Wild Hearts Tier List: Best & Worst Weapons

Slay monsters in style by mastering each & every weapon in Wild Hearts!

For most, Wild Hearts is just another Monster Hunter game that offers more or less the same experience. However, we think there are too many new things veterans of MH series would appreciate, such as weapons, if they’re coming from the famous monster slaying series of video games.

Weapon modes, and the playstyles they offer in Wild Hearts is something you may have seen before, but still there is a steep learning curve as not all of them are good enough. That is why you must learn the overall ranking of the arsenal by going through our Wild Hearts weapons tier list.

Key Takeaways

Wild Hearts features 8 weapons in the game, and each offers a unique playstyle & learning curve.

  1. Karakuri Katana: Master combos and convert into a whip for improved range and damage.
  2. Karakuri Staff: String together combos by switching between weapons and strikes, unleashing the Juggernaut Blade.
  3. Nodachi: Slow but powerful weapon requiring mastery of charging mechanics for devastating blows.
  4. Claw Blade: Assault vulnerable areas with persistent strikes, leading to an ultimate move for aerial acrobatics.
  5. Maul: Despite slow speed, capable of performing devastating combinations.
  6. Bladed Wagasa: Quick counter-attacking playstyle with piercing strikes and special attacks.
  7. Bow: Ideal for long-range attacks.
  8. Hand Cannon: Deals serious damage up close to enemies.

Here is our Tier List Summary:

S TierA TierB TierC Tier
Karakuri Katana
NodachiMaulHand Cannon
Karakuri StaffClaw BladeBladed Wagasa
Important: All eight weapons in the game are equally good & it all boils down to how you play, learn & master each one with time. However, few weapons are easy to pick and play than others.


Weapons tier list - Wild Hearts
S-tier Wild Hearts Weapons

The S-ranking Wild Hearts weapon tier list has the most useful & versatile weapons. The learning curve is slow but steady & you can pretty much master these weapons in couple of hours. There are a lot of playstyles that you can adapt to should you main these 2 weapons in the game. 

Karakuri Katana A powerful and flexible weapon in Wild Hearts, offering a variety of attacks and combos. It can transform into a whip-like blade in Unleash mode, significantly increasing its range and damage output. Combining light, heavy, and special attacks allows for versatile gameplay, including quick burst damage and devastating combos. Unique attacks add further tactical options, making it a top choice for skilled players.
Karakuri Staff With its ability to transform into various forms like staff, spear, shuriken, or dual blades, the Karakuri Staff offers adaptability in combat. It rewards players who can string together combos by switching between forms, building up the mutation meter for powerful finishers like the Juggernaut Blade. Despite its initial complexity, it becomes easier to wield with practice, making it a formidable weapon in skilled hands.


Weapons tier list - Wild Hearts
A-tier Wild Hearts Weapons

The A-ranking Wild Hearts tier list contains 2 weapons that offer amazing combo combinations along with decent damage output. The learning curve of these weapons is tad bit sluggish compared to S-tier ones. Still, if hunting monsters in the game is your hobby then this extra challenge should keep you hooked in the game.   

Nodachi The nodachi is a massive weapon known for its devastating force and slower but powerful three-hit combo. Mastering its usage requires understanding its charging mechanics, which take around five and a half seconds. Effective tactics include charging, rolling to dodge attacks, and striking the monster with the major hit at opportune moments. Recommended skills focus on increasing big charged hit damage and improving stamina management.
Claw Blade The Claw Blade is a dual-sided weapon offering two modes: Claw and Blades, featuring light, heavy, and special attacks, as well as aerial moves. In Claw Mode, you can attach to enemies, use unique light and heavy combos, and build up super for powerful attacks. Strategies involve maximizing damage on weak points, managing stamina effectively, and mastering its unique movement. Beneficial skills include those increasing damage and elemental paths.


Weapons tier list - Wild Hearts
B-tier Wild Hearts Weapons

The B-ranking Wild Hearts tier list contains 3 weapons and all of them are versatile ones that offer unique playstyle. The speed of these three weapons is much slower than others but these compensate for it in the damage-dealing department.

Weapon WHY C TIER?
Maul Despite visually appealing combo-based attacks, the Maul’s slow speed limits its effectiveness. While it packs a punch with devastating combinations, skilled use is required for maximum damage. Key tactics involve focusing on Attack 1 extension combos and utilizing Karakuri for utility.
Bladed Wagasa The Bladed Wagasa offers a fast-hitting, counter-attacking playstyle but is challenging to master. While it can change damage types and features various combos, parrying attacks to counter requires filling a gauge. Mastering its rapid playstyle can be rewarding, but it may not suit all players.
Bow The Bow serves as a ranged weapon with various stances and abilities. While it offers high-speed arrows and increased damage potential, it requires skill and practice to master. Despite its long-range capabilities, it may not be as versatile or effective as other options in certain situations.


Weapons tier list - Wild Hearts
C-tier Wild Hearts Weapons

We could not find any better place for Hand Cannon than C-rank in our Wild Hearts Weapons tier list. Even though the weapon does massive damage, is unlocked early and offers amazing moves and combos in hunting monsters. Still, we see little utility of it when compared to other amazing weapons the game offers you. 

Hand Cannon The Hand Cannon in Wild Hearts, while capable of massive damage and offering amazing moves and combos, is placed in the C-rank due to its limited utility compared to other weapons. Unlocked early in Chapter 2, it features basic moves like firing the gun and creating a key base for charge regeneration. Mastering its utilization and linked gameplay cycle rewards experienced players, focusing on amassing heat and establishing a secure key base to maximize the laser strike’s effectiveness.

Wild Hearts Weapons Tier List Criteria

A couple of writers at eXputer experienced all eight weapons in the game and after a long discussion we came up with the tier ranking that you can see above. It should be noted that the weapon ranking can change with time if developers decide to launch an update, nerfing or buffing weapons in the process.

This brings us to the end of our Wild Hearts tier list. What is your go-to weapon so far in the game and why? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.  


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