great character for dealing with Stuns and Debuffs in Tower Of Fantasy.  When at one One Star rank she can summon a Healing Bee that will follow her wherever she goes. She will heal any ally that has the lowest HP within her range. Additionally, she will also restore about 50 Weapon Charge Points with a cooldown that lasts for 25 seconds. 

When she reaches the Three Star rank she can use her Sanctuary or Discharge skills to remove any of the debuffs from her targets. She can also use Control Effects and increase Shutter and Damage on enemies. Upon reaching Six Star rank, she can heal all allies by restoring 100% of their HP.  Thus, Coco Ritter is one of the best healers in our tier list for 2023 in Tower Of Fantasy. 


DPSPhysical 7.5121451010Quick slash, Jumping strike, Cyclone, Diving edge, Sneak attack

Claudia is a powerful, moral woman that you don’t want to meddle with. She is hailed as the leader and leader of all Simulacra and is renowned for inspiring dread in the hearts of their foes — just before she slashes them in half with her formidable, one-handed blade, of course. She does, however, have a secret affection for cats and is occasionally indecisive.

She maneuvers a Grievous Type weapon in Tower Of Fantasy. When her weapon is fully charged, it can inflict up to 137% ATK damage. The Grievous will last for about 7 seconds, and the target will take 20% extra damage during this duration. Claudia starts at an HP of 1165. You can get the Guren Blade weapon for Claudia when you perform the gacha summons.

Huma (Molten Shield V2)

Defense Flame10101491165Normal attack, Aerial strike, Valor, Anticipation

After suffering a rare condition that caused her to possess superhuman strength, Huma is now under the care of Hykros. Even though she tends to be fairly introverted, she is unstoppable once she sets her mind to anything.

Huma also deals damage using Fire Type attacks. When her weapon is fully charged, she can inflict Fire Damage for about 8 seconds. Additionally, the inflamed targets will receive about 50% efficacy when it comes to healing. When on One Star rank, she can get a stack of the strong shield when she uses the discharge attack called Seething Rage. If you switch to Axe Form, you can get increased damage of about 15% using Sharp Axe attacks.

Upon reaching the Three Star rank, all her Dodge and Branch attacks will deal additional damage to her enemies, equal to about 4% of the player’s current health. When maximized, she can use the Shield Conversion Enhancement, which will increase the damage to about 60%. Additionally, the Flame Zone will also increase in radius by about 30%. 



B Tier Simulacra frequently perform exceptionally well while not being the finest. You’ll see, for example, that some Simulacra excel at some game mechanics while faltering at others.

Shiro (Chakram of the Seas)

DPSPhysical 10619131165Rapid throw, Air spin, Scatter, Sneak attack, Aerial discharge 

You’ll have a hard time getting close to Shiro if you don’t share her enthusiasm for the water because she is an intensely focused scientist. She was able to change a crucial component of a desalination machine, giving her a defensive tool that is incredibly durable and sturdy.

Shiro deals Grievous Type attacks that can inflict damage of about 137% ATK. When on One Star rank, she can use her Full Bloom attack that will deal Elemental Shattering Effect on the enemies within range. Upon reaching the Three Star rank in Tower Of Fantasy, Shirou can increase the Shutter Effect by 15%. 

Furthermore, she will also reset all the Weapon Skill cooldowns when she shatters the enemy’s shield. When she reaches her maximum potential, she will get a 100% crit chance after using Full Bloom which will last for about 8 seconds. Thus Shiro is one of the best damage dealers in our Tower Of Fantasy tier list. 

Bai Ling (Nightingale’s Feather)

DPSPhysical61019141130Quickdraw, Charged arrow, Air Volley, Arrow rain

As the HT201 Shelter’s current leader, Bai Ling is in charge of both daily management and combat leadership. She only recently assumed the position though, but she still seems a little overburdened and frazzled by all the duties. She’s diligent, careful, attentive, skilled with numbers, and has everything it takes to keep the shelter in top condition.

Bai Ling also deals with attacks of the Grievous Type. Her HP stands at about 653 so she might not be an ideal character for late-game battles. She uses a weapon called Nightingale’s Feather. Her ranged attacks might not be that strong, but you can still use her as a support in the early game. 

Zero (Negating Cube)

Support Flame5131491165Normal attack, Energy overflow, Omnium shock, Energy missile, Energy Sentinel 

Zero is a super-smart computer genius who has erased all traces of his true identity and personal information. He seems to be around 15 years old. Because of his aggressive competitive nature and sharp wit, he disregards everything he perceives to be useless.

Zero deals Fire Type attacks, and his weapon is called the Negating Cube. When his weapon is fully charged, he can set a target on fire that will last for about 8 seconds. During this duration, the target enemy will receive 58% damage from the attack every second. Additionally, the inflamed target will also receive 50% efficacy when it comes to healing. The starting HP of Zero is 1165.

He can produce a Healing Orb that will store the HP of any teammate that picks it up. The Healing Orb will last for about 20 seconds before disappearing. He can also produce a Damaging Orb that will increase the damage ratio of a teammate that picks it up. It will last for about 30 seconds, and the allies will get a 2% increase in damage. 


SupportVolt410105753Soaring barrage, Normal attack, Moonall

Pepper, who is a rich Banges family ancestor, is intelligent and kind. Since her parents’ aberration-related deaths and subsequent incarceration, She has trained in the medical division of Hykros to find a solution to treat the illness.

