Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Best Starting Class [Top 6]

Best Starting Classes In Tiny Tina’s Wonderland

We can only commence Tiny Tina’s Class guide once we reveal the six classes that Fatemakers can choose from. They range from spell-casting to Frost hitter, combined with the option to become warriors to take down the worst of enemies, or perhaps you might like to be a wizard; here are the six available classes and respective builds you can make out of these. 


Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Starting Class

We are starting Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Starting Class with the first class, “Spellshot.” In essence, spellshots are players who aim to become damage dealers who wield guns, take the help of spells, combine them with their guns and launch such attacks at their enemies that the opponents convert into animals that they can takedown. 

Spells and guns work together and immerse splendidly for people who choose to become spellshots. Players that wield guns will be able to cast down spells that will render the enemies useless in one hit. Between reloading the weapon and casting spells, spellshots can achieve victory without any effort as the enemies will become useless once they are turned into animals. 

Spellshot’s Class Feat 

Tina's Wonderland Class Feat
Tiny Tina’s Class Feat

Essentially, each class will typically come equipped with its own “passive skill,” which can be incredibly handy when dealing with more formidable opponents that seem impossible to take down. Spellshot’s class feat is known as “Spellweaving,” which can significantly aid the player in battle. 

The skill, “Spellweaving,” is brought upon when the player launches a separate spell on the opponent or takes the time to refuel their Gun with bullets. Once one of these two things is done, the player will gain a singular “Spellweaving” stack, which will massively enhance the overall damage caused by their spell. 

Suppose there is a spell that has been launched at opponents repeatedly. In that case, there is a pretty high chance that the player can gain extra stacks on their Spellweaving skill, which can further increase the overall damage caused by the spell and help achieve victory faster. 

Spellshot’s Action Skills 

Moving things forward, two primary skills come equipped with each class, well, introductory course in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. One skill can be used in their action skill slot, while the other can be switched around while on the battlefield. 

For spellshot, there are two direct action skills that players can take advantage of to obliterate enemies: Polymorph and Ambihextrous. 

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Starting Class
Polymorph Action Skill

Casting this action skill on any opponent will cause them to become what’s known as a “skeep” in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Starting Classes guide. While the opponents are under the spell of being a skeep, they cannot deal any sort of damage to the player, and the player is free to launch as many attacks as they may please. 

Any critical hits that are launched at enemies will give the players a chance that they can receive an extra spell. The first time the player throws an attack at any enemy with their Gun, they will get a free spell, which will boost the player’s attack by giving them a “Spellweaving” stack. 

Tiny Tina's Ambihextrous
Ambihextrous Action Skill

Players who use spellshot may benefit a lot from this skill, as along with the usual spell that they can hold in their dedicated “Spell” slot, players can place another spell into their “Action Skill” slot. Anytime one of these two skills is used in combat, the spell placed into the slot will be cast. 

Spellshot Passive Skills 

Tiny Tina's Passive Skill Tree
Spellshot Passive Skill Tree

Like every class, Our Best Starting Class will also assist each class with some passive skills that can provide buffs to the player during battle. 

Passive SkillMax PointsEffect 
Sever The Thread1Every time a gun attack lands a critical strike, there is a small chance that it will reset the spell cooldown. 
One Slot, One Kill1Everytime a player gains a stack of Spellweaving, and the overall Gun damage output will be enhanced. 
Double Knot3Everytime the player launches a spell, and it lands a crit on the opponent, it will deal additional damage that will be based on the gun’s damage. 
War Caster5Each time a player murders or kills off an opponent, there is a slight chance that the wielded weapon will be automatically reloaded without needing to be reloaded manually. 
High Thread Count1Enhances overall Spellweaving stacks that players can have in combat. 
Imbued Weapon5Anytime the player launches a spell at enemies, the gun will deal increased damage based on the spell. 
Glass Cannon1Deals enhanced spell damage but will not allow the Ward to recharge by itself. 
Just Warming Up5Everytime that the Fatemaker gains a stack of Spellweaving, their Fire Rate is enhanced. 
Mage Armor1Allows for a bit of ward restoration after a spellweaving stack has been gained by the player. 
Font of Mana5The cooldown for spell-casting is decreased, while the cooldown for action-skill casting is also decreased. 
Prestidigitation 5Gun bullet reload speed is slightly enhanced.
Magic Bullets3For every bonus that the player gets while in combat to their Spell damage, it will all be transformed to increased gun damage. 
Spell Sniper5The crit rate for a spell crit is slightly enhanced. 


Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Starting Class
Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Brr-zerker

Keeping things going, the players that want to use more ice powers to decimate enemies can take help from the Brrzerker class, which enables players to combine Fire with Ice and render enemies useless with combined melee attacks in close combat that will take down enemies faster. 

Players that choose to claim Brrzerkers as the Best Starting Class in Tiny Tina will typically be masters at dealing immense amounts of Frost and Melee damage to opponents. With the help of their class feats and action skills, players can gain the power of Freezing and killing off their enemies with ease. 

With the power of occult in their hands, players that play as Brr-zerkers will be able to channel the energy and unleash the damage unto their enemies and obliterate them.  

Brr-Zerker Class Feat

Tina's Brrzerker Class Feat
Brrzerker Class Feat

Moving on with our best Starting Class of the game, the class Brr-zerker indeed has a class feat that allows it to achieve higher damage output. The class feat in question is the “Rage of the Ancients,” which enables the player to gain some sort of offensive buff that will help them out in combat. 

The feat itself will allow the player to gain the label “Enraged,” which boosts their overall damage output by enhancing Frost Damage to their regular attacks. When the acting skills are in play on the battlefield, the Enrage feat will stay active and support the player during their battle. Any action skill that gets cast will cause the duration of Enraged to increase. 

Brr-zerker Action Skils 

Brr-zerker comes with its pair of action skills that can massively aid the Fatemakers when they are in the middle of a tough battle. The skills in question are known as Dreadwind and Feral Surge. 

Feral Surge 
Tiny Tina's Wonderland Action Skill
Feral Surge Action Skill

Upon casting this first skill, players can gain such buffs whereby they can jump and launch themselves onto their opponents and ultimately hit them with Frost Damage which will severely deplete their HP. Enemies that are considered “regular” opponents will be one-shot because a certain amount has already finished their HP. 

Tiny Tina's Wonderland Action Skill
Dreadwind Action Skill

While wielding their melee weapon in hand, the players can rotate their body repeatedly in a continuous circle, hitting any enemies that dare cross your path with the melee weapon, consecutively taking them down, and killing them off. 

While Dreadwind itself is active, it will provide enhanced overall movement speed to Fatemakers under the effect of the skill and combine the Slow Immunity to force enemies off of the arena. 

Brr-Zerker Passive Skills 

Tiny Tina’s Brrzerker Passive

Each Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Starting Class has its passive skills that will help the players in achieving victory and murdering opponents. Brr-zerker itself has 14 skills that can all aid the Fatemaker. 

Passive SkillMax PointsEffect 
Blood Of The Fallen 1Upon murdering any enemy, the cooldown of one of the two action skills will be decreased. 
Iron Squall5The speed at which players are able to launch their Melee Attacks is enhanced while Fire Rate is also enhanced. If players are under the effect of “Enraged”, the overall effect will be twice. 
Blast Chill1If the player’s melee attacks hit any opponent, they will be able to launch Frost Damage to nearby enemies, rendering them useless. 
Relentless Rage1While under the effect of “Save Your Soul”, players will be able to kill enemies and go under the Enraged spell. However, if an enemy is only slightly hurt while under Save Your Soul, the time being of the effect will be increased. 
Ancient Fury5The Fatemaker’s overall splash damage output and overall HP are enhanced. 
Blood Frenzy3Upon obliterating an opponent, players will be able to stay under the effect of Enraged for longer while also healing up a bit. 
Unarmored Defense1Overall HP is slightly enhanced as a bit of the player’s overall Ward is restored. 
Cold Snap3Two things are increased, the player’s Frost Efficiency and Movement Speed. While players are under the effect of Enraged, the effect will be further enhanced. 
Instinct 3Fatemaker’s overall speed of switching their weapon is enhanced while the speed at which they can reload their weapon is also increased. 
The Old Ways5When the player gets in a close radius with any opponent, they will deal an additional amount of damage while also getting enhanced personal protection. 
Ice Breaker3Opponents that have been hit with the “Slowed” debuff will intake increased damage. 
Unyielding 3HP is slowly restored over the course of the battle and if the player is under the effect of “Enraged”, the effect will be doubled. 
Savagery 5Two things are increased, overall Enrage effect duration plus overall melee damage output dealt with enemies. 
Ancestral Frost5Overall, Frost damage dealt by Fatemakers is enhanced. 


Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Starting Class Clawbringer
Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Clawbringer Class

Keeping things going with our Best Starting Class guide, the Clawbringer class takes the showcase next. With the players that decide to venture upon the said class, they will be wielding hammers and using the power of fire and thunder to launch down heavy hits on enemies that will decimate enemies with ease.

The main aim of players that are Clawbringers is to take as much advantage of Lightening and Fire powers as possible so that they can effectively launch out significant damage at opponents. The hammer itself can kill off enemies in one of two ways, either through aiming it at their opponents to deal a high amount of Lightning Damage output or thrust it into the ground to deal Fire damage. 

The Clawbringers will always be accompanied by a “Wyvern Companion,” who can deal additional damage. 

Clawbringer Class Feat

Tiny Tina's Wonderland Class Feat
Tiny Tina’s Clawbringer Class Feat

The main class feat that can massively help players during their battle is the help of a Wyvern Companion, which stays by the Clawbringers at all times no matter what, and consistently launches out “Fire Breath,” as well as leeching onto the enemies and using their claws. 

Suppose at any time during the battle, the Clawbringer’s damage output is enhanced. In that case, it will also strengthen the Wyvern Companion’s damage output, hitting enemies with consistent damage that can render them useless and make the Clawbringer achieve victory. If you are looking to strengthen your damage output in another game like Elden Ring, you might enjoy our Elden Ring Strength Build

Clawbringer’s Action Skills 

As usual, the Clawbringer’s, one of the Best Early Starting Class in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands comes with two primary skills that they can benefit from while in action (pun intended!). 

Storm Dragon’s Judgement 
Tiny Tina's Wonderland Storm Dragon's Judgement
Storm Dragon’s Judgement Action Skill

Firstly, players who choose the class “Clawbringer” will be able to wield their hammer in one hand, and while it is in writing, any opponent that it touches will be obliterated with a high amount of Lightning Damage and will kill them off. Anytime that it deals lightning damage, the output will be consistent every time. 

The skill itself can be ended early upon the player’s will, and when the hammer is called back to the Clawbringer, it will hit enemies on its way, and the usual cooldown timing will be slightly reduced. 

Cleansing Flames
Tiny Tina's Wonderland Cleansing Flames
Cleansing Flames Action Skill

With the help of the hammer in hand, they will deal Fire damage to the enemies this time. When the hammer is called, and it is wielded in their hand, it will hit down and into the direction of opponents, which will not only hit them with melee damage but also massive amounts of “Fire Nova,” which bursts in flames and the opponents are killed off almost instantly. 

Clawbringer’s Passive Skill

Tiny Tina's Wonderland Passive Tree
Clawbringer Passive Skills Tree

Moving along with Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Starting Class, Clawbringer’s can have about 13 passive skills to enhance their damage. 

