Best Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Clawbringer Build

This Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Clawbringer Build will show you how to achieve the deadliest Clawbringer for battle!

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has been out for several weeks now, and it has been a success so far. The game comes with interesting classes, weapons, armor, and spells that players can mix and match to create their dream builds that can be useful when taking down opponents. This is why players might want to take help from this Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Clawbringer Build, as we will cover everything. While you’re at it, consider reading our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Spellshot build guide.

Key Takeaways
  • The 2 classes we are going to be using for this build are Clawbringer and Graveborn. We are going to be combining these classes to make the ultimate claw-bringer build.
  • Firstly, for the stats, we recommend players invest in strength, dexterity, attunement, and intelligence. As these will be essential for the build.
  • Inspiring Fearnot Of The Smith, Fragment Rain Of The Ranger, Toxifying Fatebreaker Of Cleaving, and Goblin Pickaxe Of Blistering are the recommended weapons.
  • Some of the gears for this build are Inspiring Master Rune, Jacketed Buffmeister, and Dragon Blaze Of Glory Of Honesty.
  • The 2 types of skills we will use are action skills and passive skills. The action skill for the Clawbringer class will be Storm Dragon’s Judgement.
  • Passive skills for the Clawbringer class are the oath of thunder, rebuke, a friend of flame, and a few others.
  • Passive skills for the Graveborn class are faithful thralls, harvest, dark pack, and a few more.
  • These two classes combined can be used to completely annihilate your enemies with ease. 
  • The Clawbringer class deals a bunch of melee and light damage while the Graveborn class allows the use of dark magic.

Melee/Lightning/Dark Art Clawbringer Build

Players are well aware that while creating builds, especially in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Fatemakers will typically choose to mash two classes together to get a custom build that they can use some of the legendary weapons and spells to defeat the worst of enemies. 

In terms of Clawbringer, the main class will take advantage of its action skills and passive skills to unleash deadly melee and lightning damage on opponents, which will take them down faster than the snap of a finger. 

As for the secondary class, we will be using Graveborn, where Dark Art Magic is the norm—depleting their health and sacrificing their own HP, fatemakers march forward to deal increased damage to opponents and kill them off. Combine the two classes, and you get insanity. While on the topic of classes, check out this Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Starting Class guide! Courtesy to Triple G on Youtube for the Build Inspiration! 

Complete Clawbringer build details: 

Build NameStat InvestmentWeaponsGearsClawbringer
Action Skills
Passive Skills
Graveborn Passive
– Strength
– Dexterity
– Attunement
– Intelligence
– Inspiring Fearnot of The Smith
– Fragment Rain of The Ranger
– Toxifying Fatebreaker of Cleaving
– Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering
– Ally’s Class Ring of The Sight
– Ally’s Mood Ring of Shinji’s Gale
– Inspiring Master Rune
– Swashbuckler’s Head of the Snake
of The Flashing Sword
– Dragon’s Blaze of Glory of Honesty
– Jacketed Buffmeister
Storm Dragon’s
– Oath of Thunder
– Rebuke
– Dragon Aura
– Blasthamut’s Favor
– Friend to Flame
– Storm Breath
– Indomitable
– Awe
– Storm Smite
– Mortal Vessel
– Faithful Thralls
– Harvest
– Dark Pact
– Dark Hydra

Stat Investment

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Stat Investments
Character Stats

To get the most out of the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Clawbringer Build, players will need to invest in 3 or 4 basic stats that will help them decimate enemies a lot faster. 


Kicking things off with Strength, this will be perhaps our most crucial investment for players that aim to play the using this build. Since the build typically revolves around melee damage, players want to get as many critical hits as possible, and crits are required to obliterate enemies. 

The only way players can do that is if they invest Hero Points into Strength, which typically aims to increase Crit Damage launched by the Fatemaker’s weapons. And while Graveborn is focused on Dark Art, they are still going to go for crit damage to deal the highest amount of damage possible, so investment into Strength is crucial. 


