Yggdrasil The Origin Tier List: All Character Ranked [2023]

Choose the most optimal Heroes for your roster in our Yggdrasil the Origin Tier List!

Knowing the full extent, benefits, and weaknesses of each character in the Yggdrasil: The Origin plays a key role in improving your gameplay and skill. So to ensure you pick the best characters in the game, we’re ranking them in our Yggdrasil: The Origin Tier List.

Key Highlights
  • Yggdrasil: The Origin has a large roster of characters which can get quite complex for new players and so it is essential for players to learn their pros and cons
  • Having only S-Tier characters does not mean you’ll be great in a battle
  • Players need to learn to strategize with their characters to ensure that they are an effective unit
  • Lower-tier characters may not be as versatile or independent as their higher-tier counterparts, but they can still be effective in specific situations in the meta
  • The recruitment mechanic in Yggdrasil: The Origin can allow you to roll new characters to use in battle
  • The strongest characters belong to the S-A tiers, having strengths that can completely outmatch their weaknesses while having an important place in Yggdrasil: The Origin’s meta.
  • The weakest characters belong to the D-E tiers, being less worthwhile than all of their higher-tier counterparts due to lacking advantages and a poor place in the game’s meta though they may still have their strengths in specific niches.
  • The average skill characters are those belonging to the B-C tiers, having decent or good strengths coupled with equally matched weaknesses.
  • The learning curve of Yggdrasil: The Origin can be intimidating for players, so having proper knowledge of characters and their strengths and weaknesses can ease it.
S-TierAthos, Neiritis, Djinn, Sol, Veronica, Venus, Kaze, Davey, Tompkins
A-TierGlacius, Lilith, Mors, Azrael, Evelyn, Clank, Vees n Beegz, Porthos
B-TierYelena, Murdoc, Tugruk, Remus, Noan, Aerora, Allastir, Ja’vyn, Solana, Xelene, Zeus,
C-TierIlerea, Tabas, Nira, Ruby, Axiar, Orsa
D-TierDouglas, Arthur, Horus, Spark, Charlie, Wilkins, Crystal, Teresa, Stephanie
E-TierWanda, Mandala, Jacques

Complete information on the best characters: 

KazeSAssassinThe Forgotten
TompkinsSShooterThe Forgotten
Vees n BeegzAFighterScavenger
TabasCTankThe Forgotten
NiraCFighterThe Forgotten
RubyCMageThe Forgotten
AxiarCWarlockThe Forgotten
OrsaCPriestThe Forgotten
DouglasDTankThe Empires
ArthurDFighterThe Empires
HorusDMageThe Empires
CrystalDWarlockThe Empires
TeresaDPriestThe Empires
StephanieDWizardThe Empires
MandalaEWizardThe Forgotten
JacquesEFighterThe Forgotten


The S-Tier characters are the best of the best in terms of their ability and stats, making them the most essential to have in your arsenal. Most of these characters are excellent not only independently but as support for their team. This makes them especially importance to look out for while playing, as they have the ability to completely shift a battle in your favor.

These characters have far greater strong points than weaknesses, placing them in the upper echelon of Yggdrasil’s meta, hence why they are in the top tier.

The ForgottenAssassinKaze
The ForgottenShooterTompkins


These characters are incredibly remarkable in their own right, holding a strong position in Yggdrasil’s meta. However, due to certain weaknesses or due to simply being outperformed by higher-tier characters, they’re placed in this tier. These characters are of immense use as well, though they may be better either as support or independently, and generally less in both departments.

However, being great as an independent character is a very valuable skill compared to support. This is due to the fact that practically every character can support their team to whatever extent. Very few can provide the same individual advantage as S-Tier characters. Despite that, their strengths outweigh their weaknesses tenfold, making them in many cases as essential as their S-Tier counterparts.

ScavengerFighterVees n Beegz


Tier B is for characters that, although versatile in some right and with good ability, may have greater weaknesses than strengths. In other words, their abilities may at times be overshadowed by their weaknesses and they would need to be supported by their teammates. They may, however, play a great role in specific niches or battles. Hence, proper strategy is required to make great use of them. So look out for this tier of characters almost as much as the higher-tier ones! They can be incredibly useful.



These characters are those that don’t do too well in the Yggdrasil meta but may have times when they shine. With a proper strategy in mind, they can be completely adept in their ability. However, in most situations, they’ll be hard to deal with because of their shortcomings. These characters are not quite independent in their skill and shine with support from characters that can cover their weaknesses. As a support, they can be of great help. However, they will usually still be less adept even in a support role than their higher-ran counterparts. Nevertheless, they can have strong nuanced positions in the meta.

The ForgottenTankTabas
The ForgottenFighterNira
The ForgottenMageRuby
The ForgottenWarlokAxiar
The ForgottenPriestOrsa


These characters require a lot of support from their team while providing little help in battles. In most situations, their use is very ineffective. However, they may still have situations where they could come of good use. Although it is unlikely for them to have great performance still. Some characters in this tier may even be considered not worth the hassle of having on your team. This is because their weaknesses may completely outweigh their strengths to be viable. At times even difficult to use.

The EmpiresTankDouglas
The EmpiresFighterArthur
The EmpiresMageHorus
The EmpiresWarlockCrystal
The EmpiresPriestTeresa
The EmpiresWizardStephanie


These characters are the least useful in Yggdrasil: The Origin’s meta, and have very few uses or even areas where they may be used with adequate advantage. These characters cannot bring about outcomes in which they do better than their higher-tier counterparts, which is why they are in the lowest tier E. Many players might also suggest them to be annoying or difficult to use, which is a sentiment shared for each character in this tier.

