Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Spells [Top 10]

This Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Spells guide will list down the top 10 best spells to use while in combat in order to win!

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a beauty in and of itself, with its exquisite graphics and intense combat mechanics. Amongst the combat, there is also a wide selection of spells offered to players, some offering utility and assistance while in the middle of a battle and others providing buffs to increase the overall damage. This guide will cover 10 of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ best spells.

Key Takeaways
  • Burgeoning Concentrated Magic Barrage is the best spell-damage buffer with 4792 high damage output, enhanced 1220% spell damage, and 400% increased Crit rate.
  • Efficacious Quaking Sunder is the spell with an overall increased 50% spell damage rate and launches a burst of energy against the enemies, leaving them dead. 
  • Spitting Triple Ice Spike is a damage output spell that can easily take down enemies. It can also launch extra projectiles against enemies.
  • Burgeoning Cloudburst Arc Torrent increases the Status effect damage by 29%, gives a 45% spell damage increase, and makes it deadlier by reducing enemies’ cooldown, which gives you victory over them.
  • Practiced Threads of Fate is the best buff for the player’s damage, which increases the spell damage by 20% and gives a 45% increase to the Spell status effect damage.
  • Surging Glacial Cascade is a simple cast with 1120 damage, 33% Crit damage, 20% spell damage increased, and 26% increased Status effect damage output.
  • Burgeoning Twister is a utility spell that can be used to dominate over the enemies on the battlefield with increased 32% spell damage and focuses on buffing other spells.
  • Jacketed Impaling Ice Spike is the most overpowered spell with 1915 damage, which can take down enemies easily and make a good 100% increase to Crit Damage.
  • Ramming Buffmeister is a utility self-cast spell that protects you from damage, enhances your power, and provides an increase in melee attacks by 40%, which results in increased damage output.
  • Burgeoning Glacial Cascade allows the players to free-attack the opponent with a 20% increase of spell damage output and an increased 33% Crit damage.

Before we begin, here’s a brief look at the comparison between the Best Spells in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands:

Spell NameRarityMagic ManufacturerValueDamageCritical Chance (%)Cooldown (seconds)
Burgeoning Concentrated Magic BarrageEpicArken18,9524729 x 210.013.1
Efficacious Quaking SunderEpicMiraculum18,952887.015.015.3
Spitting Triple Ice SpikeEpicConjura23,7731596 x 428.011.3
Burgeoning Cloudburst Arc TorrentEpicArken18,9521561.013.07.5
Practiced Thread Of FateLegendaryArken41,345186 x 310.015.3
Surging Glacial CascadeLegendaryConjura32,9601120 x 333.010.8
Burgeoning TwisterLegendaryConjura32,960369 x 1625.014.6
Jacketed Impaling Ice SpikeEpicConjura20,6721915.026.014.0
Ramming BuffmeisterLegendaryMiraculumN/A155.0100.030.8
Burgeoning Glacial CascadeLegendaryConjura26,275942 x 333.09.7

Best Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Spells 

Before we get started with the Best Spells In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, please remember that this is a general collection of the top-rated spells, not for a particular category. Some of these spells provide excellent damage buffs, while others might be useful as extra aid during a battle. So, let’s see what they are! If you are having difficulties choosing classes in the beginning, get help from our Best Starting Class Guide

1- Burgeoning Concentrated Magic Barrage 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Burgeoning Concentrated Magic Barrage
Burgeoning Concentrated Magic Barrage Spell
Rarity Magic Manufacturer Damage Critical Chance Cooldown Other Buffs
Epic Arken 4729 x 2 10 Percent 13.1 secs
  • Spell Damage: +1220%
  • Spell Critical Chance: +400%
  • Spell Status Effect Chance: -86%
  • Spell Status Effect Damage: +153%
  • Spell Radius: +200%

Meet the Burgeoning Concentrated Magic Barrage, a standout among Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands spells. With an impressive 4792 damage output and a 10% crit rate, it’s a powerful spell damage buffer.

Upon casting, the spell boosts damage by 1220%, ensuring swift enemy elimination. The Spell Crit rate jumps to 400%, crucial for victory. It also enhances Spell Status Effect damage by 153% and expands the Spell Radius by 200%, immobilizing nearby enemies.

This Channel Cast spell, charged by holding the button, summons two projectiles from the sky, dealing devastating damage. The spell skill adds a 15% damage boost for 10 seconds.

