All Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Encampment Locations

There are twelve encampment locations in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (all of these are found in the Overworld). If you are a completionist, then you would probably go and collect them all, but if you just want the “The Fired Festival” trophy, then putting out any ten of them will be enough. Ok. so let us say you have successfully progressed through the game and completed the below-mentioned requirements to unlock the campfires. But what about their locations?

The game certainly does not tell you about them, well, at least not in a direct way, that is. If you also find yourself asking the same question, then our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands All Encampment Locations guide is your best answer. Below you will find to-the-point encampment locations along with the prerequisites for unlocking some of them.

Fore we continue further, here are some facts regarding the encampment locations that are worth keeping in mind. Before setting out to find the encampment locations, you need to unlock all of the wonderlands maps, so make sure you have progressed the story at least up to the eighth main mission: Son Of A Witch.

In addition to that, unlocking some campfires requires you to complete some side quests first, as they will unlock the paths leading to encampments locations. The next point is that although the campfires are respawnable, you need to sabotage them only once to unlock the “The Fired Festival Trophy”.

Encampment Locations In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Below are written the encampment locations along with their map locations and in-game pictures.

Encampment Location 1

first encampment map location Tiny Tina's Wonderlands All Encampment Locations
first encampment map location

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To find the first Encampment Location, you need to travel to the location shown on the map above. Once you are there, run straight across the bridge just beside the huge bottle can be shown below.

The Huge Can
The Huge Can

Keep running straight and take the first left up the hill. The campfire is there waiting for you to extinguish it. Remember to use the pictures we provided for easy navigation.

first encampment Tiny Tina's Wonderlands All Encampment Locations
First encampment

Encampment Location 2

second encampment map location Tiny Tina's Wonderlands All Encampment Locations
second encampment map location

The second Encampment Location, as shown on the map above, is actually pretty close to the one you just activated. After putting out the first campfire, run back down the hill and go across the beaten path. Keep going straight until you find a white kitten bridge. Walk over the kitten bridge, then walk over another wooden bridge, and by now, you should be seeing the black smoke of your second campfire. So go ahead and put it out.

second encampment
second encampment

Encampment Location 3

third encampment map location Tiny Tina's Wonderlands All Encampment Locations
third encampment map location

Ok, time to shut down the 3rd Encampment Location; you should use the map above for even easier navigation. That said, putting out the second campfire, follow the beaten path leading right from the 2nd Encampment Location. From the point where the paths divide, keep following the right beaten path. Pass the rainbow bridge fitted right after where the troll with a hammer is working on his house (we guess? Honestly, even we don’t know).

After crossing the rainbow bridge, keep going straight until you reach the [oint where the beaten path takes an upward U-Turn. Don’t take the U-turn; instead, you want to go straight into the icy area with white grass over it, and well, you just arrived at the third Encampment Location.

third encampment
third encampment

Encampment Location 4

fourth encampment map location Tiny Tina's Wonderlands All Encampment Locations
fourth encampment map location

The fourth Encampment Location is again very close to its third counterpart, as you can see on the map. Upon finishing the third Encampment Location, go straight along the beaten path and cross the bridge with a sign-board at the end of it. Upon crossing the bridge, take a sharp left and go behind the signboard, as this is where you will find the fourth encampment location.

Fourth encampment
Fourth encampment

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Encampment Location 5

fifth encampment map location Tiny Tina's Wonderlands All Encampment Locations
fifth encampment map location

As you can see on the map, the fifth Encampment Location is pretty far from the fourth location, but we’ll show you the fastest route to it. Ok, so after completing the third Encampment Location behind the signboard, come back to the beaten path and get on the wooden bridge under a mountain. You should be able to see the rainbow bridge you crossed earlier from here.

After crossing the bridge, go to the edge of the cliff where two white pillars along with an invisible bridge are located. Jump down the ledge and continue along the beaten path. As you continue, you will first cross a previously completed campfire lit again, then a castle-type building, and then finally, you will see the black smoke which is emitted from nonother than your desired fifth campfire.

fifth encampment
fifth encampment

Encampment Location 6

sixth encampment map location Tiny Tina's Wonderlands All Encampment Locations
sixth encampment map location

Shutting down the sixth Encampment Location has a prerequisite. You first need to complete the side quest “Lens Of The Deceiver” which becomes available only after you have completed main quest 6: Ballad Of Bones. Another reason why you need to do this main quest is that only after doing this quest you will gain the ability to cross invisible bridges.

