Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Builds [Top 6]

Obliterate enemies by opting for Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Builds. Our guide will give you the outline needed to empower your build!

Despite its departure from traditional style, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands class system may be familiar to those who have played Borderlands. With that comes lots of customization and different playstyles that players can adapt. Players have been exploring the world and developing some interesting builds. Therefore, this article will guide you through Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Builds.

Before we begin, it is worth mentioning that reaching Chaos 20 is quite important with every build. It will ensure you get the higher-tier weapons to strengthen your Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best builds. Additionally, each build can be taken to a max level of 40.

Summarized information on the best builds: 

BuildHero Points PriorityMain Skill TreeSecondary ClassWeaponGear
GravebornStrength- Faithful Thralls
- Essence Drain
- Harvest
- Dark Pact
- Dark Hydra
- Punishment
- Ascension
- Lord of Edges
- Dire Sacrifice
Spore Warden:
- Kindred Heart
- Spore Cloud
- Affinity
- The Thrill of the Hunt
- Wrath of Nature
- Companion Summoning Weapon
- Any Pistol
- Ghostlight’s Corrupted Platemail (Class Mod)
- Frenzied Wrath (Amulet)
- Cursed Wit (Shield)
- Devouring Hydra of the End (Spell)
- Mood Ring
- Enchants with Companion DMG Buffs
Brr-zerker- Strength
- Dexterity
- Attunement
- Ancestral Frost
- Savagery
- Unyielding
- The Old Ways
- Ice Breaker
- Cold Snap
- Relentless Rage
- Blood of the Fallen
- Ghost blade
- Arsenal
- Haste
- Swift Death
- Follow Up
- Elusive
- Sneak Attack
- Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering
- Crossblade of Striking
- Warrior’s Pandemecium (Class Mod)
- Any gear of choice
Spore Warden- Strength
- Dexterity
- Blizzard
- Eagle Eye
- Bounty of the Hunt
- Affinity
- Bullseye
- Medicinal Mushroom
- Windrunner
- Called Shot
- Wrath of Nature
- Headhunter
- Play the Angles
- Ancestral Frost
- Ice Breaker
- The Old Ways
- Instinct
- Cold Snap
- Relentless Rage
- Snowballing Liquid Cooling of Nerves
- Pickaxe of Blistering
- Any Class Mod of choice
- Buffmeister (Spell)
Clawbringer- Strength
- Wisdom
- Intelligence
- Attunement
- Storm Dragon’s Judgment
- Oath of Thunder
- Dragon Aura
- Blasthamut’s Favor
- Wyvern (Companion)
- Friend to Flame
- Storm Breath
- Indomitable
- Awe
- Storm Smite
- Mortal Vessel
- Faithful Thralls
- Harvest
- Dark Pact
- Dark Hydra
- Ascension
- Inspiring Fearnot of the Smith
- Toxifying Fatebreaker of Cleaving
- Swashbuckler’s Head of the Snake (Class Mod)
- Inspiring Master Rune (Shield)
- Dragon’s Blaze of Glory (Amulet)
- Ring with Companion DMG Buffs
Spellshot- Strength
- Dexterity
- Intelligenc
- Ambi-Hextrouse
- Magic Bullets
- Just Warming Up
- Prestidigitation
- Mage Armor
- Glass Canon
- High Thread Count
- Sever the Thread
- Arsenal
- Haste
- Swift Death
- Exploit Their Weakness
- Elusive
- Sneak Attack
Cryo SMGs (4x pellets)- Spellword’s Layered Leather (Class Mod)
- Gloomy Cursed Wit (Shield)
- Jacketed Buffmeister (Spell)
- Furious Concentrated Magic Barrage (Spell)
- Magic Mood Ring
Stabbomancer- Strength
- Dexterity
- Attunement
- From the Shadows skill
- Arsenal
- Follow Up
- Potent Poisons
- Exploit Their Weakness
- Swift Damage
- Shadow Step
- Elusive
- A Thousand Cuts
- Executioner's Blade
Spore Warde:
- Eagle eye
- Bounty of the Hunt
- Bullseye
- Medicinal Mushroom
The Live Wire of the TreetopsBurgeoning Arcane Bolt (Spell)


tiny tina skill trees
The bloodthirsty Graveborn class

The Graveborn class stands out from the rest of the starting classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands with its ability to summon “companions.” Thus, it makes sense to leverage that skill and make those summons as powerful as possible. That is why the best build for the Graveborn class revolves around the companion summons. If you want a more spell-based build, you should check out the the spellshot build.

