War Of The Vision Tier List [Full Rankings 2023]

Rank up your game with the ultimate units of War of the Visions using our Tier List!

In the War of the Visions Tier List, many powerful units are ranked. They all have unique abilities and attributes. We have evaluated the best units available in the popular mobile game War of the Visions. The game features a turn-based combat system where players can collect, upgrade, and customize different characters to build their teams.

Key Takeaways
  • The S-tier units are among the most powerful in the game, with top-tier abilities and stats that make them formidable in battle.
  • Orlandeau is a popular S-tier unit due to her great damage output and survivability, making her a strong pick for any team.
  • Mediena is another S-tier favorite due to her speed and evasiveness, which allow her to dodge attacks and deal heavy damage.
  • In the A-tier, Lucia is a solid choice thanks to her strong offensive abilities, mobility, and survivability in battle.
  • Thancred is also a popular B-tier pick, with his frontline attacking skills, good survivability, and ability to attack distant enemies.
  • The C-tier includes Whisper, a tank with good defense and avoidance abilities but limited offensive capabilities.
  • The units in the D-tier are generally considered to be lackluster in their abilities, stats, and versatility in battle and are not recommended for most battles, such as Nasha, Grace, etc.

We have classified the units into four tiers, namely S, A, B, C, and D, based on their effectiveness in the game. In this tier list, we will examine the strengths and weaknesses of the top characters. 

S-TierOrlandeau, Mediena
A-TierLucia, Rain, Miranda,, Sterne Leonis, Frederika, Gilgamesh, Ayaka, Engelbert
B-TierFryevia, Kitone, Ramza, Yerma, Thancred
C-TierWhisper, Aileen, Xiza, Robb Hourne, Oelde Leonis, Macherie
D-TierNasha, Gafgarion, Vistralle,, Little Leela, Grace


The S tier of the FFBE WOTV tier list contains the most powerful and versatile characters in the game. Players should prioritize using these characters as they will help them progress the most quickly.



Orlandeau is undoubtedly the best unit in FFBE WOTV. He is an exceptional damage dealer with remarkable survivability due to his high HP stat.

ClassSword Saint
RoleHigh HP, ATK
Attack TypePhysical
  • His unique passive skill, “Thunder God,” allows him to excel at damage dealing.
  • Additionally, he has a significant range.
  • This enables him to attack enemies from up to five squares away.

However, he has low mobility, which can be a disadvantage if he runs out of AP before the fight is finished.


Mediena is quite versatile in any type of content and is one of the strongest agricultural units in the wotv game.

ClassBlack Mage
Attack TypeStrongest Agriculture
  • She is an amazing auto-farmer and can use her limit burst on the first turn.
  • She has a very powerful “Flare” spell for end-game content.
  • However, she has low survivability and falls off in late-game PvP auto-arena.


The A tier of the FFBE WOTV tier list contains characters who are good at their roles but not as versatile as the S tier characters. They are strong and have good stats.



Lucia is another top-tier character on wotv.

Attack TypePhysical
  • She has powerful long-range attacks.
  • She is particularly good at eliminating tanky units.
  • Her basic statistics are excellent, making her a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

This makes her an essential unit. However, her only drawback is her low magical defense, which makes her vulnerable to units like Mediena.


Rain is an adaptable character who can be effective as a magic tank.

RoleDMG, Debuff
Attack TypePhysical
  • Rain is a physical damage dealer.
  • He can use limit burst as his first move and has some decent debuffs.
  • However, he requires his event weapon to be maxed out and equipped to shine truly.

Additionally, the fact that he deals both physical and magical damage makes it hard to find any good vision cards that work well with him.


Miranda is an excellent support unit.

ClassGreen Mage
Attack TypeMagic
  • He is capable of providing serious aid with “Quicken” and “Haste” spells.
  • She can also use her limit burst on the first turn and has decent survivability compared to other casters.
  • However, she requires full awakening to show her actual value as a damage dealer.

Sterne Leonis

Sterne is one of the biggest single-target damage dealers in the game.

Attack TypePhysical
  • He has a “Shuriken” ability.
  • Due to his Shuriken ability, he can attack enemies from afar.
  • He has very high single-target damage, good mobility, and can attack enemies from afar.
  • He has poor survivability.


Frederika is a ranged unit.

Attack TypePhysical
  • She can make kites at her enemies with strong initial shots before they can damage her.
  • She has long-range attacks and dominates the PvP arena.
  • She has great reaction abilities.
  • She is slow at auto-farming and not the best at PvE content.


Gilgamesh is another amazing unit. 

ClassSword Saint
Attack TypePhysical
  • Gilgamesh has a unique “Kotetsu” ability.
  • He has access to “Quick” and “Haste” abilities.
  • He’s great for auto-farming.

However, he only shows his real potential at Lv. 80+ is very difficult to limit break. He is known as a unit for “whales” – those who spend a lot of money on the game.


Ayaka is the best healing and polishing unit in the game.

ClassWhite Mage
Attack TypeMagic
  • He is capable of dealing with magic damage.
  • She shows her true potential and power in tower mode and sometimes on certain PvP arena teams.

She currently only has a niche use for PvP and is not relevant until Tower mode arrives. Her auto-mode performance is poor due to bad AI.


Engelbert is the best tank in the game.

Attack TypePhysical
  • He can debuff enemies with his knight sub job.
  • With the right abilities, he can lower all damage he takes to 1.
  • He only works well when coupled with a highly damaging unit. Moreover, his auto-mode performance is also poor.


The units in the B-tier are decent but fall short compared to those in the higher tiers. While they have some useful abilities and stats, they often lack the versatility and strength of S and A-tier units. These units can still be useful in certain battles, but they may require more strategic planning and support to succeed.



