Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Brr-zerker Build – Full Gear

This Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Brr-zerker Build is here to guide you on how to decimate enemies with Frost Damage and Crit!

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland is a first-person action shooter game that has been released recently. With dynamic starting classes to choose from, players worldwide have started noticing the game-breaking ways that they can take advantage of Brr-zerker Build. With some of the legendary weapons, stats, skills, and countless other things to consider, we will cover all there is to know about the build from top to bottom. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Brr-zerker/Stabbomancer Melee Build combines two main classes in the game: Brrzerker and Stabbomancer, resulting in a critical melee frost build that deals with high damage output.
  • The build requires players to invest in Strength, Dexterity, and Attunement to improve their critical hit chance and damage output while reducing skill cooldown.
  • For weapons, players can use Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering as the main melee weapon and Crossblade of Striking as the primary gun, both of which offer high damage output and critical hit buffs.
  • The Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering provides consistency in overall damage output, while the Crossblade of Striking focuses on projectile and bullet damage to deal with excessive damage while also restoring the player’s health points.
  • The Stabbomancer Build focuses on the Ghostblade active skill, which launches a blade that spins and deals damage to enemies within its radius.
  • The Ghostblade damage scales with the Fatemaker’s melee weapon damage and lasts for 16 seconds with a 37-second cooldown.
  • The Arsenal passive skill initially enhances melee, gun, and spell damage output by 12% and increases with more investment.
  • The Haste passive skill increases overall attack speed and movement speed for 12 seconds with a 12% buff, max of 3 points.
  • The Swift Death passive skill increases melee damage output while running, starting with a 10% buff.
  • The Follow Up skill enhances gun and melee damage output and can stack up for increased damage.
  • The Elusive passive skill allows for easier dodging and sprinting while launching attacks, one Hero Point investment.
  • The Sneak Attack passive skill initially buffs overall crit damage by 6% and increases with more investment, a max of 2 Hero Points.
  • The Brr-zerker Melee Build playstyle combines Frost Damage and critical hits with the Crossblade of striking and Ghostblade active skill for safe and potent damage output.
  • The passive skills of both Brr-zerker and Stabbomancer enhance critical hit buffs and melee damage, with stamina recovery speed for easy killing and victory.

Brr-zerker/Stabbomancer Melee Build 

When discussing Brr-zerker Build, we will use a mix of the two main classes, namely Brrzerker and Stabbomancer. While you’re at it, consider reading our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Class Tier List.

While Brr-zerker is mainly aimed to be a class that offers a melee damage output, it also makes use of the cryo abilities and skills that the class comes with to launch deadly attacks toward the enemies, getting close to your foes and obliterating them with the icy effects that the class has to offer. 

On the other hand, the Stabbomancer classes mainly focus on critical hits, and any attack that is launched is sure to be a crit, which will improve the damage. Combining these two classes gives you a critical melee frost build that will take down enemies before you can even finish blinking. Thank you to Triple G for the build inspiration! If you enjoy this build, then you will also like the Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Spellshot Build

Complete details about the build: 

Build NameStat InvestmentWeaponsGearsBrr-zerker Passive SkillsActive Skills
Stabbomancer Passive Skills
– Strength
– Dexterity
– Attunement
– Goblin Pickaxe Of Blistering
– Crossblade Of Striking
– Heckwader Of The Hurricane
– Pummeling Silicone Ring of The Folded Katana
– Skilful Annulus of the Gryphon Rider
– Warrior’s Pandemecium of the Friar’s Devotion
– Ancestral Frost
– Savagery
– Unyielding
– The Old Ways
– Ice breaker
– Cold Snap
– Relentless Rage
– Blood of the Fallen
– Ghostblade– Arsenal
– Haste
– Swift Death
– Follow Up
– Elusive
– Sneak Attack

Stat Investment 

Tiny Tina's Stats Investment
Stats Investment

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Noting that there are mainly around six stats in the game to get the highest damage output of the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Brr-zerker Build, we would recommend these basic stats that you should look into, which will greatly each work differently to provide the highest potential. 


Starting with the first stat, Strength is trusted and loved by players who play the Brr-zerker class and aim to play this build. With its main aim is to focus on Crit damage enhancement for the Fatemaker, players will experience that their overall damage will land a lot of crit hits when they have concentrated on Strength. 

Since Stabbomancer is highly aimed at critical hits, the higher investment that players can put into Strength, the better their overall damage output, and the easier they will be able to decimate enemies with their attacks. Therefore, players should invest Hero Points into Strength. 