Alongside Strength, which offers players enhanced overall crit damage, players also need to factor in the fact that they need crit rate to deal critical strikes on enemies. If critical strikes are not present, then crit damage accumulation is useless, which is why this attribute is important. 

In essence, Dexterity aims to provide players with an increased overall crit rate if the Fatemakers have enough Hero Points invested into Dexterity. Since crit damage and crit rate go hand in hand, the higher the investment into Dexterity, the better the overall damage output will be, and the greater the crit damage will be. 


Moving on from primary stats, we are now moving into Secondary stats, the first of which is Attunement. It is a given fact that players will be taking advantage of the Clawbringer’s Passive Skills and Graveborn’s Passive skills to get personal damage buffs and take down enemies, and those skills have a long cooldown on them. 

With enough investments into Attunements, players can forget about needing to wait for skill cooldown time, as the main aim of Attunement is to reduce the overall skill cooldown and help players cast their skills faster so that they can obliterate opponents. Therefore, players should invest Hero Points into Attunement. 


Last but not least, Intelligence falls into the reign of Spell Cooldown reduction, which can be greatly helpful to players who aim to cast spells and take down the worst of foes. While this build is not highly focused on spell-based damage, players can still invest a few points into Intelligence. 

Weapons To Use 

Moving on with the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Clawbringer Build, since we are taking advantage of both the classes, there will be an emphasis on two main guns and two melee weapons. 

Inspiring Fearnot of The Smith 

Inspiring Fearnot of The Smith Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
Inspiring Fearnot of The Smite Weapon

Kicking things off with our first weapon, the Inspiring Fearnot of The Smith (the names are insanely long, huh), the gun is just what players need to conquer the battlefield and take down opponents without needing to worry about their health. 

While Fatemakers are wielding the gun, with the 472 damage, players will be able to shoot shots at foes and kill off enemies. Anytime players are using the Smith, they will experience a 15% increased Fire Rate, which can help with enhancing the overall damage output needed to deplete the enemy’s HP.

Alongside that, players will also experience that whenever they are shooting with the gun, the weapon thrown will be converted into what’s known as a “Pixie Companion,” which will be aimed at opponents. Upon reaching them, it will explode, dealing damage and killing them off. Combined with that, anytime a Crossbolt is launched at foes, it will deal 6% enhanced overall damage, enough to obliterate opponents. 

The weapon skill allows the player’s companion to deal 50% enhanced damage to foes, which can speed up the killing process. As long as the Inspiring Fearnot of the Smith is under a Fatemaker’s arsenal, they will never have to worry about low damage. 

Damage 472
Accuracy 66%
Time of Reload1.3 seconds 
Fire Rate3.91 per second
Magazine Size19

Fragment Rain of The Ranger

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Fragment Rain of The Ranger
Fragment Rain of The Ranger Weapon

Keeping the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Clawbringer Build going, our next gun option is the Fragment Rain of The Ranger, yet another good option for players who want to take advantage of the weapon; they are in luck. 

While having the weapon in their arsenal, players can stay at a safe distance while still attacking opponents and decimating them easily. While soothing with the Fragment, the second the shot lands towards enemies, it will explode and instantly transform into a “Hydra Companion,” which will continue to shoot at opponents for an extended period until they are dead. 

The weapon also provides a 21% increased overall Fire Rate, which is needed to deal with more potent attacks at foes, while also allowing players with 1.5x zoom to view enemies that are far away and shoot them without getting hit. For every shot that is launched with the Fragment, it takes up two ammo of the Fatemaker. If you wish to add some spice to your gameplay, take a look at our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Mods.

Damage 46 x 4
Accuracy 63% 
Time of Reload1.6 seconds 
Fire Rate6.35 per second
Magazine Size22

Toxifying Fatebreaker of Cleaving 

Toxifying Fatebreaker Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
Toxifying Fatebreaker of Cleaving Weapon

Moving onto melee weapon options, the first excellent option is the Toxifying Fatebreaker of Cleaving, which the Fatemaker can wield to throw the weapons unto their enemies, dealing white pure damage and breaking down opponents’ guards, killing them off. 