Hero Points

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Builds
Graveborn Hero Stats

Here is a general overview of what your skill point investing strategy should be like. Ideally, you want to max out your critical damage and critical damage as we will be using our companions to deal out a tonne of damage. Therefore, the higher the chances, the better our damage output. You can follow an even split between the two as you’re leveling up. Additionally, you can use the Village Idiot Character Background to help aid you further with that stat.

The rest is mostly dependent on what you want to do. If you want a lot more spells, Intelligence would be good. If you want to lay back from the action and let your companions do most of the work, you can let your Constitution lag behind. However, the main power in the Graveborn class is within the skill tree.

Graveborn Skill Tree

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Builds Graveborn skill tree
Graveborn Build Skill tree

The most crucial skill in the Graveborn tree is Faithful Thralls, boosting companion damage and increasing the respawn rate. The goal is to summon companions early for maximum damage, especially when combined with a Hydra-summoning weapon.

Using spells, invest in Essence Drain for cooldown reduction. Prioritize Harvest for bonus dark magic damage, with max stacks providing a significant damage boost.

Continue with Dark Pact for dark magic enhancement and Dark Hydra to increase the chance of an extra companion. Invest in Punishment for a chance at additional casts by the Demi-Lich companion.

Max out Ascension for temporary health and spell damage increase. Choose Lord of Edges for heightened damage and damage reduction as health decreases. For action skills, Dire Sacrifice enhances damage output.

Secondary Class

In the secondary class, select Spore Warden for synergies. Kindred Heart boosts companion damage and health, while Bullseye increases critical hit chances. Utilize Spore Warden skills to strengthen the Mushroom companion.

Thrill of the Hunt increases companion damage with gun critical hits, stacking up to 150% with max stacks. Reach Wrath of Nature to amplify damage from all sources after dealing with ability damage.


Gear-wise, prioritize weapons that summon companions on reload, especially lightning bolt-creating ones. Use spells like Devouring Hydra of the End to spawn companions. Enchants should focus on increasing companion damage.

Consider Black Guard’s Frenzied Wrath of Strategy for the Amulet, boosting companion damage as enemies are defeated. Use Cursed Wit on the shield to enhance damage when the Ward is depleted, complemented by Ally’s Mood Ring for additional damage when the Ward is not full.

For armor/class mod, use Ghostlight’s Corrupted Platemail of Untamed Potential for extra Faithful Thralls stacks and boosted Graveborn and Spore Warden power. Following these guidelines will help create a formidable Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands build.


Brr-zerker Tiny Tina's Wonderland
Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Brr-zerker

Melee builds are always great. The Brr-zerker build can be quite melee-focused if you let it. In fact, it’s quite good with its frost attacks being used up close and personal against enemies. Combining that with the stabbomancer as the secondary class, you can have a truly strong melee build. That is why the melee-focused Brr-zerker build is part of our best builds.

Hero Points

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Builds Brr-zerker
Brr-zerker Build Hero Points

The hero points for the Brr-zerker build are straightforward. We’re doing melee, so we want skills that help us increase our damage. Therefore, Strength is a must-have. Following that is dexterity. Finally, we can invest in Attunement. As we are not using many spells with this build, we can skip the rest.

Brr-zerker skill tree

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Builds Brr-zerker skill tree
Brr-zerker Build Skill Tree

Moving on to the Brr-zerker skill tree, I won’t use the Brr-zerker action skill, opting for the stabbomancer’s skill. Still, key skills enhance the melee-focused Frost build. Ancestral Frost boosts frost damage by 20%, and Savagery amplifies melee damage by 24%.

