Wild Hearts Tier List: Best & Worst Weapons

Slay monsters in style by mastering each & every weapon in Wild Hearts!

For most, Wild Hearts is just another Monster Hunter game that offers more or less the same experience. However, we think there are too many new things veterans of MH series would appreciate, such as weapons, if they’re coming from the famous monster slaying series of video games.

Weapon modes, and the playstyles they offer in Wild Hearts is something you may have seen before, but still there is a steep learning curve as not all of them are good enough. That is why you must learn the overall ranking of the arsenal by going through our Wild Hearts weapons tier list.

Key Takeaways
  • Wild Hearts features 8 weapons in the game, and each offers a unique playstyle & learning curve.
  • Mastering the Karakuri Katana’s combos and converting it into a whip for improved range and damage is the best way to deliver powerful strikes and deadly combos in Wild Hearts.
  • The Karakuri Staff is best at allowing players to string together successive combos by switching freely between weapons and strikes and increasing the mutation meter to unleash the destructive Juggernaut Blade.
  • The nodachi is a slow but powerful weapon that requires mastering its charging mechanics to deliver a devastating blow to monsters.
  • The Claw Blade is best at viciously assaulting vulnerable areas with persistent strikes and combinations that build up to the ultimate move, allowing the user to fly through the air and spin and tear through opponents.
  • The Maul is best at performing devastating combinations despite its slow speed.
  • Bladed wagasa is best at quick counter-attacking playstyle with the ability to pierce and strike several times with combos while filling up a gauge for special attacks.
  • The Bow is best at long-range attacks in Wild Hearts.
  • The Hand Cannon is best at doing serious damage up close to the kimono in Wild Hearts.

Here is our Tier List Summary:

S TierA TierB TierC Tier
Karakuri Katana
NodachiMaulHand Cannon
Karakuri StaffClaw BladeBladed Wagasa
Important: All eight weapons in the game are equally good & it all boils down to how you play, learn & master each one with time. However, few weapons are easy to pick and play than others.


Weapons tier list - Wild Hearts
S-tier Wild Hearts Weapons

The S-ranking Wild Hearts weapon tier list has the most useful & versatile weapons. The learning curve is slow but steady & you can pretty much master these weapons in couple of hours. There are a lot of playstyles that you can adapt to should you main these 2 weapons in the game. 

Karakuri Katana 

Primary attacksLight attack combo, heavy attack combo, special attack combo
Unique attacks (with Karakuri)Crate jump, spring attack, torch attack, glider
Unleash modeTransforms weapon into whip-like blade, enhances range and damage
Key moves in Unleash modeLight attack combo, heavy attack combo, transform attack
Combos and techniquesWeaving combos, burst combos, evasive slide attack, sunder slash, triple crate
TipsUse light and special attack combo for quick burst damage, heavy attack combo for maximum DPS, transform attack into heavy combo for devastating damage, use unique attacks to close gaps and deal elemental damage

The Karakuri Katana is a powerful and flexible weapon in the game Wild Hearts. The core of its fighting is composed on quick combos and sliding blows. Unleashed, however, the weapon becomes a whip-like blade with double the range and much increased damage. Any strike with this enhancement will do double damage and will be very effective. The game’s hardest strikes and greatest combinations may be achieved with this weapon if you pay attention and use it to its full extent.

Light attack, heavy attack, and special attack are the three primary combinations with the Karakuri Katana. The light attack combination is quite simplistic, consisting of just five hits that won’t do anything but won’t deplete stamina either. The heavy attack combination begins with a forward sprint and strike, followed by several sheathed hits collectively known as slash burst, and it’s fantastic. While the special attack combination is time-consuming and stamina-consuming, it does include certain crucial components, such as the sliding slash.

Some components of each combination serve specialized functions. One particularly effective tactic is the sliding assault. To avoid damage while fighting, you may use a strong strike followed by a special move that allows you to sprint ahead and then slip fade away. The Sunder cut is a term for this action. A light strike followed by a special attack creates a burst of damage that may be finished off with a Sunder slash.

