15 BEST Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Class Combinations 

Of the six classes offered in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, the classes are the Brr-zerker, Clawbringer, Graveborn, Spellshot, Sporewarden, and Stabbomancer. Players have a plethora of options to mix up the classes to their personal preferences. Let’s cover 15 of the deadliest class combinations there are.

Key Takeaways
  • Brr-Zerker and Clawbringer is the best deadliest combo in which a player can combine melee-combat with fire, electro, or frost to kill enemies.
  • Stabbomancer and Brr-Zerker can be a perfect combo for doing critical hits using melee attacks.
  • Graveborn and Brr-Zerker Combo can allow the players to use Dark magic by depleting their HP to increase power attacks.
  • Sporewarden and Brr-Zerker Combo can summon tornadoes to pull the enemies in and attack them with toxins simultaneously.
  • Spellshot and Brr-Zerker Combo allow the player to combine their spells with Cryp energy and place high damage on the enemies.
  • Graveborn and Clawbringer is the most overpowered combo where the player can reduce the HP and use fire to increase the overall damage rate.
  • Sporewarden and Clawbringer Combo destroy the opponents in seconds by combining fire and thunder-infused tornadoes.
  • Graveborn and Sporewarden can defeat difficult bosses and opponents by summoning Health points and tornadoes.
  • Stabbomancer and Spellshot Combo allow the players to defeat their foes with critical hits by spell-infused gunshots.
  • Stabbomancer and Clawbringer Combo can summon the thunder and fire together from their hammer, resulting in a critical hit on the enemies.
  • Graveborn and Stabbomancer allow players to use the Dark art attacks against the enemies and increase their overall damage.
  • Sporewarden and Stabbomancer Combo allow the players to summon tornadoes to make a devastating strike on the opponent.
  • Clawbringer and Spellshot Combo will turn the player into a wizard by using magic spells and adding electro to them to defeat the opponents.
  • Spellshot and Graveborn Combo also make you a wizard by causing damage to the enemies with magical spells and sacrificing their Health points.
  • Sporewarden and Spellshot Combo will make you a wizard who can summon tornadoes and suck up the monsters.

Brr-zerker/Clawbringer Combo 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Class Combinations
BrrBringer Combo

Starting with the first combination in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Class Combinations, an excellent option is combining the two deadliest combos, the Brrzerker and Clawbringer classes. 

Choosing Brr-zerker will give players that want to go for a melee build, as Brr-zerkers excel at obliterating enemies with their melee attacks, and they use skills that will also combine the Frost abilities that they get from their passive and action skills while also being able to take benefit from their Firepower abilities.

On the other hand, a Clawbringer typically focuses on being warriors that have mastered the art of using electro and pyro to thunder down on their enemies to decimate them on the battlefield. They also take help from their hammers while being accompanied by their own Wyvern companion, who always stays by their side. 

When you combine the two classes, you get a weird BrrBringer type situation, where players can go for a melee-based combat ad combine it with all the elements, specifically fire, electro, and frost, to shatter any enemies that are unfortunate enough to come near you. The players can main either Brrzerker or Clawbringer and then make the other the sub-class.

Stabbomancer/Brr-zerker Combo 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands StabZerker

Moving right along, one of the most overpowered combinations is that of a main class of Brr-zerker with the subclass option of a Stabboomancer, through which players can take out enemies that feel like they are a hell to obliterate. With the help of this combination, players will be able to decimate any enemies in sight. 

Starting with Stabbomancer, this class is going to be more focused on players that want to aim for crit-based builds, as Stabbomancers will typically launch out critical hits that will render the enemies useless, all the while also using magic-infused blades that can be used to take out the toughest of opponents. 

Brr-zerkers, on the other hand, are bruisers that have mastered the art of melee attacks that are infused with Frost/cryo, and they will be used to get up close and personal to foes and take them out with little to no effort. Many people who choose to main Brr-zerker will be doing themselves a huge favor. 