Considering the Brr-zerker’s focus on melee, I invest in Unyielding for regen (+1.5% per second). The Old Ways skill rewards proximity to enemies with bonus damage and reduced damage taken, maxing out at 30%.

Utilizing increased frost damage, Ice Breaker enhances damage against frozen or slowed enemies by +30%. For a quick enemy approach, Cold Snap boosts movement speed (+9%) and frost efficiency (+24%).

Relentless Rage aids in low-health situations, providing extra damage. For kill skills, Blood of the Fallen reduces action skill cooldown, potentially allowing unlimited action skills.

Secondary Class

In the secondary Stabbomancer class, Ghost Blade becomes the chosen action skill for its effective melee at a distance. Arsenal increases melee, spell, and gun damage. Haste and Swift Death enhance melee attack and movement speed, with a follow-up chaining gun and melee damage for potent combos. Elusive enables evading and shooting, while Sneak Attack boosts critical damage.


Regarding gear, the essential item is the Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering—a potent melee weapon with frost damage. Crossblade of Striking, a shotgun with a cross projectile, is a suitable choice. The Warrior’s Pandemecium of the Friar’s Devotion class mod amplifies the Ghost Blade’s power and complements the suggested shotgun.

Spells, rings, and amulets are flexible, as the build primarily relies on melee. A frost spell can complement the existing frost focus.

Spore Warden

Tiny Tina's Sporewarden
Spore Warden Class

The Spore warden is insanely strong, even capable of destroying chaos 20 enemies. That is why it is classified as some of the best builds. It is a Spore Warden build, but we are actually going to be utilizing the Brr-zerker alongside. Whether you make the Brr-zerker or the Spore warden your primary, it does not matter. You will be able to use both their skill trees once you get further into the game

Hero Points

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Builds Sporewarden
Sporewarden Build Hero Points

For our hero stats, we want to take the Village Idiot as the background story. And then, of course, full Crit damage and Crit chance as we will be relying on our guns. We’re using Frost, so status damage can be helpful as well as Skill cooldown.

Spore Warden Skill Tree

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Builds Sporewarden skill tree
Sporewarden Build Skill tree

We want to use Blizzard to create Frost Cyclones for our action skill. It will allow us to increase our pistol damage through Frost Ability Damage. We will increase that damage by also investing in Eagle Eye.

Then we want to get the Bounty of the Hunt to use our action skills more often. Combined with Affinity, we will be able to increase our ability damage by +35%.

The Spore Warden does have Mushroom Companion; therefore investing in Bullseye can be quite helpful. Combining that with the Medicinal Mushroom skill, we can get a chance to get revived by our companion.

To move around quickly, we can invest in Windrunner. Combining that with Called Shot gives extra gun damage when aiming will allow us to more easily relocate and damage from afar.

Furthermore, we will be using Wrath of Nature to increase our damage from all sources.

Lastly, we’ll want to invest in Headhunter and Play the Angles for some additional gun damage as well as Richochet.

The rest of the skills may not work well with this particular build.

Secondary class 

As for the secondary class, we want Brr-zerker to really set it up to be part of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Builds. As mentioned, it is alright if you choose Brr-zerker first as long as you invest heavily into Spore Warden later.

For Brr-zerker, we, of course, want Ancestral Frost and Ice Breaker to make use of frost damage.

The Old Ways to reduce damage intake and Instinct to increase our reload speeds work quite well. Especially when combining that with Cold Snap to increase our movement speed so we can surround our enemies quickly. And lastly, we want Relentless Rage to make sure we buy ourselves enough time for the revive through our mushroom companion.


The main thing you really need for your weapons is the Snowballing Liquid Cooling of Nerves. It is a legendary weapon and one of the best ones out there.

Although we are not going for a melee build, having the Pickaxe of Blistering will help with our movement speed and cooldown rates.

For your spells, Buffmeister is great for the additional damage. The rest of the gear is mostly up to you, as with the skills and mentioned weapon, you’ve acquired 95% of the build. The rest will only be the cherry on top.


