Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Legendary Weapons Ranked

Our Tiny Tina's Wonderlands best legendary weapons guide is here to help you select the right weapons to use against enemies.

The weapons in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands are divided into different tiers, with the legendary weapons being the strongest ones. Therefore, it is obvious why you should get them. These weapons offer the best stats among all the other weapons present in the game, and they can help you against multiple types of enemies.

Also, most weapons behave differently based on your starting class, so if you’re new to the game, be sure to read our Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Best Starting Class guide and learn about which class suits your playstyle the most. You can also check our Classes Tier List for overall rankings. 

Best Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Legendary Weapons
  • Live Wire: SMG with chain lightning effect for lightning damage and melee-focused builds
  • Crossbolt Generator: Legendary weapon heavily relying on a ricochet and shoots multiple cross bolts, variants available
  • Manual Transmission: Legendary assault rifle with switchable fire rate modes, obtained through side missions and boss fight
  • Liquid Cooling: Legendary pistol that cools down break meter with each critical hit, obtained through a special drop from Lysia
  • AUTOMAGIC.exe: Cryo pistol with fun fire modes and tracker dart, obtained by fighting the Banshee boss
  • Envy: Blackpowdered sniper with poison and ricocheting bullets, effective with critical hits and obtained by defeating King Corrupt Hellsunder
  • Dry’l’s Fury: Shotgun with unique secondary firing mode for shock tesla, obtained in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands
  • Swordsplosion: Shotgun with exploding swords and sticky mode, x3 version deals more damage, obtained by farming in the Wargtooth Shallows
  • Blue Cake: Rocket launcher with lightning element damage and high output, obtainable through Chaos chambers or weapon drops
  • Wailing Banshee: Two-handed melee weapon with elemental variants, obtained by defeating the Banshee boss
  • Masterwork Handow of the Riveter: Powerful crossbow pistol with ricochet ability
  • Reign of Arrows of Striking: Legendary shotgun that fires all six bullets in its magazine simultaneously, with the ability to fire multiple arrows in a circle
  • Prolonging Shadowfire of the Warlock: Accurate SMG with a high fire rate and unique explosive ability
  • Rioting Lil K’S Bread Slicer of The Captive Royal: Assault rifle that consumes saw blades, high fire rate, and spinning nature to hit multiple enemies
  • White Rider of the Wind: SMG effective against armor, with beam firing mode and dual beams to target two enemies simultaneously
  • Cannonballer of Ardor: Powerful Torgue weapon with switchable 1-shot and 4-shot mode
  • Borea’s Breath of the Magician: SMG with Ice Spikes creation, firing four or five projectiles per shot
  • Apex of Rushing Rivers: Crossbow pistol with 2-shot and 4-shot burst modes, restores health when dealing damage
  • Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering: Legendary melee weapon that rewards gold with each hit and increases movement speed and cooldown rates

Comparison Table

Weapon NameDamageAccuracy (%)Handling (%)Reload Time (secs)Fire Rate Per SecsMag Size
Live Wire Of The Treetops245.
Crossbolt Generator466.
Manual Transmission229.
Liquid Cooling555 x 252.060.0-9.78-
AUTOMAGIC.exe201 x 339.
Dry'l's Fury1078.
Swordsplosion697 x 355.
Blue Cake Of Jealousy430 x 248.0100.0-0.83-
Masterwork Handbow Of The Riveter527.
Reign Of Arrows Of Striking737 x 691.
Prolonging Shadowfire Of The Warlock194.
Rioting Lil K's Bread Slicer Of The
Captive Royal
643 x 375.
White Rider Of The Wind167.
Cannonballer Of Ardor4499.
Borea's Breath Of The Magician97 x 464.
Apex Of Rushing Rivers16.
Weapon NameDamageAttack Speed (secs)Crit Chance (%)Crit Damage (%)Ice Damage
Wailing Banshee1626.00.8710.0120.0-
Goblin Pickaxe Of Blistering507.01.7618.0130.0127.0

Legendary Weapons In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Our list contains legendary weapons that we think are best. You might find some other weapons better than these, which is okay. This is because the choice varies from player to player, so it’s different for everyone. And now, without any further due, let’s dive into the list of best legendary weapons in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. 