After use, a 13.1-second cooldown follows before casting again. Note this for our Stabbomancer Build!

2- Efficacious Quaking Sunder 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Efficacious Quaking Sunder
Efficacious Quaking Sunder Spell
Rarity Magic Manufacturer Damage Critical Chance Cooldown Other Buffs
Epic Miraculum 887 15 Percent 15.3 secs
  • Spell Damage: -21%
  • Spell Critical Damage: +50%
  • Spell Cooldown: 24%
  • Restores Health via Damage

Introducing the Efficacious Quaking Sunder, a standout in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Spells. Part of the potent Quaking Sunder spell collection, this spell excels in both regular combat and challenging boss encounters.

With an impressive base damage of 887, the spell offers crucial support during intense battles. Boasting a 15% crit rate it ensures players achieve their desired damage output. Upon casting, the spell’s overall damage surges by 50%, empowering players to dispatch enemies swiftly.

Notably, the spell reduces cooldown by 24%, enabling faster casting for sustained damage. Its passive feature projects a lethal burst of energy, annihilating foes around the player. Additionally, dealing with damage triggers health regeneration.

Upon casting the Action Skill, enjoy a 20% boost in Status Effect damage for 10 seconds. The spell’s cooldown is a brief 15.3 seconds, allowing rapid recasting. Explore the Sporewarden Build for further inspiration in your experimentation!

3- Spitting Triple Ice Spike 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Spitting Triple Ice Spike
Spitting Triple Ice Spike Spell
Rarity Magic Manufacturer Damage Critical Chance Cooldown Other Buffs
Epic Conjura 1596 x 4 28 Percent 11.3 secs
  • Spell Critical Chance: -20%
  • Spell Critical Damage: +50%
  • Spell Cooldown: +13%
  • Slows down enemies

In our Best Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Spells collection, let’s highlight the third spell: the Spitting Triple Ice Spike, a powerful support choice. With a formidable 1500 damage output, it swiftly overwhelms foes. Upon the initial cast, it boosts crit damage by 50%, facilitating easy dispatch of opponents, though at the cost of a 20% reduction in crit rate.

This spell’s standout feature is the ability to summon up to 3 ice projectiles per cast, targeting and incapacitating foes. The spell skill not only obliterates enemies but also has a 50% chance to launch an extra projectile, depleting their HP. Despite a base crit rate of 28%, passives may decrease it. The low 11.3-second cooldown ensures frequent use.

4- Burgeoning Cloudburst Arc Torrent 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Burgeoning Cloudburst Arc Torrent
Burgeoning Cloudburst Arc Torrent Spell
Rarity Magic Manufacturer Damage Critical Chance Cooldown Other Buffs
Epic Arken 1561 13 Percent 7.5 secs
  • Spell Damage: +45%
  • Spell Critical Chance: -50%
  • Spell Status Effect Damage: +26%
  • Spell Radius: -35%
  • Spell Cooldown: -52%

Meet the Burgeoning Cloudburst Arc Torrent, a formidable spell topping our Best Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Spells list. This spell shines in battle, delivering great damage for swift victories.

Upon the initial cast, enjoy a robust 45% Spell Damage boost, rendering nearby enemies powerless. The ongoing 26% enhancement to Status Effect Damage provides a strategic edge.

While the base crit rate is 13%, the Spell Effect Damage enhancement reduces the crit rate by 50%, lessening the chance of critical hits. Additionally, the spell slashes cooldown by 52%, enabling frequent use against formidable foes.

As a channel-cast spell, holding the button amps up damage. Upon release, a lightning bolt strikes foes, ensuring a lethal outcome. Activate the spell skill for a 15-second damage boost, ample time to charge into battle and eliminate enemies before a brief 7.5-second cooldown.

5- Practiced Threads of Fate 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Practiced Threads of Fate
Practiced Threads of Fate Spell
Rarity Magic Manufacturer Damage Critical Chance Cooldown Other Buffs
Legendary Arken 186 x 3 10 Percent 15.3 secs
  • Spell Damage: +20%
  • Spell Status Effect Damage: +45%
  • Spell Cooldown: -10%
  • Restores Health via damage

Halfway through our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Spells countdown, let’s dive into Practiced Threads of Fate. This spell provides a 20% boost to spell damage, empowering me to tackle bosses swiftly. With a 10% crit rate, I gain a fair advantage in combat.