The unleash super transforms the weapon into a whip, which is perhaps the most interesting feature. You’ll be able to inflict more damage with each strike and move farther with more ease because of this. Improves the damage and range of the basic strikes, as well as the crate jump and spring leap.

In conclusion, the Karakuri Katana is a powerful and adaptable sword that may be used in a wide variety of situations. By mastering its combinations and weaving them to maximize their power, you can unleash some of the hardest strikes and most devastating combos in the game.

By converting the weapon into a whip, you are able to unleash its full power, boosting your attacks, expanding your reach, and increasing your damage. Attacks with katanas are distinct for each weapon and have their own purposes. Kill your foes with the Karakuri Katana by using its many techniques, combos, and weaving combinations.

Karakuri Staff

Weapon Mode/FormLight ComboHeavy SpecialFunction
StaffRegular beat em up comboBig flip jump slam.Melee
Dual BladesRapid multi-hit regular comboBig leaping gap closing ground covering slice.Melee
Giant ShurikenCouple swipesHeavy special is to throw it for a lot of multi-hits through the kimono and then catch it.Ranged
SpearBig slicing chopsSlow wind-up spinning multi-hit thrust, which does an appreciable amount of damage.Melee

The Karakuri Staff is a powerful and adaptable weapon that can be changed into a staff, spear, shuriken, or twin blades. The Karakuri Staff is one of the easier weapons to wield after you become accustomed to it, despite its intimidating appearance at the start of the game. The objective is to string together successive combos by switching freely between weapons and strikes, increasing the mutation meter, and finally using the destructive Juggernaut Blade.

A major benefit of the Karakuri Staff is the speed with which its mutation meter may be built up because to the weapon’s exceptional portability when unsheathed. There is a light combination and a heavy, more special strike for each of the four weapons. The mutation meter is filled up with each successful transformation from one weapon form to another, which is achieved by hitting the mutate button at the appropriate moment. With four segments or more, you unlock the devastating Juggernaut Blade, which may be used in a two-hit combination to do a lot of damage.

You need to be able to foresee your way through the combinations and transformations depending on the opening the kimono provides if you want to pull off the Juggernaut Blade reliably. This is the essence of weapon mastery. Memorizing what changes into what and your available choices as a result of each transformation is more important than mastering complex inputs or combinations.

The Karakuri Staff has a number of beneficial talents, including those that increase the amount of time before the mutation bar resets, the starting mutation level, and the amount of damage taken while mutating.

As a whole, the Karakuri Staff is a dynamic and rewarding weapon to wield, giving a new way to approach the game via skill and experience. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can learn to use the weapon effectively and defeat even the hardest monsters.


Weapons tier list - Wild Hearts
A-tier Wild Hearts Weapons

The A-ranking Wild Hearts tier list contains 2 weapons that offer amazing combo combinations along with decent damage output. The learning curve of these weapons is tad bit sluggish compared to S-tier ones. Still, if hunting monsters in the game is your hobby then this extra challenge should keep you hooked in the game.   


Weapon TypeHeavy
Basic attackThree-hit combo
Charge upStart from unshift or after any attack; it takes 5.5 seconds to charge up
Charging strategyWait just over 5 seconds of charge time and hit the monster with the big hit.
Rolling strategyRoll while charging to dodge attacks while still charging up hit
Spring interactionUse spring while charging to restore stamina and buy extra time
Monster strategyKnow the monster and when it’s safe to attack
Armor/weapon skillsLook for skills that increase big charged hit damage and improve stamina management.

You need to learn how to make the most of the nodachi, a massive weapon in the game that packs a serious punch. Let’s begin with the fundamentals. The nodachi is a slow and lumbering weapon that makes up for its lack of agility with its devastating force. Your standard three-hit combination is slower but more powerful as it progresses. We’ll discuss the unshifted variation that can be done from sprinting or while charging shortly.