Live Wire of the Treetops

Live wire of the tree tops

The Live Wire is one of the strongest SMGs out there. It is produced by Dahlia, one of the many manufacturers in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

You can only get the Live Wire as a world drop through vendors and bunnies after every successful chaos chamber run. However, there is no dedicated loot source to farm the Live Wire as of yet. Therefore, the best method of acquiring the Live Wire is through runs in chaos chambers like the cash chamber. Try to gain as many crystals as possible and invest them into the SMG barfing bunny to increase your chances.

Lightning is your friend with the Live Wire. What makes the Live Wire unique is that every second melee that you perform while holding the Live Wire will do a chain lightning effect and deal lightning gun damage to multiple enemies. The same effect can be applied to the bullets that you shoot out; they also have a random chance of doing the same damage. In general, you want to hold down with this weapon to do insane amounts of lightning damage.

The melee effect of this weapon makes it great for melee-focused builds. Make sure to use a strong sword-like melee weapon alongside the Live Wire to maximize your damage output. One good suggestion is the Banshee sword.

But even if you are not looking for something melee specific, the weapon is great in terms of lightning damage. You can always stack it with other elements to further strengthen the weapon. The red text says, “The lightning. It’s good for you.”

Crossbolt Generator 

Crossbolt Generator

The Crossbolt Generator is part of the assault rifles in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands legendary weapons. Manufactured by Blackpowder, it heavily relies on ricochet as its red text reads, “Get this, it’s a crossbow that fires more crossbows.”

You can get the weapon through a mission called Walk the stalk. Once you finish that quest, you will have to do another mission called a small favor, which in the end, will have a boss known as Caster. Fighting Caster will allow you to get the legendary weapon. The fight is quite long due to the many immune phases so take your time with it. One tip against Caster is to shoot for the yellow glowing orbs that spawn when he’s immune to reduce the total immunity time.

The cross-bolt comes with a bonus where it deals 4% more damage for each cross bolt that is stuck into enemies. The Crossbolt actually has many variants; there is the Crossbolt Generator of Discipline as well as the Crossbolt Generator Sootcough of the Compass. The latter comes with more damage, making it great for gun-based builds. It also has x4 pellets per shot.

Regardless, each Crossbolt will, of course, shoot cross bolts, and they’ll spread everywhere. Each shot has a chance of it ricocheting off and onto nearby enemies. Additionally, each shot also explodes around 3 times, dealing additional damage. You can pretty much spam this and deal damage to an entire crowd of enemies using the ricochet. Although it is good against crowds, it might not be the best fit for dealing with bosses due to the nature of the Crossbolt.

Manual Transmission

Manual Transmission

The Manual Transmission is a legendary assault rifle manufactured by Stoker. What makes it a part of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Legendary Weapons is its interesting fire rate. Essentially you can switch modes as your weapon is heating to switch to a higher fire-rate mode.

When you see your bullet meter go red, you can basically “shift gears” to reduce the heat effect and also increase the fire rate. There does not seem to be an exact cap on the fire rate, and you will most likely overheat the weapon before you reach the cap anyways. You really do have to time the switching as if you mess it up, you get set back all the way to base fire rate. But once you do build up the fire rate, the Manual Transmission can be a devastating weapon to use against enemies. But unfortunately, it is not as great at Chaos 20 as compared to the lower chaos levels. Therefore, for late-game, perhaps you’d be better off with something else.

To get the Manual Transmission, you need to go to Mount Craw. To do that, you will likely have to do a side mission called Goblin’s tired of forced depression. After that, you will have access to the location. At Mount Craw, there is another mission called the Slayer of Vorcanar. Once you beat him, you have a chance of getting the Manual Transmission.

Liquid Cooling 

Liquid Cooling

Liquid Cooling is one of the best legendary pistols out there. It is manufactured by Skuldugger. It has a unique skill where it is able to cool down its break meter with each critical hit, thus the appropriate name. That makes it amazing for the stabbomancer and its action skill from the shadows. As with that, every attack you land is a critical attack. The weapon is a cryo pistol and comes with x1 and x2 variants. While both are amazing, you will, of course, benefit more by having the x2 version.

You can get the Liquid Cooling as a special drop from Lysia in Crack Mass Cove. Additionally, you can get it through vendors as well as the barfing rabbits in chaos chambers. But at the end of the day, your best bet is to farm Lysia in Crack Mass Cove. There is a save station right next to the boss fight that you can make good use of. Once you reach there, head through the waterfall and hit the shrine to initiate the fight. Lysia will send out waves of enemies, so be ready for a long fight.    