Pepper uses Lightning Type attacks that can inflict Paralysis on her enemies. When her weapon is fully charged, she can Electrify her enemies for about 6 seconds. During the attack duration, she can negate all the buffs and deal damage of about 67%. When she has inflicted Paralysis upon her targets, they cannot receive any buffs for six seconds. 

She can also heal her allies within a 10-meter range when she uses the Dodge Skill. Pepper uses Missiles to attack her enemies, and when she reaches 6 Star rank, she can grant her allies with a 60% Damage Reduction. 

Echo (Thunderous Halberd)

DPSVolt117N/A111130Thrust, Jumping strike, Spear flurry, Sneak attack

Manaka, who was born in Warren Snowfield, had aspirations of leaving the snowy region and traveling to other parts of the globe. She was nine years old when her shelter was demolished, killing both of her parents. A passing merchant saved her and sent her to a rehabilitation center in Bangs. She has now adopted the persona of a Wastewalker and set off on a journey to eradicate evil.

Echo also uses Lightning Type attacks that can Paralyze her enemies for about one second. She can also inflict Shock status on her target, which will last for six seconds and clear all the enemy’s buffs. Additionally, she can also deal 106 percent damage.

Her Signature Ability is called the Moon Chaser, which can reduce the ATK of her target by 5% and increase her ATK by 5%. The effect will last for 15 seconds. When she is at her maximum potential, she can deal 100% more damage using her Discharge Skill. 



C Tier Simulacra don’t perform well at all. It’s better to stay away from these characters or switch them as soon as possible.

Crow (Thunderblades)

DPSVolt6818141165Twin blades, Sky flurry, Rapid lunge, Spiral drive, Sneak attack 

Crow is an assassin that strives to punish wrongdoers and absolve them of their crimes. He is a strong, swift, and crafty assassin who moves quicker than the thunder he wields. He’s upbeat, a cat lover, and tends to hide at night, planning his next move while lurking in the shadows.

Crow deals damage using his weapon called the Thunder Blades. His weapon can Paralyze and Electrify his enemies. Furthermore, he can clear all the buffs his target Enemy has received. He can deal 144% damage using his weapon. 

The Backstabbing attacks can increase the critical attack rate of his dual blades by 40%. When reaching the six Star rank he can deal 20% increased damage using Volt Type attacks that will last for 20 seconds.  

Ene (Pummeler)

DefenseFrost10695753Pummel, Shockwave, Sneak attack, Focus smash, Normal attack

Ene is a backup of the daughter of the project owner, who finally obtained the right to exist as a human. She is the prototype of the battle droids created by a private military contractor. She is forceful and disruptive yet dislikes working in a group.

She specializes in Freeze and Stun attacks and can produce an Ice Shell around her enemies. When the enemies break her Ice Shell, they will receive 111 percent damage. She can Taunt her enemies and reduce the damage received by 50% after she takes damage when she is in the Three Star rank. Her normal attacks can Stun her enemies for 2.5 seconds. When using her Discharge Skills, she can deal a 10% increase in damage to her enemies. 

Hilda (The Terminator)

DPSFrost1010112753Normal Attack, Dodge, Turret

She’s a gun-toting, amiable, but forgetful Banges Port gal, and everyone knows her name. She has near-celebrity status among the children of the port due to her popularity with them and her talent at negotiations.

Hilda uses a Terminator weapon that can Stun and Freeze her enemies. Her normal attacks can stack up to 15 times with increased damage of 1% every second. When reaching the Six Star rank, the damage and Shatter of her normal attacks will increase by 60%. 

How To Re-Roll In Tower Of Fantasy

Rerolling is a crucial component of many gacha games, and Tower of Fantasy is no exception. This comprehensive tutorial on re-rolling is available in our Tower Of Fantasy Tier List.

Create An Account

You must enter an email address and confirm your information. It’s vital to keep in mind that there isn’t an account cancellation. Therefore, you will need to connect your profile to a brand-new email address when you begin the reroll process.

Additionally, wait until you’ve found an account you wish to maintain before utilizing your preferred username. Once you’re satisfied with your results, you may go to the shop and spend a few Dark Crystals to have your name changed.

Reach The Ecological Station Intruders Mission

In this mission, you’ll need to interact with the Scrapper bot and take out several adversaries. Talk with the Scrapper once again to access the gacha system after eliminating the adversaries.

Claim The Pre-Registration Rewards

For five pulls on the standard Abundance of Ida banner and two 10x draws on a Weapons Galore banner, you will get 5 Black Nucleus with 20 Gold Nucleus.

Spend All The Currency

Choose the Special Orders selection from the menu by pressing Esc, and then begin pulling.

Repeat Process If You Don’t Get Weapons You Want

Tower of Fantasy’s reroll system is quite complicated compared to other gacha games. The journey to The Ecological Station Intruders Mission will take around 20 minutes, so once you’ve completed all of your roles, the full process takes about 25 minutes.

On launch day, hours of rerolling may be necessary, given the requirement to set up unique emails for each account creation.

Tower of Fantasy Tier List Criteria

We investigated every Simulacra that may cause considerable harm and every weapon ability that couldn’t be selected fairly. Despite their strength, certain Simulacra are difficult to obtain. Simulacra DMG and weapons need to function effectively with the least amount of extra labor.

We’ve done all possible to ensure you are aware of the top Tower of Fantasy characters on our Tier List. The S-A Tiers are still the best option for you. Therefore, we still suggest sticking with them. However, who you choose to add to your squad is entirely up to you.

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