Passive SkillsPointsEffect 
Storm Smite1When the player launches down an active skill, whichever one, they will cause it to rain down elemental bolts, which will either hit the opponents with Fire or Thunder damage. 
Indomitable 1Whenever the player aims to go into the “save your soul” mode, their overall Ward will be restored, while also causing Thunder damage to all nearby opponents. 
Awe 3Whenever the Fatemaker casts any amount of Fire damage output to opponents, their overall Crit damage is increased, and after hitting them with lightning damage, the crit rate is enhanced. 
Storm Breath1Instead of Fire damage, the Wyvern Companion will sometimes deal with Lightning Breath, which will render them useless. 
Friend To Flame5Overall damage output of Wyvern Companion is enhanced. 
Fire Bolt1While launching out Fire Bolts from it’s mouth, the Companion will be able to hit enemies in the radius of the bolts and the player will get enhanced Gun damage output. 
Blasthamut’s Favor1After obliterating any opponent, the weapon will launch out a “Fire Orb” which will cause immense Fire damage output to a new opponent. Offing the enemy with melee hits will cause Lightning Damage dealt with a new opponent through the Lightning Orb. 
Rebuke 5Any incoming hits from opponents will decrease the overall damage intake to the Fatemaker, and players get a chance to repel the intaken damage as lightning damage to opponents. 
Dedication 5Action Skill cooldown is decreased, and the more ward the player has, the more chances of action skill cooldown decrease they will get. 
Dragon Aura5Upon casting the skill, a “Dragon Aura” will wrap itself around the player, enhancing their overall elemental damage output. 
Oath of Thunder5Both the player and the Wyvern Companion will launch out enhanced Lightning Damage
Radiance 5Overall Ward limit is increased. 
Oath of Fire5Both the Fatemaker and the companion will deal enhanced Fire Damage to opponents. 


Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Starting Class
Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Graveborn Class

Keeping our Starting Class guide going, we have the Graveborn, who, with the help of their depleting HP, can launch out Dark Magic unto opponents, that will deteriorate them, and they will have their “Demi-Lich Companion” by their side at all times. 

Graveborns will typically combine the Dark Magic and Spells to kill down opponents with ease. With their companion and their Action Skills, they can take control over the enemies without any extra effort. 

Graverborn’s Class Feat 

Tiny Tina's Wonderland Class Feat
Graveborn Class Feat

The main side-support that Graveborns will typically have in combat is their Demi-Lich Companion, which excels at reaching out to enemies far away and launching out Dark Magic at them. Whenever the player launches a new spell, the companion will unleash a “Hellish Blast,” which will decimate enemies within its radius. 

Graveborn’s Action Skills 

Like with any Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Starting Classes, Graveborns will also have two direct action skills by their side. 

Reaper Of Bones 
Tiny Tina's Wonderland Reaper of Bones
Graveborn Reaper of Bones

Upon casting this skill, any HP that the player loses will be given back to them, and the Fatemaker will be able to enhance Dark Magic damage output. Still, the main side effect is that their HP will then start to deplete over time for the duration of the buff. 

Anytime the Fatemaker themselves are close to death due to their depleting HP, they suddenly gain invincibility for some time, and the skill itself will finish. 

Dire Sacrifice 
Tiny Tina's Wonderland Dire Sacrifice
Graveborn Dire Sacrifice

In exchange for a few of their overall health points, the player gets enhanced Dark Magic damage while also applying the “Dark Magic Effect” unto opponents. The widespread damage will be increased based on the Fatemaker’s lost HP. 

Graveborn’s Passive Skills 

Tiny Tina's Wonderland Passive Skills
Graveborn Passive Skills Tree

There are 14 passive skills that Graveborns can take advantage of and kill enemies while they are in combat. 

Passive Skills Points Effect 
Morhalm’s Blessing 1Upon unleashing a spell, players will be able to have all their Kill Skills activated, which they can launch at the enemies. 
Blast  Gasp5Upon obliterating enemies with Spell Damage, players might be able to launch an explosion, which will cause the elemental damage of the spell’s element to opponents. 
Lord of Edges1Intake of damage is decreased while intaken damage by enemies is increased if the HP is low. 
Punishment 1Anytime the Demi-Lich unleashes Hellish Blast at opponents, it might get cast again. 
Ascension 3Overall personal maximum HP and spell damage output are enhanced for a long time. Ascension is a kill skill.
Dark Hydra3Being a killing skill, players will get the chance to bring upon the “Dark Hydra Companion”, which will unleash Dark Magic unto the opponents, killing them off. 
Stain of the Soul5Anytime a spell is cast, it will deal with additional Dark Magic Damage. 
Dread Covenant1Upon casting, any damage is taken in by the player will be recast as damage produced by the Demi-Lich. Upon reaching devastatingly low HP, their overall HP will be given back to them. 
Harvest 3Being a kill skill, players can throw out Dark Magic at opponents, which will hit the enemies and render them useless. 
Dark Pact5The player’s overall Dark Magic Damage is enhanced. 
Sanguine Sacrament3Anytime a spell is unleashed, personal HP is slowly regained. 
Faithful Thralls 3Anytime the player has a companion by their side, they will deal enhanced Damage to opponents. 
Essence Drain5Being a kill skill, the spell cooldown is decreased for a certain time being. 
Mortal Vessel5Overall HP and Leech Efficiency is enhanced. 


Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Starting Class Stabbomancer
Stabbomancer Class

Taking things a bit further, up next in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Starting Class, the Stabbomancer takes the lead. In essence, Stabbomancers are described as players who are assassins that aim to mingle with the enemies and kill them at will using their crit hits launched at them. Taking the aid of blades infused with magic, they can launch attacks that will destroy enemies. 

The main focus for players that play as Stabbomancers is to land as many crits and Statusi on opponents as possible. They keep switching between their melee stances to guns and spells, using whatever they need to get the highest damage output. 

Stabbomancer Class Feat 

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Starting Class
Stabbomancer Class Feat

Since the main aim of a Fatemaker as a Stabbomancer is to decimate enemies with their critical hits, the class feat also ties in beautifully with it. Being known as “Dirty Fighting,” players’ overall crit rate is enhanced by a lot, allowing them to use their weapon to their advantage, get up and close with their opponents, and one-shot them. 

Stabbomancer Action Skills 

Having the two active skills by their side, stabbomancers will come out victorious every time they go on the battlefield. 

From The Shadows 
Tiny Tina's Wonderland From The Shadows
From The Shadows Action Skill

Upon casting the skill, players can take advantage of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Starting Class action skill and go into stealth mode, sneaking up on enemies and striking them. During the duration of stealth mode, Fatemakers will always launch a critical hit on opponents, but the side effect is that their crit hits will land decreased overall damage. 

Ghost Blade 
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Starting Class
Ghost Blade Action Skill

Upon launching the skill, “Ghost Blade,” players can launch out what’s known as a “Ghost Blade,” It will continue to rotate and hit enemies, and evidently, it will deal vast amounts of Melee Damage that will deplete the HP of enemies fast. 

Anytime the Ghost Blade is in action, and the action button is pressed again, the overall duration of the skill will be slightly reduced. 

Stabbomancer’s Passive Skill 

Tiny Tina's Wonderland Passive Skills
Stabbomancer Passive Skills Tree

With a solid few passive skills, stabbomancers can thrust through the toughest of opponents with their attacks and spells. 

Passive SkillsPointsEffect
Executioner’s Blade1Anytime the player uses a gun or spell and they land a crit hit, an Ethereal Blade is a cast which will deal immense damage to enemies, and the damage will be melee. 
Alchemical Agent1Everytime melee hit lands a crit, it will give the enemies a random “Status Effect” and debuff them.
A Thousand Cuts5When non-melee attacks crit, enemies will intake increased damage, and it can be stacked 10 times,  while melee attacks can stack even more.
Contagion 3Anytime a Status Effect is launched towards any opponent, it will spread further to enemies in a radius. 
Elusive 1Sprint your way through the opponents while also being able to shoot at them. Players might be able to dodge enemy attacks too. 
Sneak Attack 5Crit damage is enhanced. 
Shadow Step1Being a kill skill, during the duration of the skill, the following normal melee attack aimed at opponents will be guaranteed to be a crit. 
Nimble Fingers3Overall Spell damage output and Fire Rate is slightly enhanced anytime the player casts Melee damage at enemies. 
Exploit Their Weakness3While being under the effect of any Status Effect, opponents will intake increased damage from everywhere. 
Swift Death5Anytime the player is on their feet, overall damage will be enhanced. 
Follow Up3Upon launching a Gun attack on opponents, the overall melee attack will be slightly enhanced at the next move. 
Potent Poisons 5Anytime a Status Effect is placed on enemies, its damage will be enhanced, while the overall duration of the effect will be enhanced too. 
Haste 3The speed at which players launch melee attacks is increased, and players will be able to move faster. 
Arsenal 5Three things are increased, overall spell damage output, melee damage intake by enemies, and gun damage output. 