The red text on the Liquid Cooling reads, “works great till it doesn’t.” That could be a direct reference to how liquid cooling works on PCs, but it’s open to interpretation.



The AUTOMAGIC.exe is a legendary pistol manufactured by Stoker. It is a cryo weapon and great for short-range battles. It has a fire mode that might not be useful but is really fun to mess around with.

The weapon comes in x2, x3, and x4 variants in terms of pellets. If you aim for a higher version, you will, of course, deal more damage but will also consume a lot more ammo. The gun in its normal shooting mode is quite simple. When you shoot, the bullets project outwards in a wavy like pattern.

The second firing mode shots a tracker dart at your enemies. After being attached, any bullets that you fire out will hone on the tagged enemy. This is great for cases where the enemy ends up hiding behind a corner. Or if you want to shoot from a range but the bullets are spreading out too much.

To get the AUTOMAGIC.exe, you will have to fight the Banshee in Weepwild Darkness – The Corrupted Heart. This is a location where you can also farm the Banshee, which is yet another Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands best legendary weapon. Therefore, you can try your luck for both the weapons by farming the same boss.



Envy, a legendary Blackpowdered sniper, is part of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands legendary weapons and works nicely with critical shots. Per each critical hit, the bullet puts three pools of poison under the hit enemy. Quite fitting for a weapon named Envy. Additionally, the bullet will also ricochet dark magic bullets into enemies per critical hits. This makes it yet another great weapon for dealing with mobs. However, the caveat of Envy is that it is only so strong with critical hits. Landing body shots or normal shots, in general, are not that strong. There are simply better options out there.

To get Envy, you will need to head to the Drowned Abyss – Dry’L’s Gallery, where you will face an Obelisk boss in the top left area of the map. Make sure to use the safe station to save so that you can farm a lot easier. As you might know, the Obelisk Bosses work in a way that first you get a wave of enemies. And after that, you get the final boss. The boss that you will have to face for Envy is King Corrupt Hellsunder.

The red text reads, “I see things in only two shades,” which might be a reference to the feeling of enviousness.

Dry’l’s Fury 

Dry’l’s Fury

The Dry’l’s Fury is perhaps one of the more unique legendary shotguns part of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Legendary Weapons. It comes in a fire element, and you can hold it down while shooting with it. In fact, when you’re just landing normal shots, it feels like a typical normal Stoker sniper. Even with criticals, there are no special traits.

However, the Dry’l’s Fury has a secondary firing mode which is quite amazing. It shoots out a shock ball which moves forth slowly. But when you shoot the ball, it explodes and connects a shock tesla to all nearby enemies. This makes it great for dealing with multiple enemies and, overall, just having fun from a far distance. Do be careful with the explosion, though, as it can harm the player as well. But in general, you can shoot the shock ball about 5 times, after which the explosions stop occurring.

To get the weapon, you need to fight the boss Dry’l, who can be found in the Drowned Abyss – Dry’l’s Gallery. You’ll need to run forth and drop down to the arena where you can face Dry’l. The fight is quite slow, so it can take time to farm the weapon, but it’ll be worth it near the end. Especially if you are a sniper-based build.

The red text for the weapon says, “choke them with your chains.” It may just be a reference to the boss, Dry’l, itself.



Swordsplosion is part of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Legendary weapons and is a legendary shotgun manufactured by Torgue. It is quite an interesting weapon and has a fire mode where literal swords explode out from the ground. Quite a fitting name for the weapon.

It has the impact mode and the sticky mode. Starting with the impact mode. You shoot out bullets that are shaped like swords that explode on impact. There are x2 and x3 pellet versions of the weapon. If you can, do aim for the x3 version as there is a significant difference in damage between the two. It deals quite good damage, but the bullet speed is quite slow so keep that in mind.

As for the sticky mode, when you shoot an enemy, a giant sword comes out from the ground. The enemy gets knocked quite far back from the emergence of the sword. Overall sticky mode is quite a fun shooting mode for the Swordsplosion. But do bear in mind that, in general, the weapon does consume a lot of ammo and is not that accurate from afar, thus having short range. But then again, that is to be expected from shotguns.