When the Toxifying Fatebreaker of Cleaving is in the player’s arsenal, they will be able to deal 20% enhanced crit damage, which can directly benefit Strength. The 10% increased crit rate can aid the players with their investments into Dexterity and then directly into their overall damage output towards foes. 

With the 10% increase in attack speed, players can march forward towards foes and launch normal and heavy attacks needed to break opponents’ footing and deplete their overall HP, inevitably murdering them and gaining victory on the battlefield. 

With the weapon skill, anytime players deal melee damage, they will bring down three lightning projectiles that will cause Ward restoration for the Fatemakers based on the overall damage output of the weapon. 

Damage 674
Attack Speed1.06 per second
Crit Rate11% 
Crit Damage120%

Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering
Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering Weapon

Wrapping the weapons up in the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Clawbringer Build, the last melee option is the Goblin Pickaxe of Blistering, which can be wielded by the Fatemaker and opponents can be defeated, and players can achieve victory. 

With the weapon in hand, the weapon itself can provide a 30% crit damage buff to the players who can help deal even higher white numbers, just enough to obliterate enemies. Players will also receive a boost in their overall melee damage by 10%, alongside receiving an overall 25% attack speed increase. Overall, the Goblin pickaxe is an excellent option. 

Damage 558
Attack Speed1.76 per second
Crit Rate16%
Crit Damage130%

Gear To Look Into 

Keeping things going, there are some gear options that players can look into as they will amplify the player’s overall damage output while also offering assistance in battle. 

Ally’s Class Ring of The Sight 

Kicking things off with the Ally’s Class Ring of The Sight can greatly aid the player when they are intermingling both clawbringer and Graveborn classes and in their battle. 

Upon wielding the Class Ring, players will experience that their companion will unleash 17.1% increased overall damage, which is just what players need to swiftly decimate opponents. The Legendary ring also offers a buff of 11.9% to the Dark Magic Efficiency, which helps the player when they will be using the Graveborn passive skills. 

The wielded gun by the fatemaker will also receive a 14.8% crit damage increase, which will hit harder than usual and easily kill off opponents. Wrapping it up, anytime an Action Skill is on a timed cooldown, the overall crit damage, dark magic efficiency, and damage will be increased by 50%. 

Ally’s Mood Ring of Shinji’s Gale 

The Ally’s Mood Ring of Shinji’s Gale is another excellent addition to the player’s inventory. When the ring is equipped in the Fatemaker’s hand, their companion damage will be buffed by 15%, easily dealing enhanced damage to foes. 

With that, the Action Skill that the players are using will experience a 10% reduction to its normal cooldown, allowing for the increased casting of the skill. While spells are not the main focus of the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Clawbringer Build, it is still noteworthy that the spell crit damage will be enhanced by 12.5%. 

Lastly, anytime the Fatemaker’s Ward has not been fully restored, the Mood Ring’s impact will be increased by 100%, greatly aiding the player while in combat with their opponents. 

Inspiring Master Rune 

The next item on our list is the Inspiring Master Rune, which the players can equip if they want the best out of their this build. While the Rune is in the player’s arsenal, they will be able to experience an overall increase in their companion damage, which will be buffed by 25%. 

Upon equipping the Master Rune, players’ overall health will be increased by 10%, allowing them to stay alive in battle for a lot longer. Alongside that, players can also experience increased companion damage by 50% of their action skill is on cooldown. 

The Rune itself has a recharge rate of 445 and a 3-second delay in recharging. 

Swashbuckler’s Head of the Snake of The Flashing Sword 

Keeping the Clawbringer Build in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands going, players should always have another excellent item in their arsenal, the Swashbuckler’s Head of The Snake of The Flashing Sword, which can come in handy when players want to look for a buff to improve their combat skills. 

While players have access to the swashbuckler’s head, they will be able to move swiftly across the battlefield as their overall movement speed will be enhanced by 23.7%. While sprinting, they can come near enemies and obliterate them with the 29.6% increased melee damage. 

The legendary item will also allow for a Fire Rate increase, allowing players to decimate enemies faster. Anytime the player murders an opponent, they will have their hydra Companion out for an extended period. 