Practiced Threads of Fate also enhances Spell Status Effect Damage by 45%, ensuring consistent, formidable damage output. During its activation, I enjoy a 10% spell cooldown reduction, allowing frequent use for added support in battles.

This versatile spell can be channel cast, offering control over its power. Holding it down charges up the attack, providing an opportunity to release devastating blows upon enemies. The accompanying weapon skill elevates my Ability damage by 30% for 10 seconds, making me a formidable force. Following this, a 15.3-second cooldown kicks in.

In the diverse classes of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, the Brr-zerker stands out. Check out our Brr-zerker Build Guide for expert insights.

6- Surging Glacial Cascade 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Surging Glacial Cascade
Surging Glacial Cascade Spell
Rarity Magic Manufacturer Damage Critical Chance Cooldown Other Buffs
Legendary Conjura 1120 x 3 33 Percent 10.8 secs
  • Spell Damage: +20%
  • Spell Status Effect Damage: +26%
  • Spell Cooldown: -10%
  • Slows down enemies

Moving right along with the next spell on our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Spells list, yet another spell that players need to have in their arsenal is the Surging Glacial Cascade if they expect to win any kind of battle against single-target enemies or crowds of opponents. Let’s check out how the spell operates! 

When the player first uses Surging Glacial Cascade, they will be able to take help from the 1120 damage, which is not the highest. However, since this spell is still in the category of being a utility to players in combat, the damage output is still going to be quite adequate, perhaps even enough to make the player win the fight.

The crit rate is comparatively high compared to other spells, with it being about 33%, which gives players an increased chance to get close to enemies and attack them with their attacks. As for enhancements, the spell can grant the player an overall 20% spell damage enhancement, making their damage output stronger. 

Surging Glacial Cascade also offers a considerable 26% increase to the overall Status Effect Damage Output, which should be enough to render enemies useless in the arena. When the skill is active, players will also experience that their skill cooldown has been reduced by 10%. 

After the spell skill is over, Surging Glacial Cascade will enter a 10.8-second cooldown, after which it can be used again. 

7- Burgeoning Twister

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Burgeoning Twister
Burgeoning Twister Spell
Rarity Magic Manufacturer Damage Critical Chance Cooldown Other Buffs
Legendary Conjura 369 x 16 25 Percent 14.6 secs
  • Spell Damage: +32%
  • Spell Cooldown: -19%
  • Restores health via damage

The next important spell that we will cover for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Spells is the Burgeoning Twister, typically used by players who want to dominate the battlefield and aim to become the strongest Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands player. This spell itself is excellent support when you are in combat. 

The main aim of this spell is that it acts as a utility spell rather than a focused high-damage output, meaning that its main purpose will always be to buff other spells or other items rather than placing the focus on itself, which is essential for certain players since they are going for a specific build rather than brute-forcing their way.

When Burgeoning Twister is active, it will cause the player to get 32% increased spell damage, which is one of the most important steps to launch great damage and take over opponents. Another thing to know about this spell is that when players use it, their spell cooldown will be reduced by 19%, allowing for more casting of the spell and more damage being dealt to foes. 

The crit rate of Burgeoning Twister is 25%, which is a pretty solid amount, and players can cast it once, which will launch as a Simple Cast rather than a Channel Cast spell, meaning that it can be fired once, and players can move on to the next spell. However, when cast, it will cause enemies to intake Dark Magic and Poison Damage from the player’s end. 

Anytime the player deals any amount of damage and gets a critical hit, they will be able to restore a bit of their attack as HP due to the spell’s passive. The spell skill also lets the player summon the skill and get enhanced damage output by 15% for 10 seconds. 

After being cast, the 14.6-second cooldown will start. Don’t miss out on our Graveborn Build, as it might use some spells as well! 

8- Jacketed Impaling Ice Spike 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Jacketed Impaling Ice Spike
Jacketed Impaling Ice Spike Spell
Rarity Magic Manufacturer Damage Critical Chance Cooldown Other Buffs
Epic Conjura 1915 26 Percent 14.0 secs
  • Spell Critical Chance: -50%
  • Spell Critical Damage: +100%
  • Spell Status Effect Chance: +120%
  • Spell Status Effect Damage: +505%
  • Spell Radius: +14,000%
  • Spell Cooldown: +40
  • Slows down enemies

Now, we feel like this next one will be one of the most overpowered spells, in our opinion! With the Jacketed Impaling Ice Spike in the player’s arsenal, they will be able to take down any enemy present on the battlefield simply due to how strong this spell is.