To get the weapon, you want to head towards the Wargtooth Shallows – Wreck of the Tempest Scorn. You will eventually get to this area after you have proceeded far enough into the story. Once you reach here, you will need to farm a boss to get the Swordsplosion. In fact, the so-called “boss” is quite easy that you might even mistake it for just a regular enemy. As soon as you slide down into Wreck of the Tempest Scorn, you will run into the enemy that you can kill easily. Farming the boss long enough will eventually get you the drop.  

The red text on the weapon says, “Your sword is the sword that will pierce the heavens.” This may be a reference to the anime Gurren Lagann.  

Blue Cake 

Blue Cake

Fans of the previous Borderland games will love this weapon. It is essentially the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands version of the “Yellowcake” from the previous Borderlands. Although it is not as strong as the Yellowcake, it is still quite strong.

The Blue Cake is basically a rocket launcher manufactured by Skuldugger, and it has insane damage. You can pretty much one-shot many enemies. Additionally, it works well against bosses as well. It does lightning element damage, and the overall damage for the Inspiring Blue Cake of Jealousy is 3832. That is quite a lot. Do bear in mind that as it is a rocket launcher, your accuracy will be low, and it does have a high repair time as well, so try not to overheat the weapon.

You can get the weapon through Chaos chambers. To increase your chances, just invest all of your crystals into the rocket launcher. You can also get it as a weapon drop as well.

Wailing Banshee

Wailing Banshee

The Wailing Banshee, or Banshee for short, is a great melee weapon, especially for the melee-focused builds. Banshee is a two-handed weapon manufactured by Valora. It finds its spot in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Legedendary weapons due to the various elemental variants that it has. You can get it in standard, black magic, fire damage, or other elemental damages, depending on your luck. It does swing slow, but when you land a hit, it certainly is significant. Whenever you hit an enemy with the Banshee, up to 3 projectiles can get shot outwards. The projectiles make it good for a melee weapon as it allows you to target multiple enemies rather than doing a simple 1v1.

To get the Banshee, you need to head to the Weepwild Darkness – The Corrupted Heart. Near the end, you will fight the Banshee boss. It is a story, boss, so you cannot miss it.

The red text actually has a great reference to the Sheesh meme that went viral on Tiktok. It reads, “More like banSHEESH!”

Masterwork Handow of the Riveter

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands best legendary weapons
Masterwork Handow of the Riveter

The first weapon on our list is the Masterwork Handow of the Riveter. Pistols are something that can help you out in multiple situations. When it comes to sidearms, there isn’t anything better than them. When you empty the entire clip of your primary weapon and don’t have the time to reload, you can quickly switch to your sidearm to continue the fight. Even if your primary weapon runs out of ammo, sidearms can help you take down multiple enemies when you search for ammo. As for the Masterwork Handow, it does this job pretty well.

Just by taking a look at this Crossbow Pistol, you’ll be able to tell that it’s something that can take on an entire group of enemies on its own. It can deal a good amount of damage with each hit and has a good reload speed. Furthermore, its accuracy is also decent, meaning that you won’t have a hard time controlling this weapon. The only downside is its slow reload speed and magazine size, as it can fire only a single bullet simultaneously. This means that you’ll need to make every shot count. 

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As this weapon is manufactured by Black Powder, it has an ability attached to it, thanks to which its bullets can ricochet off enemies and hit surrounding enemies. This will let you target multiple enemies in a single shot. 

Reign of Arrows of Striking

In combat, shotguns are my absolute favorite. If you ask why, well, they are something that can help you take down your target brutally. If you’re someone like me who likes to get up close and personal with their targets, you should definitely carry around a shotgun in your arsenal. For this, we will recommend the Regin of Arrows of Striking. 

Reign of Arrows of Striking
Reign of Arrows of Striking

The Regin of Arrows is a legendary shotgun in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands that is capable of dealing with each shot. This is mainly because it fires all six bullets in its magazine simultaneously. And for those wondering, each bullet can do 460 damage. This makes the Regin of Arrows an ideal weapon to use in close-range scenarios. You can clear an entire group of enemies with it quickly. Furthermore, even if you’re facing a powerful foe, this weapon won’t let you down.

Like the weapon mentioned above, the Regin of Arrows is also manufactured by Black Power. This one comes with an ability that lets it fire multiple arrows in a circle. All you need to do is select an area and press the fire button, after which every enemy inside that circle will get hit by powerful arrows. This can prove extremely useful when facing a large group of enemies. Keep in mind that you can get hurt by the arrows, so make sure you stay away from the circle. 