Tiny Tina's Clawbringer
Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Clawbringer Class

Clawbringer Build is Tiny Tina’s Wonderland’s very own Thor, The God of Thunder. The build can be quite complex to get right, but our best builds guide will give you a general gist of it. As per the name, we will be heavily relying on lightning damage.

Hero Points

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Builds Clawbringer
Clawbringer Build Hero Stats

For the Clawbringer, of course, we want Strength and Wisdom to deal with critical and status damage. Then we can invest in Intelligence and Attunement for our spell and skill cooldown.

Clawbringer skill tree

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Builds Clawbringer Skill tree
Clawbringer Build Skill Tree

For the action skill, we want to use the Storm Dragon’s Judgment that allows Clawbringer to summon his hammer and hurl it. It does lightning damage which we can strengthen with Oath of Thunder. In fact, we can take it even further with Rebuke to turn damage dealt to allies into a lightning damage boost.

We can further increase our damage using elemental damage with Dragon Aura. Then we will be acquiring the Blasthamut’s Favor for a kill skill granting us Lightning and Fire damage. We can use a companion, Wyvern, which we can strengthen with Friend to Flame. To upgrade the companion further, we will invest in Storm Breath as well.

For sticky situations, we will make use of Indomitable to refill our Ward whenever Save Your Soul activates.

Near the end, we will utilize Awe for more critical damage and Storm Smite for elemental bolt strikes.

Secondary Class

Our secondary class with the Clawbringer build will be Graveborn. Starting off with the Mortal Vessel, we can get a boost in our health. We also want Faithful Thralls as we will be using our Wyvern. Harvest and Dark Pact will be used to strengthen our Dark Magic for the companion. We can then use the Dark Hydra skill to summon more Hydra companions. Lastly, we will be investing in Ascension to get more health and spell damage in general.


We want to make sure it has lightning damage for our main weapon. A great weapon for that is Inspiring Fearnot of the Smith. One great thing about it is that it also summons the Pixie Companion, which works great with our build setup. Although we will be relying on our hammer for the melee weapon, you can get the Toxifying Fatebreaker of Cleaving.

You should aim for something that can increase your companion damage for your rings. As for your shield, you should also aim for something that increases your companion damage while your action skill is active. A great example of this is the Inspiring Master Rune.

You can use the Swashbuckler’s Head of the Snake of the Flashing Sword for your class mod. This affects your hydras and pixies, allowing them to remain for a longer time. For the Amulet, aim for anything that can increase your lightning damage, such as the Dragon’s Blaze of Glory of Honesty. Due to all these stats, this clawbringer build gets classified as best builds.


Tina's Wonderland Spellshot

Spellshot has a unique ability in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and that is the ability to equip an additional spell. Therefore, with our Spellshot build, our aim is to leverage that as much as possible. Additionally, we will be using all our spells and buffs to increase gun damage as much as possible.

Hero points

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Spellshot Build points
Spellshot Build Hero Points

For our stats, we want to take our Strength and Dexterity far to strengthen critical damage as much as possible. And of course, our second aim would be to increase Intelligence as we will be using spells quite often.

Spellshot Skill tree

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Spellshot Build Skilltree
Spellshot Skill-tree

For the Spellshot skill tree, of course, we want to activate Ambi-Hextrous to equip our second spell.

Then we will move towards our gun damage by investing in Magic Bullets, Just Warming Up, and Prestidigitation. These will not only increase our gun power but also leverage Spellweaving, Spellshot’s feat, in a better manner.

Then we need to invest in Mage Armor to keep our Ward depleted. That is because we will be using the Cursed Wit to gain additional damage whenever our Ward is 0. We can further reinforce this by using Glass Canon, which will ensure our Ward does not refill on its own. As we will be using cryo SMGs, investing in Imbued Weapons will be beneficial.

To further enhance our Spellweaving, we can invest in High Thread Count. It will increase our stacks by +3. Then finally, we will go for Sever the Thread, which will reset any spell cooldowns.