Another essential attribute that players need to look into is Dexterity, taking into account the Stabbomancer aspect of the build, which will again aim to rely on the amount of crit damage and crit chance that players have. If players do not have enough crit investments, they will severely lack on their injury. 

To combat that, investing hero points into Dexterity can improve the damage output needed to take down tougher enemies, as Dexterity’s main aim is to enhance the overall crit chance. Based on the hero point investment, players will experience increased opportunities to land a crit on the opponent, taking them down easily. 


Another crucial investment that players need to make in stats is Attunement, which controls the skill cooldown and reduces it. Since fate makers will be taking help from a lot of passive skills in the Brr-zerker Build, players should look into putting some Hero Points into Attunements. 

With enough investment into Attunement, players are sure to launch their skills faster, dealing increased melee damage, all the while being able to achieve victory against their opponents. 

Weapons To Look Into 

Moving on with the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Brr-zerker Build, there are a few solid options for melee weapons and guns that you can combine to get the most out of the build and shoot down enemies without needing to put in any effort. 

Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering 

Tiny Tina's Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering
Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering Weapon

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Starting with the main melee weapon, Fatemakers can look into the Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering, through which Fatemakers will be able to land excellent melee attacks on foes. With just enough damage, they can take them down and become victorious when in combat on the battlefield. 

The main aim of the pickaxe is to provide consistency in the overall damage output. The weapon itself offers 558 damage, enough to take down enemies. It will offer a 10% enhancement to the Fatemaker’s overall melee damage output, which can improve the white numbers dealt with the enemy. 

With that, the player will also experience an increased attack speed by 25% and a 30% buff to their overall crit damage. The main skill of the weapon allows for gold to appear out of thin air, and anytime the player is traversing around the battlefield and collecting the gold, their overall movement speed will get enhanced too. 

The skill “Ancient” will return around 5% of the overall skill when it is on cooldown, allowing for the faster casting of the skill. 

Overall Damage558
Attack Speed1.76 per second
Crit Rate16%
Crit Damage130%

Crossblade of Striking 

Tiny Tina's Crossblade of Striking
Crossblade of Striking Weapon

Now, as for guns, there are mainly two options that players can go to, one of which being the Crossblade of Striking, which is one of the stronger guns that can deal excessive damage while also focusing highly on projectile damage and bullet damage towards enemies that will render them useless.

The gun itself will offer a generous 21% buff to the Fatemaker’s crit damage, which will allow for an overall higher damage output while also obliterating enemies in their wake. Every time that the player launches an attack on the enemy, they will restore a certain amount of health points, allowing them to stay alive for longer in the arena. 

While launching out hits, the Crossblade of Striking will launch out two main things: a massive ball filled with magical energy that will hit opponents in such a deadly way that they will have their HP depleted. The other thing that launches out is a projectile equipped with Poison and Magic that will respectively deal enhanced damage to the foes. 

The gun has an impeccable 150% crit rate, meaning the chances of hitting a hit is high, allowing for easier killing. Here are some options for some excellent Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Weapons

Damage Output625
Accuracy 68%
Handling 75%
Time of Reload2.4 seconds
Fire Rate1.62 per second

Heckwader of The Hurricane

Tiny Tina's Heckwader of the Hurricane
Heckwader of the Hurricane Weapon

Ending it off with the Heckwader of the Hurricane is another viable option for players who want to look into equipping a solid gun. Its excellent damage output can shoot out attacks at opponents with perfect accuracy, depleting the enemy’s HP and rendering them useless. 

With the 49% enhancement to the gun damage, Fatemakers will be able to kill enemies with ease with the damage output. Another thing to note is the overall buff to the player’s Fire Rate, which allows for even greater damage while also offering faster reload speed, which means that fatemakers will be able to reload their gun with more ease. 

Damage Output71 x 3
Accuracy 78%
Time of Reload2.4 seconds
Fire Rate14.55 per second

Gear To Equip 

Keeping in mind that players might want to obliterate enemies with their melee and crit damage, we thought that for the Brr-zerker Build, Fatemakers might be able to take advantage of a few gear pieces that can allow for a solid amount of damage buff. 

Pummeling Silicone Ring of The Folded Katana 

The legendary ring known as the pummeling Silicone Ring of the Folded Katana aims to aid the player in a tough battle and consistently wield the weapon and launch attack after attack.