Prolonging Shadowfire of the Warlock

Just like shotguns, SMGs are also deadly in close-ranged combat. They offer one of the highest fire rates among all other weapon types, thanks to which they can empty the entire clip onto the enemy within a few seconds. This ultimately leads to taking enemies down quickly, but you also need to be careful with the bullets. As it fires fast, it also runs out of ammo quickly. As for the Prolonging Shadowfire of the Warlock, it’s easily one of the best legendary weapons in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands best legendary weapons
Prolonging Shadowfire of the Warlock

The Prolonging Shadowfire has a fire rate of 6.3/7s, which is higher than most of the weapons in the game. Furthermore, even though it is an SMG that is pretty difficult to control, it offers an accuracy of 67%. This means that you can learn its spray patterns and how to control it easily. Its magazine can store 22 bullets, which should have been a little higher considering it’s an SMG. But since its reload speed is pretty decent, you won’t have to worry about standing without an empty mag in front of your enemies. 

This SMG is manufactured by Feriore. For those who don’t know, this manufacturer is known for creating weapons that perform a specific action after they are thrown towards the enemy. The best part is that after you throw them, they return back to you after performing the task. As for the Prolonging Shadowfire, this weapon explodes shortly after you throw it towards your target. If you’re facing a strong enemy, this will help you drain their health quickly. 

Rioting Lil K’S Bread Slicer of The Captive Royal

Assault Rifles are the best all-rounder weapon among all weapon types. While other weapon types are meant for specific ranges, Assault Rifles can help you take down targets in almost any range. They are also not that difficult to control and can deal a good amount of damage with each hit. The Rioting Lil K’S Bread Slicer of the Captive Royal is no different.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands best legendary weapons
Rioting Lil K’S Bread Slicer of The Captive Royal

The Rioting Lil K’S Bread Slicer consumes three saw blades per shot. Each one can deal 119 damage, meaning that you can drain 357 HP of your target with it. The thing which I love most about this weapon is its magazine size as it stores 66 saw blades. Thanks to this, you won’t have to worry about reloading your weapon again and again. Furthermore, this Assault Rifle has an amazing accuracy of 79%, thanks to which you won’t face any difficulty controlling it. Overall, it is a weapon that has earned its spot in our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands best legendary weapons guide.

The weapon is manufactured by Stoker. This manufacturer creates weapons that have a high rate of fire. Even though the Rioting Lil K’S Bread Slicer isn’t an SMG, it still has a fire rate of 6.37s. This let’s annihilate your enemy quickly. Another amazing thing about the weapon is that the saw blades can hit multiple enemies if they keep on going forward, spinning on the ground. They can also hit a single enemy multiple times due to their spinning nature. 

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White Rider of the Wind

Another SMG on our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands legendary weapons list is the White Rider of the Wind. There will be times when you will face enemies that are wearing tough armor in the game. These are not easy to take down as you’ll first need to break their defense. But with the White Rider in your hands, you’ll be able to take them don’t without any problems.

As per the official stats of the weapon, the White Rider is an SMG that is highly effective against armor. It can penetrate through it and help you break the enemy’s defense quickly. Thanks to it, no matter which enemy you’re facing, you won’t have to worry about wasting a lot of bullets to take them down.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands best legendary weapons
White Rider of the Wind

The weapon fires a beam towards its targets. You can switch to the dual-beam mode, after which it fires two beams that target two enemies at the same time. This can be used when fighting against a group of foes. As for its magazine size, the SMG can store 27 rounds. Its accuracy is also fantastic, having been set at 80%. However, compared to some of the other SMGs, its fire rate is a little low, 3.86s. 

The White Rider SMG is manufactured by Dahila. This manufacturer is known for developing weapons that offer alternate fire modes. We have already mentioned above how the White Rider can let you switch from a single beam mode to a dual-beam mode so that you can target multiple enemies at once. 

Cannonballer of Ardor

If you want something that can help you create havoc in the lands of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, then you need to carry around a Cannon in your arsenal. We have already seen how Cannons and Rocket Launchers can destroy everything in their path in various other games. They are slow but can deal massive damage with each hit. The Cannonballer of Ardor lives up to these expectations as it can take down every enemy in its path.

