Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Secret Raid Location [Runes & Bosses]

To get to the secret raid locations in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands to fight endgame bosses, you must solve rune puzzles in the chaos chamber.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands features an excellent endgame unlocked after beating the main game. Players can fight multiple bosses in secret raids once they gain access to the Chaos Chamber. These bosses are tough to battle and defeat. Whatever starting class you have, check out our list of best legendary weapons to defeat these enemies easily. The enemies located in the Chaos Chamber are random. However, if you want to battle raid bosses, you must find runes and activate them to solve puzzles to get to the secret raid locations of various bosses in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Key Takeaways
  • There are three secret raid bosses in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.
  • You must find and solve puzzles associated with yellow, blue, and green runes to unlock them.
  • The runes are randomly generated inside the Chaos chamber.
  • Yellow rune: shoot a spinning rock that spawns after following a yellow beam, then shoot the spawned rune to unlock the secret raid location of Bunnidhogg.
  • Bunnidhogg, Keeper of the Sands Boss: attack the yellow orb when the boss reveals it, avoid shockwaves, and hide behind stones to evade the light attack.
  • Green rune: follow a green projectile and jump on the mushroom that appears, then shoot down purple spores to unlock the secret raid location of Barkenstein.
  • Barkenstein, Keeper of Nature Boss: shoot the rune core to defeat the boss, avoid attacks during the rage phase, and shoot purple spores before they hit the ground.
  • Blue rune: follow a projectile and navigate a small orb towards a giant blue orb, then shoot both orbs to unlock the secret raid location of Gloopathoth.
  • Gloopathoth, Keeper of the Elements Boss: attack the boss while avoiding elemental attacks and defeating minions, shoot the core to defeat the boss.

Unlocking Secret Raid Bosses In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands secret raid location
Warp portal to reach the secret raid bosses

There are a total of three types of runes that you can find; each of them would unlock a specific boss. Look for the yellow, blue, and green runes to locate the three secret raids bosses. Moreover, a puzzle is associated with each rune that you must solve to unlock the secret raid boss location through a warp hole. The runes are randomly generated inside the Chaos chamber, so you must make efforts to look for them. However, you can find some of them easily during your various encounters randomly. After you have solved the runes puzzle, defeat the final boss of your chamber run, and the portals to the secret raid location in Tiny Tina’s wonderlands will appear. Now you can beat a specific boss associated with a rune type.

Finding Yellow Rune

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands secret raid location
Yellow rune

The Yellow rune looks like the rune in the picture shown above. You can find it randomly in the chaos chamber. Activate it, and you will see a ray of light falling further away from your current location. Head towards the area where you saw the yellow beam falling.

how to solve yellow rune puzzle
Yellow rune puzzle

When the yellow beam lands, you will see a spinning rock that you can shoot to break. Once it breaks, you will see a rune spawning. Shoot it, and it will explode, make sure you are standing far away to not get impacted by the explosion. Moreover, make sure that you shoot the spawned rune quickly. Otherwise, shooting it would be trickier as the puzzle would require you to avoid getting your character hit by the rotating spotlight while trying to shoot the rune. Once you destroy the ruin, you can fight the boss at the end of your chamber, run by warping through the red portal to get to the secret raid location of Bunnidhogg in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Bunnidhogg, Keeper of the Sands Boss

The Bunnidhogg is an intimidating-looking boss, and attacking it might be tricky, Avoid the various shockwaves that he would shoot your way. When the boss reveals the yellow orb, shoot it to inflict massive damage. Bunnidhogg would also shoot a powerful light attack that you must evade by hiding behind giant stones. While hiding, you can shoot the yellow orb but make sure that you avoid getting hit by the light. If you want to beat Bunnidhogg easily, farming XP is a great idea.

Interacting With Green Rune

find green rune Tiny Tina's wonderlands
Green rune

You can find the Green Rune randomly in the secret chaos chamber. However, you might eventually run into it during your encounters. Interact with it, and a green projectile will fall further away from your location, and now you must follow it.

solve green rune puzzle
Green rune puzzle

Once it lands, a mushroom will grow on the ground where the rune has landed. Jump on the mushroom repeatedly until it releases spores. To complete the puzzle, you must shoot down every purple spore that appears with a set of multiple spores. Make sure to be swift in your shooting, as you must shoot down those purple spores before they explode. Make sure only to hit the purple spores with precise shooting. Once you complete the puzzle, you can battle the boss by warping through the portal at the end of your chamber run.

Barkenstein, Keeper of Nature Boss

barkenstein secret raid location Tiny Tina's wonderlands

Take the red portal at the end of your chaos chamber run to get to the secret raid location to fight Bakenstein in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Before Barkenstein attacks, he will activate its rune core which you must shoot to defeat him. After you hit the rune core three times, Barkenstein will enter a rage, and his attacks will become fiercer. Moreover, he would also not leave his core exposed. When he is during this phase, avoid his attacks and do not attempt to attack him. You must survive his attacks until he gets back to his normal phase. Barkenstein will also shoot off purple spores in the air, and you must shoot them before they hit the ground. If these spores land on the ground, they will create a large cloud of poison that you must avoid.

Solving Blue Rune Puzzle

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands secret raid location
Blue Rune

Like every other Rune, the Blue Rune can be found randomly inside the chaos chamber. You might run into it eventually during your chaos chamber run. The Blue Rune puzzle is tricky, but you can solve it correctly if you follow the following instructions.

blue rune puzzle tiny tina's wonderlands
Blue rune puzzle

Activate the blue rune, and just like all other runes, a projectile will shoot off, follow it, and you will see a portal on the ground where it lands. You would also see three floating orbs nearby. Notice the giant blue orb further away from the portal. Stand on the portal for a short time and notice that one of the nearby orbs is now moving towards you. You would now be required to take this orb towards the giant blue orb. Make sure to proceed with caution and not let the orb following you hit anything else, or else you would have to start over. When the orb following you gets near the giant blue orb, you would be required to shoot it to trigger an explosion.

The trick to solving the puzzle is moving carefully and slowly. Navigating the orb towards the blue orb might be challenging if you go faster. So, you have to proceed with caution while taking the small orb to the giant blue orb. Once you make both orbs explode, you can warp to the secret raid location of Gloopathoth in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Gloopathoth, Keeper of the Abyss Boss Fight

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands secret raid location

You can find Gloopathoth in the warp portal after completing the blue rune puzzle. You can shoot the boss to damage it while avoiding its attacks. However, to quickly take down the boss, make the orbs that the boss shoots hit the large blue orbs to stun the boss. The boss gets stunned for a long duration, so make sure to inflict as much damage as possible when Gloopathoth is during this stage. It is recommended to always stay behind blue orbs during this fight; If you do this, you would have a greater chance of getting the blue orb impacted by the ice orb the boss shoots your way. While she is stunned, you can shoot the orb near her head to inflict massive damage.

That’s all about the secret raid locations in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and the various bosses you can find within them. With the steps followed in this guide, you can easily solve the puzzles of different runes to unlock the secret raid locations and fight endgame bosses.

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