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When you mix the two classes, you get a Stabzerker combination that can be potent and can take out any sort of enemy. Players will be able to land critical hits with their melee weapon, all the while taking help from magical passive skills that will make them all the stronger.

Graveborn/Brrzerker Combo 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Class Combinations

Another excellent combination that players can experiment with is the Graveborn and Brrzerker classes. Whether they choose to main a Graveborn or a Brr-zerker, these two classes are a duo that can work together, hence why they made it into the Tiny Tina Best Class Combinations. 

Firstly, Graveborns are dead themselves, as their main focus is on sacrificing a certain percentage of their HP during the middle of the battle to boost their attacks while also being able to launch out Dark Magic attacks that will render the foes useless. They also have a Demi-Lich companion by their side, launching out hits too. 

On the other hand, Brr-zerkers will act as a sub-class mostly; since we have already discussed this plenty of times, they will be responsible for unleashing out melee attacks that are going to be infused with cryo energy and can be brutal on the battlefield and can help the player achieve victory. 

Mingling the two classes gives birth to Gravezerker, which sounds pretty cool. It essentially means that players can use Dark Magic and Frost infusion while also depleting their own HP to raise their attack power to dominate their enemies and win every battle. 

Sporewarden/Brrzerker Combo 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands SporeZerker

Yes, we agree that there have only been Brrzerkers combos so far, but the main reason is that Brrzerkes are insanely strong classes that can be used to mix and match to fit with every other class to get the highest amount of damage output. A Sporewarden main class and brrzerker subclass can be used for this build.

Starting with the Sporewarden main class, this class will be mainly used by players that want to suck their enemies and launch them out to deal damage, as sporewardens are known to summon tornadoes that are so deadly that they can suck opponents and then launch them down, all the while being accompanied by their Mushroom Companion that can spew out toxins. 

The subclass being Brrzerker is pretty self-explanatory, as Brrzerkers will do the job of offering a Frost add-on to the already deadly build. While Brrzerks are also known to be excellent in melee damage output, players will typically not use the melee ability for this specific combo. 

When the two classes are put together, they give you a Sporezerker, which means that when players are on the battlefield, they can call upon tornadoes that will be filled with cryo energy, which will pull enemies in, and then launch them out while the companion will be attacking them with toxins. 

Spellshot/Brrzerker Combo 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Class Combinations

Yet another potent addition to the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Class Combinations is the combination of a Spellshot main class and Brrzerker subclass. While the build is more on the niche and unusual side, it still works and pumps out damage perfectly, just like any other build would.

The main class here will be the Spellshot, which will follow the role of being a wizard that wields a gun, and using the help of spells that will be infused into the bullets, they launch attacks at unsuspecting enemies and obliterate them with their magic. Once the attacks hit the enemies, they are converted to livestock and can be taken out. 

Brr-zerkers will act as the sub-class in this combination and lend a helping hand with their cryo energies. Remember that melee attacks will not be used in this build, so it does not need to be repeated. 

Putting the two classes together, we get Spellzerker, which we think sounds like a pretty cool mashup! This combo will work because players will infuse their spells with the Cryo energy, and the gunshots launched at enemies will render them useless with the high damage output. In order to get the highest damage output, spell farming is crucial.

Graveborn/Clawbringer Combo

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands GraveBringer

We feel like this next combo up in the list is hand-down one of the most overpowered combos that players can try in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands since it contains two of the best classes. When you put them together, naturally, you get a disaster that will kill off enemies within a few seconds. 

Graveborns will be the main class for this build, where they will be acolytes that have been cursed with Death-like feelings, whereby they will lose a part of their Health Bar over time when they are fighting. Still, in exchange for depleted HP, they get enhanced attacks that can obliterate enemies. 

On the other hand, Clawbringers will act like a warrior whereby they will cast down thunder and fire from the sky unto their foes, which will overload and render them useless on the battlefield. Their Wyvern Companion is always by their side and can also launch deadly attacks enough to take out the toughest enemies. 