The Cannonballer of Ardor can deal 467 damage with each hit and can store four rounds in this magazine. The best part about this weapon is that it lets you switch between 1-shot and 4-shot mode. The 1-shot mode is ideal for situations when trying to target weak enemies.

Cannonballer of Ardor
Cannonballer of Ardor

Switching to the 4-shot mode will let you take down powerful foes and a large group of enemies quickly as the Cannon will fire four explosive rounds at once. However, the 4-shot mode isn’t accurate in close range, so you should keep a good distance from your enemy while using it. Furthermore, you’ll also receive damage if you’re inside the blast radius. 

The Cannonballer of Ardor is created by Torgue, a weapon manufacturer well known for creating weapons that focus on explosions. Their primary goal is to develop weapons that can take down most targets in a single hit. One important thing to keep in mind is that the Cannonballer of Ardor is a slow weapon, and it takes time for it to reload. Therefore, make sure to make every shot count. Otherwise, the slow reload speed can put you at a vulnerable spot as your enemies can use this time to attack you. 

Borea’s Breath of the Magician

Borea’s Breath of the Magician is the third and final SMG in our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands legendary weapons guide. The weapon can fire four projectiles towards the targets by consuming two ammo per shot and can also fire five projectiles by using three ammo per shot. Each projectile can deal 97 damage, so you can take down enemies quickly if you manage to land all of them accurately. 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands best legendary weapons
Borea’s Breath of the Magician

Just like the Prolonging Shadowfire, Broea’s Breath also has a magazine size of 22 rounds, which in my opinion, is a little low for an SMG. It also boasts a fire rate of 6.67s and 64% accuracy. Since it’s an SMG, the weapon is suitable for close-range combat. 

The Borea’s Breath is manufactured by Feriore. As mentioned before, this manufacturer develops weapons that you can throw for different effects. When you throw away Borea’s Breath, it will start bouncing on the battlefield and will create Ice Spikes wherever it hits. It will bounce a couple of times, so you can create a bunch of Ice Spikes thanks to it. These spikes can help you take on multiple enemies. 

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Apex of Rushing Rivers

The Apex of Rushing Rivers is yet another sidearm in our list on which you can rely in different situations. This Crossbow Pistol has a magazine size of 26 rounds, and it can deal 13 damage with each Crossbolt. Furthermore, its accuracy is 73%, making it easier to land shots. As for the fire rate, it’s set at 9.34/s.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands best legendary weapons
Apex of Rushing Rivers

The Apex of Rushing Rivers is created by Dahlia. This means that the weapon features alternate firing modes that you can use in multiple situations. You can either use the 2-shot burst option or the 4-shot burst. Both have their own advantages, with the 2-shot burst mode letting you take on weaker enemies without quickly emptying the ammo stack and the 4-shot mode focusing more on letting you take down enemies quickly without worrying about running out of ammo. 

What makes Apex of Rushing Rivers one of the best legendary weapons in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is its ability to restore health when you deal damage with it. That’s right, whenever you hit your enemies with this weapon, you get some HP in return. Thanks to this, you won’t have to worry about consuming healing items during combat, as this will do the job for you. Overall, it is a pretty great weapon that you should try. 

Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering

Melee weapons are the type of weapons that are meant for extremely close-range scenarios. These can help you hit enemies that are always trying to get close to you. However, while melee weapons are mostly used whenever you run out of ammo for your weapons, the Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering is something you’ll keep using because of the rewards you’ll get.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands best legendary weapons
Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering

The Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering is mentioned in our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands legendary weapons list because of its ability to spawn gold with each hit. You heard me right; as you hit your enemies with this weapon and deal damage to them, you’ll get rewarded with gold. That’s not it, as whenever you’ll pick up the gold, your movement speed will increase, and your Spell Cooldown rate, along with your Action Skill Cooldown rate, will reduce. What more could you want from a weapon? 

This is also something that makes the Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering a great weapon for co-op. This is because, during co-op, the gold that you pick up gets shared among all teammates. As you’re using this Pickaxe to increase your gold, your teammates will become rich with you as well without making any extra efforts. Overall, the Goblin Pickaxe is one of the best melee weapons in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. 

This marks the end of our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands legendary weapons guide. We hope that it will help you acquire some of the top weapons in the game. 

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