Secondary class

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Spellshot Build Stabbomancer skilltree
Stabbomancer Skill-tree

For our second class, we will be using Stabbomancer. It has some good skills that work well with our damage-based Spellshot build. We want to get Arsenal and Haste initially to increase our gun damage and movement speed. Combining that with Swift Death, we can increase our damage output according to our movement speed. Many of the other skills that we invest in will also lead to increasing our overall damage dealt with guns. These skills include Exploit Their Weakness, Elusive and Sneak Attack. Of course, for more detail, you can check out the Spellshot build.


For the weapons, you need to aim to get Cryo SMGs with 4x pellets. These will allow you to deal with a tonne of damage. Each time you reload, you will also get a stack of spell weaving. Additionally, we want to make sure we have no ward and leverage from that. That is why we will be using the Gloomy Cursed Wit to increase our damage whenever Ward is depleted.

For spells, we will be using Jacketed Buffmeister and Furious Concentrated Magic Barrage. These will work together well to give us a huge damage boost. You should aim for your rings and amulets to follow the same philosophy of increasing output damage as much as possible.

The Magic Mood Ring of the Cataclysm is great for this purpose. And so is Spellword’s Layered Leather of Unnatural Swiftness class mod. Combining everything together should get you a build worthy of calling one of the best builds.


Tiny Tina's Wonderland Stabbomancer
Stabbomancer Class

The Stabbomancer are essentially the assassins of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. They’re meant to be great at using crit attacks. That is why the best build version of Stabbomancer will be heavily focused on optimizing crits.

Hero points

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Builds Stabbomancer

Stabbomancer Build Hero Points

First and foremost, we want to increase our stabbomancer power. Whether you use rings or amulets, it helps quite a bit with crit damage. Then, of course, we will be investing points into strength. And then you can evenly split between Dexterity and Attunement to be able to use your skills more often. The rest are not as important for the stabbomancer, though you can consider investing in wisdom.

Stabbomancer skill tree

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Builds Stabbomancer skill tree
Stabbomancer Build Skill Tree

For the action skill, we will be going with the From the Shadows skill. It essentially makes your player invisible, and each attack you land is a critical hit. Although critical damage is reduced by 25%, you will have so many buffs giving your critical damage that 25% will seem small by the time you reach end-game.

Arsenal is always a must-have for any stabbomancer skill tree. Pairing that with Follow Up will allow you to chain gun and melee damage nicely. Potent Poisons will increase your status effect duration. Potent Poisons pairs nicely with the Exploit Their Weakness skill which increases overall damage on an enemy when the status effect is applied.

Whereas Swift Damage will make sure you can run around quickly whilst dealing damage to enemies. You can invest in Shadow Step to allow for more critical hits. It is a kill skill and has a 6-second duration, so having Swift Damage will certainly help to make it in time. While on the topic of speed and attack, Elusive works nicely in allowing you to sprint while shooting.

A Thousand Cuts will further help increase our damage dealt with critical hits.

And the final skill, Executioner’s Blade, has a 20% chance of creating an Ethereal Blade to impale enemies. Considering that you can always land critical hits with the action skill, you have a 1 in 5 chance of activating the Blade. That is huge.

Secondary Class

For the secondary class, consider using Spore Warden to truly this build up to be considered as the best build. Eagle eye is a great starting skill to increase our gun damage. We want to land as many criticals as possible with our action skills, so Bounty of the Hunt can help us in reducing our cooldown rate. Bullseye will further help us increase critical hit chance for not just us but also the companions. And lastly, you want to invest in Medicinal Mushroom to get the chance of being revived by your pet.


As for the gear, you essentially just want weapons that increase your critical hit damage. The Live Wire of the Treetops or Snowballing Masterwork Handbow of the Engineer is great for that. You can consider using the Burgeoning Arcane Bolt for the spells, which almost resets the spell cooldown once you land a crit with it. Additionally, it can heal you a bit as well.

With that, we have Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Builds. We gave a general outline for the strategy that you need to apply with each build. The rest is up to you to customize. We also have in-depth guides for the builds that we will be updating often.

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