With the potent combination of a Graveborn and Clawbringers, players get to play as a Gravebringer, or a Clawborn, where warriors can deplete their HP and use the help of thunder and fire to enhance their overall damage output, all the while coming out victorious every time.

Sporewarden/Clawbringer Combo 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Class Combinations

Another excellent duo class builds that players can try that has also made it into our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Class Combinations list is how Sporewardens and Clawbringers work together to destroy all sorts of opponents, no matter their difficulty. 

Sporewardens will do their part in this duo to bring upon tornadoes from the heavens so dangerous that they can destroy any opponents within miles of its radius due to the strong current. Sporewardens are also assisted in this deadly battle by their Mushroom Companion, which will deal damage too. 

Clawbringer, on the other hand, does their job by being a warrior that uses electro and pyro to hit the enemies with a hammer infused with those particular elements that will shock and burn them and then leave them dead on the battlefield. Keeping the Clawbringers company is their trusty Wyvern Companion. 

If you use the two classes in a combination, the Sporebringer is born, which can summon Fire and Thunder-infused tornadoes that will deal enough high damage that no further attacks will be required to win the battle. 

Graveborn/Sporewarden Combo 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands GraveWarden

Yet another good combo that players can experiment with is the Graveborn and Sporewarden classes that can work together perfectly to decimate enemies that feel like they would have been too tough to beat otherwise. These two classes have been known to help players defeat some of the most difficult bosses and opponents. 

Suppose you choose Graveborn as the main class. In that case, you should know that Graveborns will typically let go of their Health to take advantage of the passive that comes with it, the passive being that their overall damage output will be slightly enhanced, which can come in helpful to defeat enemies. Their Demi-lich companion also stays by their side during combat. 

On the other end, the Sporewarden will typically collaborate with nature to surprise enemies by bringing in extremely deadly tornadoes that are enough to render any kind of foe useless. The tornadoes are large and have a massive radius. Therefore a Sporewarden is a perfect sub-class. 

The Gravewarden can be the name given to the duo-classes, whereby the player will let go of their Health Points and summon the tornado simultaneously, which will have the attack buff that can decimate opponents’ insight and help the player gain victory. 

Stabbomancer/Spellshot Combo 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Class Combinations

This combo is a new one and deserves its spot in the Tiny Tina Best Class Combinations, where the players can merge being a Stabbomancer and a Spellshot to dominate their deadliest foes and let them know who the boss is in the game. 

Starting things off with the first class, the Stabbomancers will act as assassins that will focus on launching out critical hit upon critical hit in the opponent’s general direction. When it lands on the target, it will deal a huge amount of damage, slowly depleting the opponent’s HP. 

Spellshots are wizards that a gun will accompany, and the gunshots that are launched will be filled with magic spells that will buff up the attack output while also ensuring that the player does not get rid of any personal HP during the battle. Upon attack by enemies, they will be transformed into animals. 

The combination turns out to be a Spellshot, which also works in incredibly easy ways. The main way players can intermingle the two classes is that with the spell-infused gunshots, they will always land as critical hits on enemies, which can kill them off without you ever losing your HP. 

Stabbomancer/Clawbringer Combo

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands StabBringer

This combination is the way to go for players who are looking to try out something new and are completely bored of the usual builds and multiclass. With the Stabbomancer and Clawbringer duo, it serves as an excellent way to experiment with two niche classes but still be able to gain victory. 

It is typically better to use the main Clawbringer for this typical build since the hammer use of the Clawbringer is crucial while on the battlefield. The main aim of being a Clawbrigner is to summon electricity and fire, which can create such deadly elemental reactions, and it will continue to hit enemies on the way over to them. 

On the other hand, Stabbomancers can surely shine through as a sub-class that will mostly support the Stabboamncer by providing a critical hit buff, which is yet another crucial aspect of this build. Stabbomancers will also typically take help from magic arts which will be useful. 

The name for this build is pretty weird, with it being Stabbringer, but the way it operates is that players will call upon thunder and fire from their hammer. The elemental reactions will land as elemental critical hits on the enemies in front of the player and start to obliterate them. 