Fryevia is an excellent unit for attacking with spears. 

ClassIce Princess
Attack TypeHybrid
  • She has excellent movement.
  • She has two revives and is good at taking down long-range enemies.
  • Fryevia is weak and can get one-shot very quickly.


Kitone is another decent unit.

Attack TypePhysical
  • Kitone has great mobility and great evasion abilities.
  • This makes her an excellent unit for dodging enemy attacks.
  • She doesn’t have any good ranged attacks, making her less useful against enemies that are far away.


Ramza is another decent B-Tier unit.

RoleATK, Buff
Attack TypePhysical
  • Ramza is a great unit for dealing both magical and physical damage.
  • He has access to powerful buffs and excellent mobility.
  • His damage output is somewhat lacking compared to other units.


Yerma is one of the strongest units in the game.

Attack TypePhysical
  • Due to her Viking sub-job, which allows her to deal impressive area damage to surrounding enemies, she is considered the strongest unit.
  • Her wide range of offensive abilities, coupled with her good mobility and survivability, makes her a force to be reckoned with.
  • Her reaction abilities are relatively weak, which can leave her exposed to enemy attacks without proper counters. 


Thancred is another unit that deserves to be in B-tier.

Attack TypePhysical
  • He has good survivability.
  • He also has good support.
  • Thancred can attack enemies from afar.
  • He has no limit to burst ability, which can limit his usefulness in certain situations. Additionally, he is a limited unit, which means that he can be difficult to obtain.


The units in the C-tier are generally average in terms of abilities and stats, with a few notable weaknesses that prevent them from being more effective in battle. While they may be useful in certain situations, they are generally not as versatile or powerful as units in the higher tiers.



Whisper has average in terms of abilities and stats.

ClassBlue Mage
Attack TypeMagic
  • Whisper is a tank with excellent defense and avoidance.
  • She can be an active debuffer.
  • Her low HP means that her role is primarily to be a tank, which can limit her usefulness in certain situations.


Aileen is a powerful unit.

Attack TypePhysical
  • In the early game, she has high basic ATK power and a powerful limit burst.
  • Additionally, she must be fully awakened to unlock her best skill, “Nighthawk,” which can make her difficult to use in certain situations.
  • Her low movement and limited damage output in the late game can make her less useful than other units.


Xiza is an excellent chaining unit.

Attack TypePhysical
  • She has a thief sub-job.
  • This allows her to steal and use a stolen heart.
  • Xiza damage output is inadequate, and she can be outperformed by other dark element units.

Robb Hourne

Robb Hourne is a good unit.

ClassRed Mage
Attack TypeHybrid
  • Robb Hourne has a high base critical rating
  • He has an excellent starting AP.
  • This makes him an excellent unit to use at the start of battles.
  • Robb’s low HP and mobility can make him vulnerable to attacks, which can limit his usefulness in certain situations.

Oelde Leonis

Oelde is a powerful unit.

Attack TypePhysical
  • Oelde Leonis has the highest HP and ATK values among all other units.
  • This makes him an excellent spearman.
  • He can also tank if needed, making him a versatile unit.
  • His mobility is low, and his monk sub-job abilities are weak, which can limit his usefulness in certain situations.


Macherie is a potent unit.

ClassTime Mage
Attack TypeMagic
  • Macherie is a powerful light magic user with good survivability
  • He has the ability to buff with a “light veil” and “dark veil.”
  • Macherie has limited offensive capabilities and may struggle in situations where she is required to deal heavy damage.


These units are ranked in the D-tier due to their lackluster abilities, mediocre stats, and limited versatility in battle. While they may have some niche uses in specific situations, they are generally not recommended for use in most battles.



Nasha is a physical attacker.

Attack TypePhysical
  • She has mediocre stats all around.
  • Her abilities are nothing special, and her damage output is lackluster compared to other physical attackers in the game.
  • She also lacks any kind of sustain or defensive options.
  • Nasha is not a liability in tougher battles.

Gafgarion (Dark Knight)

Gafgarion is a slow unit.

ClassDark Knight
Attack TypePhysical
  • He is a melee-focused unit with average stats.
  • He has unremarkable abilities.
  • His dark knight sub-job gives him some versatility.
  • Gafgarion’s limited mobility and lack of range mean that he struggles to keep up with more agile enemies.


Vistralle is a magic-focused unit.

Attack TypePhysical
  • He has a mediocre damage output
  • He is a D-Tier as he has unimpressive abilities.
  • While he can buff his own magic power, he lacks any kind of healing and supportive options, making him a risky pick for most battles.

Little Leela

Little Leela is a support unit.

ClassGreen Mage
Attack TypeMagic
  • She has low HP and weak abilities.
  • While her ability to steal TP can be useful in certain situations, she lacks any kind of healing or damage output, making her a liability in most battles.
  • She is a weak unit and can only be used as a support.


Grace has decent stats.

Attack TypePhysical
  • Grace is a melee-focused unit.
  • She has lackluster abilities.
  • While she can buff her own damage output, her limited mobility and lack of range mean that she struggles to keep up with more agile enemies.
  • She lacks any kind of defensive options, making her a risky pick for most battles.


In conclusion, War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a strategy RPG that requires players to plan their moves and choose their units wisely and carefully. The tier list provided can be a helpful guide for players looking to build a strong team, but it’s important to remember that there are many factors to consider beyond just a unit’s ranking.

Players should also take into account their own play style, as well as the current meta and what other players are using. With a diverse cast of characters and a deep combat system, War of the Visions offers a satisfying and engaging experience for fans of both the Final Fantasy series and strategy games. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the franchise,


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