Learning how to charge up the nodachi for the big strike is the most crucial aspect of mastering this weapon. You have around five and a half seconds to charge up from the time you unshift or the time you launch an attack. Using a charge effectively requires a lot of energy.

You may continue to charge while on the go, but your progress will be much slower. The objective is to locate just more than five seconds of charging time before delivering the monster’s fatal blow, which has a tremendous area of effect.

You may use the nodachi effectively by charging at the monster, rolling to avoid damage, and then landing a powerful blow. You may roll out of the way of an attack while still charging up your hit since the charge is not cancelled but rather paused for the length of the roll.

You can iframe and go a fair distance while charging the spring. Use of the spring during a charge recovers stamina for as long as you are in the air/on the spring, which might afford you precious seconds to land a strike.

In sum, the nodachi is a very useful weapon, but mastering its usage requires time and effort. Key tactics include charging, rolling, and striking the monster with the major hit, with the spring interaction and minor strikes also being useful. Having the knowledge of when to attack and the ability to use the nodachi efficiently are also crucial.

Claw Blade

Weapon FeaturesTwo modes: Claw and Blades; light, heavy, and special attacks; aerial moves; generate gauge for claw mode by attacking
Claw ModeAttach to enemy; use unique light and heavy combos; build up super for powerful attack; use evasive maneuvers.
KarakuriEach weapon has a unique attack, increase damage with more crates placed; other attacks include spring jump, torch, and glider.
EquipmentRecommended to focus on damage increasing options; skill Savage is a good pick; elemental paths and ailments are optional but require more investment.
TipsFocus on maximizing damage on weak points; accuracy in attacking is important; managing stamina is key; getting comfortable with strange movement is necessary.

You may feel like Captain Levi from Attack on Titan when you use the Claw Blade, a fantastic dual-sided weapon that allows you to fly through the air and spin and tear through your opponent like a human Beyblade. The major benefit of the weapon is that it can be used to viciously assault vulnerable areas, with persistent strikes and combinations building up to the ultimate move that smashes right through the kimono at fast speed, thus becoming death from above.

The Claw Blade may be switched between a claw form and a blade form. You’ll utilize your blades most of the time while you’re at a standstill, but when you unleash a special strike, you can attach a claw on your attacker and do damage with it. The blades have quite simple combinations. Using the light attack combination, you just advance while inflicting damage.

You also have a heavy attack that, if used at a standstill, will cause you to retreat, while using it in motion will cause you to sprint forward. The endless combo may be performed by starting with light attacks, switching to the forward heavy, and then returning to light strikes. Modifying your standing combos is an unending process.

The weapon also requires the use of airborne maneuvers. The aerial light attack combination is an excellent gauge-generator, while the heavy aerial attack is a downward smash, like a Levi spin but in a vertical orientation. One devastating combination involves beginning with a series of light attacks while standing, jumping into the air to perform another series of light attacks, and then finishing with a big slam down to land many blows at once.


Weapons tier list - Wild Hearts
B-tier Wild Hearts Weapons

The B-ranking Wild Hearts tier list contains 3 weapons and all of them are versatile ones that offer unique playstyle. The speed of these three weapons is much slower than others but these compensate for it in the damage-dealing department.


Weapon NameMaul
Weapon TypePummel
Weapon FeaturesIt can hit its biggest damage hit without buildup, combo-based, visually appealing
TipsFocus on Attack 1 extension combo for maximum damage, use Karakuri for utility rather than damage, start with an extended combo to open a fight.
Unique Maul Weapon SkillsExtended Rap, Health Extension Training, Power Smash Boost Attack, Rapid Halt, Shockwave, Expert Hitter, Tunnel Vision

Playing with the Maul is one of the most enjoyable ways to utilize the game’s many weapons. While the Maul’s slow speed limits its usefulness, the variety of devastating combinations it is capable of provides plenty of entertainment. Using the square button three times will do the basic combination, but with practice and timing, you can perform additional combos as well.