Graveborn/Stabbomancer Combo 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands GraveMancer

With the Best Class Combinations, players will combine the Graveborn and Stabbomancer classes to take over enemies that seem invincible at first. Still, after a few hits from this build, they will be rendered useless on the battlefield. 

Firstly, the Graveborn class has been mentioned before many times too, but basically, what they will do is act as acolytes that will cut down their lifespan to launch out attacks that are going to be embedded with Dark Art, all the while also gaining extra support by their Demi-Lich Companion which will consistently launch out deadly attacks too. 

Stabbomancers will be used as a subclass here, though players can choose to main them too if they so desire; however, they are more viable as a support for this specific duo as their only job for this combination is to provide critical buffs and using passive skills that will further boost up the damage. 

When the Graveborns and Stabbomancers are joined together, they form the Gravemancer, which is enough to murder any sort of enemy. They work perfectly together by unleashing Dark Art attacks that will always land as critical hits on enemies and instantly kill them off.

Sporewarden/Stabbomancer Combo 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Class Combinations

Players looking for a more popular class combination can take assistance from the Sporewarden and Stabbomancer combo, which is how it made it into the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Class Combinations

We highly feel like if players do want to try out this build, then their main class should be Sporewarden, as they are typically nature-experienced people who have the power to call upon tornadoes that can cause enemies to go airborne and then rip them apart limb by limb before murdering them. 

The sub-class for this build will be none other than Stabbomancer, whereby the class itself will add to the overall damage output launched by the main class by helping them crit each hit. These assassins are excellent at murdering tougher foes, all the while maintaining their composure. 

The Stabwarden is the combination name for the Sporewarden and Stabbomancer build. It obliterates enemies by allowing the player to summon tornadoes that will critically land a devastating strike on opponents that are unfortunate enough to cross paths with the player. 

Clawbringer/Spellshot Combo 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands ClawShot

The next combination is Clawbringer and Spellshot, which can instantly kill off any enemies on the battlefield. With this build-in player’s arsenal, they will be able to conquer their opponents. 

So for this specific combo, players will typically want to main as a Spellshot, whereby players can act like wizards and take the help of spells to convert some of the toughest foes into harmless animals that can’t even fight back. 

The subclass can be the Clawbringer, although, let’s be real, clawbringers are so strong that they can play main in any combo, even this one! Clawbringers will, as usual, take the help of elector and pyro to bring destruction unto their foes and render them useless. 

When the two are put together, they come together to form Clawshot, and here players will be wizards that will use spells and cause elemental reactions that can murder their opponents in their path. 

Spellshot/Graveborn Combo 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands SpellBorn

We are nearly done with our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Class Combinations guide, we hope that you like it! For this specific build, players can use the Spellshot and Graveborn to dominate the battlefield. 

Spellshots will be the same wizards that will have a gun by their size, and with a few deadly spells in their arsenal, players can consistently launch gunshots that will always be aimed at enemies that are looking to hurt or deplete your HP. 

Graveborns, on the other side, will continuously lose HP while they are out on the battlefield, and in exchange for that, they will get combat buffs that can benefit the player throughout their battle. 

When combined, becoming Spellborn, the wizards can sacrifice their Health Points to murder enemies. 

Sporewarden/Spellshot Combo

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands SpellWarden

Wrapping it up with the Sporewarden and Spellshot combination, this one is yet another deadly build that can continuously take out any foe’s insight. The Sporewarden acts like a tornado summoners whereby they launch out thunderous tornadoes and deplete the HP of enemies. 

Combine it with the Spellshots, who is yet another good subclass option, and when the two are combined, we get the Spellwarden, who can be wizards that will bring upon tornadoes that can suck up monsters and render them useless. With that, this is the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Class Combinations wrapped up, let us know what you think! If you want to know more about hero stats, then feel free to read our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Hero Stats Guide!

Class Combination Inspiration: Dantics

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