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Once you have received the Spyglass from the NPC who gives the side quest, it is a VERY long ride back to the Encampment areas, so buckle up. Upon the disappearance of Margravine, go back to the beaten path and cross the Wargtooth Shallows.

Once you’re on the other side of the mushroom wall, jump down the platform, then go right from the signboard, make your way to the magical white door and enter it. After coming out on the other side, cross the invisible bridge, then cross the blue dice bridge. From here, it is pretty linear; go straight up the hill, and you should find the sixth campfire here.

sixth encampment
sixth encampment

Encampment Location 7

seventh encampment map location
seventh encampment map location

To get to the seventh encampment location, you need to travel all the way back to the point where Margravine gave you the spyglass. Yes, we know it is starting to feel tedious, but it’ll be worth it in the end when you get the “The Fired Festival” trophy. That said, once you are at the signpost where Margravine stood, continue up the hill. Turn your camera right, and you should see the seventh campfire right next to a waterfall.

seventh encampment
seventh encampment

Encampment Location 8

eighth encampment map location
eighth encampment map location

To get to the eighth Encampment Location, make your way to the signboard where you got the spyglass. From here, take the left side of the fountain with a glowing magical gate in its middle. Keep going left, DO NOT take the Eraser bridge. If you followed the instructions properly, then you should have arrived at the location of the eighth Encampment Location; still, you can use the map shown above for better reference.

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Encampment Location 9

ninth encampment map location
ninth encampment map location

Now this time, you want to take the Eraser bridge. After crossing this, go left, cross the signboard, cross or fight orange crab. After that, jump onto the air-wormhole thingy and make your way to the cliff on the right. You will find another air-wormhole thingy here; jump on it too! After jumping on the second air-wormhole thingy, you should reach a dessert with a pink terrain. Just make your way opposite to the other side of the dessert till you see the ninth Encampment Location.

ninth encampment
ninth encampment

Encampment Location 10

tenth encampment map location
tenth encampment map location

The tenth Encampment Location is so comically close to the previous one that you do not even need a map for it, but still, in case you lose all your rationality and get lost in the desert, we have provided the map location. Though all you need to do is look left after putting out the ninth Encampment Location, and you’ll see the tenth Encampment Location.

tenth encampment
tenth encampment

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Encampment Location 11

eleventh encampment map location
eleventh encampment map location

If you successfully followed all our instructions properly, you should have the “The Fired Event” trophy by now, but if for some reason you haven’t received it yet, here are two extra locations. The eleventh Encampment Location is again really close to the tenth one; honestly, we think that the developers just ran out of ideas at this point. Anyways just turn around after putting out the tenth campfire, and you will spot the eleventh one.

eleventh encampment
eleventh encampment

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Encampment Location 12

twelveth encampment map location Tiny Tina's Wonderlands All Encampment Locations
twelfth encampment map location

The twelfth Encampment Location is again very close- you know what? We are not even going to say anything about it anymore. They are the devs, and surely they would have thought of something that our simple ape brains could not comprehend. Anyhow, just look right after shutting down the eleventh Encampment Location, and the last Encampment Location should be seeable. Put it out, and well, Congratulations! You just completed all the encampment locations in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

twelveth encampment
twelfth encampment

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Prerequisites For Sabotaging Encampment Locations

Lastly, finding camp locations in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands will do you no good if you do not know how to sabotage them. So, in order to do that, keep reading our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands All Encampment Locations guide. Usually, you are supposed to interact with the campfire and then humiliate and defeat a bunch of casual enemies in a room. Once you have done that, the campfire will extinguish.

As we mentioned before, the fire will start crackling again, but that should not be your concern, provided you value your time and just want the trophy. With all of that information out, let’s take a deep dive into the Wonderlands and put out some campfires.

That about wraps up our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands All Encampment Locations guide; if you found this helpful, be sure to check out our “Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Dungeon Doors Locations” guide.

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