Tiny Tina Wonderlands Raiders of Lost Shark Rewards

In Tiny Tina Wonderlands Raiders of the Lost Shark Rewards, you get are pretty good. You better get done with it to have a better arsenal.

Like Borderland games, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has starting classes, main quests as well as side quests. These side quests often provide some of the best loots in the game. Raiders of the Lost Shark is another side-quest like this. Finishing Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ Raiders of the Lost Shark rewards the player with a lot of loot.

We’ll guide you on how you can start the side-quest and how to finish it. In the end, how you can get the maximum loot out of this side-quest. 

Key Takeaways
  • Raiders of Lost Shark is a side quest in Tiny Tina Wonderlands which offers prestigious loot to the players.
  • Travel to the Wargtooth Shallows, Dumpstat Trench, where Joyful Roy will assign you a task to bring him pearls from Carole Anne.
  • You will have to find four pearls located in different places near his ship, Carole Anne
  • After collecting all the pearls, go back to Joyful Roy, however, you might encounter Chumberlee in the way who also wants the pearls.
  • All you need to do is to make the right choice and give the pearls to either Joyful Roy or Chumberlee.
  • Choose one and kill the other; the chosen one will provide you with different rewards, including weapons and XP.
  • A special reward for completing this quest is the Sharklescent Ring. It will increase your Melee damage by 15% and will cycle through different elements. 

Raiders of the Lost Shark

To start, on the map of Wargtooth Shallows, fast travel to the Wargtooth Shallows – Dumpstat Trench.

In Wragtooth shallows is tiny tina wonderlands raiders of the lost shark rewards quest.
Wragtooth Shallow’s Map with the quest indicator.

From there, travel in the northeast direction and then turn left. Now, turn right and you’ll find Joyful Roy in front of a statue ready to assign you the quest. He’ll ask you to bring him the pearls from his ship Carole Anne.

Joyful Roy in tiny tina wonderlands raiders of the lost shark Quest.
Joyful Roy with the quest.

Collecting the Pearls

To get the Raiders of the Lost Shark reward in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, you’ll have to collect 4 pearls for Joyful Roy. For that, you’ll have to ‘Find the wreck of the Carole Anne’ go to your left and you’ll find the ship’s wreck. If you look down, you’ll find several Dogfish, Crashers, and Embereaters.

First Pearl

In Tiny Tina's Wonderland, the first pearl is near the ship.
You’ll come across the first Chest containing the pearl as soon as you see the Carole Anne Ship.

You’ll come across the first Chest containing the pearl as soon as you see the Carole Anne Ship. Before you jump down the ledge, look at the chests on the ledge. Open the one to the right and it will have one of the pearls in it. Now the objective will ask you to collect this pearl. As soon as you’ve collected the first pearl, the quest’s object will be completed and you’ll be assigned a new objective “Collect more pearls 0/3”.

Second Pearl

The second pearl is inside the chest on the wooden platform as soon as you drop down from the ledge.

Second pearl is easy to find in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Raider of the lost Shark side quest.
The second chest is located inside the Ship’s body.

Third Pearl

Now go north from the second pearl location, pass in between two rock pillars, and turn right. And climb on the rocky platform to the left. Then, you’ll have to jump across the rocky platforms that have the anchor hanging in between and turn right. Get on the coral platforms and jump on the rocky cliff in front of you. You’ll come across an autosave area. Go straight ahead and you’ll see the ship’s broken piece. Look inside it and you’ll find the third pearl’s chest. Collecting this will take you halfway through the quest Raiders of the Lost Shark and its rewards in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

For the third pearl in Tiny Tina's Wonderland Raider of the Lost Shark, you'll have to perform some parkour stunts.
The Third Chest is located in the upper region of the location.

Fourth Pearl

As for the fourth and last pearl, turn back towards the east and head-on. You’ll find some more coral platforms that lead to the ship’s main body. Get inside and get up the stairs. The fourth pearl chest will be at the end of the ship.

4th chest's location in Tiny Tina Wonderland
The 4th Chest is on the Ship’s Deck.

Once collected, you’ll have to return to Joyful Roy and talk with him for Raiders of the Lost Shark’s Rewards in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. He’ll be ready to receive the pearls. But before you can return them to him, Chumberlee will ask you to give the pearls to her or face the consequences.

Chumberlee and Joyful Roy in tiny tina wonderlands raiders of the lost shark.
Joyful Roy and Chumberlee arguing about who gets the pearls

Raider of the Lost Shark’s Rewards

It’s time for you to choose the NPC who gets the rewards. You’ll have to decide if you want to end the side quest quickly or want loot. To answer this, we’ve explained what rewards to get if you choose either of the possible endings of the quest.

You’ll also get the Sharklescent Ring as a special reward for completing this quest which increases your Melee damage by 15% and will cycle through different elements. 

Choosing Joyful Roy

If you decide to give the pearls to Joyful Roy, Chumberlee will break free and attack you. She is easier to kill, and once you’ve killed her, talk to Joyful Roy, and he’ll reward you.

Choosing Joyful Roy will make Cumberlee mad and she will attack you.
Cumberlee is Attacking the player.

Choosing Chumberlee

If you give the pearls to Chumberlee, then Joyful Roy will get angry and attack you. He is relatively harder as he has a shield on him. So having companions with you is way better as they’ll ensure his shield stays down. You can defeat him easily using Spellshot. Check out our Spellshot Build to fight Joyful Roy easily.

Joyful Roy will attack if you choose chumberlee in tiny tina wonderlands raiders of the lost shark.
Joyful Roy attacks the Player.

Once you kill him, go and talk to Chumberlee, and she’ll give you a hefty reward. Her reward in Raiders of the Lost Shark in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland is tons of weapons.

Loot you get for killing Joyful Roy in Raiders of the lost Shark
Loot by giving pearls to Chumberlee.


In Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Raider of the Lost Shark, rewards can be promising if you choose to give the pearl to the right NPC. Returning it to the quest giver, Joyful Roy, the rewards you’ll get will be the ones you agreed on. And if you decide to give the pearls to the rightful owner of the pearls, then Chumberlee will give you hefty loot. No matter who you choose, you’ll receive $35,825 and 268XP.

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