Using R2 for a square combination and then another square to go into a big smash is one example. When the player has enough health left, they may perform a second combination by hitting the triangle button again.

Despite its massive bulk, the Maul surprisingly possesses decent mobility. To utilize the Karakuri, the player must first launch himself off of it and then strike; subsequent attacks will continue the player’s momentum off of the first assault. With enough meter, the player may keep going with their combinations, and the rewards for learning to use the Maul well are substantial.

The Maul isn’t the quickest weapon in Wild Hearts, but the combinations it’s capable of are quite thrilling to pull off. Karakuri’s incorporation into battle may be seamless, and its mobility makes it a formidable weapon. The Maul, in the hands of a skilled user, maybe a devastating weapon.

Bladed Wagasa

WeaponBladed Wagasa
FeaturesFast hitting, counters kimono’s attacks, strong aerial playstyle, can change damage type later in the game, unique aesthetics
CombosSpin Dance, Trey Star, Savage Dance, Parry attack follow-ups
SkillsSublime Dance, Spin Dance Saver, Dodge Master, Heavenly Dance, Parry Boost Fury, Parry Perfection, Instinct Parry

Wild Hearts will include the bladed wagasa, an original weapon that resembles an umbrella but is really equipped with blades. The weapon is aesthetically pleasing, and its quick, counter-attacking playstyle might give the player the impression that they are a god among hunters. For the sake of this guide, “kimono” will refer to the playable characters in the game, while “wagasa” will refer to the bladed weapon that players may use to swiftly and effectively kill them.

The wagasa’s blade does piercing damage by default, although players may switch it to another kind if they so want. The weapon is capable of many combos that strike several times with a single button press, and players may parry attacks in order to counter with a stronger one after filling up a gauge in the corner of the screen. When the bar is full, the player may use special attacks that do more damage and have a higher hit rate.

The spin dance gauge is the most crucial part of the bladed wagasa and should be filled as rapidly as possible for maximum damage. Hitting successful parries and using the Trace star attack, which may cause incredible damage, are easy ways to fill the gauge and unleash their devastating potential. In order to prevent the gauge from depleting for a period of time equal to or more than 8 seconds, players must parry any incoming blows.

With the bladed wagasa, players may perform two basic types of combinations: the aerial combo and the ground combo. The ground combination utilizes the Trace star attack to deliver huge damage, while the aerial combo utilizes the traditional spin dance combo while floating while hitting. For maximum uptime and damage output, players should save energy for parrying assaults.

The game also has a number of special abilities, such as Sublime dance, Spin dance saver, and Parry boost Fury, that has an effect only on the bladed wagasa. If you have these abilities, your weapon will be even more lethal and successful in battle.

The bladed wagasa is, in general, a difficult weapon to learn but also one of the most rewarding. A player who masters the weapon’s rapid, counter-attacking playstyle and fills their spin dance gauge may become an unstoppable force in battle.


PurposeTo show the best combos for optimal DPS against the kimonos of Azuma
StancesHorizontal and Vertical
Tier LevelsThree tiers for each stance

In Wild Hearts; the bow may be used as a ranged weapon. The bow consists mostly of many stances and a variety of abilities to improve shots. The arrows will act differently depending on your posture. Holding the bow horizontally causes the arrows to fly at a high rate of speed and penetrate the monster. When held vertically, arrows may be used to set off more arrows, resulting in even more damage.

By hitting the Y button, the bow may also improve the accuracy and power of your shots. When the bow is held horizontally and bolstered, chaotic firing is possible while holding down the right trigger causes arrows to shower down from above. A penetrating arrow or a special high-damage resonance shot is activated when the bow is held vertically.

Due to the bow’s dodging capabilities, players get temporary invulnerability and have the option to initiate a special attack after evading an opponent’s strike. Yet, since it may quickly drain energy, it requires careful planning and rapid reaction times. The player’s bow may also be used to manipulate their surroundings.