The ForgottenWizardMandala
The ForgottenFighterJacques

Tier List Ranking Criteria

In this tier list, although each character is facilitated by and their skill is intertwined with their weapons, we are instead choosing to rank them based on ability and place in the game’s meta. Characters’ versatility is also considered properly in their ranking, i.e. their ability

We’re ranking each of the characters in separate tiers, from best to worst: the S, A, B, C, D, and E tiers. Though remember, the ranking may change with the change in their positions in the meta, and we will make sure to update the tiers and ranking accordingly.

Each tier has information on the characters’ classes and factions to help you gauge which is more valuable for your play style.

Since you can choose multiple characters in the game, using only S-Tier characters will not mean you’re going to have the upper hand in every battle. You would need characters that fit the niche of a battle as much as high-tier all-rounder characters. You should strategize and maintain a team that can make up for each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Nonetheless, our list contains the most important characters to look out for in your time playing Yggdrasil: The Origin. And remember, while we made sure to make our list as objective as we could, it is still subjective to our own experience. Use it as a guideline to consult, all that matters is whatever fits your play style.

We’ve ultimately decided to rank most of the characters in our list, however, some may not have been included due to their negligibility. This does not indicate that they are better or worse than the characters in this list, rather they were cut to ensure this list was as streamlined as possible. Our list is ultimately based on our own ranking, albeit also with the consultation of other players and the game’s own statistics in regard to these characters. All of this ensures a lack of bias in our ranking, making it easy to use our list as a general guideline.

Yggdrasil Re-Roll Tutorial

Re-rolling is a fairly easy task in Yggdrasil. To do so, you must do the following:

  • Download the game straight from the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Sign in using a guest account
  • Complete the tutorial that follows
  • Roll a character

If you do not roll any valuable characters, you can log out of the game, delete your guest data and repeat the aforementioned steps till you get the character you want.

Recruitment In Yggdrasil: The Origin

Recruitment is Yggdrasil’s unique gacha mechanic. It can be accessed via the Tavern in the game’s City. To access the Tavern however you need to first complete the tutorial after signing up. After completion, you can access the Tavern and other facilities.

Hero Cards & Fragments

There are three banners in the game, which have their own specific currencies to them. However, from all three of these banners, you have the ability to pull for Hero Fragments or a Full Hero Card. The Full Hero Card is the character itself, allowing you to use and upgrade the hero as you would anyway. The Hero Fragments, on the other hand, are fractions of a Hero and do not give you the character itself. These fragments can also be used to upgrade the character if you already have it.

If you pull a full hero card of a character you already have in your roster, the game will grant you 60 hero fragments which can be used in upgrading the character. 60 fragments of a Hero not in your roster can be then used to get the hero. To accomplish this, go to your inventory bag and check the Hero tab to see the collected fragments you have. Then, click on the hero which has at least 60 fragments, and click on USE to use the fragments to get the character.

There’s also a Generic Hero Fragment, and getting 60 of these fragments and using them can give you a random Hero. If the random hero you get is already in your roster, you’ll get 60 fragments for that hero, which you can then use for their upgrade.

Every time you pull, you also receive 10 Hero Coins. These coins can then be used to buy hero fragments from the store. The number of coins required will vary depending on the hero.

How To Receive Gift-Codes?

Gift codes are codes for in-game prizes and gifts in Yggdrasil: The Origin. They’re usually published by the game’s own social media pages. You can regularly check these pages for newly sent gift codes. These codes are usually sent out for specific in-game events or celebrations, collaborations with other games or influencers, etc.

How Do You Redeem Gift-Codes?

In Yggdrasil: The Origin, you can redeem gift codes by first completing the game’s tutorial and looking for the profile icon on the top-left position of your screen. Next, you should search for the redeem gift code button. Then, tap on the option to redeem the gift code and enter your code. That’s all there is to it! You’re able to redeem gifts with ease. This a reminder that these codes don’t last forever, once you find one be sure to redeem it quickly as once they expire you won’t be able to reap any rewards.

Why Trust Us?

We’ve specially prepared this list to be as extensive as possible. How we’ve achieved this is by asking players about their own opinions, playing ourselves, and checking the stats of each character. By mitigating bias as much as possible, our team hopes that this tier list can be of great help to players old and new, though some subjectivity is to be expected.

Our team has a long experience with creating tier lists in general, so know the right steps to ensure this tier list is as coherent and useful as possible. We’ve made sure to value player feedback, forum opinions on characters’ rankings, and other tier lists to ensure that our list was in line with a proper ranking of the characters.

However, we still value your feedback immensely and would love to hear your thoughts on the ranking in this list. We would especially like to hear how you would rank the characters yourself and whether we underrated or overrated some characters in your opinion.


Though Yggdrasil: The Origin may seem easy and totally non-complex at first, it can get quite challenging as you keep playing. Our tier list contains the most important characters you should look out for when you play Yggdrasil: The Origin. Hopefully, this will come in handy for new and old players alike.

Due to how extensive the character list for the game is, we would like to hear about which characters you think deserved to be on the ranking more than others. We hope you liked this list, and if you have any feedback make sure to post it in the comments. We would be happy to read it, and will definitely make sure to act upon it!

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