With the damage being 1915, it is an insanely high number, equalling the player to become one of the most feared characters against enemies. The raw damage itself will be enough to instantly deplete the enemy’s HP and have them give up the fight and die off. With that, the 26% crit rate is enough to hit critical hits multiple times throughout the battle itself. 

There is also a 100% increase to the player’s Crit Damage, which makes this spell all the more broken and all the more desired! While being cast by the player during combat, the Spell Status Effect Damage will be buffed by 505%. Can you even believe that number? We surely can’t!

To say that the Jacketed Impaling Ice Spike is broken is an understatement; it is sure to get nerfed in one or two patches, so make sure to use it as swiftly as possible! If players manage to abuse its passives, they will be able to receive a bonus of 120% increased spell status effect rate, alongside a whopping of 14000% Spell Radius, making all the opponents get one-shotted due the huge AoE radius. 

The Jacketed Impaling Ice Spike itself is a Simple Cast skill as it can be cast once and then enters into cooldown. The passive causes an ice spike to rise from the earth, impale all enemies in sight, and render them useless. After being cast, the 14-second cooldown will begin, after which players can abuse this skill again. 

9- Ramming Buffmeister 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Ramming Buffmeister
Ramming Buffmeister Spell
Rarity Magic Manufacturer Damage Critical Chance Cooldown Other Buffs
Legendary Miraculum 155 100 Percent 30.8 secs
  • Direct Damage Dealt: +155
  • Duration: 9.6 secs
  • Spell Damage: +32%
  • Spell Cooldown: -19%

Now that we are nearing the end of our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Spells collection, we have another amazing Spell, which yet again will be included in the “utility” category of spells, considering there are few different types of spells that exist in the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands universe. 

For the Raging Buffmeister, people consider it to be one of the most broken spells because it has a 100% crit rate, meaning that every hit that the player launches is sure to land as a critical hit. Every single time, which is pretty cool! Also, anytime the player casts the spell, their damage output will be enhanced by 155, which might not seem like a huge buff, but it adds up when the player is busy in combat against multiple enemies. 

Another thing is that it will also offer a 32% boost to the Spell Damage launched by the player on top of the 155 buff, which makes the player stronger in the arena and allows them to decimate enemies with ultimate ease. While the Ramming Buffmeister is in the player’s arsenal, they will also experience that their spell cooldown is reduced by 19%, which is crucial while in battle. 

The Ramming Buffmeister is a Self Cast spell, which allows the spell to be surrounded by the player, and enhances the player’s power! The spell skill grants the player to cast a spell and get enhanced melee attack power by 40%, making their overall damage output more potent. 

After this broken spell has been fully taken advantage of, it will enter a long cooldown period of 30.8 seconds. In order to know more about farming locations, check out our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Buffmeister Spell Farming Guide

10- Burgeoning Glacial Cascade 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Burgeoning Glacial Cascade
Burgeoning Glacial Cascade Spell
Rarity Magic Manufacturer Damage Critical Chance Cooldown Other Buffs
Legendary Conjura 942 x 3 33 Percent 9.7 secs
  • Spell Damage: +20%
  • Spell Cooldown: -19%
  • Slows down enemies

Ending it with yet another excellent spell, we have the Burgeoning Glacial Cascade, and this one, yet again, is the sister of the other Glacial Cascade spell that we mentioned before. The 942 damage is enough to support the player to the end of the battle, and it ensures the player that they will win. 

The spell itself has an impressive 33% crit rate, which gives the player ample freedom to free-attack the opponent and experiment with how they might like the spell’s overall playstyle, all the while being able to land critical hits. Since the Burgeoning Glacial Cascade is more of a damage-focused spell, there is much room for experimentation here. In order to get the most out of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Builds, this spell could come in handy in one of the builds. 

When the player casts the spell, they will experience a 20% enhancement to their overall spell damage output, which is enough to make them stronger while they are in combat and render foes useless in the arena. Another excellent thing about this is that it will get a 19% reduced spell cooldown, allowing for increased spell-casting while on the battlefield. 

The spell type is that of a simple cast, being able to be cast once and then not again until the 9.7-second cooldown is over. According to the spell skill, the player’s damage output is increased by 15%. We have the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Spells all wrapped up; let us know what you think in the comments down below! 

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