Dragon’s Blaze of Glory of Honesty 

Next up in line is the Dragon’s Blaze of Glory of Honesty, another excellent item that players should always have with them if they want to decimate enemies while using the clawbringer as their main class. 

With the dragon’s blaze in hand, perhaps one of the biggest buffs that players will experience is that their overall Clawbringer power will be enhanced by 25%, alongside their lightning damage being buffed by 30%, which will make this build even more deadly than it needs to be. 

Combined with that, once the Fatemakers enter the “Save Your Soul” mode, they will have their weapons instantly reloaded with ammo, and the overall Fire damage being dealt with foes will be buffed by a total of 30%. Players will also get a 20% increased Gun Magazine Size, greatly helping them in battle. 

Jacketed Buffmeister 

Moving right along, the Jacketed Buffmeister is supposed to greatly aid the player when facing tougher enemies by providing them an overall damage enhancement. Upon casting the buffmeister, it will deal 185 damage to opponents, instantly depleting their overall HP and taking them down. 

The buffmeister itself has an overall duration of 8 seconds, alongside buffing up the player’s power, making the force more dangerous and deadly. 

Clawbringer Action Skill 

Given the fact that Clawbringers will typically focus on lightning damage and melee damage, going near the enemies and decimating them, it will highly benefit players if they use the active skill of a clawbringer since it focuses on the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Clawbringer Build

Storm Dragon’s Judgement 

Clawbringer Main Skill Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
Clawbringer Action Skill

The main action skill that players are required to focus on is the Storm Dragon’s Judgement, which can heavily impact the overall damage produced by the Fatemakers. Upon casting the skill, the player will be able to call upon his hammer, which can then be thrust down onto the opponents. 

The hammer itself will be laden with Lightning, and upon impact with foes, it will strike down the thunder, dealing potent Lightning and Melee damage both combined. Every passing second, it depletes the opponent’s HP and renders them useless. 

The players can also call back their hammer, which will finish off the skill and start the cooldown, which is a total of 21 seconds. The overall duration of the skill itself is 8 seconds, enough to kill off opponents. 

Clawbringer Passive Skills  

Keeping the build going, there are a few passive skills that players need to always look into if they want to come out victorious and gain dominance over their opponents. 

Oath of Thunder 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Oath of Thunder
Oath of Thunder

Firstly, the Oath of Thunder is an excellent skill. It mainly aims to support the player in battle by enhancing the overall melee damage dealt with opponents by the Fatemaker while simultaneously allowing the Wyvern Companion to launch increased lightning damage. The general buff to lightning damage is 25%, and players are advised to invest 5 points into Oath of Thunder. 


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Rebuke

Rebuke is mainly used by players who have one goal in mind, and that is to break the guard of opponents. When the skill is cast, the players will intake decreased damage; all the while, any attacks launched at party members will be rebuked back to the opponent as lightning damage, dealing them a heavy blow. The damage negation will be 15%, and players can place a max of 5 points into Rebuke. 

Dragon Aura 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Dragon Aura
Dragon Aura

Keeping things going, the Dragon Aura comes into play next. Anytime this skill is cast while the player is in battle, an aura will appear around them that will allow the player’s overall elemental damage to be buffed by a total of 20%, which can be dealt with instantly to foes, obliterating them in their sites. Dragon Aura can be maxed out too. 

Blasthamut’s Favor 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Blasthamut's Favor
Blasthamut’s Favor

Going forward with the Blasthamut’s Favor, players can become stronger in combat with the Kill Skill, which will allow players to cast a Fire Orb, which will launch out Fire Damage towards opponents if they are killed with a gun, and a Lightning Orb will be summoned if the opponent is killed by melee attacks, which will consistently launch out Lightning Damage. Max one point can be invested in Blasthamut’s Favor. 

Friend to Flame 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Friend to Flame
Friend to Flame

The next skill in question is Friend to Flame, which greatly supports the players facing tough opponents by allowing the Wyvern Companion of the Fatemaker to deal enhanced overall damage, evidently depleting the enemy’s HP and taking them down. The skill can directly benefit the Fatemaker, and the player can easily max the skill points. 