The main purpose of the ring is to enhance the overall duration of the player’s action skill, which is one of the two main skills that players will take help from while in combat. The overall enhancement is around 10%, which boosts the Fatemaker and improves their damage output a lot. 

Another benefit of the ring is that it will buff the player’s crit damage by 12.5%, which again directly aims at the overall damage wielded out by the gun or the pickaxe. Another thing is that while the gear is under the player’s Arsenal, and their Health Points are above half, the overall effects are enhanced by 50%. 

Skilful Annulus of the Gryphon Rider 

The Skillful Annulus of the Gryphon Rider’s epic annulus greatly aims to enhance the player’s experience in the arena. While they are busy trying to protect themselves, any enemy that dares to venture in front of the Fatemkaer will instantly regret it. 

The main reason players want to take advantage of this annulus is that it will seriously boost the overall crit damage by 1.9%. In comparison, the crit rate will also be increased by around 2.3%, which can help the Stabbomancer part of the Brr-zerker Build. While the annulus is in the fatemaker’s Arsenal, they will not have to worry about low crit rate or crit damage and confidently kill off enemies. 

Warrior’s Pandemecium of the Friar’s Devotion

Ending the gear with the Warrior’s Pandemecium of the Friar’s Devotion is one of the crucial pieces that players need to absolutely have with them when they are using this Brrzerker build and if they want to achieve victory. One of the main reasons is the 30% buff that the pandemecium provides to the Brrzerker overall power.

Players will also experience a further 30% increase in their crit rate. Combined with that is an impeccable 25% enhancement to the ability damage of the Fatemaker, which can render enemies useless without any sort of effort. Ward regeneration is also considerably increased by 30%, allowing players to become even more deadly with their attacks while on the battlefield. 

Anytime the Fatemaker launches out any sort of poison damage, they will have a certain percentage chance to burst out 550 extra Poison damage to the opponent. 

Brr-zerker Passive Skills 

As players might know, the Brr-zerker class mainly focuses on Frost and melee damage output. For Brr-zerker Build, fatemakers should invest in these passive skills to get the highest damage output possible. 

Ancestral Frost 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Passive Skill
Ancestral Frost Passive Skill

Starting things off with the first skill that players can take advantage of, the Ancestral Frost mainly aims to support the player, especially Brr-zerker players, with their frost damage output, as it enhances the Frost damage launched out by the melee attacks. The main increase is 20%, which greatly helps the players obliterate the enemies. Players want to invest 5 Hero Points into Ancestral Frost.  


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Savagery
Savagery Passive Skill

Moving on, the Sorcery passive skill is yet again deemed crucial to players, as it helps them when they are wielding their melee weapons and charging toward opponents; with the 24% buff to the overall melee damage, it also greatly aids the players by buffing their Enrage duration by 6%, allowing Fatemakers to achieve victory a lot faster. Players should invest 5 Hero Points into Savagery. 


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Unyielding
Unyielding Passive Skill

Another impeccable passive skill for the Fatemaker is the Unyielding skill, which offers a source of healing. As a fatemaker, players need to consistently take note of their overall HP and maintain it, so unyielding offers HP regeneration throughout the battle, a total of 1.5% every second, which can directly benefit the player. While casting the skill, if the player is under the “Enraged” effect, the overall impact of the skill will be doubled. 3 Points are enough for this build. 

The Old Ways

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands The Old Ways
The Old Ways Passive Skill

The Old Ways offer a consistent amount of biff to the player’s damage, as it will enhance the overall damage negation that the player will experience. Especially when a player is extremely close to their foe, it will improve the damage negation by 30%, while the same amount will also buff the damage output. Players should place 5 points on The Old Ways. 

Ice breaker 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Ice Breaker
Ice Breaker Passive Skills

Moving right along with the Brr-zerker Build, fatemakers should consider investing Hero Points into Ice Breaker, as it can debuff enemies that have the “Slowed” or “Frozen” status applied to them, all the while it will cause the player to deal enhanced damage from whatever weapon they might be wielding at the time. Players can invest around three hero Points into Ice Breaker. 

Cold Snap 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Cold Snap
Cold Snap Passive Skill

The Cold Snap passive skill gives the Fateakers the ability to move around the arena faster, launching out attack after attack that will render the enemies useless. It also buffs the Frost Efficiency, allowing players to attack with their weapon and cause the Frost status to apply to the enemies with a lot more efficiency. The overall buffs are 9% and 24%, respectively, and players can invest 3 Points into Cold Snap. 

