Yggdrasil The Origin Tier List: All Characters Ranked

Choose the most optimal Heroes for your roster in our Yggdrasil the Origin Tier List!

Knowing the full extent, benefits, and weaknesses of each character in the Yggdrasil: The Origin plays a key role in improving your gameplay and skill. So, to ensure you pick the best characters in the game, we’re ranking them in our Yggdrasil: The Origin Tier List.

Key Takeaways
  • Learn the pros and cons of characters in Yggdrasil: The Origin for effective gameplay.
  • If you ask me, having only S-Tier characters doesn’t guarantee success, as strategic use is just as crucial.
  • Lower-tier characters have limitations but can be effective in specific situations.
  • Use the recruitment mechanic to roll new characters for battle.
  • S-A tier characters excel in strength and weaknesses, shaping the game’s meta. 
  • D-E tier characters lack advantages and struggle in the meta but may have niche strengths.
  • B-C tier characters strike a balance between strengths and weaknesses.
Tier Characters
S-Tier Athos, Neiritis, Djinn, Sol, Veronica, Venus, Kaze, Davey, Tompkins
A-Tier Glacius, Lilith, Mors, Azrael, Evelyn, Clank, Vees n Beegz, Porthos
B-Tier Yelena, Murdoc, Tugruk, Remus, Noan, Aerora, Allastir, Ja’vyn, Solana, Xelene, Zeus,
C-Tier Ilerea, Tabas, Nira, Ruby, Axiar, Orsa
D-Tier Douglas, Arthur, Horus, Spark, Charlie, Wilkins, Crystal, Teresa, Stephanie
E-Tier Wanda, Mandala, Jacques

Complete information on the best characters: 

KazeSAssassinThe Forgotten
TompkinsSShooterThe Forgotten
Vees n BeegzAFighterScavenger
TabasCTankThe Forgotten
NiraCFighterThe Forgotten
RubyCMageThe Forgotten
AxiarCWarlockThe Forgotten
OrsaCPriestThe Forgotten
DouglasDTankThe Empires
ArthurDFighterThe Empires
HorusDMageThe Empires
CrystalDWarlockThe Empires
TeresaDPriestThe Empires
StephanieDWizardThe Empires
MandalaEWizardThe Forgotten
JacquesEFighterThe Forgotten


The S-Tier characters are the best of the best in terms of their ability and stats, making them the most essential to have in your arsenal. Most of these characters are excellent not only independently but as support for their team. This makes them especially important to look out for while playing, as they have the ability to shift a battle in your favor completely.

These characters have far greater strong points than weaknesses, placing them in the upper echelon of Yggdrasil’s meta, hence why they are in the top tier.

Faction Class Character
Celestial Tank Athos
Celestial Fighter Neiritis
Underworld Mage Djinn
Celestial Wizard Sol
Celestial Fighter Veronica
Celestial Priest Venus
The Forgotten Assassin Kaze
Underworld Priest Davey
The Forgotten Shooter Tompkins


These characters are incredibly remarkable in their own right, holding a strong position in Yggdrasil’s meta. However, due to certain weaknesses or due to simply being outperformed by higher-tier characters, they’re placed in this tier. These characters are of immense use as well, though they may be better either as support or independently, and generally less in both departments.

However, being great as an independent character is a very valuable skill compared to support. This is due to the fact that practically every character can support their team to whatever extent. Very few can provide the same individual advantage as S-Tier characters. Despite that, their strengths outweigh their weaknesses tenfold, making them, in many cases, as essential as their S-Tier counterparts.

Faction Class Character
Underworld Fighter Glacius
Underworld Warlock Lilith
Underworld Wizard Mors
Underworld Shooter Azrael
Underworld Assassin Evelyn
Scavenger Tank Clank
Scavenger Fighter Vees n Beegz
Celestial Shooter Porthos


Tier B is for characters that, although versatile in some right and with good ability, may have greater weaknesses than strengths.

They may, however, play a great role in specific niches or battles. Hence, proper strategy is required to make great use of them. So look out for this tier of characters almost as much as the higher-tier ones! They can be incredibly useful.

Faction Class Character
Scavenger Shooter Yelena
Scavenger Assassin Murdoc
Dryad Tank Tugruk
Dryad Sorcerer Noan
Dryad Warlok Aerora
Dryad Priest Allastir
Forgotten Shooter Ja’vyn
Dryad Shooter Solana
Celestial Assassin Xelen
Celestial Mage Zeus


These characters are those that don’t do too well in the Yggdrasil meta but may have times when they shine. With a proper strategy in mind, they can be completely adept in their ability. However, in most situations, they’ll be hard to deal with because of their shortcomings.

These characters are not quite independent in their skill and shine with support from characters that can cover their weaknesses. As a support, they can be of great help. However, they will usually still be less adept even in a support role than their higher-ran counterparts. Nevertheless, they can have strong, nuanced positions in the meta.

Faction Class Character
Dryad Assassin Ilrea
The Forgotten Tank Tabas
The Forgotten Fighter Nira
The Forgotten Mage Ruby
The Forgotten Warlok Axiar
The Forgotten Priest Orsa


These characters require a lot of support from their team while providing little help in battles. In most situations, their use is very ineffective. However, they may still have situations where they could come of good use.

However, it is unlikely for them to have great performance still. Some characters in this tier may even be considered not worth the hassle of having on your team. This is because their weaknesses may completely outweigh their strengths to be viable. At times, it is even difficult to use.

Faction Class Character
The Empires Tank Douglas
The Empires Fighter Arthur
The Empires Mage Horus
Scavenger Mage Spark
Scavenger Priest Charlie
The Empires Warlock Crystal
The Empires Priest Teresa
The Empires Wizard Stephanie


These characters are the least useful in Yggdrasil: The Origin’s meta and have very few uses or even areas where they may be used with adequate advantage.

These characters cannot bring about outcomes in which they do better than their higher-tier counterparts, which is why they are in the lowest tier E. Many players might also suggest them to be annoying or difficult to use, which is a sentiment shared for each character in this tier.

Faction Class Character
Scavenger Warlock Wanda
The Forgotten Wizard Mandala
The Forgotten Fighter Jacques

Tier List Ranking Criteria

We rank characters based on their abilities and meta placement in separate tiers: S, A, B, C, D, and E. Keep in mind that rankings may change with shifts in the meta, and we update accordingly.

Tiers include information on classes and factions to help tailor your play style. Using only S-Tier characters won’t guarantee success; consider a balanced team to cover various scenarios. My list highlights crucial characters in Yggdrasil: The Origin, serving as a subjective guideline for your play style. While I aim for objectivity, it’s based on my personal experience.

I’ve ranked most characters, excluding negligible ones, for a streamlined list. The ranking combines personal assessments, player input, and in-game statistics for an unbiased guide.

Due to how extensive the character list for the game is, we would like to hear about which characters you think deserve to be on the ranking more than others. We hope you liked this list, and if you have any feedback, make sure to post it in the comments!

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