Storm Breath

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Storm Breath
Storm Breath

Another excellent skill that players should look into is Storm Breath. While the Wyvern Companion is beside the Fatemaker, it will consistently launch out what’s called a Lightning Breath in the general direction of the opponents, which will cause them to intake increased Lightning Damage. Players can place in max one point to Storm Breath. If you are confused about Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Skill Trees, then you can take help from our guide listed. 


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Indomitable

The next skill on our list is Indomitable, which can be maxed with one point, and the main aim of the skill being cast is to restore all Ward for the Fatemaker once they are in the “Save Your Soul” mode. Increased Lightning Damage will also be cast out to opponents for a duration of time which is 20 seconds. 


Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Clawbringer Build

Another excellent passive skill is Awe, which can instantly help players win any battle against their foes by providing them with an enhanced crit rate every time the Fatemaker causes them to take Lightning damage. The overall crit rate buff is 33%, and the skill will end after 12 seconds, and players can invest three skill points into Awe. 

Storm smite 

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Clawbringer Build
Storm Smite

Wrapping the passive skills in our guide with Storm Smite, anytime the player casts their Action Skill, it will also cause it to launch down bolts of thunder or fire that will decimate the enemies quickly. 

Graveborn Passive Skills 

While the players will not be taking help from the Graveborn Action Skills, there are still a few passive skills that players will be dependent upon to make the most of the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Clawbringer Build. Want to level your character faster but lack XP? Well, your answer lies in the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands XP Farming Guide

Mortal Vessel 

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Clawbringer Build
Mortal Vessel

Starting things off with Mortal Vessel, players can use it in battle as their overall HP will be buffed by 6%, which will allow them to stay alive for longer periods, while also enhancing the overall efficiency of the Dark Magic unleashed by Fatemakers by a total of 6%, allowing for increased Dark Magic Damage output. Max 2 points should be invested into Mortal Vessel. 

Faithful Thralls 

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Clawbringer Build
Faithful Thralls

Moving right on, Faithful Thralls is yet another viable skill that players can invest in, as they will experience dealing enhanced overall elemental and melee damage to the opponent based on the number of companions that the player has. For every companion, players’ damage will be buffed by 9%. Players should place a max of 2 points into Faithful Thralls. If you want some Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Skeleton Keys, then check out the guide for the glitch. 


Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Clawbringer Build

Keeping things going, Harvest can be used by players who ultimately want to decimate enemies and achieve victory quickly. After casting Harvest, players will get enhanced Dark Magic Damage abilities for a certain period. The skill duration is around 12 seconds, and players can max out the skill points for Harvest. 

Dark Pact

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Clawbringer Build
Dark Pact

Another skill that players are recommended to look into is Dark Pact. as the name suggests, Dark Pact is directly tied with the Graveborn’s ability to deal with dark art magic, which will be buffed once the Fatemaker has cast the skill. The overall buff provided to the player will be 20%. 

Dark Hydra 

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Clawbringer Build
Dark Hydra

Now that we are reaching the end of the passive skills, Dark Hydra comes into play when the player needs a personal companion by their side during combat. By calling upon a Dark Hydra Companion, the companion will launch out Dark Magic Damage unto opponents, rendering them useless on the battlefield. 

Clawbringer Build Playstyle In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

The build playstyle for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Clawbringer Build is relatively simple, as it allows players to take down enemies with the help of passive and action skills. 

With the help of maining the class Clawbringer, players can continue to unleash lightning and melee damage with the use of their melee weapons and thrush down lightning bolts onto opponents, evidently obliterating and decimating them. 

With the secondary class Graveborn, payers can also mix in the Dark Art Magic damage aspect of gameplay, mixing the two to dominate the battlefield and kill off everything in sight. The skills that offer melee damage buffs and lightning damage buffs all pull in together nicely to help the Fatemaker come out victorious.

We have the Clawbringer Build all wrapped up; let us know what you think of it in the comments down below! Check out our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Builds for future references! 

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