Relentless Rage 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Brr-zerker Build
Relentless Rage Passive Skill

This passive skill is yet another viable option, as it will slowly give back the “Save your Soul” ability back to the Fatemaker if they were originally in the Save your Soul mode while in combat. The more damage opponents take in, the higher the restoration will be. Players can max invest into Relentless Rage with one Hero Point. 

Blood of the Fallen

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Blood of the Fallen
Blood of the Fallen Passive Skill

Since this is a killing skill, Fatemaker should consider the most crucial skill for Brr-zerker Build. It will greatly reduce the player’s total cooldown of the Action Skill, allowing for more skill casting and more obliterating of the opponents. 

Stabbomancer Active Skill

Moving on with the Brr-zerker Build, we will mostly focus on using the Ghostblade action skill, and we will not be focusing on Brrzerker’s Action Skills at all. Upon casting the Ghostblade talent, players will be able to launch out a blade that will continue to spin in the air. 

When it is in the air, any enemies that are in the radius of its spin will be hurt tremendously, and they will continue to lose HP over time, all the while intaking enhanced melee damage from the blade, which will scale off of the total melee damage from the weapon that the Fatemaker will be wielding.

The total melee damage output of the Ghost blade will be based on 75% of the real melee weapon damage stats. The skill lasts for 16 seconds and will have a cooldown of 37 seconds. 

Stabbomancer Passive Skills 

Keeping things going, Fatemakers will also need to take assistance from a certain few Passive Skills as they did with the Brrzerker Passive Skills. 


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Brr-zerker Build
Arsenal Passive Skill

Starting it all off with Arsenal, players will experience an enhancement in three major things: their overall melee damage, gun damage, and spell damage output, which will allow them to launch deadly attacks on the opponents that will decimate them. The initial buff is 12% for all damages and will increase as more points are invested into Arsenal. Therefore players are advised to place in 4 points at least. 


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Haste
Haste Passive Skill

While Fatemakers have Haste in their Arsenal, they will be able to launch attacks faster, as the skill will enhance their overall attack speed while also sprinting across the arena faster, thanks to their buffed-up movement speed. For 12 seconds, players will experience a 12% buff to these skills and can invest in a max of 3 points. 

Swift Death 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Brr-zerker Build
Swift Death Passive Skill

With the passive skill Swift Death, anytime the player is on their feet and running about, they will experience enhanced damage output from their melee weapon, allowing for easier depletion of the enemy’s HP. in a normal walking stance, players will get a 10% buff, and it will increase when players start to run in the battlefield. 

Follow Up 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Follow Up
Follow Up Skill

Anytime the Fatemaker casts the Follow-Up skill in the Brr-zerker Build, their gun obliterates enemies with Gun damage. The follow-up melee attack from their weapon will decimate enemies due to enhanced damage output. Follow-up can continue to stack up, and the damage can increase moving forward. 


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Brr-zerker Build
Elusive Passive Skill

Keeping things going, the Elusive passive skill can greatly help players achieve victory in battle. Can Fatemakers sprint around the battlefield while launching attacks from their guns aimed at their foes, inevitably taking them down. The players will also be able to dodge attacks with a lot more ease. Players can invest one Hero Point into Elusive. 

Sneak Attack 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Brr-zerker Build
Sneak Attack Tiny Tina’s Wonderland

Ending it all with the Sneak Attack, this passive skill can make the player stronger in battle with a simple buff of 6% to their overall crit damage, and the more the skill is upgraded, the higher the crit damage will be. For the Brr-zerker Build, Fatemakers can place in 2 Hero Points. You can raid different areas of the world through Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Raid Location Guide

Brr-zerker Melee Build Playstyle 

The said playstyle for the ​​Brr-zerker Build is easy to navigate; by choosing and mingling the two classes, players can take advantage of Frost Damage and critical hits to take enemies down and render them useless. 

With the help of the Crossblade of striking, players can easily launch projectiles at their enemies while staying safe themselves. Now, with the active skill of Ghostblade, Fatemakers can unleash potent numbers while staying at a safe distance and still depleting the enemy’s HP. 

The passive skills of both Brr-zerker and Stabbomancer combine beautifully to give the Fatemaker critical hit buffs and melee damage enhancement, all the while allowing for stamina recovery speed that will allow them to aimlessly sprint and kill off opponents with ease and achieve victory. 

This wraps up our Brr-zerker Build; let us know what you think in the comments down below! 

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