It is possible to launch players far with a spread of arrows by building a stack of crates and leaping off the top and to conduct an explosive arrow shoot from the sky by jumping from a springboard. If a player really wants to fire off some flaming arrows, they may also just run through a pillar of fire.

The physics behind bow is incredible. The player reflects on the fact that there is still room for improvement since evading with this weapon seems a bit off. Bear in mind that the bow is a weapon that needs some skill and practice to perfect. Players that like long-range weaponry have a fantastic alternative with the bow.


Weapons tier list - Wild Hearts
C-tier Wild Hearts Weapons

We could not find any better place for Hand Cannon than C-rank in our Wild Hearts Weapons tier list. Even though the weapon does massive damage, is unlocked early and offers amazing moves and combos in hunting monsters. Still, we see little utility of it when compared to other amazing weapons the game offers you. 

Hand Cannon

WeaponHand Cannon
AvailabilityUnlocked in Chapter 2
Basic Moves
  • Special attack button: fires the gun
  • Attack 1: creates a key base under the player to regenerate charge
  • Attack 2: fires an arcing shot that empties the heat gauge and unlocks stronger attacks when used with a key base shot
  • Special attack and attack 1: absorbs key bases back into the gun
  • Use spring attacks to build up heat
  • Fire a fortified key base right in front of the kimono
  • Wait until the kimono is locked into an animation or create a period of downtime with Karakuri
  • Fire the laser attack into a weak spot
Unique Skills
  • Key Base Efficiency: Increases the efficiency of key bases by 20%
  • High Spirits: Lowers the heat gauge level required to enter thermal runway by 30
  • Speed Heat: Increases heat gauge gain by 50%
  • Thread Thrift: Reduces the speed at which you use up the charge gauge by 11
  • Key Base Fortification: Expands the radius of key bases to create larger circles

In Wild Hearts, the hand Cannon is one of just two possible ranged weapons, and it is also one of the game’s most interesting and innovative tools. Experienced players who master its utilization and the linked gaming cycle will reap the benefits. The hand Cannon’s primary set of abilities consists of two gauges: a charge gauge and a heat gauge.

The charge gauge functions similarly to ammunition, depleting as the gun is fired; in contrast, the heat gauge builds up as the gun is used, and when it reaches its maximum, the gun will totally overheat, dumping all of its charges and rendering it useless until it cools down again.

If you keep pressing your gun’s special attack button, you’ll waste ammo and generate more heat. If you want to do serious damage with a hand Cannon, you’d better get up close to the kimono. Each of the five key bases that come with the weapon automatically recharges at a lightning-fast pace. You are allowed to have up to five key bases on the ground at any one time; entering any of them will restore your full charge.

The hand Cannon has its own set of special abilities that only apply to it; they may have a significant impact on your playstyle and ultimately determine how the weapon feels in the endgame and beyond. Two such abilities are “key base fortification,” which allows the player to increase the size of the rings formed by their key bases, and “high spirits,” which lowers the heat gauge threshold at which the player must enter the thermal runaway.

Use fire shots and spring assaults to build up heat, shoot a reinforced key base directly in front of the kimono, wait until it’s locked into an animation, or cause a period of downtime yourself with Karakuri, and then fire the laser into a weak point. Gamers have the option of starting the battle with a trap and laser, buying them precious seconds to prepare their assault.

In conclusion, the hand Cannon in Wild Hearts is a really unusual and fascinating weapon, and it rewards players who master its usage and the linked gameplay cycle. Gamers should concentrate on amassing heat and establishing a secure key base in order to make the most of the laser strike. With practice and strategy, the hand Cannon may become one of the most enjoyable and gratifying weapons to use in the game.

Wild Hearts Weapons Tier List Criteria

A couple of writers at eXputer experienced all eight weapons in the game and after a long discussion we came up with the tier ranking that you can see above. It should be noted that the weapon ranking can change with time if developers decide to launch an update, nerfing or buffing weapons in the process.


This brings us to the end of our Wild Hearts tier list. What is your go-to weapon so far in the game and why? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.  


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