Spore Warden 

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Starting Class Sporewarden
Spore Warden Class

Ending the classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Starting Class with the Spore Warden, they can manipulate and bring up deadly tornadoes that will suck up the enemies while also being supported with their Mushroom Companion

The main aim of a Spore Warden is to make use of the Gun weapons and take aid from their Companions, all the while sprinting across the battlefield and keeping themselves safe. Taking a look at weapons, check out our Elden Ring Best Strength Weapons guide! 

Spore Warden’s Class Feat 

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Starting Class
Spore Warden Class Feat

With the help of a Mushroom Companion, players will be able to deal immense amounts of Poison Damage to mutilate opponents with ease. Anytime you hit an opponent, the mushroom companion will continue to damage them. 

Spore Warden’s Action Skills

Two direct action skills, Blizzard and Barrage, will aid the players when they are in combat. 

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Starting Class
Sporewarden Blizzard Action Skill

Cyclones infused with Frost inflicted damage will launch in the direction of enemies, and not one cyclone, but three of them! 

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Starting Class
Sporewarden Barrage Action Skill

Seven arrows from an Ethereal Bow will be launched at the general direction of opponents, which will deal damage and take down enemies with ease. The skill itself can be charged, and any buffs that gun damage gets will also be transferred to Barrage. 

Spore Warden’s Passive Skills 

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Starting Class
Sporewarden Passive Skills Tree

Keeping up with Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Starting Classes, players can look into 14 unique skills. 

Passive SkillsPoints Effect 
Play The Angles1Anytime a gun lands a crit at the direction of the enemy, the shot can “Ricochet”, which will deal damage to enemies but the total output will be less. 
Headhunter 1Specific areas where crit hits are guaranteed to land from guns will be enhanced.
Wrath of Nature3Upon receiving Ability Damage from the player, the opponents will intake enhanced damage from all directions. 
Called Shot3Upon aiming, overall gun damage output is enhanced, and personal protection from enemy launches is reduced.
Thrill of the Hunt3Anytime a gun lands a crit hit, the Companion deals enhanced damage to the enemy. Max 10 stacks.
Windrunner 3Being a kill skill, upon casting it, the Fatemaker receives enhanced Movement Speed as well as Fire Rate. 
Medicinal Mushroom1Under the effect of “Save your Soul”, the companion will aim to heal up the Fatemaker, and once it succeeds, the overall damage output of fatemaker and companion is enhanced. 
Quiver of Holding3Any weapon that is being wielded by the player will reload ammo during the duration. 
Bullseye 5Crit rate of gun hits is enhanced, while the crit rate of Companion hits is also enhanced. 
Spore Cloud1Upon taunting opponents, the Companion is able to leave behind a “Poison Cloud” that deals a massive amount of Poison damage to opponents. 
Affinity 5Overall Ability Damage output is enhanced. 
Eagle Eye5Two things are increased, overall gun damage output and handling of the gun are enhanced too. 
Kindred Heart5Overall HP and damage output of the Companion is enhanced. 
Bounty of the Hunt5Being a kill skill, the overall skill cooldown will be slightly reduced. 

What is the Best Starting Class in Tiny Tina Wonderlands?

When it comes to an all-rounder damage output, we consider that Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Starting Class is the Spellshot, as it not only decimates enemies without any effort but it ultimately combines the powers of guns with deadly spells that players can cast at any time to launch down and shoot enemies. The polymorph ability is also highly overpowered.

Taking a look at all of the six classes, and based on their abilities, some being able to deal immense cryo damage, while some rely on stealth to sneak attacks on opponents, while some sacrifice their HP to boost out their damage, trying to stick to one best class is extremely difficult.  

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